Dallas, TX
November 3, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Dallas, TX on November 3, 2001 at the Bronco Bowl Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Antigone and Dor who verified the set list from people who were at the show and who posted it on the Dent forum.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Take To The Sky
Cloud On My Tongue
Sweet Dreams
Beauty Queen
Not The Red Baron
Spring Haze
Black Dove
Bells For Her
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Only Women Bleed
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore:
1000 Oceans
Cool On Your Island


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From Kenny Hobbs

Added November 4, 2001 - I don't have the whole set list, but it was incredible. Little Amsterdam, always one of my faves, rocked. Black Dove did as well, Leather was there, Cool On Your Island was there, Take To The Sky flew by, we sank in 1000 Oceans, were awed and thunderstruck­by Me and a Gun, grooved to Tear in my Hand, and more, and it was all phenomenal. Somebody asked about her harpsichord and Tori went into a little discussion about how high maintenance it was, "You know when you go out with somebody and they're like, 'I don't want any sauce on my fish, I don't want any ice in my drink, let's not go here..'" The crowd roared.

The killer for me was the first encore, though. She played it, she played my fave Alice Cooper song. Only Women Bleed. And it was incredible.

From brooke childers

Added November 4, 2001 - The show was truly AMAZING! I was a Tori-concert virgin, but have been obsessed with her since 6th grade. It was so nice to finally see her in concert. When one of the fans from the crowd asked her where her harpsichord was, she replied "Maybe it'll show up next time I come here!" It was a very emotional & personal show and it was almost a religious experience for me.

From Tasha

Added November 5, 2001 - i was able to shoot (1 song) at yesterday's soundcheck in dallas. could hear perfectly outside the door as she played, too.

Little Amsterdam
Love Song (over and over and over)
Cloud On My Tongue
Sweet Dreams
Black Dove

(all which made it to the show)

then we were able to go in and shoot her playing 'Love Song' again. she came out and was very nice and said 'hi' and asked us how we were doing.

From Raven Oak

Added November 5, 2001 - Raven Oak sent me the official set list (which she got from Jessica/idogene), which contained Siren as the first song of the second encore, instead of 1000 Oceans, which she decided to do during the show.

From the Dallas Morning News

Added November 5, 2001 - Shelly sent me the following Dallas concert review, which was printed in the November 4, 2001 edition of the Dallas Morning News newspaper.

Amos defies convention

By THOR CHRISTENSEN / The Dallas Morning News

Someone who would publish a photo of herself suckling a piglet can't really be expected to play by normal rules. So it didn't come as a huge surprise that Tori Amos blew off several conventions of concert-giving Saturday night before a capacity crowd at the Bronco Bowl Theatre.

Instead of featuring a batch of songs from her new CD, Strange Little Girls, Ms. Amos all but ignored the disc: One exception was her version of Eminem's murder tale "'97 Bonnie & Clyde,'' but instead of actually performing it, she opened the show by inexplicably playing the recorded version while the stage sat empty.

And while some performers give short-shrfit to their new tunes in order to play all their classics, Ms. Amos skipped most of her best-known songs, too. Instead, she devoted the bulk of the hour-and-45-minute show to obscure tracks only the diehards knew, and a handful of remakes (Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed'' and a barely-recognizable version of the Cure's "Lovesong'').

It all added up to one of the most challenging shows she's ever played in Dallas. Because she was performing solo - with just her piano for accompaniment -- her notoriously opaque lyrics became all the more prominent. Yet unless you'd listened to the song enough times to crack the lyrical code, her words felt like a foreign language.

Luckily, her keyboard work and singing were stunning enough to carry you through the show's more trying moments. Switching between grand piano and electric keyboard (or sometimes playing both at once), she peeled off a steady stream of powerful baroque riffs and odd, intriguing melodies.

And her elastic voice was a sound to behold. Like everything else about Ms. Amos, her singing is idiosyncratic -- full of stops and starts and gasps and sighs. But she measured them out sparingly, and her voice danced as gracefully and unpredictably as a leaf in the wind.

As she does at most of her shows, she sang her autobiographical rape tale "Me and a Gun'' a capella. But unlike at her outdoors shows at Smirnoff Music Centre - where the song has been ruined by drunken, yelping fans - the crowd Saturday night listened in total silence, and "Gun'' never sounded so chilling.

Rufus Wainwright -- sort of the male Tori Amos -- opened the show with a splendid set of cabaret-influenced pop.. His melodies and his opera-influenced vocals dripped melancholia, but when the song was over, he was a riot as he rationalized his love for the Sue Ellen character on Dallas and Bea Arthur on Golden Girls.

From Tricia Walraven

Added November 5, 2001 - Hi, Mike... I come here every year when it's tour time. This is my 6th Tori concert in Dallas - I was fortunate enough to fall in love with her on the LE tour when it came here in '92 - which reminds me, I need to pull out that set list and e-mail it to you! Her tuning into that netherworld of muses and inspirations seems to improve with age. And I go to the shows and there are mostly people in their early 20's present, and I say to myself, well Tori will always be 5 years older than *me*, and the welcome mat just rolls out and it becomes a private performance, Tori and me. Oh, and everyone else that was there, too, they get the private performance just as vividly --- if they luff their sails. I liked watching all of you at the Bronco Bowl tonight, thank you for being part of Tori's concert here in Dallas.

Tori was quite funny about the harpsichord. She started playing the next song in her set (I think it was Spring Haze) and then stopped the music to giggle and make one more comment about it being so picky - hopefully someone remembers her exact words better. So she cleared herself of that whole tangent and went on to finish a deeply DEEP concert. Very introspective, she wasn't all over the place, hair only flew a few times. Notice! Only ONE song from Strange Little Girls! She brought out some of her other covers though. Bedfellows? :)

The concert started a little late... It seems that there were more tickets sold than actual floor seats available. The managers took their time finding places for everyone on the floor, don't know if that's usual. The doors were supposed to open at 7 but they didn't until 7:30, and Tori didn't take the stage until around 9:30.

Does Tori's husband sit in the center sound booth usually during the concerts? Tori was quite tender in 1000 oceans, and she seemed to keep her focus in the middle of the arena during that song. With anyone else it could have been schmaltzy, but Tori endears herself with her sincerity.

Tori had this Circle theme in three songs going right after the Bonnie and Clyde opener:

Little Amsterdam "round and around and around I go"

Take to the Sky "You got me moving in a circle"

Cloud on my Tongue "circles and circles and circles again"

Other than that, no obvious patterns to her music. I LOVED that she has been doing Cool on Your Island - it's very effective - almost like a cover because it's SO different from the later songs that Tori wrote.

It was only at the 9th song that Tori even started rummaging around in her later works - everything up until then except for the opener was from the first three albums or B-sides released from LE times. Talk about taking me back! I was overjoyed. Take to the Sky and Sweet Dreams are some of my favorite Bs.

She came off of the seat as she sang "But i Have to Get to Texas" in Black Dove - the only song from Choirgirl - this was THE song I wanted to hear tonight and I got my wish.

I can already feel tonight's show settling in my bones. This has been my second favorite show. The Choirgirl tour was my fave - she was SOOOO powerful that night here in Dallas. Tonight was subtle, yet penetrating.

And closing on Leather was such a smirk! Thank You Tori!

From Jessica/idogene

Added November 7, 2001 - Jessica/idogene scaned the official set list for Dallas and you can see it on her web site.

From Kristen Walker

Added November 7, 2001 - My friends and I got there a bit early to scope out where the Meet & Greet would be held, naturally, and as we went around the back her guys had just finished loading everything in and the loading dock door was just coming down, and what did we see but Natashya's crib, just sitting there. I expected it to be filled with a glowing, ephemeral light, but it was just an ordinary wood baby crib.

During the show, someone asked her if her harpsichord was coming on her next tour and she said, "You know, harpsichords are so delicate, I don't know if I can talk my guys into having to deal with that..." or something along those lines, and then she said, "It's like.... have you ever gone out with somebody who was like, 'Oh, I dont like sauce on my fish or ice in my drink and I can't sit next to this person, and...' You know what I mean?"And everybody was like, "yeah," and she said, "Well, that's what a harpsichord is like." And then she started playing something, and she stopped a few bars into it, turned to us and said, "You know, I just thought of something, I'm one of those people who doesn't like sauce on my fish or ice in my drink." And we all laughed and she giggled and went back to playing.

We didn't leave in time to make it to the front of the Meet & Greet line, so we hung around and thwarted the security guards' attempts to shoo us away. We ended up just to her left behind a partially see-through tarp while she signed autographs. It was my first time being that close to her, I guess we were about three or four feet away. My friend Jenny, who by this time was pretty drunk, had her hands pressed flat against the tarp, and she said, "Tori, you played my song and I love you for it," and Tori goes, "yeah?" and just for a second put her hand against Jenny's and then went back to signing autographs.

Jenny wigged out. When my friend's boyfriend picked us up, we were elated and jumping up and down. As he drove home four insane females, he must have thought we'd been mainlining estrogen. At one point, Jenny leaned halfway out the window, yelling, "She touched this hand." And the people in the car next to us screamed "Oh my God!!!" and the next thing we knew they had pulled up next to us and were hanging out of their car grabbing Jenny's hand and screaming. It was hysterical.

As for the show itself, I have never heard her sound better. Her voice and her playing were magickal. Her lighting was unbelievable as well. And she played Cool on Your Island!!! I couldn't believe it! She also played my song, Tear in Your Hand. I looked around a couple times during the show, and saw that everyone was perfectly silent and motionless, utterly mesmerized by this one tiny woman and her piano. What a beautiful, indescribable experience. And what fabulous clothes! I can't wait till next year.

From professional widow

Added November 7, 2001 - irst of all, this was the most amazing two hours of my life! i have been waiting for this concert for over 6 months, and i had spent the entire previous week talking about nothing but the concert. it was kind of annoying waiting for her to come onto the stage, but most of the crowd was very understandable. some girls were hollering at each other and trying to do the wave, so spirits were good still :)

suddenly the lights go out and we hear tori's voice for 97 bonnie and clyde, and lights coming through this AWESOME curtain with a scroll of her in that character, oh man it was amazing. the curtain falls after the song ends and we all go crazy! standing up clapping screaming ... the usual toriphile reaction. so she sits down and gives us little amsterdam ... maginificent. TTTS was very crowd interactive, we clapped along with her pounding on the piano, and this being one of my favourite songs, i loved it! not the red baron was a nice surprise, as was josephine. black dove was awesome! being in texas, i'm sure she wanted to sing it for us ;)

i won't give my reaction to all of the songs, other than to state i was in tears through most of the concert, too many emotions at once! "me and a gun" was ... indescribable. complete silence other than tori singing. leather was a great way to end the concert, i have to agree with the consensus here.

she also gave two cute little talks. one was saying hi to everyone, and how she loves texas ... she said something like "anyone that wants to come along (after she leaves) can come with us in our pockets" and she does this adorable gesture like tucking someone into her pocket. the other one was about her new pianos and why the harpsichords are missing ... she said something along the lines of how they were so high maintence "like, you know, those people who can't have sauce on their fish, no ice in their drinks, they can't sit by so and so ..." and then she started playing ... then she giggled and stopped and said "you know, I'M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who can't have sauce on their fish ...." and the crowd went wild.

i had a blast. it was great. thank you tori! thank you dent for giving me so much pre-show info!

From Amber Nicole

Added November 10, 2001 - I just wanted to add how amazing it was that Tori debuted "Lovesong" at this concert. My boyfriend and I were celebrating our 5 year anniversary and when she played that song for the first time I knew it was fate that we were there. We consider Tori's covers of that song to be "Our Song", so for her to preform it first at our concert was phenomenol! I just love Tori so much. I hope one day to meet her and talk to her because she is an amazing person in this day and age. Cornwall Beaches, here I come! I would love to live in such a beautiful and magical place anyway, but w/ Tori there, I really would love to live there!

From the Star-Telegram newspaper

Added November 15, 2001 - Tricia Walraven sent me this Dallas review, which appeared in the November 5, 2001 edition of the Star-Telegram newspaper in Ft. Worth, TX. Read it at or below.

Amos delivers strange but wonderful concert


Star-Telegram Staff Writer

DALLAS - Strange Little Tour, indeed.

Tori Amos' latest swing through the States, timed with the release of her covers album, Strange Little Girls, offered a glimpse of an always-exciting performer doing what she does best: shattering convention.

For instance, while the show opened with her take on Eminem's '97 Bonnie and Clyde, that was the only track from Strange at her Dallas stop. And it wasn't even performed live. A recorded version played while spotlights shined on a large photo of her as the "character" she had created for that song.

In the 18 songs that followed, one expected to hear several from her latest effort, but none came. Instead, the audience was treated to a wide range of material from her 10-year career, including three early B-sides (Take to the Sky, Sweet Dreams and Honey,) and during her second encore, a song that predates her solo work: Cool on Your Island, from her ill-fated rock debut, Y Kant Tori Read.

Amos is known for pulling out surprise covers at her shows, and this one was no exception, serving up a tasty take on The Cure's Lovesong and a stunningly gorgeous rendition of Alice Cooper's Only Women Bleed.

For the first time in seven years, she performed solo, her fingers hard at play on her Bosendorfer piano or her electronic keyboard. Occasionally, she played both at the same time, a trademark Tori trick that she pulls off with effortless panache. Her voice was as strong as it ever has been, but as usual, her odd phrasing and timing often renders her difficult to understand, even to fans who know the words.

The showstopper came when she sang her chilling, autobiographical a cappella song about being raped, Me and a Gun. During this song, not a sound could be heard throughout the often noisy Bronco Bowl, proving her ability to capture her audience's undivided attention.

From micah maranda (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

Added November 20, 2001 - I haven't posted yet about the show I went to (dallas) but here I go. totally impressed with the setlist. loved it. but, she only talked to us twice, and one time was only because someone yelled a question about her harpsichord to her during silence between songs.

I have seen Tori at least once (i'm not a tori tour follower), on every tour she's gone on since 92. The thing i love most about her shows, of course, besides the music, is how personal she is with the audience. she always talks to us, and makes us feel at home. i love that about her. but what was up with this tour?

Like i said, loved the setlist, but the show didn't even give me the chills. (usually, along with the chills, i'll cry at least once, i'm a big emotional wuss like that.) I was wholeheartedly disappointed.

I understand she has got to be way tired on this tour, seeing how she's got Tash, and hello? i'm sure all her energy goes to her. I don't expect any of my musicians to get on stage and do anything more than play music. but when every single show i've ever seen of tori has, at least 1/4 of the time, audience participation conversation, yeah, I guess i do kinda expect it. and when i don't get it, i feel hurt.

I know i know- i should be happy to see her. I don't know her, i shouldn't epect all this.. but jeez- this is the most expensive tori show i've ever been to, and with the hype that she was solo touring, i was like, hell yeah, this is going to be the shit.. and then.. no...

can i also bitch that before the show, at the dallas venue we were all in line in front of the theatre waiting to get in. we got there way early, we were there for the meet and greet and stayed there until the show started. we were still more than halfway back from the beginning of the line. the line didn't start moving until 8pm. the show was supposed to begin at 8. i was thinking, ok, maybe there was a delay.. we got to our seats at 8:35, and rufus was already on stage. i was thinking, wow, this is shitty. not only is he already playing, but it was all loud because there were so many people coming in trying to find their seats, etc.. making me stand up so they could get past me and all that bullshit.. couldn't even pay attention. and then we only caught 3 of rufus's songs, so i can't even imagine that he had played his entire set with people being loud and the RUDENESS of the venue, putting the artist on stage when they hadn't even let the people in yet!!!!

Can i say how stoked i was that tori played Love Song by cure? sweeeeet! the guy sitting next to me kept asking people around him (including me) DURING TORI if anyone had any blow, special k, or he would even buy crank if we had it! And not only that, but he was singing throughout the WHOLE SHOW! To top that off, HE WAS FREAKING TONE DEAF!!

now, i don't really mind if girls sing along, as long as they can hold a note. i can usually tune them out. but guys- DO NOT SING ALONG. YOU DO NOT SOUND LIKE A WOMAN. I'M SORRY. STOP.

so anyway... I loved seeing tori, but this was the worst show I've ever seen of her. Granted, all her shows are awesome, so I could never say that any of her shows are bad, or even mediocre. But, compared to every other show of hers that I have seen, this easily takes last place.

Bronco Bowl was an awesome setting, but I don't know how the hell they get by booking major acts, because they really fucked up, and, well, they suck. really bad, big time.

sorry for yelling. please don't yell back.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by tori_live

Nice set, but the crowd (as seems to be typical for the third Texas show) was unusually
they were annoyingly loud. Then there was the girl the decided to sing along with M&AG....I saw
people 1 row up and 3 or 4 seats away turning around and looking.

The show started late, because they totally fucked up the floor seating....I was in Row J, Seat 13.

The problem was they only set up 12 seats and I was told they'd already added 2 seats to each row.

In the end, there was no aisle in the middle. This probably would have been solved earlier, but they
didn't open the doors until well after 7:00, and there was still a line long after Rufus came fact,
by the time I got on, he was just about over.

My final gripe is the far too many people who don't know how to take a picture without a flash.


Review by flipside420

ok yeah the show was AMAZING... it felt short but very very sweet..

we got LOVESONG!!! i was so happy!,,, & then Only Women Bleed!.. bells...tear... was pretty good set list...

OH!!! & somone asked her during the show if she still played her harpsicord... she said she does & she will prolly come back with her next tour!!. (band AND harpsi!!)

the set list posted already i believe is the correct one...

as for the meet&greet... it went pretty good i guess... my friend & i were there at 6.30am... shes fuckin crazy!
but it was just about 6-8 ppl the whole day up until around 2ish.. i guess most came from that lunch then..
it got a lil crazy right before she came.. they had to set it up all wierd


Review by Tara (LilArsonist)

i just got back from the show about an hour ago... i wrote down the songs, i lost the paper. lol, i know some of ur order is off, but it isnt a big deal

Bonnie and Clyde ~ I dont have Strange Little Girls (though i have heard this song). spooky. I didnt get to see her sing it because ya know how she isnt on stage. so there isnt much to say about this one.

Little Amsterdam ~ It was good, though i think the songs at the end of the concert were better. Yeah, thats all for thisone too.

Take to the sky ~ The way she did this one made me cry. It had so much feeling it in, i cant even explain. and she was humping her piano (as usual) and just all the emotion got to me I guess...

Cloud on my tongue~ This is one of my favorite songs by Tori of all time... i was so glad she played it. While I was still crying, She dragged all the words out, but even then it didnt last long enough. Kiiisss the viiolletts as theyre waaaking uuup...

Lovesong ~ I had never really heard it before. it was good.

Sweet Dreams ~ I had never heard this one before at all, though i liked it a lot.

BQ/Horses ~ This was one of my favorites of the night, another one of those emotional ones. " And if theres a way to find u i will find u..."

Not the Red Baron ~ In my opinion, this is so much better than the studio version. Im not a big Pele fan... i think she might have sped it up a little or something. Im not sure, but somethin about it...

Spring Haze ~ It was so beautiful i didnt even recognize it at first.

Black Dove ~ Before this one was played, someone yelled something up at her about her harpsichord or whatever and she went into a really cute story about how she couldnt bring it on the tour because its like how some people are at restaurants: no ice in the water, no butter on the bread, etc. And how u just had to obey their wishes... but next tour she would tell to get over it. So she started the song... stopped again and laughed... said she was one of those people that demanded water without ice. HOW CUTE!!! I had some idea she was going to play this one because of the texas reference in it.

Honey ~ I actually never cared for this song too much, but it was great. no other comments

Bells for Her ~ Tori had added all these extra lyrics in the beginning, in the chorus, at the end... something like, "Not even you could... stop whats coming... " etc. Everything was dragged out and played on that special little piano. it was amazing.

Me and a Gun ~ During this one i was literally bawling my eyes out. I didnt expect her to play it for us because its so personal. Something about when u hear a women sing to you about her rape... its like getting inside her head, like she was sharing something specially with me. And everyone was quiet through the whole thing, no noises, just listening.

Josephine ~ Better than the album imo. just pretty

Only Women Bleed ~ No comments
Tear in Your Hand ~ She played it slower and it wasnt so poppy. im not sure if i liked it better, it was just different.

encore 2
1000 Oceans ~ This one has always been one of my favorites too. Its so pretty... sounded a lot like the album recording.

Cool on Yr Island ~ I heard this on yktr and it didnt really stick out to me. it was just another one of those 80s-sounding things. Tonight it was good, didnt sound so old fashioned. Im not sure, but she might have slowed it down.

Leather ~ Yay for Tori for playing this. After Me and a Gun, Cool on Your Island, Only Women Bleed, and a whole bunch of heavy songs, this one lightened it up a bit and gave my eyes a bit of a rest.

I love the way she plays two pianos at once. this is my first tour, so i didnt know she did that. and all those miniheadbangers, it was so cute.
We didnt get any choirgirl bsides. come to think of it, there were few choirgirl and pinks. a lot of pele and earthquake and nonchoirgirl bsidestuff.

So i suck at reviews... these are mostly just my opinions. And imo, the austin setlist was better.
Have a good night.


Review by JiLL

So, my first and last show of this tour.. first time ever for that.

It was a good show.. but Tori came on stage pissed. Why? Because every row on the floor was short by 2 seats and it had to be remedied. Poor Raven Oak had front row center seats, and cause everything was jacked, she had to be moved to the right side of the stage... not that it was a bad seat, but it's not CENTER! I told her I would bitch for her, since she said she wasn't going to complain. Anyway, that whole situation made everyone sour, and Joel and Steve said that Tori was waiting on all this shit to get straightened out... and when she finally got on stage, she didn't seem pleased. It didn't really help that lots of people thought their GA seats meant they could sit anywhere

The show was great though. I didn't have too much trouble with screaming, but it also seemed like the people around me were the ones that actually wanted to listen. Set list was GREAT. I'm so glad she didn't play much new stuff.. really, just B&C off the album. Yay.

Anyway, all I wanted to add was that I got the setlist, and Siren was on it, and she didn't play that... so just an FYI I guess.

I'm freakin tired.


Review by cornflakeguy

Yes the Dallas show was good. But I do have some gripes.

When I arrive at the arena at 7pm, I expect to be in my seat by 7:15pm. I have NO IDEA what the hold up was. We got inside at about 8:45pm, when that Rufus guy was done. From what I heard, we didn't miss much.

I expected an indoor place to be SMOKE free! Isn't that against the law? If it was, why wasn't it enforced? Oh yeah, ushers make $6.50 an hour. PLEASE lets have the next Tori show at a respectable place and not the Ghetto Bowl.

If Tori still feels compelled to sing Me and a Gun, can't she speed it up a little? I swear every tour it gets slower and longer. How about a 'remix' a la Jackies Strength?

Only ONE song from the new album, and she wasn't even on stage for it!?!? ONE!! NOT ON STAGE?! So in retrospect, this is the same show I saw last year! It was still good, but c'mon! $47 and no new material?


Review by Barbara

Hi! Just got back to Oklahoma City from the Dallas show. It was definitely worth the trip. (Not that I had any doubt that it would be!) This was my sixth time to see Tori perform. Although all of the previous shows were extraordinary, the combination of the incredible set list and the fact that it was one of the most personally emotional concerts makes it my favorite of the shows I've seen.

Thought "Bonnie & Clyde" was effective, but couldn't understand the mentality of the people who were periodically screaming enthusiastically. It seemed inappropriate and made it obvious that they had missed the point of that cover. I think B&C is really chilling and disturbing, and can't imagine it eliciting such a gleeful reaction.

After the curtain dropped, I was thrilled to hear her begin "Little Amsterdam." It has always been one of my favorites. "Take to the Sky" was a great follow-up. Rather than bore you guys with a glowing adjective for every song, I'll just comment on a few.

I really can't describe how overwhelmed I was to hear her start playing "Lovesong." I've been keeping track of the set lists and reading everybody's reviews here on the Dent (thanks SO MUCH to Mikewhy for offering such a great resource for Tori fans!), and was wondering what non-SLG cover she'd pull out. I have a couple of bootlegs of Tori performing LS at previous shows, and was thrilled to hear it live. (It was played on her Bosey.)

"Sweet Dreams" was also great. I'd been hoping to hear "Bachelorette," but SD was definitely a more-than-adequate substitute. I was glad she ended the main set with "Josephine," one of my favorites off TVAB.

Not being an Alice Cooper fan, I wasn't familiar with "Only Women Bleed," and leaned down to ask the guy in front of me what it was (guess I could have just waited for the chorus!), since he seemed excited when she started playing it. (Thanks also go to him for leaning over and telling a couple of drunk guys to shut up!) It was the only song of the night I didn't recognize, and I'm looking forward to hearing it as a B-side.

I was happy to hear "Tear in Your Hand," and was even more thrilled when Tori came out for a second encore. I was afraid that due to the seating mix-up and delayed start time, she'd cut her set list short. "1000 Oceans" and "Cool on Your Island" were both beautiful, and "Leather" was a fun, upbeat note to end on.

I really have no complaints about the evening (other than the long, hot wait to be seated!). While I would have liked to have heard "Time," "Siren," and a few dozen other songs, I enjoyed everything she played. Sorry this post isn't full of more specific information, but I'm about to doze off.

Thanks again to Mikewhy and to everybody that has posted in the review threads. It was great to have access to such detailed information as I awaited my turn to see her. G'night!


Review by black_gossamer

i'm replying about the harpsi questions:
i can't remeber before which song she she stopped to talk to us but she said when in cornwall and it rains and rains and rains and rains you make new firends and these are my new firends...referring to the other 2 "pianos" (i don't know there appropriate names) and she said say hi they don't bite...then the whole audience said hi...she was going to go on but someone interupted her and she where's you harpsi and she said what and he repeated it and she says i'm sorry what and he repeates it again and then she said where's my what and the audience shouts harpsi and she says " oh....i'm a singer i'm deaf" then she says well you know the thing about it know when you go on a date with someone and they are like no sauce on my fish and no ice and in my drink and whatever else she says that everyone posted she says well they are like that and i have to convince my crew.....but you'll see it next time and they'll have to deal (i don't recall the band reference at all i can't even think where that might have come up) then she goes into i think black dove and stops in the intro and giggles and says you know i was just thinking that i am that person who doesn't want sauce on my fish and ice in my drink and then goes back into the song

that was my one of my favorite parts of the night and no one was doing it justice i guess i didn't really either but at least mines a little more detailed....i thought the show was absolutely great she played every song i liked could've lived without 1000 oceans but live i could almost have heard anything.....the seating thing was screwed up...i was in flr2 seat 11 and i fealt so bad for the the people in 13 who had been so confused......and i'm sorry that some people didn't like the is one of my favorites....i wish they'd let me run it and we could fix some problems...but what can you do...i like the intamicy and there are almost no bad seats unless you sit in those 2 side sections next to the stage those are sucky.....anyway i'm done you guys have a good rest of your weekend ps sorry for the misspellings i type and think at the same speeds and it messes with my grammer


Review by moz1972

lovesong was played on piano. BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Review by Charissa

Just wanted to let people know that an usher lady said that "Tori had a looong practice" and that's why they were late opening the doors. Which did suck cause people kept trying to go to the front of the line or just trying to merge which wasn't fair to the other people that had been waiting there. I personally had been there for about 2 hours but oh well.

I guess I'll go ahead and make my comments since I'm here.

Well, I had the best seats I've had so far to a Tori show. Fourth row, almost center. It was amazing because I could see every detail of her face and clothes...btw she was wearing this green tank top that had a sheer green long sleeve shirt over it with all this green kinda sparkely things on it that reminded me of ivy or a vine of some sort. It was interesting. And then a black skirt with high slits and a white pants underneath with slits as well. Fishnet hose!! which I adored and awesome black heeled shoes, of course. But I'm getting ahead of myself....

I'm going to mention about all the confusion that went into the seating...if people had just looked at the seating chart on the web or something (like I did) it probably would have helped. Normally, the venue does not have seats on the floor which probably added to the confusion. And this one usher, had long blonde hair, was not helping! He would just tell people "sit here for now" b/c he was too lazy to go show them where they really were supposed to be. grr. Did anyone else notice him?

Anyway, Rufus was so adorable. I really liked him. He told a really funny story about Bea Arthur and how he sees her as a grandmother to him cause he used to watch Golden Girls all the time and his grandmother had passed. And he had a chance to meet her and he told her all this about how he felt and she said "I'm not your fucking grandmother." and walked off. Poor guy.

It wasn't until well after 9:30 that Tori started Bonnie and Clyde. I thought it was interesting how it was done. Very intense for me.

Little Amsterdam...!! I wanted to hear this one and she was really grooving to it. I noticed on the "playing that organ must count for something" she did a sexual symbol on the microphone with her first and middle finger. But it had never occurred to me that organ could also mean a man's. hehe

Take to the Sky...also one I wanted to hear. Got the audience really going. I was almost crying at this point b/c I'm so close and can see her so well. This song was just beautiful and full of energy.

*She asked how we were doing. And how great it is down here. She said they don't want go but they have to. And that some of us should come along in their pocket.

Cloud on my friend had really wanted to hear this. It was just beautiful. I wanted it to last forever. She did gorgeous improv during the "circles" part.

Lovesong...oh god! I wasn't expecting this. And I bawled and bawled. Cause there's a story behind it for's mine and my boyfriend's song, I guess, and he was supposed to be there but couldn't get off work. Oh, of all the songs she could have played...

Sweet Dreams...really wanted to hear this too! It sounds much different live. A lot slower. The 'your house is on fire' part was really intense and beautiful.

Beauty Queen/Horses...I was hoping for these two. They are soooo beautiful and BQ sounds much darker. Horses just amazing...wonderful piano playing.

Not the Red Baron...I wanted this one too! (I know I've been saying that a lot but it's really weird cause it seemed like she was reading my damn mind). Absolutely beautiful. Brought tears. One of my faves.

Spring Haze...such a pretty song. Beautiful piano and Tori really seems to enjoy singing this one. On the "uh-oh" part she looked so playful. It was cute.

*This is where she was introducing her keyboards and talked about the harpsichord which someone already went into detail about it. And there was no mention of the band, btw. It was one of my favourite parts of the evening.

Black Dove...Of course she had to play it! I heard it before with the band live. And it was just as powerful last nite.

Honey...wanted to hear this so bad. It was so amazing. She seemed really into this one b/c she didn't look at us very much. Her eyes were closed most of the time.

Bells for Her...I was so happy she played it. She played on the Whurly. It did have an American flag type design to it. This one was so intense. She got really angry at parts and also teary-eyed.

Me and a Gun...I was pleased with the audience although there was some camera flashes. It was so quiet and my heart was just pounding away. She emphasized the "flat" part and I saw people flinch. Very intense, of course. Before when I've seen her perform this she doesn't get teary-eyed but she did last nite.

Josephine...I did expect this one. And it was really pretty. Very nice way to end after Me and a Gun. It was like she was taking us on the rollercoaster and this song was like a hug.

Encore 1:
Only Women Bleed...I haven't heard the original. I really love this song. Tori seemed much into this song like she was on Honey.

Tear in Your friend had wanted to hear this. And it was really wonderful.

Encore 2:
1000 Oceans...honestly, I didn't want to hear this one. But was still beautiful. And knowing the story behind this song, you can tell she really loves singing it.

Cool on Your Island...I did want to hear something from YKTR and I was really glad to hear this. It was very calming.

Leather...a very odd way to end the show. But I thought it was very appropriate b/c it was such an emotional show. And it was great to end on an upbeat note, especially b/c of all the confusion and irritation before the show.

Okay, I know this is so long. But it was a wonderful show. Oh, btw I saw Mr. Mark at all the engineering stuff as we were leaving.

I can't wait til next time.


Review by delicious dish

I just about peed my panties when she played both "Take to the Sky" ans "Sweet Dreams".
It was amazing.

Lovesong was fab, Black Dove and the Harpsicord story it was the most adorable thing ever. She acted like it was perfectly normal for her to be carrying on a conversation with the kid in the audiance who asked. It was so nice.


Review by jezebelpixie

i thought leather was awesome. everyone was singing along.

it was a great show. i cried during lovesong. as did several of the people around me including my friend.

but the harpsicord story didn't end when she started the song. she played a few notes and said, "you know, i just realized i'm one of those people who don't like sauce with their fish or ice in their drink..." and then went into the song.

bronco bowl has good acoustics, but they over-sold it, most of ga didn't have seats, so they brought in seats from the rest of the building. but during mag, in come the police and firemen with their walike talkies on telling people they aren't allowed to sit in the chairs any more. there was plenty of room. so they stood, and during josephine they forced them to move elsewhere again.

except for the loud crowd, and lack of air flow i thought the show was AMAZING!


Review by shea (sheanight)

I had been ill with strep-throat so I stayed away from the M&G for Tori's sake....but I did make my journey to the show last night and I'm still in heaven and conviced 'Love Song' was for me lol I almost died right then and there when she played it. I think Tori actually liked us and it here in Dallas, she gave us such a special time. I couldn't have ever imagined what treats she had instore. Long and short of it all, as wonderful as it was, Tori seemed comfortable as did the ewfs' and we went somewhere not at all where anyone expected to go, but then again thats why we came in the first place.

PS I didn't have any problem with the bronco bowl other than the seats were too small and bugged my friend sandy....who gives a shit whether or not there was valet parking or someone there to wipe my ta-ta after a piss, I came to see Tori and she was there and that is all that fucking mattered to me....I'm grateful and feel a little lucky to have just been able to be there


Review by jusme

i am just now getting to a computer ... and cant talk for long but holy mary mother of god what a fucking fabulous show!

yeah, yeah ... the parking sucked donkey d!ck and the smoking was just god aweful (chick next to me!!!!), but you know ... it all didnt matter in the end (to me at least)..

i won the RAINN auction and finally picked up the tickets... they were fabulous seats ... and yes, my seats booted out raven oak ... i'm sorry, but they MADE us move, i was completely happy with the seats i had before the move... but anyway ..

my review ...
hello ... lighting on steps please ... i dont know how many times people almost fell down those stupid steps!! it took a good 5 minutes just to get down to the floor.

i sit next to this total bitch ... god she was horrible ... you'd think she'd be excited to be front row almost center, but NOOOOOO ... she's a total cunt! (smoking again ... grr ... people like that piss me off to no end ... if you KNOW you arent supposed to smoke, DONT! its that flipping easy! she just wasnt pleasant at all ... then she starts taking pictures ... WITH FLASH! no, noone can see you ... go ahead take a few more ... and then CLICK CLICK CLICK, advance your film, sure ... you arent bothering anyone ... well, noone but TORI!! and the screaming ... and clapping at inappropriate times during the song ... not even waiting for a "break")

sorry for my mini-tangent, but i just had to do it ...

really ... my take on the show now:
97 B&C until Cloud ... i was getting worried that she would do basically the same set as Toronto (which was a fabulous set, dont get me wrong, but i wanted something different!!) ... then BAM!! Lovesong ... holy &*^% !!!

then only women bleed for the first encore ... and then Tear ... i then completely lost it ... i have been waiting and waiting for this girl to make her appearance and on my final night, she did ... i was literally bawling ... she leaves, comes back ... 1000 Oceans (quickly becoming a fave song of mine) and then Cool On Your Island ... i first heard this in Toronto and fell head over heels in love with it ... it just completed the setlist for me

then leather ... it was good ...

then ... we all stood up to applaude (i suck at spelling, sorry) ... and camera scream girl is once again throwing herself to Tori ... im just calmly clapping and Tori walks up ... and she flipping HUGS ME! from the stage and spoke a few words ... i will hear those for the rest of my life! ... Rick (husband) thought i was goign to pass out ... hell I thought i was going to pass out ... what a phenominal show ... *now crying again, thank you very much* ... the M&G afterwards was just so special ... she was really tired but she took the time to speak to us and picture and sign a couple of things ...

but anyway ...thats about it .... i need to keep a few things private between Tori and I ...

if anyone has a picture of her hugging me (i was wearing a long grey dress), i will trade whatever i have or can get for a copy of that picture ...

by the way, Mikewhy, Tori says hi


Review by ravenoak

My review is as follows:

Originally, Erik and I had 3rd row floor tickets. I had done some promotion for SLG for and was notified on Friday that I got free tickets and should pick them up at the Will Call box office on Saturday. So when we went to pick up those tickets and our backstage passes, we found that the free tickets were front row floor tickets!!!
Around 6 when we were inside waiting for our backstage passes, we listened to Tori soundcheck Love Song.

I will say that while '97 Bonnie & Clyde creeps me out, I enjoyed it live in concert, especially from front row! The poster was very large and right in front of us so it was even more real.

She then played: Little Amsterdam, Take To The Sky, Cloud On My Tongue, Lovesong (which we heard her soundcheck!), Sweet Dreams (this was awesome!), Beauty Queen,
Horses, Not The Red Baron (the lights in this were propellers!), Spring Haze, Black Dove,
Honey, Bells For Her, Me and a Gun (which wasn't as intense as Houston), Josephine, 1st Encore: Only Women Bleed (which was just perfect!), Tear In Your Hand 2nd Encore:
1000 Oceans (which replaced Siren on the setlist ), Cool On Your Island (which I asked for!), and Leather

She had a late start because something happened today. Tori didn't soundcheck til around 6 and Rufus didn't until 7:10! Bronco Bowl was then so rushed that after Rufus, they realized that the floor sections (1 & 2) were missing seats so they had to bring more out and move everyone. It was a mess which had Tori starting 30 minutes late. Also, even though the website seating chart has seats one on the outside of the section (on the right side of floor one), Bronco Bowl insisted after Rufus that we were all wrong and so were they in telling us to sit where we did. #1 apparently started in the middle so I went from middle front row to end front row. I was still happy though-- I was front row! She was very pissed off when she finally took the stage. Bronco Bowl really fucked up.

Considering the mess up, it was a great show! I really enjoyed it. I have never had better than 30th row before this tour so having front row was quite an experience for me.

After the show, we sat with 15 others who had backstage passes. We (Erik and I) were taken downstairs and then into Tori's dressing room. When we got to the door, her assisstant (Nat?) said, "She's asleep now." There were screens up in a corner of the room blocking it off and Tori was wearing what looked to both of us like a breast-feeding shirt. We smelled baby powder and think Tash was sleeping behind the screens. Tori's shirt was rumpled and she looked like she had just finished feeding Tash and putting her to bed. It was cute. She didn't hug anyone really either-- maybe because she thought she might leak on them or her breasts hurt? I have no idea. Just speculating there. She was really, really exhausted so instead of one by one, they brought 8 of us in at a time and we stood there in line until it was our turn to talk to her, etc. I walked in the door first and stopped for a moment. She was right there and what I needed to say was a reality. Joel pushed me forward and said, "Come on, you can do it!" lol!

So I walked up to Tori and she said, "Hi and who are you?" Me: "Raven."
Then I told her this:

In 1996, you were here at the Bronco Bowl and I met you for the first time. You said something to me that was really important. You told me that I would see you again when I was ready. It took me a long time to figure out what that meant. I knew what I thought it meant and that got me through a lot of hard things. I dealt with a lot and healed a lot. You saw strength in me I didn't. That gave me the strength I needed to find me. So in trying to heal, I wrote a poetry book and a CD. Both are being sold now to donate to RAINN. You help so many and I want to too. It was a healing process and I wanted you to have a copy of both.
I gave her a copy of my book and CD. She took them and looked at them. She turned to Nat and said, "Make sure we don't lose these, I want to make sure I read them both." She turned to me and said that RAINN was very important and thank you. She then said "I will read both of them, I promise." She put the book and CD on her filing cabinet with something else.

I then said: "I also run the Texas ToriFest and a couple of years ago we gave you a ToriFest binder. I don't know if you remember . . . ."
Tori: "Oh, I remember you guys!"
Me: "Well, we made you another binder to get you up to date!" I gave her the new ToriFest binder which she took and started flipping through it.
She found the page on the Toriopoly game and said, "Look Joel! It's fun and games!" She pointed the board game out to him and he looked at it with great interest. She pointed to the Cool on Your Island Vinyl game card (instead of the railroad property card) and said, "Oh, how does this one work?" and I said, "It's like the railroads." She looked confused. I wonder how long it's been since she's played monopoly, lol.
She then said: "You guys have such creativity!"
She then found the picture of the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake and said: "Mmmmmmmmm.... Was it good?"
Joel stood near us and looked at the binder with her.
She then looked at Erik and said, "And who is this?"
I said: "This is my boyfried. He's everything to me."
Tori: "Isn't it nice to be everything?" She was so serious when she said it and Erik says he didn't know what to say. What could he say to follow that? She looked him in the eyes when she said it and I know it meant a lot to him as well.
I then asked her for a favor. I asked if we could have a picture taken with her. She said, "Of course!" So all three of us had our picture taken which is below or attached.
After the picture, Joel said, "Don't you want anything autographed?"
I said: "I don't want to take up too much time so--"
Joel interupted and said: "No problem."
I tentatively held out my Precious Things promo CD and tori said: "Don't you have the thing! I don't even have that!"
Erik: "Maybe we should hook you up!"
Tori: "Well, I'm sure my dad has it-- he has all kinds of things!" She smiled and signed it.
I said thank you and she said, "I will read your stuff." and smiled at me very reassuringly.
We then left.
I will never forget that.

I can't even explain how happy I really am right now.


Review by Halah01

For those of you with Shoe Fetishes, Tori had on some great pointy toe patent heels. She had on Fishnets those cool pants where one layer was slit up to her hip then these light colored pants with little pin stripes slit to her thigh and a Green gauzy shirt. I got a good look at it when she came to the edge of the stage and hugged the girl next to me. I was in such shock to be that close that I didn't even reach out to touch her I just stared at her legs

Everything sounded great. She made a funny 'jerking-off' like motion on her microphone during the line 'playing that organ must count for something'

I love watching her movements and facial expressions and they were great that night.

'Only Women Bleed' was really amazing. I liked it much better after hearing it live. I feel like she sings it kind of sarcasticaly since I assume she's happily married and it's kind of about being unhappy with a guy.

There are great reviews already so I won't keep repeating everything! Great Show!


Review by melody

the girl next to me was awful as well. she started to sing many of the songs, but fortunately she would stop for a while when I shot her the "you MUST be kidding me" look. She also jumped up and had to go somewhere during the show, but I wasn't annoyed that she climbed over me only because I knew that at least for one song, I wouldn't have to deal with her trying to sing. She also screamed during the songs.

My mother lives about ten minutes from the scary Bronco Bowl, so I knew my way around there, but I didn't know of another place (especially a safe one) to park, and I'm also pissed that it was $7 - also, the lot wasn't even paved well. There was grass growing in it and there was broken glass everywhere. I could only see Tori one time on this tour, and I'm glad we got such a good show. I like how she mixed up the setlist so we got a few from most albums - I saw Melissa Ferrick on Friday night and while it was a great show, I was a little disappointed that 3/4 of the songs were from the two most recent albums.

yes, I know that's the point of touring. but still. anyway, tori's show was amazing and I'm really looking forward to the harpsichord for next time.


Review by Holly (Purplegypsy)

I just got home to Auburn, and I'm exhausted...but I wanted to put up a few opinions. First of all, when she started the was so SEXY!

I don't really know how to explain but I think she played amsterdam and Honey and cloud on my tounge toward the begining. And she did the microphone thing during amsterdam and she kept touching herself through all of them and it just seemed like she was dripping sex. Anyway, I thought they were really cool...

As the show went on, though the intensity seemed to fade...I mean it was still increadible cause it was Tori, but I know I was distracted by the 6 million flashes that went off every time it was kind of dark and all the people who KEPT getting up and walking all the way down the rows only to stand in the aisles and TALK through entire songs (like M&a G and THE ENTIRE FIRST ENCORE)...In case you can't tell, the crowd really pissed me off, but the set list was great and I spent the first half of the show going "OH MY GOD!" at the beginning of every song and then crying through them all...


Review by SpiderD

The show was dark...I liked it. Not many of my favorites were played..."tear in my hand" was good and it is not the bastard song on Little Earthquakes...someone said I said that. I really wished she would have played Putting the Damage On or Girl or Hey Jupiter or God. I think I liked Honey the most.

Real quick...there was this girl in the lower section G in row A I think...maybe B. She was freaking dancing to every song and like pulling her hair out. It made me laugh, but it was distracting as hell. Her boyfriend was with her. I can only imagine the humiliation. I would have sawed off my own leg to get out of there. I have never seen interpretive dancing quite like that. It was insane. Acting out like that in public is ridiculous. Have some control.

Oh yeah, there was an another uncomfortable moment...when Tori sang "Me and a Gun." Rare, but chilling nontheless.


Review by delicious dish

already been said, but hey....

Rufus came on and he played :

In My Arms
Grey Gardens
Greek Song (I cried !~)
The song from Moulin Rouge

and others, but I'm drawing a blank. It was wonderful. I was so so close to the stage, and I could see and hear everything he said just perfectly. He was so sweet. After, I went back to the autograph table, and I met him!~ I shook his hand, and he signed my CD insert and a nice boy took my picture with him and my address so he can mail it to me. It was very excited and I was shaking like a leaf and dizzy as I went back to my chair. There was a bit of a wait before Tori came on as there were some seating problems on the floor area. Eventually, the curtain rose and behind it was another curtain, perforated with holes throughout, and Tori did the "Bonnie and Clyde 97" from behind that curtain somewhere. It was very creepy. Then that curtain fell and there was the piano, a Wurlitzer, and another keyboard. Tori came out, and bowed to us, then went down and started playing.

Little Amsterdam- I was very excited when she began this song. I have been listening to it a lot lately and it was very powerful and I just started to shake again. I just could not believe that she was real, and so very close and singing to me.

Take to the Sky- Also a song I have been listening a lot to!~ The lights on this one were amazing. They were blue and when Tori sang "You're house is on fire" they looked like red orange flames lighting up the backdrop.

Cloud on My Tongue- She was very emotional during "Circles and circles and circles again. Beautiful

Lovesong (by the Cure)- !!!!! Oh my goodness, I almost wet my pants I was so excited to hear her play this and it was so amazing and wonderful!~

Sweet Dreams- One of my favorites, and as it is on the Winter EP with Take to The Sky, I was very excited and suprised to hear it.

Beauty Queen / Horses- Amazing. Just very powerful and clean sounding.

Not the Red Baron- Not one of my favorite songs, but very very good live. The lights on the backdrop were propellers

Spring Haze- My least favorite song of the night, but wonderful nonetheless.

At this point Tori said "I would like you to meet my new friends" in reference to the new keyboard and the Wurlitzer. "They won't bite". Then Someone in the front few rows asked her something and she said "What? Do I what?" and they asked again "What? Do I still play my what?" then a whole group of people in the front yelled "Do you still play your Harpsichord?!?!" and she laughed and said "Oh. Do I play the harpsichord? I'm a musician, I'm deaf." "Yeah I do." "Let me just tell you, you know, have you ever been out with one of those people who is like 'I can't have my sauce on my fish, and I can't have ice in my tea, and it's all gotta be this way or whatever?" "The harpsichord is like that. Very....delicate...and the crew don't like her, but I tell you what, next time....they are just going to have to get over it. Then she played the opening cords to "Black Dove", and then she stopped and laughed and said "Yeah, I'm one of those people that can't have their sauce on their fish...ha ha ha..." and then she played Black Dove again.

Honey- I'm getting, so I'm going to try to just type the setlist for now...

Bells for Her - on the Wurlitzer and very powerful, she seemed almost angry.

Me and a Gun

Josephine - One of my all time favorites!~ Amazing!~ I was so so happy to hear this!~

First Encore : Only women Bleed - new song, b-side on the yet to be released "Strange Little Girl" single, absolutely brilliant.

Tear in Your Hand

Second Encore : 1,000 Oceans
Cool on your Island-!!!!!!!!!! Off Y Kant Tori Read! I almost died! It was so very amazing to be there when she sang this. I could hardly breathe.

Leather- One of my other all time favorite Tori songs, and a great way to end the night.

And then I went home. It was amazing.


Review by leaf

Ok, gimme some comfort here. I requested Siren at the M&G, and she wrote it on her hand-....but didn't do it.
At least it was on the setlist.. I guess she intended on it.

The show was so wonderful, and my last of the tour.

I thought it was definately the best so far. The lights were great, the sound was great, her voice was extra powerful, and she seemed really into it. She even grabbed her own ass during a song, (think Little Amsterdam) .



Review by Lanna (lannachi)

Wow, let me start with wow. I haven't seen her on tour since 96 and i am very very very very very pleased with this concert. I don't think she will play Bronco Bowl again after what went on Saturday, but still an awesome performance. We were standing in the back for Rufus, hoping for lights to help us find our seats.

Then there was the long wait for Tori, that was annoying. But her performance was awesome. Only thing I wished she would have played is Voodoo, I would love to hear her live. The lighting was beautiful, and I am amused with the smallest details, like in Sweet Dreams "Land land of liberty we're running from a constipated man". I laughed.

The most annoying part of the show were the people sitting behind me. They were from Oklahoma by my best guess (mentioning seeing Hole in Tulsa), which makes me think, crap these kids are at every show I will ever see. They were coming up with random shit to have Tori sign, like some book (not Tori related) they were trying to find the perfect quote to have Tori sign, or one girl's tampon. They left before the first encore to go to the nighttime meet & greet.


Review by Tony (StrangestLittle)

Meanwhile, my own little review-

B&C-I've always liked it; The version she sings definitely isn't the identical one on the CD; but is it just a recorded "live" version played every night or does she actually sing it there?

Little Amsterdam-I got excited 'cause it was a Pele song...Pele's what got me hooked and is my fave (along with choirgirl).

etc...Lovesong-I was like, "hmm...I don't know this one" when she played the first notes, and I turned to my sis and said, "Why are they so excited?" then the melody sunk in my head and I was like "Oh, lovesong by the cure.." "Oh my gosh! LOVESONG! She hasn't done this yet!" I'm surprised tori didn't hear me from the stage.

Honey rocked...So did Sweet Dreams. Bells for Her was creepy and beautiful. I'm pissed she nixed siren for 1000 oceans. I was hoping for Juarez. But the show was amazing and I'm happy she played us some rare ones.

I felt it lacked the intensity of Dallas '99 at Starplex. But I'm partial to tori with the band. And that setlist was perfect. Also, the lighting wasn't as nice. The background didn't have an important role like the foil plates did.
But this was definitely an amazing show...I'm not complaining about her performance at all.

Oh, and someone had said that they thought Tori liked us 'cause she played so many non-hits and rarities. I think she probably just knows that Tori fans from Dallas (at least the real fans, not those "I liked little earthquakes 'cause it spoke to me..but everything else sucks" people) never hear her on the radio. So if you're at her show, it's because you know EVERYTHING and aren't just there for the singles. Not that fans from elsewhere aren't die hard, too. But I mean, she gets zero play here, so it's a wonder she has one fan. That is my theory.

But damn good show. Oh, and I liked Rufus for the most part, but his slow songs sounded too similar to eachother. But does anyone know the order of the songs? I only knew California. I loved the first one he did! It had a nice little beat to it.


Review by BottledErotica

hooolllly shit.

amsterdam.. very pleasent opener

TAKE TO THE SKY!!! i was so hoping i would hear this, this tour.. and tada! it was wonderful. i couldve done without the few clappers tho. heh

LOVE SONG! i about died. rachel and I got our song!!
it was rumoured to be soundchecked.. so i was verrry nervous and excited about it. i hate to be loud @ tori but i did scream (quietly when she started it

sweeet dreams... i was also hoping to hear this one too.. the fire part was fucking amazing. i LOVE it solo.. my god (i got all my winter bees!!! )

BQ/ horses was extra special tonight.. and when red baron followed i was dumbstruck. the 3 songs fit so perfectly together (there was a pause between them, you know what i mean!)... things were perfect

spring haze is always a delight. im not a HUGE fan of the song itself.. but i adore it solo so it was verrry nice

she played black dove which i heard in Houston.. but it was more than ok.. i simply adore this version of it. it was a total crowd pleaser.. of course

HONEY! fucking beautiful... but then..

bells for her... it is one of my least favorite tori songs... i love it on the harpsi.. but this performance.. oh m god.. it was probably my favorite bit of the show. she did it on the rhodes and she totally kicked ass. it was a very moving emotional performance.. her facial expressions were just CHILLING. i nearly died. total climax of the show.

cel phones during me and a gun of course.. and i had to be right in front of the light guy (loudness), but an intense performance... not as powerful as the other texas shows tho

josephine.. along with spring haze this is my other least favorite venus track.. but i love it solo, so it was pleasing

only women bleed.. VERY nice. i was shocked to hear this. beautiful.

tear in your hand was gorgeous.. i was hoping she would play it at one of my shows.

oceans.. (yes all 3 of my least favorite venus songs showed up tonight!), was nice to hear. the new arrangment it very nice, and i didnt mind hearing it at all.. although i almost puked when i found out it was replaced with SIREN!! (siren would have made my night complete..)

but that was ok because she fucking did ISLAND!
i think raven asked for this.. and im glad she did.
i really really really wanted to hear some YKTR this tour and im glad she did island. it was extraordinary. i heard alot of people in the crowd saying 'what is this? i love this song!?!'.. it was cute.

leather was an OK opener.. i dont hate the song.. but the drunk people next to me were singing along and it ruined it.

all in all.. this was the PERFECT show. a great closing to my texas adventures.
oh.. and the M&G was CRAZY.. the worst ive ever been to, very chaotic.. but i met more great people who made it all the while.

oh and i have to note that before the show, rachel and I were walking around her car.. where the meet and greet was and we saw tashas car seat!

i think we just missed tash. it was in the black car she arrived at the meet and greet in and some guy with a suit was hanging around. it was a cute moment. i was freaking.. cause i am lame.. i had to mention it!


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