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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
San Francisco, CA
Fri, December 20, 2002

Updated December 21, 2002

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Tori performed in San Francisco, CA on Friday, December 20, 2002 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The show began at 7:30PM and Howie Day was the opening act. This was the first of two days in San Francisco during the On Scarlet's Walk tour.

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Sweet Sangria
Tear In Your Hand
Precious Things
Pandora's Aquarium

Band leaves


Band returns

Your Cloud
Take To The Sky
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore
Taxi Ride
Putting The Damage On

2nd Encore

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (solo)
Playboy Mommy


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From David N. Averbach:

Just got back from the concert.  Tori’s voice was in great shape and she looked beautiful.  Started playing at around 8:40, and wasn’t done until about 10:50 or so.  A lot of my favs were played.

Wampum Prayer
A Sorta Fairytale
Sweet Sangria

Improv—I watched you on TV in the 1960s, now it’s 2002, I ask you what you’re gonna do, they’re looking to you; clearly a reference to the difference between JFK and Bush.

Tear in Your Hand

Concertina—Tori seemed to be surprised when Jon Evans did a bass improv before the song and she gave him an “I can’t believe you just did that, I’m so impressed with you” look, gestured about being pregnant using her own body and then pointed at him a few times. My friend and I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to convey--if she was pregnant with Jon’s baby (not), she was so impressed with his bass lick that she wanted to have his baby (sounds more like Tori), or that the woman that Jon is attached to was going to have a baby and he was so excited he played something special.

Precious Things
Pandora’s Aquarium

Improv--”haven’t seen you in while, my apologies for being late but I was playing ring around the rosie”  She wasn’t really late, I didn’t think.

Winter (solo) (I was surprised that she didn’t save this for tomorrow—on the first day of winter :))

Landslide (solo) (this was the best I’ve ever heard.  Simply gorgeous. She seemed to be enjoying it because I think she repeated a verse toward the end.  Although she didn’t mention the weather, this song seemed appropriate because of the deluge we’ve been having this past week.  I guess I’m being a little too literal)

Cooling (solo)

Your Cloud

Siren—I was so psyched to hear this one
Take to the Sky
I Can’t See New York
Spring Haze

Encore 1
Taxi Ride
Putting the Damage On

Encore 2
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (solo)
Playboy Mommy

I’m so tired, I can’t really write anymore.

From anna ham:

Overall, I must say that this was an excellent, amazing show. Tori was so energetic and did some excellent improv right before "Tear in Your Hand" (concerning the Vietman war vs. the situation with Iraq today-- "I watched you on TV in 1968. . .fast forward to 2002. . .everyone's watching you. . .what are you gonna do?), as well as during the Roadside Cafe bit.

The only problem I had the entire evening was that some idiots in the crowd were screaming at the top of their lungs during "Wampum Prayer". The screaming was incredibly annoying-- I can understand the excitement-- but really, can't anyone wait until AFTER the song? Come on, guys, let's prove that we're better than this. I hate to say this, but the yelling and screaming at the beginning really pissed me off and ruined the song for me.

Wampum Prayer -- See above. Ruined by screaming people.

a sorta fairytale -- I got up and started dancing like a loser during this one (there was no one sitting behind us).

Caught A Lite Sneeze-- Really well done, and I totally did not expect to hear it.

Sweet Sangria -- Rocked.

Tear In Your Hand -- Beautiful. The band came together really well on this one.

Concertina -- This isn't one of my favorites, but it sounded interesting live.

Precious Things -- Now, this IS one of my favorites. The "giiiiirrrllll" part was the best, and I think it lasted about ten seconds (I counted).

Pandora's Aquarium-- The bass on this one was great, but it was so low frequency that I could hear it rumbling in my shoes. I thought it might be able to level a house if given the chance. Tori jerked away from the piano a little (as if she was being electrocuted) right before the end of the song.

Wednesday-- Excellent, excellent, excellent. It still sounded funky even without the guitar.

Band leaves

Winter-- This was wonderful. Very emotional.

Landslide-- I thought I was seriously going to cry. Amazing. Lighter alert-- one person sitting a few rows in front of us held one up.

Cooling-- Also great, and I had it stuck in my head for the rest of the evening. Also lighter-iffic.

Band returns

Your Cloud-- This is a great live song.

Siren-- I hadn't heard this song before, but it is phenomenal.

Girl-- People started screaming during the pauses in this one as well, which annoyed me. Very nice otherwise.

Virginia-- Even better live than it is on record.

Take To The Sky-- This was phenomenal. I would say that this was the second time in the evening when the band seemed like it was one being. Perfect synergy.

I Can't See New York-- Slightly creepy (maybe that was the point) but very powerful live.

Spring Haze-- Gets better every time.

1st Encore

Taxi Ride-- I got up and danced to this one as well, just because.

Putting The Damage On-- I was so happy to hear this one-- I screamed so loudly afterwords that I have a sore throat and cannot speak today.

2nd Encore

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (solo)-- Gorgeous. At this point, we'd managed to sneak our way up near the front. We could see Tori's facial expressions, and she was putting so much emotion and feeling into the song.

Pancake-- One of the hardest rocking moments in the entire show. I'd wanted to hear it, and to my shock and joy, she played it. Playboy Mommy-- All I can say is. . .wow.

Fantastic show overall. . .now, if those screaming people would just calm down. . .

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