Spin Magazine Reviews Professional Widow - December 1996

Added November 11, 1996

Monica Sanghavi informs us that there is a small review of Professional Widow that appears in the December 1996 issue of Spin magazine (with Bush on the cover) on page 148 in the section called SINGLES by Charles Aaron. Like Monica, I find it disappointing, but here it is:

"Considering her appeal to the emotionally uninhibited (gay, straight or whatever), its not suprising that Tori Amos would follow k.d. lang as dance-remix pop diva of choice. Too bad Brian "BT" Transeau's housey version of "Talula" was such a hesitant snooze (Amos's cameo on BT's album is allegedly more interesting). But here, DJ for-hire Ammand Van Helden doesn't hold back. If anything, his weirdly jaunty bass, ominous synths, and clever vocal edits make Amos even more magically real and in-you-ear sexy. Of course, her bitter humor gets lost, but there's only room for so many messy emotions on the dance floor."

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