Los Angeles, CA
November 15, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Los Angeles, CA on November 15, 2001 at the Wiltern Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour. This was the first of three nights of concerts in L.A.

Set List

The set list below comes from Richard Handal, who called me after the show.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Enjoy The Silence
I Don't Like Mondays
Beauty Queen
Purple People
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Me and a Gun
Pretty Good Year

1st Encore:
Cloud On My Tongue

2nd Encore:


Latest reviews are added to the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the Tori Concert Reviews Forum for reviews as well!

From Richard Handal

Added November 16, 2001 - The show began at 9:14PM and ended at 11:02. During Crucify she began by singing, "Feels like I'm in them again, in these chains, feels like I'm in them again, these chains..." During Pretty Good Year, she sang multiple times, "Pretty she is."

From Josh Lindsey

Added November 17, 2001 - I wasn't there, but Dave had an interesting tidbit... Cameron Diaz and Jared Leto were in the audience. :)

From DeepStarThinker

Added November 17, 2001 - Well, what an amazing evening it was, so subtle, yet so powerful.

Tori was on top form, and gave me a more mature feeling. Being a tori fan since LE it felt like my big sister was growing up, cause thats how familial Tori's music is with me. Let me just say 'Crucify' brought me to tears, Tori perfomed it on the Wurly Ive never heard it done that way, so intense, like honey dripping from the comb. She mentioned that some her best friends in the world were there, Im guessing her friends from when she lived here in LA.­

She did a pretty good selection of songs, not any from Choirgirl though.(unless you count Purple People..which was a b-side to the 'UK Spark' single #1)

CALS was incredible, as was Rattlesnakes (my fave from SLG) and everything else. I think Tori knew I was coming, cause every song I wanted her to do, she did, and right when I was thinking of them... This concert hit home on a lot of different levels, and it was like tori was being that big sister again, and giving me advice through her music, she even added and changed words in some songs that spoke like ringing bells to me.. Tori has helped me to make some very important decisions I was very undecided about. Last Nite her music and words helped me to decide what to do..("never gonna go back in those chains, not this time" she sang in Crucify) No matter what problems Ive had in my life, Tori's music has brought me through. I dont think you can understand that unless your a 'phile' or 'ewf'. If anything her music shows you how to honor and pay homage to your own soul, and to not let your heart get trampled on. Being a stronger individual with a sounder mind. Tori has deffinately grown so much over the years and Ive grown all right there with her, and Last nite it was all so apparent. She talked about being older in one of the songs, and I wept ('Real Men' cry ..hahaha) The way I even dressed for the concert was different, Its hard to explain really, but the feeling with tori now is maturity, and I go with the feelings I get. She is part of my family to me, the distant relative that you never get to see, but always tells you the right thing to do in her letters to you. Its that kind of relationship, and the bloodlines just keep getting deeper A

ll in All, This was one of the best nights Ive had in a long time, and I just have to give a thank you to the girl and the piano, for pulling it together, Thanks T ;-))

From Heather Griffin aka RaysinGyrl

Added November 17, 2001 - I can't write an in depth review at the moment (I'm at work) but suffice to say the show was amazing. True enough there wasn't any new girl debuts, but the old gals were mighty beautiful

Tori didn't have a lot to say last night, but there's already so much conversation in her songs, what she shared was a treat. She said that she hadn't been back "here" for a long time and that a lot of her "dear friends" were in the audience. Before Pretty Good Year she said "and the good news is, I'm a mom" and told us how she's good with food, not so good with diapers. She said they're learning words and her new word is "mini-bar" and that she's using the old parenting philosophy that if you don't teach them it's bad then they won't want it later, that sorta thing.

Crucify was on the Wurlitzer -- I thought it sorta blended some of the Rattlesnakes melody into it.

I mean, what can I say Mike, she's top notch, really. She played (in my humble opinion) all her 'delicate' piano tunes and it was a pleasure to my ears every minute.

Thanks to Tori and thanks to the auditorium audience for staying quiet and respectful. It was a blessing to attend this show.

Oh yeah, she wore a light blue (or white) pant suit with strappy black heels. And one time the little effects foot pedal on the Bosey stuck during a song.

From Jason Rinda Amber

Added November 17, 2001 - hey mike, iattended the show in Seattle and she also changed a line in Pretty Good Year. Bu I am under the impression (from tird row) as were the many Tori fans around me that she sang "pretty shit" as in pretty shitty year, very eloquent in light of recent events. SO not to disagree with Handal, but I am wondering if she also sang this in LA?

From Mike Foley

Added November 18, 2001 - Howdy! Just wanted to comment on the Nov. 15 L.A. show. Didn't get a chance until now. I discovered Tori in '98 and have been a devoted fan since. I figure I'm probably older than most in the audience and in case there's anyone cruising this site who doesn't know about Tori Amos--check her out--she's more of a pure artist than 99 percent of what's I hear in music today. The highlight for me was "Rattlesnakes" and "Crucify." She didn't talk much, but she seemed very playful at the keyboard, which I appreciated. Nice musical humor. Great crowd, too--Thanks to Tori and to the audience for a wonderful show.

From Kelly/Swirlgirl

Added November 18, 2001 - I just got home from the show tonight, at the Wiltern....I've never seen her with just the piano, I didnt know what to expect, and boy was I blown away! Her voice stands out so much more, solo! It was awesome!

Pretty Good Year, which she changed some of the chorus to "have you seen how PRETTY she is" I think she was singing about Tash.

...OH! And tori did talk to us once, and mentioned Tash...and how she's talking, and knows words like "mini bar" which was totally cute!! And also mentioned that some of "her dearest friends were with her tongiht int he audience" She seems to be in a festive mood, she put everything she had into every song she sang, it was a great opening night for Los Angeles!!

From D'Evereaux V. Baum

Added November 18, 2001 - Let me first say that I have been to over 10 of Tori's performances and I have never seen Joel just walking around in the lobby chatting with people. It was kinda neat - I think he is kinda cute!! (maybe I just never paid attention in all the excitement) Anyway, this was my third show this year - first in Houston (wonderful), second in Austin (absolutely wonderful) and third in LA (extremely wonderful). I was up at 4:30am to board an 8:26 flight out of Houston on Thursday November 15, and arrived at noon (unfortunately I had to return to Houston the very next day to be back at work on Saturday). My sister, Jackie, got me from the Airport (kinda frightening to be on a plane these days) and we headed for some lunch and then to visit a good friend of hers "Rocky" (very nice guy) that lives a few blocks from the Wiltern Theatre. We picked up our tickets and Aftershow passes and headed in for some drinks. We met some very nice people at this show (girls in the restrooms were very nice, guys outside for a smoke break) and this was the first time for my sister to see Tori. She was very psyched!! We took our row D seats and happened to be sitting next to one of Tori's Roadshow Drivers - His name was John and he was very friendly! The show was incredible and I was very happily surprised to hear Lust and Leather and Mother!! I don't recall ever hearing Mother live and it was so beautiful. Everything was great with the exception of the young man in front of me who was yelling and jumping around in his seat - I had to switch seats with my sister just to see - not very cool guy... Anyway, my sister went away a complete hard core Tori fan!!

We did go backstage after the show, were my sister's friend brought us into a cool cozy little private room to meet Tori (Many thanks to Jerome - you are my hero!!) and although she had been up herself since 5:30 LA time and was very exhausted - She was so kind to us and yes she does look into your eyes and speak to you as if she has known you for years and she is very tiny!! This was my first time to meet Tori and thank god my sister was there because I sorta froze up and couldn't speak and Jackie kept the conversation going - I tried to rehearse what I would say to her but of course I was in such awe that I said very little, however she did take a photo with me - which is in color although my scanner is messed up - so I have attached it in Black and White!! This was the greatest year ever for me and I am so sad that we now have to wait until next year, hopefully, to see her again.... :)

Thanks for letting me share that with you,

From Adam a.k.a. Cornafalakeguy, RecvrinChristian & AdamBananaKing

Added November 18, 2001 - I'm sorry it took so long to post a review but I've been very busy, and I noticed that no one took each song out individually and wrote a little mini-review so I'll do that. This was my first Tori show, and for those of you who were there know how desperate I was! I was running around with my little sign begging for tickets and money! (If any of you saw me feel free to e-mail me) I was very tired and the show was VERY good.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde- This song is certainly interesting live! I loved the curtain and the lighting and when the curtain dropped everyone cheered. I think it works very well as a show opener.

Icicle- Tori got very into this song, and played a very lengthy intro I'm pretty sure it was longer than what was on the webcast but I could be wrong. Either way she did a very good job with it and I'm very happy she played it!

Enjoy The Silence- I smiled a bit when she started to play and many peopel around me began to mouth the words. This is definitley my second fav from the new album.

Sugar- OMG! I loved this because she played plugged style piano and kept the "your just a pussy my sweet boy" part in. This was my favorite song from the evening, I loved when she started to play, you could feel it rumbling throughout the theatre.

I Don't Like Mondays- very good but not one of the more noteworthy from the show.

Winter- Tori played a shorter intro than I've heard her play live, I liked this one she sang the "Hair is gray..." part very low instead of very high. Personally, I like this live version better.

Beauty Queen/ Horses- Wow! This is another one that Tori got VERY into, the solo was spectacular!

Concertina- Tori played the whole song with her right hand on the electric piano and the right on the Bose. I wanted to hear this song live and it didn't dissapoint me. It's my favorite version of the song I've heard.

Purple People- I didn't recognize this one at first because the only way I've ever heard it was played on the kurzweil for the intro! She started the song then she stopped and told a story about how she (the song) never made it anywhere, but had shown up quite a bit on this tour.

Caught A Lite Sneeze- Was my­second fav from the show, because its played so fast! I was in awe of her so much over­this one song that it was all I thought about for the next two days.­­I especially enjoyed the "Building, tumbling down" part.

Crucify- she started this one off with a lengthy improv and filled the song­up to the brim with improv.­­It was pretty much one line from the song followed­by a line of improv! It was interesting to say the least.

Rattlesnakes- The "she looks like Eve Marie saint" part is so amazing live! I had seen her play it on Leno the night before and­really wanted her to play it live and she did! She was actually wearing the same outfit from­Leno but in white, in case anyone was curios as to what she was wearing!

Me And­A Gun- It just got so quite in the theatre. I could hear a couple people crying,­a tear rolled down my cheek as well, this song is incredibly tragic.

Pretty Good Year- I have to agree that it sounded like she said "pretty shit" because when she was singing I thought she was going to say "pretty shitty year" everytime...

Cloud On My Tongue-­she played an extended solo for this song. It's another of my favs, I play this song and she made me look so terrible...

Mother- Many people yelled for this one! There were a lot of thank you Tori's and a lot of mouth moving going on!

Leather- Another song everyone cheered for! She crossed her legs during the song which really added the affect. She kind screwed up on the second verse and said "He ha-" then stopped corrected herself and sang the proper words. This was definitly another highlight of the evening, I didn't expect it at all.

Lust- Very good live song!

Landslide- O my this song I cried for. It's always good to hear Tori sing this, it is my favorite Tori cover ever.

Wow this came out longer than I expected! Thank you for finishing reading it though!

From Seth Lockwood

Added November 20, 2001 - one thing you could add to the review is that when she said "butterfly" she moved her legs in and out creating a wing effect a couple of times. It was amazing.

From the Los Angeles Times

Added November 20, 2001 - Crystal, Susan and johanna sent me this press review of the first L.A. show from the November 17, 2001 edition of the Los Angele Times. Read it at or below.

Amos Covers the Bases


Tori Amos is searching for new standards, a shared song list for endless reinterpretation. She's had great success as a songwriter, making music both confessional and confrontational while wrapped in the guise of piano balladeer. But she's also turned to outside material, as far back as a 1992 cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Amos not only recast that rock landmark with a strange new clarity, but also brought definition to her role as tender provocateur.

She sought similar inspiration for her newest album, "Strange Little Girls," a collection that reinterprets cover songs about women by male writers as varied as Tom Waits and Eminem. Amos brought that same mission to the Wiltern Theatre on Thursday. In the first of three shows there, she performed solo, typically astride her piano bench in a posture as confrontational as Jerry Lee Lewis. Her breathless vocals and spare piano gave organic weight to Depeche Mode's brooding "Enjoy the Silence." There was also a chilling take on the Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays," as if tapping directly into the song's original inspiration: a grade-school shooting from two decades ago.

She would close the night nearly two hours later with a wistful version of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," her soft falsetto interrupted with sudden groans and biting turns of phrase, expressing as much real angst as a punk band.

Amos was an attentive host but said little beyond noting that she had become a mother since her last tour. The singer-songwriter also performed many of her own songs on Thursday, though few of the obvious radio hits.

During the '90s Amos established herself as a real pop eccentric, finding her own private corner of the music world while still consistently selling millions of albums.

Her intensity can be excruciating to some ears, but at her best Amos melds musical grace with an alarming bluntness. On Thursday she sat staring into her audience for the haunted and fragile a cappella "Me and a Gun," her notorious recounting of a rape.

The solo piano might have been better served by a tighter set, eliminating an inevitable sameness of material. But like support act Rufus Wainwright, who performed his emotional ballads alone, Amos found power in simplicity.

She also turned frequently to songs from 1991's "Little Earthquakes," her first album as a solo artist. It was as if Amos needed to prove that she had created some worthwhile standards of her own.

Tori Amos and Rufus Wainwright play tonight at the Wiltern Theatre, 3970 Wilshire Blvd., L.A. 8 p.m. Sold out. (213) 390-5005.

From StrangeLittleDina

Added November 20, 2001 - I attended the first show in L.A. & wanted to add a couple Torisms. After the first few songs, she mentioned it had been a while since she had seen us...that she was a mother now, and that Tash learned the word "mini-bar." She then went on to say that if you teach them what they can't have early on, they won't want it. Also--during Sugar she improved, "Tell me what you think they'll do...when they find out you're a pussy." Crucify was THEE MOST BEAUTIFUL version I have EVER heard her play. Overall, it was a wonderful show. She didn't talk very much--which I was bummed about. I would've preferred more b-sides (i.e. Flying Dutchman!!) and Doughnut Song, Butterfly, and Siren. But seeing Tori in all her channeling glory is never less than phenomenal. Oh, and next year...I'm stopping at nothing for Orchestra seats!!

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by tangerine

Just got back from the show. No major surprises in terms of setlist, but I think Tori gave a very beautiful and powerful performance. She seemed in good spirits, considering how sad she was in Oakland, and she mentioned that some of her best friends in the world were in the audience.

Highlights for me:

She put a lot of passion into Caught a Lite Sneeze, her hands were possessed and she burst into the line "Buildings, tumbling down"

Crucify was stellar. She slipped into character for this one, and sang, "My heart is sick of being, feels like its back again, feels like we're back again in these chains..." Very beautiful and and heartbreaking. She was very into it.

MaaG, very deliberate, even delivery. She wanted us to hang on every word, feel every pulse, and this crowd was respectful and perfect.

Pretty Good Year, another powerhouse of emotion. In reviews from previous shows people have reported that Tori sang "pretty shoes". I (and others agree) heard "Pretty she is, pretty she is" but maybe tonight was different.

Mother!!! Oh god, this had me in tears. She was really feeling this. Nothing contrived, totally raw and gorgeous. I almost forgot that it wasn't a Little Earthquakes era show.

As for those of you who hate Leather, I have a sneaking suspicion that Tori loves playing this song. She gets so flirty and sassy when she does this. I really enjoyed watching her hands on this one.

Overall, the setlist was pretty standard but I think the performance was strong, her voice was great, and she seemed very solid.


Review by tweety

Just got back. She was beautiful as always.
Very little of the "manic aka demon tori tonight.
Sneeze was my highlight and Lust wasbeautiful.
Also, this new version of Crucify she's doing is sooo beautiful.
And mother was nice and long.
Sugar wasn't long enough.
Landslide was beautiful too.
I'm glad I get to see her two more times!
Are you getting the beautiful adjective enough?

Much love to tori.


Review by Undadapink

I just got back from the show and I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. Tori sounded great, I love the venue and having front row center didn't hurt.

Overall, I thought the set list was interesting. It was a treat to hear "Purple People," "Cloud on My Tongue" and "Pretty Good Year" and she played three of my favorites ... "Sugar" "Winter" and "Crucify."

Tori didn't talk much between each song. She did at one point say that her daughter has just learned how to say "Mini bar." I thought that was cute.

There were several highlights for me but "Rattlesnakes" and "Landslide" stand out.

The only bummer was the this girl behind me kept singing along and it was really distracting.

I can't wait for tomorrow night -- although I'll be up in the Loge for this one.


Review by rocket_ships

-during "pretty good year" tori replaced the word "good" with "shitty" and "shit", not "shoes' as previously mentioned.

-tori seemed sort of melancholoy tonight, and I think the set-list reflects that.

seemed like a proper a concert to be first in a series of three. can't wait till tomorrow's gig


Review by Marilyn Manson

It was a great concert but she played a lot of songs that I am not too fond of. She was passionate though. You could tell. I saw it when she played Caught A Lite Sneeze. I thought she would play songs I don't even know because people say she is playing for the hardcore fans. [bulshit] I'm not even a hardcore fan and I was familiar with every damn song. I didn't like Mother, Cloud On My Tongue, Lust, and Winter.
The rest was good (especially Purple People, Crucify, Me and A Gun)
I want to hear her cover John Lennon.


Review by glitterspitter

the wiltern is so fantastic!!!

i was in loge dd seat 22, which is the fourth row of the balcony and the furthest seat over to your right. my view was freaking amazing!!! every seat in that place seems perfect!

i must agree that the "eeeeeeee"s she sings are kind of distracting and gratuitous, but her performance made up for it all. maybe it was a "standard" set list, but it was perfect! i might not feel that way if i was only going to one show though.... anyway, she realy seemed to be "there" tonight. it was really personal. there was a girl behind me singing along quietly, which is fine (i was as well), ut she was doing that ssss thing at the end of certain lines and it was right in my ear. that was almost more annoying than if she had just belted it out or something. ah well. that is my ONLY complaint.

i will say that part of the reason i was going to four shows this tour was because i wanted to hear sugar live solo REALLY badly. meanwhile she plays it as her fourth song at the FIRST show i go to. i love this woman!


Review by little kelly

im sorry guys, i thought this was the worst show i saw this tour. i didnt see it but a few people told me that tori even flipped off the audience. the audience was hell. there was almost a constrant screaming and shouting of song requests and *thank you tori* s.

she put on an amazing performance. i thought her verisons of the songs she played were the best id ever heard and she was definantly *on* tonight.

but the setlist just didnt flow at all. i thought it was ridiculous. originally she was going to close with here in my head, and that would have just been all the more unsettling. this is not a tori bash at all..... i think the reason for this was because it was *entertainment industry night* and she was doing the more well known songs. i think this show would have just blown everyone away if the setlist had been not constrained by that.

and as a side note, i thought she was singing *pretty she is* as in tash.....


Review by Heather (JupiterGrl)

OMG!!! "how can anyone say she's not simply wonderful"...

I would first like to thank everyone at the M&G for being so cool!!! and Thank Glo Glo Glo for keeping the good vibes followin!! This was my 1st M&G, and I was so pleasantly surprised! Everyone was really mellow and Tori looked a little sad, Glo Glo Glo asked her is she was okay, but she leaned her head from side to side and said that she was doing okay... she recognized Shaggy(Jason) and started jumping up & down--it was soooo cute! I thought it was extremely cool that a bunch of people signed a card for her mom and gave it to her..
I got to meet Waxpancake (guy who designed the Dent logo) and his girl Amy (faerydolls)... she is a short girl, so I vowed to protect her from getting swished! She saw the show from 1st row center... lucky duckies! I also met Lula Talula who was just a sweetheart, and her sister Candice--they were at the Oakland show with Jaime (prettyh8machine) and co...

Ruffus was sooooooooooooooooo cute! at one point (I think the 3rd song) he said: I feel like I'm 14! He was so playful and he had on this kick ass suit..Versace I think... It was fabulous! Rufus said he was a little nervous because a lot of people he knew were in the audience and it brought back memories of when he first got there...and that he always dreamed of playing at the Wiltern (except the minor detail that he would have like to headline.. ) He said that it was great touring with Tori and that her fans were the best audiences he's ever played for!

Regarding Tori's performance... everyone before me said a lot already... I thought she was very sassy tonight... as well as solumn, dramatic, serious and cute!
She wore something similar to what she wore in Oakland (going off what I heard)... charcoal gray satin pants slit up the sides and a greenish colored jumpsuit with slits up the side as well, fish nets, and the foxiest shoes I ever seen! They were like fish-net=bondage looking ankle boots/heels.. I don't know how to describe them.. I'm tired too...

My jaw dropped and tears started welling the second i heard Icicle!!! I soo wanted to hear this song!!! uh! simply gorgeous!!

After Enjoy the Silence, she talked about how all her friends were here tonight and "that's good" she got a little choked up here..then she said:"and um, the amazing thing is that I'm a mommy!...good with food, not good with diapers.." then she went into the story about how Tash has learned a new word.."mini bar" then she made a comment to the fact that if you keep things away from your children they'll want it more.. so it goes along those lines... something like that...

Then she did the most AMAZING rendition of Sugar I have ever heard!! so cute, she favces the audience and crosses her legs and sings: "Girls, tell me what you think they'll do when they find me out...when they find I've got a little in here (dragging her hand down her cleavage when she said "here")

Winter! YAY! This was beautiful~the lighting was all blues... beautiful!

She looked at the audience a lot during BQ/Horses... I really enjoyed this one! She sat on the bench with her legs crossed when she sang the lines: "so i chased down your posies, your pansies in my hosies, then opened my hand and" she paused and looked at the crowd here, uncrossed her legs...then continued.. "they were empty then..."

During Concertina, she looked at the audience and paused after saying: "ran into your thought from across the room.."

Purple People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AAHHH!!! I was dying!!!!! she started this song with her legs crossed... I love it when she does that!!

CALS!!! very someone else said... she tore this one up!!! she was on FIRE!!!! "building.." ~very intense!!! This was a wonderful surprise!!! I didn't expect to hear this one! I LOVE this song!!

She started to play Crucify on the wurly and some people were yelling stuff to her and she puts her hands up to her forehead kinda like ears and waved at us.. so freaking cute!!!!! Crucify was really good...someone else mentioned what she said during this..
She also said: "got a bowling ball in my stomach.... gotta put it in my mouth...." yesssss! I love this girl!!!
she kept repeating: "begging for love" .... I think 3 times....

She held the last note of Rattlesnakes a capella~glorious vocalization!!!

and yess, she changed the words in PGY to: "Pretty she is..." ...tears again when she said this... so cute!

I loved LEATHER!!!! I was hoping she'd come with her little suitcase and everything.... Tori lifted her pant legs to expose her legs before starting this one...

ooooh Lust!! so happy to hear this one!!!!!

and finished with Landslide!!!!

OMG!!! what an incredible show!!!! I can't think anymore... need sleep...


Review by whenwedied

ill have to agree with most of the posts already about tori's set.

she was very energetic and "on" tonight, and some of the renditions of specific songs were simply amazing. she seemed really into it.

HOWEVER: the audience was HORRIBLE, and the setlist flowed about as well as a greatest hits cd. even though she chose some of my favorite songs, it just didnt seem as though the songs *fit* together.... unlike the previous oakland shows, the songs just seemed distant from each other tonight which definitely detracted from the overall "show." i had a hard time getting into the show because the setlist did seem a bit disjointed.....

I AM NOT SAYING THAT TORI PUT ON A *BAD* show, i am just saying that compared to the other shows i have been to, this concert was my least favorite.

the LA crowd just needs to SHUT UP while tori is singing....yelling out "PLAY SIREN TORI!!" during Me and a Gun is just NOT COOL. And, she obviously becomes distractred by flash photography, so STOP taking pictures!!!

i was glad that tori did flip of the crowd during "I Dont Like Mondays."

im really hoping that tonights show will be as good as the second new york show. i dont dig the whole "play for the industry" vibe that was pervasive last night.


Review by Dita

I wasn't too pleased with the set list and it seemed that everyone other than this show had me all excited to see her. She did do Sugar and Pretty Good Year, a couple of my favorites so that was cool. I wasn't really into the setlist not flowing, it was very scattered and out of whack. I wasn't to thrilled about LE being covered so much tonight. This whole tour she's done a lot of B sides and later stuff, but she just latched on the LE this show. Not that I don't like the album or the songs, I guess I was just looking forward to more. And I was a little disappointed with her closing out the show with Landslide. I'd rather her go out with one of *her* own songs.

I don't mean to be negative about the whole thing, I did enjoy seeing her live again and I am grateful that I even got to go (Jason sold me tix at the last minute since mine were stolen from me), but I was just hoping for something different, for that captivism that Tori has that I just didn't feel last night. Oh well, we'll see what's up tonight and tomorrow!


Review by Danny (CruelEWF)

I was crying throughout the Show... it was an amazing Set List, very powerful and strong. I've never heard Tori this way. It was unique. I am really anxious and excited to see what she does today (11/16).


Review by jason (tiny shiver)

I was sitting directly behind Mr. Leto and Cameron Diaz. very distarcting, but they both seemed very into the show.

he is hot. I always see him at baja Fresh on Sunset, and there he was at Tori. I feel like I am stalking him, even though I am not

Tori did not flip anyone off.
The gesture that she made that is confusing people was during "I Don't Like mondays."
When she hits that single high chiming note on the rhodes she held out her hand with her pointer finger extended and made a motion as though she were ringing a bell or hitting a chime. She didn't flip anyone off. And in all honesty, there wouldn't have been much reason too. The audience was fairly respectful, and god knows, I have seen worse.
See y'all tonight. I am looking for some (a) cute tori boy(s), so you'd better all be there.


Review by tangerine

I'm really shocked at how many people are dissing this show! I was in the fifth row of the orchestra and I did not see one ounce of melancholy from Tori. She had moments of heartbreak, but not any overall melancholy.

Also, I didn't see her flip off the audience! I didn't take my eyes off the woman the whole time and I didn't see that. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I was pretty close and I saw her hold up a PEACE SIGN and do a cute smile. Even if it was a "fuck you" it was with a grin not a scowl. I swear.

Also, about the audience. In my section it was the best Tori audience I have ever been with in the past 3 years. Totally silent, no singing along, no taking pictures, no screaming, no standing. And if someone claps or lets out a "woohoo!" during a song it was during a moment like when Tori says "You're just a pussy" during Sugar.

If you want people to have no reaction to things like that then you don't know what it's like to be on stage trying to reach people. I don't scream during songs, but I have no problem with others doing it at kick-ass moments. It's called showing your support and enthusiasm and it gives fuel to the performer.

I realize that in other sections of the theater it could have been a totally different experience. All you need is one screamer, one singer, one drunk person, and one person with a flash in your area and those four people can ruin your experience. But as for the part of the audience that Tori could see, it was very well behaved overall.

And yeah, I didn't want to whine about it last night but the setlist was a little weird. Maybe she called all her friends who were coming and asked them if they had requests or something. But she was really into it and I totally disagree with anyone who says she wasn't. It just wasn't bursting with magic, which happens when the setlist has you constantly surprised. Maybe with all the things going on with her personal life Tori just isn't in the mood for surprises...


Review by vinigrette

the setlist was in a state of disarray-- very disjointed and thrown together. i LOVE TORI and i would have enjoyed the concert a lot more if not for the audience. i was on the far left side (C 13) and there was a "special needs" guy next to me who ruined the show for at least 10 or 20 people. did anyone see this guy? instead of breathing, his body would jerk up and he would snort like a cocaine-snorter or a horse. then to exhale, his body would shiver a bit and he would whinie like a horse. every 10 seconds or so you got the nosies. plus, he kept fidgeting, scratching his face, lacing and unlacing his shoes, and SNORTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! there were singers, flash-photographers, yellers, and gum-chompers (chomping so loud that the music didn't cover it up), talkers, and other disrespectful people.

WHAT A HORRIBLE AUDIENCE. If the special needs guy or his girlfriend/sister see this: KEEP THAT GUY AWAY FROM CONCERTS AND MOVIES!!!! he can watch videos instead. and if you were a loud drunk singer, FUCK YOU for ruining everyone's night. AND IF YOU were a flash photographer, try to turn off the flash next time. I felt like my eyes would explode from all the flash AND i couldn't see tori.

here's hoping tonight or tomorrow is better.

When I lived in the midwest the audiences were MUCH MORE respectful of the artist and the concentration they need to put on a good show. Here in LA people think Tori is an arcade game and they can tell her what song to play or yell at her during M&AG. Those people are pussies.

Anyway if you heard the retard too let me know if you found a strategy for tuning him out. I tried everything...

love to my brothers and sisters hopefully we will be happy as pigs in shit for the next two nights...


Review by sufisdance

I have to say Tori seemed in much better spirits tonight... she smiled a lot I got there after Rufus (yay... I can't even understand him in English, let alone French...) but Joel had already given away all his pit tickets. I had my binoculars though and was on the floor so I could still see her. I also did not see her flip anyone off... she made the little "rabbits" sign before crucify when everyone was cheering. The PGY bit sounded like "pretty shit" but then I was pretty sure she was saying "pretty she is." Purple People and CALS were my highlights I was a tad bummed to see that Here in my Head was on the setlist but didn't come out to play I didn't think the crowd was too bad at all except for the one chick who cheered after Tori said "thursday night" during MAAG... so it's a thursday night, big deal, shut up while Tori's singing.

so I thought Tori was wonderful last night - much better than Oakland #2 (where she played my three least live favorites, Dutchman, China and LE)

tonight should be good


Review by daystars

PGY- "pretty she is" explanation

ok, so i'm wondering if i'm about the only person who this makes sense to... but it certainly works better (in my mind) than pretty shit, or pretty shoes....

the part in PGY about "america..." that i am brain farting about right now.... augh! that's embarrassing! let me go look. for christ's sake.

"Maybe a bright sandy beach
Is gonna bring you back
Maybe not so now you're off
You're gonna see America
Well let me tell you something about America
how.....pretty she is"

there. relevant and everything. seems to go with the "things fall down" improv from one of the florida shows, too.

am i reading too much into this?


Review by Former Waitress

Tori's visit to California has much redeeming to do for me....I've been obsessed waiting for her to come here. Checking every setlist and monitoring her tour. Now that she's here....she's focusing on Little Earthquakes/Under the Pink. Last night, she only played nine songs that weren't on the setlist for the first Oakland show. It was my shitty luck that I could not go to the second Oakland show which appears to have kicked ass.

I know a lot of this is my problem/my issue....but I really hope she isn't spending these last few days simply alternating set lists....or just trying to get this whole fucking thing over with. It could also be just coincidence that I've only seen two bad shows so far.

I know I'm bitter....but I'm really going to rethink going to five shows next tour. LA was a disappointment...I agree with the former posts that the setlist catered to the industry. Very conventional. But she was way more energetic and animated than the first Oakland show. I was more into the performance last night---but you know you've hit rock bottom when you're just excited that she's playing a song she didn't play the previous night---regardless of what it is.

Many friendly people last night---I talked to a lot of nice strangers. But the audience during the performance sucked. I literally thought there was a lightning storm with all the damn flash photography. Sadly, three of the culprits were sitting right near me. One person was so inconsiderate he had a disposable cam and kept winding it throughout the entire show. Then, when it was clear that he ran out of film, he kept winding it and winding it for about two minutes because it did not occur to him that his roll was done!!!

Lots of fans in the audience---but the ones who were inconsiderate were obviously there just to be Tori was some kind of spectacle or something. Very inconsiderate and inappropriate yelling.
Obviously these people don't listen to her songs if they're cheering during "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Me and a Gun." What kind of crack are they smoking??!!!

Maybe San Diego will be more uplifting....I'm hanging on to my last hope---I don't think it is possible to see four bad setlist shows. The odds are definitely in my favor for San Diego. I know, I'm selfish and there will be hell to pay for my ranting....but that is coming from my own two experiences on this tour so far.


Review by Whippoorwill

I have to say something about Pretty Good Year. The part where she sings "what's it gonna take till my baby's alright, what's it gonna take till my baby's alright". I could tell that when she started it she was trying to reach those really high belting notes, but she didn't quite make it and ended up being REALLY flat! and it sounded really bad! Poor Tori! But the rest of the song was really good!

Yuck, Leather.

The set list was supposed to end with Here in my Head, Lust and Leather, but she changed it around and kicked out HIMH and rearranged things so that Landslide was last.


Review by boy interrupted

she didnt flip anyone off, it looked like she was signaling for her monitor to be turned up.


Review by sullensiren

She played every single one of my requests...

I ask her at the meet&greets,I do not shout them out...

I asked her for 'Mother' the very first meet&greet and she turned around and gave me a look I'll never forget as she was walking away...AS in like don't worry I will play her for you...

she didn't let me down she played it and usually I never cry in front of people and I tried very hard not to,but the song means alot to me and is very specail to me for certain reasons and tori knows this and why...

and after the show,I thanked her personally and cried and her eyes well up and we hugged for awhile and she held my hand.....

GOD,I'll never forget this night....
she is something else!

Hi Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she played my Jackie's strength that I asked for the second night....

and she also played siren and Marrianne....

I think she'll play my Beulah land as I asked her too and maybe even graveyard!!!

By the way,I never yell out the songs,I ask her gently at the meet&greets when she's right in front of me....
very quietly....and as in like "if you want to"...not demanding,that's discusting....
if tori didn't feel like playing,she wouldn't...
but she's knows how 'mother' is for me....


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