Grand Rapids, MI
October 17, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Grand Rapids, MI on October 17, 2001 at DeVos Hall during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Danica for giving me the set list on the phone.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Famous Blue Raincoat
Yes Anastasia
Silent All These Years
Jackie's Strength
Playboy Mommy
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Not The Red Baron

2nd Encore:


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From Danica

Added October 18, 2001 - Danica called me after the show. Tori debuted two new songs for the tour tonight. The first was Famous Blue Raincoat and the other was Bachelorette, which was a huge and amazing surprise. During the show someone yelled out that they wanted to have Tori's children. Tori then started to talk about how they would have to drink lots of water and eat lots of fish, and that she would spare him because she did not want him to lose his fabulous figure. (Or something like that.) Someone requested Baltimore during the show and she refused, but she did sing "So I sing you asleep, after the loving" right before beginning Jackie's Strength. Tori had I Don't Like Mondays and Tear In Your Hand on the official written set list, but did not perform those songs.

From Richard Handal

Added Oct 18, 2001 - The show started at 8:47PM and ended at 10:23. Bachelorette stunned everyone in the audience tonight. Tori seems to enjoy knocking the audience for a loop with surprising songs during this tour. After Concertina, there were many shouted requests from the audience. It seemed to remind Tori of her days playing in the bars, and she was moved to sing a line from Engelbert Humperdinck's After The Loving before launching into Jackie's Strength. Tori was extremely relaxed, which has been a hallmark of this tour. She is very much on top of her playing, and has been wonderful to see perform. At times Tori was blatantly waving to someone offstage. There was no table with photos of the SLG characters on it, as there normally is during the show. The concert had many moments of amusement. Tori seems to be having an entertaining time on stage, and she smiles a great deal. At times it seemed like she was about to break into laughter.

From Sarah Tamayo

Added Oct 19, 2001 - The conversation about the guy having Tori's baby, besides the water and fish, was that he wanted ice cream. She said, yes, you can have ice cream, but that maybe he should have low-fat ice cream because he needed to watch his fabulous figure. This bit of humor from the audience was carried over by a guy (possibly the same person) yelling the same thing at Rufus during the opening act.

From Anne Pack

Added Oct 19, 2001 - I think Rufus is worth mentioning. The crowd was loving him and was shouting requests, like they wereİfor Tori. His first song was "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk", punctuated heavily by screams and applause. Before "Greek Song" a girlİyelled "You turn me on" and Rufus seemed genuinely embarrassed by this, stating "I do? Really?" At one point theİshrieks wereİso great he said he was blushing... He did "Imaginary Love" for "the ladies" and mentioned he didn't think he'd have a problem finding someone to sleep with that night. Thenİquickly added "I'm kidding!" Cute! He was adorable.

Then Tori came on around 8:45. She seemed very relaxed and was loving the rowdy crowd. When she started "Famous Blue Raincoat" it took me awhile to realize what it was, but it was great. At one point a guy yelled "I wanna have your baby" and Tori seemed genuinely intrigued by this idea. She crossed her legs, sat backİand said something like "Do you?" Then proceeded to say that he'd have to eat a lot of fish, but he could have ice cream too. Then she slyly added "But you should probably have lowfat to keep up your figure." Later, she started to play something, then stopped and said "what?" And then asked "You're not serious are you? Baltimore?" Something like that. She said sheİcan't do that. Then she said "I can't do that to you." Then she said "You just wanna see if I'll do it!" At this point she was being bombarded by requests and sung that "I'll sing you sleep" thing... Then sheİwent into "Jackie's Strength" which was beautiful, of course.İİ"Bachelorette" really got everyone going and seemed a shame that it was the end of the show. She left the stage about 10:25pm. It was a great show-- the crowd was really into it. Lots and lotsİof energy. Toriİwas eating it up.

From Holly

Added October 31, 2001 - I am a fellow phile and I just had to e-mail you and tell you that my favorite song was Playboy Mommy. It was so beautiful and I wept throughout the whole song. And it seems many people consider Silent All These Years to be a standby, but I wept through that song, too. I think it is a great message to keep putting out there. And it reminds me of the first time I ever listened to a Tori Amos CD and discovered the goddess. So I think it's great. I loved the concert, too, because of all of the extra songs that aren't on her albums. It was such a treat for her really hardcore fans. My favorites were Merman, and Butterfly. Also, the concert (which will always be my favorite because it was so intimate) succeeded in getting my husband totally hooked on Tori! Thanks for reading and letting me speak my piece!

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by todd1aj

Wow! What a show! My eighth Tori encounter and I must rate it in my top 2. East Lansing 1996 was also special. It was just one amazing song after the other. She was so playful at the Meet and Greet, she was making silly faces...skipped back to the bus when she was done greeting. Too cute! She had a blast with Bachelorrette. She was so giddy.

If memory serves me correctly, Playboy Mommy was played on the Wurlie. The crowd was very good too, which always helps.

When people yelled stuff, it seemed to always be at "appropriate" times. A group of girls yelled for her to play "Baltimore" and she said she didn't want to put us asleep, then played a few lines from an Englebert Humperdink tune (which I forgot the title). All in all..great night.


Review by littlepele

Wow! That is all I can say... Tonight was such a great show. I have to say that siren is so beautiful live, I was completely drawn in. She started with 97 B&C, and moved to Siren, and from there she played Little Amsterdam, which was really bluesy and almost haunting... She said hi to all of us and started saying how nice the weather is here when someone yelled "I want to have your baby!" (It was a boy. But the baby thing started when Rufus was playing.) Tori said, "You do? Well I will tell you what, no cigarettes, no vodka and you have to eat lots of fish." Then he said, and ice cream! She said, "YOu can have ice cream, but you might want to make it low fat so you can keep your girlish figure."

She then played Famous Blue raincoat, and went into Etienne, which I had never heard before. I must say it was very beautiful. (Beautiful is the word of the night.) She then played Yes, Anastasia, and from there she started to tell the story of how some of us know that she plays this song for Matthew, and how he really touched a lot of us. (At this point I have broken into tears.) She said that he ment something to us because of what he stood for, and that those things are still important. She then said something like, "Even after Sept. 11." She played Merman, and I cried.

The rest of the highlights for me where Butterfly, and Bachelorette. Bach was so so so cool! She was really having fun with it and sort of danced while she played. It was great.

Yes, Anastasia was played very intensly. She began by singing the opening lines, "I know what you want..." and went into "Thought I'd been through this..." She was intense with it. A lot of movement and her voice just was strong and powerful and sounded like she was encompased with the song. It was really one of the best performances I have seen her do.

Bachlorette was sweet! She was dancing while sitting at the bench, and when she sang the ohh's and ahh's she streched them out to other various noises and gestures. It was fun, and uplifting to hear.

I have to say something for Butterfly too. She was beautiful. Butterfly was intense, but I didn't take it as angry. I took it as emotional and cathardic...

Just a beautiful night...


Review by daisy.d.petals

Hi everyone - this is the first time I have done a review, so I apologize if I am boring anyone. Anyway, I'll just get started.

First of all, let me say that I thought Rufus was absolutely cute and I think was a little embarassed by the various requests to have his baby... Ha ha. He said, "Wow, I guess I'll have to move to Grand Rapids!" I had never heard his stuff before, and I was very impressed.

So, Tori: 97B&C was ten times scarier this way - I was literally shaking in my seat.

Umm, Siren was cool - seems like she changed some words, but I'm not sure since that song is sort of hard to understand anyway.

Little Amsterdam totally rocked. Lots of little maneuvers when she was switching and saying, "you've got to know these days which side you're on..."

Famous Blue Raincoat was just awesome. She played it during my last show at the Palace and I was dying to hear it tonight. It was perfect. The background was blue (duh) and it kind of looked like an umbrella pattern too.

She jumped right into Etienne, which was gorgeous and at the end she said, "maybe I'm a witch - maybe you're a witch now..."

Yes Anastasia was really powerful. At this point, the curtains on the stage got twisted and I almost thought they were supposed to be like that but then they untangled. He he.

Before Merman she said, "You guys know I have been doing this song for the past couple years for Matthew, and [something about] things going on in this world before September 11th."

Silent All These years was next and almost everyone was singing along (softly), which was sort of unnerving but nice at the same time - hard to explain.

Concertina was pretty much like the album - excellent.

Ok, right here, she finally said a little hi to us and said something like, "Hey, it's really beautiful up here huh?" and was about to launch into a story, but someone yelled you know, "I love you" and stuff, then she saud "Huh?" and someone yelled "Baltimore". She said, "What? You don't really want to hear that - you just want to see if I'll do it. No, I can't do that to you..." and then sang,"I'll sing you to sleep after the lovin' [or something like that]" and then went immediately into Jackie's Strength, which was really nice.

Playboy Mommy was on the Wurly and it was sooo pretty that way. She did screw up right after "there when it counts' then said, "Let's do that again" and sang, "I'll get my words [or something] - you're so like me..." Winter was good - pretty standard.

Me and a Gun was sloooooow and deliberate, which made it a lot more powerful in my opinion. She did a lot with her voice - making it almost inaudible at times.

Time was a perfect follow-up, and was beautiful.

When she came back oiut for the encore, she played Butterfly, which I had no idea about, since I have only heard it once in my life, but I got the idea once she got to the (duh) butterfly part. This was cool because she was almost angry when she was saying "framed and dried."

Red Baron was nice - it's never been a favorite of mine, but it was a nice mellow ending-type song.

Bachelorette was hilarious. There was lots of gyration and motions and applause for this. She ended it with an awesome leaning back sexy-pose when the lights went out.

Lust was powerful - she did the "remember" part over and over, changing it a little, like "girls, you must remember" etc.

Landslide was the perfect ending. I absolutely love this song - I thought nothing could match Raincoat, but this did it. Awesome setlist!!!

Oh, and there was one point in the show where she stopped to take a drink or something and someone yelled for "Honey" and she said, "It's in here actually [holding up her cup]."

Then some guy yelled that he wanted to have her baby and she said "Well I hope you know, no vodka, no cigarettes, and lots of fish. Can you do that?" The person then said something about ice cream and she said, "Sure, you can have ice cream - I'll negotiate." and went into a song. There was more to that conversation, but I've forgotten it. Funny stuff.
Ahhh, time for bed - I am satisfied!!

This is totally random, but during one of the songs (I don't remember which) Tori gave us the finger. Ha ha. Does she always do that? Seems like I've seen pictures...


Review by oceangirl

YEAH! After jealously feeding off all of your reviews for prior concerts - i finally got to see mine! This review will be a little more personal than most. A little (very) background on me - been a fan since 92, seen her 6 times, last night was #7...... i used to go to tori shows all broken and hurting and weep my way thru all my song friends who were reflecting me - but last night was a very different experience for me. Because i'm happy, i'm so very content with my life now - so some of those old friends like "SATY" are kind of like looking at old pictures of myself and being proud of how far i've come.

When i got to Devos last night (one of my fave places to see her) i was thinking "gosh, i don't even care what she plays - there are so many songs i'd love to hear!" but tor must've dipped into my vibe because she actually played a dream set-list for me!
Okay, the show: Achingly beautiful is how i would describe it overall.....

97 B&C - funny thing is, i didn't find this song as chilling live, as i do the recorded version. it felt rushed to me, and like it might be getting a little stale for Tor, since she's doing it every night. But boy is that curtain dropping dramatic! People were screaming randomly through this whole song and i was afraid they were going to do it all night, but i think they were just getting that "yeah, she's finally here in GR!" tension out.
Siren - amazing live! so different but just as yummy!

Lil'Amsterdam - not one of my faves, but when she does it live, switching back and forth between the keyboards, there is just something hypnotic and sexy about it!

After this song, she said "hi" and something about how "beautiful it is here, don't you think?" and people started cheering automatically, but it was brief, kind of like all of us Michiganders suddenly went "uh, wait a minute, it's like fucking winter here already, what are you talking about?" Then, as she was sipping her tea (?), someone screamed "honey" and she was like "what? well, actually i think she's in here" and pointed to her mug. It was so cute! Then someone yelled "i want to have your baby" (a guy) and she did the conversation about "you can't have vodka or ciggarettes, and you have to eat lots and lots of fish, do you think you can handle that?"

Famous Blue Raincoat - this was the 1st time in the show that i punched my poor friend in the arm from excitement. This is one of my top 3 covers and i really feel she's made it one of "hers". It was perfect in it's simplicity...... breathtaking......
Etienne - again i punched her, and i about died cuz this is my fave from YKTR and live she's even more haunting and beautiful...... i gotta get a boot of this.......
Yes, Anastasia - i miss the strings from the studio version, but it's still intense and pulls you into it's epic story......

This is where Tori made the comment about how she plays this for Matthew. but i have to make a clarification of what others have said. she said it means something to us because of what he stood for, "that things like that happen, until Sept. 11"...... almost like she was saying she felt that Sept. 11 has brought us all together more and things like sexuality have become less of a divider among Americans...... just my interpretation......

Merman - so, so beautiful.... and this is where i cried first. Because i work in a mental health organization that has a residential unit for abused boys, and one of the boys had committed suicide the night before the concert. As she played Merman, i thought of this boy, and what a sad tortured life he had and i sent a little prayer up that he was at peace in "peppermint land"...where no one could hurt him anymore......

SATY - again, perfect, just breathtaking in it's beautiful simplicity. i think we start to take these songs and their perfection for granted because we've heard them so much over the years - but again, this one reminds me of how far i've come in using "my voice"........ i was glad to hear her again.......

Concertina - i was so happy to hear this one live (i punched my friend again) - it was beautiful..... this one has special meaning for me because it reminds me of my blue-eyed man..... the one who has been my "fierce calm"...... the perfect expression of this warm, home of a relationship i have finally found.......

This is where someone yelled out "Baltimore" and Tori was like "WHAT? you don't really want to hear that. you just want to see if i'll DO it. well.....NO! i can't do that to you guys........"
Then she playfully sang the first line of "after the lovin" which was freakin' hilarious....... She was having so much fun with us at this point!

Jackie's Strength - this one was great to hear because my best friend (who was with me) just got married and this song has a special meaning to us. It too, was just beautiful........

Playboy Mommy - when she started dinking around on the whirly, i thought she was going to play "mondays" (is this where it was on the setlist?) but then she went into PM.... which i actually hated when i first got "choirgirl" but i think as i've grown older and am starting to feel that "mommy clock" ticking in me, this girl has come closer to my heart...... and when i was listening to her play it live..... it was like i was hearing this mother's pain over her lost little one and really feeling it for the first time...... (oh, and when she messed up in the middle, she just laughed it off and moved on, she was so relaxed)

Winter - see above on SATY..... this girl has a special place in my heart because it was the 1st Tori song i ever heard, and because i used to sing it as a lullaby to my premie nephew when he was first born and had a lot of problems with digesting food and would be up all night screaming in pain, and this was the one song that would settle him down....... it was great to hear this girl......

MaaG - I think everyone in the place held their breath. you could hear the soft whirring of the air conditioning unit. This brought me right back to hearing her sing this on the UTP & DDI tours....... it was stunning. The lighting was perfect. There was about 10 seconds of dead silence after she sang the last note and the light went out. Then the spell broke, and everyone applauded.

Time - see SATY & Winter - i think this one will become a standard like them. perfect gently hopeful follow-up to MaaG.

Butterfly - a personal favorite. the symbol of the butterfly has special meaning to me, i have a butterfly tattoo on my back, and friends call me "butterfly"..... i was so happy and surprised to here it! i love her improv of "they like you better - WHY THEY LIKE YOU - they like you better framed and dried"....

NTRBaron - not one of my favorites, but it relates so well to Sept. 11, and the lighting was very eerie (propellers)..... haunting.....

Bachelorette - Tori was having sooooooooooo much fun singing this!!! Just bouncing around on the bench, looking off to the side of the stage (at Mark? at Tash?) and grinning ear to ear occasionally, holding out the "and then you mmmmmmmm.....and then you mmmmmmmm....and then you aaaaaaaaaaahhh..." so playful and adorable...... she was just so beautiful on this - so full of life and happiness!!!!!

Lust - i love the melody on the piano on this one, and i love the verse about the husband waiting until the wife is ready to truly give herself to him...... the happiness of lust within marriage......beautiful live......

Landslide - this was it. this made the show perfect for me. i had asked someone that was going to meet Tori at a previous show's M&G to ask her to play this in GR - don't know if he did or it was my lucky coincidence, but i immediately felt a flood of emotion (& tears) when she played the first few notes of the song....... this song is just so me.... and it took me back to when i first heard her play it in Ann Arbor on the DDI tour, and she said something to the effect of "when i get sad, i play this song and she becomes my friend that consoles me"....... what a perfect ending to a perfect night.

All 3 times Tori left the stage, she blew kisses, shook hands, jumped up and down and waved like a kid..... through the whole night, she just seemed so joyful, so content, so fulfilled..... it was sooooooooo wonderful to see her like that. She radiates happiness!

i can't wait to see what she pulls out of her magic bag in Detroit tonight.....

Hope my review didn't bore you all to tears!!!!!!


Review by Idioteck

HEY to all the kids I met last night in GR! I met some cool Toriphiles all over the place! Everyone was sweet and talkative and impressive! You guys rock! See you tonight.... F3, row G....

The show.
It was, of course, amazing, but I wouldn't count it as one of my favorites.
Met Rufus Wainwright, for the second time and was sort of put off by how incredibly snotty he is. Oh, well, at least he makes good music.

The venue was TINY! I couldn't believe it! I was in Row K, piano side. So, of course, I felt like Tori was singing directly to me. The crowd was semi-respectful, but once they realized Tori sometimes responded to the banter, they start a little more nonesense.
Didn't meet Tori. Blah!

The set:
'97 Bonnie & Clyde: Standard, but very, very intense and creepy. The pulsating lights did the trick. The atmosphere became very unpredictable, because of this song's presentation. It was a good opener.

Siren: Nice solo! I like this song quite a bit anyways and have never seen it live, so that made me happy.

Little Amsterdam: My fave of the night. I loved her switching back and forth between the Rhodes and the Bosey during the "Girl you've got to know these days which side you're on...." part of the song. Amazing musicainship and clear as a bell vocals!

Famous Blue Raincoat: I know, it's a debut, but I am bored by this song a whole lot.

Etienne: It was pretty good, but I was really hoping for Cool OnYour Island. Ah well, maybe tonight! I hope she has a TOTALLY different set list! lol....

Yes Anastasia: Why doesn't she play the full version of this song anymore? I think that shortening it, de-magnetizes it. Makes it less emotional. Oh, it is one of my favorites songs by Tori, so I was still happy to hear it.

Merman: Not a fan of this girl, but still nice tribute to Matt Sheppard.

Silent All These Years: I have heard this AT EVERY Tori show I have seen. Seriously. She'll probably do it again tonight. lol.

Concertina:Very sweet! I love TVAB, so I was hoping for a few selections from this one! Very soft and easy.

Jackie's Strength: A real surprise for me and very lovely on the Bosey. Much different than with her full band and much more personal I beleive.

Playboy Mommy: On the Wurlitzer! I didnt expect another Choirgirl track right after Jackie, but the two almost go hand in hand for some odd reason. She messed up the lyrics, which she is known to do I guess.

Winter: Blah! I have been listening to LE for ten years now and have seen Tori touring just as long, and have heard Winter at almost very show as well.

Me and a Gun: It's power hasn't diminished at all, but it is such a somber almost obligatory song by now, so I was ambivalent towards it.

Time: I DO NOT llike the CD version, but I was very impressed by the tone in her voice. It was so much more assured and clearer than on the record. She should make this one a live staple!

1st Encore:
Butterfly: I was singing it all day in hopes I would send the vibes her way! It worked! My second favorite of the night.

Not The Red Baron: Ihave always loved this song. particularly live, so it was a nice surprise.

2nd Encore:
Bachelorette: She seemed to flub her words a few times here and she was very cute wiggling around on the bench. Obviously a fan request and fun for her to fulfill someone's dream,

Lust: Simply elegant and lovely. Classy ballad brought down to earth by the Bosey. I had chills. The arena was still and in awe.

: I've hear Tori do it before, so it wasn't the big surprise of the night for me. Though it made me happy to see other fans getting such joy from her version of the song. It is a pretty song, but I have heard it many a time.


Review by rockitship

Famous Blue Raincoat was amazing. I was sitting there smiling and crying before it clicked that she was ACTUALLY playing FBR.

Bachelorette was also awesome. It put a huge smile on my face and it looked like she was having fun. I loved it.

My other high moments...siren, butterfly, and time.

This was my first show of the tour. How wonderful can it be? I hope that the others aren't disappointing.


Review by 11heath

this show was absolutely AMAZING. tori sounded gorgeous. just perfect.

SIREN-beautiful, just beautiful

LITTLE AMSTERDAM-very cool, one hand on each piano

FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT-what a wonderful surprise. this is one of my favorite covers-it was excellent. she played it a little faster than usual but it was still such a treat.

YES, ANASTASIA-one of my all time favorite tori songs. beautiful.

BACHLORETTE-needless to say, this was an amazing surprise, it sounded absolutely amazing. tori was so into it, she was practically dancing at the paino, that's how much she was enjoying it. at the end she crossed her legs and gave this HUGE grin.

LANDSLIDE-my all time favorite tori cover-i requested this back in 98 and she played it again tonight. she did a lot more with the piano solo part----amazing.

this was by far the best tori concert i have ever been to. she sounds "simply wonderful"


Review by rufusboy

Hi - I've never posted before, but I wanted to clarify what Tori said about Sept 11 and Matthew in Grand Rapids.

She ended the intro by saying that "bad things happened in this country before September 11."

As a gay boy, I think this comment (and reminder) is important because the US needs to wake up to a lot more than terrorism - and Tori's message has always been about that


Review by Arval

well, after a cancelled flight and a long drive I'm finally home....many thanks to Tori for gifting mom and I with front row....the RAINN benefit was my pleasure...and the thank you was amazing....
the original set list was B&C...siren....lil Amsterdam...raincoat...etienne...anastasia...merman...silent...concertina...jackies strength...playboy...butterfly...m&G ...Time I dont like mondays...tear in your hand...bachlorette....lust landslide....thank you to marcel for taking a moment to go tear it up off the floor...and to craig for asking( love that bald head...yummmmmm...NO HAIR envy.)

and I dont know if I can remember what to say but Ill try...
B&C....the usual ...being closer I noticed smoke coming from the curtain...dont recall seeing smoke before...maybe I was to far back...this was hard because on 10-9 someone in my town decided to slash his wifes throat up and shoot himself in the head with a spear gun...with their 9 month old daughter in the house...they both lived... but it is eerie to know someone who actually DID this..

Siren....I remember her singing"you dont need the light on to guide you through her sounthern lands of GOLD..."instead of the former ICE comments....this had a few differences wish I was the one with the recording to play back right now....

Lil Amsterdam....she did a "V" formation to the microphone during the "playing that organ line...."among other things I cant quite place at this time..LOVE PELE....PELE is the best......

Blue raincoat....WOW...I needed something Blue...this was perfect..."4 in the morning...."knowing you're going to hear "five am friday morning..." is rough.

Etienne...I've never heard this live and she did cap it off with the "maybe YOUR a witch"...line...someone brought a large bag of goodies to the meet and greet and she smiled and said..."it's those's always the wiccans..."

Anastaia...WOW...thought I been through this in 1919...I was wearing my grandmothers heart of gold with a portrait of my grandfather who was born in 1919...always think of him when I hear that line....

Merman....yes she did say that..."all of these things where happening in this country BEFORE sept.11" kinda like... dont let this tragedy overshadow all of the injustices that have happening to the gay community...and the reasons why she is doing SLG in the first place....Matthew my icebreaker...."Scarecrow crying....waiting to die wondering why...." Melissa Etheridge does a song for Matthew that is just as touching...

Silent.....very someone who wasn't even in Mich ...but I got his letter to Tori via M&G....what was most memorable to me was the GREEN color in the background on this when the screens went green came the goosebumps and the line..."paint the tree green...." green is a very healing color and silent is a song that has opened up a lot of people for their healing which is still an on going process....missing you Josh opening act ever...

Concertina....lovely..but I have to admit to it bringing out the fierce in me...singing loudly and proudly "you're the fiercest calm I've been in..." and saying YES WE ALL KNOW ALL THE WORDS.....because I did come to hear TORI singing ...not someone else in my ear....

Jackies Strength....someone mentioned this showed up at the meet and greet and to expect it...

Playboy mother really wanted to hear this and I told her not to expect anything...she's still gloating...." I got to hear it on the "wurley"...I have many interpretations to this ...but I was definatley thinking of my mom since she was sitting right next to me ..."a good friend of american soldiers....." (POW MIA that's my ma) ...for me I suppose it's the PLAY.... "BOY" mommy aspect...

Winter ...instead of butterfly she did this and it was like dad showed up and well mom and dad were never together having their essences together like that was a bit unsettling....and all this is personal interpretation I feel like I'm in the wrong forum...

me and a has never heard this and it was a tear jerker for me..."TELL ME WHATS RIGHT IS IT MY RIGHT>>>!!!!! (moms pretty fierce herself ...she said this song was SICK and I thought she was talking about T but she said ...makes me want to go out and beat the shit out of whomever did this to such a wonderful lady.....after playboy mom made some comments about imagine this girl is going to grow up and be able to say "Tori Amos is my mother..." I detected a small note of "faliure as a mother" in her she wished she could have provided for me as T will be able to provide for tash. life is as it should be. everything happens for a reason.

Time....we had met this one already at tgi friday's they had a napolean sign and I started singing "Napolean is weeping..." (sorry guys) saying ...wouldn't it be funny if she showed up was very soothing to hear took me from me and a gun....THEN to time...NOW like a tug of war...and the death concept of this girl made all the more sense..not death in the physical sense but a metaphoric letting really worked....I was back here and now ...just like that...calm after the RAINN storm.

then this time I had two girls in my lap sharing my seat...(this was stage storm time)she kept repeating "they like you you better..."and to kick into

red baron...beautiful...this time I was thinking of Charles Schulz.....

Bachlorette....holy shit...I was bouncing up and down in my seat with JOY...telling ma what a treat she was getting....all I could think of was purple people...merry christmas and spark ...the sisters that tag along when I hear this ...and for some reason I thought of was bouncy it was fun and it totally lightened the mood..." the things you do girls to your bachlorettes...."
this was fun for Tori you could tell....

LUST.....finally shows up...I've noticed people saying this one was on the setlist and not played over and over......remember...remember...remember

and Landslide ...oh my...during breakfast with ma I got to hear a new Stevie Nicks song on the overhead....but reading someone elses comments about how she played this in AnnArbor in 1996....really put new light to this now that I'm home...thank you to the denter with the impeccable memory...

well...last show...its been a strange little Tour...thinking of all of you out there orbiting around....but duty calls...and I have to be a play-boy mommy... and get back to my art....and DO SOMETHING>>>GO SOMEWHERE........

...hopefully I will have a boot of this...she did..change a lot of words here and there was very theatrical...same songs very different flavors...I wish I could have remembered all the little changes...if you get a boot listen close ..they are there....

goodbye to everyone this is Arval signing off for 2001 SLT...see you next tour.


Review by Becca

Okay...this was plain and simple, the best show I have ever seen. Oh my wow wow wow wow wow wow. My friend and I were in row K and we could see perfectly every expression, every movement. Every single song was perfect and gorgeous, but my personal favorites of the night were::::::

ETIENNE: oh my god x 90000000
This was so incredibly gorgeous and the first point in the show were i just completely lost it. i mean, jesus, talk about breath being taken away.....

MERMAN: *gasps for air*
for one, the comment about Matthew right before it was so amazing, and then the song itself....again, i lost it.

BACHLORETTE: !!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I've read a couple other people say this and it's SO true....she was having so much fun with this!!!! She was bouncing around and the "mmmmmmmm"'s and "aaaaaah" hehehe. She's so funny!

BUTTERFLY: one of my favorite songs...I was just so happy to hear it.

LANDSLIDE: i couldnt think of a better way to end a show....

This is again, literally the best show I have ever ever ever ever ever been to.


Review by Queen Grimson

There was something very special about Tori in her solo performance last Wednesday night in GR.

I could just sense something about that night, last Wednesday. I don't know how other shows went on this tour, but it just seems that Tori is really inspired by her audience. I don't know how to explain it. When Rufus came on, there seemed to be a jovial nature to the audience. A woman asked Rufus if she could have his baby. And he said something to the likes of "...well in these modern times, that's probably possible..." and everyone laughed. I think that Rufus got the crowd into a good mood.

Then when Tori came on, and took a break between songs, and drank some libation (it looked like some kind of latte with whip cream, or something), and a male screamed out to Tori "Can I have your baby?". And she replied well I wouldn't want to ruin your nice figure, you have to give up ice cream, cigarettes, wine and so on.

She also said it was beautiful up here. I don't know if she was refering to Grand Rapids/Michigan as being beautiful or it was beautiful to be up on stage and looking at her audience. There was something very sincere, sweet, endearing about that comment. Anyway, the crowd just seemed to be in a good mood, and so was Tori.

As I said in my other post, my favorite highlights were 'Siren', 'Yes, Anastasia' (I still have that song in my head from last Wednesday), and Bachelorette (I still have this song too in my head). I never heard Siren live and it was a phenomenal song, very souful and intense, and I never heard Bachelorette. Apparently, that was not a the preselected play list, and she played it instead of some other song. I think it was the highlight of the show, as it is a very jovial, fun song to hear, and it fit in with the mood of the evening. It was in the second encore, and it fit with the following two songs to end the show, 'Lust', and 'Landslide'. Its like she did 'Bachelorette just for us.

Thinking back to that night, I would also put 'Time' in the league of most favorite highlights of the concert. "...Thought I'd make friends with time, its time for you to love..." I just love those lyrics and the way she delivered them.

Little Amersterdam, Silent All These Years, Concertina, Playboy Mommy, Winter, No the Red Baron, were all great performances. She did Entienne, which was the first time I heard it, and I love it. Famous Blue Raincoat, another song I never heard, was great too. Merman, Butterfly, Lust, and Landslide were all great. The entire show, all tunes were great performances. An incredible show, that left me with a very warm feeling that I still haven't shaken yet.

The only weakness, was the opening with 97 Bonnie and Clyde, where you heard the song, but because the piano was behind a torned curtain, you couldn't tell if it was just the album playing, or her performing it behind stage. It didn't work too well for me, except that when Tori came out right after it, it felt like an introduction to the show, rather than part of the performance, and it build my anticipation up, an aniticipation of excitement that delivered an incredible performance by the intensely soulfull piano goddess.


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