Los Angeles, CA
November 16, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Los Angeles, CA on November 16, 2001 at the Wiltern Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour. This was the second of three nights of concerts in L.A.

Set List

The set list below comes from Richard Handal, who called me after the show.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Take To The Sky
Black-Dove (January)
Not The Red Baron
Flying Dutchman
Raining Blood
Father Lucifer
Bells For Her
Me and a Gun
Hey Jupiter

1st Encore:
Jackie's Strength
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore:
Spring Haze
Putting The Damage On
Over The Rainbow


Latest reviews are added to the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the Tori Concert Reviews Forum for reviews as well!

From Richard Handal

Added November 17, 2001 - The show started at 9:07PM and ended at 10:53. Performing many songs with a possible reference to airplanes/flight or her friend Beenie, Tori took us on a fabulous excursion this evening. Every song tonight meant something. Everything lived and breathed. Tori was quite focused and expressive.

Tori forgot the lyrics to Hey Jupiter again, but she covered it well.

After Take To The Sky, Tori told the longest, funniest, most cohesive story of the tour. She talked about seeing a guy driving a car with a giant red bull can on it. She wondered what kind of shoes she would wear getting into that car. The story was very hysterical. [Note from Mikewhy: Can someone send me a transcript of this story? Also, this was the first time this tour when Tori performed Father Lucifer.]

From Timothy Dooner

Added November 17, 2001 - Tim from Cleopatra here, saw the show tonight so I thought I'd give you some details on Tori's anecdote. She basically said that she was out driving on her way to the Craig Kilbourn shoe, and saw one of the Red Bull advert cars we have in the LA. She referred to Red Bull as "awful crap" but mused that her husbanded would have probably liked the car had the Red Bull been full. She went on to ponder whether or not the guy who was driving the car used it on his off hours and if he expected to pick up girls with the car. "Honey, do you think you're going score with that fucking thing?" She proceeded to entertain the thought of what she would wear if she were to go on a date with a guy driving such a vehicle. She seemed satisfied with wearing a pair of red boots, apparently in an attempt to avoid clashing with the car.

From Kevin Hawkins

Added November 18, 2001 - I figured I would write up a review for last night's show, since there weren't a lot out there. This was my first Tori show in LA, and really my first experience in LA, for whatever that's worth. I met my newest Tori friend (hi Jeni!) who bought my extra tickets for the 2nd SD show, and also sort of met a couple of girls who sat next to me briefly, but before we got to converse to any great extent, we were separated by people sitting between us. Alas! If you read this, you now know who I am! Also, Richard Handal happened to be sitting right across from me. Cool! :)

Anyway, on to the show!

'97 Bonnie And Clyde - Well, not much to say about this one when you've seen it a few times. This works well the first time, but to me loses its appeal after multiple viewings. I suppose that's to be expected, and I don't consider it a failing or anything.

Little Amsterdam - Woo hoo! She does such a sultry version of this live, which of course lends itself well to being played between the Rhodes and the Bosey. When she got to "playing that organ..." she went up and down on her mic between her index and middle finger. I'll leave that to your own interpretation. :) One of my favs on BfP.

Take To The Sky - I think the audience gave up on clapping along to this one fairly early on. :) Tori hammered along on the Bosey, of course. When she gets to "My heart is like the ocean," she does this breakdown at the upper end of the piano, which I think adds a good contrast to the driving bassline of this song when she segues back in. Oh, also, when she go to "take it take it take it," she did a crotch grab. Heh. :)

In her dialog with the audience, she talked about driving around LA and seeing those Red Bull cars driving around. She said her husband would have liked it if they were "full of that crap." She mused about who would ever go on a date in one of those vehicles, and how did the driver ever expect to pick up chicks? She said she almost missed her cue on Kilborn, because she was sitting there thinking that if she found herself in that situation, if the husband thing didn't work out, what would she wear on that date? She said she had a pair of red mesh boots that would work. :)

Black Dove (January) - This is another song she plays between the Rhodes and the Bosey. She starts out at the Rhodes, and then builds the song with the Bosey when she gets to the first "Black dove." She really opened up on "but I have to get to Texas," and her voice seemed very strong at that point.

Not The Red Baron - Lots of airplanes tonight. I personally feel that the piano was a bit overpowering on this song, and didn't play well with her vocals. That's me though. It may have been where I was sitting, as I seemed to be getting quite a bit of echo back at me.

Butterfly - I don't know this girl too well. I do like what she does with it rhythmically, and she has very crisp enunciations thoughout the song.

Flying Dutchman - Any time she plays this, to me, is magic. This has always been my favorite B-side. I notice that when she sings the first "I know the guy who runs the place," she gives a little wink. That's a nice touch. :) I also love to overall dynamics as a complete package in this song. In the first "Flying dutchman" set, she has this small voice, searching, hoping. In the second, it's much stronger, like desperation. Finally, the third time around, she builds this extended crescendo through all of "they can't see." It's proof positive to me that Tori delivers this song as the whole package, beginning to end.

Daniel - I'm not a big fan of this next to Flying Dutchman, because I feel it lacks that dynamic range. Plus, she uses a major chord instead of a minor on "Daniel you're a star," and that's disconcerting to me. :) More airplanes.

Raining Blood - This song is dark! That's to be expected from a Slayer cover, to be certain. :) The deep red lights a la Little Earthquakes add a chilling effect.

Father Lucifer - Yay! This is another of my favorites from BfP. I noticed she didn't bounce the petal during the first verse of the song, but brought it back for the rest of the song. I could see her using the Rhodes for some of this song, but then again, if Tori felt it was appropriate, she would have done it. I love the way she pulls off the multi-voice pieces of her songs live. I end up getting the same message, the same feel. That's amazing to me. Go figure. :)

Bells For Her - She did this on the Wurlitzer, and started off with a "not even you" chorus. If ever there was a suitable substitute for that dismantled piano used on UtP for this song, I think the Whurley is it.

China - Back to the Bosey. More airplanes. As she was playing the intro, she whispered "Mommy." This is a song that, in general, I think has better dynamics live, but it doesn't have that kick in the middle, where on the album she has that desperate cry in the middle of her "yie die die's," but skips that live.

Me And A Gun - I wish I could offer something worthwhile to say here, but I was too distracted by all the flashes and film winding in the audience. Yeah, what a great opportunity to snap a bunch of pictures. I suppose I should be thankful that at least there wasn't a bunch of hooting and hollering.

Hey Jupiter - I've mentioned that I am a big fan of the retooling of this song live on the Rhodes. I guess I'll mention it again. :) She's taken this song to a quiet, subdued place when she does it live. I guess she did before as well, but it seems more emphasized with the Rhodes.

1st Encore

This is the point at which I became quite distracted. When she came back out and started into Jackie's Strength, I literally thought that they were trying something new with the lighting, going with a strobe light effect. Then I realized that it was 5 zillion cameras going off at the same time. I'm not going to go into how pissed off I am about this, because it's not worth it, and I'd rather try to remember the good things about the show. Sufficed to say, LA didn't disappoint on its past legacy of Tori shows. What a treat to experience it firsthand. :P

Tear In Your Hand - She puts so much emotion and sincerety into this song! It seemed that, tonight, she nailed the bridge, belting out "cutting my hands up." When she's on with this song, it's really incredible live.

2nd encore

Spring Haze - She did an extended piano introduction to this, that had the driving power that the beginning of Precious Things has. This was another one where she seemed very attentive to every detail of the song. It felt like we were making eye contact here. I don't care how many concerts I see...I never get past this feeling, even though it's silly. It's still a nice thought. :)

Putting The Damage On - I thought this was I Don't Like Mondays at first, such was the intro. She hit so many favorites of mine from BfP! If she would have hit Muhammed My Friend, I would have been in heaven. :)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - I have to say that I was distracted at this point, thinking of an acappella version of this song that I had done with a group a while back. That was really cool! Of course, Tori's version is wonderful too. :) That's always a good closer. Even though her arrangement is fairly straightforward, she adds her own personal touches that seal the deal.

After the show, Richard pointed out all the airplane and Beene references, which I would have noticed when writing this up, but hadn't at the time. :) This will be my last LA show on this tour, but I'm looking forward to getting to experience the last shows of the tour in San Diego! In the meantime, I better go see what LA's all about.

From Jessica Auck

Added November 20, 2001 - God, that was the best show I think I've ever seen her put on, and I haven't missed her playing LA since the first time I saw her in '94. Have to say that it was also one of the better audiences I have been a part of as well. Just thought I'd tell you on a side note that apparently Jaimie Lee Curtis is a fan cuz she was about 4 people ahead of me in line to buy a shirt. That sort of thing just happens in LA! Also, Mike, I'd really like to take a moment to thank you for keeping the dent up. It means a lot to her fans, and you are giving us a great service.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by COLDlittleice

Well I'm not 100% sure she wasn't planning on playing it anyways, but "Not the Red Baron" is the song that I have been planning on influencing Tori to play tonight (11/16) for over a month now. I was at the concert on this Friday night wearing my pilot helmut, goggles and a lovely white scarf choking the hell outta me all night, and sitting "front row" center (those of you who saw the "front row" know why I put it in quotation marks). I thought it was just my imagination, but I thought Tori winked at me. It turns out, right when she winked, the guy next to me turned and said "Dude, she winked at you! She's playing your song pilot boy!" LOL I was so happy. Me and Tori were making eye contact all night. I think she was excited to see someone so mentally disturbed as I was. Ah well.

I forgot to say my favorite parts of the night (other than NTRB). I was excited to here Take to the Sky . Slamming the piano with her palm as she plays makes an awesome sound. The very beginning of BUTTERFLY was amazingly emotional. She just sorta bursted into it and the lighting made it look like she was surrounded by broken glass. Always a beautiful song.

The flying theme was interesting to me. Besides the obvious tragedies, any idea as to why she went along that topic? Was I scaring her lol

RAINING BLOOD was great to hear. I remember the very beginning of it, with the piano all deep...Very cool!

I wish I was going tonight :[ I hope that isn't my first and last Tori show ever. Someone stick me under their jacket please!! ;]

Review by Toriem

My first Tori concert was such a wonderful and beautiful experience...well actually there were a bit bumps here and there but it had nothing to do with Tori's performance, she was just marvelous and her voice incredibly gorgeous. Well actually I began with a bad start because, gosh I can't believe I did this, I'm still beating my head for it, but I left my tickets at home! aarrgh idiot! I'm such a dork, before I left I was thinking what should I take... and I'm like ok I think that's it... how could I forget the MOST important thing of all! haha my head wasn't on right today. But well suffice to say I got it all figured out at the Wiltern and they let me and my friend in.

I've never been to the Wiltern before so I was surprised how small it was. I was on the right side in row H so I had a decent view of Tori. Ok on with the review!

B&C - well the picture of the girl was on the right hand side of the curtain, for some reason I thought it would have been in the middle but I guess not. The curtain was all ripped and in tatters at the top adding to the creepiness. I think this song is definitely better live. She seemed a bit more angrier in this version than the album one. Gave me goosebumps cuz the imagery's so strong.

Little Amsterdam - I like all of Tori's girls but this was never really particulary my favorite, but it somehow seemed to match going from B&C to this song. I can't really seem to remember too much about this.

Red Bull Story - I think it was about here that she told us a funny story. The only time she really spoke to us. It was something about how while in LA she saw either a truck or a car with the advertisement Red Bull on it (it's an energy drink, in case you don't know. haha I used it quite often last year for college.. yup yup kept me up all night) and then she got to wondering what kind of girl would date the guy.. I mean imagining going on a date and this guy with this red bull car comes to pick you up. It must be pretty tough on him. And then she said this was what she was thinking the whole time on the Craig Kilburn show and wondering, "What would a girl wear to match with the red bull?" And then Tori said, "And finally, I got it. My red-mesh boots!" It was really cute. neways she told it much better, I've forgotten most everything already.

Take to the Sky - one of the songs I wanted to hear yay! I love how she beats along on the piano. In the beginning people began to clap along.

Black Dove - at first I didn't recognize it until she began singing it. The part when she sang "On the other side of the galaxy" was high and beautiful. She used her tougher and sort of shouting voice for "But I have to get to Texas" part

Red Baron - I like this one much better live too. The one on the album feels a bit too slow for me. Her voice of course was so full and emotional.

Butterfly - She really belted out "frame and dried"

Flying Dutchman - I can't believe I didn't recognize the song when it started. I'm like, "this sounds soooo familiar, but I forget what the title is!" This was great too, but I can't seem to recall too many details about it.

Daniel - it's funny I was actually telling my friend who came with me and knows nothing about Tori that she might sing this song (I mentioned Somewhere over the rainbow too... wow I must be psychic!) piano was very beautiful... I think it's because I luv it when she plays on the higher octaves. The part on the song that got to me was "I can see Daniel waving good-bye." At one part, she whispered good-bye. And at the parts when she sang "God it looks like Daniel" it was almost as if I could picture it, like something truly someone would mutter to yourself or say to someone, "but God it really looks like (whatever name here).

Raining Blood - this one was unexpected! One song I had been secretly hoping for but never thought I would get. I heard the opening piano low notes and I was, "aaah! I can't believe she's playing this!" It was incredible!! Creepy and powerful. The part when she said "trapped in purgatory" was especially chilling because the screens and light around were this hellish red color.

Father Lucifer - I think this was the highlight of the concert for me, well no actually everything was so great! But for some reason this song stands out a lot. I loved the parts where she sang "Nothing's gonna stop me from floating." It wasn't breathy like in the album, but really full, strong, and in a gorgeous tone. The whole part about "Beene missed the sunset" was especially touching.

Bells for Her - she began with repeating several times "Not even you, not even you" and at the end "not me." I was actually listening to this song today on CD and wondering if she was gonna play it. It sounded tragic, fatalistic.

China - although I rarely listen to this girl anymore, it was nice to hear her. Simplistic, but still beautiful.

Me and a Gun - the sense I got from this song was of someone remembering the horrific episode and being withdrawn, and like the person had no energy. Tori's voice would whisper and kinda crack, whisper on my "back" very intimate, like we're there and experiencing it too.

Hey Jupiter - the "hoo hoo hoo" were sooo beautiful. Very emotional

First Encore:
Jackie's Strength - sounded pretty much like the album, but I still love it. Her voice is top-notch!

Tear in your Hand - hmm, well I never really liked this song. But near the end I think it gets better.

Second Encore:

Spring Haze - she belted out the chorus parts... and near the end it build into a climax to the part of "Drooooooooowwwwn" very powerful too.

Putting the Damage Ontiful, everything's beautiful what can I say.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The perfect ending to the perfect concert. I was really hoping she would play this (or either cooling or famous blue raincoat). It was the only time I got a bit misty eyed. The only version of this I've heard from the Jupiter LP and so it was different in that she sang the end part of the song "if birds fly over the rainbow, why, oh why can't I?"

Tori's voice was incredible!! really really incredible!!! Better than her albums!! dang I wish I had sneaked in a recorder, i could have too because the security wasn't that stringent.


Review by glo glo glo

Hi...just got back. Nice shout to the know who you are!!!

Tonight was AMAZING!!! Last night, there was a button turned off in Tori ...tonight, the light switch was back on baby !!! She was on FIRE!!! So much damn energy. I could've lived without China and Jupiter...but Danny got his Dutchman (which was, hands down, the best song of the night), Sparklyboy got his Lucifer (2nd best song of night) and that one chick who got Mother yesterday, got Jackie's today.

...and no, i'm not the only one who freaked out at the beginning of Spring Haze when I THOUGHT IT WAS THE FUCKING ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she tricked me

I'll get my Alamo if I have to beg....cause Tori's my bitch

I love when people get mad over Tori being my bitch..HAHAHA, shut up.

tired, must sleep.

glo, who finds it interesting that B&C was the only song from SLG tonight.

p.s. to that one bitch sitting next to me that yelled at the English lady who brought her have full permission to take a bite out of my asshole


Review by rocket_ships

tonight's gig was incredible.

there was a 'flying' theme to the songs chosen. I think tori has done this theme in other cities as well. the order of the songs tonight seemed especially well thought out, introducing the theme with 'take to the sky' and ending it with 'somewhere over the rainbow'.

someone mentioned that they thought 'spring haze" was 'alamo", I thought the same thing! I would've died of happiness if she played 'alamo'. however, spring haze is one of my most favorite tunes too, so it wasn't disappointing in the least. I also thought the begining of 'somewhere of the rainbow' sounded like 'merman'. nothing against 'merman' but I was relieved and surprised when she went into 'rainbow' instead.

tonight's show was my sixth time seeing tori, and I think it's tied with my first tori experience as my favorite show. to the critics who've been meticiously scrutinizing the set-lists: don't judge a show you didn't attend too harshly. tonight really was quite amazing.

I can't wait till tomorrow


Review by Matt H. (mattrix)

This show was great. I had been at the previous show last night and hated it. Yesterday's show reminded me of when "mom" would try and cook your favourite meal and it just did not come out right. You've had that meal forever and ever and it is your favourite, but things just didn't work out. I admire Tori for trying yesterday and the redemption with desert, with landslide but that did not save the show yesterday.

Tonight, I thoughroughly enjoyed the show and thought the entire set list was quite a treat. Almost as if she (Tori) knew that my favourite dinner was spoiled last night.

I understand that a lot of fans have lost faith. I almost went there. And I have quite a collection that would have been on E-bay. My tickets that I had gotten were rediculous on the pre-sale all in the back in Mezz Section. I am so glad that I got to go to this show as I am not so disappointed anymore.

This show the kitchen was open with all the favourites and everything was very exquisite. I will keep the faith with Tori's ability and am very grateful for this show.


Review by glitterspitter

i'm so happy!!! i got three of my babies : lucifer, red baron and FREAKING tear in your hand! that plus yesterday's sugar.

fuck, i don't even need to go to anymore shows. hehe. but i still will. i send my psychic help to those of you who are requesting alamo. i am SO about that.

well, yeah, so tonight was really good. i had an excellent seat and i was sitting all alone,but i met a really nice toriphile sitting next to me. it was so awesome connecting with someone at the show because he had JUST told me how the only songs he wanted to hear worse than anything were little amsterdam and raining blood. then we were both like, whoa.

erm, i have a question. a lot of people have been complaining about people singing along at shows and i was wondering... did you ask them to lower their volume a bit or stop singing? cause the girl behind me was singing so fucking loud and i asked nicely, not to stop, but to turn down the volume a little. she was really nasty about it, stopped for a while and then did it through more songs. i just couldn't take it. i asked her again and she, her friend, and i ended up having a lil bitch fest throught the first lines of me and a gun. then she had the AUDACITY to sing during me and a gun. WHO DOES THAT???? why is it so hard to take other people's feelings into account? i mouth the words and sing quietly into my hands. i don't understand why it's so hard to be considerate..... was i totally out of line in asking her NICELY to stop singing right in my ear? this is really hilarious too cause i am like, the least aggressive person in the world.

that kinda messed up a lot of the experience for me, but it was a great setlist. tomorrow here i come!


Review by jason (tiny shiver)

As far as I can remember, father Lucifer was played just like the album version. No extra bridge or lyrics. Just like on Pele.


Review by slagpit

all i have to say is WOW!~ this was my first show on the "slg" tour. and i'm just completely amazed, shocked, left dazzled! i must first say that the Wiltern is a really pretty theatre and i was very pleased with my seats, we were up top in the LOGE section but it was quite a nice view of tori, just great.

B&C97 -i dont even know where to begin, i didnt expect it to affect me as much as it did, i was just so confused. it immediatly made me utterly sad, tori IS singing as the dead woman, make no mistake about it. it's just so unbelieveably sad, it really scared me and i think tori is to be commended for doing this song. the curtain and the picture are very effective, especially when the curtain falls down, so sudden. i loved it. this was the most emotional part of the show for me.

littleAm -it was just sounded so pretty, i love the way this song is so light and airy, yet the lyrics are so harsh and disturbing.

REDBULL -tori is such a charmer, she made me laugh! it was so funny, its' cool to see that she's also nuerotic and thinks about stewpid things as such, just too funny. and she was really getting into the story, it was very cute.

here's where the psychotic combo of amazing songs start!

take to the sky -this song, like many during this show, was my first time hearing it live. and i'm very impressed. i love the hand slapping on the piano, i just with everyone else would have clapped along with her, she's looking for a beat people! it was just beautiful. id have to agree with rocket_ships there was definitly a "flying" theme tonight. very deliberate. much like her singing.

blackdove -extremely powerful, i was captivated the entire time. i think by this song i was finally realizing "oh my gosh! i'm at a tori show!!!" it was just to was that great.

someone should tell tori that singing the next three songs together can be deadly!!!

NTRB -I really couldnt beleive that she was singing it. this IS my most favorite off of 'bfp' hands down, it's just so beautiful. the intro was magical, and the rotating propellers in the background were really great, tori really seemed to be in deep concentration by this point, i thought her voice was amazing.

butterfly -the lyrics from this song are so sweet and deadly, she definitly got that across.

flying dutchman -i'm sooo freaking dumb, i couldnt figure out what song this was at first, i'm like "what?". so stewwpid! but it was wonderful.

(ok, i know, i'm just repeating that case-->i'll just move it along)
china -a song that i'm not usually in the mood for...really got to me!!! i've fallen back in love with it again!! a great surprise, i especially loved the lighting during this song, so haunting.

meandagun -never heard it live before, extremely perfect. amazing.

spring haze -my favorite from 'tvab', so glad to hear this live, the intro was crazy!!!! i had no idea where she was going with this! usually this song strikes me as sad, but tonight it was beautiful!

over the rainbow -WOW! her voice was so on! we couldnt have asked for any better!!!

overall i'm extremely pleased with the show. the fans around me were great, the girl next to me lent me her binoculars a couple of times! she's kewl~!

there was a little argument at the end of the show. like right after tori left the stage, this old seahag of a lady started yelling at some girl. i think she was drunk, and she had her 10 year old or so daughter with her! and the mom was cussing and such, it was pretty pathetic. so sad. but other than that the show was BRILLIANT!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Review by girl_zone_loan

Well, since everyone else has given such good reviews I'll keep my brief.

As for the m&g, I was a little disappointed she didn't make it because of the taping as I came really early to get in front but you just have to remember that she doesn't have to do that for us, it's really a privelage. In spite of that, I had fun talking and hanging out with the other EWF.

So on to the show... I just want to say last night's performance was amazing- this was my first time seeing her solo and it was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped! As others have said, she seemed really on tonight and appeared to be really enjoying herself. Her Red Bull story was so cute !

MAAG was so beautiful- how could I keep the tears back. I am still in awe of last night's show. I don't have tickets for tonight but I'm thinking of being a little nutty and just going up there and hoping for the best. It feels like you can't see her enough times on this tour- every show you miss it feels like you are missing out on something really special. Thank you so much Tori for a wonderful night


Review by Whippoorwill

WoW! This concert was totally the best that I have seen her do so far this tour.

She used a lot of chest voice and belting throughout Flying Dutchman, Butterfly, and Take to The Sky. It sounded awesome! She licked the microphone during Father Lucifer!

Does anyone else notice that during MAAG, she doesn't sing "You can laugh, its kind of funny, the things you think, in times like these, like I haven't seen Barbados, so I must get out of this".

She did the Standard "Every day's my wedding day" Bridge during Father Lucifer.

Putting The Damage on's intro sounded a lot to me like the intro to Northern Lad. But it was the bomb ass diggity! I was soo excited to see FIVE Pele songs!

All the sweet People were there, Nicole, Lauren, Andrea, Doreena, Alli, Lauren#2, Mike, Dor, Kevin, Suz, PrttyH8Machine (I'm forgetting your name - sorry).

Yeah LA shows are rocking the house! The sound inside the venue is totally killer! A lot better than the sound from the 5.5 weeks show!

And I didn't see the guy with the Red Baron outfit, Zara said he was hot. Yummy, hot boys in flying gear and scarves!

Did anyone else see Jamie Lee Curtis in the audience?


Review by boy interrupted

from Baron to the end i was sobbing (except Raining Blood, which was really good and better than the CD, but it just doesnt have that emotional impact for me like China and Jupiter do)
but yeah it was REALLY good...better than the first night which was really mellow and laid will be interesting to see if tonight's show can top this one..the only other song she could have played that night that just would have done me in was Doughnut...
i didnt see jamie lee curtis but i heard she was there...winona ryder was too....

oh yeah, i thought the begining of Spring Haze was Alamo too...and i thought Over the Rainbow was going to be Merman too...but i love all four of those so i had no problems.


Review by kamikaze

well, it was great but i got kinda bored after "black dove" <---which was amazing.

everything before "red baron" and after "raining blood" was PERFECT, tho!

"red baron" , "butterfly", "flying dutchman" , "daniel" , and "raining blood" made me wanna go out so i did for "raining blood" and i'm glad i was back in time for "father lucifer". (hey, i didnt even know "danie" and "butterfly")

and my seat was EH! but sat night was a whole lot better since i could see better

so the highlights:

spring haze -my fav on Venus
jackie's strength -yaaaaaaaaaaaay
black dove - i was hoping she'd sing it
take to sky - i just love the "my heart is like the ocean..." part.
putting the damage on - which i never liked but she did it so well and now i love

i love Tori more now


Review by Chris (PrinceFamiliar)

Here is my review of this concert, best I can remember it.

PreShow: Got there really late, my plane arrived around 4:45 and Iman was an hour late picking me up. It's all good though, fun time had by all. Missed Rufus, didn't like his set on the 17th though, but eh.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde - I summed this up pretty much in the review for the 17th - I'm doing this backwards you see

Little Amsterdam - I'm not really that big of a fan of this song, but I certainly enjoyed this performance. I was so very impressed with the "round and round and round I go part." I'm gonna have to re-evaluate what I feel about this one

Take to the Sky - So happy to hear this! Especially with the amazing bridge that just rules beyond all. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

Black Dove (January) - This was so gorgeous and full. I wanted to hear it a lot, but didn't really expect it. I guess if I learned anything on this tour, expect the unexpected!

Not the Red Baron - I love this song. I was so surprised when she went into it. Such a priviledge.

Butterfly - I'm gonna take heat here, but I don't like this song that much, but the screaminess on the "framed and dried" parts sortof made up for it. But it's not one of my favorites.

Flying Dutchman - She did such a low sounding basey introduction to this that I didn't get it right away. But god, when she started, I was just dying. This song was the highlight of the night. It was just perfection in a 5 and a half minute song.

Daniel - Didn't expect this either, and didn't put the "flight" connection together either. But it's so there. Maybe it's ironic since I stepped off a plane to get to the concert that night.

Raining Blood - This was my second favorite of the night. It just had this tooth and bone grinding pain in it. Especially at the end when she was doing the last "raining bloooooooooooooooood" It just sounded so pained and you could tell there was some real feeling in that.

Father Lucifer - The debut. What an honor for us all! Sounded like the version she did at London in 1999. I really enjoyed this...and this concert was so good cuz she did so much from Boys for Pele. I could not have asked for anything more (see below for why).

Bells for Her - I wanted this so bad after kamui told me how good it was for him in Chicago and how it was his favorite song. I was kind jealous But she went over to the Whirly started a Bells-For-Hery improv and then blasted through the song with such emotion. Could not have been a dry eye in the house. It was magical.

China - This is my 5th favorite Tori song. I was so pleased to hear it. I know a lot of you all don't like her...but gawd, it was just supremely amazing to me. I was mouthing the lyrics with her and taking it all in. I will just love this forever.

Me and a Gun - Again, like I said in 11/17's review thread. This song belongs in these concerts, and probably all of them. It's signature. And my problem was with this audience of fuckers who decided to cheer up until like halfway through the first verse. A little respect please people!

Hey Jupiter - This was such a perfect follow-up. And I know I said that about 1000 Oceans on 11/17, but this one was just great. I love this song and was so happy to hear it. Especially since she's now doing the entire song, and not omitting that third and best verse.

First Encore:
Jackie's Strength - this was supposed to be Northern Lad. I like Northern Lad better. But I think Jackie has much better lyrics and as much as I didn't want to hear this song, and I did adamantly go against it, I really did like it. So this one also goes into the remix pile for my CD player so I can rediscover the magic

Tear in your Hand - YES! I was dying. I just love this song solo on the piano. It was so drawn out and beautiful. I LOVED it. I'm not being very original here, but I haven't slept in over 30 hours

Second Encore:
Spring Haze - Intro sounded like Alamo. IT did, it was, and she decided not to follow through on it. Oh, well, this version of Spring Haze was just amazing.

Putting the Damage On - Originally, this song was going to be my request for 11/17. Welllll, she beat me to the punch and sang it early. Yay me. And for all of you who thought it was for, it was for me anyway, I just thought this was the most perfect version of this song that has ever been. It's my 4th favorite. It's just wonderful.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - What a wonderful way to end a magical journey that was this concert. For being my first on this tour, I didn't know what to expect, and it was just totally beyond all expectations I could have forseen.

Anyway, let's talk the post-show Meet and Greet. Some of you saw me and Iman (kamikaze) for a long time. After the show, a lot of you all went behind the theater to the barricades and holed up there for a few hours. Well, me and Iman decided to go to the other side of the wall...she was propped up on a plastic pipe sticking out of the ground and I had one foot on the pipe and one foot on a construction sign. Venue idiots made us get down, but a lot of you were like waving and saw us, so if you saw us, yay, you saw us I did think that was a real madhouse though, she came out and people rushed and after she'd sign the people's things they would not move out so others could get up. A few things got passed up, but a lot of people were disappointed.

Now a question - what was the point of taking a sharpie and -drawing- a tear in your hand? uuuuuuuh. That was kinda freaky.


Review by Lunachick

Wow, what an adventure! I got back to Sac on Sunday afternoon, but it hasn't been until today that I finally have the strength to post! This has been an incredible weekend! I will post a thread in more detail about my experience in the tour forum...but for now, here's the first of my two L.A. reviews.

Oh, and for the record, the crowd for L.A. SUCKED ASS for both shows I went to. Quite disappointing, but still a great time!

Prettyh8machine (who's immensely enjoying the San Diego shows right now) and I got to L.A. Friday night not having tickets, but the box office released more tickets, so yay! We got to go!

'97 Bonnie & Clyde: I always get the chills whenever the curtain drops to the floor, even though I expect that to happen! But during the song...I dunno, it's kinda long. But still a great opener!

Little Amsterdam: I like this song, but I'm not crazy about it. And having it as the semi-opener is kinda eh. However, I find this song better performed this time around than the second Oakland show (but that still remains THE show of all shows this tour).

Take to the Sky: God, I love this. Bangin' on the piano, groovin', gettin' into it. And the pelvic thrust during the "take it" part! Those who went, ya know what I mean! So sensual! Yowza!

Black Dove: This is my all time fave on Choirgirl, hands fuckin' down! Absolutely incredible live with the rhoades and the bose. Just awesome. Rocks my ass, that song.

Not the Red Baron: Um, not a huge fan of this one, but it was played very very well. That was the first time hearing that one live, so it was a treat, nonetheless.

Butterfly: I was going to request this one at the meet and greet for Saturday's show, but I found that wasn't gonna be necessary! So SO wonderful! Perhaps the highlight of the show for me!

Flying Dutchman: I heard this in Oakland as well, but god, I can hear this one over and over. She just goes OFF at the end, and it made me almost cream my pants as I was tearing up. Strange emotion, but it happened!

Daniel: I've heard this one on a coupla bootlegs, but man, hearing it in the flesh I can see why many Toriphiles dig this cover.

Raining Blood: It was cool to hear this because I haven't heard this song live, but lordy that song and the performance of that song is utterly BORING. Blah.

Father Lucifer: Ooooh how cool it was to hear this! Pretty standard, much like the album, but wow, her vocals were soaring!! LOVED IT!

Bells for Her: As I've mentioned in the Oakland review, this song was a little too repetitive, and L.A. is no different. Love the song, love it on the whirly, but a tad drawn out. I'm glad she played this one over Crucify, however. Not digging this tour's version very much.

China: Again, heard this in Oakland, but man this song is great. So intense, so moving! And the lyrics are so wonderful! China the country and china the dinnerware! That's so neat!

Me and a Gun: Awesome as always, except people were screamin' yellin' and hollerin' DURING the fucking song. Where did the decency go people? Sheesh. Little did I know that was the SAME THING that happened at Saturday's show. Utterly disgusting.

Hey Jupiter: So wowee. Jaimie (prettyh8machine) always gets verclempt at this one, and seeing her cry made me cry! So the emotion of this song was a chain reaction of crying, and it was great. Beautiful, if you will.

First Encore:
Jackie's Strength: Wow, this set was a lot like the Oakland one, but hey, this one rocks, period. Next time she comes solo, she should bring an orchestra with her, and this would be a kick ass song with one, doncha think? But for now, I'll do with this version. Simply stunning!

Tear in your Hand: Not one of my faves off of Little Earthquakes, but damn this song is good live! I very much enjoyed hearing this one.

Second Encore:

Spring Haze: I loved the green lighting for this song. It fitted very well with the mood! And it was a special treat because this is one of my faves off of Venus. SO GOOD LIVE!

Putting the Damage On: WOW. That's all I have to say. That one blew me away, again!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I've always loved her version of this song...she kicks Garland's ass with her soothing vocals and intense piano. A perfect ending to a kickass show. Rocked my socks off, completely.


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