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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
San Francisco, CA
Sat, December 21, 2002

Updated December 23, 2002

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Tori performed in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, December 21, 2002 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The show began at 7:30PM and Howie Day was the opening act. This was the second of two days in San Francisco during the On Scarlet's Walk tour.

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Sweet Sangria
Take To The Sky
Liquid Diamonds
Black-Dove (January)

Band leaves

Pink Christmas (improv)

Band returns

Cornflake Girl
Precious Things
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore

Taxi Ride
Your Cloud

2nd Encore

Gold Dust (solo)
Hey Jupiter


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. (I will eventually move the forum reviews to this web page as well.) Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Meredith Moseley:

Many thanks to Meredith who was the first person to email me with the set list.

WOW. This show was better than Friday night's. First of all, I was in the balcony and the sound was MUCH better than where I was on the floor Friday night. There was no more problem with the drums and bass crowding out Tori's voice and piano. Secondly, Tori was more talkative and interacted with the audience a little. Finally, this set list included some of my favorites.

She began at 8:52 with WAMPUM PRAYER from offstage.

Next was A SORTA FAIRYTALE. Right away I could tell that the sound was so much clearer than before. It made such a big difference. She sounded great!

Then she started LITTLE EARTHQUAKES with the distinctive left hand bass part. She played it in the lowest octave of the piano, which sounded very primal. Somewhere in the song she added the lyrics "I feel you in my head (hand?), 'cause you never should have left. I feel you in my head (hand?)." And the lights on the "eEeEe" part shot straight out into the audience--very intense.

Then she talked to us. I took notes and have tried to reconstruct the quotes as closely as I can: "Hi everybody. How's it going? So here we are. Happy winter solstice. As some of you know this is our last night on our first leg. It has been a privilege doing (?) this with all of you. Some of you know some of my favorite people are here. This is Jon Evans on bass. And of course this is Matt Chamberlain on drums."

For SWEET SANGRIA she played the verses on the keyboard and the chorus on the piano.

TAKE TO THE SKY came next, and I noticed that there wasn't as much clapping as the first show. It might have just sounded like that from where I was sitting, but I wondered if it had anything to do with the postings on the Forum. At the end she said "take it BOYS," and stretched out the "to" on the last few "take to the sky" lyrics.

LIQUID DIAMONDS had a neat piano intro, and there was nice echo effect when she sand "liquid diamonds." The piano part she did at the end was also interesting.

Jon was lit so there was a huge shadow of him on the backdrop, and then she started BLACK DOVE (JANUARY). She played it on the keyboard and piano. This was fantastic--the slow parts were mesmerizing and the strong parts made my heart race. It was really a great performance of a great song.

Jon and Matt played an interesting ostinato together and Tori started singing high, almost vocalizing, and then with the lyrics "Here I am..." (There were more words, but I couldn't understand them.) Then she began the lyrics to CRUCIFY. I loved this new version of this song! She didn't even touch the piano until "looking for a savior;" on the verses she didn't play at all--just sang along with what the band had going on. At one "looking for a savior" part she had a few moments solo on the piano (band dropped out). Really cool version. I liked it.

WEDNESDAY. I just love watching Matt during this. He was dancing with his head--it was very cute. While I'm on the subject of Matt, I would just like to say that he is a kick-ass drummer.

The band left and we got some good quality time with Tori. She talked a bit: "So hello! [waves to audience cutely] Um, anyway, I'm gonna miss some of you loads and I just wanted you to know that. So if you're bored come visit." At this point there was a lot of clapping and then some comments from the audience. My guess is that someone asked her to play "White Christmas" because she said: "Let's make up our own Christmas song right here."

This was a great IMPROV. I am calling it "PINK CHRISTMAS" based on the lyrics: "Here we go, here we go, here we go.
There is no snow,
but there is something here for sure I know. Here we go.
Pink is the color this year of my Christmas cheer. Pink is the color of my little girl's happiness. Pink is the color of her princess dress. Pink is the color of my '95 champagne that's chilling in the __?__. Here we go, here we go
on a new road.
[someone's name], Lisa, everyone, Maria... off you go.
There's no snow but pink is the color this year. Pink is the color of ___?____
And I'm so filled with love these days.
I wake up to 'Mommy come here now.'
Pink is the color of my Christmas cheer."

It was really a touching improv and she seemed really happy while singing it, even though it was pretty mellow.

The Roadside Cafe sign came down and Tori played LEATHER. What a treat!

Next she sang "Here, here, she is with me here, in here, in here," which led into CARBON. I love this song! I'm glad she did it, and doing it solo made it even more special. She sang the lyric "her eyes" more times than on the album. The lines "Get me Neil on the line, No I can't hold, Have him read 'Snow Glass Apples' where nothing is as it seems" were really clear and easy to understand. This was really a fine performance.

Next, one of my favorites: Joni Mitchell's RIVER. I first saw her do this solo a couple of years ago and it took my breath away. It was like that tonight. The "Jingle Bells" piano part was nice for this time of year, and the song really hit me on a personal level. The last time she sang the lyric "singing songs of joy and peace" she sang the "peace" really loudly--I wonder if she was trying to send some kind of message related to what's going on the world today.

The band returned to the stage and they played HORSES. It was a lot different than back in 1996, but I liked it.

Before SUGAR the Roadside Cafe sign went away. "Sugar" was GREAT! It was HUGE! It was MASSIVE! It ROCKED! Really--this is one of the best performances of it that I've ever heard. She was really into it.

The band played together a little while Tori stood up, grooved, and applied a fresh coat of lip gloss. Then she played a groovin' version of CORNFLAKE GIRL. A funny thing happened: between "thought that was a good solution" and "Rabbit," where she does the piano jamming, she messed up something in her playing and had to stop. The boys realized that something was wrong and kind of went into neutral, still playing, but not as intensely. Tori bent over and laughed and then composed herself. She subtly cued Matt and they kicked it back in gear with her starting again at the word "solution" and then playing a kick-ass piano interlude.

LUST had some funky effects done by Jon on bass. I like this song, and was glad to hear it live.

PRECIOUS THINGS was great as always.

I CAN'T SEE NEW YORK was much better than Friday night, probably because of the improved acoustics where I was sitting. I feel much better about the live version of this song now.

SPRING HAZE was the last song of the full set. Like "NY," this was much better with the better acoustics. It is one of my favorites of all of Tori's music, and it came across very nicely. Before the last part many audience members rushed the stage, knowing that the encores would be coming up.

She finished, bowed to the audience, and then the boys came down and they had a really nice group hug--a bit longer than Friday night's. Then she waved and threw kisses and left the stage.

* * * * *

They all returned to the stage at 10:45 for the first song of the encore, TAXI RIDE. She stood and played the keyboards. It was great.

Next came YOUR CLOUD. As I said in my other review, there's just something about this song that makes me love it. The lyrics are great, and tonight she gave the song a meaningful performance.

She bowed many times and left the stage.

* * * * *

She returned to the stage alone to play the most emotionally intense song of the night, GOLD DUST. It was amazing. The audience was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Tori was obviously very emotionally invested in it because the last time the lyric "gold dust" comes up she had to whisper it.

It was very quiet and the audience was very focused when all of the sudden, at one of the quietest parts of the song (before the last few "in our hands" lyrics), some egotistical idiot felt the need to crush the moment by yelling something out. I don't know what he said, but Tori immediately said "Fuck You," and then tried to recover the end of the song through the audience's noise. She was clearly not pleased. She had to increase her volume, but the song was really lost after that jerk's comment. After the show I was walking in front of the venue and I heard a guy gushing to his friends, "Tori Amos said 'fuck you' to me! How cool is that!" Now, I'm not a violent person, but I really think he deserved no less than a swift kick in the pants for wounding the end of such a beautiful song, and one that Tori is known to feel very strongly about. It was THE MOST RUDE thing I've personally witnessed at a Tori concert.

The band came on and thankfully we moved on to TALULA and that helped to clear the air. She played it on the keyboards until the word "marigold" when she moved to the piano.

HEY JUPITER was last. It was played on the keyboards, and she did some nice high singing on the "hooooooo" parts.

She bowed and left the stage at 11:13.

* * * * *

This was one of the top three Tori concerts I've been to. She was so ON and connected with the audience--it was a true Tori experience, where you feel like she is singing to only you. She sounded great, looked great, and was in a good mood (except for the unfortunate "Gold Dust" incident). We got to hear a great Christmas improv and some really emotional songs.

Thanks to everyone who was there for being good audience members (except "fuck you" man--I hope you get nothing but coal for Christmas you jerk). I had a really good time and hope to do it again in the spring!

From Aeslis:

The part that Meredith missed when Tori first spoke with the audience, she said "It has been a privilege drawing this body map with all of you."

Also, as for the guy who screamed during Gold Dust... Tori was crying. I was in the third row, and I could see... She had just sobbed, turned to face the audience and bit her lip, giving a little shake of her head, just overwhelmed with the emotion of the song... oh, it was just so powerful. And then the jerk yelled out, dammit. That was ridiculous.

From David N. Averbach:

Wow, I went to a (non-Tori) party after the show, and didn't make it home until now. But the review from Meredith was really wonderful--a big thank you to her. She even got all the words to the improv, which was really peppy and cheery--a perfect "new" Christmas song. Tori messed up during the beginning of Sugar by playing the wrong grace note--really out of key---and she made an "Oh my god" face and smiled at the audience. First time I ever heard her mess up a note. Then in cornflake girl, she messed up in the middle and they went back around so she could try and come back into it correctly. Also the last word of CG (the "girl") was an octave higher than usual.

I was blown away by Crucify, which I never really liked all that much, but she really reinvented it in this second reworking with the band. I love Carbon. To me it sounds a little like Marianne when played solo. And River, what a treat.

I was totally shocked by the "f*** you guy" (which I actually thought it sounded like a woman at the time--it seemed to come from the balcony right above me)--but anyway, he shouted out "Silent All these Years" and Tori was not pleased. The exchange went something like "We had... gold dust in our hands, we have...Silent All these Years!...Fuck you!...(got hereself together) We had gold dust in our hands." It was all during a really emotional moment, even from mediocre seats I could tell that Tori was crying, and then we were jarred backing into reality by that ass. I was traumatized and upset to the extent that I couldn't concentrate during Talula. I regained my composure during Hey Jupiter, which just soared tonight.

There were other songs from SW that I wanted to hear (Strange, Mrs. Jesus, Scarlet's Walk), so I was a little disappointed that the only "swing" SW song--Your Cloud, was a repeat from last night, if you don't count Taxi Ride. I remember also thinking, "did she have to play Take to the Sky and Precious Things again tonight?" Tonight's concert was heavy on LE, and there was all this UTP stuff that I wanted to hear besides Take to the Sky. But I can't really complain about the setlist, it was just that there were five songs in a row that I had just heard the night before, and I was getting a little impatient wondering what would be new tonight, and by that time it was the second encore and then the incident happened.

Tonight's concert was more rocking, more people were swaying and there was a real energy tonight. Last night's performance was riveting in a different way--Tori was really on fire last night, in her beautiful kimono-like dress, really into what she was playing, whereas tonight, she was wearing an almost spring-like white sun dress and a flowing white scarf, she seemed more carefree, happy and really glad to be playing with the band. That is until the f*** you incident. We were all feeling that, but only Tori had the right to say it. I felt that guy violated her and I wanted to apologize to Tori on behalf of my city. But I realized that not only did her comment indicate that she could take care of herself, but that she wasn't going to let one jerk ruin things, and she quickly made her peace with it by continuing. She's such a pro.

I hope she comes back to the bay area next year. I will be there.

From Alexandra Phillips:

To fill in part of the question marks after LE Tori says...?...part of my body map with some of you...

Then she talked to us. I took notes and have tried to reconstruct the quotes as closely as I can: "Hi everybody. How's it going? So here we are. Happy winter solstice. As some of you know this is our last night on our first leg. It has been a privilege doing (?) this with all of you. Some of you know some of my favorite people are here. This is Jon Evans on bass. And of course this is Matt Chamberlain on drums."

From jsruzicka:

Your set list for the December 21 concert is missing a song.

Tori did a brand new Christmas song, saying "we're going to write a new Christmas song now".

It was "Christmas in Pink" (don't know the exact title, since she didn't say). It was a song about how Christmas is pink this year because of her baby daughter. It was a very beautiful song. It was the first solo piano song she did that evening.

Note from Mikewhy: I normally do not add improvs to the main set list unless it is a song that has been published or something she does more than once. I do love the improvs though and thank you for telling me about this one!

From solomonsdream:

Hey Mike, Just wanted to add that during her Cornflake Girl mistake, Tori took it very well, laughing, and said, not too loudly, “I fucked it up!”. Everyone cheered all the harder when she said it, and then even louder when she got to the end of the redo. Everyone was really supportive, except of course for that “Silent All These Years” bozo. She had been crying, but didn’t miss a beat with the “fuck you”- great reflexes she’s got! It was a great performance, but from the floor I had a great view, but not so great sound. I could barely hear her piano through much of it, though it’s good to hear that people up higher heard a little better. Thanks!

From kelly mulligan:

i always enjoy the work you put into posting reviews of tori's shows when she's on tour. i noticed that none of the reviewers of the 21 december show heard what the member of the audience shouted during "gold dust." i was there, and i heard him shout "silent all these years" loud and clear. it was really awful! but i thought that people might want to know want started the incident, she was totally justified in telling him off and i respected her even more for it.

From Jessika:

WAMPUM PRAYER: Tori's voice was so clear and beautiful! The audience cheered over the top of her at first and nearly drowned her out, but the rest of the song was gorgeous.

A SORTA FAIRYTALE: Holy cats, this song rocked! I've seen them perform this on television, but nothing could've prepared me for hearing it in person. There are no words. During Jon and Matt's intro, Tori was seated at the piano and had her hands together by her forehead, as if she were praying, while she grooved to the music.

LITTLE EARTHQUAKES: I heard Tori play this in Oakland last year, and tonight's version was much more intense. She sang like she was trying to claw the song out of her. She added something about "I feel you" and "You never should've left", which was poignant and fit perfectly. When she sang the EEEEEEEE part, lights swept over the audience, creating a beautiful effect.

Tori looked out at the audience and said (I'm paraphrasing here) "Hi everybody, how's it going? So, here we are. Happy Winter Solstice! As you may know this is our last night on the first leg of the tour. It has been a privilege -(I think she said something about sharing her body map)- with all of you. These are two of my favorite people... This is Jon Evans on bass -*applause*- and, of course, this is Matt Chamberlain on drums."

SWEET SANGRIA: She played the piano and keyboard, and seemed to really get into this song. The lighting was gorgeous, with plenty of orange tones, and Tori sang with just the right amount of attitude. I loved hearing this live! I knew she was going to play it, and I was really looking forward to it.

TAKE TO THE SKY: WOW!!!!! I knew she played this last night, and I was really disappointed because I thought I'd missed my chance to hear it again. She played it in Oakland last year, but I was so distracted by the audience clapping along, I didn't really get to enjoy it (although, it was really cute when she changed the rhythm to trip everyone up, and then smiled when the clapping died down!). When I heard the intro, I was thrilled, and tonight's version didn't let me down. IT ROCKED! Tori really got into this song. She was almost caressing the piano, instead of just slapping the side. I only heard a little bit of clapping, and it quickly died down, much to my relief! I'm not sure why some people think this is their annual play-along-with-Tori moment. Anyway, she lengthened the end of the song, drawing out the "to" in "Take to the sky" several times.
When she said "Take it boys", she leaned way back on the bench, put her right arm behind her head, and thrust her hips a little. She was also doing her bouncy thing during much of the song, which was really cute.

LIQUID DIAMONDS: I didn't recognize it at first, but it was really beautiful! An echo effect was applied when she sang the chorus, and she played a really cool intro and ending that I'd never heard before.

BLACK DOVE (JANUARY): The atmosphere was so heavy and intense... Lots of shadows (Jon was lit from beneath and it cast a giant shadow of him on part of the backdrop!) and bursts of light. The softer parts were rich and emotional, and Tori exploded during the "I have to get to Texas" parts. The lighting matched her power, and it was incredible to see and hear.

CRUCIFY: This was simply amazing! The boys were playing and Tori began to sing an intro/improv... I couldn't quite make out the lyrics, but it was high-pitched and stunning. Then she sang "Every finger in the room..." and I was floored. She did some fairly extensive vocalizations in between lines, but she sang the chorus pretty close to the album version. She extended the ending by singing "I'm never going back" several times, and MY GOD she meant it! :) She played the Bosey during the chorus, and didn't play at all when she sang the verses. Incredible!

WEDNESDAY: I was looking forward to hearing this. There was such a playful energy throughout this song, and you could tell they loved playing it. The audience loved it to! She slowed the ending and it became a little more emotional.

Jon and Matt walked off, Tori turned to us and said "Hello!", and did her little Tori wave. She said "Anyways, I'm gonna miss some of you loads. I just want you to know that. So if you're bored just come and visit!" The audience cheered and a girl in my row screamed "I LOVE YOU, TORI!" while a few other people shouted. Tori looked at us and said "What?" and the girl stood up and said "I love you, Tori!" again. Tori turned back to the piano and more people shouted stuff. Tori turned back to us and said "Huh?", but no one seemed to say anything. I heard later on that someone possibly requested a Christmas song at that time...? Anyway, Tori made a cute gesture with her right hand, smiled and said "Let's make up our own Christmas song." She then played an amazing improv: "Here we go... here we go... here we go. There is no snow, but there's something here for sure, I know. Here we go... Pink is the color this year of my Christmas cheer. (Pink or BLUE?) is the color of my little girl's happiness. Pink is the color of her princess dress. Pink is the color of my '95 champagne that's chilling -(I didn't catch the rest of this line). Here we go... here we go... on a new road. (She named some names), everyone, Maria... off you go. There's no snow, but pink is the color this year. Pink is the color of my Christmas cheer(?). And I'm so filled with love these days. I wake up to 'Mommy, come here now!'. Pink is the color of my Christmas cheer." It was so beautiful, and Tori had a big smile on her face the entire time. When she finished, the Roadside Cafe sign was lowered.

LEATHER: Man, I really wanted to hear this! She's so playful and spirited when she plays this song, it's contagious and the audience gets into the same frame of mind. I missed the "I could just pretend..." part of the song because the guy in front of me sent a huge cloud of pot smoke in my direction and I had to shove my face into my jacket so I could breathe, but when I caught up at "I almost ran over an angel...", I was able to get back into the swing, and the rest of the song was so much fun! Tori really gets a kick out of playing this. Sidenote: If you need drugs to enjoy Tori, something's wrong... Leave your stash at home, and let her music take you there! If you can't survive the show without getting stoned, at least have the courtesy to smoke where you won't disturb people. The guy in front of me thought he was being really clever in hiding what he was doing, but when there's smoke coming from your head and you reek of pot, it's kind of obvious. Just a thought...

CARBON: I was praying for this song! Dark purple lighting and Tori's rich vocals made this an unforgettable experience. Hearing her play it solo highlighted the lyrics and it was so beautiful.

RIVER: Since this was the last show before the Holidays, I was sure she would play either this or 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas', and I was dying to hear this one in person. When I heard the 'Jingle Bells' intro, I was so psyched! On the way into the city, I told my fiancÈ about this song and I really wanted him to hear it. It's one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs, and I love Tori's version. Towards the end, when she sang "...songs of joy and PEACE.", she really emphasized the word peace, singing with such power! Several people were wondering if it was a message about what's been going on.
Anyway, this song was simply breathtaking.

The band walked back on, and they began to play HORSES: It was beautiful, with really dramatic lighting. Very intense and emotional.

SUGAR: This was the most incredible version I've EVER heard!!! Tori, Jon, and Matt were on fire! Bright yellow lights were everywhere, and Matt had a white spotlight that exploded around him from below whenever he hit the kick drum. At one point, Tori did something really cute. She looked at Matt and Jon really fast and then made a funny face at the audience, moving with the beat. It went something like *BOOM* -Tori looks straight ahead at Matt- *BOOM* -Tori turned her head and looked at Jon- *BOOM* -Tori looked out at the audience with an open mouth and an expression that seemed to say either WOW! or OH MY GOD!, something like that. I'm not sure if she messed up and was laughing about it, or if she was just really enjoying the music and sharing that with us. She had a big smile on her face, though. She hit the piano during the "hammers" part, and later she sang "Boys, just watch... watch what they do!" while she grabbed the side of the piano and leaned back a little. This song rocked!!!!! The Roadside Cafe sign was raised before they played this song.

CORNFLAKE GIRL: This made my night. From 1991, through this year, Tori has never played this at any of the shows I've been to. I was thrilled to finally hear it in person. While Matt and Jon played a luscious groove, Tori stood up, applied some lip gloss and swayed while facing Jon. He was all smiles! Between "...good solution" and "Rabbit", when she has her solo, something went wrong. She laughed and her mouth was moving, but we couldn't hear what she was saying/singing, although it looked like "I fucked up!". She also wiggled her head around for a moment in an adorable way. Matt and Jon downshifted into just keeping the groove going, Tori reached down under the Bosey, and when she came back up, she started at "good solution" again. Some people off to the far side of the floor section said it looked like she reached down and plugged something back in. Anyway, her solo was incredible and the song was so powerful. Even with the small problem in the middle, it was still everything I had hoped for.

LUST: One of my favorites from Venus, but I never expected to hear it tonight. Overjoyed is too small a word! Tori emphasized "...lust in the marriage bed", while turning and making heavy eye contact with the audience. She also did a little vocalization at the end, instead of just ending with "and he waits". Jon had a bass change and I think it might've been just before this song...? The bass sounded really cool, and the entire song was gorgeous.

PRECIOUS THINGS: Like 'Take To The Sky', I knew she had played this the night before and I was really bummed. When I heard the intro, I could swear I was floating out of my seat, but Tori quickly slammed me back into it. The song rocked and Tori was 100% in the moment. She held "girl" for 13 seconds, while turning toward the audience and sliding her hands over her body from her knees to her hips. I was in awe of her power and emotion. Then again, when am I not?! ;)

I CAN'T SEE NEW YORK: I was really excited about seeing this one in person, and it was even better than I had expected. Tori's emotion was almost tangible, and the projection of clouds on the backdrop and venue walls was a nice touch. For the most part, people were respectful, except for some excessive cheering at the beginning.

SPRING HAZE: Beautiful by itself, this song was incredible following 'NY'! Tori emphasized "creamed" each time, and her voice was so clear. Toward the end, people rushed the stage, and were coming from as far as the back of the floor section. I didn't see any staff trying to control who could go up there, and the isles were packed. There was so much commotion all around us, I missed the very end of the song. Yay.

Tori got up, bowed, and then turned towards Jon. Jon and Matt walked up for the group hug, which was fairly long and very sweet. She blew kisses and did her Tori wave, then ran backstage, behind the boys.

They came back out after a few minutes and began to play TAXI RIDE: I was really hoping to hear this, but she played it the night before, and since this girl hasn't been played at each show, I thought I was out of luck. What a great Winter Solstice gift!!! When they began the song, I was ecstatic and the people around me were thrilled, too.
Tori stood and played the keyboards, and she really nailed this song. Everything was perfect! When she first sang "just another dead fag to you, that's all...", I saw a few gay couples right by me comfort and hug each other, which had me in tears. This song is so incredible, I'm thankful I got to hear it during this tour.

YOUR CLOUD: When I heard the intro, I couldn't believe my ears! Again, I thought I'd missed my chance since she played it the first night, so I was completely floored! I love this song so much, and Tori sang it with such passion. Her voice, the lighting, the lyrics... I was beside myself.

Tori bowed and waved several times, and then ran backstage.

When she came back, Jon and Matt did not join her. She waved a little, sat down at the Bosey, and began to play GOLD DUST: The audience was totally silent and 100% focused on her. It was so pure and intense. As she played, Tori became more and more emotional. At one point, towards the end, she was singing "We had gold dust in our hands", and she had to stop to compose herself. She was crying and turned towards us, shaking her head a little, and was obviously overcome. Then IT happened. Someone (who sounded like a girl to us, but...?) yelled "PLAY SILENT ALL THESE YEARS!". Everyone turned to look for the moron, and Tori quickly delivered a somewhat incredulous "Fuck you". Everyone cheered, and at first Tori seemed to appreciate our auditory show of solidarity and support, as she took that time to take a deep breath and compose herself. However, when she tried to recover the song, some people continued to cheer and she had to sing over the top of them. By then, the song was in critical condition, but Tori did her best to soldier on. It was still a beautiful performance, but damn... I hope the people sitting near that idiot made his/her life hell.

TALULA: The boys came back on and they played a really cool extended intro, which was needed, since people were still furious. Tori sang something, but I couldn't quite make it out, as people were talking all around me. Then, I heard her sing "Taaaah-lulaaah", and we became a pack of Smiles With Feet again. I like this song, but it's not my favorite from Pele. It was still wonderful, and I loved the effect it had on everyone. The slate was clean... On with the show. I only hope Tori got over the confrontation as fast as the majority of the audience did. I'd hate to have her leave the first leg on a sour note. Anyway, she played the keyboard until she sang "Marigold", and then she finished the song on the piano.

HEY JUPITER: I was praying this girl would come! I'd never heard the Dakota version played live, so I couldn't have been happier. It was incredible and I didn't want the song to end. She played the entire song on the keyboard and her vocals were pitch perfect.

She bowed, blew kisses, and did her Tori wave several times, and then she ran off stage. The house lights came up, and the night was already starting to feel like a dream.

For me, this was the perfect concert. Tori, Jon, and Matt were so amazing tonight, the set list was a dream come true, and we even had a break in the weather... NO RAIN! We tried to make it to the M&G, but we walked up to the venue just in time to see Tori wave goodbye and walk inside. *sigh* There's always next time, right? We did get a really good (accidental) look into her tour bus, however... The girl knows how to travel! My fiancÈ and I were on the main floor (F-10 GG), about 18 rows from the stage, and we had the perfect angle. Tori was looking in our direction for most of the show. By the way, Howie was incredible!!! I didn't care much about seeing him, but he gained two more fans tonight. There were very few lowlights: the guy in front of us who spent the majority of the show bending over his pipe and then blowing pot smoke in my face, and, of course, the 'SATY' person. There was also a guy hopping on his chair every few minutes during 'Talula' to take pictures... He would've had some great shots if he hadn't used the flash. I wish people would learn how to take pictures at a concert! FYI, folks: If you use the flash, all you do is wreck your shot, distract the artist, and blind the people around you. Anyway, it was a great show, with many wonderful EWF who made it extra special. I'm hoping Tori will consider stopping by again in the Spring. One can dream, right? :)

From Danielle Leigh:

WOW I cannot believe how beautiful the last two nights of my life have been. This was the most fun I have ever had at TORI's shows. The entire ensemble was so tight! I was sitting right above the main floor, everything sounded so beautiful. These were definately my favorite tori shows EVER! She had totally cute outfits and her SHOES!!! Fab!!! She just seems so happy now!! (Especially cause shes a mommy~!)

I was disappointed with the rude peeps though! Did anyone see her husband when she was playing, he was totally rockin' out!! Too cute! I cried THREE TIMES at the first show. In these two shows my favs were A Sorta Fairytale, Taxi Ride, and Black Dove.......oh and River and Landslide were done with such precision! So fun. Love Tori...shes simply the best!

From Lissa Nelson:

I was at the 21st show which was my 29th b-day and 1st tori concert and i was so impressed with how beautiful she sounded and looked. I was so happy to hear her play talula & leather and of course one of my favs from scarlets walk "Taxi Ride".

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