Boston, MA
October 15, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Boston, MA on October 15, 2001 at the Wang Center during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Richard Handal for giving me the set list on the phone.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Daisy Dead Petals
Tear In Your Hand
Cool On Your Island
Beauty Queen/Horses
This Old Man
Upside Down
Little Earthquakes
Me and a Gun
Over The Rainbow

1st Encore:
Thank You
Enjoy The Silence
Please Come To Boston

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


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From Richard Handal

Added October 16, 2001 - Tonight's show was like orange blossom honey -- beautiful, fragrant, subtle, delicious. It started at 9:10 and ended at 10:55, for a one hour 45 minute show. Tori mentioned that she would be leaving the east coast and told the crowd if they were bored they could follow her, or something to that effect. Someone yelled "Daisy Dead Petals" and Tori said, "Well...", thought for a second, and then played it. Before she played "Cool On Your Island" on the Wurlitzer, Tori said, "Marcel, do I vibrate on this?" Tori appeared to be relaxed all night. "Please Come To Boston" was a cover of a Dave Loggins song, was reached was a big hit in 1974.

From Jamie

Added Oct 15, 2001 - Tori was wearing black slit-pants tonight, black heels with an ankle strap, and a white blazer-ey thing that went down to her ankles but was split up each side to her thigh. Very sparkly earrings, they kept glinting.


--great lighting during "rattlesnakes", it was sandollars! very pretty.

--someone yelled out "daisy dead petals" and she just went "um... well!" and started playing it.

--she mentioned that the Wang is one of her favorite places to play ... said they were leaving the east coast tonight after coming all the way up from florida, so "if you get bored, come visit us"

--at the beginning of 'cool on your island' she said "marcell, do i vibrate on this?" i think she was referring to the organ... i have no clue what prompted that. someone yelled something before but i couldn't hear it.

--really gorgeous improv intro to 'crucify'... words were something like "...maybe i could go home with every person here... if they had a soft blanket... Tash says "but mommy i need them to sleep"...i say i will stand here and watch you sleep, little one, while you still can..." she did a bunch of "these days, it seems we're livin in... chains"

--before "Please Come to Boston" she said "i used to play this song a lot in clubs a long time ago and she wanted to come see you tonight"

From Sheri Shaw

Added Oct 16, 2001 - Michael it was beautiful, maybe even better than last night in Wallingford. She was so in tune with her audience....which was the best behaved audience I have ever seen. Crucify was in my opinion the most beautifully sang song of the evening. I was shocked to hear Tear In your Hand. Me AndƯA Gun was the most emotional I have ever seen to date. She made a little improv about Tasha wanting a blanket to sleep in. Some guy yelled Daisy Dead Petals right as she went into Sugar and she stopped and played for him. Enjoy the Silence was also beautiful and the first time I have ever heard it live. Everyone for as far as I could see was in tears....throughout the entire evening. Tori said The Wang Center was one of her favorite places to is a gorgeous theatre. Between last night and tonight, they are both tied at #1 right now. I feel so blessed to have been part of these two shows, and finally getting to meet her. I truly am speechless at this point.

From k*

Added Oct 16, 2001 - another great show but it couldnt compete with yesterday!! i gave richard the set list so he knew what was different, but i dont know if he got a chance to tell you cuz we were getting kicked out of the theatre.

she had *take to the sky* after *cool on your island* originally. she switched *pandora* and *somewhere over the rainbow*.

my favorite points were *thank you*, *come to boston*, and *marianne*. i heard that thank you and marianne were requests. tori seemed very thoughtful and focued this show, but i still think connecticut was the best show ive ever seen.

this show had my favorite *me and a gun* ever. the crowd was silent throughout the song and tori seemed to be feeling every word she sang.

the meet and greet today was disaster, or so i think from my point of view. a lot of people that arrived suer early didnt even get a view of tori, and i hate to say it, but i guess thats the usual.....

and thats it for me till oakland!!

From The Boston Globe

Added Oct 17, 2001 - Shellie Lepere, Lin, Marla Tiara and Nikki (januarysparkle) alerted me to a review of the Boston show that appeared in the October 16, 2001 edition of the Boston Globe. Read it online or below.

Deep, emotive Amos keeps the spell alive

By Steve Morse, Globe Staff

The love affair between Tori Amos and Boston continued full force last night. "This is one of my favorite places," said Amos, who played to a sold-out Wang Theatre crowd that listened with an undivided attention given only to the loftiest of pop oracles.

Amos, whose intensely personal career has been a kind of therapy in motion, delivered an outstanding performance that was as elegantly staged as it was performed. Each song carried different subtleties in lighting, from side spotlights that framed her chiseled face onto a distant screen, to kaleidoscopic designs projected on several rear curtains that also changed as the songs went along.

Remaining constant, in the center of the stage, was Amos, resplendent in white tails that made her look like a Liberace for the new millennium. This pop-opera look fit a number of her songs, which rode her rich vocalese and passionate lyricism about breaking through stale relationships, finding one's heart, and never settling for the norm.

Although she has had bands in the past, during dates at the FleetCenter and Avalon, Amos returned to a solo setting last night, switching among several keyboards, including her familiar Bosendorfer piano and a freshly added Wurlitzer, which belonged to Country Joe & the Fish when the group played the original Woodstock Festival in 1969. "Its name is Wurly," Amos said playfully.

Most of the evening, however, was far from playful. Amos remains one of pop's most vividly emotive artists, falling somewhere between the ethereal eccentricities of Kate Bush and the nobility of a Peter Gabriel. And while her elastic scatting, chanting, and eerie vocal sound effects may not be for everyone, they add up to a unique presentation that marks Amos as one of the most adventurous, indeed visionary, singers in the pop field.

Surprisingly, she downplayed her new album, "Strange Little Girls," an album of cover songs by men, siphoned through a female perspective. The opening tune came from it and was striking - Eminem's "'97 Bonnie & Clyde," about a berserk male who kills his wife - but Amos was hidden behind a curtain during it. She then came out for her own song "Icicle," and the rest of the one-hour-45-minute show was filled with her own tunes, save for a few, such as Lloyd Cole's "Rattlesnakes," Dave Loggins's "Please Come to Boston" (a hammy choice), and a spectacular "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." That brought a ray of hope, and followed her scarifying confessional about being raped as a young girl, "Me & a Gun." The latter was done a cappella style, with a single spotlight on her face as though she were facing police interrogation. A chilling moment.

Amos deserves a lot of credit for commanding the stage so thoroughly as a solo act - and also for keeping her ticket prices low (a high of $39 compared to $100-plus for the recent Bjork concert in the same venue).

Opening act Rufus Wainwright, however, didn't fare as well. His nasal-inflected voice became as grating as his self-important hipster material. He seemed tired, and acted that way.

From The War Against Silence

Added October 23, 2001 - Glenn McDonald's reviews are always a fascinating read no matter if you agree or disagree with his conclusions. Read what he had to say about the Boston show at the web site he creates called The War Against Silence.

From the Boston Herald

Added October 23, 2001 - Woj alerted me to this Boston review that was printed in the October 16, 2001 edition of the Boston Herald newspaper. You can read it online or below.

Amos creates riptide of emotion

by Dean Johnson

Tori Amos, with Rufus Wainwright, at the Wang Theatre, last night.

It's almost impossible to take in a Tori Amos concert and not feel like the cheapest kind of voyeur.

Amos is such an intimate, evocative and physical performer that just watching her sing and play a piano can be a riveting and unnerving experience. Last night's sold-out Wang Theater concert included nearly two dozen songs during her 105-minute set.

Amos performed solo, jumping among three keyboards. The stage setting and lighting were dramatic in their simplicity. But nothing stole the thunder from her performance.

Amos has an uncanny ability to unveil several personalities in a song, dredging up emotions and primal feelings.

She's an expert at dynamics, moving from a whisper to a scream in a few bars, wrapping everything in tight piano arrangements that flutter like butterflies one moment and drop into dark, stomping Clive Barker chords the next.

Though Amos sampled her new disc ``Strange Little Girls,'' she actually did more songs from older albums and performed covers ranging from Led Zeppelin's ``Thank You'' to the schmaltzy ``Please Come to Boston.''

But the couplet of the stark ``Me and a Gun,'' about rape, followed by a heartbreaking version of ``Somewhere Over the Rainbow'' was the night's highlight.

Rufus Wainright opened with a solo set that was just a little too coy for his own good. But then, Vanity Fair just named him the only pop star progeny more famous than his parents, so what does he care.

From Christina Sepp (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

Added November 1, 2001 - Okay. So it's been about three weeks since the Boston show, which was my first ever, and although I've been home the entire time, I haven't felt up until now that I should, or could, speak about it.

My biggest thrill... when she began to play Upside Down, I FLIPPED out. I didn't know why at the time, and I still can't tell you why that particular song sparked that reaction, because it's one of those songs I generally don't listen to, and skip over when it comes on, but I just started screaming and choking up. When she started singing, I knew why it was so important. Somehow, she knew. She just knew. I don't listen to the song that often, because how long can you listen to yourself speak? That's what that song is like. At, "I'm afraid I'll always be still coming out of my mother upside down" she stared at me. Just stared. With this look in her eyes like, "I know." And so I started bawling. And throughout the song, she kinda glanced up at me every now and then, but to anyone who hasn't experienced Tori's looks, there's no way to explain it TO you. It just rocks you at the core, just kinda picks you up, throws you around inside yourself, and leaves you nothing like you were before. You have an epiphany about YOURSELF. About someone you thought you knew, but just found for the first time in all reality. The strangest thing for me though, which I didn't think would happen, is that I wanted her to look at me, but the lines and places where I was sure she would, she never did, and the only thing that came across my mind was, "Well, I guess it wasn't as important as I thought." and then, "That's great; it's someone else's turn now" and I could only feel joy for those whose turn it was.

The one song I'd hoped she'd play was Sister Janet, and I think I heard someone say she played it the night after. The first Tori CD I ever got was the Cornflake Girl single, and Sister Janet changed my life from the first time I heard it. But, it's for some future time, I'm sure. I think that's all I can say.... quite frankly, I think it's the only moment I'm SUPPOSED to share with anyone else. It's like... I went to a TOOL show in Sept. and I was speechless after, still can't discuss it, because it was just so WONDERFUL. When anyone asked me how it was, I just said, "It was good" and that was it, the same way with Tori. For any other show that wasn't nearly so important to me, I had SO much to say, and I was SO extremely enthusiastic about all of it. But I'm sure there are many here who know exactly what I'm talking about, so I'll shut up. I hope SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly that there's a tour next year, because I'm starting to save up now so I can perhaps go to another Boston show, and maybe a Vermont and New Hampshire one. I'm still in high school, so it's harder for me to get away, even though I have a car. Oh well. It will all come in time.

From Kelly

Added November 2, 2001 - It has taken me a long time to digest the Boston show. First of all, the meet and greet was awesome; there were some really wonderful people there...I had been reading the paper that morning on the subway and realized that if I headed down to the Wang I might be able to make the meet and greet. Now, I hadn't been able to get a ticket, but you know, I thought I'd pop down and see what was shaking...

Well, once Tori got there, you know, it's a big rush up to the barricades. I ended up about two or three people back, absolutely smooshed. Which is not a big deal. People aren't usually...violent. It was great. Anyhow, I'd written a short note about how "I wasn't able to get a ticket, but could you please play Over the Rainbow anyhow?" I handed her the note and a photograph I'd gotten from Dor (Thanks again...). She signed the photo and then I just said, "I couldn't get a ticket for tonight...". This is where I start crying. You understand, I'm sure...there's just something about Tori that can just unleash this strange flood of emotions. So she leans over to Joel and says something. He pulled me towards him and just said, "Hang tight after everyone leaves, okay?" So I did...

Once everyone started leaving I wasn't quite sure what to do though; the Wang staff were pretty adamant about everyone leaving right after Tori had gone in. So I wandered a little, in a very small space, trying to stick around. Joel came back out and told me to meet him at the box office before the show and that he'd "hook me up". Needless to say, I was elated...

So I showed up at around 7.30 that night and the place was just packed. I was nervous because I wasn't sure if I could find him in the midst of all these people. Sure enough, about 7.45 he came out and handed me a ticket. I looked down at it, looked back up at Joel and he said "Second row". I thanked him profusely and headed in...

The show was unbelievable. I met a lovely girl named Katie who sat next to me; we were both alone but it was's wonderful meeting someone that you KNOW you have something in common with. I had chills all through '97 Bonnie and Clyde. I thought the best part was how she really drew out the "just you and I" part. It took me awhile to figure out when the curtain would drop, you know, the adrenaline is just flowing.

I didn't expect to hear Icicle, but what a pleasant surprise...

Rattlesnakes was the song off of SLG I wanted to hear live most. it was neat because we were so close we could see her drool during songs...a show of total passion. Tori was singing hard, lifting the whole song up...gorgeous, gorgeous.

Daisy Dead Petals I had actually never heard before the show, but I understand why it's so popular now...

Sugar was another song I'd wanted to hear without the band. You get the idea from the Hey Jupiter EP but it was so powerful.

Tear In Your Hand was the best, best surprise. Katie had been talking about how she'd wanted to hear it, and it was astounding. At this point I finally noticed how respectful the whole audience was. It was beautiful. Cool On Your Island was another song I'd never heard before, but as soon as she sang, "If you don't treat me better" I was completely hooked.

I need to skip a couple of songs or I'll never get to the need to understand that this was a Monumental show for me...bear with me.

Crucify was even more beautiful than I ever dreamed it could be. The Wurlitzer really adds something to it, don't you think?

Little Earthquakes was moving as always. Everything just seemed so much more meaningful that night. It was amazing, electric.

Me and a Gun was phenomenal. Once again I noticed the absolute respect and silence the whole auditorium gave Tori. You could have heard a pin drop...and the place was Packed.

Over The Rainbow, of course, blew me away. I didn't expect to get into the show and I definetely didn't expect to hear my request. I think I'd done a half-assed job keeping myself together during the rest of the show, but that just did it. I was crying like a baby...there was someone behind me in the third row that just put their hand on my shoulder; it was really reassuring...thank you. You just bond with people at these shows, don't you think?

The encores, of course, were spectacular. I'd never heard Please Come to Boston before but it seemed especially fitting. I know it's obvious, but how cool is that, you know?

After the show I did end up with a setlist. I was a little bummed that she didn't play Take to the Sky, but oh, I couldn't have asked for a better show. Absolutely astonishing. I feel so lucky and so grateful... If anyone at all has any sort of recording from this show, please contact me.

To all the EWF that I met at the meet and greet, thank are all wonderful people :o)

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by Nick Raafe

Just got back from the show. Absolutely amazing! Her voice was in top form!


"Icicle" and "Rattlesnakes" were absolutely chilling.

She was about to start "Sugar" and someone screamed out "Daisy Dead Petals!" so Tori played the first verse of the song. First time in five years she has played that one at all!

"Cool on Your Island" was great. She screwed up and sang "got a BAND new dress..." and stopped and said "Let's try it again."

She started "Crucify" with an improv about how we all need blankets and sang something like "Tash says I need a blankie to sleep with/and I said I will stand here until you fall asleep." Very nice.

The encores were absolutely chilling! "Marianne" and "Honey" (collapses). And her version of "Pandora" (though not one of my favorites) was absolutely fucking incredible.

And the "Please Come to Boston" song was really beautiful. My boyfriend says it's called "The Man from Tennessee" which would make sense because that was the line in the chorus. "I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee." Before she played that she said, "This one I used to play years and years ago in piano bars and she wants to say hi to you tonight."


Review by Rebecca (talula8828)

OH MY GOD!!!! This is my first post so bear with me. I haven't seen Tori since 1998 and this was my first time with solo piano. Okay, I'll do my best since I just got back!
I had class until 2 and I went over to see how bad the M&G was. It was packed already and I figured it would be pointless to just stand there for a few hours by myself. I knew there was no chance of my getting close enough to her so I figured I'd go back to my room and do my homework (sorry so boring!)
Here is the setlist and some commentary:

97 B&C- Stunning. Tori was whispering most of the time and I was afraid that she was hoarse (she definitely wasn't). The end was amazing when the curtain fell down and there was the Bose. Tori came out, dressed in white, I think. I wasn't close enough so I'll need pictures.

Icicle- Absolutely beautiful. Tori's voice was soaring. Such passion I almost died.

Rattlesnakes- Probably my favorite from the album and very similar to that version

Tori said hello and people started yelling out songs. Someone yelled Daisy Dead Petals, and she said "okay."

Daisy Dead Petals- So fabulous!! Only two verses, but a huge surprise. Tori seemed to be having so much fun.

Sugar!!!! Need I say more?

Tear in Your Hand- Again, absolutely beautiful and such passion.

Cool on Your Island- I was praying to hear some Y Kant Tori Read and I feel so lucky. She was really into it and it was so beautiful.

Beauty Queen/Horses

Leather!!! What a surprise. I almost peed my pants at the piano solo.

This Old Man- Who knew that song could have so much feeling?

Upside Down!

A short lullabye that mentioned Natashya (having to do with blankets/ Crucify on the Wurly- Very different, but very effective. I loved it!

Little Earthquakes. INCREDIBLE

Me and A Gun- Deathly silent, as it should be. Tori seemed almost in a shocked state which made it that much more effective.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow- So beautiful. I don't even know what to say . . . I can't wait for the boot.

Encore 1
Thank You- Not usually one of my faves, but it was beautiful live

Enjoy the Silence

Tori said "I used to do this when I played clubs and it wanted to come tonight."
I had no idea what she was going to play and then she played:
Please Come to Boston (probably my favorite folky song ever . . . I couldn't believe she played it."

Encore 2
HONEY! This is probably my favorite song of all time

Marianne- Beautiful

Pandora's Aquarium- Probably my least fave from FTCH, but it was fabulous live

That's about it. It was an incredible show. The only thing that was bad was that some girl right behind me sand along to everything. hey, I know all the words, too, you know. Plus some other girl behind me was taking flash photos. Not that I don't appreciate her taking some nice pictures, but the flash was right in my face. Anyways, I hope it's not another three years before I see Tori again!!!


Review by Antigone

So the lights are still up, I'm chatting with my friend, and I see a good looking man in a black leather jacket looking for a seat. He's wearing a pass. It can't be. No way. Couldn't be. I grab her - don't look now, but that guy looks like Neil. IT IS NEIL she says. Yes. Neil.

Yesterday at the meet and greet I gave Tori a bag with some things in it. One thing was a honey bear with a label on it that said "Boston?" So I like to think Honey was at least a little bit for me if you heard the hoarse "Thank you" afterwards, that was me.

The show was THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. Perhaps because it was my home, perhaps because of the setlist or because of Honey. I don't know. It just...was...

2 more things:

The official setlist had Take to the Sky (we got Daisy Dead Petals instead - fine with me!) and had switched Over the Rainbow and Pandora. My friend Lisa got it for me. She rules the school.

We were at dinner and I said jokingly maybe she'll do that cheesy Please Come to Boston song. Tori, were you at Fajitas and Ritas? (I drank a margarita for Tori...)


Review by AmberSwirlGirl

I was so hot at that show and I had fucking chills the whole time. It was incredible. I couldn't believe she played Honey, Sugar, and Pandora, and Marianne Beauty Queen/ was sooooo beautiful. And I got my first Tori neclace. yaaaay. I can't wait to see her again. Crosses fingers.


Review by Jessica (Flawed Existance)

What a stunning show. She sounds better now than I have ever heard her before. Tear and Marianne, OH and Pandora were my major highlights. It was all amazing though. I also thought Rufus was GREAT. I am going to go out and get a cd now. By the way how fucking cute was Tori swinging her hips during Daisy?!! Oh AND when she pranced off of the stage after the first encore?! For everyone who has not seen her yet you are in for an amazing expierence.

And I must say that was the best crowed of people I have ever been to a concert with. Most everyone was SO quiet and respectful.


Review by FastestSlug

i know everyone will post their own reviews i will just add to some songs that i feel like i can add to!

bonnie and clyde just hate this damn song, i mean i get it but ugh i think we are supposed to hate it, moving along:

icicle not one of my personal faves but beautifully done
[B}half of daisy dead petals[/B] so cute!

sugar - the balls! even my husband likes this one now
tear in your hand this song is near and dear to me and i loved hearing it - so good!
cool on your island i dont like yktr but she did this one so good
beauty queen/horses
this old man um, i found this one to be...bizarre?
upside down yay!
crucify (on the wurlitzer) call me the antichrist but i am not a huge fan of improv - but this was so beautiful
little earthquake
me and a gun o.mah.god - did everyone cry or did everyone cry? you could have heard a fricking pin drop in there
over the rainbow

encore 1:
thank you
enjoy the silence
story about how she used to play this song in bars... tiffany thinks it's called 'please come to boston' - this was such a way cute song

encore 2:
marianne hi marianne - need i say more? check the user name. if she only played this one song it would have been worth it
pandora's aquarium


Review by Brambles

I'm pretty tired but I'll try to do a review and then maybe tomorrow i'll fix it up.. Tori's voice was so strong..she was just belting it out on so many songs..
Here are some highlights

Icicle- very powerful.especially the "i could have, i should have" part

Rattlesnakes- one of my favorites of the's awesome how she plays one hand on the Bose and one on the keyboard

Daisy Dead Petals- You could just tell how relaxed and comfortable she was when she did this one..someone yelled it out and she just said "OK" without any hesitation and went right into it..

Sugar- so fucking good and strong and powerful....she did the lyrics from the live version on TVAB..including the "youre just a pussy" part

Tear in Your Hand- I was so happy to hear this one..especially since it was making it's debut

Cool on Your Island- I thought I was gonna spontaneously combust when she started playing this one...Tear followed by this...amazing..

This Old Man- my friend turned to me and said "how do you get chills from THis Old Man?? " very cool..basically an intro to...

Upside Down- definitely another favorite from tonight

Crucify..very cool..with improv before about blankets and Tash..i dont remember the exact lyrics..she kept saying "feels like we're in chains these days sometimes"

Little Earthquakes- def. a highlight of the reminded me of the Live from NY version

Somewhere Over the Rainbow- beautiful..fucking version ive ever heard.

Enjoy the Silence - very happy to hear this one

Please Come to Boston- i liked this one so much...i actually thought she might play River when she started talkign about playing it in clubs...I cant wait for the boot.

Marianne- awesome..cant believe i got to hear it live.

Pandora's Aquarium- awesome live and very good end to the show

SUCH A FUCKING GOOD SHOW...very intense...cant wait for the boot..please email me if you recorded it.

oh and big fuck you to the 40 y/o old guy wearing the turtleneck sitting behind me who sang every song from Little Earthquakes in the most annoying, highpitched voice imaginable so loud that people were turning and around staring at him...SO FUCKING RUDE...go sing in your fucking shower..When Tori needs some back up singers, she'll let us know.

I didnt let it ruin it for me impressed with tonight..worth all the waiting


Review by St. Theresa

Nothing she played tonight was on my wish list but it's ok. She performed beautifully. I don't think I ever heard her sound so good. I LOVED when she did the mini-version of Dead Petals and I thought This Old Man was ferociously GREAT!!

My meet and greet experience, kinda cool! I sat on the barricade and at one point someone had requested Thank You and I said something like, "Sorry, but she'll be too busy doing I'm Not in Love." At that point Tori looked up at me and said, "Hi, how are you!" I said, "Good, how are you??" and I blew her a kiss. She blew a kiss back to me. I also got my Under the Pink vinyl signed.

Joel touched my arm and asked me how I was outside before the show. I was thrilled about that, too.

Highlights included meeting Denters including Iciclespark, Antigone, who didn't recognize me (insert indignant expression here), Grianne and GA Raisin Girl who is a friggin' RIOT! She says, "I'm sitting in the dress circle so I'm wearing a dress and circles," as she pointed to her earrings.

Wish I could have spent more time with you guys and met more of you!

The crowd was incredibly well-behaved in comparison to the horror stories we've been hearing. A few shouters, but even then it wasn't during songs. I appreciated the "Daisy Dead Petals" thing. She'd NEVER have done it without the "outburst." That's the type of thing that makes her shows improvisational. I loved it.

The Wang is beautiful and the sound is very good. Sixth row still seemed rather far away. The seats in the pit could move...I was tempted to ask people to do so, but I figured I'd act as mature as a 35 year-old ought to.

B & C really comes across differently live. Perhaps it was because I knew to expect the song and the way it would be done, but her vocals aren't nearly as haunting live as on the album. The curtain drop is rather dramatic and I did like that.

I love the way she's doing Icicle on this tour. Tear in Your Hand has never thrilled me but I appreciated that it made 99% of the audience very happy. This Old Man is awesome! Just INCREDIBLE! I really want an mp3 of that! Over the Rainbow has always bugged me because she never has really changed the tone of the song. It always remains on the same level with no real crescendo. Last night was different. It wasn't ALL whispery. And the piano is beautiful in it. Very well done!

I've listened to way too much live Tori because I knew what song she was doing just about EVERY time she started something. I would tell Creighton what song was about to emerge. I think that may have annoyed him. Oops

Overall, her voice was absolutely incredible. I expected her to be a little worn down as this was her third of three consecutive nights. I expected her to be raspy. She certainly wasn't. I've never heard her sound better. She seemed very happy being in Boston and gave us a slightly longer set than most venues on this tour.

I'm not going to bitch, but NONE of these songs were played and ALL of them were on my wish list: Anastasia, Not in Love, New Age, Raining Blood, Dutchman, Siren, Doughnut, Northern Lad, Never Seen Blue, Take to the Sky...NONE of them. Not ONE song was something I really hoped to hear! What are the odds of THAT!? But despite disappointment in the set, the performance itself was fantastic, so I cannot complain. She was in tip top shape.


Review by GA Raisin Girl

okay, here comes the voice of dissent...

it was a good show. not my favorite show. i'm not sure how to characterize it... it was very up and down for me.

her voice was absolutely the best i've heard it. especially icicle. goddamn. and the wang just made it that much more impressive.

i could have lived without this old man. but i have to say, i have a new appreciation for bonnie and clyde.

crucify and little earthquakes together rocked my world. they made me cry. and they made me remember how deep tori can get under my skin. unfortunately, there were patches of the show that didn't give me that tingly feeling that piercing, go-right-to-the-soul feeling that made me fall in love with her music in the first place. so thank you for crucify and little earthquakes.

rattlesnakes rocked. and marianne and pandora's aquarium (okay, really marianne) made the whole night worth it. and cool on your island.

i guess the reason it wasn't my favorite show is because little earthquakes and the b sides were played so heavily. and I like BFP, FTCH, and TVAB way more.

i stayed after for the backstage meet and greet. for damn near two hours. i waved, she waved back in my general direction. people are stupid...all these people crowd on the other side of the barricade, and it takes steve twenty fucking minutes to convince them to leave. and he's like, the more uncooperative you guys are, the more likely it is that she's gonna stop doing these appearances. she only stuck around for about three minutes.

and i may be one of the few people on the planet who actually misses the band. don't get me wrong. she sounds fabulous alone. her voice was like a meditation bell. but i miss the ruckus, and the kick-ass lighting from plugged 98. maybe it's cause that was my first set of shows. nostalgia is a bitch.


Review by kristin

This was the most amazing night ever! her voice was the best i've ever heard it!

I'm not going to review the whole show because other people did it much better than i could!


Little Earthquakes
Tear in Your Hand

Low points:

The girls behind me (you know who you are, left center orch row BB) one who was SLEEPING during teh show and the other sang every word. Hi, i know the words too but i'd rather hear tori sing them

The 2 girls in the way back who were laughing during me and a gun. that's tacky.

Otherwise, this was a gerat show and a great night

I watied for 2 hours in the freezing cold on a median strip on tremont street to snap a few pics...


Review by Deb

The show was absolutely beautiful. The Wang theatre is just gorgeous and the acoustics were phenomenal. The setting is just breathtaking, and the audience, I was relieved to see, acted quite appropriately. Of course, we all have our favorites, and we'll never get all the songs we want and none of the songs we don't care much for, but I think us in Boston were damn fucking lucky. A wonderful set, great energy, and her beautiful voice. I mean come on, when a Judy Garland cover and Zeppelin cover make you cry back to back.....well, it just doesn't get much better


Review by persephoneNY

the whole thing was truly.... amazing. i cant even properly describe it. she played a really slow, beautiful version crucify on this tiny organ from woodstock.
my fave songs tonight were leather, little earthquakes, me and a gun, and enjoy the silence. during me and a gun the whole audience was just captivated. the emotion that girl can sing with...
well anyway! i'm about the get carried away. the concert was wonderful, hope everyone gets a chance to see her on this tour!


Review by shay

this show was absolutely fantastic !! her second encore with honey and marianne blew me away. upside down was a treat too.

the night before in conn. someone requested tear in your hand and tori said she would have to think about it. i had a feeling she would play it in boston and it was very touching.

to tell you the truth i really dont know which show i liked better they were both incredible.

i hung out for 2 hours after the show to try to meet her. the closest i got was 5 feet from her (she's so damn tiny) i yelled i love you tori when she was getting on the bus i think she heard me.

all i have to say now is after seeing her 3 times in the past week (i was at the 1st nyc show too,which was pretty good but considering it was in nyc i think tori's mood was a little down) i am totally and completely more in love with her now than ever!!


Review by iieee

Lets just say that I was several seats away from the guy who yelled,"YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!"

and I was near the Daisy Dead Petals guy......

She played my favorite song (Honey) I was emotional during that....than Marianne came...omg....

and Rattlesnakes was played...that was another one I wanted....

it was a good show but like Raisin Girl I wanted a little more recent stuff played but I was very happy over all

I had this corny couple in front of me necking eachother throughout the was gross

some of the people by the the tour merchandise stand were incredibly annoying....

most people were unaware of the tiny line on the side...thats where I quickly bought the program and a keychain

I arrived right when Rufus started playing....


Review by januarysparkle

i don't have too much to say about the show other than the fact that it was *amazing*. i got there too late and missed the meet and greet, which i was really upset about for awhile.

i met one of you guys, dor, who came up to me seeing my laminate and asked if she could see it (it was flipped over and she couldn't see my name). i got to look at her incredible collection of tori pics (i wish i could've bought one, dor! i wasn't sure how much money i'd have left after tour merch!). then someone asked if i worked for the tour, and when i said no, wanted to know what my laminate was, so i explained. then one other person asked if i had an extra ticket, which i did not. hehe

i only saw one other person with a laminate, so i ended up taking mine off since no one was coming to say hi. but i did overhear someone mention something about flying dutchman being prince @dam's song, so i knew they were from here, but i was too shy to say anything. hehe

my one complaint about the show was the girl sitting behind me that sang every single song except me and a gun (which is good because i would have shoved her off the balcony) and please come to boston, because she didn't know that one. if you were in the left balcony (i was in row z, seat 35) and sitting behind me, you were really annoying. not to be rude, but it was kind of distracting and bugged me a lot.

i wish i could go back! i was so sad when the second encore was over! i went to the aftershow meet and greet for a few minutes, but it was kinda disorganized and weird. plus we had a train to catch, so we left after about fifteen minutes. *sigh* no meeting tori for me this tour...unlike some of you lucky people that was my only show. but maybe next tour.


Review by armmon

caught Tori in Boston last night - gorgeous venue

my first time at the Wang Theatre - the acoustics at the Wang Theatre are awesome, and the detail put into all the statues and paintings are mind-blowing - it's like taking a step into the Renaissance era

Tori mentioned that the Wang Theatre was one of her favorite places in the world - it's easy to see why

reviews here are right on - thought i'd add that Tori's "new Whurly" is a Whurlitzer originally played on at Woodstock by Country Joe & the Fish

every song was excellent - my favorite covers were Led Zeppelin's "Thank You", "Please Come To Boston", and "Over the Rainbow" - my nipples were hard all night


Review by abbe

Boston was great! I think Wallingford was still
a little better, for me, but I think she has been
doing kick-ass performances that just keep getting
better and the energy level has been staying
really high.

I for one am not complaining at a LE-heavy show.
and her performance of LE itself was excellent.
I was trying to think what one other song I
would want to hear after the setlist in Wallingford
the night before just blew me away, and Honey
and Little Earthquakes were pretty high up there, and
she played both.

I was the person who looked when Antigone said
not to look and said "um, yeah, that *is* Neil."
I tried to drag her over to say hi to him, but
she wouldn't go...

and I also met St. T briefly, and eveningStarr who
was sitting in my row, but I did not find GA Raisin
Girl or any of the rest of you all.


Review by grianne

I think Wallingford sounded better, but it was still great...and I was very happy she played Marianne. I was originally going to attempt to request that, in honor of my friend Kerry, but I thought I would try to request something that hadn't yet been played - which is what I did in my note, which probably didn't get passed up to the front anyway. So Tori read my mind. My subconcious request. *lol*

I'd never heard COYI, it was okay, but not spectacular. I knew some people would be excited though

I loved the opening improv to Crucify! Something about everybody needs blankets these days... "Tash says mama I need one to sleep", lol...Crucify itself on the wurlitzer was...okay, but all the way during the verses I kept waiting for her to start singing "a girl needs a gun these days..." It really sounded similar!

Speaking of which, CREIGHTON! She played your Rattlesnakes

Daisy Dead Petals was was Horses, Leather, THIS OLD MAN!

Something I noticed throughout the night that kind of bothered me...Tori seems to have developed a trend wherein everytime she does some vocal improvisation, she starts doing this 'eeeeeeeeee eee eeeeee eeeeee eee eeeeee" thing. The first couple of times is great but by the end of the night I was practically cringing each time she did it. It sounded great with ICICLE though!

When I left the the theater after the show, there were a bunch of dorky teenaged girls standing out there mimicking Tori's singing. They did a whole bunch of the eeee-things, burst out laughing, then went "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Kind of in a "this Old Man" or "Pandora's Aquarium" way...jesus christ....why did they come then? St T and Creighton, I saw you guys standing near by, did you see those morons?


Review by blanketfriend

Oh wow - I'm just in awe, still. It was an incredible show and I was very happy b/c my best toriphile friend drove 6 hours to go with me. "Pandora's Aquarium" happens to be her favorite too, so I was really happy for her. What brought me to giddiness was hearing "Marianne" and her little intro about Tasha to "Crucify." And I also loved her tribute to the Boston crowd. Wish I could go to all the concerts, but that was my one and only on this tour.

I also was hoping for a peek at her, and was able to see her at the M&G after the show. I didn't talk to her, or get an autograph, but really just wanted to see her, so I was content (and had a big goofy grin on my face). If I could get close to her, I think I would just say "thank you" b/c I'm so thankful that she is out there, writing those songs and performing for all of us. Her music has helped me so much - I'm still smiling away today.


Review by honeydust

First of all THANK YOU to Rabbit for the 5th row ticket--- I got to my seat and just thought, Wow. Wow. Wow. (And that was before the glass of red wine & staring up at the Wang ceiling again--- it barely seemed lke there was anyone else in the theatre except us in the pit.)

Rufus was a darling and talked about how he'd been wearing the same Future Farmers of America shirt & leather pants (too hot!) for 4 days and so we all better be glad we weren't next to him. He played a new song ("kinda my reaction to this whole religious thing right now") instead of one off of the old album, and Complainte de La Butte was gorgeous-- no rude side-talking or whispering either for his whole set. He very adorable spit out some cork from his wine that got in his teeth. Yay.

Tori was just as relaxed and rewarded us all-- during her improv, she sang something like "I want to take you all home to bed" and it was amazingly sweet. Honey was something I'd been waiting for since DDI at the Wang-- I'd gone the first night, and the second night snows got her, and i finally got it, after 6 shows and 4 tours. Yay!

The lighting and set were breathtaking from where I saw. It looked like Tori may have been wearing the Real Men suit jacket with flowing pants. She danced on and off the stage for her encores in little bouncey hops-- too cute!

The section around me beamed, sobbed, and one girl in front of me just shook her head when Marianne came. The 2 boys on my right smiled and sang and laughed-- such a respectful, peaceful, emotional crowd-- my favorite ever. No cell phones, the flash photos weren't too bad, and not a peep during Me and a Gun-- which was soooooooooo slooooooow.

Remember when Tori said her shows were like a place where we could all bring our demons and dance with them? That's what it felt like again. Speaking of which-- I hope she does 'Muhammed My Friend' at least once on the tour. We need that right now.

Crucify seemed like a reminder to all of us-- "Even these days, in chains... never going back again, not even these days" and she almost spit out "NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN."

And everyone looked fabulous! So many cuties.

Thank you, everyone!


Review by Mykee (PisceanVelvet)

Last night's show in Boston was my first Tori Amos show ever. IT was a great experience. My main description of the entire show: Mellow and Nostalgic. I was waiting for a pick me up song like Take to the Sky or Talula the entire time. Regardless, it was a wonderful show. She sounded amazing.
Some highlights for me:
The intro vocalizations for "Icicle" were amazing. Heart breaking and beautiful.

I thought it very amusing that she picked up and played "Daisy Dead Petals". After the shouted request and an "ummm....well" she turned to her Bosey and tinkled it out.

I thought "Tear in Your Hand" was wonderful. I feel very fortunate that she played it for us.

"Horses" always grabs me.("you would if i would, but you never would.")

"Me and a Gun" is a song I never listen to on LE. It's not a song I ever want to hear because it's way too disturbing. Tonight I was just as disturbed and had to fight back tears lest I soak my shirt. Incredible performance; emotional, raw, and intense.

I am not at all impressed with the album version of "Enjoy the Silence" but tonight's version was amazing. It was slightly abrigded which I thought to be wonderful.

Finally I was very glad she played Honey and Marianne. I had a list of five songs I really wanted to hear and had I extended the list it would have included those two. Unfortunatly she didn't play any of my five : Merman, Purple People, Cooling, Real Men , or Hey Jupiter. I wonder if and when she will play "Real Men", I feel it to be such a relevant song right now.

Thank you to everyone who made the show special by respecting your fellow audience members and Tori's offering.


Review by PC Cat


Last night was so amazing. I couldn't believe the things that she played last night. I was so thrilled to hear Daisy Dead Petals! I never in a million years ever expected to hear that one. The person I went to the concert with didn't know the song....but he liked it anyways. Sugar, Upside Down, and Honey. Those three songs are my absolute favorite. I can't even explain how much I love those three songs. I almost died when she played Sugar...then she played Upside Down. I thought I would die again. And then the coup de grace...Honey....I cried almost...Let's see what else did I greatly enjoy...well obviously the entire show. I thought that she sounded very good and very filled with emotion. Me and A Gun was amazing. Absolutely breathtaking. She could have dropped a pin in that theater and everyone would have heard it. Incredible. Anyone else who has yet to go to a it. She's on yet another amazing tour!! (and she's playing so many of her great classic songs)


My only complaint from last night is about the two girls who were sitting in row J of the right center balcony around seats 22, 24, 26...the ones who kept singing through the entire concert. I'm sorry. I love to sing with Tori too. Only I sing when she's not really there to do the singing. I paid my money to hear her sing not the chicks behind me to sing....I'm not trying to be a bitch or anything but really....Please. She doesn't tour that often...I would like to hear her when she sings the rare times that I do get to hear her in person.


Review by Finney

First this concert was amazing..seriously i'm such a rock and roll plugged tori chica fan, but holy hell she won me over.

Second..nothing is funnier then watching the old lady ushers...when tori sings' pussy' really loud during sugar and they all turned their heads to tori like 'wtf lady this is a theater'..ahhaha

neil was there!!...i thought maybe..since she only looked out into the audience when his lines came up.

and she played HORSES!!! I just wanted to hear that...

and that intro before can't tell me that didn't hit ya'll in the heart during these days...scary place this world would be nice to curl up in that 'blanket' as she says.


Review by SnowSpark

Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in ages but I somehow found my way back... I was at the Boston concert and it was my very first Tori concert as I became obsessed with Tori in late 1999, just after her last concert in CT (before Wallingford I mean) and that's where I live. Now I'm in school in RI so I got to the Boston show!! :)

Let's just say this was one concert I'll definitely never forget. I cried... tears streamed down my face as I watched the concert, unable to believe that I was there, in the same room as TORI and she was singing there me... Wow, it was overwhelming. Every song she played just thrilled me, I got shivers just thinking that I was THERE. Unfortunately, being unititiated into the concert world and all that, I didn't know about the meet and greet until after the fact (though when I heard I did recall that she did that) but even if I'd known, I would not have been able to go (classes :P). NEXT time, right? There HAS to be a next time because I will be eternally sorry if I only get to see one Tori concert in my life (even if it was great!).

I was really happy that she played a lot from LE because it happens to be my favorite of her albums (though I have, love, and treasure them all!) and was pleasantly surprised when she stopped what she was doing to play Daisy Dead Petals on request. I loved the Crucify intro with Tash... I felt so lucky to be there!! As for Rattlesnakes, I was thrilled by it; it's one of my favorites on the new album! I was kind of hoping she'd play I Don't Like Mondays but then the concert was on a Monday so that wouldn't have been the best song I guess. I loved the dramatic opening how we were just itching to see TORI and she sang off stage and then it was just the Bosey and Icicle... her screams were sooo incredible. Ahh, I think I could go on and on but that wouldn't be fair and I should go sleep as I do have class tomorrow... I hope everyone else enjoyed Boston as much as I did!!! :)


Review by Rob

That was a perfectly beautiful performance, the best concert I've had the privilege to attend. Then again, Tori just gets better and better.

The theatre was beautiful, the acoustics extraordinarily good, the stage set and lighting perfectly wonderful. If I have a complaint about anything, it would be that I felt the sound pressure was a bit on the high side for '97 B&C. It tended to detract from the vocal styling she used so effectively on the CD. It might be that I got that impression because I was so close to the soundstacks but I think not. Hmmm, maybe I have another complaint. I would've made wholesale setlist substitutions, but I loved the set anyway and I'll get to hear some of my other preferences later...hopefully.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde - VERY effective live and a perfectly good choice for an opener (though the sound level did seem too high).

Icicle - exceptional...I haven't heard an mp3 from this tour but if this is how she's been doing it from the start, I can see why Siren doesn't appear every night, although I WANT to hear Siren.

Rattlesnakes - I would have been greatly disappointed if I hadn't heard this, and it was perfectly wonderful...'nuff said.

Daisy Dead Petals - never one of my favorites, it is now.

Sugar - I can listen to this one all the time and it was especially GREAT last night.

Tear in Your Hand - I still love it and she still does it so beautifully.

Cool on Your Island - Okay, so it's not the greatest lyric she's ever written, it's still better than 98% of what the radio feeds us and it was so much better than the version she recorded.

Beauty Queen/Horses - No surprises here. I'll listen to this anytime, though.

Leather - I'm sorry, people, I love this and was very happy to hear it.

This Old Man - She perfected this last night. She's been working up to it and she finally got it exactly right.

Upside Down - I really like this song but I've heard it too much for the moment.

Crucify - WOW! Okay, not only did Crucify get an improv intro last night which was very sweet, but this girl has a whole new style. She's been hangin' out with Rattlesnakes and the result is a whole new attitude to the same perfectly timeless message!

Little Earthquakes - I'm so glad she played this!! I really wanted to hear it. I've been ignoring it for so long that I'm hungry for it now. In fact, I've been playing it quite a bit the last few weeks and this was one really great performance of it. I LOVED it.

Me and a Gun - This is the way Tori should always do this...extraordinary - subtle and focused delivery without any distraction from the lyric.

Over the Rainbow - Hearing this particular performance of this was a very special privilege. I can't tell you how many times I've heard singers do this song over the years, and Tori's performance of it was the best there's ever been...better than she's ever done it, imo.

Encore 1:
Thank You - I'm glad she played this and it was VERY good but I was slightly disappointed that she didn't work it out in a way similar to the version she recorded, which I think is amazing.

Enjoy the Silence - I loved it! Better than the CD version.

Please Come to Boston - She did it well. It didn't turn me on. Never was one of my favorites, though when Tori sings it there's added depth of meaning conveyed...and the Bostonians loved it.

Encore 2:
Honey - Honey and Sugar in the same night! Sweet.

Marianne - This one always brings a tear. I never seem to tire of it...even if there is tuna, rubber, and blubber.

Pandora's Aquarium - This was a special treat for me. I LOVE this song. I'm sorry, I didn't put that exactly the way I meant it...I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! She did it perfectly.

Hi and THANK YOU to Antigone, Grianne, Dor, IcicleSpark, GA Raisin, Cocaine Lipgloss, and Naws for being so wonderfully themselves and for tolerating me.

Also, anyone here who doesn't already know that St. Theresa's DA BOMB, well, she IS! She kept me laughing and just generally amused for 3 days straight (even if she wouldn't let me take her picture - and she SHOULD have because she's so much better looking than any of the pics of her I've seen). That girl's some very fine, fine wine - aged to absolute perfection...not a day too green, not a hint of sour. She's every man's dream and everyone's dream friend.


Review by messikandie

the meet and greet. i got to give her a kandie bracelet yay. it said "fly dutch" on it, kuz well.. i always ask for that.. and ALWAYS miss it by one day... tori said "well you know she came out last nite" or something like that... and i was sad kuz i knew that... *pout* i dont remember what else was said... but she signed my 8x10... yay. and hopefully i got some good pics... so now i have 4 autographs... and have exchanged words... but grrr i still want my hug!!! hehe.

then the show! i had CRAP seats. and grr. my very first tori show was at the wang... and i also had crap seatss... but MUCH worse ones!! haha... i was like 2nd balcony row bb or something... but monday i had 2nd balcony row t... meh. well. let me say this was AMAZING kuz i like old school tori much better than new school tori. it was sooo good to hear so much from le and utp.. and bsides... mmmmm. awesome! but... COYI... OMFG... *PASSESOUT* this was like... omg... i cant even... OMGGGG!!! it was SO Good... i have always totally worshiped this song... but this was DEFINETLY the best ive heard it. so beautiful, and she changed it up a bunch... sooooo good!!! that was my favorite part yay. and i <3 icicle so that made me very haappy hurrah. this was an amazing show... *drools* i just wish i had better seats... awh well...


Review by brknstar

I had no idea Neil Gaiman was going to be at the Boston show. I was one of the RAINN winners, so as they were leading us backstage, down the hall to a waiting room. I see him. My brother goes, "is that..." and I said, "yes!" so as we approach him (he's just hanging out in the hall all alone) I just go "HEY!" like I know him or something, but I guess, I didn't know how else to open the conversation and I do feel like I know him, I read his online journal all the time and all his books. So he goes, "hey" back and is looking at us, like "should I know these people?" and we shake his hand and chat for a bit. It was so cool. What a surprise. But it explained her mischievous smile during TIYH when she sang, "neil says hi by the way."

It was amazing to meet tori. I can't even do it justice in words. I thought it was worth every penny I spent. I am not at all rich, not even close, now I'm very poor.
Anyway, we were led backstage to a room with tables (the dining room), a piano, refreshments and we just sat. People were taken in according to what group they came with. Some media people were first. Then the RAINN people. We ended up being the last ones in the RAINN line, and we were taken to her dressing room, where she was with Joel. She is so, so kind. I am amazed by her patience, her sincerity and her kindness. We introduced ourselves and my brother went first. I won't talk about his experience. He can do that himself if he wants. I was next. I gave her a nice hardcover of The Complete Grimm's Fairytales. It was edged in gold and all that. Fancy. I thought it would be nice for her, and for her to read to Tash. She loved it. Was very gentle with it. And showed it to Joel, as she told me, "Mr. Joel loves Mr. Grimm's fairytales." It was so cute. I also threw in a little stuffed animal for tash. She must have millions, but it's the gesture. And I'd made her a thank you card. She took everything out of the bag, and looked at it all, and put it on the table. She was separating things by who gave her what. So she really does look at everything and really appreciate it all. I posed for a picture with her then, and I haven't seen them yet, since my brother developed them. And I'm sure I look stupid, but she, I was informed, looks gorgeous (are any of you surprised?). So then I asked if she'd take a picture with a picture of my friend's husband, she wanted to give it to him as an anniversary present as they couldn't make it to the show. And she did. Then she signed my stuff, and she was very gracious. We chit chatted for a bit, but not about anything earthshattering. She then hugged us goodbye and we wished her and joel a safe trip. Then we were on our way. She's magic. That's the only way I can describe her. It was wonderful to be able to meet her like that. I never get anywhere near her at meet and greets. Joel is phenomenal as well. Very, very sweet man. I didn't have a lot to say as I said everything in my note. It was just good to meet someone that's been such an inspiration.

My favorite moment though was during the show. When she sang Over the Rainbow (my theme song) I cried like a baby. I can never listen to that song without crying. I could tell she was trying hard not to cry during the song, and she kept looking over at me. At the end, when everyone stood, I was right against the stage dead center almost and she got up, walked STRAIGHT to me and grabbed my hands. I thought that was the best.

And never mind the surprise of neil backstage. I had the best concert experience ever!


Review by RunninAfterBilly

I think it goes without saying that Tori was nothing short of brilliant. I sat in Row Balcony XX something or other. Again, as I mentioned in a previous post, I purchased the second to last ticket the day of ticket sale. Kind of got stuck with the seat and it wasn't per personal choice. My opera glasses kind of did the job, however, they're old and I think a new pair is necessary in the event of a possible similar future situation.

I never heard "Cool on your Island" (sp?) until she appeared at the Wang. I don't know if it's new, and if it isn't, I don't know how I missed hearing it in the past. Is it a B-side? What cd is it on? Could someone help me out here and set my mind at ease? I love the song and it reminds me of that bitch boy Bill that I once dated... but that's a whole other story.

I must say though that if I had to hear Rufus sing one more song, I would have missed Tori's entire show. That's my personal opinion and I will leave it at that.

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Oh yeah, and if the girl who sat next to me happens to read this post, I am the person who sat next to you and advised you of the Dent... you advised me of Kazaa. Red opera glasses... It's me!


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