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Sightings reported from April 18, 2002 through February 4, 2003

More recent sightings are located on the Dent's new Sightings Section.

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Eric Rosse Produces Debut Album by Lisa Marie Presley

(Feb 4, 2003) - jen mair, Ezra Homann, Jeremy Isaac, Jason Caldwell, Erin O'Neill and Richard Handal report:

    Eric Rosse (who produced Tori's 1992 Little Earthquakes and 1994 Under The Pink albums) is the primary producer on a new album for Lisa Marie Presley called To Whom It May Concern, which is due on April 8, 2003 on Capitol Records. You can read a story about this at

    Erin adds that Steve Caton (who played guitar on many Tori albums and tours in the past) also played guitar and a little bass on this album. Richard verifies the Steve Caton info and also says that Matt Chamberlain did some work on the album as well!

Essential Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary

(Jan 12, 2003) - Erin Elizabeth Anderson reports:

    Tori's name appears in "Essential Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary," a reference book published by Alfred Co, Inc. I was just looking through this when i came to a section where it says "10 tips to better lyric writing."

    One of the tips is "Analyze others." At the bottom of the paragraph it says, "Study the work of the masters: Woody Guthrie, Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Lawrence Hart, Marvin Gaye, Paul Simon, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, TORI AMOS..." Yay!

a sorta fairytale, Strange Fruit Muzak, and Vegas

(Jan 12, 2003) - Sharman reports:

    I just returned from a trip to California and Las Vegas. And while in Vegas, my boyfriend and I stayed at the Luxor hotel (it's the giant pyramid on the strip). And we went to eat at the "Pharoh's Feast" buffet in the hotel and heard A Sorta Fairytale playing on the 'musak' in the restaurant. We heard it on two occasions- day before yesterday and the day before that, so I guess it's a standard. They played other popular modern/alternative type songs as well. We thought it was really neat to hear her out there. We had been listeneing to the cd on our drive from Vegas to Death Valley and back, and both of us had the song stuck in our heads for most of the trip. Then we heard it at the hotel- it was kinda weird.

Strange Fruit

(Jan 12, 2003) - Fourseraphs reports:

    It's a small thing, but I found the context of the Tori mention very interesting. In the January 8, 2003 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, there is mention of a documentary being screened in a local theatre. The documentary delves into the history of the Billie Holiday tune "Strange Fruit." Here is the small mention of Tori:

    "Sixty-six years after its debut, 'Strange Fruit' remains one of the strongest statements on racism. Singers from Sting to Ella Fitzgerald, Tori Amos to Cassandra Wilson have recorded it, and in Katz's film we see a classroom at DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, the school where Meeropol taught, discussing the song's import."

    The article can also be found online.

Justin Timberlake

(Jan 12, 2003) - Kate aka Fascistpanties, HaleyFaerie, Brad, Michael Anticoli and Sarah reports:

    During the first week of November 2002, I was watching MTV's show "Album Launch: Justin Timberlake" DON'T ask me why !!!! :-) Towards the end, as Justin is so thoughtfully and deeply reflecting on his predictions for album sales, they are playing the intro to A Sorta Fairytale!. You know how those MTV/VH1 shows are....bits of songs here and there in the background for effect.

The Osbournes

(Jan 10, 2003) - Tom Santos reports:

    I dont know if you're watching the "Osbournes" but on the show last night (Jan. 8, 2003 -Wed), there was a part where Kelly was throwing up on the bathroom. And beside the door there was a pile of magazines. and on top of it was the Tori Amos "women who rock" magazine cover. Maybe Kelly likes Tori too!

ABC soap "One Live To Live"

(Jan 8, 2003) - Many Toriphiles report that Tori's song I Can't See New York was heard during the January 8, 2003 episode of the ABC soap opera "One Live To Live" in the U.S. They played almost the entire song during a montage in the last 10 minutes of the show.  The scenes they were showing were very dramatic and emotional during the song.

NPR's Morning Edition did story about acapella singing and featured a group performing China

(Sept 28, 2002) - Kerry Bowden, Lee Chaix McDonough, Jen, Meg, Lisa Mason, and Kaycee report:

    I don't know if you heard it this morning (Sept 26, 2002), but there was a great feature on NPR's Morning Edition about the a cappella scene at Yale University. One of the groups, Something Extra, performed "China" during the showcase the piece covered. Something Extra is an all-female a cappella group at Yale. The lines of the song I heard were "In your eyes/I saw a future together/But you just look away/in the distance/China..." It was lovely.

    You can listen to this story in RealAudio by clicking here.

I Don't Like Mondays played on the TV show West Wing

(Sept 26, 2002) - Josh, Katie Keith, Greg Madsen and many many others report:

    They played almost all of "I Don't Like Mondays" on the season premiere of The West Wing tonight. It was about an hour and a half into the show, during a segment where Allison Janney's character CJ Cregg is relating word of a pipe bombing at a college swim meet to the White House press corps. The song continued through scenes of the rest of the staff learning about the bombing and the President (played by Martin Sheen) giving a speech at a Democratic fundraiser about heroism in the face of tragedy. They played almost all if not all of the song and added some strings at the end during the speech.

New York Magazine Article On Kevyn Aucoin

(July 24, 2002) - Natasha and Alex report:

    (From Natasha) In this week's (July 22, 2002) edition of New York magazine, Kevyn Aucoin is on the cover, and an article of his life starts on pg. 22. Tori is referenced 3 times. On pg. 23 there are photos of Kevyn with celebrity clients, and Tori is pictured on this page. Later in the article, it mentions that he and his partner talked about Tori when they first met; the last Tori mention is that he and his partner once stayed at Tori's house in Florida for vacation.


    Colleen Anne adds that you can read this entire article online at


    (From Alex) The article is interesting if you are a fan of Kevyn's, but it is also very sad. Apparently he was in a lot of pain for quite some time and had become heavily addicted to pain killers, which partly lead to his death. He was also in danger of losing clients because his addiction had gotten so out of hand. I wondered how much of this Tori was aware of since it wasn't that long ago that he did the Strange Little Girls photo shoots with her. The article also shows that the media was fairly quiet about the details of his death and illness, which I think is a show of respect. I just find it very sad that someone who gave so much happiness to others was in so much pain, and I will really miss seeing the new faces he would have painted on Tori.

Blueline Medic covers Precious Things

(July 10, 2002) - Erik and leon k. report:

TL Audio's valve technology

(June 28, 2002) - Felicity Edwards aka Storiesfrompele reports:

    If you go to, which is the web site for TL Audio, a company that specializes in valve equipment. As their web site claims, "Engineers the world over have turned to TL Audio products to bring something to their recordings that they just can't achieve with solid state technology - warmth." In the archive section of their news page, they have a little photo of Tori in her studio with Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek and some quotes from Mark as to why they used TL Audio’s valve technology for To Venus And Back. Good stuff! Thanks to Felicity Edwards aka Storiesfrompele for telling me about this.

Village Voice blurb in article on Sheryl Crow

(June 28, 2002) - Seth D. and Jackie Crispell report:

    I just found a very brief mention of Tori... It appears in the Village Voice June 25, 2002 issue on page 67. The article (entitled "This 70's Show) is actually about Sheryl Crow. In paragraph 2 the author mentions musicians who have made some mark on each decade since the 50's.

    Here's the exact mention of Tori:

    Pals at the Institute for Advanced Study, working with a team of renegade SABRmetricians, have developed a model for calculating the top musical act of any given decade. Without going into the intricacies and trade secrets, the math stresses three basic factors: spanning the period; always being good; and ignoring basically modernist virtues like authenticity, originality, and influence. These are fine things; they're just not necessary conditions for pop.

    In short, if you stick around without ever sucking, whether you change history or not, it'll turn out you were a genius. For the late-breaking '50s, Elvis cruises. The '60s are a two-horse race, Dylan barely losing out to the Fabs. The '70s are tough: Magisterially brilliant acts like the Clash suffer from lack of presence, so Led Zep sneaks in past P-Funk, and even I don't understand the math on that one. The '80s are uncontested Prince (don't even get me started about how few songs the Fifth Jackson released). The '90s reveal something weird and interesting: Tori Amos, artist of the decade. This requires second or third thoughts, but if you want to argue, you're probably a boy. ...

    From lead single "Soak Up the Sun" down to "Hole in My Pocket," there's a sense that beyond the song itself, each hook and groove, there's not much at stake—that winning is losing but with better weather. "Abilene" borrows a line from Tori, but when the Strange Little Girl wondered, "When you gonna make up your mind?" it began the most freighted query ever: "When you gonna love you as much as I do?" Sheryl (working for the moment with a Dixie Chick, a Heartbreaker, and a Revolution) offers as a follow-up, "When you gonna get out of bed?" Whenever. Is it nice out?

"Disruptive Divas : Feminism, Identity & Popular Music"

(June 18, 2002) - Marla Tiara and Garry report:

    Tori is featured on the cover of a 2001 book called "Disruptive Divas : Feminism, Identity & Popular Music" by Lori Burns and Melisse Lafrance. You can see the cover to the right. According to the description of the book at, "Disruptive Divas focuses on four female musicians: Tori Amos, Courtney Love, Me'Shell Ndegeocello and P. J. Harvey who have marked contemporary popular culture in unexpected ways have impelled and disturbed the boundaries of "acceptable" female musicianship. Marla adds that "the book is divided into 4 chapters about 4 "disruptive divas." Tori's section has 2 chapters which discuss - in a very academic manner - Crucify. The other sections cover PJ Harvey, Hole and Me'Shell Ndegeocello. It's published by Routledge, and again, it's a very academic book.

'I Rant Therefore I Am' by Dennis Miller

(June 18, 2002) - Michael Weiss-Malik reports:

    Some friends of mine and I found ourselves with a 4-hour drive this weekend, and we ended up downloading 'I Rant Therefore I Am' by Dennis Miller for the drive, from an online books-on-mp3 vendor ( It's comedian Dennis Miller reading from his book, which contains (as the title implies) various rants of his.

    Anyhow, 45 seconds into rant #29 of the audio version, titled "Network News," Dennis Miller mentions Tori briefly: "...TV journalists have become nothing more than millionaire carnival barkers with good diction and so much hairspray on, they make Margaret Thatcher look like Tori Amos."

    I'm assuming this little quote is in the print version of the book as well, but can't verify that fact as I don't own the book.

"The Rolling Stone Book of Love"

(June 18, 2002) - Christine Abraham reports:

    I came across that tiny little book called "The Rolling Stone Book of Love". (The book was published in 1996. See its entry at  It is a collection of quotes from interviews that appeared in various issues of the magazine. The cover sleeve reads "What have artists such as John Lennon, Keith Richards, Janet Jackson, Chrissie Hynde and Jerry Garcia had to say about love?" What a true delight when I also saw two Tori quotes (from one interview in 1994) in it!

    The first quote was Tori's answer to the question "So what is love?"

    "Being in love was not the most important thing to me; being respected was."

    Tori Amos
    Issue 685. June 30th, 1994

    There's also a quote when artists answered the question "What's your spin on Sex, Love and Rock & Roll?". Tori's quote is accompanied by a picture from the Boys For Pele era.

    "The way I was reared, the role model for women was the Virgin Mary, the sexless thing. Responsible girls were virgins until they were married. I didn't understand why I couldn't just merge with someone and have a wonderful time and not have to stay with them forever."

    Tori Amos
    Issue 685. June 30th, 1994

Lisa Marie Presley Likes Tori!

(June 18, 2002) - Jason reports:

    This is from Lisa Marie Presley's official site, in the "Bulletin" section -

    Hi Lisa Marie,
    What do you think of the recent trend of music today? What CDs are you listening to right now?

    I can't help but notice the trends out there because my kids are very into them I don't tend to respond to a trend though. I respond to what speaks to me in some way, be it the music or the voice and pain or honesty of the artist. Lately I have been wearing out a Pink Floyd live album (I am a HUGE fan). Most of the time I could be listening to Pearl Jam, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, Beck, Marilyn Manson, Coldplay, Radiohead, P J Harvey, the Eels, and of course, U2. (I just saw them in concert recently, probably my 4th one and they never cease to amaze me live). In more recent music my kids and little brother actually got me into Korn and Lincoln Park. There is so much more that I love and that inspired me in my life but I tried to keep my answer concise...

Military Diaries on VH1

(June 18, 2002) - KT , James Schmitt and Jessie report:

    Was flipping through the channels tonight on the TV and happened upon VH1. Tori's "1,000 Oceans" was playing at the end of the show Military Diaries, the new VH1 show on June 10, 2002.

The Covers Project

(June 18, 2002) - Mikewhy reports:

    Look up Tori's entry on the web site for The Covers Project. (She is listed under 'T'). The idea of this web site is to connect cover songs. It's kinda like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" with music.

Catching The

(June 18, 2002) - Rebecca Nelson reports:

    I was lookin' at some funky websites for vintage clothing, when I found one called Catching The that gives each dress a name. Some of these names included 1000 Oceans, Bliss, and Cornflake Girl. There are others in there as well. I've only looked at the two pages of dresses so far, but Tori song titles keep popping up!

The Band Varjak

(June 18, 2002) - Taylor Pike reports:

    Theres a new band here in Oxford, U.K. called Varjak and they have been getting a bit of attention in the local press. I spotted this review on, and it compares them to tori!!!!!!!

    Varjak - So Called Science EPLaid-back bleeps and beats are moulded into song shapes on this debut 4 track EP from Oxford/Reading duo Varjak, an engaging mixture of sleek electronic textures and sultry female vocals. And while this might suggest the sort of chinstroking tedium that's no doubt emanating from a coffee table in Hoxton right this minute,Varjak neatly sidestep such accusations, due to the presence of actual tunes and a songwriting sensibility in the Tori Amos vein. Approximately a million times better than Dido.

    reviewer: James M.

Stars On Crutches

(June 18, 2002) - Nigel Devereux reports:

    There is a guy named Mike (no relation to Mikewhy I assure you!) who collects photos of celebrities on crutches on a web site called Stars On Crutches. You can see Tori's photo here.

Late World with Zack

(June 18, 2002) - Heather reports:

    I've been watching the new show, "Late World with Zack", on VH1. Zack is a HUGE Tori fan. He plays the piano at the opening of each show, and he says that he loves tori. I think that he should have her on his show once her tour starts.

Tori part of Jeopardy

(June 18, 2002) - Vanessa, Wickedryad, Erin, Kelly and Cowgirl report:

    Tori was an answer to a question on Wednesday night's (June 5, 2002) Jeopardy. The Category was "Humpty Dumpty". The Question was "This 'Cornflake Girl' sang the lines 'Humpty Dumpty and Betty Louise stole a Sony and some Camembert cheese'" Not one of the players knew who she was and nobody could answer.

HUMO Italian magazine article about the U.K. Band Doves

(June 18, 2002) - Maria Carullo reports:

    Just wanted to report this sighting....It was featured in the latest edition of HUMO Italian magazine. The article is about the UK band Doves. Here is where she is mentioned:

    Andy Williams, Jez Williams and Jimi Goodwin, together Doves, have reached the stage where Radiohead were after their documentary "Making friends is easy", their succes has reached now a staggering point. As I see them in London -- 10/5/02 -- they are finishing the British tour. On their guestlist in London were Radiohead, David Bowie, Coldplay, Embrace, Travis, Chemical Bros and a lost Sex Pistol. The three members are suffering from tiredness and irritation, cause the whole world wants a piece of them. As I try to start with Andy Williams, he holds his platinum CD close to him, as he thinks I will grab it.

    HUMO : - Just as Alanis Morrissette and Tori Amos and many others, you started off the wrong end : Sub Sub, your dance-collective scored some hits in the mid 90&Mac226;s, but this has nothing in common with what we&Mac226;ve heard on "Lost Souls" and "Last Broadcast". What made you to change this direction so drastic?

    Ok well thought I would translate it and send it...thought it was funny...

20/20 Specials "The In Crowd"

(June 18, 2002) - Meighan reports:

    i was watching on ABC last night, Mon June 3, 2002 one of their 20/20 specials called "the in crowd" and during a segment on Bruce Springsteen being a "nerd" in high school, they showed an old Grammy awards clip and tori was one of the presenters. she didn't speak, but it was her...

Maximum PC

(June 18, 2002) - Sarah reports:

    I have the June 2002 issue of Maximum PC (a computer magazine). On the cover of the issue it says "MP3 2.0 Power user's guide to ripping, trading and playing digital music in A POST-NAPSTER UNIVERSE." There is a list of song titles on the cover and "Strange Little Girl" is listed. There is no mention of Tori in the magazine though.

Fairway to Heaven

(June 18, 2002) - Jen reports:

    I was watching a program on MTV called Fairway to Heaven. During an interview with Alice Cooper (around 1 pm on Sunday April 28) they played Strange Little Girls (by Tori) in the background. The program is a charity golf event that features celebrities. Alice was talking about his contributions. I'm not sure if they were trying to note Tori's or not, but I thought it was interesting they chose her music.

Somerset National Novella Writting Competition

(June 18, 2002) - Clinton reports:

    though I'd write and tell you about a story published in the book from the Somerset National Novella Writting Competition for school aged writers held in australia. The story is called 'Confessions of a Neo-Milkmaid' written by Michelle Doherty and is about a girl who moves in to the dairy house on her family's farm, listens to tori and has a 'rasberry-swirl' shower she painted while her and her friend listen to From the Choirgirl Hotel. Tori is mentioned quite a few times: there is a chapter called 'I am not your senoirita, I am not from your tribe' in which the shower is painted, and she writes 'we were inspired by Tori Amos, the sexy redhead pianist, our godess of black and white keys and something in between', 'we listen mostly to From the Choirgirl Hotel, Tori's fourth album, not counting the hairspray-leather-smeared-lisptick error of the eighties, which I have actually yet to hear, and most likely never will, out of sheer respect for the woman', 'so I grab a few journals, Ginsberg, Little Earthquakes, and run down to the house...'I listen to Little Earthquakes and cried loudly'. cute story, very well written. the book it is in takes it's title from 'Confessions of A Neo-Milkmaid', I'm not sure it would be available in the states as it was an Australian competition ... it was a fun read though *grin*

Entertainment Weekly compares Vanessa Carlton to Tori

(May 21, 2002) - Prince Adam, Alan Salisbury, Josh, shawn.the. little.masochist, and Glitter Girl were the first to report:

    Artist Vanessa Carlton has been compared to Tori in one way or another in many reviews of her new album, Be Not Nobody. (The Dent earlier reported on reviews in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and Interview magazines.) This time, Tori is mentioned in a review of Vanessa from the May 12, 2002 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. The review includes a picture of Vanessa with the caption, "ALMOST AMOS But Vanessa be not Tori". Here is the review:

    Vanessa Carlton, Be Not Nobody (A&M)
    In the wake of the teen-pop bust, labels are singing female singer-songwriters again. Oops, it's still girls they want. Carlton, 21, doesn't sound a day over 17, whether she's making TRL safe for sensitive pianists again or not. She's almost got Tori's intricate keyboard figures and edge vocal style down, but there'll be none of the famous Amos loopiness in these earnest self-help bromides. By the time Carlton incongruously cover the Stones' "Paint it Black," you can safely predict her pink bedroom will go unvarnished C- Chris Willman

"10,000 Answers: The Ultimate Trivia Encyclopedia"

(May 21, 2002) - mattandjanette reports:

    I was browsing through a book called "10,000 Answers: The Ultimate Trivia Encyclopedia" by Stanley Newman and Hal Fittipaldi, and found a Tori reference. On page 316, you'll see "Myra Ellen - Real first and middle names of rock singer Tori Amos."

Insatia Van Horn performs "Raspberry Swirl"

(May 21, 2002) - Tory Vandeventer reports:

    The other night, my fiance and I went to a drag show in Bloomington, and one of the drag queens did a performance to Tori's "Raspberry Swirl". The performer's name is Insatia Van Horn. She did a very nice job--she had on a very cool dress and red hair, of course! I was so suprised and happy to hear Tori in such a neat environment.

The Dew Drop Inn in Fork Lake

(May 21, 2002) - Evan Careclakis reports:

    I had the most unsual Tori related sighting this past long weekend. I live in Edmonton, Canada... wayyy up north, and I was going up to a friends cottage to canoe and fish for the weekend when i got lost, so i had ended up in this small hamlet called Fork Lake (when I say small.. i mean 87 people lived there... and all old people!) so i stopped at the local hotel.. pulling up to it i noticed it was called the Dew Drop Inn. Quite funny! So that's my Tori unrelated sighting which i had a good giggle...

Danielle Spencer article in New Idea

(May 21, 2002) - Huss reports:

    An Australian womens magazine called New Idea (or as I prefer to call it, No Idea) has mentioned Tori in the May 18 2002 edition. Unfortunately it's an article about Danielle Spencer (Russell Crowe's partner). The article talks about Danielle's music and says:

    "Her debut album White Monkey has been warmly embraced by critics and, while she's been compared to Tori Amos and Kate Bush, much of that has been overlooked because of the Crowe connection".

Craig Kilborn mentions Tori

(May 20, 2002) - Violet, LeAnn and Lesli (divinesassy) report:

    I was watching the Late, Late show with Craig Kilborn and Craig mentioned Tori during the beginning of the show during like a fake headlines kinda thing. (I am not sure what the exact date of this was. Sometime around May 14, 2002.) It went something like...

    "This just in: musician Tori Amos has just passed Famous Amos to become The Most Famous Amos. -- Craig Kilborn

    They showed side-by-side photos of Famous Amos and the "Strange Little Girl" Tori photo.

Led Zeppelin and Spin Magazine

(May 20, 2002) - Jo Wagner reports:

    I was just roaming around Spin magazine's website, and they have their top 50 bands of all time listed, who they influenced, and classic albums. Led Zeppelin is #3, and Tori is listed as being influenced by them!

    Here's the part I'm talking about:

    At this point, if you're a male rock fan and don't know when to jump off the sofa and assume the air-guitar position for "Stairway to Heaven" (that's around the 6:20 mark on The Song Remains the Same), then you probably should be deported. An institution like the Catholic Church, Zeppelin had its tenets. John "Bonzo" Bonham's drumming on "When the Levee Breaks" was (and still is) rock's beating heart. Robert Plant's horny, blues-fairy voice screeched like a cat on a hot plate, and that was its mojo. Jimmy Page may have been a power-mad elf with a thing for the occult and young blonde waifs, but his guitar riffs were so majestic that he almost sounded like he was playing on top of a castle. Insane British degenerates the lot of them, but as a rock band, they proved a driving life-force for society's burned-out and shat-upon. C.A.

    Influenced: Tool, Limp Bizkit, Tori Amos, P. Diddy, Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction, Soundgarden, Jeff Buckley

    Classic album: Led Zeppelin IV (1971, Atlantic)

College Gymnastics Championships

(May 20, 2002) - Lee Chaix and Jamie Hansen reports:

    I was watching the College Gymnastics Championships on CBS today (Sunday, April 28, 2002), and a gymnast from U. of Utah, Theresa Kulikowski, used Tori as her music for the floor exercise. It was an instrumental montage of Precious Things, Caught a Lite Sneeze, and Cruel. The commentators mentioned that the music was by Tori Amos, who is Theresa's favorite musician. I'm not sure they commented on any other musical selection in as much depth as this, so I thought it was cool.

Tori the runner up in a poll in the June/July 2002 issue of Jane Magazine

(May 20, 2002) - Marla Tiara and Rubyesque report:

    In the June/July 2002 issue of Jane, in the reader poll, Tori is the "runner up" in the category of "Which never-before-featured lady would make you a lifelong subscriber if Jane put her on the cover?" Considering that the "winner" was "Me" (as in, the reader's picture, not mine hee hee) with 33%, I think Tori did pretty well for herself.

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