Salt Lake City, UT
November 6, 2001

January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Salt Lake City, UT on November 6, 2001 at Abravanel Hall during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

The set list below comes from John, who called me after the show!

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Happy Phantom
Losing My Religion
Past The Mission
Beauty Queen
Black Dove
Me and a Gun
Little Earthquakes

1st Encore:

2nd Encore:
Famous Blue Raincoat
Black Swan


Latest reviews are added to the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the Tori Concert Reviews Forum for reviews as well!

From Sally Ann

Added January 4, 2002 - It was an amazing show!!

You already know about the set list, so I won't go song by song like I did in the forumz.

The concert was amazing. By far this is the best Tori show that I have seen, but no improv can top the "Things F*** up sometimes" improv from 98'. Anyways. Tori was so full of emotion, she spoke a little about the olympics, and gave us an amazing show. The crowd was pretty good, there were some people rather close to us who were out of control, but they cooled down into the show. The light show was amazing along with Tori. I really loved the heavy breathing during B&C97. It was hard to hear over the crowd though. She played "Butterfly" which was very nice, my friend Carrie (frozenbutterfly) had requested this at the M&G. Tori said it had "showed up on the list for last night, but didn't play" And that she would see. She didn't end up playing any of the songs that were on my top 3 to hear, but the ones she did play were amazing, and I couldn't ask for more. In 99' she played a full two hours plus, and this tour having her for about the same amount of time was amazing. Thank you Tori for the wonderful tour, the great shows and putting yourself completely into it with us.

The Meet and Greet-

We had been there since about 10 a.m, we had scheduled to be there at about 8:30 but we got held up. (Last minute film and food) There were a few people there when we got there, and then some more showed. There weren't nearly as many as some of the ones I'd seen out there. We were right up front, and my friend Tiffany had brought her baby with us. She was told by Steve that it would not be a good idea to be up so close with her, so she moved back. Later as you may have read above Tori pulled Tiffany out of the crowd and talked to her aside up front. I had been holding the gift for Tash that Vanessa (Tiff's baby) was giving to her, but gave it to Joel to give to Tiffany to be the one to give it to Tori, it worked out that way too. Julie (Tiff's sister) was right next to me, and right behind her was my friend Carrie. Carrie and I went to the M&G in 99' but were novice' and didn't get very close, but we got a nice wave and some pics. When Tori finally came over to me I started crying. I couldn't belive it and was in shock. She asked me how I was doing, and not able to talk though my tears said "I take it you are doing well," We laughed, finished our conversation took a picture together and she signed my BFP lp, and the Time c.d cover for Carrie.

It was truly an amazing time of my life, and I cannot thank her enough for doing all she did in that day, the concert, the show, meeting her, and the thank you. Made it all very much worth the long cold hours waiting.

From John

Added November 7, 2001 - John called me right after the show. Tori debuted "Losing My Religion" for the first time on this tour. At one point Tori mentioned figure skating.

From Doug Smeath

Added November 7, 2001 - I just wanted to clarify something you have on the site about the Salt Lake City show. Tori didn't say she wanted to be a figure skater. She was talking about the Olympics coming to Salt Lake City and she said that Mark once asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She said they almost got a divorce over it (jokingly) because she said she wanted tickets to see Torville and Dean and he said no way.

Also, backstage after the show, she told me that River showed up because "all the skaters are going to be here" for the Olympics.

From Shannon

Added November 7, 2001 - Just read review and the show was taped but there were no camera's onstage. They were big lights. The extra microphones were for the Symphony, they are there permanently. ( My husband put them there himself) I can see how this could be confusing! I also wanted to point out that during me and a gun she left out the part that says "You can laugh, its kinda funny" did she do this anywhere else? It was a great show!

It was being taped in audio only, I'm sure she has probably done this at every show. It's most likely for her future reference. But there were no cameras except the ones people snuck in. I don't remember if I told you, but she flipped someone off during icicle for taking a picture, but didn't flip anyone off the rest of the show.

From Benjamin

Added November 8, 2001 - First of all, I have to say the venue was very beautiful, and I couldn't have picked a better place. I thought it was so cool how the lights were behind that curtain on '97 bonnie and clyde. I loved the character photo on it too. I loved how the curtain fell right with the last chord of the song. Tori came out dressed beautifully. She had on this green colored suite looking thing on. And it kinda had a gap in the middle of the blouse, and she had a black sparkly bra on. Anyways... she was very beautiful. When she started to play icicle my heart melt! The setlist is already listed, so I won't go into great detail on that. Before happy phantom she made the comment about when her husband asked her what she wanted for christmas, I thought it was very cute.­During River she stopped in the middle and said "Ok I am fucking it up, it happens when you get older" and she started over again, everyone cheered, it was great! I love how she straddled the bench, and played the piano and keyboard at the same time.­Absolutely amazing. ­During Sugar, when she sang the part "Tell me what­you think they'll do, when they find you gotta little in here" She slide her hands down her breasts, and I thought it was so­funny!­­And might I add, when she did Losing My Religion I almost cried! I wanted her to do that song so badly, and I didn't think that she was going to do it on the entire tour, and she did it! I couldn't believe it. Took my breathe away. I loved how everyone in the audience was in complete awe, and was always silent during the songs. We were hanging onto every word she said. It truly was an amazing night, and I am sad that it is over. She truly is absolutely amazing. Just thought I would share my thoughts on the concert. She performed very beautifully, and I am still in shock and awe. I hope that you all had as great experiences at your concerts!

From the Deseret News

Added November 8, 2001 - Ben sent me a review of the Salt Lake City show that appeared in the November 7, 2001 edition of the Deseret News. Read it online at or below.

Amos showcases humor and musical commentary

By Scott Iwasaki
Deseret News music editor

A strange little girl came and played some beautiful, emotionally charged music in Abravanel Hall Tuesday night. After a quaint set from Rufus Wainwright, Tori Amos, the woman with the waifish voice and the lethal lyrics, performed a two-hour concert that featured her trademark black Bsendorfer grand piano and two electric keyboards in a stripped-down performance that showcased her quirky humor and musical commentary.

The disturbing cover of Eminem's " '97 Bonnie & Clyde" opened the show. Amos gave the dark narrative from back stage. In fact, the audience didn't see her until the song was over and the shredded curtain dropped.

Amos stepped onto the stage, acknowledged the audience and, with audience members' approval, began the opening arpeggios to an older tune called "Icicles."

The sold-out audience offered rich applause as the singer, with nary a word, slipped into "Sugar."

Her clean soprano was highlighted by the nimble notes that flowed from the piano.

Before she continued with "Happy Phantom," the musician stopped and talked with the audience about the coming Olympic Games and mentioned how much she loved ice skating.

A raw solo version of "Past the Mission" from the album "Under the Pink" delighted the audience as Amos, without the aid of Nine Inch Nails' leader Trent Reznor, who originally sang the song with Amos, switched between her piano and electric keyboard during the song.

Newer songs, such as "Horses," from "Boys for Pele," and the progressive "Black Dove," from the album "From the Choirgirl Hotel," were also part of the eclectic set. Amos also performed such other covers as Joni Mitchell's "River" and R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion."

"Crucify" and the obligatory a cappella version of "Me and a Gun" got their haunting messages across.

So did the staple "Little Earthquakes."

Amos came out for two encores, concluding with Tom Waits' sentimental "Time." The pianist/singer showed she still has what it takes to mesmerize an audience. Even when she hit the wrong chord and stopped to start "The River" again, the audience laughed but stayed with her.

The last time Amos played Abravanel Hall was five years ago. And, as with that performance, the hall proved that it is the perfect place for an intimate concert of this nature.

But no matter where she plays, Amos will always have her fans' support.

And that was certainly true Tuesday evening.

Even though she didn't play one of her more popular tunes, "Cornflake Girl," the audience members didn't seem to mind.

They just cheered the songs she did play.

From Shana (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

Added November 8, 2001 - Last nite was the Tori concert and I must say I had the greatest time I'll have in a LONG time! I won't go off on how I swore she looked at me during Rattlesnakes but I swear it. It seemed like her and I were the only one who knew the words.....anyway she looked wonderful! I was close enough to catch a glimpse of blue when she looked near me. awe : )

K, she was wearing a green suit w/a "blazer" style top w/a blackish greenish bluish sequin/sparkle bra underneath that was hot! And her pants had huge slits in the side where a white slip style thing scooted out the slits as she danced on the bench.

My seats were so perfect not even a stran of hair was in the way. :) LOL and her pianos were poking out of the sides of there heads so when she straddled the bench and played both pianos.....oh man it was GREAT! And her set was sooooo pretty!

Here's the set list for those who don't know.

1: '97 B&C: altho it was the CD

2: Icicle: Wonderful treat!

3: Sugar: one I was hoping for!

4: Happy Phantom: Was never expected!

5: Losing My Religon: I was so freakin exicited!!!!

6: Past the Mission: wow!

7: Butterflies: wonderful treat!!!!!!!!!

8: Beauty Queen/Horses: ohhh I was sooo happy!!!!!

9: Black Dove: Very awesome!!!

10: River: I hate to admit, first time hearin it. I LOVED IT!!!!

11: Crucify: ohhhhh my god. this was 1 of 2 most best performed song w/o a doubt!! she added this line "I'm never going back, afraid for my life" well along those lines....lemme know if you've heard it before! i loved it!

12: Rattlesnakes: Like I said.....honestly ok I don't know what song that it was when I thought she looked at me...thought it was this one but when I saw her at least looking near me, she had never looked so beautiful!!

13: Me & a Gun: AHH! I knew it was coming, never knew when! the other song that was most beautiful. She was so amazing with this song.... and her voice stained those walls that night and I will never forget that. You could hear her voice making a ripple effect....well thats how it sounded to me. It was in the BEST place to have a Tori concert and I hope she never goes anywhere else in Utah, ack.

14: Little Earthquakes: Very Awesome!


1: Etienne: holy crazyness. this was a wondeful performance and the lights were amazing! 6 black lights and 1 big dark teal light and wow that was so nice. I loved her neon hair when only blacklights were on!!!!!!!!

2: Josephine: Only TV&B song....very disappointed ;( ok just sad. But when I was trying to think of a song she'd play from that CD...this was first that popped into my head.....although I was hoping for Lust.

2nd Encore.

1: Famous blue Raincoat: Ohhh yeah!! this was so great!!!!

2: Black Swan: Sooo awesome. I listen to this song so much on my computer! I want it on CD.

3: Time: wonderful. with a very trippy ripple square the would spiral out when she started to say "....and it's time, time, time...."

Wow! A wonderful night I must say!!!! She talked to us about the Olympics and how she wants to be a speed skater which was sooo cool cause that venue is right across the street from my skool...Kearns High. She is so sweet and so beautiful and great and I wish I could tell her :)

THANX TO THE DIGEST for giving me the password to get the tickets I got!!!!! THANX TO MY MOM who bought me a ticket!! THANX TO MY BOYFRIEND for giving me money for our anniversary to buy stuff...LOL.....ok so if anyone would like to talk about it please email me....I had such a great time! Thanx for reading.....I feel like im leaving stuff out :( anyway i have to go to bed!

From Richard Collier

Added November 8, 2001 - Mike, I just wanted to say how Tori is now and will always be my favorite.

At the meet and greet in slc. I brought my daughter with me she is only 6 months old. There really weren't that many people so I actually was on the second row. Steve saw me and said that It wasn't a good idea that we were down there so I turned around and went back up the sidewalk. My sister was in the front row, and she was talking to Tori and the next thing I know Tori is standing on the baracade calling out to me, I just waved because I thought she was just saying hi. As it turns out Steve motioned for me to come around. I went up front and Tori and I spoke for about 5 minutes, she asked me how I was and said that My sister had been telling her what was going on. She gave me a lot of words of encouragement she actually was teary eyed when she was speaking to me, I of course was crying, It was very spiritual. She talked to my daughter for a little bit and told her that she had a good mommy and aunt. We hugged and she got my present for Tash, it was a book on tape of Winnie the Pooh. Tori's words gave me a lot of encouragement. And for that I will always love and cherish the few moments I got to speak to her.

From Spring Helser

Added November 9, 2001 - I wanted to tell you thanks again for doing such a great job with the Dent!!! I just got back from Salt Lake City - Tori was so awesome (as usual). I went to a meet and greet for the first time after I accidentally stumbled into one after the Austin, Tx show but didn't get to actually meet her. Steve was so nice enough, though, to give her the flowers I brought before the Salt Lake City show, in case I didn't get to meet her at the post meet . I talked to Joel, also, and both he and Steve are the nicest guys . . . Like an idiot I forgot my camera, but Marie (Utah Toriphile) is supposed to send pics from the meet, I'll send them to you also.

From the Salt Lake Tribune

Added November 15, 2001 - A Review of the Salt Lake City show appeared in the November 9, 2001 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune.

"Amos Displays Her Singular Talents"

by Dan Nailen

Tori Amos is a genre unto herself, and it is a disconcertingly intimate one.

Performing a solo, sold-out Abravanel Hall concert Tuesday - just her, a grand piano and two electric keyboards - Amos provided one of the moodiest, most delicate performances likely to come around this year.

Not that the show lacked power, or passion. Amos' voice can soar to the heavens one minute and return to a breathy whisper the next, all the better to communicate lyrics spanning the emotional spectrum, from lines like "Every day I crucify myself" on "Crucify" to "I wake up in strawberry fields every day" on "Happy Phantom." Amos' piano playing is even more expressive than her voice, and the respectful silence during her songs was both eerie and a welcome change from most concerts.

Another welcome divergence from most concerts was Amos' effective and artistic lighting. Typically used to distract audiences with eye candy,

Amos used her lights to accentuate every song, from the cool white lights on the set-opening "Icicles" to the shadowy darkness during "Past The Mission" and the deep, smoky reds during "Little Earthquakes." A single spotlight during her a cappella rendition of "Me and a Gun" reflected well the spare, dark tale.

Nodding to her most-recent, all-covers album, "Strange Little Girls," much of Amos' two-hour, 18-song show was dedicated to works by other artists. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' "Rattlesnakes" was a highlight, as was her show-closing version of Tom Waits' "Time."

Opener Rufus Wainwright, accompanied only by his keyboard, electric guitar and acoustic guitar, proved that the emotive male singer/songwriter genre is alive and well. Despite some hard-to-decipher vocals at times, songs like "In My Arms," "Grey Gardens" and "Poses"

Mark Wainwright as an artist to watch.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by OVERTIME

Happy Phantom excellent.
At the last Utah show she signed my poster by putting"we'll go chasin the nuns out in the yard".And I wrote her a letter in Philly and thanked her for writing that,among other things.
It meant a lot to me. I feel very happy right now.


Review by aircrew

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

i had like..the best seats ever.. perfect view..not too close not too far..omg.
amazing audience. you could hear a pin drop during me and a gun

she played river. OMG SHE PLAYED RIVER. OMG! i heard the distorted jingle bells sounding intro and just went "OH MY way..." i was shaking during it...omg. and she fucked it cute..and played THE WHOLE THING OVER.

she talked about figure skating! I FIGURE SKATE! i think i was the only person in the whole place who knew what she was talking about with the Polish judge thing i screamed soooooooooo loud during that chat..oh my god everyone laughed around me. it was the least i could do.
but...river. oh lord.

sugar was amazing..butterfly was cool...etienne was BEAUTIFUL..and she played josephine *sighs*

no flying dutchman, but oh my god i shouldn't be complaining.

black swan was gorgeous,

past the,

losing my religion i was just kind of in shock..i was like "she NEVER plays this" was out of order as far as verses go but VERY cool..i loved it so much.

happy phantom was so fun

me and a gun is where it all set was so real and SO quiet (props to the lovely audience)...oh wow. that song has never hit me so hard until then.'s late..but it was amazing guys, seriously. NOTHING like what i expected but everything like what i expected at the same time..oof.

rufus was great. i love him to death. he signed my ticket stub

mark..thanks for your well wishes. it was great. do you still wanna talk to me?!?!
2nd tori concert..i hope it only gets better from here........... now that i'm thinking coherently and got SOME sleep....

yeah. there was some obnoxious guy way down in the corner who COULD NOT CONTAIN himself during icicle. i was like..DUDE..CALM DOWN.


97 bonnie and clyde- yeah..people needed to shutup. but it got better toward the end. very cool..a much angrier version than the album.

icicle- amaaaaaaaaaaazing. i knew she'd be here. i mean..utah..religion..duh. i just love the "feeel the book feel iiiiiiiiiit" and it just's amazing that way.

sugar- wowowowowowowow. i love this song! seemed more painful than, say, the tvab live version or even other strangelittletour versions..especially at the "wow..olympics!" and we all screamed. and then she starts talking about figure skating. I FIGURE SKATE! AUUUGH! it seemed like i was the only one who really knew what she was talking when she said how much she loved it i just couldn't contain myself so if you guys heard a very loud scream when she was all swaying side to side imitating a skater, that was me.
it went something like this "wow..olympics!...[screams]...[something about how she loves to watch the skating]..they just go laa di da..[sways side to side like a skater, i scream VERY loudly ], my husband and i almost got a divorce..cuz for christmas i want tickets to Torvill and Dean [a very famous ice dance pair from the UK]..and he won't get them! know, and the polish judge? he just sat there and held up the 5.2...i'm afraid one time he'll show up at my concert and just hold up a 5.2 [6.0 being perfect ] anyway. i'm still waiting for the tickets [big grin]....

happy phantom- so cool! so unexpected..i enjoyed it a lot.

losing my religion- i remember hearing her go "consider this...." and i went OH MY GOD! she NEVER PLAYS THIS! so i felt rather special. it was a great version of it..

past the mission- i liked it..but i just don't care THAT much for the studio..but it was great. awesome intro's and stuff..and the chorus on the rhodes was fab.

butterfly- i've only heard it once appropriate for utah, again. she knows what stuff goes on here i have a new appreciation for this song. very beautiful.

beauty queen/horses- pretty standard but it was gorgeous and very intense.

black dove- so pretty. "but i have to get to texas..." and "on the other side of the galaxy..." were incredibly's amazing how big of a sound she can make with her voice..which of course sounded INCREDIBLE..

"so..i used to listen to this when i was younger..and i always would just freeze [clenches her fists by her sides and squints her eyes and gets a funny grin on her face]...lalaaa..don't touch me..lalalammmm, she doesn't come around much, but i'm playing her tonight.."

river. wow. i LOVE this song, i remember seeing it on another setlist and being *so* jealous. i heard the distorted "jingle bells" intro and just melted. i was shaking the whole time during this song..
she finishes the first chorus..and does a little piano..and goes "oops..i'm fucked up...let's see..[doodles on the piano as screams erupt]...ok.this is what happens when you get older!..[plays and smiles..then leans over to the audience as she's playing and does a big "pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew" with her hand ]
and STARTED IT OVER! was like 1 1/2 rivers. i couldn't ask for more..and when she sings "i wish i had a river so long i could teach my wings to flyyyyyyyyyyyy..." her voice just soared..that was the closest i got to tears all night. added to the skating motif, as well..which, for me, just made me feel like she knew i was there or something

crucify- on wurly. wowowow..i love this version so much. river-crucify-rattlensakes was a little too much to handle for me..

rattlesnakes- so powerful, so intense, and SO beautiful.

me and a gun- a couple of rude people wouldn't shut up. but most of the time all i could hear was the whirring of the air conditioning. ooooh man..this girl has never hit me so was amazing. at one point she leaned over with her arm on her almost looked as if she was about to throw up or if she was sick..seeing her physical reaction to the song just adds to it. wow.

little earthquakes- great ending. pretty standard, but i like it SO much more with just her. she doesn't need the band on this one.

1st encore
etienne- so surprised to hear this one! another i've only heard recently..i'm glad i took the time to download it! she seemed so happy ...almost giddy.. to be playing her..especially during the "maybe i'm a witch.." parts. so great.

josephine- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the ones i hoped for. so beautiful. much more fluid and filled out than the studio version.

2nd encore
famous blue raincoat- covers were out in force tonight! i love this song to death.. so wonderful.. she switched "i guess that i miss you, i guess i forgive you"..but whatever. so wonderful.

black swan- oohhhh..though i don't feel her much, the music more than anything moves me. so pretty..especially during the last "did eric call...... [whisper] by..the..way"

time- after my momentary disappointment that flying dutchman didn't show up, i was glad she played this. so appropriate to end with, i love this one live. so amazing.

of course, she blew kisses, made hand gestures showing she appreciated our applause and screams..and she trotted off and that was it!

a couple notes.
her voice was AMAZING. perfect, even. what a range this girl has. augh.
she was wearing a sage green satin blazer-body suit thing. similar to one she wore in NY. huge split in the leg with white satin layer under that. sparkly black bra stickin out under the looooooow cut blazer..fabulous black shoes.

crowd was mainly good except for the retard during me and a gun (which i didn't hear that well so it didn't bother me..but sorry for the people who did ) and the annoying guy down in the front corner who could not stop freaking out during icicle. it looked like he had just found his dead dog on the road or something.

rufus was GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I LOVE HIM! and he said he's coming back to SLC in february. it was his first time here. he has a fixation for mormons (i screamed in ...uhm..semi pride when he said that) and mormon missionaries (boys in suits as he liked to call them) great setlist and he signed my ticket stub

uhmm..well for those who might have seen me..i was wearing a camel thick ribbed turtleneck and dark jeans, i was with my best friend melissa who only owns LE and SLG but LOVED the concert.

i hope you guys all had as great of a time as i did. i'm still kinda on cloud 9 from river, though..eeeeesh..
ok long post..i wish i could've made it to the M&G..but it sounds like it wasn't too pleasant..soo..kinda glad i didn't go, as well.



Review by Hippolyta

oh my... i'm about to pass out and i have to be at work in... oh... five hours...

but i must say... the third time MUST be a charm because this was the best tori show i have ever seen... she has really matured and it shows so much on stage... she doesn't posture as much as she used to... there's not much piano humping... not much screaming... and while all of that certainly had its place for a time, tori is getting older... as are her fans... me included... hell, im not a weepy raging fifteen year old anymore...

she was so polished... and precise... and just seemed damn happy to be there... intensity was certainly not lacking... but she's a mommy now and she no longer has to shout what she's feeling... it just is...

etienne was absolutely enchanting... i had never heard it...


Review by Sally (WanderingFaerie)

It was an amazing show!!

The crowd was terrible at first, there was some really really really loud guy and girl by me that were just screaming every given chance, especially during songs.

And some really rude person screamed out during me and a gun. Which was really emotional.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde: Pretty standard, a lot of heavy breathing. It would have been really really nice if I could have heard more Tori and LESS of the crowd.

Icicle: Very nice, I always love this live. Again would have been nice to hear her, and not the people beside us screaming like baboons.

Sugar: A very nice surprise. Very powerful every song was very very powerful

(Talked about the olympics and stuff)

Happy Phantom: Really cute. I liked this one a lot.

Losing My Religion: Very very beautiful, this one made me tear up a lot. It was perfect. Tori just put so much emotion into this show.

Past The Mission: Played on both the rhodes and bossey. Very nice with a cute little improv bridge between the "Hey they found a body" Hard to tell what it was.

Butterfly: Beautiful, very nice to hear her come and play tonight.

Beauty Queen: Done very much like the rest of the tour

Horses: Same as above

Black Dove: Very nice, very loud, emotion filled. Do you see a trend here.

River: She told a cute little story before, where she when she was younger she would stand by the radio when it played clench her fists to her sides close her eyes and mumble that she likes this song. (trying to convince herself) And it wanted to come out tonight. She also fucked up in the middle and said "Okay I just fucked up...."

Crucify: Standard and beautiful on the Whirly.

Rattlesnakes: Beautiful live and strong

Me and a Gun: Very emotional, strong and very nice. A lot of emphsis on the "flat" Would have been nice if the screamer would have shut up.

Little Earthquakes: Very very very nice, I always love this one live.

1st Encore:
Etienne: Very nice cute, she was very smiley and playful during the song, both on the rhodes and bossey.

Josephine: Very nice surprise. I am very glad to see this one show up.

2nd Encore:
Famous Blue Raincoat: This song always makes me cry and I was so happy to see this live. Made me cry of course. I loved it.

Black Swan: Very nice and glad this came and showed up.

Time: Very nice ending!

And for the M&G:

I want to thank the people so much behind us in the back back who caused it to be over very soon. Thanks to you all as I was talking to her I was cut off because she had to go, and never got my request in. I really thank you for that. So did Joel, thanked ya'll so much for listening. About the 1st five rows of people were fine, but all you in the back, did you have to try to get closer. It's impossible, no reason in pushing!!

Anyway I cried and cried and cried, I told her I was the party host and she genuinly thanked me. I got a pic with her and my BFP LP signed. It was nice, EXCPET for getting cut off. Thanks again!!

I didn't go to the M&G in the evening, I didn't want to go through it again.

Joel and Steve were very nice, explained to us all in clear detail the rules, too bad they ignored him.

All in all it was fine. I had the experience of my life. I didn't let my night get ruined by the m&g or the screaming people. But just wanted to get that out of my system.

Thanks to all the wonderful people I met, it was really great. I hope you all had a good time!!


Review by wintergrl

WOW!! This was such an great show. Tori looked amazing. She only talked to us a little, but seemed to be in a good mood. She talked about the olymics and how she always wanted to be and ice skater. The excitement of the crowed was cool at first, but it got annoying after the first few songs. I was really excited to be there, so understand that other people were to, but people need to learn manners. The highlights for me were Icicle, River, Etienne, and Black Swan. Every song seemed so fitting. Here is my run down of the show.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde
I think this was a great way to open the show. It gave me goosebumps.

I knew as soon as I heard this one that this was going to be a very special night. Tori hit the high notes beautifully. I have never heard this on live, so it was a treat for me.

Always good to hear.

Happy Phantom
Love this song was glad she played it.

Losing My Religion
This was the first time she played this song on the tour. It was amazing.

Past The Mission

This song is so darn good. I love to hear it.

Beauty Queen
I was extra happy she played this one.

Black Dove
Wow, it is so awesome to watch her play the Rhodes and the Bossey at the same time!! Beautiful.

This was one of the highlights for me! It was very emotional. Tori said that when she would hear this song she would just stand by the radio and say I love this song and that it doesn't come out much, but she's coming out tonight. She messed up at first, but as always picked right back up and was flawless.

Done on the whirly.

This is my favorite on the new album, so I was glad to hear it.

Me and a Gun
Very emotional as always. There was some dumb guy who yelled out in the middle of it. I wanted to hunt him down and smack him.

Littel Earthquakes
I love how powerful this song is. It's fun to watch her play it.

I cryied during this song, I think it was my favorite of the whole show! Tori had a very pleasant smile on her face during this song, and just a bit more of a spark in her eyes. It was cute.

This is my favorite off TVAB. I was very happy to hear it.

Famous Blue Raincoat
This one took me off guard, I don't know why. It was great.

Black Swan
Never heard this one live, it was very good.

This one seemed to be just as emotional as when she played it on David Letterman. I was sad when it was over because I knew it was the last song.

Aside from some of the dumb people who can't contain themselves during songs, this was an absolutely amazing concert. The best one I have ever seen. I can't wait until she comes again.


Review by Brian (Mr. Doughnut)

Was at the concert last night in Salt Lake--7th row baby!

Then we went backstage to meet Tori.

Can I just tell you how fucking amazing and magical that was?

My four friends and I got BP through Dr. Amos, and just us four were the first ones to go to her dressing room. We all introduced ourselves, said how nice it was to meet her, etc. I then thanked her for playing "Happy Phantom." She said "Oh sure, she doesn't come out to play often, you know. This is only the second time."

Then my friend thanked her for "Icicle," and she said something to the effect of "it was for the skaters," but I wasn't paying attention really because I was trying to digest that she had actually talked to me.

Then we started to get our stuff signed, and she wanted to know how to spell all of our names and if we wanted any specific place signed. I said "B-R-I-A-N and you can sign it on the front. " And she gave me this funny look--it was so great! Then she asked when my birthday was and I said "Oh, I'm getting to that," because I totally wanted her to sign my birthday month!

She did even better than that and on the calendar wrote "Happy 21, Tori " We talked a little more about the Olympics, took pictures (to which I told her to "work it girl") and then we were off. It was truly a great experience.


Review by balance

My first post. Last nights performance was out of this world! My 4th Tori concert. I'm addicted to that amazing voice. I could not believe how many aaawesome covers!

I've never heard Losing My Religion performed by Tori...Has it been recorded? I so want to hear it again. Joni Mitchell,Leonard Cohen,and Tom Waits would be proud of the way Tori has reincarnated River, Time, and Raincoat. Whatever Tori sings is very powerful,emotional,and so good for my soul!

Other favorites from last night were Sugar, Crucify, Etienne, and Josephine. Thanks Tori for the positive energy you share with us through your music. I cant' wait for MORE!!!!!


Review by vampandora

I've been to quite a few meet and greets and have never gotten close to the front, ever...i've managed to get something signed via Joel before but never talked to tori....yesterday she stopped right by us first!

She signed a picture that i took of her in Irvine '99 and i gave her a shirt and a mug from my web site ( and she loved them and held up the shirt for a was amazing.

She talked to us for quite awhile. My friend Aimee told her she looked beautiful and I added that she seems to be in better shape now than before she had the baby and she said, "thanks, i think i really am. When i got pregnant ijust changed my whole diet and outlook on how i was taking care of myself" was just like chatting w/ an old friend!

She moved on and we couldn't see her very well anymore since we were on the side of the front. We tried to pass things up for people but Steve sent them back...i couldn't reach the front to hand them to her anyway, but it wasn't that people in the front were ignoring those behind them, there were just rules that Steve and joel put in place.

Anyway, i was in shock after that, Aimee and i barely said 2 words for blocks after we left!

The show was unbelievable. For some reason, she has NEVER played Icicle at any show i've been to and it was my favorite off of UTP...i cried!

I think my mouth was hanging open for all of MAAG...i've seen her perform that before but it was years ago and it was really intense last night...the lighting really added to teh starkness of the song.

I asked her to play josephine in '99 (via a note on the back of a picture that i gave to someone to give to was of my great-grandmother and i, she died right before Venus came out and her name was josephine) when she started that i just BAWLED...not a few tears, i mean shaking and BAWLING.

it was aweome though.

Etienne, Raincoat, Time, River...those made my night too.


Review by SpacePerson

i just want to say that this was the WORST meet and greet i've ever been to. the crowd was RUDE!!! and NOT just the people in the back. the entire crowd with the exception of a small few were very very obnoxious.

everyone screaming and whining trying to get a piece of tori. no respect at all. none.
that poor girl in the front who had to be pulled out because everyone behind was pushing and she couldn't breathe. EVERYONE wanting some sort of validation from tori, it was ridiculous.
that girl who kept whining in my ear, WHIMPERING everytime tori would move onto someone else and it wasn't her. seriously whimpering.
and then everyone shouting out from the back "I want to get my picture with her too! come on guys mooove".

i swear to god.

and then when tori left not a single person said thank you. everyone was just whining and complaining about how THEY didn't get THEIR autograph or THEY didn't get THEIR request in. and that girl playing her cover of leather while tori was trying to talk to people. i'm sorry, if you want her to sign your guitar that's one thing. but playing as loud as you can while tori is trying to talk to people and there are already dozens of people shouting, that was just rude. and what was up with you not listening to steve and joel when they told you to GET DOWN! jesus fucking christ.

the show was fantastic though. Sugar was incredible, and Losing My Religion--WOW!!!!!!


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