Minneapolis, MN
October 21, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Minneapolis, MN on October 21, 2001 at the Orpheum Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Josh for giving me the set list on the phone. Thanks also to Matt Miller who was the first to email me the set list.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Take To The Sky
Putting The Damage On
Beauty Queen
I Don't Like Mondays
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Purple People
Upside Down

2nd Encore:
Space Dog
Famous Blue Raincoat
1000 Oceans


Latest reviews are added to the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the Tori Concert Reviews Forum for reviews as well!

From Josh & Danica

Added October 22, 2001 - Josh and Danica called me on Josh's cell phone after the show. Tori was very "on" tonight, especially during the first 5 songs or so. She was very intense, to the point where she was drooling like crazy during Sugar. Tori was also very sassy tonight.

During Bonnie & Clyde, there was no lighting behind the curtain and you could see people scrambling in the back to try to fix it. Once they did, everyone cheered. Tori told her diaper story before Sugar and at one point made the following statement about herself, "Mommy, not a Goddess." During Leather, she stopped at the line, "I can scream as loud as your last one," and raised her hand and everyone screamed! Tori stopped during Concertina because she was distracted by people trying to find their seats. She very nicely asked if they needed help finding their seats, and then she started the song again.

When Tori sang Space Dog, she sang both verses of the song's backup vocals, which she has not done in a long while. She forgot the words to Upside Down, which was very funny. Before Space Dog, Tori said something to the effect of, "I've gotten this letter several times saying I'm a big time fag in a small town, and this is my song."

Finally, what she sang matched the official set list, except that her set list had Baker Baker on it, but she performed 1000 Oceans instead.

From the Star Tribune newspaper

Added October 23, 2001 - Jeff Green and Beth alerted me to a review of the show that appeared in the October 22, 2001 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. You can read the review below or at the Star Tribune web site.

Concert review: Is Tori good? You bet your life she is

Jon Bream
Star Tribune

The Vikings' victory over the Green Bay Packers was terrific tonic for the masses Sunday, and Tori Amos' sold-out concert a few hours later at the Historic Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis was great group therapy for her faithful.

To generalize, her audience is the sensitive type, mostly 20-something women who read novels and write in diaries and are less likely to listen to commercial radio and wear Vikings paraphernalia. But Amos' audience cheered just as loudly for its heroine as the Vikings fans cheered for their heroes. They went just as wild for such favorite songs as "Leather" and "Winter" as Vikings followers did when Cris Carter and Kailee Wong scored touchdowns.

Working by herself with just a grand and an electric piano, Amos gave a cathartic, spellbinding 1 3/4-hour performance.

Amos, 38, is a modern-day flower child who sings deeply personal songs about Big Subjects such as religion and rape. Musically, she sounds like the product of a secret society whose members were Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Ani DiFranco, Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and Mozart.

Ironically, rock's most ambitious piano woman started the concert sans piano, but she did tackle a Big Subject. Accompanied by ominous recorded chamber strings, she recited her version of Eminem's "97 Bonnie and Clyde," a tale of how a man killed his wife and dumped her in a lake, witnessed by the couple's young daughter. Amos recast the song, taking the role of the mom in heaven explaining the situation to her daughter. It was creepy and powerful.

That piece, like Amos' originals, was inhabited by disparate personalities who can come and go as quickly as she can change her voice from a whisper to a scream or her musical style from ornate classical to Southern blues. Her singing was as intense and demanding as her piano playing. Despite her ambitiousness, there was a certain repetitiveness to her style. More material from her new CD, "Strange Little Girls," a collection of songs written by men, could have provided variety.

Lloyd Cole's longing "Rattlesnakes" and Boomtown Rats' sad, emotionally blank "I Don't Like Mondays" helped alter the textures, structures and dynamics without departing from the themes in Amos' own material. Her own songs stirred the worshipful fans, most notably the German cabaret-style "Leather," the lullaby-like "Winter," the swirling 'Concertina," the a cappella "Me and a Gun" and the involving "Crucify," the night's high point. Saying that Amos didn't perform "Cornflake Girl," the closest thing she's had to a hit, is like complaining that Randy Moss didn't score a touchdown in the Vikings' win.

Opening the concert was Rufus Wainwright, whose smart-aleck/sourpuss banter was as entertaining as his theatrical parlor pop.

From Jennifer

Added October 23, 2001 - last night i went to her concert at the orpheum in mpls. i also will beİseeing her in seattle. i had a few comments/observations to share. first, im new to thisİ" fan" thing . ive never had such complete and utter joyİwhen musician/performer/writer until tori.İi am a 34 year old middle class, suburban living ,mother/wife/flight attendant (and come to find i can play the piano better every day thanks to her.) iİwas a bit surprised at the average age of the people İat the concert in minneapolis. my husband was the oldest at 42 as far as i could tell. anyway i read the review from josh and danica and re:the people trying to find their seat, i sensed a little sarcasm from tori (rightfully so) because she was so distracted. these people had 2nd row seats and showed up in theİmiddle of the İ6th song! i would have paid alot to have been there for that long.maybe circumstances out of their control, but what a shame. and i also noticed her beautiful black classic dressy ensemble she wore. i couldn't help but think it was because of the exquisite theater.she maybe dressed up a bit. and i was also pleased to see her pale blue tour busses a subtle reminder of her world! i think her voice andİun matched talent is worth the world. i hope you appreciate an "out of the ordinary" fan's perspective.

From maggie

Added October 30, 2001 - my name is maggie and im a tori fan that lives in duluth. recently i attended the show in minneapolis ( it was great) but wanted to bring up my concerns. i dont think people should be taking pictures at the show. the flashes were extremely distracting and i noticed that before the first encore when tori walked off, people started snapping pictures and she put her hands over her face and then made a hand gesturing that kinda said "knock it off its annoying" .(you know, the whole crossing hands over eachother over and over thing)....i understand it completely as well......if they werent using flashes it would be a diff story, but i really thought she was bothered by it...and so were the fans sitting by me! just wanted to express my concerns! thanks

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press

Added November 1, 2001 - Chris Goede sent me a link to a review of the Minneapolis show that appeared in the October 23, 2001 edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper. Read it at or below.

Who: Tori Amos

-- When: Sunday night

-- Where: Orpheum Theatre, Mpls.

-- Capsule: Intense, but not impulsive

Mature Tori Amos gives fans intense evening


Special to the Pioneer Press

Before even showing her face, Tori Amos was commanding attention Sunday night at the Orpheum Theatre.

The sellout crowd sat in the dark, staring silently at the slashed black curtain that hung in front of the stage, as Amos' familiar voice crept into the auditorium in a slow whisper, forming the words to Eminem's " '97 Bonnie & Clyde" from backstage.

The song is one of the 12 covers in the musician's new release, "Strange Little Girls." With lyrics gleefully depicting a man taking his young daughter to dispose of her mother's bloody corpse, it is seemingly the most out-of-character choice for Amos, who has made a career out of empowering women with her music. Yet by stripping it down and setting it to piano, Amos has turned the pop song on itself and its creator, exposing the hate by simply allowing the words to speak for themselves.

As an opening number, the song set the stage for an intense evening, and Amos did not disappoint.

Strolling onstage amid shrieks from the audience, Amos did not hesitate in making the transition from haunting to sexy. Straddling her piano bench, she placed one hand on the grand piano to her left and the other on the organ at her right and started into "Little Amsterdam," a slinky track from her 1996 album, "Boys for Pele."

Writhing in her seat, Amos' trademark red locks swung wildly as she soared effortlessly through tracks that spanned all six of her albums.

While it was refreshing to see the musician performing without the backing band that has accompanied her on the past few tours, there was no mistaking Amos for the same woman she was earlier in her career. The young musician who often made jokes, took requests from the crowd and performed in blue jeans has been replaced by a more mature artist with a firm set list, elaborate lighting designs and an elegant black suit.

Although her music has not suffered through this evolution, the spark of her live show has. Moving from one song to the next with rehearsed precision, Amos took little time out to interact with her fans, often leaving only seconds between numbers for applause. Her set list, too, was less accommodating to diehard fans, offering only three songs from her classic first album, "Little Earthquakes," one of them entirely reworked.

Still, no matter how well-planned the set lists and even the two (yes, two) encores were, Amos' sheer emotive force and unwavering passion remained unmatched. And as long as that's a constant, her fans are likely to follow her through as many twists and turns as she cares to take.

Rufus Wainwright turned in a lackluster performance as the opening act. Trying to endear rather than impress, the young singer/songwriter filled his set with senseless anecdotes and tunes about the inconsequence of our actions.

Katharine Kelly is a Twin Cities free-lance writer.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by easterkat

An absolutely amazing show. She was energetic as usual and her playing was spot-on. Not to mention her voice...she sang like an angel. Perhaps I'm biased...I guess she always sounds good to me. :-)

And Rufus Wainwright is a great opener for Tori! It'd be interesting to hear the two of them duet on something. I dunno what, though.


Review by RattlesnakeBlue

This is my fifth concert. This is the first concert that the rush of emotion brought me to tears instantly. I cried almost the entire way through. I am not Miss Waterworks usually.

Cooling broke my heart as always. I had not seen Winter done that beautifully EVER! Crucify had me guessing until she finally hit the chords. To hear Leather was like lounging with your best friend from 8th grade! The theatre was gorgeous and the whole room felt 'cozy' almost intimate. Tori didn't talk a lot.

The set was almost perfect, although I would have rather heard Thank You at the end - that would have topped it. Although 1000 Oceans was appropriate bc I had been bawling the whole time.

This concert was quiet too which was nice. Not a lot of people singing in your ear (hardly any) and during Me& a Gun it was totally silent.

I am 22, but I noticed a TON - about 60% of the crowd was high school. I almost felt old - lol. However, LE songs got the most screaming over all.

She didn't play a lot from UTP. That was nice bc the other concerts I had been to were saturated with it. I wrote the set list down on a card, ran out of room and had to use my arm, but someone else got it in (figured they would but wanted to help if I could).

The lighting was done VERY well. It kept you very interested. I have not found yet who the opening guy was - but I knew as soon as he started singing he was the same voice from the Moulin Rouge sdtrk. I loved that movie. Sure enough he sang the song from it and I just giggled to myself. I still don't know his name yet.

It's 2 am and I'm so wired. This is by far the best concert I have ever seen and I'm soooo envious of Mikewhy and ANYONE who saw any shows during the LE & Dew Drop Inn tours. It must have been amazing and intimate like tonight - even more so.

Tori is such a goddess, although she did make the comment of "mommy - not goddess" (check reviews on dent for specific wording of that).

*hugs* to you all - I love Tori fans. We're gorgeous, eclectic, typically well-spoken and polite people. And dammit - we're interesting ! (Most people can be if they try)


Review by jenkraze

The show was awesome considering it's the only one I'm able to go to!

I was able to meet Tori for the 1st time by pure luck I tell you! It was amazing....I also was crying pretty much throughout the whole concert.

Tori was just so powerful tonight.

It opened w/97 Bonnie & CLyde with way awesome stage props (curtain w/holes on it and light shone through it) and the pic of her on it

Ok this is all I'm going to write b/c it's 3 and I just got home.

I was kind of shy, I saw a handful of people from here..but I didn't want to run up and be like "are you so and so?" I"m Jenkraze/Jenni! Maybe next time I'll be more outgoing


Review by Wallaby

I do want to say that this is by far the best Tori show I've ever been to, and she looked absolutely stunning. She looks better than I've ever seen her. She was absolutely ON tonight and I was in utter awe of her.

Space Dog. Yummy!


Review by Dani (LadyDanelle)

thats all I can say about it.

This was my second time seeing Tori...and since the first was the 51/2 weeks tour....I was absolutely amazed..

As people have said...she was really on last night....Her energy just seemed to fill the room. The lighting really added to that....the set list was great...I was excited to see so many of the LE girls come out to play. Leather was great! she is too cute when she sings that song. And having the audience scream just added to the fun.

Damage was beautiful....she really picked a good night to come out. Space Dog was added at the meet and greet...the boy who wrote the letter ((big time fag small time town)) was there and asked if she was coming out...and she congrats to him...

And I was personally excited to hear Purple that song....and 1000 oceans made me cry....glad to see I was not alone
Magic....thats what it was....


Review by Simone

Seeing Tori is always such a shock. In a good way, obviously. She has such a presence! When she walked on stage last night, she looked six feet tall to me. She has so much confidence and assurance in her own skin. Just another way in which she's a great example.

The show was a delight. I was actually a bit sorry that there wasn't more from UtP, but I was glad for all the Pele. Maybe *someday* I'll see her perform Yes Anastasia... Famous Blue Raincoat is really an amazing song, I wasn't prepared to be so stunned by it. Concertina was a nice surprise. And the fact that she opened with Little Amsterdam blew me away.

I finally figured out why 97 Bonnie & Clyde is performed so breathily, even for her: she wants the song to sound like one long death-rattle. I found myself thinking of decaying swamps and -- ack, it was really evocative!! Violence against women is always a "sad" subject, but rarely is it "totally fucking scary." She brought a new dimension to it.


Review by lilmasochist

Last night was my first live Tori experience.

The M&G was controlled chaos as I hear it usually is... All the 60 or so people were waiting on one side of the tour bus, when all of a sudden they said "WALK" over to the other side of this building, where the barracades were, so everything got screwed-up with the order of who was here first, etc... When Tori came out, she seemed really happy to talk to people, but not anxious to meet a lot of people. It was interesting that she KNOWS people in the crowd to me. I never understood what it was about this that annoyed me, but now I do. Let other people say thank you to their idol... I hate selfishness! I saw Tori from about 20 feet away, and I was honestly ok with that.... I wanted to meet her, and have her sign my Pele book, but you know... the experience was cool.

The concert was fabulous.... Some of the highlights for me were 97 B&C... even though I typically skip this song on SLG... I cried, it was a powerful opener. Cooling was gorgeous, but very typical. I was not so thrilled to see crucify pop-up, and wasnt sure what it was at first.. she did a different intro than ones I am accustomed to.... But the ending had me WRITHING! I never have much gotten into Crucify, but damn... she looked like she was making love to the piano bench, and the balls behind her voice, and watching her hands.... WHOAH! UINBELIEVABLE! Crucify Knocked me on my ass!

I was totally shocked and thrilled to hear Purple People! It was one that I expected the least, but I LOVE that song... It was so cool, and somehow felt approapriate to the evening/venue/city. Cant really explain that one.

Finally Spacedog was PHENOMENAL! She played the bass line an octave lower, and so it all kind of ran together more, this made the song sort of undulate differently. The intro to Spacedog I had never heard before... I had no idea what it was, maybe it was the backup vocals layed-out first, Im speculating here(anyone know?), but it was fabulous, and I was totally unsure of what was going on until I heard "way to go, Mr. Microphone....". This was probably the best part of my day.

It was so cute when she stopped in the middle of concertina, just before the second or third chorus... She was just like.... Lemme help you guys out here, let me find your seats. What are your names? OK. Are we ok now? Allright. (paraphrasing) And then she started again... I think that she was really annoyed with it, as they were right in the front, and that she was definetly bneing sarcastic... You should have seen the usher run, though... LMFAO!
When she forgot the words to Upside Down it was SO CUTE! She just smiled and had this look on her face like (SHIT!) It was adorable. Overall tori was fabulous, and although it was not my ideal perfect world, cream my droors setlist, it was a great selection of songs, which passed unbelievably fast. I was mesmerized.
LOVE her!


Review by CrucifiedK8

ok, yesterday was one of the best days. i have never been to a tori concert and it was more then i could ask for. the set list was wonderful tori was a lot of fun last night. i like how she just stoped the show and asked those 2 girls if they need help finding their seats! i can't imagine ever being disappointed in a live tori show...she is so full of energy.

i was suprised at how nice everyone was at the m&g. i do wish they would shuff people in and out, but still everyone was passing stuff up and trying to get things signed for others. like i had a cornflake box and they thought it was a gift. everyone around me tried to help me get it signed and tori did sign it

she, not suprisingly, is so nice. she was talking to people, trying to get everything signed.

i am crossing my fingers tori will be out on tour again soon. i knew i would love it, but i didnt' know it would be this touching and wonderful!!!

i have been left with a big grin on my face that i think i will have forever when i think of tori and the show


Review by youwerewild

The show was great, but the sound in that place was really bad, imo. I liked Rufus but I couldn't enjoy him because of the horrible sound! His guitar didn't sound good at all, everything was much too loud.

Oh yeah and Neil Gaimain was at the meet and greet, I'm suprised no one mentioned that already. I thought that was cool.

The show was great, great crowd, etc. Wish the sound would have been better, though...


Review by Ranazen

Great show. I am actually hoping I didn't get my new job so I can go to the show in Vancouver. Maybe. If funds allow.

It was meeting such interesting people. Some of you whose names I recognize. Elasia, it was a pleasant suprise seeing ya there!

Others I recognize through name and got to meet, people like Josh, Imagine, Canodiva1 and Rita Hayworth. Damnit there are more of you but I can't remember your names.
I felt a little more talkative with people this show than I was at the 5 1/2 week tour in Toronto. I am glad I got a chance to talk to some very cool people.

As for the show, it was beautiful. I loved how tori played Upside Down and Take to the Sky, especially how she used the side of the piano as a drum... she's so cute.

I loved how she forgot the words to Upside Down... it was damn funny.

Me and a Gun still packed an emotional punch. You could feel the intensity, averyone seemed to hold their breath.

Leather,, always will be beautifull to me.

Bonnie and Clyde.... What an entrance!

I was suprised to hear Beauty Queen.. very pleasantly suprised.


Review by Imagine

everyone I met was really really cool! it was nice to put faces with names... I wish more people had said hi though. there were evidently quite a few forums people who were shy I don't bite, I promise! I'm damn shy myself, which is why i don't tend to introduce myself to people on my own. but if you talk to me, i'm not a bitch lol. Elasia, Danica, Dor, and everyone else, were all so great! and of course Lindsey and Josh! I miss everyone already!

I just got home tonight at like, 8:45. I stayed over an extra day, because i was really sore and tired from sunday, and driving home would have just been bad. i really should not have been out there all day because of my health, but i'll be damned if it wasn't worth it to see such great people. And I DID get to meet Tori after the show! I passed on a message from a mutual friend of ours who was unable to see her this tour, and I had her sign a cd for my "little sister" type person. she was so gracious, and she like, tickled my hand lol. It was my first time meeting her, and it was so wonderful! I get tears every time i think about it! I just really wish I could have met her at the first meet and greet so I could have taken some pictures. that hill made me too short that i couldn't even just hoist my camera over anyone's head to take pics. I just hope she got the letter I passed up at the pre-show. I couldn't see a thing!

it was such a beautiful show... I had hoped she'd play CaLS or Liquid Diamonds... but Space Dog w/ the Andromeda intro is probably my favourite thing done live, so I'm so totally happy with the setlist! Sugar was incredible as well! and Upside Down is another favourite... it was so cute when she clapped her hands over her head when she forgot the words!

those guys were over on the left side, by the stacks, like directly in front of us. and josh and I were both sitting there thinking, "she's gonna stop any moment now," because they were rather visible. it was cute and humourous though! i love how she picked up just right where she left off lol. Concertina was gorgeous anyway.

it's good to be home, but like always, i didn't want it to end!


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