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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
Vienna, Austria
Thu, January 30, 2003

Updated Feb 2, 2003

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Tori performed in Vienna, Austria on Thursday, January 30, 2003 at the BA-CA Halle/Gasometer. The opening act was Howie Day.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for once again phoning me with the set list! Christoph Viethen was the first to email me with the set list.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Cornflake Girl
Caught A Lite Sneeze

Band leaves


Band returns

Your Cloud
Amber Waves
Take To The Sky
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Taxi Ride
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore

Sweet Sangria
Pandora's Aquarium


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. (I will eventually move the forum reviews to this web page as well.) Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was good but not great. Tori made a few mistakes during the show. While singing Winter she forgot the words. Once she remembered them she sang, "Words get discovered as winter melts" which was cute. She messed up the words to Pandora's Aquarium near the very end of the show as well. The solo time was very intense and emotional.

From Silvia Klement:

I just returned from Tori's show here in Vienna. Here's the setlist:

9.14 pm – she opened with Wampum Prayer
- A Sorta Fairytale (piano)
– Little Earthquakes (piano) - after that she quickly ran off stage ...

– Pancake (wurlitzer + piano) - after that she touched her Boesendorfer and said something like "... She is home. She is a happy piece tonight. She is feeling her mommy and the creatures that made her...". Then she introduced the band.
– Cornflake Girl (piano)
– Honey (piano)
– Caught A Lite Sneeze (piano)
– Crucify (piano)
– Wednesday (piano)

10.04 pm - band leaves
– Winter (piano) – during the song she forgot the words and said "fuck"; but being Tori she did not lose the rythm and continued.
– Carbon (piano) - with a nice/short  intro
– Cooling (piano) - with another wonderful intro

10.21 pm - band returns
– Your Cloud (piano)
– Girl (piano + rhodes)
– Amber Waves (piano + rhodes)
– Talula (rhodes, wurlitzer + piano) with a long band-intro
– Take To The Sky (piano)
– I can't see New York (rhodes + piano)
– Iieee (organ + piano)

23.02 pm - they all hug and leave the stage
23.03 pm – return for the 1st Encore:
– Taxi Ride (wurlitzer + rhodes)
– Tear In Your Hand (piano)

23.15 pm - they all leave again
23.16 pm – 2nd Encore
– Sweet Sangria
– Pandora's Aquarium – she forgot the words again. She laughed out loud, said the f-word for a second time and gave Matt a sign; so they shortly stopped to recapture and then continued.

23.27 End of Show

Tonight was very different compared to the show in Munich. I couldn't say better or worse. Already in the beginning the energy among the audience felt different. A bit more slow, but nevertheless intense. All in all a wonderful evening. Tori looked terrific. Her singing and playing was brilliant and although she played for 2 hours 10 minutes, it could have gone forever. To all those who will see her on this tour: You have something to look forward to. Bye for now, Silvia.

From Roland (Radda):

I enjoyed Toris concert in Vienna yesterday! ... The show was REALLY great and quite funny, cause she messed up her lyrics on to songs. In Winter she seemed to simply have forgotten her line and just went on and sang "Words get discovered as Winter melts..." which was really funny. The second time at "Pandora's Aquarium" - the very last song of the show - she startet giggling, stopped playing, gave Matt & John a new start and continued immediately. Her voice was incredible and the sound of the concert hall was really good (maybe because I had a wonderful seat up on the gallery?). I was surprised about the setlist, because it included many songs of the "Little Earthquakes"-album (Crucify, Girl, Winter, Tear in your Hand and Little Earthquakes) and some of the "older" B-sides (Take to the sky, Honey and Cooling). Really great songs, although I would have appreciated to hear Past the Mission and Precious Things.

Like on her last visit to Vienna, the home of her "Bosey", for which she thanked the "creatures, that made her", the audience was like fallen under her spell. During the performance it seemed that everybody stopped breathing and just listened. No silly screams or shouts that would have spoiled the strength and intensity of her songs. "I can't see New York" really made me shiver, cause it is sooo beautiful, but also sooo touching.

I really, really hope she's coming back to the home of her Bosey soon!

From Oliver Hunger:

free choice of seats the tickets said, so i tried hard to be there early enough, was pretty excited if i would get my camera in, although securities turn over bags here and say, that for this concert rules really are strict. well, i managed to, fortunately, and got some nice visual and aural memories. being there on time i got seats in the 6th row, center, which was closest i'd ever been. and it was worth the wait. mr. day is a funny guy, but it seemed he knew that almost noone was there because of him, and that everybody wanted to hear the lady. so the concert started the usual way, as far as i can guess from the other reviews. the acoustics were crystal clear again, just the mix in the first half was too much drum&bass, the piano was hardly to be heard. and actually i think, live drums&percussion always is less sublime, more a steady accompaniment. this got much better throughout the show (maybe it was getting used to it ...). it's always the same with her set list, there's always something you're missing, something that you thought was not so important. i was glad, honey was in, cooling was fine as well, carbon. i missed black dove, which has been in most of the recent dates. well, and gold dust was too high a hope, i know. talula came in quite new clothes, and i'd never heard crucify like that before. most of the audience i think didn't recognize it before the chorus. the roadside-cafe sign stayed down here, maybe the stage was too small or they didn't provide the necessary techique. it didn't even get lit, nor did she refer to it. but she wasn't talkative at all, despite the stuff about the piano mentioned before, well. funny incidents, the winter thing, where lyrics got messed up, and maybe i'm wrong, but i thought it took her quite a while to get them right again, mixing something from the beginning in there again. she's so nice, when something like that happens, i really love the grins and smiles. and to me she seems to be extra careful and intense after something like that. time to say goodbye, together with her left hand byebyeing, in tear in your hand made someone shout no and some others begin to applaud. and in pandora the 2nd line me up in single file started, i don't know, an octave or so, too low, which really made her laugh out loud, and, three, four, ... continue a little bit higher ;-) i prefer her concerts seated very much, for it supports concentration and heightens the tension. as before i thought it was a very ceremonial atmosphere. gold dust in our hearts.

From Camilla Peball:

I was there!

I'm from carinthia in austria that means, that I had to travel to vienna only to visit the concert. And wow,... it paid off!!

I was so excited! She is so brilliant!! I sat in the first row and I'm still touched... one of my dreams had come true this night..

she is such an amazing woman..

but I really regret, that I had missed "meet and greet"(20 minutes). I am really, really sad about!! But a tall blond, really nice man of her team promised to give my letter to her. Can you tell me, who he is? hope, you can tell me.. (Note from Mikewhy: That man was Joel, Tori's bodyguard. I am sure he did deliver your letter.)

From Conny Tear in your hand:

This concert was my 1st one and I am so happy. I really enjoyed the show and it was so funny!! I loved it!! But I'm also sad because I (& a friend of mine) missed the m&g for only few minutes!!! *cry*

The setlist was great - I loved 99,9% of the songs... I really loved her mistakes - I dont know...I think they were great, funny and... I cant say it in other words - I LOVED IT! She is really cute - and so the way she plays and sings and gesticulates (lol) I hope she will come in 2 years back to Vienna (where her boesi is at feel the creatures......i loved that sentc. i loved everything LOL) - but then, I WILL GET AN AUTOGRAPH *smile*

I'm sure its really hard for Tori to play almost every day...cudgel one's brains... It isnt really remarkable that she makes some mistakes.. Mistakes are okay! Such mistakes are cute! Funny... Ahh I have to stop LOL...I get CRAZY...

I enjoyed the show
I loved the show
and I will never forget the show!!
I "love" Tori more than before...

From Tamás Bánfi:

last thursday I was at the Tori concert held in Vienna. The shopw was professional, however Tori seemed to me very tyred. She talked to us only one time. (About how her Böse feels home in Vienna.) She forgot two times the verse too and didn't smile a lot. During the encores we were allowed to go straight to the stage. I was then in the third 'row', so that I could almost reach it. During the first song, where Tori played on the Hammond she looked back suddenly to my direction with eyes wide open. Just like when somebody is shocked by something. The whole thing lasted just for a second, but was very noticable. I was standing a bit right from the Böse and as I already meantioned she played then one of the other instruments opposite the piano, so she almost completly turned back. People standing before me were turning around also searching what shocked Tori so suddenly. I didn't look back promptly because I watched Tori, but nobody seemed to see anything special according to their expressions. However, I have to meantion that she wasn't looking straight at me of course. I just simply do not know what happened then...

Besides, the show was remarkable for me. It was my second Tori concert and last time I was sitting at the balcony far from her. But, on the other hand I am kind of a 'Pele' guy and missed the Tori who communicated so freely with the crowd. It was simply beautiful, but a bit 'been there done that' at the same time. Just like a lover who doesn't love you as much as formerly, but still shares her deepest feeling because of all the time you have spent together.

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