New York, NY
October 11, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in New York, NY on October 11, 2001 at the Beacon Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour. This was the third of 3 shows in New York.

Set List

Thanks to Richard Handal for giving me the set list on the phone.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Upside Down
Beauty Queen
Flying Dutchman
This Old Man
Not The Red Baron
Yes, Anastasia
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Hey Jupiter

2nd Encore:
Playboy Mommy


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From Richard Handal

October 12, 2001 - Richard called me after the show, which started at 9:14PM and ended at 10:59PM. The show was 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Tori started playing Hey Jupiter, stopped, and picked up a stuffed animal saying something like, "Key wait a minute...How crazy is this...This has been here all night long." She then tossed it toward the front of the stage and started playing Hey Jupiter again.

From Danielle

Added Oct 14, 2001 - Also, lust was on the setlist before playboy mommy at the 10-11 nyc show, but she didn't play it :(

From Berry Lowden

Added Oct 14, 2001 - I was at the New York 10/11 show last night, and I saw the original setlist. Lust was written in to open the second encore before Playboy Mommy, but it wasn't played. :)

From strange little woj (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

Added Oct 14, 2001 - okay, it's saturday...i think i've slept enough to recover from the three late weekday nights going to the beacon shows this week (alas, i'm one of those people who can't really sleep that late, so even if i get to sleep around 2 or 3, i don't sleep in later than 9 on a weekend and, being weekdays, i had to get up earlier anyways).

i've already posted about the first two beacon shows. the third, i think, was on the level of the second show: excellent intensity, some really nice song choices and, amusingly (to me anyways), the songs she repeated from the first night weren't muffed up (either by her forgetting lyrics or by sound problems). here's what she played (copied from the dent, in case you're wondering about the capitalization):

'97 Bonnie & Clyde / Icicle / Little Amsterdam / Leather / Upside Down / Rattlesnakes / Winter / Beauty Queen / Horses / Flying Dutchman / This Old Man / Not The Red Baron / Crucify / Yes, Anastasia / Me and a Gun / Landslide

1st Encore: Honey / Hey Jupiter

2nd Encore: Playboy Mommy / Time

i sort of expected to hear upside down and winter since i knew she had played them already on the tour and, sure enough, they came out to play and were excellent (even though she stopped in the middle of upside down to replay a bit which, to my ear, sounded fine the first time through). little amsterdam, flying dutchman and anastasia were nice surprises. my eyes bugged when she played red baron instead of god after this old man. i was hoping to hear the new treatment of god but i have to say red baron was perfect in its place and incredibly effective considering its lyrics and new york being one of the epicenters of the attacks -- it was the emotional high point of the show for me. she nailed horses and crucify this night, making up for the problems on tuesday. landslide was good. i think i've seen that once before; in any event, it was a better followup to me and a gun than daniel. honey is always a treat -- easily among the best of her songs and it could very well be her best (and maybe even my favorite). playboy mommy on the wurlizter was nice and time was the perfect ending for the three shows after not playing it on the first two nights (despite it being the song of choice for the tv show circuit).

thanks to beth, we got to enjoy the last show from the lovely confines of the tenth row, orchestra right. we were close enough to the center to get a good view of tori and while we couldn't see her hands, i caught glimpses of them reflected in the top of the bosey's cover.

one amusing tidbit: we walked around the theater to get back to the parking garage where we left the car. as we strolled by the main stage entrance, on amsterdam ave (the entrance that tori used to leave is on 75th), we noticed amongst the cases and other equipment, one baby crib full of playschool boxes. :)

From Lilly (LillyLil)

Added Oct 15, 2001 - I attended the NY October 11th show. It was wonderful!! I noticed that Tori made a little flub-up singing "'97 Bonnie & Clyde". Instead of singing, "'97 Bonnie and Clyde, me and my daughter", she sang ""Bonnie 7, Bonnie and Clyde, me and my daughter." It's not a big mistake but I noticed it and noticed that no one has mentioned it yet.

From Melissa Carpini

Added Oct 17, 2001 - I saw Tori in NYC on 10/11. AMAZING. I've got a question I haven't been able to get a n answer to...I noticed while she was playing the Bose she was pedaling with her right foot at some points and looking to the ground under the keyboard and perhaps pedaling with her let foot as well. I noticed a bit of distortion during Beauty Queen/Horses while she was doing this. Does the Bose have a distortion pedal?!?! It's not such a farfetched idea seeing how other string/percussion instruments use distortion. Kind of makes me think of Northern Lad "when pianos try to be guitars..."

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by GlttrGrrl

okay, tonight was my last Tori show for lord knows how long...I hope she comes back soon, but it was great while it lasted. Tonight was GREAT, although not quite as super duper special as last night.

This time our seats were in the Loge, and the experience is quite different from up can see very well, but you get more of a light show...the lights were beautiful.

Before I go on, I HAVE to complain about the audience...god, how fucking rude are these people...talking on their cell phones, singing along, cell phones ringing during me and a gun, screaming during me and a gun (??!!!) and bonnie and clyde. There was this one girl a few rows behind us...I'm surprised someone didn't tell her to stop or smack her upside the head...she was like a very poorly trained seal or a person with tourette's or something...all she would do was clap really randomly several times, mostly at inappropriate times during every fucking friend and I cringed or laughed every single time she did it because it was so ridiculous and absurd.

Anyway, venting is over. The first half of the show seemed pretty ordinary. I mean, it was great and all, but I really expected her to open with Siren instead of Icicle since we'd heard it on Tuesday and she hadn't played Siren for us at all. Little Amsterdam was a welcome surprise...I've never heard it live and it was fabulous. After that song, she told us how it was her last night playing for us, and then started Leather. Upside Down...I love this song. The first time I had ever heard it was live at the Beacon in 1994, so this was a special one. Rattlesnakes is so good, I don't care how many times she plays it. Winter...I was expecting this tonight, because she hadn't played it at any of the other NYC seemed pretty unspectacular until she got the part right before "hair is grey and the fires are burning" It just got very intense and you could tell that she was playing it with all that she had. Beauty Queen seemed more intense and darker than I recalled it being at any of the other shows, and Horses was beautiful with the lights *sigh*

Then the show become more than just an ordinary show...Flying freaking Dutchman...knew it from the first note, and was amazed and in heaven. I'm so happy she played this one. Not the Red Baron...I knew she had done it in soundcheck, and I was crossing my fingers for this one, being a month after the was so appropriate and I cried throughout the song. It was SO awesome. I love Crucify on the Whurly, and this was better than at the Tuesday show because she didn't stop in the middle of it. Then she walked over to the piano and started playing some music while standing up and sang "The magpies have come" and we knew it was YES ANASTASIA...she sat down and played and started with "thought I'd been through this in 1919" as usual, but the Magpies intro gave it that special something that made it ultra-incredible. And when she ended with Landslide, *sigh* there's just nothing I can say about that...the first time I had heard the song ever was at her Beacon show in 1994, and it was like reliving those memories from when I was 17.

So that's all I really have to say. There's more info about the show, but that's all I care to write about. I can now go through my Tori withdrawal and I can miss all of my Tori friends whom I only get to see on tour and whom I will miss bunches. I'm sorry I couldn't spend more time this time. I hope to catch you next time...


Review by Nick (Icayrus)

Tonight was really amazing, but would have been better without some people in the was a bad audience night........

Problems in my section "WOOOOOOO" every 5 mins from the same freaking girl........

Some stupid girl who kept yelling "BETH" to find her friend and then decided that she would get up and dance to some of the songs!!!!

Stupid girls in front of me "Like, what song is she like playing now, isn't that like Here. In My Head or like Cool on your Island, like, I don't know this song" meanwhile if they had bothered to listen to the first 30 seconds of the song, they would have heard the words Upside Down about 10 times....same deal for Rattlesnakes....I'm sorry people, but if you're going to try to keep a list of songs, please try to know the songs, and I hope this girl comes and reads this so she realizes how DUMB she is and how annoying it was to sit behind her during the whole show......

Everyone kept getting up and going out and coming back in, so annoying and not polite at all, cell phone ring towards the end of Me and a Gun, it was so horrible!!!

So, besides the stupid audience, it was a great night at the Beacon.....I think last night was better, but it's hard to compare (I was at all 3). Tonight was amazing and special in it's own right, so it's hard to choose. It wasn't until Dutchman that I think Tori really got into the show, but it was great after amazing!!! This is my last show until the next Tour and I am a very happy boy. I've heard everything I would have wanted to and had fun along the way. I don't think I could handle another show!!!


Review by Kari (LustSiren)

OMG- I asked her to play it for me at the Meet and Greet yesterday, and I told her I'd be here tonight too and she wrote it down. When she didn't play it last nite I didn't think it would happen, but then she DID! And oh did I cry.

The set was AMAZING! Baron, Anastasia (my boyfriend laughed at me when I said she'd play it, and I WAS kidding!), Jupiter, Landslide...AND NOT ONE VENUS SONG! Which makes me happy cause if I hear 1000 Ocans one more time I will yack. I can BELIEVE everyone thought last night was better! I mean, it was close, but tonight was rare stuff! She closed with Time, very emotional, she looked great, and she played my fave song of all time. What more could I ask for??

She's great. Life is good.


Review by Pete (VenusAsABoy)

great show tonight !!! Yesterday at meet & greet I asked tori to play Yes Anastasia for me... I wrote her a letter too, explaining why i wanted her to play it and we talked about it a bit. I just about died when she played it tonight.

What really got me was that in my letter, I tried to make it an interesting read so i sort of incorporated some lyrics from a few songs into what i was saying. they werent requests, (or at least I didnt request them) but there were references. Its sort of hard to explain, you'd have to have seen it. But every song that i referenced was played tonight. Hey Jupiter, Dutchman, and some others. Blew my mind. Thanks to LustSiren who requested Dutchman, i really enjoyed it

Tori seemed kinda sad tonight to me. Beauty Queen was extremely intenste. Rattlesnakes is even better live than on the cd. Honey was also a highlight. Id never heard it live. When she was playing, she got to "so i tried to..." and she pointed to the audience and we all said "bribe". It was cute. Crucify had some different improv lyrics. "never going back, no way, no matter what my heads say" "...beggin for love, why is it always love" in Rattlesnakes she really emphasized the "love was your great disapointment" part.

All in all it was a great show, you cant really compare it to the tenth though, they were on a totally different plane, and tori was definately in a different place. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and Val it was wonderful seeing you again!


Review by boomboxboi

ok your all forgetting when she threw the stuffed animal off the paino.
the set was very intense
she rocked my world
she stooppped once during leather and once during
upside down

it was so beautiful to hear ratllesnakes i needed that
i cried through the whole show and got to meet looipop gestapo from the forumz
she was so cute and sweet
i kept saying loud at he after m&g that where is all the people from the forums?

the people that tried to steal my seat was rude
the crowd sitting around me was bitchy
(except for the oreo cookie girl,your cool :you know who u are,i didnt get ur name)

other than that dutchman was trhe cherry on the fucking sundae
and the setlist was yummmmmy
yes anastasia was sooooooooo

playboy mommy i cried throughtout
oh it makes me so emotional i love that song\
and acoustic choirgirl is the way to make ewf very happy
god ill never forget it
she signed my freinds puic and i letr everyone go in front of me cuz i let her sign my ticket on jan 23 97
i dont wanna hurt anyones feelings so i stayed in the background watching tori and mark
theyre so cutie!
i had on my recovering christian shirt and noone wore it!
and i got so many compliemts
i love u guys gimme a fuckijng hug


Review by Magic Peanut

Some highlights for me...

Well, first of all, FLYING DUTCHMAN!!! That is my favorite song of all time and I've been waiting years to hear it live. It was so beautiful tonight!

During Yes, Anastasia she sang one line of "We'll see how fast WE'LL be running."

"How crazy is this? This has been here all night!" *picks up little purple stuffed animal and moves over to the microphone. Starts making it dance and sings, "I'm a little purple thing sitting here to distract Tori..." *then throws the thing over to the side. * I saw this thing on the stage during the 10/10 show. Someone must have thrown it up there and it somehow found its way onto her piano!

Not the Red Baron was incredible

What ruined the show for me was the audience. They were highly disrespectful on the whole.

After the show, I walked over to the stage door to see if I could see Tori (I ended up leaving before she came out so that I could catch my train ) I heard some guy talking about the show and he said something like: "So I was singing along to every song, right, and this girl in front of me turns around and says, "Could you please stop singing and banging on my seat?" I mean, what a fucking BITCH telling me I can't sing at a concert?! I can sing as loud as I want!"

It's people like that who ruin shows for everyone else.


Review by Mike (Doughnut Hole)

I totally disagree that 10/10 was better. I was at both shows, and I think 10/11 was significantly better. This is IMHO of course - I just liked the setlist better. I missed SATY and Earthquakes, of course, but I loved her new version of Crucify, and Winter was pretty beautiful.

Yes Anastasia and Icicle beat Past the Mission. Amsterdam and Red Baron beat Talula and Zebra. Playboy Mommy beats no songs at all from Choirgirl. I'm not a big Venus fan, and I definitely didn't miss 1000 Oceans tonight. Etienne was cool, but Flying Dutchman is an awesome song. Landslide beats Daniel. SLG was about a wash, although we got Rattlesnakes AND Time Thursday, which were awesome.

The b-sides were better Wednesday, and she played more Venus, but for my taste the setlist was way better Thursday.

I thought she was totally on both nights vocally. I thought she played some really really gorgeous piano Thursday, especially in Landslide. Wednesday my girlfriend cried about 4 times; Thursday she cried about 10. I love the Live in NY (RAINN) show, and I never thought I'd see Tori do anything close to it. Thursday didn't match it (how could it?) but it wasn't far off. Thank you Tori!!!!!!!!


Review by RasinGirrl

Ok First off:


Horrible horrible. I was in the low balc. row b. I had 4 girls to my left who wouldn't shut up. I kindly asked them if they could please keep it down. they kept talking but it wasn't as bad at before.
then there was the drunk girl 2 rows behind me who kept talking and screaming and sang along to landslide. some guy asked her "can i have a blow job?" to which she replied "what?!" and he said "then we'd have 10 minutes of quiet" NICE
then the drunk woman in the next section who "wooed" during me and a gun.
and the cell phone during me and a gun
and did anyone else hear a BABY during me and a gun?
then the asshole boy who walked down to the railing of the balc during playboy mommy and proceeded to dance and snap his fingers along with the song.


ok- the show. after not being there wednesday, this was faboo. it was hard to enjoy because of the crowd but i tried.

A top much like the I'm not in love Top. Black satin pants with slits up the the thighs again. and FISHNETS again!!!!!! woo sexy mama. shoes were high heeled. they were white but had black lace over them. hard to explain. we had really good binoculars so that's how i could see form the balc. we also read the setlist with them too!!!

97 Bonnie & Clyde- not as powerful from the balc. plus people just kept screaming. WHY? i don't get it. when you scream, you can't hear tori. so why do you do it?

Icicle- eh. heard it tuesday. wasn't as "feirce" as tuesdays. her face wasn't as hateful during the could have part.

Little Amsterdam- woo! no go little girl. but did do round and around.

Leather- ok. I did see her though the binoculars. Right at the beginning, people kept frigging screaming, and I saw Tori roll her eyes because she was trying to sing and people screamed. Way to go crowd.

Upside Down- YAY! One of my favorites. Very nice. She needs to stop forgetting her songs though. At first it was cute every once and a while. But now- it's making her look unprepaired.

Rattlesnakes- ok.

Winter- busted out with the hair is grey part

Beauty Queen/Horses- average

Flying Dutchman- damn! never heard that on before. great!

This Old Man- cute

Not the Red Baron- i knew she had soundchecked this. very nice. sang the "another pilot down" line with a bit of feeling.

Crucify- different tonight. people didn't scream after every line! gasp!

Yes Anastasia- i love you pete!!! i knew she had soundchecked this one too. fantastic. the people around me actually stayed quiet. this is my 2nd most fav Tori song (first is cornflake- i know i know). wonderful to hear!

Me & a Gun- i heard a baby cry during this. at least that's wha i thought it was. i think tori heard it too cause it seemed she went from spiteful to softer.

Landslide- wonderful. "i'm getting older too" she kinda paused and looked at us as to say she is. it was so sad and beautiful.

1st Encore:
Honey- woo! great song!

started hey jupiter. stopped cause of the purple thing her crew had put there to distract her. she made it sit on herhead for a second before she threw it!

Hey Jupiter- ok. i have heard jupiter at all but 2 of the shows i've ever been at. it's hard to hear so many times. but it was very pretty tonight.

2nd Encore:
Playboy Mommy- i couldn't see. the orange light was right in my eyes and i couldn't see her at all. then the dumb boy who came down and "jived" and snapped his fingers. grr.

Time- i wish it was imagine. but it was nice.

my friend eric had been requesting here in my head at every show he'd been at since 1998. so i don't know if a girl requested it on wed but I know he has been.

And Kevyn Aucoin was there again. He was there with some girl but I don't know who she was.


Review by FrogNamedJethro

wow wow wow fucking wow, that was the most incredible show ever! i cant even desribe it, i think it was even better than nite 2. i almost pissed when dutchman came on and yes, anastasia. rite after rattlesnakes ended i literally said to myself winter, and then she started playing it, i freaked myself out...

if only this were the summer and i didnt have school it wouldve added to the effect, but lastnite was perfct


Review by Sugar

yes, anastasia was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. the whole show was great, but that song... that one song alone made the whole night just that much more better. she started at the " thought I'd been through this in 1919" part, but before that she did a little intro with deep thunderous chords and said quickly "...the magpies..." and kept on playing. i knew right away from that that we were in for a treat.


Review by agtOrange

For the most part, the people attending the after-show M&G were respectful. I met a few really nice people there... I didn't get everyone's name, but I do recall "Eileen" who promised me the cigarette, but I missed her when Tori left. Also a shout out to the girl from Westchester whom I saw afterwards at McDonald's --the food was really gross. But I got a kick from watching those senior citizens swearing and fighting at each other.

Tori was most gracious... she signed a picture I had taken with her the night before. She seemed surprised...especially when I gave her a photo I snapped of her father who appeared on 10/10 along with note to her on musical staff paper. She then realized who I was and asked how my music was going. We hugged and I told her to stay healthy and happy (she appeared really weak and distressed at the early M&G).

Now... the M&G went really well until the last minute (as it typically is...) To the asshole who threw glitter all over Tori's head... you're a REAL dumbass. Acts like that catch people off guard and any sense of security (especially under the current circumstances in NYC) is threathened. Also... someone threw a bag of chips or something at Tori and Joel. Why the fuck do you go see Tori in concert and leave by doing something like that?! I don't understand. Please explain this to me.


Review by dove95

Rufus Wainwright: opening act
Of all the opening acts that I've seen of Tori's, this one is one who I wouldn't mind seeing again. His 45-minute set was entertaining and he played with passion. His most interesting story was about how he thought he was more of French singer since the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (he has one song on the album) has sold more than any of his own albums. He's multi-talented too! He can play piano AND guitar!

Tori Amos was wearing an outfit similar to that she wore on Letterman. It was a deep purple lacy shirt over this long dress. I couldn't see her shoes since her dress was that long!

She opened her set with "'97 Bonnie and Clyde." I thought it was interesting that she sang it from behind this black curtain with wave-shaped cut outs at the top, in which different colored rays of light shone through. I interpreted this as Amos taking the role as the drowned wife at the bottom of the lake.

Also, in her performance of "Rattlesnakes," I finally see a female interpretation. It hit me in the same way that "Me and a Gun" does, especially with her repeating the line, "Said a girl needs a gun these days" and how it flowed to "on account of those rattlesnakes." It just made me think of the whole metaphor in how rattlesnakes can stand for the genitalia of men, which is basically their essence.

I was surprised to hear one of my favorite songs, "Yes, Anastasia," performed. It's such a climactic song on Under the Pink, in which I was just wondering how Amos was going to pull it off without an orchestra behind her. Her vocal arrangements around her piano were brilliant!

I was also impressed with Amos' performances of "Me and a Gun" and "Playboy Mommy." These are probably her most personal songs and her strength to play these songs for her fans just astounds me.

Other interesting tidbits about the show:
She had this flag patterned organ on stage and said that she found in the "back, back, back, back room in a house on the West coast" that she decided to rescue and bring with her to Cornwall. She then stated that, "She said to me, 'we're going to play some of the older songs.'" On this organ, she played "Crucify" and "Playboy Mommy."

During her second encore, she stopped in the beginning of "Hey Jupiter," to pick up this purple stuffed animal and said, "My crew put this thing here. It's been sitting here all night, just distracting me." She then picks it up, plays with it, and says in a mommy type voice, "I'm a little purple thingie sitting here ALL night just to distract Tori," then she tosses it aside and goes back to "Hey Jupiter."

I've seen Amos three times and I've had to say that this is probably her best performance. The fact that she's been in this industry for ten years and the fact that she's still passionate with her music and audience amazes me. The flashing photography was rude and obnoxious, but Amos seemed to handle it all with grace and passion.


Review by radhika

The show was great and I loved the setlist BUT

To the skanky hoes sitting in seats LOGE Row C 110-111 a big FUCK YOU. They talked the entire time and I ended up sitting in the fucking ISLE to get away from them. Bogdi asked them nicely to please be quieter and they were just so NASTY to her. Then during the whole show they tried their hardest to be loud just to piss her off during songs and stuff.

Part of their response was "this is a concert." NO FUCKING KIDDING. And I didn't pay 40 bucks to listen to YOU...I'd like to hear Tori. Why would you waste 80 bucks on 2 seats just so you can chat? Go chat at home.

They didn't ruin the show for me, I woudn't let that happen. But I would have liked to have sat in my seat rather than in the isle.

The setlist kicked ass....landslide gave me chills.


Review by bloodroses25

my first tori show was the last show at beacon theater, and it was incredible. my friend and i had orginally had upper balcony tickets, but miraculously we got SECOND ROW seats felt like we were dreaming. i couldn't believe how close we were... and tori was amazing, esp with crucify, winter, and covering "landslide" now that ive been to one tori show, i NEED to go to more!!!!!!!!!!


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