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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
Los Angeles, CA
Tue, December 17, 2002

Updated December 19, 2002

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Tori performed in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 at Universal Amphitheatre. The show began at 8:15PM and Howie Day was the opening act. This was the first of two days in Los Angeles during the On Scarlet's Walk tour.

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Take To The Sky
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Sangria
Precious Things

Band leaves

Toodles Mr. Jim

Band returns

Your Cloud
Playboy Mommy
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore

Taxi Ride
Liquid Diamonds
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore

Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. (I will eventually move the forum reviews to this web page as well.) Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Danica:

Danica called me after the L.A. show. Danica said Tori seemed tense today and not as into the show. She did not even smile except once, which was at Matt. Tori did not seem to loosen up until Hotel.

Earlier in the show when she first greeted the audience, she said something like, "Hi. Everytime I play here, I feel like I am playing the Marriott."

Tori once again sang "Toodles Mr. Lott" during "Toodles Mr. Jim". The last line of "Toodles Mr. Jim" as she sang it tonight was, "If you're going to believe in something, be sure of what you believe in."

From Danny:

TORI SEEMED IN GREAT SPIRITS AND VERY ENERGETIC. The improv before Toodles Mr. Lott mentioned something like: "I love this little sign, it comes down every night, and I do some songs alone, some silly ones like this one..." (not the exact words, but more or less)

Precious things was extraordinary just like Sugar. I knew and felt Sugar coming out tonight! I was in ecstasy! There is something that really sucks, though! The security for the Amphitheatre has announced that there'll be NO M&G tomorrow, wednsday. Just like there was none today!

Anyhow, peeps, I'm really exhausted and I need to get some sleep! Oh, before I forget, I took 3 people with me today, my boyfriend, my good friend (a priest, LOL) and my boss, the priest (whom I thought was very very serious) actually loves Tori, and he told me "I have more admiration for her now and her music too. It's amazing how a tiny woman can have so much energy!". My bf didn't like the concert much... I thought it was amazing!

From Melissa Christian:

Tonight was...weird

My 5th tori show in all and my 2nd on the scarlet's walk tour

alone again, I actually bought something at the show this time, instead of a year later! A concert program and I bent it a little = (

Howie was excellent tonight, his set was super emotional for me, despite the people wandering around and annoying me through the whole thing. He is very passionate, and I think I'm getting a crush just like a lot of girls who have been going to the shows. *sigh* don't tell my boyfriend (shhhh! hehe)

I thought it was kinda funny that I saw Mark in the sound area...and he stood in my way during the first part of Tori's set for a good long while ;-) he's like a little mouse scurrying around. Oh and wearing shorts!

ack! I mean, I know he's from England so it's not cold to him, but jeebus! Brrrrrr! It was so freaking cold tonight.

So...Tori looked fabulous as usual wearing this..torn wrap thing, very gaw-jis And I agree with Danica...tonight's show seemed very dry and Tori seemed pissed off at something if not tense

I was kinda disappointed because this isn't the first time I've caught her in this kind of mood. But though, she smiled a few times at John tonight...I noticed that

The highlights for this show for me was: Carbon and Crucify this was the first time I've heard crucify live and it soooo rocked! like everyone is saying it's the best version of crucify ever!

and Carbon...solo is just so gosh darn beautiful I could have died a happy girl tonight

China solo was wonderful also, but I got treated to that last year, so it was like... eh

And let's see...I liked Lust and Concertina...cause um, I wasn't expecting them but I am disappointed in the songs she's been picking for Roadside Cafe whenever I decide to show up.

I really wanted to go to tomorrow night's show but I have no more money left and I have a final exam

I bet more than anything tomorrow night's show will be 10 times better

And the other songs that were played I already expierienced at the show in Las Vegas this tour I am hoping the next time I see her she'll be in a better mood and surprise me a bit more

I still love Tori and the band and HOWIE

oh and the crowd was very pleasant, thank you

From Té Johnson:

Mmmm.  Tori did seem tense, but she was... breathtaking.  And she tried to make up for it-- the typical, Tori definitely making some serious love to her piano (no metaphor, actually pelvic thrusting into the thing... both of them heh)  Dressed in fae-rags, her hair pulled half-back, to show off her beautiful elvin ears...

I'd say Precious Things was my favourite part of this performance.  Never make a faery angry.  We're awfully chilling creatures, in the cold-blooded, "Hello, don't tempt me or I'll suck your soul" kind of way when angered (those are direct quotes describing me when angry.  And they fit Tori all too well when she performs 'Precious Things."

From Ray (L.A.):

This is Ray, and I have never bitched about ONE Tori show ever!!!! I have been to MANY MANY shows since 1996...from Illinois---where I'm from, to Minneapolis, where I lived, to L.A.---where I moved to in 1999. Anyway...

THIS IS THE FIRST SHOW THAT HAS FUCKING SUCKED MAJOR DONKEY DICK due to the security. NOT ONLY were we treated like shit in the pic I attached---but also,.. after Spring Haze we were all made to go back to our seats for the encores!!!! security POWER TRIPS!!!!!!!!!!!---

I have read the reviews for the show---and I have to absolutely disagree with everything. Universal is the WORST place I have EVER seen her play---I don't have a complaint from my past years tours---all other venues have been great---but THIS venue absolutely sucks!!! MOSTLY due to the over-active security. Anyway I won't go on and on and on---but there is MUCH mroe detail----however, it's 4:00AM---I stayed later and went to see Lord of the Rings at midnight---at least I saw one good show tonight that wasn't ruined due to security fuckers. :-) ahhh I guess we won't ever re-live the dew drop inn days...:sigh:.......

I'm giving tomorrow's show another chance though, and maybe it'll be better. Check out the pic of our lovely meet n greet..........HA~!!! how sad----

L.A. --- thumbs down.

From Tammy:

I attended both La shows....

GREAT SHOWS!!.. you have set lists already

On the meet and greets.... in full detail if you have not heard...

At around 3 pm..... Universal opened GATES..... not Doors... GATES.... we were about 30-35 people.... we were all calm and excited ( if thats possible) The security guard there was telling us to WALK not run and gave us directions to WALK straight, then make a Right then a left and we will see it set up for us....

Then.... Steve came,
Said does not look like we will be doing this today ... I will have to double check....

We waited...... And it seemed like we were going to have it because that security guard looked like he was waiting for the OK..

Then Steve came back with a Universal Security guard, and said "Sorry guys cant do it, Universal does not have the insurance for this ( Uh.... dont they have crazy ass rides??) and only staff can enter or extra people" then one Toriphile said " My husband works for SAG can I come in"

the Security guard was like Uh..... didnt know what to say ...

At any rate, we were upset, Steve told us see you in San Fransisco, And alot of us were like HEY this is our time!!! We cant go up there..... But Steve took some things from us that we wanted to give to Tori....

So I was pissed that Universal led us on...... I hope Tori never plays there again.... Because not only that about the meet and greet , they would not let people rush the stage...

Mike you have to understand.... the La crowd was sooooooo well behaved!!!!

Well thats my 2 cents.Take Care.

From the Orange County Register

From the Los Angeles Times

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