Upper Darby/Philadelphia, PA
October 13, 2001

Updated February 12, 2002

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Tori performed in Upper Darby/Philadelphia, PA on October 13, 2001 at the Tower Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Richard Handal for giving me the set list on the phone.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Take To The Sky
Little Amsterdam
Enjoy The Silence
Playboy Mommy
Nothern Lad
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Philadelphia (Neil Young cover!)

2nd Encore:
Sister Janet
Baker Baker


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From Richard Handal

October 12, 2001 - Richard called me after the show, which started at 9:13PM and ended at 10:42PM. The show was 1 hour and 29 minutes long, which has been the shortest of the tour so far. During '97 Bonnie & Clyde the portrait of her character fell off the curtain. Tori did a little improv before Little Amsterdam. Etienne was amazing. Tori was relaxed, wonderful, full of expression. She was fluid and dynamic. Playboy Mommy was tender and soulful.

There were some deviations from the official set list. Tori was supposed to perform Doughnut Song before Etienne, but did not do so. She was also supposed to play I Don't Like Mondays instead of Sister Janet.

From Jamie

Added Oct 14, 2001 - heres the set list for the philly show 97 Bonnie and Clyde
Take to the Sky
intro i'ver never heard before into
Little Amsterdam
Enjoy the Silence
Playboy Mommy
Northern Lad
Me and a Gun

1st Encore

2nd Encore
Sister Janet
Baker Baker

ok can i say wow

also of note toris dad was there i met him and he was meeting fans and shaking hands and what not etienne was amazing

she also made a comment of that of dc new york and philadelphia philadelphia was the spicy sister which was why she wore red

she also made a comment on how some of us knew about y kant tori read and she wanted us to know that she knows that we know about y kant tori read and that some of the songs were revisiting her lately

me and a gun was incredibly intense

china was so emotionally evoking i cried

From Julianne Scibetta

Added Oct 14, 2001 - She said that she thinks of Philadelphia as a sister city, meaning the middle sister between New York and Washington, DC -- adding to that, it's the spicy sister, so she wore a red outfit accordingly.

Note From Mikewhy: She also kindly sent me the set list!

From Colleen

Added Oct 14, 2001 - just an add note that i thought was great... tori's parents were at the show talking to people. they left the show through the back were everyone was waiting for tori. they got a big cheer. i thought it was so cute. This was trurly a great show!!!!

From heather

Added Oct 14, 2001 - Great site. Concert was awesome, however very disrespectful for opening act. I was skeptical about T's show around 9:00, but it was the most amazing thing EVER. I have been following her since before 1993, and as I approach middle age, I am not failed by this little faerie.

From Tom Picucci

Added Oct 15, 2001 - I don't go to many concert's, don't even like to drive in Philadephia, but it was all worth the effort last night seeing Tori. I had to go myself but that didn't dampen my spirits, upon her entrance to the stage, and until her final song it was a joyous night. Tori is the greatest female entertainer in the world and she proved it again.

From Brandy Knapp

Added Oct 15, 2001 - i just feel the need to get this out, and you can do with it what you will. i'm a huge tori fan, my name is brandy and i'm from baltimore. i'm not on the dent forum or anything, but i check your web site daily. we actually emailed back and forth a few times when the sneak preview tour for the plugged tour was going on. i remember when hfs was talking about your site, and you were excited. the dent is huge, huge, huge now. i don't understand how to use the forum, or else i'd post there. anyway, this is what i wanted to say. the show last night in philli, tori was sooooo beautiful, and awesome, and mother and sister janet and butterfly, well you know. but, i wanted to kill some of the audience. i have never ever been to a tori show like this. the person in front of me was trying to talk over tori in between songs, and they were getting up for drinks over and over. A lot of people were getting up, not just inbetween songs, but during the songs. someone tried to light a cigarette, so the guys had to come over and tell her not to smoke and they chatted for a few minutes and the flashlight was on her completely disrupting what was going on. during me and a gun there was laughing and lots of talking in the background. i can't tell you how many flashes went off during the show. i don't know if it was just me, and me being irritable. the friends i brought with me were equally pissed. i was going to hang around and talk to some other people, but when i went over to where the meet & greet would be the people were just crazy, and i was in such a bad mood i just needed to leave. it's just that tori bring a lot a lot to the show, and we should bring something too, at least respect her. ok, i don't know maybe you'll post something that explains to people what is disrespectful, at meet and greets too. have a good day.

From Ed Randazzo

Added Oct 15, 2001 - ...Just wanted to let everyone know that I did enjoy my first Tori experience last night! WOW WOW WOW! I had 3rd row seats. I was wearing a silver, sparkly turtle neck with vinyl pants (I figured it was a special occasion LOL) At one point during "Etienne"I yelled to Tori shouting, "I LOVE YOU!" and she replied, "I LOVE YOU BACK!" heheehheeeee. (we had a moment! hehehheeee)

Without a doubt the best show I have ever seen!

Highlights for me definitely were: 'Siren'
'Rattlesnakes' (I cried like a baby!)
'Take To The Sky'
'Northern Lad' (was amazing!)
'Philadelphia' (the very beautiful Neil Young song - total surprise! I liked her chat at the start of the show about philly too... and the red outfit!) **Sassy sister**
and 'Sister Janet'
What a wonderful night! I even had the opportunity to get a gift I made for Tori back to her. I wrote Tori a song and put it on tape, along my interpretations of her 'Caught a Lite Sneeze' and 'Take To the Sky' As it turns out I was seated right next to this really nice family(THANK YOU DIANE, PAUL, and the adorable "fairy girl") who knows Tori very well... I told them my story about the songs and that it was my first time seeing her. And they made sure Tori would get it personally! I saw this family after the show while waiting for Tori outside... And they said she got it : ) : )
Tori now has a piece of me with her - that is a good feeling!
I also picked up the beautiful calendar!
I would just like to thank all my of my GOOD friends for making this possible and watching over me last night! Thank you!

From Audrey (from

Added Oct 15, 2001 - My dear, oh my dear...

I can't even get through my feelings on everything that happened tonight. The was absolutely the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed. From the orchestra, row DD center, I almost couldn't ask for a better place to experience Tori's expressions and was so spellbinding and gorgeous!

First things first. There were so many lovelies that I had the opportunity to meet in Philly (and NYC): Emily + friend, pdjennings + friends, Kelly + friend, Kara, Marco and Erich w/ an h, to mention a few. Thank you for making my experience so amazing and I will literally never forget you! They all were just the nicest, sweetest EWF that I have ever met in person. Thank you so much, I only wish I had more time to get to know you all! Remember to email me and send me your thoughts and photos!

Onto the review
'97 Bonnie & Clyde. Live vocals over instrumental track. The curtains open and you see a slashed black curtain in front with a large hanging banner of the '97 Bonnie & Clyde character. Cheering. Blue and red lights begin flashing through the chopped holes as the instrumental of the song begins and escalates. Though you cannot see her, Tori's voice pierces out, hushed at first gaining strength, harsher and louder, urgent. She stresses angrily, "Don't touch Dada's toy knife, honey, let go of it!" Deep breaths between lines, juicy clicks into the chorus. About 2/3 into the song, the character banner falls to the floor unexpectedly, apparently unintentionally. Tori continues despite the technical difficulty. The ethereal chorus of "Just the two of us" is a background loop over which the live Tori sing-speaks "Just the two of us" slowly and in harmonic. "Sit back in your chair, honey, quit trying to climb out" angrily again. "One" deep breath "Two" deep breath "Three" deep breath "Wheeeeeeeee" And finally with the last screaming instrumental note of the song brings the black curtain crashing to the floor to reveal the Bosendorfer, her keyboard, and off to the left, a small star-painted Wurlitzer. To the right of the Bse was a short table with three framed photographs of the characters for "New Age", "Enjoy the Silence" and "I'm Not In Love" all dark-haired characters. I wondered and hoped that she would bring out these three girls that night, especially "New Age"!

Tori then appears onstage and the crowd stands and cheers. She is dressed in a bright, shiny-silk pant suit with slits up the sides of the pants to above her knees. She wears sheer black nylons with spike-black heels which fasten around her ankles. Her top has a slit that extends to mid-stomach, under which she wore a sheer black undergarment or blouse which peeked through from time to time. She walks over to the edges of the stage with both hands cutely waving to the crowd. She was just so beautiful, refreshed looking and radiant. Just the red outfit alone clearly expressed a feistiness that had been long awaiting its release. I couldn't imagine just what she actually had in store for us!

Siren. Piano. Powerful. Her voice was absolutely gorgeous tonight clear, full and passionate. You could understand each word. The lighting on the white backdrop behind her had an ethereal swirling pattern. She even threw her head back, eyes-closed in her ecstacy-like way. She rings out "Almost in, IN LOVE (raised octave) .Vanilla (deeper) ". Toward the end she added a line "deep in love".

Tori speaks to the crowd, something to the effect of: "I love being in Philadelphia. I wore red tonight because Philadelphia is spicy. Philadelphia is like a sister; a middle sister between New York and D.C. She's the spicy sister..." (not perfectly accurate).

Rattlesnakes. Keyboard & Piano. Fluid vocals. With "She looks like eva marie saint..", she switches to piano completely and back to the keyboard & piano split when she starts the next set of verses. At "upside down and back to front" she sqeezes her eyes tightly and bounces emphatically as she sings the line and bangs on the piano. With her last, "Hey .." she pulls back from the microphone allowing her voice to slowly fade away.

Tori introduces the next song, "Someone asked me to play this so..."

Butterfly. Piano. Very intense, yet gentle in the beginning with "and is it right,butterfly, they like you better framed and dried". Later, towards the end she gains intensity and volume with "framed and dried". More than anything, the lyrics "got me running girl as fast as I can" hit me during her performance. It really seemed as if she was singing it directly to the person who needed it. It was the first performance of this song for this tour thus far.

Take To The Sky. Piano. Her signature rapping of her hand against the piano as she played igniting the audience to clap in time. Very feisty. During the "take it, take it, take it, take it, take it" she thrusts her pelvis on the edge of the piano bench, Oh naughty Tori!

Improv. "We'll stay right here, middle sister, prettier lovelier, do you feel it's comin round, that's what i think. Middle sister, it's all comin round find your wings the queen...." (more to this that I couldn't remember, not perfectly accurate).

Little Amsterdam. Keyboard & Piano. Down and deep. Began with a chord and "Get it on the plate girl " She mistakenly sings "Momma" instead of "Hominy". She turns completely to the piano the first two times she sings "which side you're on " as if to emphasize the phrase. And the last time, she switches it to the keyboard instead.

Mother. Piano. Perfection. Whispering on the final verse ohh.. I got the feeling she was actually singing it for her mother, as her parents were there for the show. Another debut for the tour.

Enjoy The Silence. Keyboard. Tori keeps the "unforgettable" lyric. Her voice emotionally raises an octave with the last "all I ever wanted all I ever needed is here in my arms" twice, and then lowering again for "words are very unnecessary.." I couldn't help but to begin tearing during this song It's just so incredibly emotional performed live...I could just imagine her envisioning her daughter as she sang.

Tori introduces the next song: "I want you guys to know. But I know you know this! But I want you to know that I know you know this, I made a record called Y Kant Tori Read. And some of those songs want to visit tonight...." (not perfectly accurate).

Etienne. She changes all of the "Whisper My Name"'s to "Whisper Your Name". When she repeats "Maybe I'm a witch" towards the end, she again replaces it with "Maybe you're a witch ". Haunting and gorgeous. I couldn't help it! I just kept imagining that she was exploring different aspects of love in her life right now and how she could apply this to her and Mark old souls searching for each other. On second thought, it could even be Beenie who she's referring to. Someone close and special to her. It took my breath away, and then the tears began to flow.

Playboy Mommy. Wurlitzer. Tori walked across the stage to her tiny organ, previously owned by County Joe & The Fishes. This song was very final, very powerful.

Northern Lad. Another Choirgirl song! She changes "and I feel it's falling apart too" to "and I feel we're falling apart too". She also repeats the lines, "if you could see me now/girls you've got to know/when it's time to turn the page/when you're only wet because of the rain", several more times at the end than the recorded version. Beautiful.

Me And A Gun. This song was always the intense one that causes me to hold my breath in terror. Unfortunately, there were so many things that prevented me from really being able to concentrate. First off, there were people in the far back, possibly out in the lobby of the venue, who were laughing and talking extremely loudly. I couldn't believe the gall. If those people were actually inside of the theater.. best beware. Tori's face was silhouetted with light and her stare seemed to intensify as she sang us her horrifying story. Then at the moment she moved into the bridge of the song, singing "do you know Carolina " two people started clapping before the song was actually ending which just infuriated me more. How disrespectful and irresponsible. I felt like Tori was trying to bore a hole through the crowd with her eyes and she sang louder and louder. At this point, I also realized that the theater was drafty. I just figured they'd left the front doors open so as to let fresh air in because the fog machines and the weather could have created a very humid and uncomfortable environment which would have been far worse than a bit of draftiness. I just felt that the power of this song was just distracted by so many environmental elements. I wish I could have ignored them.

Twinkle. Piano. A complete surprise. Tori performed it a bit harder and louder than the recorded version. I imagined that she was annoyed about what happened during her last song and at times she closed her eyes and became a bit gentler as if to calm herself. I was still a bit distracted, but it was definitely a sweet song. This song was another debut for the tour.

1st Encore:
China. Such a touching song. The touches of sadness and the perfect understanding of a imperfect love just reaches out to me.

Philadelphia. Piano. When she starting singing this, at first I thought it was an improv. Then I thought that it would be just an intro to another song. But in the end it turned out to be a complete cover of a Neil Young song, titled Philadelphia. It was really the most beautiful song I can't even express it. She at times would look down at the floor directly in front, facing the audience, where it seemed as though she were reading the lyrics off of a paper most likely taped to the floor. After the show I met Tori's parents while trying to make our way down the isle to leave. I asked her mom about this song and she said it was a beautiful song an old song and that she couldn't remember who originally did it. Her mom was so sweet! During the song all I could do was sit with my mouth hanging open and my hands out thinking," she's never done this! Oh my god, I know she's never ever done this song before!" We were so special to her that she did this song for us and I will never forget it. Obviously, this was not only a debut for the tour, but a never-before-done song in Tori's entire history.

2nd Encore:

Josephine. I was mesmerized. I've always like this song and to hear her perform it was a special treat. "In the last extremity to advance or not to advance, I hear you laughing "

Sister Janet. I wasn't expecting this song, as I'd been hoping and wishing for her to play Here. In My Head instead. But Sister Janet was definitely a treat. She pauses in her playing as she sings "a wing can cover all sorts of things" and pulls her arms behind her back as if they were folded wings. I knew this couldn't be the final song, as it just didn't seem final enough.

Baker Baker. When this song began, it was then that I knew this was definitely the final song, so I was feeling the melancholy setting in. The ending lyric "if you see him say hi " always got me.

And then it was done. And I had to hold my hand to my chest in amazement and wonder. My heart.. I could just hear it all in my heart. Imagine my surprise as that was when I saw Tori's parents in the isle with us! Her mother made eye contact with me as I was swooning from what we just experienced. She looked at me and smiled and said "Hi!", and this was when I spoke with her mother about the song, Philadelphia. She was just so tiny and sweet. I never realized that Tori's dad was also so tiny as well! I also said hi to Mark, Tori's husband, on the way out as we passed him packing up in the sound booth. I absolutely love his accent.

Overall, this was my impression. Tori just seemed significantly feisty, passionate and happy as compared to her last performance in NYC, two days prior. She smiled a lot and closed her eyes during the performances which just displayed how peaceful and enjoyable it was for her to perform that night for us. And just based on her communication with the crowd, the song choices the overall theme seemed to be "love", in its many forms. I really think this was the most memorable concert I've ever attended. Thank you, Tori. Philadelphia loves you too.

From Vaness (Posted to the ToriTour mailing List)

Added Oct 15, 2001 - I attended the show at the Tower theater and you'll never guess who was there in the 11th row. NOne other that Tori's parents, the only white haired couple inthe whole place! Some girl inthe row in fornt of us gave them a letter to give to Tori. The mother said shed give it to her security! How about that! MOst of the songs she played I have never heard before. SHe was very mellow in her song choices. I think the most up-beat song she played was Little Amsterdam - excellant show- her and her piano, alone at a show- the best way to be....

From Tom (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

Added Oct 15, 2001 - Hi-ho. Just wanted to share my impressions of the Philly show.

First, driving to the Tower is harrowing. I've been to bad sections of NYC, Trenton, Baltimore, and Newark, but that long stretch of Market Street in Upper Darby is the worst urban blight I've seen. I don't know if I'll ever go see anyone at the Tower again. The neighborhood just next door to it is that bad.

The m&g was kinda cool and kinda not. For one thing, it was mobbed. For another, once again, some people don't care who is there before them, they are just going to muscle in no matter what. I didn't get to meet Tori, but I did see her close up. Wow! those eyes are awesome! She is so gracious with her time, it's awesome and inspiring.

Rufus was cool. He's definitely grown on me.

'97B&C: Still creepy and disturbing. The picture of Bonnie's mom fell down in the middle of this one, which made me and my cousin crack up. We couldn't help it.

Tori emerges wearing bright red suit. Does her bow, and goes to the piano.

Siren: so much better solo. you can hear the lyrics a lot more clearly.

Rattlesnakes: beautiful. again, her vocals really soar. seemed longer than in NY.

I think this is where she talks about how she thinks of Philly as the middle sister of NY and DC and how it's the spicy sister, which is why she wore red. Says next one is for somebody who asked her to play it.

Butterfly: really intense, much more so than studio.

Take to the Sky: great. love the piano slaps.

Little Amsterdam: prefaced this with a long and cool improv about a little sister. She played and sang this really well, but if I was going to list my five least favorite Tori songs, this would be one of them.

Mother: I jumped up and screamed. My friend was in the audience and this is her fave by Tori, so I was so excited for her. Also, this is just one of her best. Tori played this excellently and her voice was amazing. The whitish-bluish lighting radiating from behind Tori was perfect.

Enjoy the Silence: nice, but not substantially different than the CD version.

Tori says she knows that we know she did an album called Y Kant Tori Read and that some of those girls have been showing up lately. Etienne: Wow! first time I've heard this. It's a really beautiful song and she sang it so sweetly. played rhodes and bose. The lights made the silouhettes of flowers and plants appear on the backdrops.

Tori moves over to the wurlitzer and sits down. Somebody screams "Cooling." She turns her head and says curtly and cutely, "No!" Playboy Mommy: gorgeous and effecting. The wurly makes it extra haunting. One of the songs I most wanted to hear.

moves back to piano.
Northern Lad: not a fave, but she sang it so well. terrific high notes.

Me and a Gun: OK, Tori did this really well, but the performance was marred by some disruptions. First, people in the audience were chatting. Second, in the middle, a few people started clapping--what the hell was that about? Third, an explosion of laughter came from the lobby (there was no wall between the lobby and theater as the Tower is renovating. The clean up crew was working and laughing apparently). After seeing her in NY and having the audience go dead silent during this song, I expected the same and was sorely disappointed.

Twinkle: very sweet and gentle. perfect lighting. --------- China: beautiful, but not a fave.
Philadelphia: this was played well, but I really would've rather heard Tori do one of her own great songs. ---------- Josephine: an awesome surprise. My cousin gripped my arm and screamed. I'm so happy I got to hear this one.

Sister Janet: nice, great piano playing.

Baker Baker: played and sang well, but not a fave.

This was a good show, but was not as excellent as the 1st NY show, IMO. I realize others will disagree, but for me, more of my faves got played at NY and the audience was more respectful of Tori, Rufus, and other audience members.

Does anyone know why this set was only 18 songs and was the shortest show of the tour by about 10 minutes? My friend who had a better view of Tori said at some parts of the show she looked pretty pissed. Can anyone confirm?

From Gruagach7

Added Oct 15, 2001 - Of course Tori would prove me wrong. After seeing the second D.C. show I was certain out of the four shows I was going to see this tour, the show on October the seventh would be the best one. Nope.

Waiting about a half an hour after watching Rufus perform his material, which is totally amazing and I think his commentaries are damn funny, the music for 97' Bonnie and Clyde began. There isn't much else I can type about this song live after writing my D.C. reviews. I sum it up with words that begin with s: syllables (you can hear every one), slurp (that objectifying noise Tori makes into the microphone) and sounds. Again, I don't understand why she opens the show with this song when there are other songs on Strange Little Girls that seem to have been ignored thus far on the tour - New Age, Real Men, I'm Not In Love, etc... -- but so be it. Something to note: about half way through the song the poster with the 97 Bonnie and Clyde character fell off of the black, shredded curtain.

When the black curtain fell at the end of 97 Bonnie and Clyde, Tori came strutting on stage in a flaming, fire truck pantsuit. It was the same outfit as both nights in DC but in this different, bold color. The crowd in Philly was simply amazing; they were hyped and eager to see Tori perform.

Tori sat down at her piano bench and began with a deep, bassy intro. She flew into Siren. I was not expecting her to play this, I'm not sure why, but I was thrilled to hear this again! If I thought this was good in D.C., it was outstanding in Philly!! WoW!! Tori really hammers her piano for this song and the intensity is very appropriate. I *love* the "prissy girl" parts when there is no sustain and her hands are flying all over that keyboard. The lights for this are interesting: something similar to static lines, maybe compared to cracked glass, spin in a circle in the middle of the stage and on the audience, while a dull blue shines on Tori. Simply incredible!!

Wasting no time in between songs, Tori positioned herself with her right hand on the Rhodes (*not* the Kurtz as I previously wrote in my D.C. reviews) and the left hand on the Bose and began playing Rattlesnakes. Another song I was more than happy to listen to again. There wasn't that three second pause like there was in D.C. between the verse and the chorus and that added a lot for me, that little blurb of silence, but still it's simply a beautiful song and to watch Tori play *two* keyboards at once is inspiring. As the song ended she added a super long "heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy" and backed up from the microphone as she sang until we couldn't her voice anymore.

Next was Take to the Sky - yet another song I have all ready heard on this tour but, again, it was a song that I wouldn't mind seeing twice so as Tori pounded out the beginning notes I clapped and hooted furiously! There isn't much else to write for this song that I all ready haven't in the first D.C. review: 1.) you can actually *feel* those beginning, deep notes in your chest, 2.) because this song has become somewhat standard, like Rattlesnakes, doesn't mean it's not amazing to watch and 3.) during the "If you don't like me just a little..." lines she bellowed "you" into the microphone and, in a deep, breathy whisper, said, "take it, take it, take it...boys, why do you take it, take it, take it..."

When finished with Take to the Sky she asked us Philadelphians how we were doing and we gleefully shouted back to her. I can't remember word for word what she said to us but it was something like this: first she explained she wore red because the crowd in Philly is "spicy" then continued on with, "See here is what I think and I know that you may think something different: I know this is the City of Brotherly Love but I think Philly is a sister, the middle sister. You have New York and D.C. and Philly is the in the spicy, sassy middle sister." She then said, "I haven't played this yet but somebody asked for it so here you go..." and began Butterfly.

Omigawd!! At first, I didn't notice what the song was but when I recognized it as Butterfly I was practically jumping out of my seat! I never thought I would ever be able to hear this song live!! Tori was *so* into this song, she was banging away at the piano keys - the performance of this song was flawless. She added little blurbs between the verses: "Dum da do dum dum do do dum dum..." going along with the melody of the song. As she sang "daddy dear" she looked out into the crowd (maybe at her Dad [who did attend this show]) and gave a frighteningly inquisitive expression. At the end of singing the chorus for the second time, instead of singing, "Is it right Butterfly they like you better framed and dried?" she repeated, "like you better" and then started the line all over again twice. The lights were pinkish mixed with blue and spider web looking prints on the four white shadow boxes.

Tori started off the next song with an improv about a middle sister. I was too mesmerized to place every word in memory but it went something like: "Oh middle sister, how do you feel? Oh middle sister, a little spicier, a litter bolder. Oh middle sister, do you think what you feel about your younger sister...oh middle sister..." It was a good one to two minute improv before, for the second time, Tori positioned herself to play both the Rhodes and the Bosendorfer and began drumming out Little Amsterdam. There was a lot of switching between the two keyboards. She would play the "back to the range" chorus on the Rhodes and then switch around to the Bosendorfer for the verse and then mid-way in the verse she would play both instruments. I know this is a given but to watch her turn back and forth from keyboard to keyboard and then play both of them reminded me of just how musically talented Tori really is. Also, given the sound the Rhodes projects immensely added to the "back on the range" section and gave it a sonic sound like it does on Boys for Pele. She did not sing the "5th avenue" lyrics and changed a few words here and there ("mama" instead of "harmony", etc...). The lights were blazing oranges and reds all through the stage.

Mother was my second shock of the night. First Butterfly and now Mother? I could not believe my luck. There is not much I can write about this. It was gorgeous and Tori was so with it. Another flawless song. The deep aqua blue lights shining on everything combined with Tori's vocals and piano playing were stunning. Add that to the fact that Mother, on its own, is a piece of beauty just made this something to remember. I recall staring at the stage trying to take everything in, trying to etch the scene in my head, memorize the lights, the sounds, because I knew, I *knew*, this was something to remember.

Enjoy the Silence was, well, enjoyable. It was short and simple and sweet. She sang an octave higher for "all I ever needed was here in my arms" and it was so touching. I just imagined her holding Natashya in her arms...

Before the Etienne was said something to the effect of, "I want to tell you something. I know that you know this but I want you to know that I know. Way back I made a little record called Y Kant Tori Read." The crowd went crazy and Tori, sarcastically giggled: "Hooray!" Tori continued explaining, "Some of the songs from that have decided they want to come back for a visit..." and Tori began playing Etienne on the Rhodes and Bosendorfer. I had wanted to hear either this or Cool On Your Island so badly. The combination of the two keyboards went really well together, for certain songs it doesn't work (Concertina), but with the lower notes being played on the Bosendorfer and the higher notes on the Rhodes...beautiful...

Tori walked over to the wurly, which sounds very similar to an organ, for the next song. I immediately recognized the song as Playboy Mommy. I had heard this in D.C. and I don't care much for Playboy Mommy on the wurly. But the lights...omigawd, the lights...were out of this world. The Tower Theatre has a very high ceiling and there were five or six projectors flashing earthy browns and greens all over the entire crowd, but with the high ceiling, when you looked up the beams of lights were almost transparent and everything was cast in the most beautiful tannish-green color, while beams of olive green flashed sporadically. The stage was a dull golden haze. I was so enraptured by the lights and hearing vocals in the background...I don't was almost an esoteric experience. But those lights...

Walking back to the Bosendorfer, Tori sat at her stool and began playing Northern Lad. I could have gone without hearing this again as well but it was funny she played that because I had been thinking about the person I associate the song with a lot during that day so the feeling of the song was much more stronger for me than it usually is. The stage was lit with the brightest blue that become stronger during the "you've got to know" lyrics and dulled as Tori drew Northern Lad to a close.

I was surprised when Tori sat facing the audience with a microphone in her hand. Me and a Gun was coming. It didn't seem much time had passed since the concert had began and I can't say I was a little disappointed to know the main set of the show was almost over. I must say, Philadelphia is a "sassy" city but this crowd, which was very high energy, was horrible during Me and a Gun. I heard several people talking, some of them even laughing, pictures were being taken (which, by the way, is really annoying!! Flashes just came from everywhere during the whole show) and this odd noise was coming from the back of the balcony like the heating pipes were clanking or something. At one point during the song an individual on the balcony clapped for five or ten seconds. This was *nothing* like what I had experienced in D.C. during Me and a Gun. I noticed Tori singed a lot louder than I have seen, maybe to compensate for all of the noise. As the song ended all of the lights on the stage except one white light from the back shone on Tori, casting an eerie shadow over the stage, and as Tori closed the song the light dimmed then shut off.

Turning back to her piano, I hollered as I heard the opening notes for Twinkle! Another song I was wanted to hear badly. Yay!! A purplish tone was cast over the stage. I love the studio version of Twinkle but live it is magnified by ten. Tori's voice was so gentle... She repeated the last verse ("and I can see that star...") twice. When Twinkle was finished, Tori walked off stage.

She started the first encore off with China. Eh. This is a song I have seen performed on every tour I have been able to attend and I don't really care for this song. It is nice to hear but it doesn't really do anything for me. Again, her voice was very gentle. The big surprise was when Tori started off singing, "Philadelphia..." I thought we were going to get another improv like the "middle sister" one we heard before Little Amsterdam but this turned out to be a four and a half minute song. I have never heard this song, I suppose that makes me a bad citizen or something, but I don't think there is much Tori can sing that I wouldn't like. While singing this song I couldn't help but to compare it to Baltimore but it was totally different. The tempo, the beat...just different. The melody was slow and a little bit classical. It was almost somber. I feel so special that she sang this to us. Like she came to town and told us a secret that nobody else could hear and she did this just for us, just Philadelphia.

The second encore was *amazing*!! She began with a short but elegant Josephine, my second for this tour. She played a few songs that reminded me of my best friend, Joei, but when she played Josephine I could only think of Joei. After Josephine she zipped into Sister Janet. When I saw she had been playing this a good amount of times on this tour I yearned to hear this at one of the shows I would be attending and she did!! I love watching her hands while she plays the piano and it was interesting to see how they moved during this song since it has a bit of a different arrangement her other songs. Her voice was strong for this song, until the chorus when it became mild. I thought she might end the show with Hey Jupiter or 1,000 Oceans but when she began Baker, Baker and those beautiful, bright lights came up I almost passed out. Baker, Baker again!! My most favorite song in the whole world and I am able to witness it twice!! I wrote about how much this song means to me in my first Washington D.C. review. I was hysterical crying during the whole thing and it was nothing but a blur but I just couldn't believe it. I was hearing Baker, Baker live! Again!! What a way to end the show for me! I almost didn't know what to do when she stopped playing, stood up and walked off the stage. The crowd began their clamorous cheers as I snapped out of my daze.

I must say that Tori was very much into every song she was playing. Every single song was enrapturing and she didn't let you go until the very last note was hit. If I thought the second D.C. show was something to witness, the Philly was a rarely viewed spectacle. She was wigging around her seat, moving with the music, flinging her hair, her hands flying all over the place and the crowd was one probably the best crowd I have ever been in (despite the clamor during Me and a Gun). This was truly the best show out of the three I have seen and it was also my last for this tour (I was suppose to attend Wallingford but thats another story). I cannot think of any better way for Tori to say goodbye to me then for her to sing Baker, Baker for the last song at my last concert. I have been so lucky to attend these three concerts and I am grateful for every song I was able to hear. These are experiences I will never forget...

From EWF Karen Elizabeth Waters (Supernova Juice)

Added Oct 16, 2001 - It was the best night of my life... it was the worst night of my life... and I'm still trying to recover from not only the mental pain, but the physical pain.

Tori was glamorous and spicy (she referred to the city as being the 'spicy sister city', so that's why she chose a red gown to wear), and performed the best show I have ever seen! The theatre itself was spectacular and very intimate. The lighting and stage setup was absolutely breathtaking. And Rufus Wainwright, who I'd never heard of, did a terrific opening act. Now I'll have to go and get his CDs to add to my HUGE collection.

My best friend, Levi, and I left around 8:00 in the morning and tried to make it there for the meet and greet. We actually did get there on time (even though we got a little lost along the way), but... we weren't close enough to see her or get an autograph. As I've said before in my Tori sTori, poetry, songs, and other writings, it is my life's ambition to meet Tori, because of all that she has done for me and because I don't know how much life I have left. When you're plagued by multiple diseases and have to go on disability at the age of 28, you have to prepare for the coming years. I was so close to meeting her.

The extraordinary EWF around me during the first meet and greet were real EWF in my opinion, but the after-the-show meet and greet turned into a madhouse. It's not about violence, folks! Being rude and inconsiderate of others is NOT, I repeat, NOT the way to meet Tori, or any other famous person, for that matter. When I commented earlier about still recovering from not only mental but physical pain, I meant that, because of rude people who pushed, shoved and hit, or whatever, I was badly injured. Some girl elbowed me in my left side where my worst kidney is. I don't know whether or not it was on purpose. I'm sure it was an accident - at least I hope so - but when I screamed in pain, she didn't even apologize to me. The security guards had to repeatedly warn those who were standing across the street from us, because they kept blocking the road. I was being pushed and crushed up against the barricade and if it would have tipped over, I would have fallen flat on my face. Everything happened so fast that when Tori finally came out, she only stayed for a few minutes and then climbed aboard her bus and left.

I want to thank all of those who tried their damnedest to help me get a chance to meet Tori. I wish I could remember everyone's name so I could thank you all personally. I hate using my health as a way of getting things... attention, special treatment, pity. During the first meet and greet, I talked to so many charming, loving and caring EWF who asked me if I was okay because I had broken out in a horrible sweat and was crying. One girl in particular tried to make her way through the crowd just so I could get closer. But, by the time we got up front, it was too late. She then went out of her way to talk to some of Tori's helpers (a beautiful woman and two security guards) and told them why it was so important for me to meet Tori. They told me, after they asked me about my health (I should write a novel about my health... I'm so tired of repeating myself), that they were going to make arrangements so I could meet Tori after the show. While waiting in line before the show, the woman who I had talked to about the arrangements found me and told me what to do, and then asked for my name. Needless to say, because of all the frantic fans waiting for Tori after the show, I never got that chance. Yeah, I'm hurt and disappointed. Yeah, I'll get over it. Life goes on, right? Despite all that happened, I still had a wonderful time. Just getting a chance to see Tori in concert again was good enough for me. The best thing about it was not only did I get to attend the concert, but my best friend, Levi (who I introduced to Tori's music), was there right beside me, and my "other little sister", Angie (who I also introduced to Tori's music), was also there... just not seated near Levi and me. That meant a lot to me.

I hope that by writing this letter, people will think twice about their actions when attending meet and greets and will be more careful, considerate, and patient. I'm lucky I didn't end up in the hospital because of what happened to me.

From Michael (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

Added Oct 17, 2001 - I just wanted to comment on this because I think Philly is getting a bad rap here. Yes, there were ignorant people during Me and a Gun and yes, the crowd wasn't all that gracious to Rufus. However, nobody is mentioning the other half of the story. There were auidence members who went absoultely *crazy* over Rufus! A little bit more than half of the Tower Theatre was full when he played and a good majority of them were rooting Rufus on as if he were the main act. Nobody was balantly disrespectful to him. The Tower is a big place with a high ceiling so the noises people generated echoed off everything and doubled the noise. Also, I don't think Tori cut her set short because she was unhappy with the crowd. She played 18 songs, which is normal as she has been playing between 18-20 songs per show. Futhermore, I can't see her playing a tribute song as to how great Philadelphia is if she was that unhappy with us. Add to that, some of the songs she played were just short songs, such as Twinkle and Josephine. Baker, Baker isn't all that long either.

Don't let the few ignorant people that were annoying during Me and a Gun give you the impression the whole crowd was similiar. They weren't. The crowd was extremely high energy and loving. As for Tori herself she was giving us her all. She was very much into the show and I don't feel she could have been if the crowd wasn't giving her a reason to be.

Anyways, I just felt I had to pick up for my home town. :-)

From Gene Porochniak

Added Oct 17, 2001 - Now that a couple of days have passed since Saturday night's show at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, I thought I would share some of my thoughts about it.

As someone who has seen Tori at least once on every tour, I really feel that the solo tours are the best way to experience her music. Compared to having the backing band or even just Caton on guitar, when Tori is by herself it is just a so much more personal and intimate setting in which to enjoy and appreciate her performance and her music. Not to slight them or their talents, but I am so glad Tori decided to leave the band behindİfor this tour!

I was surprised at some of her song choices, but for me the biggest highlights were "Take To The Sky" (with the crowd clapping along), "Etienne" (any song that she does from Y Kant Tori Read is always special), and "Playboy Mommy" (definitely my favorite song from "Choirgirl"!).

I didn't have the greatest seat (around 30 rows back on the floor), but this didn't detract from the experience. The concession stand workers, however, did. Several times during "Me and a Gun" I could hear themİstacking glasses and tossing boxes and making a general racket that was very disrespectful to Tori and everyone else in the audience. I hope Tori couldn't hear this from the stage!

I was also disappointed that this show (unfortunately, the only one I am going to be able to see on this tour)has turned out to be the shortest one of the tour so far. For some reason Tori only played 18 songs, 2 less than what seems to be the norm so far (at least judging from the Washington, DC and New York City shows). I definitely would have loved to hear "Doughnut Song" and "I Don't Like Mondays" in addition toİall the other songs that Tori did, but I can't complain.İİI have never been disappointed by a Tori show, and I don't think I ever will be.

While it always seems that some of your favorite songs don't get played, there are always special momentsİduring the show to make up for that.İİ{Tori, next time play a show in NJ or more shows in Philadelphia!} All in all, another memorable Tori show at the Tower Theatre...

From Beth Coulter

Added Oct 17, 2001 - I've been waiting to recover before I wrote my thoughts on the Philadelphia concert. I ended up with severe sleep deprivation and emotional overload, but damn, it was worth it.

Three friends, two of whom are tour regulars, came to stay with me on Friday and Saturday. We spent a good deal of time in New Hope, PA on Friday, and listened to some really good boots that night in prep for the concert. We all also watched the video of my RAINN Faire and the performers just about made the whole room cry, once again. I packed up a manila envelope Sat morning with my manuscript (so Tori can see what I've done to it, like add one hundred pages to it), and slipped in the video tape. I wrote on the front to please play "Take to the Sky" for me in Philly. My friends said they doubted she knew she was in Philly and I wrote "Tonight!" under it.

We arrived at the Tower Theater around 4PM, shortly before the meet and greet. I handed the package to a friend in the meet and greet crowd, and stood across the street with most of the other "regulars".

**note: most of the regulars who have met Tori time after time have decided to just stay across the way unless they have a specific thing to say to her, which is how it should be**

In the very back of the crowd was a girl with dark hair. She looked so young and little and so far away from where Tori would be. As the bus rolled up, she unfolded a neon green sign that read "It is my dream to meet Tori Amos". Those of us watching called her the Dream Girl and when Joel walked back, took her arm and brought her up to Tori, we all broke out in applause. Of course, Tori spent several moments with her, hugging, signing something and posing for pictures. Just like Tori does. She is so cool to her fans. I was sorry I couldn't find the girl after. I would have loved to talk to her.

I saw a whole lot of people who know who they are, and got tons of hugs and greetings. I met a lovely girl from Israel who was quite nice, and I met a lurker here who works for RAINN (hi bree!). I spent my student loan at the merchandise table, but the best buy was the tour book, which is also a 2002 calendar (which notes Robert Plant's birthday and "be nice to fairies day"), each month has a different "strange little girl". $20, but I think it's grand!

So I went through a whole lot of ticket trades and upgraded to the 30th row instead of the 40th. I was on the right aisle, directly across from the sound board, which happens to be where I sat the first time I ever saw Tori in 1994. Must have been fate. So I did a bit of Mark watching during the concert. He seems to enjoy most of it, and even was moving a bit to "Take to the Sky". But it broke my heart during "MaaG". He put his hands in loose fists met knuckle to knuckle and laid his forehead on them. He very slightly was shaking his head and I thought, "It must be upsetting to hear your wife sing about rape every night". He took a couple of deep breaths at the end and lifted his head. It was so touching.

I did ok emotionally until she ended the first encore with Neil Young's "Philadelphia". From the first few notes, I knew what it was and my jaw dropped and the tears began to fall. The movie has always affected me hard, and that song especially, and Tori's voice...Oh what painful bliss. It also proved she knew exactly what city she was in *g*.

So I had barely caught my breath when she came out and slayed me with "Josephine". "Baker Baker" was almost a reprieve from the emotional overload (and that's saying something!).

It was a wonderful, moving show and I so regret not being able to attend more. Tori with a band is magic, Tori alone on stage is miraculous. *sigh*

I know I've forgotten so many things, but this is the best I can do for now. Those who are due to attend a show, prepare yourself for the time of your life, an unforgettable experience. I envy you for the anticipation of it. :)

From zebra

Added October 20, 2001 - This Toriphile wanted to post his review in French for the sake of his friends back in France.

tori a philadelphie

le concert a eu lieu dans la banlieue ouest de philly a upper darby dans une salle nommee tower theatre

l endroit etait un peu vieillot mais avait un certain charme une foule immense etait la et il restait tout de meme quelques tickets pour ceux qui ont tout de meme tentes leur chance... pour ma part, j etais extremement mal place tout au fond de la salle, mais enfin bon...

Apres la premiere partie, tori a commence son spectacle derriere un tres grand rideau noir troue a de nombreux endroits. on entendait sa voix seulement sur 97 bonnye and clyde. les jeux de lum˜iere etaient sympas et une affiche de tori issue de l album etait accroche a ce rideau (ou du moins jusqu a ce qu elle ne tombe accidentellement).

a la fin de la chanson, le rideau est tombe aussi brusquement que la musique s arrete et tori est arrivee sur scene habille de rouge. elle a commence a chanter siren puis a expliquer qu elle etait habillee de rouge ce soir car pour elle, philly est la petite soeur epicee de washington et de new york.

les chansons se sont succedees ensuite selon la track liste que vous avez deja vu.

le concert etait assez particulier, les gens allaient et venaient et le public assez jeune n hesitait pas a parler pendant les morceaux; voire a rire...

au moment ou elle a chante me and a gun, on pouvait entendre au fond de la salle des bruits de couverts et de vaisselles de la buvette toute proche.

j ai ete assez surpris de ce manque de respect de l artiste mais tori n a pas semble s en offusquer....

que vous dire d autres... en fait, pas de chanson rythmee, pas de morceaux delirants ou tori se lache... juste des titres ou la morosite l emportait.

de beaux titres cependant... mais il manquait quelque chose de vivant la dedans.

par contre nous avons eu droits a deux surprises : la premiere est d avoir eu droit a etienne. a ce moment elle a precise qu' a certaions moments les chansons venaient a elles toutes seules et que parmi les choses qu'elle savait que l on sait sur Y Kant tori read, il y a une chanson qui lui tient a coeur: Etienne. ce fut un beau moment tout comme l a ete lors du rappel la chanson Philadelphia qu elle a chante a merveille.

ce fut un grand moment et les locaux etaient ravis de cette attention delicate

a la fin du concert, une foule attendait tori et au bout d une bonne heure elle est sortie pour parler avec quelques fans agglutines sur les barrieres vant de s engouffrer dans son autocar Prevost au bar bien fourni !!!!!!

avant sa sortie son pere qui etait venu la voir est passe devant nous et a recu l ovation qu il meritait !!

voila... j en suis parti tout de meme decu de ne pas avoir pu l approcher et de la voir vu de si loin... decu aussi de n avoir entendu que les titres qui ne me font pas plus d effets que ca.... mais c est le risque !!

je me rattraperai a Paris le 27 nov 01...

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by cooling716

I just returned from the Philly Meet and Greet. It was my first one, and it was madness! I couldn't believe how many people were there. It was all worth it though to meet Tori and get her to sign my CD. She looked great, and was so sweet! People requested Spark and Honey, so I'm excited to see what she actually performs at the show. I can't wait!


Review by BeccaBoo

The show was amazing. I just got back from it. Unfortunately she played at the Tower Theater. Im not big on that place. It has this wierd cold draft in there like at any moment it felt like there could be a cold rain,ugh...

Anyway she didnt play Spark or Honey but she did play that awesome Philadelphia song,Butterfly, Ettiene and Josephine. She sounded great. And i must say anyone who is upset that they have to sit in the Loge area...dont be upset. The Loge is great and you can still see everything.

The crowd was a little wierd,during Me and a Gun there was a shitload of drunk people laughing thourghout the whole thing.

Tori wore this awesome red outfit which was a version of her pantsuit slit thing she has been wearing all tour. She said she wore red because Philadelphia was spicey.

Rufus tripped on a wire as he was walking off stage.

Anyway there is so much more good things about this concert and Tori put on such an amazing show Ive never seen anything like it. This is my first concert review and Im pretty bad at it so I'll leave it to other people to write about. Im so tired. Oh yea one other note anyone planning on buying those beanie hats should buy one right away. They sell out so fast. I got there too late. Wow Tori Rocks. She must love us so much to put so much effort into a wonderful show,even at the worlds most drafty Theater with bad acoustics

Oh yea..and one more thing. Baker Baker was played toward the end and I thought the Bonnie and Clyde picture fell down on purpose. It went with the song and fell down at the perfect time. Its like right when the mom is being murdered the picture fell down. I thougt it was part of the show! She also played Twinkle. That song sounds so much better live than on Pele


Review by Sirenfire9

He yall, so I just got home form the show at the Tower and I really agree with everyone, tonights show was full of intensity and that tori magic we all love...

The standouts for me were definitely Ettienne, which I requested in D.C. but didnt get then.

Butterfly was amazing! and The new cover, philadelphia, WOW!!! that song is so beautiful. I had never heard it before, It really represented tonight though.

The show was intense in the aspects that the setlist was great, but Tori seemed to just be putting all of herself into the songs. It was something that I would equate to a subdued fire or sorts.

Twinkle tonight, was so very fitting for me. I had never heard that one live and so it just was special.

But Ettienne, I couldnt even come up with the right words to describe my feelings on that one. Before she played it she said something to the extant of - I know you guys know it but I want you to know that I also know that I once made a little album called Y kant Tori read and some of the songs are showing themselves again -

But yeah, the show rocked my world!!! WOW


Review by Rebecca (muse)

She played 18 songs.

It was an amazing show.. wow...

My highlights for me were Northern Lad, Philadelphia, and Etienne. Such beautiful songs.

I think that was so cool that she played a song just about Philadelphia. It was so.. beautiful too. So much emotion.

My only complaints were the people behind me screaming at the beginning of every song therefore not allowing me to hear the beginnings. People were also talking LOUDLY during Rufus' setlist.. I mean, you might not like him, but there's a little thing called respect. Please show it.

Also, flash photography should NOT be allowed in a concert. the people behind me took a lot of photos and every time they did, I got the damn flash thing in my eyes.

I really don't have much else to say. It was an amazing show.

Oh, Tori said that Philly is the spicy middle sister between Philly and D.C. She said that she wore red because we are so spicy

Also, people who said they now have a bad impression of Philly. PLEASE do not judge the city on this one section of the city. There are some beautiful and amazing parts of the city. This part just happened to be not-so-nice.


Review by Audrey (Pandoraud)

My dear, oh my dear...

I can't even get through my feelings on everything that happened tonight. The was absolutely the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed. From the 4th row center, I couldn't ask for a better place to experience Tori's expressions and was so spellbinding and gorgeous!

Here's a few details that I tried to write down as it was said...I'll have to write a full review tomorrow as I am incredibly tired!

Before Etienne, she says something like, "I want you to know something. I know you know this, I made a record called Y Kant Tori Read. Some of those songs want to visit tonight..."

Broken bits of speak: "I love being in Philadelphia. I wore red tonight because I felt Philadelphia's spicyness" -- or something to that effect.

Broken bits: "Philadelphia is like a sister. A middle sister between New York and D.C. She's the spicy sister..."

Broken bits of the Improv before Little Amsterdam: "We'll stay right little sister, prettier lovelier, do you feel what the queen...."

I'll have to think more when I have a working brain. If anyone can fill the gaps -- oh do so!

MWA == I LOVE all the lovelies I met at NYC and Philly -- I will write a full review and mention each of you, I swear -- pictures, glorious pictures and accounts of my exchange with Tori, her parents, and Mark!

'K, goodnighte and I go at sleepy time..


Review by Rina120

I have seen Tori 9 times. Tonight was the best show I have ever been to. It has NOTHING to do with my seats, or who I was with. The setlist was amazing. EVERY song was on the mark and her emotion...
When she walked on the stage, one was truly in awe of the greatness.
Rattlesnakes sounded better than in DC. In fact, the whole show was better than DC!

I truly don't have the words to describe it. I hope all of you get a wonderful concert experience like I had tonight.
Her dad was wandering over the venue talking to fans. I thought that was pretty cool and then I became emotional thinking how proud he must be that all of those people were here to see HIS daughter. I am not sure if her mom was there, although good old edison did take a seat next to an older lady.

My highlight? I don't think I will be able to get the picture of Tori between the two pianos wearing that red outfit while playing rattlesnakes out of my mind. Yes she did it in DC, but this was...magnificant.

Philadelphia cover was awesome. I almost wanted to scream THANK YOU TORI!
Mother was amazing..

One odd thing tonight. Not that much improv or changes in how she sung the songs from the CD. I have NOTHING to complain about, but just an observation.
One more thing (I KNOW THIS IS LONG) As soon as the lights came on after the show, they were cleaning her stuff off the stage. It seemed rather rushed like they really wanted to leave. Maybe that's why this was one of the shorter shows.



Review by Patrick (pdjennings)

M&G was the same basic mutiny. Early people getting shafted & the 'got there 20 minutes ago' people stormed the barricade. Oh well.... it wasn't a total waste of 7 hours. I met some perfectly lovely ewf's. Hope you're feeling better, Holly dear. *hug*

M&G photo's forthcoming.... Bad as they probably are.

Upper Darby was just slightly scary. I hope everyone lived.

The Tower Theatre is apparently/obviously/annoyingly under construction,... so currently, all the floor seats were plastic/metal stackables. Row letters on the floor in chalk. Slight personal irritation for me: I was totally stoked to have row AA.... which on all the seating charts is listed as the front row.... only to find they'd tacked on a AAA, BBB, & CCC in front of me. Oh well.... i sha'n't complain about 4th row either.

anywho.... The show, as i paged in, was simply fabulous. She really was "on" tonight. Great setlist. Butterfly was terrific.... & Siren was just INTENSE. Way better than in DC.

A few members of the crowd were just downright RUDE during M&aG. Talking, laughing, & at one point, just odd single-person applauding mid-verse. From the way she kept looking up.... I honestly think she might have heard it.... & I was half looking for her to say something. Fuckers. ugh.

Anyway.... i just drove 2.5 hrs & it's 230am... so i'm going now. If i think of anything else of importance i'll add it later. & I'll put up a M&G photo thread tomorrow.

Thanks to the good-eggs I met today (& this whole past week, really) ,.... Fuck You to the shits.


Review by OVERTIME

I just got home.
Etienne was breath taking seriously,so magical.
Mother- Sounded perfect
I am really tired but I just had to say,I thought the show was wonderful it had something differnt about it in a good way.
Sister Janet, what can you say it was good


Review by weatherjeff

Let me start by saying that I have been to A LOT of shows spanning the last four tours. Tonight's show was easily the best I have experienced (well, perhaps the 5.15.96 New York one comes close...out of this show came the songs used on the "Hey Jupiter" single).

Originally, I was SOOO pissed I overslept. I was planning to leave State College at 7 am. Well, it turned out to be 10:30 am before I headed out. But I later found out it worked out for the better.

Called my friend while I was shopping at King of Prussia about the meet and great. Mike told me it was mayhem...lots of people, and lots of people pushing and shoving. It was like 2:30 at this point. I could have made it down there in time for her appearance, however, something told me to continue shopping. I later found out this was the right decision.

God, I forgot how scary Philly is...I tell everyone this. And a lot of people that go to my school live near Philly and they are so surprised that I think Philly is scary since I am from New York. I always tell them that New York is the city that never sleeps...there are ALWAYS people around. Philly is a different story all together. I asked someone on the sidewalk why I could not get a bite to eat after the concert...why all the food places were closed. "Everyone closes around 10 usually for fear of burglary..." she casually responded. Well, isn't that wonderful. I parked my car right on 69th Street. Thankfully, it was still there and not broken into when I returned. I have heard a lot of people's cars got damaged or broken into so far though...damn. Sorry guys!

OK, on to the good stuff. After South Street (blah...only cool thing worth checking out is Condom Kingdom...oh yeah, and maybe Rita's Water Ice if you're into that type of thing, lol), drove on Market Street through the ghetto to the theatre. Used meter parking like I said and just prayed my baby would be fine.

Got to my seat in the nick of time. I was psyched tonight...for my third and final show of this tour, I had seventh row dead center seats. Rufus came on promptly at 8 with the same setlist. I must admit I hated his music the first time I saw him in DC last weekend. Then he grew on me in New York. And tonight, it just did it for me. I was singing along in my head the whole time he was on. I took the opportunity to buy his cd and get it signed by him during intermission.

I was a lucky person who got to sneak in a camera...I told this awesome bag check woman that it was for sightseeing in Philly today and there was NOWHERE for me to put it. She made me promise I wouldn't take any photos inside of the concert and I did...I pinky swore. She laughed. And NO I did not take any pics during the show. And why would I need to? It seemed like every other person was snapping pictures tonight...groan. My one main gripe about tonight's show. Gripe number two being the couple in front of me and their HUGE untamed hair (particularly of the big woman in front of me...WOW).

So oh yeah. During Rufus' first song, Tori's rents came down and sat right behind me. I kind of waved to them and they waved back. Hehehe. Edison was HILARIOUS the whole time through Rufus' set. At first, he was tapping his cane on my chair to the beat of Rufus' songs. And then he was scolding this kid sitting next to him about snapping a picture. That these shows were all "trademarked enterprises". LOL. That these pics would resurface and they would easily be traced. And how him and Mrs. Amos caught two people in Florida two weeks ago and they now could be facing up to two years in prision. Oh my god...Tori's dad is such the "fussy, old man". I would have given him the finger if he was just some random guy...but he is Tori's dad and that just makes it funny. I thought he was kidding the way he was talking to the kid...but after awhile I gleaned that he was in fact VERY serious. Just the thought of Tori's parents being the copyright police in the crowd at her daughter's concerts just leaves me rolling hysterically.

So at the end of Rufus, I turned to them and explained how funny it was. They were sitting right behind me at the Camden show two years ago on the 5.5 weeks tour. And here they were doing the same this time around! Then I ran out because I wanted to get the Rufus cd and get it signed as well.

That was interesting. Got it signed, got a pic of him with me. And then he KISSED me. Wow. He is soooo DIRTY! Eheheh. I wonder if the pic of him kissing me came out. THAT would be interesting.

So after that, I took to my seat and and carried on my conversation with Mrs. Amos (Dr. Amos was still apparently wandering around outside). She is THE sweetest woman EVER. Just talking with her, you can see Tori come out of her. We talked about how many shows she has been to on this tour and how this was her sixth and final one. And how Time was her favorite song on SLG (BIG would have been great if she would have nonchalantly said "'97 B&C"...tee hee). I was pissed and jealous because she said she was at the second night of DC and second night of NY (I was at the first night of both). And even she remarked at how much better Tori was on both those nights. She said the NY show was one of the most amazing shows she has seen her daughter put on!! And then the conversation starting going into the recent terrorist events and how scared she was...I told her how it was really eerie walking around DC last weekend...only a few tens of people at the Lincoln Memorial...NO cars on the road. And then started talking about the architectual history of DAR Constitution Hall and how they recently remodeled it. Hehehe. She is so hilarious. Then the lights went out and the show was underway!


'97 Bonnie and Clyde: Same. Except the picture fell off the wooden bar during the first verse. And the bar was just swinging back and forth for about a minute as the song continued. It's terrifying it you ask me. How that picture just refuses to stay up on this tour.

Siren: YAY! She finally did this for one of my concerts on this tour. I can finally appreciate it live. Lots of broken "ahhh" "ahhh" "ahhh"s at the end.

Rattlesnakes: I have said it before, I will say it again. THis is by far my favorite song on SLG and by far my favorite song she as done live on this tour. Just amazingly clear, crisp, and stunningly beautiful.

"hey everybody...i love coming here...i wore red for you guys cuz i know you guys are the spicy know, there's DC and New York...and Philly I have always seen as the middle sister...I see you as the spicy middle sister"

"somebody asked me for this, so here you go..."
INSERT --> SCREAM! My friend Mike had asked her at the first DC show if she could do "Butterfly" and she seemed kind of reluctant and said perhaps "tomorrow night" meaning DC show # 2. But that didn't happen. And she didn't debut it at any of the NY shows either. So Mike reminded her at this afternoon's M&G about it. She finalled conceded and said "yes, I will play it." WOOO! GO MIKE!

Butterfly: Yeah. A rarity. A REAL treat. At this point I was thinking how glad I was for this to be my last evening with Tori on this tour. The last "framed and dried" was REALLY loud and channeled.

Take To The Sky: Pretty standard. Although an added treat was her grinding during the "take it take it take it take it take it" part. She changed the ending a little. She really strung out "house" in "this houssssseeee...we sing it...take it to the sky...right before your eyes."

Little Amsterdam: VERY interesting intro. I guess it was supposed to be what many people have been referring to as the "little sister" intro. But she changed it to the "middle sister" intro, I guess alluding to her earlier reference of Philly as the "middle sister". It was sung something this this: "middle sister...we'll stay right here...middle you feel trust it's coming round that's what i think...middle's all coming round to find your wings...". Began with "mama, put it on the plate girrrrlll". Then we all knew it was Little Amsterdam. It was nice on both the piano and the organ. And the "which side your on" while she changed sides was theatrical. The echo for the "round and round and round" part was AWESOME. Cute tummy movement/motion as she was switching from one side to the other at one point.

Mother: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike told me she played this at the soundcheck so it wasn't too too much of a surprise. But still. It was... It was really something special. And at this point I was REALLY grateful that this was my last show. Love the whispered "he's gunna change my name".

Enjoy The Silence: I dunno. After hearing it at all three shows, I think I have concluded I like the album version better than the way she does it live. I don't like the distorted Bose sound. But I DO love when she sings the higher octave towards the end on "all i ever needed is here in my arms".

" you u i am...u guys may have recalled that I did a little album called Y Kant Tori some of them have been wanting to come out to visit"

Etienne: YAY! Touchdown! So I WAS going to get a chance to hear this afterall... *DIES* It was on both instruments, for all who care...

Playboy Mommy: Love it on the wurly!

Northern Lad: NICE followup. Poignant "gets so FUCKINGGGG cold". I was wondering what her parents were doing/thinking behind me.

Me And A Gun: INTENSE! Now I know all of you are saying, "but when is MAAG NOT intense?". Well, never. But was INSANE. I was crying as usual but then when it was totally silent, I could hear sniffles coming from behind me. Tori's mom was crying her eyes out. Then I thought how crazy it must be to watch your daughter retell the story of her rape at every concert. INSANE. And a GIGANTIC "FUCK YOU" to the guy that made my entire row get up and move in the middle of the song. Apparently, MAAG signals a low point in the show. GOD DAMN. And an even BIGGER "FUCK YOU" to the clapper in the middle and the fools that would LAUGHING (!!!!) and TALKING toward the end. I can't even describe to you how disrespectful that was. I just hope you caught the glare that Tori shot bck at you guys. I think that says it better than I could ever have.

Twinkle: Well, I'll be damned! The FOURTH surprise of the evening. Amazing. Period. I had said that MAAG followed with Baker Baker was a fierce combo for both NY and DC, however, I think Twinkle after MAAG tops it.

-- Encore 1 --

China: Blah. Gettin' kinda sick of her.

Philadelphia (Neil Young): !!!!!! A FIFTH SURPRISE !!!!! When Mike told me she did this during soundcheck, I thought maybe she was fooling around with stuff and at best, she would play a line or two at the concert as a tribute to the city. But NO...she played the whole fucking thing. AMAZING. But it looked like she was looking down a lot at some type of lyric sheet or something. LOL. That's ok though.

-- Encore 2 --

Josephine: I guess this was the sixth treat of the evening. She began with "not tonight, Josephine" and everyone knew... YAY!

Sister Janet: I consider this to be the seventh surprise of the evening.

*Had to dart out here for the M&G...which sucked because there were tons of people there already. You Philly people are HAWDCAW! Actually it was good because I didn't feel obligated to stay and that meant I got home an hour earlier....woo (and yet it is still 6 am...sigggh).

Baker Baker: I dunno about this for an ending... Hmmm. I STILL didn't get to hear Time!!! Three strikes and I'm out...

I am really curious to hear how the postshow M&G went. Anybody? There must have been upwards of 200 or 300 people there at 11:30 when I left. It was just madness. I wonder if they even had it...sometimes they don't when Steve feels they can't handle the crowd.

Again, to recap. This show was a definite TEN! She was totally on the ball tonight.

Cheers to everyone. It was fun times. I hope everyone enjoys themselves at the coming shows. "Hi" to all the wonderful people I have met this past week! It's been real.


Review by violetSuede

Ok, so this was THE best setlist! Northern Lad was SO amazing and of course I was all excited to hear Etienne, Josphine again as well as Playboy Mommy. This being my last show on this tour- well, she really made it awesome.

Although, I have to bitch about the Tower. Firstly, for those of us stuck in the single letters, the one side was mislettered and so the O people were sitting in the N section and so on and so forth. On folding chairs. Whatever that was about. And then, during Me an a Gun, someone was doing some serious ice shoveling in the back with the doors open and I wanted to wring someoens neck. How rude.

The show itself, however, was fucking kick ass. Yeah...Philly's the spicy, middle sister. You'd better believe it.


Review by shasha

I thought the Philly concert was great. Tori was wonderful and full of energy. The only thing not good was the theatre and some of the people. They were allowing too many people to take pictures-flashes all over the place was very distracting. I was sitting in the lower balcony right next to an exit so when MAAG was playing, it sounded like they were scraping something along the floor in the lobby. Anyway none of this was Tori's fault and the truth is, if she was doing more than one night there I would have gone back.


Review by bunnynose

I had a great time at the show. The setlist was awesome -- very subdued, no fast or loud stuff. Very atmospheric. And she did stick to the album versions of songs -- not much improv or variation. Which was fine -- She sung them in a deeply felt, intense way.

Me & A Gun made the biggest impression on me. I've never heard it sung with so much fragility and vulnerability in her voice. It was like there was a presence of some kind in the theater -- I was shivering the whole time. But there was a horrible racket going on in the lobby. I was on the lower level all the way at the back and it sounded like dishes were falling, men were yelling and laughing. It was SO inappropriate. I wished there were doors at the back of the theater so I wouldn't have to hear that. They were SO loud all the way through the song.


Review by ArrowofArtemis

Hey everybody...

I guess it's fitting that the last show for me on this tour was in my hometown, and man it was AWESOME. As some other people have said, however, it seemed shorter than the others...but the songs were great! I think maybe I was just zoned a little from being there all day long. heh. I won't go through every song here, but will touch on the highlights for me.

First, let me just say to all of you guys that came in from out of town for this show...please DO NOT judge the entire city of Philly by where the venue was. Upper Darby is a shithole, and by no means reflects the rest of the city in any way. I'm really sorry some of you guys had stuff stolen.

Secondly, the meet & greet. I was the one in the Wizard of Oz t-shirt, for your reference. The only one that I've been to that was worse than this was the one in Seattle on 10/7/99. It was complete pandemonium, and although I met some really great people in line, later on, people were being complete assholes, for the most part. We got there at a little after 9, and there had been some people there since 6:30. As others have mentioned, a large contingent showed up at like 2pm and decided they were going to try to bust in. To you I say, FUCK ALL Y'ALL. I knew the drill and let the earlier people in ahead of me and tried to run interference for the people who were trying to sneak in on the side, but it didn't work. I still got to talk to Tori and give her a note I'd written her though, and she played both Etienne AND Twinkle, both of which I'd requested, so I was chuffed. I was really hoping for Yes, Anastasia, but hey, I can't complain with that setlist.

My show highlights:

Siren. I can never get enough of this song and she totally busted on it last night.

Butterfly. I've never had the opportunity to hear this one live, and it was FANTASTIC. When she started it, I was all like, "NUH UH!!!" hee.

Little Amsterdam. The intro was incredible, and man, this was by FAR the HOTTEST version of this I've ever heard. Completely BADASS. The haughtiness meter was on overload. Damn. LOL Like others have said, the switching between the keyboard and the piano was really theatrical and deliberate, and it added a lot to the performance.

Mother. I haven't heard this live since the UTP tour, so I was so jazzed that she played it. Incredibly intense.

Etienne. I have been wanting to hear this for SOOOOOOOOOO long, and I literally bounced in my seat when she bantered on about Y Kant Tori Read and then the first chords started. She had this pained look/ohhh geez smile on her face for the first verse, like she was almost embarassed that she was playing it. LOL...did anyone else notice that?

Twinkle. Yay. Just, YAY.

Philadelphia. This was absolutely GORGEOUS. I love this song anyway. I ran into someone outside who said that he'd heard her soundcheck it earlier in the afternoon, so it wasn't a complete surprise, but none of us knew if she was going to actually do it for the show. She was relying pretty heavily on the lyric sheet on the floor, but the delivery was just absolutely perfect. Just this song makes a boot of this show worthwhile.

Sister Janet. I'd never heard this live and it is one of my all-time favorite bees, so I was ecstatic.

And now my SLG tour is over. I'm so glad I got to meet a lot of you guys though....I'm really bad with names...but I especially want to say hi to Erin (loved your DC pix), Jen and her friend from Bethlehem, Holly and her friend (is it Katie? eeek! I'm sorry) from Erie (I was so happy for you guys that she played Butterfly!!!), and John and his friend from the town of Potts, in PA. (Did you enjoy your seating arrangement??? )

I hope everyone going to future shows has a fantastic time. If the setlists remain this good, you should...they only seem to get better so everyone's in for a treat.


Review by apop007

This is the second time i've seen Tori at the Tower and i just love her in this venue, its seems like the best place in the area to see her, although i don't think she'll want to come back after what happened during Me and A Gun. i was sitting on the floor but i was back by the door and it seemed like right as she started singing it they decided to have a fucking parade in the hallway, a woman came in on a cell phone talking REALLY loudly then left as if she was like "oh right concert !"and towards the end these 3 venue people drinking people walked in rather bruskly, i really was very close to going outside and tell them to "shut the fuck up"!

Even though this happend the show was GREAT and the setlist was really surprising. She was in TOP form last night, hit every note beautifully, she put a lot into the show. Did it seem to anyone else like her and Rufus really seemed to be happy to be in Philly? Anyway besides the very rude people an excellent show.


Review by eyes me like a pisces

Eeeeeeeeee!! I left the show absolutely speechless. I literally could not speak until we got back out to the car. I just clutched my boy's hand, made sure my dad wasn't getting lost behind us, and quietly walked all the way out to that crappy lot.

My commentary:

I wasn't expecting to enjoy Rufus all that much, but I can't complain about his performance last night. I still don't like his voice, but I can't deny that he can really belt it out. I thought his comments inbetween songs were cute. I'm sorry to read that people were so rude during his set because I didn't really experience any of that from where I was seated (Row NN, left-center orch) . I seemed to be in a little pocket of Rufus fans who were into what he was doing. That was cool.

Now, about Tori.... This was my second time seeing her. The first was in Camden on the 5.5 Weeks Tour. I loved that, but this show was hands down the better one. Once again, I'm REALLY sorry to read that some of you had bad experiences with the audience during Tori's performance. The people surrounding me were generally very respectful. I think I may have heard one girl down the row singing along with Baker Baker, but otherwise, it was that "pindrop" kind of situation all evening.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde - So intense! It made me shiver, especially when the character pic fell down. I really thought that was part of the show - perfect timing!

Siren - I just couldn't believe it. I knew that she'd been playing it in some cities, but I hadn't gotten my hopes up that Philly would be one of those. And there I was, suddenly watching her play it... Incredible... I felt every word. She'd floored me, ten minutes into the show. Wow.

Rattlesnakes - Now, I knew she'd play this one, since it's been on most, if not all, of her sets so far. But even still... it's the one that made me start to cry. She plays it with SO MUCH POWER... "Her American circumstance..." Inside, I was just thanking Tori over and over...

Butterfly - I was shocked and mesmerized! What a surprise! It was like "Oh dear, where did THIS come from?!" I've long collected boots that include Butterfly on the set... I hadn't expected to actually ever be at a show where she played it, let along debuted it on the tour.

Take to the Sky - I've never really said this to anyone before, purely because of the cheesiness factor of the exclamation... but you go girl!!! Tori was so spicy herself during this one. "Take it take it boys!" with a little hip swivel action going on there. Woohoo! She was having fun, the crowd was having fun, it was fantastic.

Little Amsterdam - The lengthy intro was absolutely beautiful, unique to anything I'd ever heard before, and set me full of anticipation. She kept saying "little sister" and I thought of so many songs, Suede being the first one to come to mind. I was THRILLED with Little Amsterdam though! It was a top-notch performance.

Mother - My boy and I just totally froze at the first note... And then held onto each other's hands so very tightly. This song means SO MUCH to both of us... A girl who is going through it... And a boy who never really had a mother... We sat, enthralled. This was my definitive moment of the whole show.

Enjoy the Silence - A nice way to follow the rapt wonder of Mother, and also a safe song to play afterwards - if she'd launched into something like Never Seen Blue directly after Mother, I would have gone into cardiac arrest. So Enjoy the Silence was just... nice to hear.

Etienne - As soon as Tori began talking about Y Kant Tori Read, I knew this was coming. The atmosphere didn't seem right for Cool on Your Island... Etienne was perfect! I'm glad to see her enjoying herself as she plays some of these YKTR songs... In the past it seems that she's beat herself up over them. Now they're being reborn.

Playboy Mommy - Crushingly beautiful. I loved hearing it on the Wurley. Very tender, very emotional.

Northern Lad - Oh my. Choirgirl girls back-to-back. I didn't think that would happen! This was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...

Me and a Gun - Where I was seated, you could have heard a pindrop. I think I can say the same for most of the venue... Except for the back. Hello, assholes. Just because you're way back in the boonies doesn't mean that we can't hear your loud idiot mouths all the way down in front. Whoever the girl was who started cheering in the middle of the song - what was wrong with you?! And to the laughing, drunken fools... could you have been any more disrespectful?! Ugh.

Idiots aside, this song was very, very powerful and Tori is very, very brave to sing it. I admire her so much for doing it night after night.

Twinkle - I'd read somewhere that it seemed that after doing Me and a Gun each night, the songs Tori plays are usually songs of hope. In my opinion, Twinkle is THE song of hope. So delicate and comforting...

China - I really, really harbor an extreme dislike for China. I heard it live on the 5.5 Weeks Tour and last night I heard it again. Her performance was beautiful, but the song itself makes me want to fall asleep. Sorry. I just can't get around that.

Philadelphia - This was really neat! At first I thought that she was making this up, but then I realized that I'd heard the song before somewhere. It was lovely! Tori really seems to like Philly... All of her earlier comments about it being the "spicy middle sister" city and how she'd worn red for us, and then this song.

Josephine - Once again, I was shocked and surprised! This was so very cool to hear. After the show, my boy commented that we hadn't heard anything from Venus. (He's still a baby Toriphile, getting familiar with the albums, and he hasn't gotten through Venus yet.) "Yes we did. Josephine!" "That didn't sound like it came from Venus!" Hee hee. He's used to the electronic, swirling rhythms associated with the Venus songs that he has heard, so this was a nice surprise for him.

Sister Janet - I almost started crying again. This was so very stunning, and yet another song that I didn't think I'd be lucky enough to hear. She motioned toward her back at the "wings" part without missing a beat.

Baker Baker - This was a wonderful way to end the evening... I'd thought that maybe she'd finish with Time as the closing song, and I was really happy to hear Baker Baker instead. It was the second time I'd seen it live, and it was every bit as lovely as the first.

Misc. Stuff:

* While my dad was driving us around in search of a place to park, I saw pdjennings walking on the sidewalk. I just happened to look out the window and saw a face I knew I'd seen before on the forums. I would have said hello had I seen him again, but by the time we parked, he was gone. I didn't see anyone with a laminate, and I wasn't wearing one myself.

* Thanks to the gal who helped me out with the paper towel dispenser in the ladies' room! Overall, I think my few minutes in the bathroom were more positive than my boy's time in the mens' room. He said that as he was walking in, security was escorting a couple of hookers out. Um. Ew.

* Tori's parents were sitting about four or five rows in front of me. I noticed Mrs. Amos right before Tori's performance. Just the fact that they were there made me smile.


Review by metalheart

hey everyone! i'm new to the forums! i've been reading everyones' posts for a week or two now, and i finally decided to get myself an account. i saw tori last night in philly, and i also saw her last sunday in washington. last night's show was incredible. sunday was my favorite show of all time, but last night was very close. my favorite parts of last night were butterfly, mother, little amsterdam, and of course baker, baker. i heard everyone making noise during me and a gun, and i agree-it was obviously annoying and rude. i'm sure it didn't make tori too mad though-things happen!


Review by monique

i mean, honestly there were tons of people near me that were very very quiet and very polite and i thank them for that. it's just too bad that it only takes a few to ruin it for the lot of us.

with that said i think i will say a few nice words about tori's performance. I was very happy about siren, just too bad i had a hard time hearing it.

i was happy enough with rattlesnakes but it was ruined too, luckily i already saw it in NYC.

butterfly was a nice surprise and since i had never seen it before live it was nice.

take to the sky was okay, but i've seen it. she did improve something at the end though, so that made it different.

the long little sister improve was great before lil amsterdam. and i must agree that the switching of the mics and keyboards during "which side you're on" kicks ass.

i don't like mother, but it was okay, cuz i had never seen it live. I have had the line "tuck those ribbons under your helmet and be a good soldier" stuck in my head lately...before the show, so it's like trying to talk to me, i'm just like, "why?" cuz i don't like her much.

hear enjoy the silence like 3 times now. so that was lame for me. yet the crowd seemed to really like it.

when she started etienne, well, before she started it i was hoping for cool on your island cuz i saw etienne before. yet, it is always a favorite of mine, so i lived.

before the tour started i was like, i want to hear playboy mommy and josephine and i can die happy, well, all i can say it...i died 2 times over. she did josephine in NYC and it was special, tonight, *eh* crowd ruined i am just glad that i got it in NYC and same with playboy mommy. which also i was blinded by the light of, and couldn't even see for 5 minutes after that. LOL

northern lad was a big highlight for me. in fact before the tour we were like i want playboy mommy and northern lad and wouldn't it be funny if she did both, and she did.

i almost got choked up on MaaG but again crowd ruined it. clapping and laughing during the song. yay she did it great though and "flat on my stomach" was very intense.
twinkle was beautiful and surprising, so i like it a lot.

china was nice.

at first i thought that the song philly was an improve, but it didn't end, and i could see her reading the lyrics off the ground. she seemed to struggle a little bit, i thought. i already talked about josie, so on to sister janet, saw it....but i was glad she played it, cuz radhika had said she wanted to see it. i was happy for her.

baker baker i wanted to see so bad and i got it, but by this time i was just fed up to the point where i wasn't even watching tori anymore. i had visions of smacking and hurting other people instead.

so, i sit here in distress and just sigh and feel bad cuz i look at that set and i think, "that should have been the most amazing show"....i just can't believe how badly a drunk girl can ruin the whole show. i can only say THANK YOU radhika for giving me october 10 to remember forever. i wish you were there too, but it was the only saving grace for me. that show was the best. i will just savor that....and pray for a better crowd for all you at future shows.


Review by msbadpants

Great experience...horrible background noise. The Tower is being refurbished, so we sat in folding chairs, (lots of people changing seats to be in the right seats during the show). During me and a gun, the clean up crew in the lobby was throwing trash away and talking loudly. The chica next to me (HELLO ROW G, SEAT 121) was SINGING AND LAUGHING AND TALKING THROUGH ME AND A GUN. HEY GUY IN ROW H! IT'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY WHEN PEOPLE CRY DURING AN EMOTIONAL SONG! Ok, no more ranting...

She said someone asked for Butterfly, and a little girl was wearing butterfly wings (she got backstage afterwards), so I'm thinking it could have been her or her parents.

Speaking of parents! Tori's parents came, and we said hello! Her dad was so cute -- thanked people for coming out! I saw him in the lobby, and ran to get his autograph. He was so sweet. I was like, "thanks for buying Tori a piano", (god, I'm SUCH a dork), and he said, "my autograph should be worth more than Tori's. I did create her after all!" LOL. Her parents rock.

The girls in front of me after the show behind the venue rock. Hello to Annie, Lisa, and friends! They let me up to the front -- AGAINST THE BARRICADE--- after they got their stuff signed. I saw tori so well!!! Didn't get her to sign my stuff or to talk to her though, because she was finishing up.

Loved the show. My friends and I had that experience where you realize the meaning of a song in a different light last night. All three of us were like, duh! in the middle of Mother. Stuff we didn't see before. Anyone ever get that? Symbolism hitting you later?


Review by Psycho

well, I was there last night and the show was friggin' amazing! last time I saw her was 1998 and while I thought
that show was cool, this one was way cooler.

I went to the meet and greet and I don't think I'll be doing that again. it started out cool, everybody was sitting on the sidewalk in a line. some weird lady sat down and started talking to everyone/no one in particular and one of the guys I was with engaged her in conversation seriously but all the while was laughing at her inside. which was awesome.

when it was nearly time for Tori, basically everyone ran into the barricades and squished each other. that was not cool. people were smoking inside the barricades. that was not cool at all. you don't suddenly light up when you're in a SQUISHED crowd of people. not only does it suck because you're interfering with the intake of oxygen for those of us who breathe it, but you could easily burn someone or start a fire.

thanks to the girl who was squished next to me who offered to hold her cigarette away from me after she noticed I was hiding my face in my shirt. it was a nice gesture, although it didn't help.

the three other people I was with couldn't take it so they left and went across the street to take pictures. I should have done the same. but I was determined to at least get something signed. I thought I was close enough for that. this one girl in front of me, who got an autograph, was saying how she's not going to get autographs for herself anymore since she already has FIVE! dude, I have NONE! thanks so much.

thanks to the girl who offered to take some pictures for me. that was very nice of you.
anyway, after all that BS, my friends and I were going back to our car and there was some girl standing on the corner yelling obscenities and who knows what else at no one in particular. it's not the end of the world.

we met some nice people. I forget your names. but hi to all of you. I was the girl with the StrangeLand t shirt on with another girl and two guys who had t shirts that said "single."

the actual concert, like I said, was amazing. some complaints (of course)...

there's a reason there were no smoking signs in the building. because you're not supposed to smoke in it! you people need to either get your vision checked or go back to kindergarten and learn how to read again.

um...what was with those chairs?

some complain about talking during Rufus, but I'm going to complain about Rufus. that guy sucked.
and, no, I wasn't one of the people talking during him. my two guy friends made occasional comments to each other, but were not loud or anything. they saved that till after the show in the car. hee hee...

the first time Tori opened her mouth to talk to us, some idiot near me screamed "I love you Tori!" totally drowing her out. that sucked.

cheering at the beginning and throughout the first part of Me and a Gun. what the heck do you people cheer for? just shut up and listen.

noise outside during Me and a Gun. my one friend said it added to the atmosphere of the song. for him. it made him more aware of the reality of what was going on in it.

that's all I have to complain about.
I didn't hear anyone singing or much talking at all during Tori. maybe I wasn't in the area of the talking and/or singing.

Bonnie & Clyde was really cool. one of my favorite, if not the favorite, song of the night.

I got a little teary during Rattlesnakes. not sure why, just seemed really emotional to me.

I knew Etienne was coming. not to be terribly spacy about it, but I had an Etienne feeling all day.

Me and a Gun really got to me. "Flat on your stomach" really hit me. kind of made me sort of jump.

Baker Baker was another teary moment. that really hit me too.

so, that was my night.


Review by jon snow

everything's pretty much already been said.... let me just add that this was my 6th and final show, so i approached it w/ excitement but also a bit of sadness.... I was expecting a sorta "standard" setlist after all the surprises in NYC...

but this was definitely the best of the shows I was able to see. Philadelphia - what a beautiful song by Neil Young.... and even more so by Tori. Perfect, wonderful performance..... so amazing.

Etienne of course was a highlight- and so was Butterfly (very intense!) and Mother, which was so touching and emotional...

I got the setlist after the show.... She skipped Doughnut Song - it was supposed to come between Enjoy the Silence and Etienne.

And she substituted Sister Janet for I Don't Like Mondays, which was originally listed as being played before Baker, Baker.

All in all, an amazing experience. And I had a great weekend w/ my Malkie too

Okay... couple things. Upper Darby was a hell-hole, no doubt about it. The Tower is a dump... although maybe that's just the renovations. But it still seems like a dump. It's kindof a rundown, less fancy version of the Fox in Atlanta.

The audience.... not bad, really. Much better than some of the other shows.

The problem w/ Me and a Gun was with noise coming from out in the concorse - someone was emptying garbage cans, etc... you could hear people chattering outside, packing stuff up... who knows what the fuck they were doing. But I'm fairly sure it was all from the concorse area - at least I didn't hear anything from fans inside the seating area.

Some girl behind me DID sing along to all thes songs - a big FUCK YOU to her. Although the show was so amazing, after awhile I just didn't notice it.

And the seating was fucked up. I was in row D. Then this usher woman comes and tells us they screwed up the rows, so we have to all move up a row. So everyone in Row D moves up to the chairs marked Row C. Then thIS MEAN ANTAGONISTIC BITCH come w/ her 2 hanger-ons to sit in Row C, and freaks out because we're in "her seats". Everyone tries *patiently* to explain to her that we were told by the usher to move up, but she couldn't even listen. She just stupidly kept repeating "look at the floor - this is row C"... we're like... um... yeah, we know that... aren't you listening? Finally she stalks off to find another usher, muttering "I'm not going to argue with these people". Of course, the woman usher who made us all move up was conveniently nowhere to be found, and this guy usher (turned out to be really nice) just moved us all back again. End of drama.... Didn't have to be a drama, if that girl would've calmed the fuck down. We could have just gone to get an usher together and get it sorted out. If you're reading this - you know who you are - GROW THE FUCK UP.


Review by Dave (cygnus)

yeah, i know i am late for this but driving througout the night back home and endless work has kept me busy.

First of all, this was THE best tori show i have ever seen.

lots of people were talking during rufus which kinda sucked cuz i never heard him before and wanted to get a good idea of what he was like.

however, from my past experiences...this crowd was actually very good. atleast in my area. I don't praticually mind the screaming and cheering at the begining and end of songs because i feel that adds to the "live" aspect of the show. however, please, STOP taking pictures during the shows. and goddammit if you do...turn off that damn flash as it aint going to do shit that far away anyway. i really wanted to hurt someone who was behind me who kept winding the damn camera. it was noisy as hell.

anyway..those are my only complaints. like i have said, i have seen some really bad audiences for tori shows...this one was pretty good.

it was also the most obscure set list i could have imagined. but twinkle, northern lad and butterfly made me whole. for certain reasons this show meant a lot to me. and tori didnt let me down.

i just really really hope she does a second leg and comes to PSU!


Review by littlebluegrl


Hey guys, I just want to say hi to all the cool kids we hung out with at the McDonalds after the meet and greet....

Im sorry I forgot mostly everyone's names... I was Maryam and Christine was my friend from NYC...

Anyways onwards marching... I agree the meet and greet was frustrating... although we helped start a giant sing along... Tom you were so cool, IM not sure if you all check this out... Anyways Im psychically attacking everyone who hogged up the front...

Anyways I got some cool pictures from the show, I will be posting later on... Umm, anyone interested in seeing them??

Everything everyone said was cool about the show... Butterfly was so cool, I liked Little Amsterdam lots too, but I didnt get to hear Not The Red Baron, which I would have loved to hear... I asked her to play it, maybe they started a fire with the letter I sent back for her.. who knows!


Review by Joshiieee

I agree with most people that have posted. This is by far my most FAVORITE show that I've seen. It was absolutely AMAZING!!! I do not need to go into the details of the show (everyone else has gotten to that already).

I was on the way back from my car to go look at the shops on 69th St. and saw some people gathered in an alley peeking through a crack. We could SEEEEE Tori perform the soundcheck .

For soundcheck she played:
Little Amsterdam
Butterfly (again)

It was my fave show...not necessarily because it was a kick-ass setlist...or the best setlist I've seen...but because she was so into the show tonight. She performed with more passion than I'd ever seen her perform. She was AMAZING!!!!


Review by elizabeth

It was an incredible show, just unbelievable.

I almost didn't make it there... ended up on Rt. 30 instead of Rt. 3 (don't ask) and the car breaks down a good half hour/forty-five minutes away from Upper Darby, and NO car rental places were open. MIRACULOUSLY, a woman offered to drive us to The Tower and she PICKED US UP after the show and dropped us off at a hotel. She was truly unbelievable, I don't think she knew how much it meant to me. I can not believe she was willing to drive that far for people she didn't even know. There are good people out there.
random acts of kindness rock, please perpetuate them.

I guess it all depended where you were seated, because I thought the audience was great (for the most part). We were in Left Orch NN, which turned out to be marvelous seats. The show was amazing, Neil Young's Philadelphia was very much a surprise and quite beautiful. I thought the stage setting was gorgeous and I loved the lights (which were rather hypnotic during Playboy Mommy). I don't think I can contribute anything that hasn't already be said. Etienne was exceptionally stunning and the entire setlist was just surreal for me. She really seems to be doing fan oriented shows this tour, resurfacing beloved b-sides and such. Not that any shows previously have not been, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

On a small scale rant, drunk people suck. They talk during quiet songs, they spill beer on you, and they trip over you and step on your feet. Luckily I wasn't around too many (heard a bunch above in the balcony though). And pleasepleaseplease don't smoke in the venues...


Review by amdeemer

Amazing. That's really the best word to describe this show. I personally thought the acoustics at the Tower Theater were excellent. The theater itself is a bit run down, but the sound was incredible. Me and a Gun was unbelievable. I was sitting in the right orchestra section & didn't hear any laughing or talking during the song, but maybe I was just mesmorized by it. Siren was wonderful, I was so happy she played that. I was hoping for Cooling and Time, but I'm not complaining. What an incredible performance. Philadelphia was beautiful, wish she would record that cover.


Review by Holly

I just got home from my Philly extravaganza. I stayed with friends the whole weekend and after driving over 6 hours today I'm finally back and ready to post on the dent

WOW is all I have to say. I honestly don't even know where to begin.

First of all...I'd like to say thanks to all of the wonderful denters I met. pdjennings - you are the sweetest, and miao, who I had the pleasure of sitting next to at the show and stealing ALL of her kleenex. You guys made the day what it was supposed to be. I was so glad to meet all of you.

I've seen a few meet and greets before..and I've even been near the front at one other one so I'm not INCREDIBLY experienced but Philly was a mother fucking nightmare. I really might have given myself an ulcer the whole day.

My friend and I were one of the first people there and then many others that ended up far behind me got there just shortly after. People rushed the barracades that got there at about 1 and it just wasn't fair. I really almost lost it and really wanted to kick some peoples asses that showed absolute disrespect. There were even a few people there that I've seen at a lot of shows that know that it isn't just to cut in front of a line of people that had been waiting all day ESPECIALLY if you've met her about 5 billion times.

Anyway, after an entire day of hell I ended up up front, got some stuff signed and got a picture. I was very quick because I was the last one that she got to talk to. A really sweet girl Carolyn gave me a letter to give her, so I had mine and hers ready. The whole thing was over so fast I forgot to give her both letters!! Sorry again Carolyn if you're reading this. I did get to request butterfly though. She just smiled

As an aside, Steve was being very funny throughout our waiting period. He made me laugh a few times So I got over the anxiety a little. The crowd was very pushy though but he kept his guard.

Although my meet and greet experience should have been a good one, I left feeling extremely disappointed. Many of the people I sat with all day who were so awesome got screwed and there were too many bitches there for my taste. It was over so quick too so I just felt like someone had kicked me afterward.

One thing I will say though - the setlist absolutely saved it.

I died when I heard Siren.
ABSOLUTELY lost it when I heard butterfly, the song I requested.
Etienne was unbelievably moving.
Then Northern Lad and Playboy Mommy back to back was enough to send me further into tears then I ever thought.
Twinkle...oh my
Philadelphia was so beautiful and china and .....

The setlist honestly really couldn't have been better. I snagged a setlist from Mark and Doughnut song was on there (she must have just skipped that one) and she played sister janet in place of I don't like Mondays.

It was a great show. Even though I read it was the shortest it didn't matter. It was the best I've ever seen.


Review by nycboy

I'm new to the dent, and I just wanted to say how cool this is that you guys have this forum on this wonderful artist. I was initially a Tori Amos fan since Little Earthquakes, but I've never saw her live. Then my cutie Sparky got me to listen to her b-sides, and I was just floored!!!! She's an awesome songwriter and performer!!!!

I saw her in DC and Upper Darby (hellhole ), and she just blew the house down!!! Sparky and I went to both shows there (sorry about the bitchy woman in front of you in Tower Theater), and both concerts were great. I'll give my props to Rufus Wainright as well. He has such a great voice and wonderful talent his instruments.

Tori was soooooooooooooooooooo good!!!! When she did "Take to the Sky," I was in awe!!!! She really knows how to put on a show. Etienne was great, Baker Baker, Sirens (one of my favorites from her), hell all of them, wonderful set!!!! PHILADELPHIA...almost made me cry!!!! She definitely does it better than Neil Young.

Now, the venue....Tower Theater had a stench to it. I dunno if anyone else noticed it, like an old building smell to it. The people in the row in front of me just couldn't calm down with the picture taking. It was distracting. Plus, the ruckus in the lobby during Me and a Gun. What the hell was that all about???? People, I understand that Tori is an inspiration and all, but she would probably appreciate it as well if you didn't take pictures of her during the performance, and do them at the M&G. Just my 2 cents. Overall, great job!!!! Wish I could've seen her more. 2 shows is good, right?


Review by Calliope

my sister and i were in the upper loge and it was nice there no one was next us and i had the end seat. this was the 3rd time i saw tori at the tower once in 94 and 96 and now in 01 the place hasnt changed but i got butterdflies in my belly when tori came on... i did like rufus and he sang claifornia the only song of his i know besides his cover of halelujah. anyway, the B&C thing was awesome i loved the lights whne she gets tosses and they go up like you just went underwater or somethign. it was cool. my sister isnt much of a tori fan anymore and she doesnt know any songs past BFP so it was like a new show for her and she said she really liked it. anyway, i was excited to hear all the songs she played mother being one fo my fave songs i wished she coiuld have played cool on your island... but it was all really beautiful.

through my binoculars i could see she was reading the lyrics to philadelphia. but there were times i swear it felt like she could see me through ,my binoculars wheich made me feel like she was playign to us up at the balcony.

it was a really great show and i enjoyed it immensley(typo)

anyway as i was leaving the balcony section i realized that this guy standing in front was this guy i thought was cute from where i used to work. weird. i didnt think he was a tori fan.
what a cutie


From Fabien Desse

Added February 12, 2002 - I flew to PHILADELPHIA with my friend Stephane who lives in France. We did not know that Tori would perform in Europe at all when we booked the tickets, so we were off, gonna see America... Well, it was a bit of a disappointment. The venue was crap. We were so far from the stage. People would never stop talking during the songs. This girl in front of us would hum ever single song along with Tori! The good point is that she played some of my favorite songs ever!! After the show, with the calendar-program in my hand, and a pen in my pocket! we went outside to wait for Tori. Many people did the same, so Tori got on the bus very quickly. Before that, her mom and dad got an ovation and I took a nice picture of them.

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