Vancouver, B.C.
November 8, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Vancouver, B.C. on November 8, 2001 at The Orpheum during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

The set list below comes from John, who called me after the show!

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Take To The Sky
Hey Jupiter
Spring Haze
Real Men
Space Dog
Putting The Damage On
Playboy Mommy
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Northern Lad

2nd Encore:
Tear In Your Hand
Sister Janet
Over The Rainbow


Latest reviews are added to the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the Tori Concert Reviews Forum for reviews as well!

From John

Added November 9, 2001 - John called me after the show and left the set list on my answering machine. (Sorry I was too deep into sleep to answer the phone John, I still REALLY appreciate that you called me!) No new songs debuted for the tour tonight and Tori followed her official set list exactly. The set included at least 3 requests.

From Aradia May

Added November 9, 2001 - I just came back from the Vancouver/Orpheum Show. She was incredible. She came on about 9:30 and played for almost two hours. I apologise that I'm missing one of the last songs. To make a long story short I thought my purse had been stolen and spent the whole time panicking....

She then sent me the set list.

From Toriphile TempusRex (James)

Added November 10, 2001 - I just wanted to say my piece about the show on Nov 8 at Vancouver's The Orpheum.

Let me start by saying that the set was great and that seeing Tori live is so much better than listening to her studio stuff. Don't get me wrong, I like quite a lot of the studio stuff, however there is just somenthing about seeing a mature and serious artist in the flesh.

Rufus Wainwright rocked! He put out a great but regrettabially short set that was full of fire. Then came Tori. She opened with a great version of '97 Bonnie and Clyde. The only lingering disapointment I had from the concert was that Tori seemed tired. She talked to the crowd 2 times. Once after her first couple-three songs. Then once to introduce the Whirley and play Playboy Mommy on it. The set seemed long, I have never seen Tori live before but from all the talk I have heard on The Dent people have been complaining about short sets. That wasn't evident at this show.

She just seemed tired... It was probably amplified somewhat by the fact that its hard to play the high energy type songs without a band in support but... Oh well.

The last thing that I have to say is that I was very dissapointed in the crowd and the security. The crowd was causing lots of problems at the pre show meet and greet. The latecomers were pushing past others and it was a generally disorderly type thing. Not the sort of thing that I would have expected to have seen from either Canadians or Toriphiles. The security very poorly orginized the meet and greet. the crowd was jammed into a sort of rectangle and Tori was only given access to the stub end at the front. So in the end of things, about 10 people got to see and shake hands with Tori and the rest were behind the crush and couldn't see anything. It was very disappointing and definetly not worth the 3 hours I waited for the opportunity.

Anyway, thats it. I hope you consider this with the rest of the reviews, which all seem to be shining so far.

From Crystle

Added November 10, 2001 - The show in Vancouver, BC was excellent. The show started with "97 Bonnie and Clyde,"which was very creepy. After the torn up sheet dropped down Tori came out onto the stage. She stared playing, "Siren," on the big Piano. She was wearing White pants with slits up the side over fishnets with a greeny sheer shirt that had sequined like flowers on it.

After Siren, she started playing the Take to Sky, she hit the side of her piano for a beat. It was very beautiful. Next she played, "Hey, Jupiter," on the Piano and the keyboard. The lighting for this song was was purple foilage on in the corner of the white screen behind Tori. I think that it was after this song that she told us she was a Mommy now and then went on to say that boys were really good at changing diapers, so she was encouraging all her, "gal frinds," not to interfere. A highlight for me was, "Mother," which was enthralling. After, "Mother," Tori went over to this vintage keyboard painted in blues and reds with gold stars. She told us it (the keyboard) was probaly older than a lot of the people here, it had been to woodstock, also Tori said she didn't paint it, "though it is all the faishon right now," and that the paint had been there since 1963. Then Tori started playing, "Playboy Mommy," which surprised me. Tori went back over to the big piano to play "Rattlesnakes." After that there was blackout and when the lights came up Tori was sitting between the keyboard and the large piano with a microphone in her hand. It was dead silent in the Theatre as Tori sang, "Me and a Gun." When the 1st encore started a group of people moved down to the front, myself included. In the second encore people were kneeling in front of the stage. This is a wonderful example of how considerate this entire audience was. Everyone was so respectful. She did three songs in her second encore, which was very generous. All the other times I've seen Tori she was with her band so it's hard to compare, but still I think this was the most powerful, touching show I've seen Tori do. It was a magical show.

From Jackie

Added November 10, 2001 - The concert in Vancouver was my first live Tori experience, and the only word that I can use to describe it is spiritual. From the time she emerged and bowed to the floor for the audience, to the time that she left with both hands waving enthusiastically, the whole room seemed to be in a trance of her magic. I won't do a blow by blow account of each song (it was too dark to take notes!), but I can just say that she performed each song with her whole body and spirit. Her voice resonated off the walls so perfectly it made my hair stand up and my eyes well up with tears. Her poetry and her passion are truly inspirational, and I know that this will not be my last live Tori experience. I am so impressed that 2500 people can be so quiet and respectful during her performances! I think that Tori is a gift to music and genuine creativity, and I am so grateful to have her music in my life.

From The Vancouver Sun

Added November 20, 2001 - A review of the Vancouver show appeared in the November 9, 2001 edition of The Vancouver Sun. Special thanks to choirboys for sending it to me, along with the photo you see below, which was published with the review and shows Tori at her soundcheck that day.


By: Jennifer Van Evra

These days, with so much emphasis on big, glitzy concerts, eye-grabbing videos and the catchy grooves that "move units"(sell records, that is) it's easy for the song underneath it all to get lost-if it was even there to begin with. But Thursday night's Tori Amos and Rufus Wainright concert at the Orpheum proved that the songwriter's craft is still alive, well and very much appreciated.

Amos' set list started out with a bang, as glaring coloured lights shot out through a black shredded curtain that obscured the stage. The only signs of the singer/songwriter herself were from the large photograph from the sleeve of her latest album with Amos dressed up as a young mother holdign a birthday cake and her voice eerily delivering '97 Bonnie & Clyde, the Eminien song about a husband talking to his child as he disposes of his wifes murdered body. "You wanna help dada tie a rope around this rock? We'll tie it to her footsie then we'll roll her off the dock" she said in a dark, deliberate whisper. "There goes mamma, splashin in the water. No more fighting with dad, no more restraining order."

Given the highly dramatic opening, I expected Amos to play around more with the 13 female charecters she created for her new album, Starnge Little Girls, which comprises covers of anthemic songs written by men. Surprisingly, that first song was the only time any of them appeared. But Amos has more than enough character of her own, and during the nearly two hour set, she shared it openly with the adoring Orpheum audience.

Dressed in light, flowing pants and a breezy pink top, Amos' casual air gave her solo show a kind of fireside intimacy. Her choice of songs did too: rather than focusing on the music from her new album - out of the nearly twenty songs she played, only three came from Strange Little Girls - she opted for a range of favorites from past decades of releases, such as Siren, Space Dog, Spring Haze and Mother.

Some of them sweetly lyrical, some cerebral, some playful, some sexy and some purely angry, the songs covered a remarkable amount of emotional ground. Playing piano and keyboard, and often at the same time, Amos delivered them with larger-than-life presence, and vocal abilities to match. One of the most striking moments of the evening was when Amos performed and acapella rendition of Me and A Gun - her song about her own experience of rape - while staring out at the audience from the front edge of the stage. It left the entire crowd breathless.

For her second encore (the audience gave her three standing ovations), Amos performed a warm, childlike version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It made for a perfect end to a fine performance.

With hilarious between-song banter about going after a man who had stripped naked at a Marilyn Manson party in California, about a lover who attempted suicide the day after they slept together and about the possibilities of cavity searches at the border, Wainright couldn't possibly be more "out" about his sexuality during his opening set.

But absolutely everything about him is wonderfully out. A natural performer, Wainright oozed brash, cheeky confidence without once tipping into arrogance. Opening with Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk from his latest album Poses, Wainright performed a small set of smart, playful songs - including Poses and California - which highlighted his wit, flair, originality and his ever-expanding musical talent. The picture of Tori from the sound check has the caption " Tori Amos gave an impression of intimacy during her show at The Orpheum Thursday evening.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by not_her_yet

Just got in and I want to say, that was by FAR the *best* Tori M+G and show I have ever been awesome!

I waited for 10 hours in the cold with a t-shirt on because i am stupid, but it was so worth it, nothing can beat the feeling of Tori looking right at you, holding your hand and asking" How ARE you?", I got her to sign my lyrics book over the SATY lyrics and got soooo many pics that I will post tomorrow.......

fatherlucifer, you were awesome, probably dont know who i am because i did not give you my name, but you took my pic and i was there just after you with two of my friends......

anyway, it was an awesome show.......somewhere over the rainbow was amazing as was playboy mommy on the worlly...anyways, so tired, *hugs*


Review by frogboy

Steve mentioned that the group were running late because of hold ups at the Canadian border...Tori didn't show up for the meet and greet until 5:30. i was in front, and i was about to lose heart cause she kept looking all around me and not at me, BUT then she took my hand, smiled and said that i'd be the last one she talked too. then we talked for a bit, she signed my UTP cover, and i asked her to play Putting the Damage On for me.......she wrote "damage" on her hand and told me that she would see if she wanted to come out tonight.
she fact, merman, real men, sister janet, and butterfly were all requests that Tori answered tonight.

the show was behind schedule in starting......but she made it worth it.

i left feeling like i did when i left my first Tori concert ever back in 96.


Review by fatherlucifer


Wow! Wow! Wow!

Even better than toronto - thanks to all the tori peeps we met at the meet and greet - 10 HOURS what a long time, but so worth it... What fun...
the best part is that we ALL got our requests:

BUTTERFLY - for my sister
REAL MEN - for ursa
NORTHERN LAD - for jenn boyd

it was fuckin great...


Review by meg in my Garden

Hey I just got home from Vancouver - the borders were about 30 minutes to get through on the way back.

I keep telling everyone that Tori must have read my mind tonight! Or I just have as good of taste as those who requested the songs

My friend and I got there late; the seating was still going on during Rufus (who was charming as hell! He forgot the words to Poses and took a few minutes just playing the same thing over and over giggling until someone shouted out the next line! He also told a little story about getting stopped at the border and being nervous because he had smoked pot in Salt Lake City, but hoping he would get a body cavity search anyways LOL).

I'll give a song by song run:

Bonnie and Clyde '97 This was just intense and gave me goosebumps. I didn't think it would affect me as much as it did. I loved the last bit where the light through the slashed curtain gave an underwater feel, like you were with the body as it sank.

Siren My stomach dropped when I realized what song she was playing. It's so beautiful and flowing live, you could understand the words a helluva lot better too. One of my favs.

Take to the Sky Cute, a few clappers She did pelvic thrusts when she sang "take it, take it, take it".

Father Improv/Hey Jupiter The improv wasn't just about daddy changing diapers.. It went "I don't mind when it's time for daddy to take you" or something and mentioned how Tash's eyes lit up the world when she saw daddy. Joyful and touching. Hey Jupiter was kind of a strange followup, but I noticed so many people started crying and sniffling.

Spring Haze Another one of my favs. I'm so glad I decided to catch this show. It was after this that she said something like this: "It's been so long since I've seen you guys here in beautiful Vancouver. I got this letter from a girl who's been travelling across America following us and she told me she went through Wyoming. I used to sing this song for Matthew." then she went into..

Merman I never thought I'd hear this song live! Just gorgeous.

Real Men Another one I was shocked to hear!

Space Dog was preceded by a little improv which I didn't catch much of. The line "girls in the navy" as she saluted was what stuck out the most, and not being able to "hear the dogs barking". Space Dog was kind of long the lighting was very green camouflage-y.

Putting the Damage On also had a little instrumental intro which made me not recognize the song until "Glue stuck to my shoe". Bright purple and blue lights.. beautiful.

Mother Another welcome surprise! I was getting a little verchlempt by then

Rattlesnakes I can't get over how amazing you have to be to play with one hand on the keyboard and the other on the Bosey! I noticed her foot moving on the Bosey's pedal when she wasn't even playing it..

Playboy Mommy was done over at the Whurly with the usual talk about Woodstock and the paint job, although she did say that the paint was very in-style at the moment. The song was moving, except this was the point in the concert when the lights that were constantly in my eyes started giving me a headache.

Me and a Gun had a hard white light on her and was long and drawn out. She didn't pound out the "Flat on your stomach part" but as the song progressed she did stare boldly ahead which was a strong gesture imo.

Butterfly started out with a long "framed and dried" intro and ended with a loud "pretty garden" ending.

encore 1 - people started to go to the stage but security told them to go back
Northern Lad I totally lost it! I never expected this song in a million years, but it's close to my heart and I'll always cherish hearing that live. Thanks to whoever requested that!

Twinkle was another treat for me.

encore 2 - Tori came out and motioned for people to come to the stage then sat down for..
Tear in your Hand during which the trickle of people going up to the front was pretty annoying, but I love this song 2 Neil songs.. you would've thought he was there.

Sister Janet is a long lost friend whom I've remembered because of tonight. We expected that to be the last song. Someone yelled out "thank you!" really loud, but Tori went right into..

Somewhere Over the Rainbow which was a perfect closer. It's a relief to hear this song without the "Myra Ellen" yelled out (like on the Jupiter EP). Another one I never thought I'd hear live.

The show was overall so amazing! She appears happy and healthy. There was very little flash photography until the last few songs, and I didn't hear any cell phones go off. The lighting was sometimes distracting with swirly bits going off, but still stunning for the most part.

For those who are interested she wore some cream colored pants with the slits and a light pinkish top with poofy shoulders and ribbons hanging from them and a glittery pattern on the front. She also wore strappy heels as far as I could tell. I'm so excited for Seattle tommorrow; I'm going to try to make it to the M&G to request Purple People so I'd better go to bed very soon! gnight!


Review by ross (snorb v. 3)

the show was amazing..

fatherlucifer, when she started playing sister janet i was thinking in my mind 'that's your song!' im so glad you got it man..

twinkle has been my favorite song for awhile, so hearing that was just amazing, i didnt think she would play it either, but was glad she pulled it out for the encore..

somewhere over the rainbow was gorgeous..

space dog was really energetic and it made me think (I know, im an amateur..) how sweet it will be with matt on drums if she comes round again in the future..there were many other great points,

hey jupiter (i kept on wishing she'd go into the 'i go from day to day' part, but i know she hasnt done that yet, maybe one day) merman, sister janet, damage, rattlesnakes, mother, and everything else was awesome..

this was my first show, and though i had a horrible headache for most of the day (which didnt go away unfortunately) i took the pain and enjoyed it


Review by Emily (feral morphia)

I left for the meet and greet at about 3:00, expecting Tori to be gone by the time I got there. She didn't arrive until later; I didn't get to meet her (or see her), but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I got to see her play -- all that matters is the music. This is where the beauty is. There may be beauty in getting to say, "Thank you." to Tori, but it started when you heard that first song. The song that made you cry; the song that made you think; the song that made you say, "What is this?" With these thoughts in mind, I tried to put everything into perspective. I had never seen her live before, so just going to the show was an incredible experience. Just being in the same room, listening to her beautiful, beautiful playing was enough. If I want to meet her, I think I'll save up and bid on backstage passes. That's just my opinion; other people can do whatever they wish.

I thought Rufus was strangely endearing.

I had a fifth row seat, but somehow (thank you, thank you, thank you Jenn and Matt! EWF are such amazing people!) I ended up with a seat in the third row -- it was also closer to the center of the venue. I was very excited -- this would be my first show! Here are my thoughts on it.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde -- It gave me chills.

Siren -- Beautiful. Tori has such intensity, such presence.

Take to the Sky -- I loved this!

Father Improv/Hey Jupiter -- I cried so hard. So hard.

Spring Haze -- So powerful. All through the show I was in awe of her passion and the strength of her voice. I loved the improv she did before it -- when I first heard it, I thought it sounded off-key ... but the dissonance that I perceived was beautiful.

Merman -- Delicate; precious.

Real Men -- Mmm.

Space Dog --- Wow. Just wow.

Putting the Damage On --- Very moving; I was glad I got to hear this one.

Mother --- < sigh > I loved it when she whispered, "He's gonna change my name."

Rattlesnakes --- I, too, love it when Tori plays two keyboards at once.

Playboy Mommy --- Heartwrenching.

Me and a Gun --- It seemed like Tori was struggling through this ... she's so strong.

Butterfly --- I think this was one of my favourite songs of the night. It was so angry, so sharp, so wonderful.

Northern Lad -- This reminded me of someone whom I care about quite a bit ... it was incredible live.

Twinkle -- "I can see that star when she twinkles and she twinkles. And I sure can; that means I sure can. That means I sure can." I'm beginning to understand this.

Tear in your Hand -- "I think she's just pieces of me you've never seen / Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen." Yes.

Sister Janet -- This song is so dark and moody; I love it.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow --- A gentle, perfect closer.


Review by Adrian (mrzebra3157)

This is a very long review and is more a review of my day and the experiences around the concert, but I do touch on Tori further on down. These things I needed to get on paper so I can always look back to what this day meant to me. This review may be more for my own purposes, but I hope whoever reads it gets something out of it. I know I did writing it.

Michael and I left our office in Gastown around 12:00 and got to the M&G outside the Orpheum around 12:15. Ran into father lucifer there and talked with him for a bit. My partner cul was on his way in and was supposed to meet up with us, but he hadn't arrived yet and probably figured he was running late.

Shortly after arriving, we met these two wonderful women in lineup, Chelsea and Veronica. After hanging out with them for a few hours, we realized that even if Tori didn't show up the lineup itself was by far the best lineup we had ever waited in. These girls not only liked Tori, but Star Trek, Harry Potter, D&D .... Mike and I work for a computer company (actually he's my boss, which was cool, because it was easier to get the day off work) so running into two very cool girls was a total bonus. My friend Michael also bought us all the Tori Amos Lyric Book from Chapters. Michael, I love you. You are one of the kindest, most generous friends I have ever had. You and Cul are as much family t me as my brother and my parents. Thank you.

By 3:30, Cul still hadn't arrived so I kept phoning him. He finally answered and arrived around 4:00 I think. Several hours late, but I was just glad to have him there. He had my camera too, so I didn't start taking pictures until late in the afternoon. Then he told me what had happened to him and it was like...... he had been stopped in a road block and after they asked for his drivers license and registration they asked him to step out of the car, then they slapped handcuffs on him and drove him to the south surrey police station which was in the opposite direction of downtown, where the concert was. They held him for several hours, believing him to be wanted in Ontario for murder. As it turns out, the man in Ontario had the exact same name and birth date as my partner, but they had different birth places and histories. The police had to take him to our home, handcuffed, so he could prove he was a landed immigrant and actually wasn't the person they thought he was. Whew. He came to the M&G, distraught, but glad to be free. That was only one of the first 'strange experiences' of the day that we encountered

Tori showed up around 5:30- 6:00. I can't remember the exact time. Our backs and legs were killing us and at this point we really wanted to just eat. We already had a great experience and we knew that we really just wanted to hear her play. We had letters and cards we wanted to give her, and we had somone closer than us who was able to give them to her - thank you Veronica. Veronica also was really tall and was able to take better pictures than us. We boosted Chelsea up so she could get a view of Tori. The security guard politely signalled for us to put her down so we did. What was funny is that the bunch of us who were in front of the line politely moved to the rear of the crowd because we finally realized that we didn't need to meet Tori to the make the experience complete, although I probably would have died if I was able to meet her. But we all walked away very happy and met up for dinner at a restaurant nearby.

The food was slow at the restaurant and I took my brother to McDonalds for food. This is where another strange experience happened. At McDonald's that a scar on my wrist where, as a young stupidly depressed teenager I had once tried to kill myself. The scar stands as a reminder now that life is worth holding onto. But anyway, at McDonald's I was adjusting my watch and noticed that the scar an inch from the band was bleeding. I thought it was ketchup or something but it wouldn't come off and I realized that the would was bruised underneath and bleeding again. All I could think of was "Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again" from Little Earthquakes. I hadn't even thought of the scar for a long time now. I think it's mind over matter, but it was weird away. I took it as an an omen that this truly was going to be as close to a religous experience if I ever had one. I don't believe in god, but that god is the power within each of us to create our own worlds and reality...which is what Tori did on stage, but I'll get to that later.

At this time, we lost my partner and Michael, but found Chelsea and Veronica in lineup and went in with them. I bought a tour book at ridiculous price, but it was good to have the stories by Neil Gaimen in there. The one that seemed to sum up the whole night and experience for me was Real Men..

"Some of the girls were boys.
The view changes from where you are standing.
Words can wound, words can heal.
All of these things are true"

Those lines haunted me before the concert, but I only really got it an hour after the concert when it all started to sink in.

By the time we entered the theatre and got past the coat check, it was 8:15 and Rufus had already started. He has a great voice. His banter in between songs seemed to have nothing to do with the music he was playing, so I was confused as to what his point was. But he was funny, so at least I got some laughs before the concert.

She got onto the stage late, it must have been about 9:20 or so before it started.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde: this was when I knew this was going to be a good crowd. Unlike other boots of the tour I have heard, the crowd was dead silent throughout the entire thing. The lighting... oh the lighting. It was creepy and disturbing and the song had haunted me from the album but hearing it live, I felt as if I was in the trunk with her. And when the curtain dropped with a bang, I thought my heart had stopped.

I'm not going to review all the songs, they were all fab. But before the concert, I had two songs I would have liked to have heard live: Space Dog (for the complexity) and Yes, Anastasia (for the beauty). I had also mentioned that Real Men and Rattlesnakes (only when sung live though) were my favorites off the album. I had also been listening to Tear in Your Hand for the last two weeks almost non-stop. Now I know why. Putting the Damage On was fab, as was Mother and Northern Lad. It was all good. And I am so glad father lucifer always requests Sister Janet, it is such a fabulous song. It was a great next to end closer, but Over the Rainbow beautifully summed up the whole night.

Throughout the concert it became very aware that Tori has greatly honed her skills again since she was through in '98. Now this woman has always had been aware of how she projects herself, but that night, I have to say she transcended mortal humanity. She had this look and glow, all of us could see it, and it wasn't just the lighting. She was opening up time and space on stage and at one point during Tear in Your Hand, you could feel the energy just flowing through the audience, it hit me in waves.

I have to say that my impression of her has moved to a new level. She is now not only empowering people, but she is opening up the endless possibilities of existence itself. The message has changed and songs like Bonnie and Clyde again take me back to that line: The view changes from where you are standing. Our perception of the world is controlled by us. We have the power within to see things in a different light. We don't have to be complacent and accept all that is around us. It is up to us to question, to examine, to understand. The vision is about opening up our minds and seeing more than what is in front of us.

I walked away a different person from that concert. I am still analyzing the feelings that rose up inside and having seen her litterally leap from the piano stool into this places she sang, made me realize that the journey is possible and very real.

My partner is a fabulous musician, he is my personal favourite next to Tori. But he was blown away. He was talking very technical musical terms about what she was doing on stage and said that she was doing things with her music and voice in the upper harmonic range that he has never seen anyone even think of attempting before. I think that is where she casts these portals into dimensionality because that's when you can feel it hit you in the audience. You may not be conscious of what is happening but under your skin you know.

The lighting was by far the best lighting I have ever seen. Whoever did the lighting is genius. Colour and mood and tonality all trave together and they were dead on for most of the concert. From warm blues to harsh reds, the moods naturally flowed in the colours to the point where the colours were part of the music and shifted in and out. The single best lighting moment was at the end of a song (I wish I could remember which one) when the stage lights moved over the audience while the lights on Tori faded to black, making it look like the light itself had swept Tori off the stage and into eternity.

I cried three times during the concert, not because I was extremely sad or moved, but more tears of joy.

The last event of the evening was when we returned home. My partner had talked about realizing he hadn't recovered from his last partner's death and that his music died when he died. Rufus and Tori I think lit that fire in him again, which I was really happy to see. Spark reminds me of you when I hear it Cul. The line: "It's 6:58 are you sure where my spark is" always reminds me of the hollow you are still seeking to fill within you.

Upon coming home, we found the front door broken down. I had thought maybe the police did it when they brought Cul here to prove who he was, but Cul had never mentioned anything. Upon first glance, nothing was stolen. Computers, tv's, DVD's, my kitchen crystal, nothing was taken. It wasn't until Cul checked in his back computer room that he realized his guitars were stolen. Having talked about his music only hours earlier, the symbolism wasn't subtle: it was a slap in the face and a kick in the groin.

Between my wrist and those events, I believe that something is reminding us that the things in life we hold dear we often have to fight to regain or reclaim. And sometimes there are forces out there that will nudge us in the right direction and give us cause to remember what we once loved and that it is possible to find that moment in time agan. But that moment does not come easy. You have to fight for it. You can never stop trying.

All of these things are true.


Review by RoaringBravado

well, the reviews are in, and it's huge! i've seen Tori five times (Van 96, Van 98, Concord 99,
Bakersfield 99, and Seattle 99), but this was my best show! not only did i get to meet her
at the M&G (yes, waiting from 9am helps, and is worth it - the cold be damned!), and ask for
a song (Real Men - which she played OMG!!), plus i gave her a basket with goodies from
my little Blessed Organics company (lip balms and such), and had a Fab set list. sigh.

it was too funny - at the M&G once Steve had us barricaded, he asked what i had in the basket,
and i told him. he was curious, so i took out my White Chocolate Body Butter to let him smell
it, and he said it smelled like Peanut Butter (tee hee). then i let him smell the Chocolate
Mint Body Butter, and he thought it smelled good, but asked what it was for. i told him
it could be used for lovers. he said he was innocent and shocked. he said it with such
a deadpan face too. but when i gave it to Tori, she said "Thanks, we could really use this"

sigh again.
the M&G people were cool for the most part, except those who were trying to sneak up
ahead of us that had been there all day (first come first serve ya know).

even the Seattle show (CALS and Upside Down - the best!!) couldn't beat the Vancouver
show for me. all the coolest songs, and sooo many requests! we knew who they were for


Review by John (CoolingboiMD)

no new songs tonite, but the set list was soo strong. i can't believe that tori actually read my letter and talked about it onstage. this probaby sounds stupid to talk about, but it really touched me.


Review by little papoose

well. it's been exactly 3 days since the vancouver show. i believe i should share it with those who find it interesting.
so starting with the meet and greet.
we tried.
we failed.

we arrived at about 2:00 and stayed until 5:30 when we realized that we had no chance of even seeing ms. amos and we also needed some preconcert supper. fortunately we were the lucky few who were able to stand in front of the tour bus which just happened to be letting off toxic fumes the whole time (we figured that getting high would be almost as good as seeing tori).

the concert itself was an intense, emotional experience.

it was indeed very very draining. it was the first concert i've been to where it didn't feel like a performance, more like "tori gave this to me. so i have to put out for her." needless to say we were all exhausted by the end (tearducts and all) but beyond satisfied.

take to the sky was bloody great. she ended up pelvic thrusting and looking like a very "dirty" little lady. i absolutely adored it and it set a great mood.

you've all seen or heard the setlist. but can i just say playboy mommy? my oh my oh my.
other than that it was just really great. a tiny little tori putting out more energy, emotion and intensity than i've ever seen from anyone. it is astounding.

i told a friend if ever i could give someone a gift it would be what that concert was for me.


Review by Hunter (spacecakeinc)

ok, yeah, its monday night, i just flew in from vancouver, so i know i'm a little late and i wont bore anyone with i'm uber tired, man flying all day to texas from seattle kills ya.

Anyway, the meet and greet woulda sucked, had there not been a few really rad people matt and andrew are cute as hell and two of the nicest people i've ever met at a m&g (especially andrew..whew that boy is hot)...i waited for hours and got pushed to nearly the back when the barricades came out, needless to say, i'm not an aggressive person and i just let the wolves get right past me.
S'alright tho.....i gave up like minutes before she even came out, cuz where i ended up, i wouldnt have even been able to see her.
funny thing tho....something i never noticed...the baby crib in the back of one of the trucks had a slayer sticker on probably metioned this already...

So goes it.
I went to the bar instead.
(there's a tear in my beer)

So the show..well....lets just say it wasnt one of the best performances reminded me of an exposition hockey game, where they're all rusty and your team is down the first one and half periods, then by the end of the game they finally tie it up (tho slow and painfully), and go into overtime sudden death shit, and hit a really good final shot tho..(i.e over the rainbow)
My boyfriend fell asleep.
Her piano playing seemed a bit forced and she seemed extremely tired (coulda been the drive from salt lake...LONG ASS DRIVE..if indeed she did drive...*shrug*)

But um..yeah, she played mother....a song i've been dying to hear live for years i think that song just made it all better and totally worth it...the she hit us with over the rainbow, fucking beautiful....and for some reason, no matter how many shows i see this tour and how many boots i hear, MAAG still fucking amazes me everytime.

So...i'm so fucking tired....had a great time tho...


Review by Ranazen

I totally wasn't expecting to go to this show, but I managed to get a ticket. This time after the show I got a chance to talk to tori and she signed my book to me personally... still on cloud nine.


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