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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
Firenze (Florence), Italy
Mon, January 27, 2003

Updated Jul 27, 2003

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Tori performed in Firenze (Florence), Italy on Monday, January 27, 2003 at the Locale Saschall. The opening act was Howie Day.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for once again phoning me with the set list!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Sangria

Band leaves

Mr. Zebra
Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - Don Maclean cover!

Band returns

Mrs. Jesus
Mary (with band)
Take To The Sky
Precious Things
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Playboy Mommy

2nd Encore

Taxi Ride
Hey Jupiter


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From Matt Page:

Matt called from Italy after the show and said the set list was most surprising. Tori debuted Siren in Europe, and also did Mary with the band. During her solo time she did Mr. Zebra, Marianne, and a new cover she has not done before called Starry Starry Night, which had a very recognizable melody. (It turns out that this is a Don Maclean cover with the official title Vincent (Starry Starry Night).) This cover lasted for several minutes and was amazing! The Italian crowd was great and really loved Tori. There were a lot of flowers and enthusiasm. Tori talked a few times during the show. Before or after Pancake Tori said hello to everyone and said something like if she was going to Europe, she HAD to come to Florence, Italy. She also told a cute story before Mr. Zebra. Tori first said something like, "Can I ask you a question?" She then said she spent her day off with Tash and went to have a cup of coffee with her assistant. Some guy there started talking to Tori in Italian. She told him she did not speak it, and later found out he said something like, "You are beautiful and for you there is always time." (I am sure I am not getting this exactly right!) Tori then replied, "What time is it?" which she found quite funny. She then asked the audience if it was always that way in Italy. (If someone was there and can clarify this story, please do!)

From Jason Schlemer:

I am looking at tonight's set list and seeing Starry Starry Night which is actually called Vincent (Starry Starry Night) by Don McLean. It is from the 70s I believe and it is a very heartfelt and sad song. I am sure Tori's version of it is amazing. Anyway just wanted to let you know.

Here is also a link to the lyrics to Vincent (Starry Starry Night).

Here is another link to some lyrics.

From Cruel70 (who was at the show!):

Thanx to google I found the text of "Starry starry night" a song by Don McLean, inspired by the famous painting of Vincent Van Gogh "Starry night".

Here are the words of this song:
Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.
Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.
Starry, starry night.
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze,
Swirling clouds in violet haze,
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of China blue.
Colors changing hue, morning field of amber grain,
Weathered faces lined in pain,
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.
Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.
For they could not love you,
But still your love was true.
And when no hope was left in sight
On that starry, starry night,
You took your life, as lovers often do.
But I could have told you, Vincent,
This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you.
Starry, starry night.
Portraits hung in empty halls,
Frameless head on nameless walls,
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the strangers that you've met,
The ragged men in the ragged clothes,
The silver thorn of bloody rose,
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow.
Now I think I know what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they're not listening still.
Perhaps they never will.

Also I would like to say that this was my sencond concert of Tori, and it was simply amazing.

From Marije Pama:

I was so surprised to see Tori played Vincent at the Italy show. I am a big fan of this song, and maybe you wanted some more information about it, since I noticed it isn´t quite familiar. It´s on the Don McLean cd, American Pie (yep, that one). Vincent is a very emotional song, written about the painter Vincent van Gogh. (Dutch! hihi). I think everybody knows the story about Vincent van Gogh, who cut his ear etc?

Well, maybe that helps you a bit. I would have died hearing Tori play this song...god, it´s so beautiful!

From Riccardo Bonuccelli:

I'm Riccardo from Lucca, Tuscany, one hour from Florence and I've just been at Tori's concert in Florence: simply SHINY!!!!! I've got one of the three setlists on the stage so I'm sure of tonight's setlist... Here it is:

wampum prayer
A sorta fairytale
Sweet sangria
Siren (!!!!)
---------Band leaves---------
Mr. Zebra
Starry starry night
--------Band returns--------
Mrs. Jesus
Take to the sky
Precious things
I can't see NY

Playboy mommy

Taxi ride
Hey Jupiter

I've been in an enchanted mood from the beginning till the end and in the end it's like when you wake up from a dream and you know it was wonderful but you can't remember the details... But maybe Wordsworth was right: you can capture the beauty of things only by recollecting in solitude all the pieces of your experience... And that's it! Classic intro (wampum-fairytale), a re-arranged crucify, atmosphere with pancake, Cornflake (and that's done!), lust and sweet sangria when the people's hot and then the rare and wonderful SIREN!!!! Great solo part at piano, with an incredible Vincent (Starry starry night) cover of Don McLean (once she was used to do american pie...) and... On the road again with the band! Mrs.Jesus, TALULA (I would pay another ticket just to see them play it all night long!!!!!), Mary (rare, I guess...), TTTS, Precious (just as past tours) and down , down, down with emotions: Can't see NY, iieee (WOW), Juarez, Playboy mommy, Taxi ride, Hey Jupiter. The end.

Wonderful lights and suggestive sounds, but if I can say 1 thing... A guitar wouldn't really have been bad in all this scenery. The great Precious without the roaring guitar in the "nine inch nails" part, or in iieee ("Just say yes...") or the acoustic one in Cornflake girl in my opinion are quite a must! But magic John and beating Matt have made me forget all these thoughts.

From Simone Bigongiari:

Vincent is the best cover she has ever done... and the Florence public has been so great to stay in silence for all the time of song.

From Silvia Buriani:

the best Tori show I've ever been, consider that I prefer her solo.. so I tought my intimate experience at the show case in Rome to introduce Scarlet's new songs was not superable... I was completely wrong. Before the show there was a meet & greet ( we wait for her for 2 hours cause I suppose she was shopping as I saw many many bags taken out from her mercedes, many from Gucci and Louis Vuitton). Steve was absolutely the sweetest, the day was sunny and warm so we waited calmy. When she arrived at 5 pm , she was late for the sound check and was in hurry. Anyway I managed to have a Scarlet's postcard signed and gave her a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino 1997 that we bought her as a gift from the italian Tori Forum (<http: //toriamos. kiusso. net>). She thanked us and asked me ; how are you? I said fine and you? she replied: I'm VERY good with her famous smirk on the face.

We were able to hear really well the soundcheck from outside. She did a sorta fairytale
a cover we didn't know we later found was vincent mr. zebra

she played all the songs at the concert.

the concert was the best one as I said before. I'm not going in details about all the songs, because the set list was amazing. I wanna stress instead the good energy you could feel there. There was something energetic that night I didn't see in Milan. Let's say the venue was smaller and the crowd much warmer but there was surely something else. She was really happy, you noticed it cause she was always smiling while playing and she was really enjoyng. I was completely overwhelmed by the chemistry and alchimy she has with Matt & Jon. They keep looking at each other during show. I think Jon and Matt were a little surprised by us and our warmth and she seemed to communicate with her eyes to them: " I told you italian audience is amazing"... I'm not crazy... I was in first row, so I could see her facial expression really really well ;-) there was no improv in this show but she told us a cute story... it was a question for us indeed... she said she spent the evening with Tash and then went to have a coffe with her assistant. While she was drinking her coffe, an italian man started to talk with her like blah blah blah in italian , she stopped him telling she couldn't speak italian and the only thing she could say was Brunello di Montalcino... the man then said in english he was only saying: you're very beautiful... and I have time... She told us she haven't even told Husband yet... so she asked us if it is really taht simple in italy, cause she was in florence only for a night... and if she had accepted his advance nobody would have known about it and she wouldn't ever see him again... not that she has ever taken that into consideration (she said looking towards mark) but she would like to know if it is how it works here. At wich we replied with a YES

At the end of the concert a friend of mine met Matt Chamberlain and was lucky enough to exchange some words with him. He was very happy cause he loved the audience. He said he love when we clap in time ;-)

From Garbjrk:

Hi, I was eagerly waiting for the Florence reviews cause I was there and I don't really know what happened! But then I saw just a few... It was my first concert and probably the last one (I don't think I'll ever have the chance again but I always hope). Unfortunately, my seat was not a good one(I wanted first row or something- I had flown from Greece to Rome and it was a quite difficult to go to Florence and I was then told that the concert was sold out( I was checking the net and the concert must have been sold out from the 14th)- I don't speak Italian but I was in Italy to see the concert and I wasn't going to give up. We called Saschall and they said they might still be something. I went to another place and they said it was sold out, we explained and he searched some more and I actually bought the last fucking ticket. The last one!) I was at the second floor at the left, from there I could see Matt playing, who was at the far, back right end of the stage on a heightened thing and thankfully I could see Tori, who was at the center of the stage between her pianos, but I couldn't see Jon at all, who was standing at the far, back left end of the stage. So I could see but I was too far to be able to see any details or facial expressions(plus I was tired and my eye contacts were bothering me from time to time-I only mention this to make clear that anything I write about facial expressions, looks etc are not accurate and there is a chance that they are not completely true...)

So, I had bought my tour program, my red hat, my scarlet's bar & road side caf t-shirt (which is pretty cool, everyone liked it when I wore it and they were surprised when I told them that it was from a concert), and I was sitting there feeling depressed for my seat and listening to a cool cd playing(I don't know what but she likes the bits doesn't she?-it was dancy). I was looking at the tecks checking the mics etc. One of them sat on the stool and left a few things(it looked something black to me)inside the piano at the right(I was like : 'what is he doing to her piano?" and he couldn't play,ha!), and also he left a piece of paper(probably the setlist). There was this guy, sort of blonde and long hair and beard, I though he was Mark because he was checking everything, but he wasn't if I judge from the pics that I've seen...Then I look at the right of the theater and saw Joel and Steve, standing there, checking the crowd, talking to each other and laughing.

All of a sudden Howie Day appeared on stage. He begun playing...It was kind of weird because not too many people were there, most of the seats were empty, many people were standing and walking and eating and talking but he got an applause after every song and they were a few people who seemed to be into him and others who enjoyed his songs.(or wanted him of the stage?cant say-) I was impressed by what he did with the petals and all, and he was playing good guitar, I liked when he used the guitar as drums and then looped the sounds...but after the first time then it sounded like the was fascinating to hear a song that sounded "ravy", considering that he had done that with the guitar, voice and petals... He said "thank you for listening" a few times, the titles of two or three songs and greeted the crowd in the beginning, he might have said one or two words in Italian but I'm not sure. Then he left.

Again, suddenly, Wampum Prayer started playing and even more suddenly, just when the song ended, I noticed Matt sitting behind the drums. I searched for Jon but he must have walked quite fast in his dark blue(?)costume, cause he was already at his place and I couldn't see him. They started playing a sorta fairy tale. I was looking at Matt, because I play the drums and I was quite interested in watching him and figuring out what he played. So as I was staring at him I see something white moving at the right, walking(sort of a jumpy walk) out of the dark and onto the stage. It was Tori(i couldnt see her face!) anyway, she was wearing the flowy white thing(it had, I think a few browns and some shapes or something but I couldn't see),and Capri jeans perhaps(I could be completely wrong) but I'm sure about the boots, suede ecru with heels(I have a problem with heels so it was funny to watch her move with such great convenience).Now I don't really remember but she sort of danced before she sat on the stool. She started playing. The songs seemed to end very fast (when the concert ended I though I had just be watching for five minutes but it was already 11.23, I'm not sure when the concert started, perhaps a few minutes after nine.) I didn't recognized Siren (I've only listened to it a few times- even though I like it- and they must have played it a little bit differently) Then when Wednesday started I looked at Matt a lot because I had tried to write the drum parts of that song and I had failed. He was enjoying playing It and so was Tori and everyone else in there(not only you could see it but you could sense it as well) Once I figured that he was using a brush with his right hand and the drum stick on his left(probably playing 16th notes with the brush and 8th's with the stick- when I returned back to Greece I tried it and sounded quite the same- but its only one part of the song-you know what he plays in the beginning-without the brakes-) I continued staring at Tori, (sad that I had paid so much attention at Matt but he was fucking great at every single song. The one who was sitting next to me must have agreed because he was laughing and moving his hands as if he played, thankfully he did it only a couple of times) So all the time I was staring at Tori, and glancing at Matt. I read on the dent that: "Before or after Pancake Tori said hello to everyone and said something like if she was going to Europe, she HAD to come to Florence, Italy." Well, I don't know when she said it but she said something like: "Hi, how're you doing? (it might have been "going", something like that) then she was ready to start playing and as if she was shy-happy continued to say something like: "I said if we are not going in Florence I'm not doing Europe(at all)" and she moved her hand.( she said something in the beginning before, maybe " I had to come in Florence. I said...") then she continued playing. Also sometime in the beginning she introduced the band the usual way: "You know there are two of my favorite people on stage(?) ...Jon...Matt..."etc.

The band left, again I barely noticed Jon leaving, I can't understand this. Anyway, Tori started playing Mr. Zebra. The cute story was a little bit different than what I read. I'll write it but the words are not accurate, the meaning though is.

-she had again that shy-happy thing that I could sense, I couldn't see- Hands on piano, sort of thinking and looking at the crowd in front she said:

"So, Can I ask you a question?"
then she might have said: "I was wondering, I mean..." (or something like that)

"I was having coffee" - she stopped-"well, you know in the morning Tash was..."(?) she was sort of doing Tash saying: "mommy...nahanah" or something like that and moving her head and that her response to her was: "Yea,yea,yea, me too(?). Have to go." Somewhere in the beginning she said: "That is a new story, husband doesnt know it, I mean its new..." And then went on with the story: "So I was having coffee at this little caf(?)...(I thing she said something to the effect that when she was leaving) this guy came to me and started speaking In Italian...and I said I don't speak italiano, but he kept speaking in Italian" -(then she did sort of ,you know, mumbling to pretend she was him speaking in Italian, and sort of smiled)- "and I said, no italiano" ( or something) and then he said: "Look you are a very beautiful woman and I have time", "and I said(?) oh, really? And what time is it?" Then I didn't quite understand but she sort of commented that she could or she would have been someone else( I really don't know but to that effect) and that if she went(with him) it wouldn't be her(or something)-"not that I would ever think doing that, just..."(and you know smiling when saying it- ) "so is it always like this around here? So that's... I just wanted to ask you that"

Also when she pretended to be the guy and mumbling I think she said one word in Italian to finish her mumbling sentence-it could have been the word: montalchino( you know the Italian wine she had mentioned in her Italian interview) but I'm not sure. Italian crowd laughed though.-just read the review of Silvia Buriani on the dent- she is very accurate about the story-(and everything else)

The Roadside caf sign was at the right of the stage and was just sitting there... Secret time was over with that cover (I didn't know what it was until later on reading the dent but It was still amazing cause even though I had no idea and even though I knew it wasn't one of her songs, with her playing, voice, piano and everything she was able to pass through that feeling, the feeling of the song, the sadness and I heard a few of the lyrics and I could almost understand what it was about. I just find that be able to do that)

I knew about Mary but I had never heard the song. It was amazing! I wanted to hear it again and I downloaded one live version from the SW tour but I forgot it wasn't with the is still great and her voice and feeling the same and the piano of course but I hope she plays it with the band again and someone gets to record it cause it was truly amazing. I found myself dancing and getting into every song, but with Mary and Take To The Sky, which also hadn't heard before, It was something different, they are great songs. I liked the passion when she said Mary and the hand hitting the piano on ttts and her melody playing with the left on those low notes is wonderful and you feel the music all over your body. The crowd clapped-it sounded good.

Then it must have been Taxi Ride when she stood up and sort of danced and took a little black thing from the right side, inside her Bosy, (remember the guy in the beginning?) well, she put it on her lips so I assume it was the lip gloss I've read in other reviews. Also she did again some sexy moving dancing as I mention in the next paragraph and she put her leg on the stool at some point.

She seemed quite happy and into the whole thing. During songs if I'm not mistaken she was standing up and looking at Jon, and they were kind of "playing" together. She wasn't playing the piano but she stood and moved in some pretty sexy moves in my opinion and she was looking at him and must have been laughing-that's what I sensed. I couldn't see what Jon was doing but he was definitely playing his bass...

Matt was also looking a lot at Tori and he seemed to enjoy the whole thing very much.

During a lot of songs she was looking at the crowd in front and you could tell that she was really looking. Kind of felt jealous about that cause where I was, I felt completely if I wasn't there. When she was playing both pianos (the black and the red) I think she must have looked up- I would like to believe she was looking at us but it could have been the ceiling...(what song is she playing in both pianos? Cant remember...)

When she ended Hey Jupiter she went in front of the stage and picked a lot of bouquets of flowers (she had already picked up two at the encore coming)...touched a few hands and left the stage in that jumpy-walking kind of way, again with the same convenience ( heeled boots and all). I think she was smiling. Her hair seemed shorter to me than the pics I had seen- I could be wrong.

The lights were good generally, in particular the lights during I Cant See New York( the white sort of clouds circling the theater) and in some song in the end the lights were forming some shapes of red and white...on the ceiling. It looked good but preferred to look at Tori.

I think she hugged Jon before he left the stage- but a weird thing with him- I just sort missed him again as he left the stage. Matt stood up and sort of bowed and then left. They all disappeared at the right darkened stage and down some stairs I think. Except Joel and Steve who took their places on the stage. There were a lot of people standing in front during the encores and after they left the stage, some girl climbed on stage but Joel and Steve were there to tell her to step down(she did) and they did the same to everyone there. Things were ok afterwards, a few remained though...

And is it Precious Things that she moves her hands between her thighs?- She did a little bit of that. She kind of touched the piano during a few songs- one time she "drew" a line with her middle finger(right hand) don't remember when. And at some point the white paper she had on top of the Bosy fell, but she just picked it up when she ended the song and of course she had her usual sips of water, the lights were off during those times so I couldn't really see...Her voice, playing- everything was exceptional. But I was sad, I shouldn't be it was truly an amazing concert. I guess, I just wanted to meet her and that's why I wanted to cry-it kind of feels embarrassing. I wonder if its normal to feel so sad...

Afterwards I had to wait outside so when I went around the theater I noticed a crowd and some buses, some people put barriers and kept everyone really behind...the tech guy I mentioned in the beginning was there and said: "They will be no meet and greet..." and a few other things.( Tori wont be signing anything...) and after that people kept waiting. I was looking at some platforms that they were packing at some box that on it was written "legs risen up", couldn't figure out what it was and the same guy said something to me but I didn't understand so I said nothing. Same guy was sort of teasing, perhaps flirting with two girls who had kneeled down to watch under the bus(where they put recording stuff in) to see the other bus who was parked and waiting for Tori, he looked at them and said: "nice view? You have a nice view?" and he kept returning. Then I heard clapping. It was Jon and Matt. Once again I sort of missed Jon who walked quickly but I watched him getting inside the another bus at the back and Matt stood there and signed to a couple of people(I wanted to go but it seemed weird to me to give him a Tori Amos pic to sign, anyway I sort of regret it cause I could ask him about the drums and he looked in a good mood, he was laughing and chatting with a guy in a t-shirt(in the freezing cold!) from the crew. I thought he was going to get into Tori's bus but then he went where Jon was.) Then I heard some more clapping. It must have been Tori getting in her bus but I saw absolutely nothing. And then the busses left heading to Milano.

I saw a blond girl asking for a setlist but they didn't give her one. There where also quite a few flashes so I assume people have photographs of the concert.

From Chiara Zanettin:

I attended both of the Italian concerts last week, but I just want to underline how beutiful the concert in Florence was! Silvia (a friend of mine...we were together with the Italian forum :) ) has very well described the concerts. I think it was the best Tori show I've ever been...more beautiful than the show case in Rome last year...I can't believe it! (even if I saw her in front of me for the first time in Rome...and I have some photos with her near me...but it was another thing...I know I'll remember that day forever!)

In Florence she was so funny and full of energy...the audience was so warm...and you could feel this great emotion everywhere in the place. That was the thing I used to call 'emotional exchange'. You could feel it in your body, and you couldn't be sitting down without moving.

I was near some freinds of mine sitting down front-row (thanks Lore!) and I know it was special also for this reason. During the concert I could see my emotions in their eyes and I know they felt the same things. Siren was SO special. I saw her eyes...she looked at us many times...and you know you can't forget when Tori looks you straight in the face...and in that moment it seems she is singing for you.

Tori showed all her womanliness and you could see it in every glance and little movement of her body. That makes you be so proud to be woman...and you feel so woman.

In Milan I was with a so special person for me.

He likes Tori (even if not so much as I do ;)) and he appreciated the concert so much I can't believe. So that, I' m so happy.


From Donny:

Tori's talk after Wednesday:

"(whispers) Hello, hello. . . so, okay. So, today, I went out, and had a coffee. I got up, ba da da da da, Tash Tash very happy, 'mommy, (gibberish),' I gotta go.

So, go for a coffee, right? And I'm just seeing how things work around here. It's fascinating. So I'm sitting down, right? With my buddy, Chels, we're having a coffee, and you know, I'm going to go get- sort out my lip gloss, go through it. So I'm gonna, I'm passing. . . and there's this guy. Husband hasn't heard this story. It's just. . . you know, I'm just getting it out there right now. So I have a question to ask you. So I'm passing by, he goes, '(gibberish) Italiano?' I said, ' . . . no.' And he proceeds. '(lots of gibberish!)' I said, 'I don't sp- . . . no italiano.' Uh, Brunello di Montalcino, (crowd goes nuts). . . and he says, Look, it's very simple. You're very beautiful and I've got time.' I said, 'you have time? . . . What time is it?' (laughter) Now, see, what I wanted to know is, see, do you think this happens, does he do this every day? (lots of YES! from the audience) Is that what goes on here? And, it's convenient, because if I'm 'out-of-town,' then, the gal that's really here, never get- you know, she never runs into me again, right? Not that I was even considering this, I just want you to know that. Okay, I just had a question, that's all."

And with that, launches into Mr Zebra.

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