Oakland, CA
November 12, 2001

Updated December 10, 2002

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Tori performed in Oakland, CA on November 12, 2001 at the Paramount Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour. This was the second of two nights of concerts in Oakland.

Set List

The set list below comes from Richard Handal, who called me after the show. Thanks also to Josh Lindsey for being the first to email me with the set list.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Flying Dutchman
Black-Dove (January)
Take To The Sky
Doughnut Song
Spring Haze
Little Earthquakes
The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young cover)
Me and a Gun
Hey Jupiter

1st Encore:
Beulah Land
Frog On My Toe
Jackie's Strength

2nd Encore:
Putting The Damage On


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From Richard Handal

Added November 13, 2001 - The show started at 9:13PM and ended at 11:02. The debut for this tour was the Neil Young cover "The Needle and the Damage Done". (Note From Mikewhy: I am not aware of Tori ever doing this cover, at least during the last 3 tours!)

From Josh Lindsey

Added November 13, 2001 - "Needle and the Damage Done" was on the Wurlitzer organ.

Sounded like a bit of Elvis Costello's song "She" before Honey. Somebody requested that song at the M&G.

From Lisa (MrsMalkav)

Added November 13, 2001 - Debut: Neil Young "The Needle and the Damage Done"

Tons of old stuffs - pretty much a full collection of all my favourite songs from past albums. Very pleased! She only did two tracks from SLG ("97..." and "Rattlesnakes") and no more covers beyond that.

Very different from last night.

I felt that the first 6 songs seemed to have a theme of sorts (regarding the plane crash today?). She said it was a "crap day" and wasn't at all as enthusiastic as yesterday. Still very powerful and moving.

From Janelle

Added November 13, 2001 - hello! I just wanted to let you know that though I have not e-mailed you before, I have used your site often, and I love how it keeps me so informed and up to date on Tori. With that in mind, tonight I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know a little something from tonights concert in Oakland. Though I didn't write down the set list (it was a little dark, and i'm sure someone will let you know soon enough), Tori clued us all in on a few things. Well she confirmed that it was a crappy day, and that Tash had spilled her strawberrys all over back stage, and that her mom had surgery, but was hanging in there. I wanted to write and tell you that so that maybe we can let the ears with feet know that we should keep Toris mother in our thoughts, prayers, well wishes, meditations...and what have you. But Tori set us all at ease when she let us know, that it was all ok, cause we were there together now. The concert confirmed this sentiment. It was powerful, and it took my breath away. She played some of my dear favorites such as (these are not complete, and not in any order, as my mind is still spinning from all of it). Putting the Damage on, Honey, Frog on my Toe( which she introduced by saying that it was a song about her favorite person , well besides Tash, and that he still comes and sits on her shoulder), Flying Dutchman, Black Dove/ January, Spring Haze, a version I believe of Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young), Rattlesnakes, Little Earthquakes, Beulah Land, Doughnut song, Little Amsterdam,Jackies Strength, and she finished fittingly with Mother. It was so moving, so beautiful and so powerfully strong tonight. Last night she was wonderful, but tonight she was phenomenally powerful, and her voice was full of passion. It was really amazing. Thank you for your dedication to this woman, with your beautiful site. Blessings- Janelle

From Marymglyn..Tammy

Added November 15, 2001 - As a reporter, I never know what to expect from the world on any given day. However, I was very surprised throughout Tori's show, before and after, at the Paramount in Oakland, CA. First of all, I went to the show for 2 reasons: the first reason was to get my story. I've done my homework, and instead of doing the menotenous review that's been done repeatedly by many other great journalists, I decided to take a very different approach to writing my piece. 'The Fans'. As I have studied, Spin did a piece about the fans,well lets just say it's possibly a piece of crap, considering that it probably hurt some people. But, hey, whatever sells The second reason I went was because I had a message for Tori. As a young girl, I could always hear the voice of GOD; not to say that I didn't rebel from it because, well I did. But that's behind me now, and I hear GOD clearly. And for some odd reason, GOD has given me a heart for famous people. Not by my choice, that's for sure. But he wanted me to tell tori that he loved her dearly. I was a little taken aback considering her history with the judgment she has endured from the church. But GOD was adiment about it. As I saw her on stage, I knew immediatly there was a problem in her heart. So when she told us that her mom had surgery, I knew then why I was sent that day. After the show, GOD opened a space,so many people, and there was my name in front. I stood feeling kind of foolish; personally, I never would stand there like that, no offense to those who enjoy it. It was very humbling. And there she stood. She looked as if she were 12 years old, My heart could see a little child wounded and afraid, practically silenced by the nature of her condition. I said, "Tori I have a message for you," and an immediate hush fell, it truly was as if the world stopped,you could have heard a pin drop, then I said, "I have a message from GOD." Shocked, everyone that could hear me, crooked their neck and wanted to know "the message." Tori stopped and waited, and then I told her that GOD loved her dearly and that he was there for her. At that moment she started to cry like a broken child. And GOD'S spirit was there. As I walked away that night,I prayed deeply for her, and for a few of the precoius souls, 'The Fans', I met that night. Truly GOD showed me his love for those babies. Thank you Richard Handle for that wonderfull interview,the tickett, and just the precious time you spent with me. And Thank you DOR for your interview, and that fire in your belly that you clearly contain. GOD BLESS YOU ALL...

From Nadyne (Posted to the ToriNews mailing list)

Added November 15, 2001 - I almost didn't go. I had the comp tickets, yes, but I was tired and feeling generally icky and not ready to handle the world. My deciding factor in going was that someone wanted to buy my extra pair of tickets, and we had to meet at the venue. So I picked up my roommate, and we drove up to Oakland.

I had a pair of comp tickets from the fine folks at RAINN, as a result of the ToriCon RAINN auction. I picked them up from the box office, saw that they were in row X, and figured that meant I was in the 24th row. It was an upgrade from my existing seats, so I was pleased.

The chick who said she wanted my tickets never showed. *grrrr* I waited outside the venue for a long long time, ran into Robert Kane (who taped both of the Oakland shows, woo!), chatted with him for a bit, missed Rufus' set. I finally sold my extra pair of tickets to a scalper for twenty bucks. I was kind of annoyed at it, but whatever. It paid for my gas back and forth to Oakland for the two shows, right? And it turned out to be inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

On the way in, I stopped by the box office to see if there were any untaken tickets. After all, if I was in the 24th row, why not see if I could do a bit better? The woman gave me a really weird look, which I interpreted as her being tired and probably pestered by Tori fans. Her look turned out to mean, "what, you want to be on the piano bench next to her?!".

Inside. I showed my ticket to the usher at the door, who told me to go down to the front and we'd be seated by the usher there. Confused: why would we go all the way up to the front, passing our 24th row seats? It bloody well did not occur to me that my tickets were better than I thought. I even stopped to ask another usher on the way to the front. But then, then, then. We got to the usher, showed her our tickets, and were escorted to our seats. Front row, three seats to the right of center. And, of course, Tori faces right most of the night. I nearly wet my pants. Rosser and I sat there in stunned silence for a minute, before we started bouncing at our absolutely incredible luck.

The show. What an incredible show. I haven't sat this close since the DDI tour, when I had second row seats at the last Atlanta show. I had forgotten how much more you get out of the performance when you can see her facial expressions. Two nights, two shows, and only two repeated songs. Incredible, brilliant.

"'97 Bonnie and Clyde" -- Up close, watching the play of lights off of the ripped curtain is an entirely different experience. I found myself watching the character picture on that screen almost the whole time, studying her clothing and eye makeup. Curtain dropped, Tori walked out. I thought to myself as she walked out that she looked really tired. I may have been right (more on that later), but the intensity of the night overwhelms that.

"Little Amsterdam" -- She played both keyboards, including pedalling both of them again. I noticed that she did the same on "Concertina" the previous night and was impressed. Besides being technically difficult to work both keyboards like that, Tori was definitely into this performance.

"Flying Dutchman" -- The intro, I recognized it, held my breath. During the ending, she sang that they can't see your heart. Again, Tori was definitely into this song. This was a sign of things to come, since Tori didn't let up the whole night.

"China" -- Before the song, she told us that it was just a crappy day. At first, I thought she was just talking about the weather, since it had been absolutely pissing rain all day. But she talked about Tash getting strawberries and cream all over backstage, and then said that her mom had surgery earlier in the day but was holding on. Then she launched into China.

"Black-Dove (January)" -- I was always ambivalent towards the album version of the song. It works much better live. Intense.

"Take to the Sky" -- She played the intro and thumped the rhythm with her right hand on the Bosey. The audience clapped along, although they lost the rhythm. As my roommate pointed out later, it's hard to clap along with someone who plays with the rhythm as much as Tori does. My list of favorite Little Earthquakes songs is a constantly- changing entity, and has at one point or another had every song except "Precious Things" at the top. For right now, though, this girl is at the top. So full of energy. Watching Tori tip one eyebrow as she sings the chorus just adds to the flavor of the song.

"Spring Haze" -- The only Venus girl of the night, and she led perfectly into ...

"Little Earthquakes" -- There are no words to describe this. These two songs fit well together.

"Rattlesnakes" -- The only other girl from the new album to make an appearance tonight. I wonder if she did this one because of the San Jose reference.

"The Needle and the Damage Done" -- As she sat down at the Whurley, she said she was doing this song for someone for whom she had a lot of respect. It's a cover of Neil Young. Very very well done.

"Me and a Gun" -- Another instance where being right up front is an entirely different experience than being further back. Watching her face throughout this song was just enthralling. I've always had mixed feelings about her doing this song so much, but not tonight. The audience was absolutely silent throughout.

"Hey Jupiter" -- Both keyboards, both pedals. Very effective to play one keyboard, play both, then play the other. It adds such a dimension to this song. She added an extra chorus of "ooohs" after the first verse. Heart-felt.

First encore: "Beulah Land" -- This is a bee-side that I never really got into. I spent this song watching her expression and just letting the music wash over me. I'll have to give this girl another go later on.

"Frog on My Toe" -- Before singing this, she said that it was for someone who hasn't been with us for awhile, but that he was always right here (as she pointed to her right shoulder). Listening to it, I wondered how heavily her mom's surgery was weighing on her. The next song answered that question.

"Jackie's Strength" -- The second Choirgirl of the night. This time around was intense, emotional. Again, Tori's facial expressions made this song. Although I realize Tori was thinking of her mother as she sang it, I couldn't help but think to my own life and hope for that same strength. This is one of the reasons I am so attracted to Tori's music: you do not have to be in the exact same situation as Tori to get meaning from it.

Second encore: "Putting the Damage On" -- I spent this song, and the rest of the encore, literally on the edge of my seat.

"Honey" -- Yesyesyes. An already fabulous night got just a little bit better, and Tori's little half-smile on certain lyrics ... oh yes.

"Mother" -- This was the only closing song that Tori could have done tonight. Emotional, intense, fitting.

Afterwards, standing there. Still caught up in the performance, caught up in the incredible luck of having such great seats, caught up in the experience. Over the course of the show, Tori took my heart, gave it a good wrenching, then carefully put it back in place and reminded me that any healing is something I have to do for myself.

This show, the thirteenth Tori show I've seen (which, I realize, is nothing compared to some of y'all), was the best one I've seen so far. Amazing. I'm still processing it.

From Kevin Hawkins (Posted to ToriNews mailing list in response to Nadyne's review above)

Added November 15, 2001 - You saved me a review. :) I've taken to bringing my journal along with me to shows and kind of documenting as I go, to keep the feel of the whole thing. It elicits strange looks from people, but it's important to me, so I don't really mind. :)

I actually remember wondering if you were at the show...I think I remember you posting about having tickets for sale. Given your seating, I can say that I probably saw you (I was in the 4th or 5th row of the normal seating on the right), though I don't always remember faces. Congrats on the tickets. :)

Your review pretty much summed up my feelings. She hit me with so many songs that I really wanted, most specifically Flying Dutchman; I had been thinking not 15 minutes before that it would be great if she came out.

Tori was doing some mind reading again. :) But Little Amsterdam, Mother, Take To The Sky, Putting the Damage On...she managed to hit so many of my favorites.

I could tell from her facial expressions during Jackie's Strength that she was in that song...she was there, and that's the only way I could describe it.

One thing I did notice was that I think her voice is getting tired...she skipped a lot of high range, where it's high range that she has to belt out.

It also seemed like she sang MAAG a couple of steps down from normal. I also noticed that there was another mic snafu at the beginning of MAAG, where the mic didn't come on at first. What a terrible thing for her! She prepares herself for that delivery, that challenge, and she gets a false start. Ugh.

Hey Jupiter is a different song with the Rhodes, and I love how she changes up the chords with it. I am in musical awe of how she blends the Rhodes and the Bosey in Rattlesnakes. Not only does she do it seamlessly, but IMO so appropriately in the handoff. What a tremendous gift.

It should be noted that she introduced Honey with a line from "She" by Elvis Costello (or whoever else's version you like...written by Charles Aznavour). I think it was "She/May be the face I can't forget/A trace of pleasure or regret," but I can't remember for sure.

Okay, so that was sort of my own review anyway. :) I figured I'd send some follow-up notes. What an awesome couple of nights! I can't wait 'til Friday!

From Lois Langevin

Added November 15, 2001 - Not The Red Baron was on the set list after Needle and The Damage done and before Jupiter, but she did not perform it. Tori seemed worried last night. Some ofthe songs were shorter and the show seemed to be mre water as apposed to Sunday which seemed to be fire. Both shows were beautiful in their own right. I felt Tori's presence was more stable on Sunday. I am sad I am not going to LA. Hope all is well with you and Amanda. Great site, thank you for years of hard work.

From Richard Handal (Posted to the Precious Things and ToriNews mailing lists)

Added November 15, 2001 - Hi, All:

So, having left the tour after the Cleveland show, I managed to find my way out to the west coast to pick up again in Oakland.

The two shows here were top notch, with the main feature of the second one being that it was the most personal show I'd seen since Charlotte. After performing a highly dynamic version of Flying Dutchman, Tori spoke and said her mom had had surgery that day, and that she was "hanging in there." She tried to make it sound as if it wasn't playing heavily on her mind, but it clearly was.

She squeezed more much out of China than I'd ever heard before, and Doughnut Song this second night in Oakland was *the* best version I've experienced: It was mega-expressive, with a long section of repeating "Come in, Houston," etc. I wish I had taken better notes so I could tell you more details about that.

This she followed with Spring Haze, and I felt silly but found myself writing "best ever" next to it in my notes. But it *was* the best I'd ever seen--clearly. And that's the main feature of this tour. She's letting the songs have new voices, and many of them now feature sections which are distinctive in a manner I never heard before.

Although she's always been fluid with tempo--even to the extreme--it tends to be more formalized now. These days the songs are performed with much deliberation, and she'll often allow the sections to be sharply separate, each with their own tempo and colorings in a manner that has, for me, allowed the sense of the lyrics to come across as never before. It's wonderful seeing these concerts, and this is one of the main reasons. Everything old is new again.

At this second Oakland concert she spoke of her grandfather Poppa Copeland, said he was always with her on her shoulder, performed Frog On My Toe, and later ended with a deeply heartfelt Mother. My thoughts are with her wishing her a speedy recovery.

Be seeing you,

Richard Handal, H.G.

From alexandra phillips

Added November 15, 2001 - Nobody mentioned that before Tori sang honey, I think it was, she sang about having to pee. Also, she shanged the words to honey. She sang "cowboys know, cowgirls ride on the indian side." It was a great concert but there was a group of poeple who were laughing, espeshaly during "me and a gun" in the back in the balcony.

From Daryle Carlson

Added November 15, 2001 - This was my first time for a Tori solo show (logistical problems prevented me from going to any of the pre-1996 shows), and my first time for a show at the prestigious and aesthetically pleasing Paramount Theatre. Officially ordained a California historical landmark, the facility lived up to its billing as being one of true lasting remnants of art deco design. The place was like Camelot - one had the feeling of being a royal guest upon entry, despite being searched left, right, up and down at the palace gates for cameras, illegal paraphernalia, recorders, bayonets, sabers, etc. The palace guards were not completely successful in searching everyone, as will be described below.

I was fortunate to have a third row ticket for this engagement. Of course the scalpers outside were offering tickets located in the projector room at the back end of balcony for hundreds of bucks, and I could've sold my ticket for a kingdom or two. But being that I ended up with this ticket after a "database failure" prevented me from purchasing a ticket online for Sunday night's show (thank you Sir Ticketmaster), I felt that giving up the ticket would classify as "selling out," much less be an emotionally damaging act. You should never turn your back on divine Cyber justice (I work with computers, trust me on this!).

I was so close to the stage that I could've just as well have been sitting at the roundtable. Soon Rufus Wainwright hit the stage. A true knight among men, Rufus sang like an angel, with marvelously eccentric French guitar lines complimenting him the whole way through. The sound of the hall was so crystal clear - it had without question the best acoustics of any facility that I have seen a concert in. In between songs, you could actually hear what Rufus was saying, as opposed to what you normally hear at most muddy concert facilities, which have acoustics that make the clearest voice sound like a ceaseless mumble. Rufus was truly a good opening act for Tori.

After the Rufus set I went to the restroom, and I soon realized that despite Rolls Royces, microchips and genetic engineering, the human mind, at least in most cases, has not figured out that when constructing a concert facility, that the proportion of female restrooms to male restrooms needs to be to a ratio of 2 to 1. The lines were backed up as long as a Tori Meet and Greet line. I remember thinking to myself while I was in the men's restroom: "I have never seen so many free and open toilets!" Needless to say, many female Ears With Feet were taking full advantage of the open units, and this reporter, out of sympathy if nothing else, did absolutely nothing to discourage it.

There were some delays, but finally the house lights went out. Then the neon stage curtain appeared, with rips up and down it like a pair of vintage Def Leppard blue jeans. A flag-like cloth hung in front of the curtain, with a picture of Tori's Sharon Tate look-alike character for Eminem's "'97 Bonnie & Clyde." The recorded song ominously played in it's entirety, until its thunderous ending dropped the curtain.

You have never seen stage hands move so fast to remove a fallen curtain, and I was amazed that nobody put on a Gong Show performance by tripping on the massive cloth in front of the whole audience. Soon Tori appeared, in an outfit that just seemed to match her makeup: part business, part sensual mystical goddess. Tori shows are so much about balance, and Tori always seems to insist upon it at the get go with her appearance. She sat down in front of her cherished hand made Bosendorfer grand piano (which is worth more than semiconductor plant), with a Fender Rhodes behind her and a psychedelic looking Wurlitzer off to the side, where she proceeded to begin the night's entertainment....

1. "Little Amsterdam" - from "Boys For Pele." This song followed the Eminem song perfectly.

2. "Flying Dutchman" - an outtake used as a b-side from the "Little Earthquakes" period. This was the first time I have heard this much acclaimed number, and it's unfortunate that it is so hard to get now - marvelous song. This tune, in addition to many of the other "Earthquakes" outtakes that are now hard to come by, is yet another reason why Tori fans need to have a b-side/outtake compilation some time soon before the release becomes like the recently completed gazillion disc Grateful Dead box set.

3. "China" - from "Earthquakes." Moving as always.

4. "Black Dove (January)" - from "Choirgirl." For the first time Tori began utilizing both arms - one for the Rhodes, one for the "Boosey." Like most Ears With Feet, I get emotionally wrapped up in these songs, but we must never forget that when we go to a Tori Amos concert, that we are witnessing one of the greatest musicians in the world, in any genre of music. There is nothing that the Peabody Conservatory can teach you (although Peabody I'm sure would like take credit for teaching this to Tori) that will enable you to finger Bb6/9 chords while playing a Rhodes with your right hand while playing unconventional scales on a ultra sensitize grand piano with your left hand, and all the while singing damn near as well as Phoebe Snow while never once looking at what either hand is playing. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that every note was picture perfect, and that everything was in key? These are the kinds of things that make guitarists like me put down the instrument for months.

5. "Take To The Sky" - an outtake and b-side from the "Earthquakes" era. One of Tori's favorites and one of my own. Great song in concert.

6. "Doughnut Song" - from "Pele." Nothing is better than having Tori play two of your all time favorites back to back.

Before starting the next tune (I believe this was the point), Tori mentioned that it was a "crap day" because her Mom underwent surgery, and that her daughter once again made a mess with the strawberries backstage. She didn't say anything about the people on the plane who perished in Queens that day, but I'm sure this also contributed to her "crap day." But she said that seeing familiar faces and being able to play for us made things all better. She then launched into:

7. "Spring Haze" - from "To Venus and Back."

8. "Little Earthquakes" - from the album of the same name. Cathartic to say the least. I loved how during the solo section she played the exact same notes on the high end as the guitar solo lines on the record itself, while playing the normal piano chords on the low end.

9. "Rattlesnakes" - from "Strange Little Girls." Probably the second greatest highlight of the evening. She combined the Rhodes and the "Boosey" on this one again. Like Tori, this tune has turned into my favorite number on the new CD.

10. "The Needle and the Damage Done" - Neil Young cover. She marched over to the Wurlitzer for this number. Tori said that the "Wurley" was played at Woodstock by the folks in Country Joe and the Fish, and that "Wurley" and her were proud to be playing a song from a guy that they so very much respected.

11. "Me And A Gun" - from "Earthquakes." I have obviously seen the performance of this many times on video and TV, but seeing it live is beyond the beyond. Yes, there were no flash photos or cell phones. The room was so silent when she sang this acapella gem that if you placed a tarp over the audience, you wouldn't know that anyone was there. Nobody even attempted to reach for a tissue, even though hundreds and hundreds of folks needed to. Unbelievable. I can't think of anything I have heard on a concert stage by any artist that was at this emotional level. This is the "Strange Fruit" of our generation folks, and I am positive that Billie Holiday, if she were alive, would have felt the same.

12. "Hey Jupiter" - from "Pele."


13. "Beulah Land" - an outtake used as a b-side from the "Choirgirl" era.

14. "Frog On My Toe" - an outtake used as a b-side from the "Pele" era. Tori mentioned that this one was about her favorite person, besides her daughter.

15. "Jackie's Strength" - from "Choirgirl."


16. "Putting The Damage On" - from "Pele." This one has always made me sad, though not as much live because the record has that "grieving-like" horn part at the beginning.

17. "Honey" - an outtake used as b-side from the "Under the Pink" era. Tori's favorite song that was written for "Pink," and one of my all time favorites. This is another thing that all Ears With Feet need to continue to appreciate: when musicians usually have outtakes from their albums, it's usually for a reason - the songs suck. The extra songs may end up as b-sides, but they are poor value for the money. Needless to say, Tori b-sides might as well be tacked on to the end of the individual albums. I can't imagine the torture that Tori must go through when picking out tracks for an album when she continually has this much good material to work with.

18. "Mother" - from "Earthquakes." No doubt played in tribute to her Mom, who was recovering from surgery that day.

A few more general comments. I really wish that people would not bring cameras to concerts of this nature. I am sure that Tori could care less about the business side of people taking photos of her while performing. Why can't people understand that it is distracting to the audience, and while it is not as bad as firecrackers, laser pointers and used bottles of Lord Calvert, it is unbelievably distracting to a musician. The fact that Tori can pull off the music every time despite the irritating flashes is beyond me. But some people need to think of what Tori thinks from the stage in terms of wanting to put on the best performance for everyone, as opposed to thinking just about themselves and their personal photo collection. I don't mean to rant here, but something needs to be said about this.

I wish to also mention something about the sound. Not only does Tori's husband do a fantastic job at the board, but none of Tori's concert videos have ever done justice to her "Boosey." The bass pedal on her piano by itself sounds so vast - almost as if a bassist were playing beside her. And her playing style does change when she is a solo performer. She picks up the slack by changing the notes and chords slightly in order to create an enormous sound that makes the listener feel as if more than one person is playing the keys. Nothing sounds thin.

Lastly, I wish she would've played more songs from the new CD. It seems as though she is not exposing her new work as much this tour, which I can't believe is helping record sales. I do not know the reasoning behind this, but I find it very strange. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the songs on the new CD are covers. But then, it is her new CD, and this tour is supposed to be, in theory, to promote it. But I am sure she has her valid reasons.

I stayed behind for the Meet and Greet afterward, even though I didn't get out of the facility in time to have a chance to get in line. It's unfortunate that people often have to leave during the second encore in order to have a shot at meeting Tori and getting something signed - but that's popularity for you. I just positioned myself across the street and talked with fellow Ears With Feet. Tori had a ski hat on, because it was pretty cold. She was very brief as I am sure they needed to get down to L.A. fast due to all of the promo stuff that needed to be done in between concert dates (Leno, etc.). Tori made sure to wave to all of us before getting on the bus, which left me with one thought: "How can a person that little be so larger than life on stage?" I'm still trying to figure that out, which probably explains why I am writing this concert review (which has gone on too long!) instead of playing the stages of the world!!

From Michele

Added November 15, 2001 - OK...this show killed me. I really don't know if it was my seat up front or if I just liked the songs better or what. The previous night I had row M and felt disconnected. For the second night I was two rows behind the pit, and of course much of the time it's like Dammit she's staring at me, even though she probably can't see 4 rows back. But when not looking at the audience, she is facing the piano, eyes closed, focused...I don't know how she plays without looking, much less when she does it with two keyboards.

Anyway, I forgot my binoculars the night before and didn't feel like buying another pair at the show, so it was good to be able to see all her facial expressions for the second night.

I can't do a lights breakdown for this show, I just can't remember it...I had to try to find a balance between concentrating on her singing, her lyrics, her playing, her much and so easy to get lost in any one part and not recognize the others.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde

Definitely different up don't have the front lights searching on you from there

Little Amsterdam

During the first it wasn't my bullet she pointed her index finger downwards over her ;)

Every time she switched keyboards during "Which side you're on" I cracked up. It was just so cool.

What she said about What a crap day, huh? has been covered already...

Flying Dutchman

I can't believe I lucked out hearing this one. Purple lights too, yummy. I swore I would remember the head up high part and I can't. Wah.


OK...I know the whole flying/air theme had started already, but when she very deliberately sang the first all the way to New York I finally started crying. She then proceded to continue killing me til Rattlesnakes when I managed to calm down.

Black-Dove (January)

I think I like this with the band more...just cause I love the big lights and stuff that come she started belting it during the second other part of the galaxy. This is one of my favorites from choirgirl and I was delighted it showed up.

Take To The Sky

More up in the air theme...

Doughnut Song

Come in Houston...aaaaaaaahhhhh

Spring Haze

My favorite from venus. I started sobbing, and now I'm tearing up just thinking about it. And again yes she's looking in my direction, impossibly straight at me and constantly telling myself dammit no she isn't, while she sings and I found out where my edge is...and it bleeds into where you resist...and then again for why. does. it. always end up like this. The second time she did the line, she smiled and laughed.

The waiting on Sunday to get creamed/drown just added to the eerieness because of the Monday plane crash.

Little Earthquakes

BLAAAAHHH after this one I was able to calm down ;) I hate people singing around me, and for Spring Haze and Little Earthquakes it was really hard not to belt it along with Tori. Focused on crying silently instead ;P


Whew...finally OK. Yes, it was depressing, but after that comes healing, for me at least, and it is good. I was distracted during Concertina the night before, so I was glad to enjoy watching her play the Bosey and the Rhodes at the same time for this one.

The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young cover)

I didn't know this one at all. I was amused to get home and see zillions of pages of speculation about it.

Me and a Gun

I don't hear a deep pain coming from this song unlike other me it's like, this has happened, calm but sad, and now what. That sort of quiet courage you get when the fear dissipates. Maybe I'm just crazy.

Hey Jupiter

When she came back for the first encore, someone made the horns gesture at her and she did it back.

She did those few lines of She a capella, then started on Honey. After the first few notes she looked straight out at the audience while throwing I guess the lyric sheet over her shoulder onto the floor. It was just so funny...though I felt kinda sad for whoever requested it...maybe next time!

I don't have much to say about the encores...I liked them and was happy about the bee sides. The mom-related songs at the end were touching. Mainly I just kept thinking throughout the show, our friend we brought who was a new fan was missing out from fully appreciating the show because we hadn't given her Pele, choirgirl or bee sides to listen to from lack of time. Oops. But she very much enjoyed the LE songs Tori played.

Afterward I just wanted to thank her, but I hadn't brought a pen and instead just watched people give stuff to Joel. I also realized though I was lucky to hear sooooo many different songs from going to both nights, there were still a bunch that I wanted to hear that I didn't get to. I understand why people travel all over the place, and thank goodness for live recordings!

They have a little lit up alien on top of the soundboard (or is it the lights...I don't have a clue). I'm done ;)

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by sufisdance

well I am back from the show in my very expensive hotel room...

first off... Dor and Joel rock Dor had my shirt that I lost last night today at the meet and greet so I got that back! yay we love Dor
said hi to Tori and she signed my cd.

got to the show and picked up my ticket at will call (this ticket on the floor) sold my first ticket for $10 to a scalper (that one was up in the balcony) and then decided to hit Joel up for an upgrade... I've never asked Joel for tickets before but he was very sweet and gave me one ticket in the second row so I ended up next to Matt (Father Lucifer) and his buddy from TX (SpaceDog11 I think) smack dab in front of Tori! pretty cool.

I really thought Tori seemed kind of sad tonight after Dutchman she said hi to us and that it was nice to see some familiar faces. She said it was a "crap day." then "but at least we're together." She also said her mom got operated on today but that she was hanging in there. And that Tash threw strawberries all over backstage "so life continues I guess."

Anyway, she smiled during Take to the Sky but I really thought she was kind of off... before Frog on My Toe she said it was for her favorite person in the whole world (except Tash). (I can't help thinking - poor Mark!)

Not the Red Baron was on the setlist (instead of Jupiter) - "She" wasn't on the setlist but someone said Tori soundchecked that and Sister Named Desire.

It was a good show (Tori is always wonderful) and 2nd row is great too but last night she was just on fire... every song last night I was ecstatic.

still Tori. still wonderful. just sad.


Review by molly (whenwedied)

i just got back from the show myself and i must say that tori seemed extremely upset throughout the set. after dutchman she lamented about what a "crap day" it had been. how her mother was being operated on..and how it was just really nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd... "well at least we're all together" she said as she teared up.

the songs seemed to generally fit the themes of loss or sadness... flying dutchman and spring haze were especially poignant. i dont know if there was a dry eye in the house after the 2nd encore of Putting the Damage On, Honey, and Mother....

she soundchecked Black Dove, Sister Named Desire, She, and Beulah Land among others.

It POURED rain in oakland all day; this show was appropriate.

i will post a full review in the morning.

I FINALLY GOT TO HEAR HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Review by Northernlad822

yeah the show was awesome. She also soundchecked Needle/Damage done. It was fun listening to it in a seedy alley. hehehe

The worst part was that my friend left me for the front row AGAIN!!!!!!! But i'm not bitter oh no..... grrrrr..... life is just like that I guess.

But my GoDS it was beautiful. My seats were wonderful, and I cried softly throughout.

Mat, you're beautiful... even more so now that I have heard you play!!!!! *sigh*

Anywho... off to cry that I didn't get to sit in the pit tonight. WHY????


Review by shellofme

That was amazing. I don't think I could have hoped for a better set list. So many of my dove, spring haze, rattlesnakes and mother...all in one show! I almost wet myself!!! This was my last show (i only got to see the two in oakland) and I was extremely pleased. I'm now gonna be searching for la tickets....
Oh yeah.....the cover of the needle and the damage was breath taking. Only bad thing about the entire night was the fact that there were a few people behind/near me singing so loud I could hardly focus on Tori. So....if you were sitting in the near vacinity of Orch terr LL.....for the next show you go to...PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!! Other than that it was all warm fuzzys for me and I hope everyone else that was there enjoyed it as much as i did!


Review by Lunachick

Alrighty, just wanna say I loved last night's show but this one was BY FAR the best show out of the two. This was basically my dream setlist, and I was just floored with every song. I think that this is also the best setlist on the whole tour so far, and I think if she played "Siren' instead of "Little Amsterdam," I would have gone to cardiac arrest, easily. But I was pretty damn close! Oh god, this was so awesome....okay, here we go, song by song...

'97 Bonnie and Clyde: Pretty standard. Pretty cool. Pretty lights.

Little Amsterdam: Interesting semi-opener if you ask me. I like the song, but not one of my faves. Still pretty cool to hear this, however. She gets pretty groovy with this one.

Flying Dutchman: OH...MY...GOD! The highlight of the night, hands fucking down. I was absolutely shocked to hear this, and my friend who isn't that familiar with Tori was crying! She absolutely loves this song, and oh I do too. Such a rare treat, so special. She went off near the end, and I was just lovin' it. Absolute perfection. I'm still in awe.

China: This song is so great. I've always loved it, and I'm glad she played it over "Leather." Very nice followup to FD. Very beautiful.

Black-Dove (January): Like FD, this is one of my all-time fave Tori songs, and I was so stoked to hear this. On piano and Rhoades, this baby rocked my socks off, period.

Take to the Sky: YES! This one just makes me randy! Another rare treat (tho not necessarily on this tour) that I was lucky enough to witness. The clapping was cute, Tori was cute, and this song was simply wonderful! She was very sexual in her suttle it love it love IT!

Doughnut Song: Okay, just when I think it couldn't get any better, she delivers this. Another all-time fave. ABSOLUTELY incredible! The improvs in the middle of the song was Words can't describe this

Spring Haze: One of my all-time faves on TVAB...I am really diggin' the solo version of this. The lyrics are SO amazing and the music and the cool green lights and...ah, just intoxicating. Really happy to hear this one.

Little Earthquakes: This is when I lost it. This song has been my healing song for this past year, and I could not believe she played this, especially when she did it at Seattle's show a coupla days ago. So intense...that made my year. Yet again, another all-time fave.

Rattlesnakes: She didn't play this one last night, so I figured this one would come out tonight, and I was so glad because guess what? This song is my fave off of SLG. My faves are comin' out, and I barely could handle all this emotion!!

The Needle and the Damage Done: Like the Carly Simon cover last night, I had no clue what this was, being that I'm not a big Neil Young fan. But my friend who was with me, that's her fave Neil Young song, so I'm glad she got to hear Tori cover that one.

Me and A Gun: Not as intense as last night's version, but shit, that song gets me every time. So if you feel that horrible experience with, what a song!

Hey Jupiter: On the Rhoades. Not my absolute fave from Pele, but it's up there, and it was performed absolutely aweseomely. So good to hear this live in the flesh for the first time.

First Encore:

Beulah Land: Wow, "Never Seen Blue" last night, then this! She played the whole "Jackie's Strength" single! How cool! This song was pretty short it seemed, but man, yet another rare treat. Fabulous.

Frog on my Toe: Like "Little Amsterdam," this song was alright. Again, didn't expect this one to show up, but it was cute.

Jackie's Strength: Nice that another Choirgirl song came out, and this just has so much emotion, more than some of the others she plays. Very enjoyable. Love this song.

Second Encore:

Putting the Damage On: "Doughnut Song" AND this one in one setlist? Another all-time fave from Pele, and it was simply FLAWLESS. If you haven't heard this song on the tour, get an MP3 now. You won't be disappointed.

She / Honey: Another one from UTP, a b-side nonetheless! Didn't recognize the "She" part of the song, just thought it was a cool intro. Anyhow, I consumed "Honey" as much as possible, because I have a feeling that I won't be hearing this live very much, probably ever again. SO good.

Mother: Prettyh8machine requested this one at the M&G on Sunday, and I didn't see her there, so I hope that she made it to tonight's show, because wow, this song rocked. This song reminds me of my relationship with my Mom, so I got verclempt again. Wonderful ending to a wonderful show.

One of the best shows I've seen in a LONG time.

I wanna say HI to Lula Talula behind me and her pals! Thanks for saying hi and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.


Review by pinkpotato

this was such an amazing show! i took my husband as a birthday present, and he wasn't that familiar with her... but he loved it! wasn't rufus a little strung out?

oh yeah, there were NO Pink songs, except Honey, if you count that.

anyhow, i was amazed at how i kept thinking of songs i wanted to her to play, and she played them. most notably, Flying Dutchman! my fav. Tori song by far!
here's my experience:

'97 Bonnie and Clyde: it worked, and i suppose it fit the "down" feel of the concert.

Little Amsterdam: strange opener, and the first of MANY Pele songs.

Flying Dutchman: out of all the versions i've heard, this was by far the most passionate. it was definately the optimistic feel of this concert that kept me smiling, even though it had been indeed a "crap day."

China: Wow! She must have remembered the China single! I was half-expecting Humpty Dumpty or Sugar too!

Black-Dove (January): the Rhodes (sp?) was hard to hear at first, it was so high, but then i recognized it. perfect!

Take to the Sky: I'm glad the audience didn't keep clapping all the way through She didn't seem to be "in the mood" for this song, thus the next song seemed more appropriate...

Doughnut Song: woah! incredible delivery and i felt like i was at a Pele era concert! this was the first of several "relationship" songs in the Pele vein.

Spring Haze: the lighting was really cool for this. probably the only song of the night where i felt a band behind her would have helped... though still fucking amazing.

Little Earthquakes: this seemed to sum up the night really. i kept thinking how cool it was that she emphasized LE and BFP during this show...

Rattlesnakes: not my fav. off of SLG, but i liked this version.

The Needle and the Damage Done: my favorite Neil Young song, this came out of left field. i'm wondering what her inspiration to do it was. absolutely gorgeous and the ONLY song on the organ all night.

Me and A Gun: amazing, as usual! side note: i am curious if she ever did some sort of demo with piano or something... i have been thinking about this song a lot, and how it might sound with an accompaniment...

Hey Jupiter: A little shorter, like on the Bliss single, and very similar in tone. Another fav.

First Encore:

Beulah Land: I'm not much of a fan of this one, but this version was cool, if only to hear it minus the choir.

Frog on my Toe: Love it. Who is this song about? Not her dad, obviously. Is this another faerie, like Marianne?

Jackie's Strength: Good song, though for some reason I wasn't in the mood. Maybe I was just tired...

Second Encore:

Putting the Damage On: WOW! I liked the second encore better. I was wondering about the connection between this one and the Neil Young cover... It made me think of this song a little differently. Interesting, no?

She / Honey: I didn't recognize She, but it was cute to see her throw the lyrics to the ground when she got fed up with it.

Mother: I thought she might have done this one because of her mom's surgery. It was a song I hadn't listened to in a while. Never really liked it much, but now it's in my head on an endless loop! Great way to end a fabulous show!


Review by Dor

Regarding "She", the Elvis Costello cover...

word on the street (actually, she told someone after the show) is that she wanted to do it and she tried but it was too hard.


Review by John (CoolingboiMD)

Regarding the show, It was one of my three favorites of the tour so far. the set list was just incredible.

She played a number of songs that i had been hoping to hear that she had not played since the east coast or early in the Midwest shows.

Flying Dutchman
Beulah Land
Frog on my Toe

The show was incredible.

Vancouver was a quiet show, while this show was quite the opposite. Passionate with fire that she hasn't showed in a little while now.

Where is Liquid Diamonds?


Review by Back2Venus

omigoddess... she played honey... and putting the damage on... now if she just plays river in LA i can die happy... both oakland shows were absolutely AMAZING. *happy sigh*


Review by vampandora

I don't have time to post a whole review and everything has pretty much been said but i was wondering if she did "Needle and the Damage Done" because Ken Kesey just died on Saturday....just a thought.

We got to the M&G at around 10-10:30am. It was pouring and cold and miserable but we stuck it out w/ a handful of other wonderful folks and it paid off.

Those of us who braved the hurricane-like weather ended up in the front, we stuck together.

Most people started showing up around 2pm when it stopped raining.


Review by bobdude

Likewise, not much to add; real good reports everyone.

Extremely stoked about hearing "Putting the Damage On," this made my day, thank you very much, Tori. Other highlights for me were "Little Earthquakes," really powerful song and performed with a lot of intensity. "Doughnut Song" was wonderful. "Black Dove: was excellent, as were "China" and "Flying Dutchman," which I'd never heard performed before (I know, I've led a sheltered life ).

By way of trivia, I thought she inverted some of the words to "Needle and the Damage Done," one of my all-time favorite Neil Young songs, but she did a real nice job regardless; very beautiful song. (Additional trivia, Neil lives in the Santa Cruz mountains, near Pescadero, I believe. Caught him at a couple of his surprise performances in Santa Cruz when I lived there.)

Second the hellos to Lula Talula, her sister, and her friend. I enjoyed meeting you. You're lovely and really nice young women. Hope you made it back to Fresno OK (should have at least walked you to your car). Further regrets, should have taken the opporutunity to say hi to you, Lunachick, just felt weird about it. However, I was very glad to see someone obviously enjoying the show as much as I did.


Review by Lula Talula

This was only my second Tori show ever and the first one of this tour. What an opener for me!!!!! She's Tori so she can play whatever she wants and I'd listen to her but I have to agree, the setlist was awesome. It did seem like she was sad. I'm sure she wished she could've been there for her mom in the hospital. When she commented that her mom had the operation you could hear the whole audience take their breath in. It was like they didn't know how to react. There were a few awes and oh no's that I heard. When she said that her mom was pulling through we all applauded for her. LE was breathtaking, and it seemed she poured everything into it. I can't help wondering if she played Jackie for her mom. It was so sweet of her to play mother for prettyh8machine(Jaimie).

We were sitting next to Bubdude and behind LunaChick(hello!) Prettyh8machine followed us home. We live in Fresno. It's normally a 3.5 hour drive. It rained cats n dogs on the way up and there was a detour and lots of fog on the way back. I didn't get back to my house until 6 am. I don't have to work until 11:30 but my friends and Jaimie had work or school at 8! Poor things! It was so worth it though. Completely awesome night. Tori is a wonderful, caring, sweet person and I just love her!


Review by obscure

Not much to say... well.. actually there is.

I just don't know HOW to say it.

Spring Haze, Honey, Take to the Sky, and MOTHER were the highlights of my night.

Cried cried cried.

I had Denters next to me both nights. I couldn't have wanted it any other way.

I can't tell you how much i love you all.... or how extremely WEIRD this has all been.

What the FUCK?

Can someone please explain. I am still so.. extremely... shaken.


Review by hilltoptree

Saw the show last night, but I'm not in the mood to write as much as I did for the nola show. Anyway, she didn't seem to be phoning in her performance as much as in New Orleans, though something seems significantly "off" with the songs and her rapport with the audience. She seemed alternately antsy and mellow, zooming.

I was listening to the group of people in front of me speak of the meet and greet (I don't know which one, but I don't think it was the oakland show) where someone was pushing their way around and then complaining that they only got one thing signed. The people were talking about how they "deserved" more time with tori b/c they were more "dedicated" fans. >From that, I can only guess that this idea that adult people are coming to tori for some type of peace or salvation must be wearing on her. I would guess she's thinking that she no longer has the desire or need to reach out to stranger's to share personal parts of herself. If I were a mom, I would have to dedicate all of my happiness and healing to my child, and there was - to me - a sense that the MnGs are becoming weary to tori... i mean, that's all the less time she has to spend washing strawberries out of her little girls hair, right?

Anyway, the show was good, though uneven. The show seemed to start later, which made people even more anxious when she did start, with a lot of the mummuring going on with B&C. Hearing Little Amsterdam didn't and still doesn't do anything for me. Dutchman and China - overwrought and slowed the show down to a crawl. For me, hearing Black Dove live made the evening, especially her emphasis (or lack) on by the woods, by the woods...

Never was a fan of take to the sky, it seems like an indulgent song, so while I was zoning out, everything came into sharp focus with Donut song. Again (like when she played Black Swan in NOLA), you could just see tori not being the strong person, but someone who allowed herself to crawl for a man-- and it seemed to me that this night, she had recently crawled to that worm-place. From there to Hey Jupiter seemed forced and like someone mentioned earlier, she knows how to hit the buttons of fans. I was nice to hear that Neil Young song - didn't really recognize it- but it was kind of flat.

The first encore was a good start for her sadness to continue welling up, I got the feeling that she ended the show prematurely (like the original main show set list was incomplete even though it had lots of songs), it didn't really gel till she started Jackie's Strenght. Tori seemed to be searching for words and breaths in this one, and it was a good compliment to Black Dove.

The second encore, she looked tired and sad, but being the little trooper, she carried on. Again, she went back to that sad place with Putting the Damage on and I never realized what a powerful song it is...especially the line "my best impression." She really has a souther accent. Ending with Mother seemed fitting to the theme. In Nola, she played mother after playboy mommy, where she seemed proud that she had lost a child, but now she was a mother herself.

In Oakland, Mother seemed more of curse, like a final condemnation. I don't know. It seemed that people had come out to see tori draw blood from herself, and she did not fail. At the end of the show she looked tired and worn, another gig down to this little dancing girl.


Review by twistedsoul

How cool to see the second show too. (I've never done multiple shows before) I had a great seat and she sounded great again. I sensed she was a little rushed but I mean just a little. Only two repeats from the night before( I have to catch the 2nd show more often).

Flying Dutchman wow what a rarity

Needle and the Damage Done( I knew she would do a Neil Young song tonight because it was his birthday)

Jackie's Strength was gorgous

Honey was special( did anyone catch her singing " I have to pee" as she jumped into Honey???)

Mother-- I love mother , what a great ending

My only complaint is that on both nights when the shows ended and the lights came on the audience stopped clapping. I think we could have clapped for five minutes and at least gotten her to take another bow.

A fucking amazing performance and we can't show a little more appreciation???? Anyway glad to be a witness


Review by Purplemunkii

Wow =) What a great freaking night... I think I'm still floating.

Went to get my tix at will call and it turns out RAINN had given us front row pit, dead center seats! (**BTW, in regards to those 2 gals taking pictures... they were right to the left of me, and they were really nice... I think they just got excited and hit the flash by accident) Anyhow, the show was just awesome, being that close with no one in front of you makes you feel like you're the only one in the room...

I definitely agree, she seemed sad... I even thought I saw some mascara running down her cheek before Me and A Gun.

So, then after the show, we had the aftershow backstage passes. And, OMG, they let us back in her dressing room, there were 2 of us, we spent about 5 minutes with her. We got about 5 pictures and she signed the setlist that Joel gave me. Oh, and she kept telling me she loved my shoes, daym!!

Oh, and to the boy behind me who asked me to tell her how incredible the show was... I let her know you said so and she gave a big smile.

Also, I know there was a bit of debate a while ago about what Tori can see from stage. Well, my friend and I talked to Joel for about 20 minutes backstage and he said that from the stage you can see the first two rows very clearly (pit). He actually said he saw my friend and I with our camera, debating whether we should take a picture (didn't, cuz I just thought it was rude). Anyhow, so I'm figuring Tori can definitely see at least the first few rows.

OK, sorry for taking up so much space guys, but I'm just so damn excited about the whole thing

Well, um, I'd like to say I had a totally intelligent conversation with Tori, but it was more chatting than anything. I wasn't really nervous until I was standing outside the dressing room listening to her talk to someone else and it hit me...

But it was still great, she was talking about the meet and greet's and how she would love to be able to just go out there with no barricades and talk to her fans, but that they needed the barricades because of things that have happened. And she kinda looked at Joel and laughed.

And we also talked about the show that night, and the one the night before... the usual compliments on the sound and all that stuff...

Um, we talked for a little bit about her mom and she was saying her dad is taking care of her...

We both said a few things to her that were personal... and then she just hugged us both and we took pictures and she signed our stuff.

It was probably between 5-10 minutes, but it went by pretty fast. It sucks, I sort of forgot a lot of what was said because I was so happy =)


Review by johanna bean

someone asked about the meet and greet...and yes, it did pour cats and dogs on everyone. it was, for the most part, a good experience, although some very territorial and non-friendly behaviour did show up - most everyone was incredible.

did anyone else in the pit notice (how could you not) the two latecomers who were shown to their front row pit seats during rattlesnakes???? i thought that was wierd.

and yes, i did notice one girl next to me taking lots of photos, but i didn't notice a flash until later. i was going to ask if she was going to post them anywhere. i couldn't tell if the flash was coming from the pit.

nothing could detract from the fact that this was an amazing show for me, on so many levels. tori played the song i had requested and i felt like i was in her living room when her eyes met mine. it was the perfect way to end the trip for me. thanks to everyone for being so awesome!


Review by Audieya

I was very fortunate to have seen the show, I saw many of you pass by...( I was row D seat 2) right in front of the pit entrance. I was too shy to say hello. I noticed a little flashing(cameras), but I really couldn't see past the tears. It seemed like Tori was looking our way 90% of the Mom told me to wear a brightly colored shirt so I would stand out, so I wore a pumpkin orange Tommy Hilfiger sweater, there was so much I wanted to say and do, Joel was about 5 feet away from us for the whole intermission and after the show, I saw some people bring cards and notes, but you know this was my 1st show, and I didn't know.

I saw one of you give Tori the big bouquet, that was beautiful, I saw you in the lobby with the flowers and they were really nice. I was really timid, I didn't want to do anything to upset anyone, or get kicked out. It's so cool that Tori recognizes some of you. I am not financially able to attend many shows, this one put me in the hole until after Christmas, but it was worth it.

I can't help being a little upset that the Sunday show was my dream set list and I didn't go to that one, I tried and tried on ticketbastard but don't get me wrong, I was blessed to be as close as I was, all I wanted was Marianne.

I was also a little shaken about the plane crash, I almost didn't go, I have friends that live in Queens, about 4 miles from where it happened.

I can't believe how outrageous the prices were on the merchandise, I haven't been to a concert since the early 90's so I guess that's how it goes.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience for me. I am definitely feeling teased though, like I want to dive head first into this whole Toriphile thing. I want to talk to her, and be her friend and be all of your friends, and travel to all the shows and sit in the front row and go to all of the m&g's, you know!!

Then I just have to step back (as I have with other obsessions in my life) and remember who I am and that I have a long, exciting life ahead of me enhanced by all of my favorite musicians. If you read all of this thanks for listening. Have a great day. I have to think about something else for a while.


Review by kozmic_tar

this show was so awesome, so inspiring, fucking gorgeous in every way you can imagine.
such perfection. this set list blew me away. to say the ultimate least.

thank you Tori, for playing your music, the sounds that bounced off the swirling paramount walls.

hope everyone had a wonderful night


From Melissa Christian:

Another amazing journey, last year was very bad for me, so I need at least a year for Tori shows to sink in this was my 3rd time seeing her and the first time I've seen her solo. I had been to one show on the plugged 98 tour and another show on the 5 1/2 weeks tour, and I've posted reviews for those shows here on the dent That show on Monday was a very emotional time for me and of course...I felt like that setlist was just for me, more than I ever have.

On the second show at the paramount theatre in Oakland, I had brought someone with me this time (the other shows I couldn't afford to buy 2 tickets, so I ended up going alone) Andy was a guy I was dating earlier in 2001 and things didn't work out but we remained "friends" and I told him he should come along with me for his late birthday present (his b-day was on halloween) He had never really gotten into Tori's music, but I knew he would start to like her if I took him to one of her shows.

I was living in San Francisco at the time (I'm from L.A.) so we took the B.A.R.T. to Oakland... and once again, not enough money to buy any merch...but I ended up buying the calendar/program at a retail store earlier this year = )

now onto the show...

let me say...I didn't cry during this show because I didn't want Andy to see me cry, so I held it in

'97 Bonnie & Clyde:
Very haunting song...even more so live *chills*

Little Amsterdam:
I was very happy about this one! Mostly because BFP is my fav tori album and any song from that album I get excited about

Flying Dutchman:
I had been wanting to hear this song live for soooo long! My dream came true, I had a huge smile on my face = D

China: came the part where I was holding back tears...I mean, "you're right next to me, but I need an airplane...." oh gawd, it was just how I was feeling at that moment, well, because I wasn't over him and blah blah, I don't want to get into that too much

Black-Dove (January):
this is one of my favorite songs from CGH so of course I was very doesn't stop there!

Take To The Sky:
This was the first time I had seen/heard her play this song live...oh, it was just incredible, and yeah, you guessed it it's one of my favorite B-sides from her, I loved the way she smacked the bose as the gave this girl a whole new meaning and this song has always remined me of myself, this version of it (acoustic/solo) heightend that feeling.

Doughnut Song:
My absolute favorite off of BFP, and on the top 5 of my favorite Tori songs of all time, oh this one just really hit me right here *points to my heart* I held back the tears soooo hard, and I must say this version she did..."you could tell me it's over..." even though it's the only time I've heard her do this song was the best version of the song I've ever heard! haha

Spring Haze:
Beautiful was very enchanting and I found myself rocking in my seat

Little Earthquakes:
A that's been on the setlist all 3 times I've seen her, I could never get tired of it

Her favorite from SLG, my favorite from happy again

The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young cover): wow, I have to admit, I was a little dazed when she did this song at the show, but now I've got myself an Mp3 of this song, that really just does me a number...I don't know which though (I meant that in a good way)

Me and a Gun:
First time I've heard this was very disturbing and made me very uncomfortable, but perhaps it's supposed to do that

Hey Jupiter:
And I hold back the water works again, this is an all time favorite...a first for me again *sighs*

1st Encore:
Beulah Land
Frog On My Toe
Jackie's Strength

I couldn't ask for better encores...these are all songs I was DYING to hear, Jackie's Strength is a real delight solo

2nd Encore:
Putting The Damage On

I feel like a broken record....Tori is magnificent...this was an ideal setlist for me, with many firsts and surprizes, Mother was pretty emotional, because her mom was having surgery at that time and....DING DING DING, it's my favorite song from LE - honey was done beautifully and the tears almost took over that time, PTDO I think was the most emotional song of the night, besides the Doughnut Song

I love Tori Amos, AND I LOVED THIS AUDIENCE that is very important...loud at all the right times, dead quiet at all the right times, *mwah* will the Oakland folks please come to Las Vegas and L.A. this year? hehe

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