Sessions At West 54th
February 6, 1999

On February 6, 1999, Tori appeared on the PBS show Sessions At West 54th. Some PBS stations did not carry this program and other aired it at different dates and times. Tori taped this show on Saturday night, November 14 in New York City in mid-town Manhattan. For more information about the program, check out the Sessions At West 54th Web Site. (UPDATE: This web site is no longer functional!) Unlike most of their episodes, this one dedicated the entire hour just to Tori!

Tori recorded 14 songs during the taping and 7 were shown during the program, along with several interview segments with host David Byrne. The songs that were shown on the program were the following in this order:

Look below for photos from the show, as well as a complete transcript/rundown of the program from Toriphile Kristy.

The U.S. satellite service DirecTV aired a special Sessions Preview with Tori on Friday, January 22, 1999, and repeated it throughout late January and early February. This was a preview of the full Sessions At West 54th. The preview included clips from Precious Things, iieee, Past The Mission, and Caught A Lite Sneeze. They also showed part of Tori's interview.

This show aired in Australia (I think for the first time) on May 27, 2001 on Channel 9 nationally.

The Trio cable network in the U.S. continues to show the Tori episode of Sessions At West 54th fairly frequently. One of the songs from this episode, Past The Mission, is also featured in a special Best Of Sessions At West 54th episode, which is also shown on Trio from time to time.

I really enjoyed the show. While the performance did not have the energy and momentum of some of the live shows I saw during the Plugged '98 tour, it was still excellent for a TV program and did give people a taste of what the live show is like. The stage had no lighting and was rather dark, which is why some of the photos on this page are dark. Below you can see several screen shots from Sessions. I also have several reports from people who were at the recording of the show and the exact set list of what she played during the taping. As you can see, Tori actually sang Cooling after The Waitress.

Photos From the Show

Precious Things

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Past The Mission

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Caught A Lite Sneeze

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Take To The Sky (solo)

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Cooling (solo)

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The Waitress

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Complete Transcript of The Program

Many thanks to Kristy for sending this to The Dent and to melissa j. mcdaniel for her help as well!

Details About The Taping Of This Program

From Richard Handal

From Meg M.

From Amanda Hughes

From Michael Curry (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

From SideShowSteve

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