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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
Glasgow, U.K.
Sun, January 12, 2003

Updated Jan 27, 2003

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Tori performed in Glasgow, U.K. on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at Clyde Auditorium. Howie Day was the opening act. This was the first European show on Tori's On Scarlet's Walk tour.

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Take To The Sky
Cornflake Girl
Caught A Lite Sneeze

Band leaves

Jackie's Strength
Baker Baker
Famous Blue Raincoat

Band returns

Amber Waves
Sweet Sangria
Playboy Mommy
Precious Things
I Can't See New York

1st Encore


2nd Encore

Tear In Your Hand
Taxi Ride


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. (I will eventually move the forum reviews to this web page as well.) Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Brendon McIlroy:

im just back from the Glasgow Clyde auditorium where i had front row seats to see Tori tonite. The first thing im gonna say is 'wow!!. Ive been to see tori 4 times now and i must say that this was the best show of hers by far and the best concert i have ever been to. She was so 'on' tonite. I dont have an exact setlist to give you but i can tell you that the set tonite was incredible and full of classics such as precious things and cornflake girl with many tracks from scarlets walk too. As soon as she started playing jackies strength during the roadside cafe segment, we all went to the front of the stage and stayed there for the remainder of the concert.Also during that segment she did a gorgeous 'playboy mommy' and a spine tingling 'famous blue raincoat'.During tear in your hand tori looked right at me and gave me a massive smile. I'll never forget it. The support act, howie day was great too. After the show he was standing in the foyer with a friend.noone seemed to take any notice of him but i stood and chatted to him for about 10 minutes and got his autograph and a photo taken with him. It was a cool end to an amazing night. Thank you Tori.

From Danielle Williams:

I also attended the Glasgow concert and the setlist you have posted is right, though I would add that before Cornflake Girl she sang a little intro that started like this: "testing the bed/that's what she said/on the phone from school/oh my god I know." I missed some of the rest, but it ended with "I'm just a girl in this world.

From Rachel Gardner:

Just returned from the Glasgow show and I can verify that the set list you posted exactly matches my own. I enjoyed the show very much, though I thought the drums and bass drowned out the piano sometimes, but that could be due to where I was sitting. We had an excellent view of tori from the eleventh row to the right of the stage. She seemed to be on good form and enjoying herself onstage. She greeted us after Pancake by saying it was her first show "on the other side" and how she has a warm spot in her heart for us (in the UK). The "testing the bed" improv came from Tash watching a Tom Hanks movie late at night without Tori's knowledge and Tash asked her what the people were doing during a sex scene, so Tori replied "testing the bed". Very cute!

Just after the band left, someone's mobile phone starting ringing (I hate when that happens!) but Tori took it in stride and improv'ed asking them to answer the phone. A *lot* of people went up to the stage during Jackie's Strength, which I thought was disrespectful to do in the middle of the song and blocked many people's view of Tori for the rest of the show. Tori led into Baker Baker by acknowledging the crowd up front and saying it reminded her of being all cozy when she played in a bar, then referred to her days in LA playing at the "shithole" Marriot at LAX. I thought she handled it with good humour. I did see several folks complaining to security staff about not being able to see, but no one was asked to return to their seats. There was no other obnoxious behavior that I noticed, and otherwise the crowd was very polite.

From Diane Stewart:

hey there,
just thought i would send you a review of last night's show. this was the third time i had seen tori, and definitely the best.

the support act was howie day and he was really good, seemed quite inventive and built some of his songs up in layers.

tori came on after singing wampum prayer offstage. she went straight into a sorta fairytale, then take to the sky. After pancake she said hi and said she has a warm place in her heart for us (in the UK). then she told a story about how she had been up with tash at 2am cos they were jetlagged, and tash had been watching tv but she hadn't really noticed what was going on. she said husband came in and asked what she was doing, cos there were people "doing it" on tv, and she laughed and said it was tom hanks, and she hadn't expected him to do that kind of thing. tash asked "what they doing?" and husband had said "testing the bed". a little later tash had asked her "do you test beds?" and tori laughed, then went into a little improv - i didn't catch it all, but it was something like "she's testing beds, not a little girl anymore, testing beds, mommy i'm still your little girl, phoned from school, oh god, i'm just a girl in the world". it was really sweet.

crucify was a little later and it was beautiful - at the end tori kept singing "crawled my way back" before she did the 'never going back' bit.

before the solo bit, the sign came down and she started to sing "i have a little sign, i think i have a sign,
she lights up sometimes,
(someone's phone started ringing)
answer your phone,
someone/so we can? say hello"

before baker baker she talked about when she'd worked at the marriot at LAX, and said this song came when she used to watch the planes taking off. she said they only let her wear leather once a week, and the rest of the time she had to wear polyester dresses, but she did it cos it paid well and no one else would have her.

in the second half there was a little trouble as some guy was shouting at someone else - couldn't really hear what was happening but it was ages before the staff chucked him out. it meant i got a bit distracted at the end of amber waves and the beginning of concertina, although i did notice very bright amber lights to represent the northern lights during amber waves.

talula was cool during the encore - she sang 'i don't want to lose her, now that i've found her' for each chorus.

my favourite song was taxi ride, and i was so happy when she played it during the second encore. it was really well done.

apart from that, i must just comment on the lights during 'i can't see new york'. they were white with patterns in them, and during the 'circling down' bit, they moved from the back of the room to the stage, and as they moved on to the row in front of a person, it outlined them in brilliant white against the black background - the front rows looked like they were outlined in electricity. it just made the song really special.

finally, did feel a wee bit sorry for matt chamberlain - thrashing his heart out during cornflake girl and precious things, looking just a bit hot under those lights wearing that suit!

overall, the show was brilliant - the best tori concert yet.

From Chris:

it's always a cleansing experience when one goes to see tori. it serves as a reminder of all the times in the past when her music has helped get you through the day.

unfortunately, last night in glasgow i enjoyed the support act, Howie Day, more than tori herself. the band were not an essential part of the music, yet they opened each song like it was the last. for caught a lite sneeze, i didn't have any idea what the song was until half way through; partly because the backing was drowning out the piano, but also because tori has taken to extra long intros accompanied by her wordless vocalisations. which is distracting to say the least. When the band went off, the acoustic tracks were fantastic, i really didn't want them back. they make everything sound the same.

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the gig. she's a top performer, and a great songstress. i just think in future she should either drop the band ( after all, isn't she supposed to be The Girl With The Piano?) or at leastprevent the bass from overloading the speakers and turn the drums down a little.

From Mike Gray:

Tori on at 9 PM off at 11 PM, basically an exact two hours. She'd soundchecked the day before, so we didn't get to hear that. Security last night was appalling, let people stand up from Roadside Cafe onwards, even though people were complaining. It just took a few selfish people to set things off. The show started off very well, I thought it was going to be one of *those* shows, especially when she did an extended improv early on in Take To The Sky and a nice improv before Cornflake Girl. The venue was hampered by sound problems with the extremely loud bass which was causing the speakers above the front left of the stalls to overload badly. Someone complained but nothing was done that I was aware of.

Overall, a good show, not great, but definitely good. One new T-Shirt (Well one old T-Shirt with the new European dates on the back, I think)

Merch prices for people are:

Necklaces - £8 each.
Tour Programme - £10
T-Shirts [normal] - £18 ea.
Skinny - £20
Hoody - £40
Writing Set - £8
Poster - £4

Complete setlist (as transcribed from my recording)

Wampum Prayer
A Sorta Fairytale
Take To The Sky

[story about Tash seeing some people having sex on TV late at night, Mark explaining they were testing the bed]

Testing The Bed (improv) / Cornflake Girl Lust
Caught A Lite Sneeze

[Roadside Cafe]

Sign / Answer Your Phone improv
Jackie's Strength
Baker Baker
Famous Blue Raincoat

[End Roadside Cafe]

Amber Waves
Sweet Sangria
Playboy Mommy
Precious Things
Can't See New York

[Encore Break 1]


[Encore Break 2]

Tear In Your Hand (she had this written on her hand) Taxi Ride


Off to show #2

From Greg Jamieson:

All I can say was WOW, I had second row seats to the concert and had a great view of Tori, she looked great, relaxed and refreshed. The set list started as others with Wampum Prayer and A Sorta Fairytail. I've been checking the other setlists so I knew what to expect. Take to the Sky was brilliant with the band and Matt and Jon kept glancing over at each other and smiling. Tori then went on to play Pancake, she then paused and gave us a little hello, and that it was her first concert over this side. This led into a great version of Cornflake Girl. After Lust and Caught a Lite Sneeze Tori sang a beautiful version of Crucify, I love the way Tori alters her older songs with the band and gives them a new lease of life without spoiling them. Along came Wednesday next, a great upbeat song which Tori, Matt and Jon seemed to gel with.

Tori then sang three songs solo, at which point my view was obstructed by everyone rushing the stage, I had to stand for the rest of the concert to see anything, Tori didn't mind to my surprise as I thought she would ask everyone to return to their seats, that aside Famous Blue Raincoat was breathtaking, I love this song.

Matt and Jon then returned and Tori sang Amber Waves, Concertina, Sweet Sangria, Playboy Mommy and a wonderful version of Precious Things. One of my favourite songs is Spring Haze, so when Tori started I can't See New York I knew what (I thought) to expect next, and.... it didn't come. Oh well maybe she'll play Talula instead. After Iieee Tori left the stage.

She returned to play what could easily be the best version of Talula I've ever heard, I must find a copy of it, I hope it pops up as a B-side on a single. Just as I thought it couldn't get better then Tori played my favourite off Scarlet's Walk... Virginia.. sounds great live.

Tori's second encore consisted of Tear in Your Hand and Taxi Ride, a good choice given that it is her next single.

I'm upset now as I've got post Tori blues, I just hope she will tour again soon, in fact I hope she never stops touring!!!

From dyingeachday:

well, alot of people waited after the show to see tori, it was a warm night so i guess we all expected her to come out but Joel said she wouldnt be signing tonight. So guys, you might get a better chance to get to meet her before the concert on this leg. Yes, ok its annoying that people rushed the stage..but its a concert, it happens, i went to the front cause if i didnt i wouldnt see from where i was sitting. Being a psychologist, i find it really worrying when people start blatantly saying "oh for gods sake" when i tried to get out even through only 3 seats from the isle, it just proved to me that Glasgow people can be just as rude and that the similar experiences of those at the american shows is definately not down to american culture. How can someone be so irritable and bitchy to each other at a tori concert of all places when tori is sitting there singing "cornflake girl" ?!? And another thing for future reference: dont bitch at someone you dont know, a few people could have found out im a kick boxer too!

From lemur:

Tori came on around 9, earlier than I thought, after a rendition of Wampum Prayer which sounded identical to the album version. She started off with A Sorta Fairytale, but the drums and bass pretty much drowned out her voice and piano on this one. It got a bit better after that, so I don't know if they realised and changed the sound. After a few songs she stopped to address the audience, saying that Tash had been 'jetlagging' on the tour bus, and without her realising, had started watching a film in which a couple were 'doing it'. Tori said that 'husband' walked in at that point and asked what was going on - Tori said she had no idea that Tom Hanks would do such a thing. Tash asked what the couple were doing so Mark said they were 'testing the bed' - this led to an intro on testing the bed.

I have to say I was disappointed with the setlist. No Strange, Carbon or Crazy! These were the new songs I most wanted to hear. I thought that the drawn-out version of Crucify did the song no favours, and the version of Talula sounded quite different as well. Tori did a cute dance as she walked back on to the stage to do Talula.

The highlight for me was Baker, Baker - her vocals were really clear and emotive on this song. Famous Blue Raincoat was great as well.

By the way, in case anyone is interested, she was wearing blue capri jeans, with a long flowing black gown thing on top, which looked like a witch's outfit for Halloween. Her shoes were black and purple calf-length boots.

From Lianne:

Just an addition to what everyone else has written. I was very disappointed with those who ran up to the stage in the middle of Jackie's Strength, and annoyed by the fact that no one stopped them. I was sure that at the end of the song the security would ask them to move but they didn't, and was also surprised that Tori herself didn't ask them to sit back down. It happened during the best part of the concert (her solo bit) and spoiled a lot of people's enjoyment of the remainder of the show. I hope those that ran up to the stage, particularly at the start, are happy to know that. I mean why bother? Tori isn't exactly someone you can dance about to, and everyone who did run to the front then just stood there blocking the view for everyone else. So thanks a lot for your inconsideration.

Other niggles were the sound, the drums and bass drowned out everything else and you could feel them reverberating around the hall. I've been at the Clyde Auditorium for all of Tori's previous concerts there and it has never been a problem before, so I don't know what happened last night. Plus, the price of merchandising is getting beyond a joke... but apart from all of that, the concert was great :-)

Tori sang a wide range of songs, and the changes to some of the older ones like Crucify and Caught A Lite Sneeze were terrific, and Take To The Sky was jumping, it got everyone going early on. Iieee, Jackie's Strength and Tear In Your Hand were all wonderful, and as usual seeing her live had just reminded me how damn good Tori is!

From Nienke Stadt-Scott:

The setlist of last night was this:

Take to the sky
Improv- testing the bed
Cornflake girl
Caught a lite sneeze
Sign improv
Jackie's strenght
Story about polyesther dresses
Baker baker
Famous blue rain coat
Amber waves
Sweet sangria
Playboy mommy
Precious things
I cant see new york
Tear in your hand
Taxi ride

I am disapointed in Tori's manangement for allowing the people during Jackie's strenght run to the stage. I was sat on row E and saw the security guard trying to guide the people back to their seats; then he (the security guard) was approached by someone wearing a Tori Amos crew badge. When I went to the security guy and complained about the fact that they didn't guide the people back to their seat, he responded with "I tried, but Tori's management told me off, because Tori wanted them there" If Tori wanted them there she should have booked a standing arena; not an arena where you had to buy tickets priced according on where you were sat. I for one didn't pay to see people glued to the stage. I payed to see Tori. The security guard brought us to the management of the SECC and she told us that she find it ridiculus as well, but that they couldn't do much about it. She also said that it would have been fine if the people just went to the stage during the encores. Which I agreed. I filled in a complaint; and I will write a letter to Tori's mangement.

About the show itself, the band was way too loud, and you hardly could hear the paino through the loud noises of the bass, the walls were shaking and creating bizare noises of themselves. I heard that it wasn't a new thing, but that it happend before as well and I wondered why the sound-people didn't do anything about it; maybe they were compensating the fact that there wasn't a guitarist.

The stories were funny. But overal my annoyance towards the people who glued themselves to the stage and Tori's management allowing this to happen, it was the worst concert I have seen; the setlist was alright; but I could just as well stayed at home turned up my cd-player with extra bass and I would have had the same but cheaper effect.

From Nicola Kane:

I was very disappointed at a few things lastnight at the SECC..

First- The flashing strobe lights, I thought i was attending a Tori Amos concert- NOT a rave.. soo many times i was blinded by these un nessersay lights.. ok play the lights on the walls.. NOT on the audience.. its HIGHLY annoying.

Secondly- the horrible static sound coming from one of the speakers. Thirdly- the secruity in the secc is terrible! after just a few songs people went running up to the front stage (in this all seated venue!).thus blocking view of the stage!

To my surprise secruity did nothing about it till like 30 mins later- to tell you the truth i think they were scared and didnt have a clue how to control people. It then occured to them to sit on seats to block people going past.. me and my friends were siting in row M and we were sitting right next to a secruity guard, my friend asked wat was happening and why he was only lettin row A to M go down to the stage and those who were tryin to get down from other rows were told to go back(this was well after letting LOTS go down at the start!!).. it was just terrible.. we couldnt see tori on stage as everyone was standin at the stage and to top it off some (drunk or drugged ned) guy was arguing with the secruity man and threating him.. after lots of attempts by this man to get to the stage he sat down.. but then started to sing REALLY LOUDLY and clapping while tori was singin the absolutly stunning crucify(my fave song!).. AND the really unbelievable thing is security didnt even REMOVE this guy.. they all seen him behaving totally out of order and everything.. it was only till like 30 mins later(they must have plucked up the courage!) they had to physically drag him out the hall..

My friend asked the secruity guy next to us why the hell folk were allowed to go down to the stage on the first place.. and do you know what he said

'aye well its going to be her( meaing tori amos) thats getting a fine for this(meaning it was HER fault that folk went down to the front!)'


But anyway.. apart from all that, it was a totally great night.. highlights, take to the sky, pancake, caught a lite sneeze, crucify, iieee. I hope she comes back soon, even although i didnt get to see much of tori on stage this time!! :(.. there wasnt this problem last year when tori came to the SECC.

From Barry Milne:

Just thought I would drop you a quick e mail to say how much I enjoyed Tori's concert. I have never been before because for the last 6 years my tickets have always fallen through for some reason. Can't tell you much else different from what everyone else said. The sound was attrocious but for the majority you could hear Tori and appreciate her :D I was sitting in row T so had the whole drunken/drugged ned thing up front.
He kept complaining about the people who had walked up to the stage, but was doing it really loudly. When the security people got pissed off and dragged him out, we all clapped.

About the people rushing the stage - at first I thought it was a really powerful image - 2 girls slowly walking up to the stage during Jackie's Strength (I think they were holding letters for Tori), but then it got out of hand when everyone else decided to join them. A bit selfish considering those down front had paid damn good money to get their tickets. I stayed in my seat although I wanted to run down and jump around like an arse and tell her how much I loved her music :D

Howie Day was absolutely brilliant and I hope I can find a copy of his album over here. He commented on how scared he was because the audience was so quiet. If they were anything like me, it was probably because Tori was somewhere backstage and they knew who they were there for. But if he came over here to do a solo concert - I would definately go and see him.

The improv about the sign was really funny as was the one about testing the bed. She so ripped off No Doubt :D The thing I was surprised about was the fact so many people were taking photos. This was my first Tori concert and I gradually became really pissed off with the amount of flashes going off - especially during the solo section. It got so bad that I actually saw one Heiffer getting up after everybody had rushed the stage to take a picture. I thought flash photography was a big No-no. But anyhoo - the concert was mind-blowing and probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I'm glad I was there through all the hub-ub.

From DyingEachDay:

i just got to say, if you are singing on stage, being blinded by lights, you cant see anything, trust me i know what im talking about, you can only see a meter ahead, id welcome people who came to the satge better than singing out into the darkness.

why do so many people criticise tori's performance its not like you could do much better, and the bass by the way, was a fault at the sound check. the bass speakers couldnt handle what was going through them.

From Pierre de Wet:

Attended Tori's performance in Glasgow. Being a South African, this was an all-time first for me... sadly Tori is yet to visit our beautiful country. Well, what I'm trying to get at is this: despite the fact that I own all her albums and numerous singles and have been a devotee for years, there is simply nothing to compare to seeing this goddess live. Video footage doesn't come close! Since this exhilarating experience I have become a certifiable Toriphile, obsessing about any "sightings"; keeping my ears pointed for any smidgen of news on appearances.

From Narnia:

The gig started late, long enough for me to spend too much money on expensive yet shite candy and too much concert merchandise. I bought a tourbook, postcard set, necklace (the one with the green route sign), a hat, and a shirt (the two-toned blue baseball tee). When we got in we confirmed that yes, we did have the exact same seats that we had for the SLG tour. I also confirmed that once again I should have brought a camera, as they only ask if one has them upon entering the building but many people take them into the Clyde Auditorium and they don't get taken away.

Howie Day was the opener. He was quite good, with excellent (albeit a wee bit too angsty) lyrics and lots of technical creativity; definitely better than I expected, but I thought all of the songs minus one were same-y. I think I need to hear him again to be able to really judge whether or not I like his music.

This was the first time I had seen Tori with the band. It's definitely a different experience than seeing solo Tori, and I'm not sure which I like more yet. The set was very lush, with a couple of backdrops and a sign that said "Roadside Cafe" which was lit up and lowered as the band were leaving; there were various lights for different songs but I remember the stained glass patterns and the blue lights the best, and incense burning as well which I think was patchouli and frankincense, but there was a rather intense smell of candy in the auditorium too, so I'm not sure. Tori was wearing something like a black chiffon shirt/overdress, short blue jeans in a sort of capri style, something like tights with big pink and white flowers, and a black flower clip in her hair.

I was very happy at the beginning of the show. There was some static from the speakers and a few morons were singing as usual, but it didn't impede my enjoyment, and Tori was as sexy as ever. However, the relaxed and happy feeling I get from Tori concerts was unfortunately to be short-lived due to over a hundred selfish idiots who, like lemmings, rushed the stage in the middle of "Jackie's Strength" and stayed there for the rest of the gig. It's annoying when people do that during the encore, but it's tolerable; there is no reason to rush the stage in the middle of the show thereby ensuring those who paid for premium tickets couldn't actually see anything even if they sat on the seat arms or stood in the aisles. There was a lot of tension in the venue after that, and the Tori bubble was basically burst. Personally, I went through disappointed, sad, bored, upset, angry, and homicidal by the end of it.

To make it worse, I went to complain to the SECC staff after the show. I was informed that they had strict instructions from Tori not to stop anyone from going up to the stage or she would stop the concert, and that when her management were asked again when people did start doing that it was confirmed. I was asked to fill out a complaints form so that the venue might have more leeway in the future which I will do, but I have difficulty believing (even if I now know it's true) that Tori would rather let people act the way they did over there being a little commotion during a song or two.

What should have been a typically wonderful experience ended up being the worst concert i've ever attended. It would almost certainly be untrue of me to say that I don't ever plan on seeing her live again, but I don't think I'll bother going for a while.

Wampum Prayer (intro)
A Sorta Fairytale
Take to the Sky

[talked about how she "loves coming here" (not sure if that's about Glasgow or the UK as a whole) and that she has a warm place for us; told a story about Tash seeing sex on UK tv and asked what they were doing, to which her husband said they were "testing the bed" since Tori didn't know what to say; she then went into an improv intro which was about testing beds and ended with "I'm just a girl in this world."]

Cornflake Girl
Caught a Lite Sneeze (different version, slightly faster and harder)

Crucify (slower than normal, especially at the beginning to middle; she was very sexual during this song with the way she held the microphone and a few crass hand movements)


band leaves

[little singing intro about the Roadside Cafe sign which turned into a song about answering the phone when someone's mobile rang]

Jackie's Strength

[talks about when she worked in the piano bar at the dingy and terrible Marriott Hotel at LAX; she said the following song came when she watched the planes taking off, and that her Marriott bosses only let her wear leather once a week with the rest of the time in polyester dresses, but she did it because it paid well and that was her only option at the time]

Baker Baker
Famous Blue Raincoat
band returns
Amber Waves
Sweet Sangria
Playboy Mommy
Precious Things
I Can't See New York
first encore

[the bandmates do a random instrumental intro; she comes out and does a little dancing and a singing intro]

second encore
Tear in Your Hand
Taxi Ride (with straddle-thrusting between the Bosendorfer and the piano)

From The Scotsman newspaper:


From the Evening Times

From the UK Sunday Mail and Scottish Daily Record

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