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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
Salt Lake City, UT
Sat, December 7, 2002

Updated December 12, 2002

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Tori performed in Salt Lake City/ West Valley City, UT on Saturday, December 7, 2002 at the Ford Theatre (Part of the E Center). The show began at 7:30PM and Howie Day was the opening act.

Set List

Thanks to Ann (Kai) for calling me after the show with the set list!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Sweet Sangria

Band leaves

Silent All These Years
Cool On Your Island

Band returns

Pandora's Aquarium
Take To The Sky
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Cornflake Girl

2nd Encore

Taxi Ride
Northern Lad


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. (I will eventually move the forum reviews to this web page as well.) Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Ann (Kai):

Ann called me after the show. Tori seems very animated and happy tonight. The show started at 8:40PM and ended at 10:55. The first time Tori spoke to the audience, she said she wanted to put them in her pocket and take them to L.A. with her.

There seemed to be issue with the audience and security tonight. Ann could not tell exactly what was happening, but it seemed to occupy Joel's attention to the point to where he was not on stage to direct Tori back out during one of the encores like he usually does. It also looked like someone was kicked out. If anyone has further details, please email me.

As Tori came out at the start of the second encore, she was making a swimming motion with her hands and pointed to Matt Chamberlain on drums. Before Northern Lad, Tori said something like, "We're going to miss you, don't be a stranger."

The audience on the floor stood the entire show, which has not happened before on this tour. I hope there were not too many people who were unable to see...

From Danica Knox:

Danica says this was the rudest and loudest audience she has ever endured during a show. There were drunk people, people talking during the show, and so on.

After Liquid Diamonds, Tori literally laid on her back on the piano bench! After Sweet Sangria, Tori said, "Hi, I wish I could put you all in my pocket and take you to L.A." Then she started talking about the music business, and how they are always on their cell phones, saying, "They need to be executed." Danica wonders if Tori saw someone in the front row on a cell phone during the show.

Tori whispered, "We're going back here" before playing Cool On Your Island. After Taxi Ride, Tori said, "We're going to miss You. Don't be a stranger."

Tori did deviate some from her written set list. She had Bliss on the set list, but replaced it with Cornflake Girl. Tori ended the show with Northern Lad, but on her set list, it had both Honey and Tear In Your Hand. The really interesting thing was the fact that Tori soundchecked Professional Widow earlier that day. I guess it is still too early for that one to come out.

From Liska C.:

Hi I just wanted to comment on the review of the Salt Lake Tori concert by Danica & Ann. First and foremost it was out of the numerous Tori concerts I've attended (and God knows I've been to MANY!) the most TAME audience I've seen yet. I mean don't get me wrong Miss Danica could have been sitting in the designated drunkerd area but I really did not see these so called rude drunk people.. And as for Ann's obsession with Tori's body guard Steve for all she knows he could have been relieving himself during the last encore. I don't want to come off as some cruel person complaining, but come on! Why don't we focus on what Tori would want us to... She put on a wonderful show and I'm very fullfilled, along with many others here in Salt Lake to have the privlage to have been there.... Sorry for complaining but why is everyone so caught up with the downside to this great event? I guess it is sort of disturbing to me... Sorry again for complaining, but I just wanted to voice my opinion on how great the show truly was...

Note from Mikewhy: Liska, I am thrilled you were in an area where you could enjoy the show. But you must realize that when someone is sitting near people who are rude, they can have a hard time enjoying the show. Danica and Ann did not criticize Tori's performance, and they both thought she did a wonderful job. But a concert review is just that, a review of the entire experience, and for them, the experience was in part damaged by the rude people around them. If you had a wonderful experience, then send in your review detailing that so that there is balance. I am always happy to post all reviews! (And Ann was talking about Joel and not Steve by the way...) I am thrilled you and many others had a wonderful time. By all means have them send me in reviews and I will post them!

From Kevin aka BlissBoi:

I just wanted to say that this concert was probably one of the best ones that I have been to. Tori was in great form tonight and sang so beautifully. I was not aware of any problems, but maybe there were.

There was something in the air last night..something very magical. Tori's voice just resonated through the arena and there were points in the show that I got goosebumps just listening to her. Crucify was wonderfully done and I was so happy that she did Precious Things.

I could go on and on about her perfomance last night. She seemed very energetic and was full of musical passion last night and it showed in her performance.

From Ann (Kai):

FYI, I'm Ann (the person who called Mike from the show). I just got home to Denver.

I was in section AA (floor right), row 4, seat 2.

Wampum Prayer - the crowd is screaming.

A Sorta Fairytale - very nice. Everyone is standing by that point. I was really surprised after having been at Denver. I was seated in row 6, section BB (center floor) at Denver, and no one stood until the encores.

Precious Things - Tori skipped the "beautiful boys" line. She also sang "Look at me now" towards the end (and I don't know if she does this every time - just something I observed).

Liquid Diamonds - very beautiful.

Sweet Sangria - also pretty.

"Hey everybody, how's it going?
I wish I could put you in a pocket and take you to L.A."

I missed a bunch of this but..

"I don't know what it is, too much veggie burger? We don't have anything against the Birkenstock crowd, but those industry people!"

And at the end, the comment about executing them.

Lust - so beautiful. I love this song.

Crucify - lots of crowd screams. People were holding lighters during this song (I've just never seen that at a Tori show before). Towards the end she sings, "crawl my way back out."

She dances at the piano bench, with her hands clasped together over her head.

Pancake. Some people in my section started to sit down. There were still a large amount of people pressed up against the baricades in the front row.

Wednesday - what a fun song! During Wednesday, 2 seperate people came up to the baricades in front of the backstage area (where Joel and security hang out) and they complained to Joel about something. This was all right in front of where I was sitting. It was distracting.

Curtain falls back.

"So it's just us for a little while.
Anyway, how's it all going? Is it going pretty well? Ok."

Sings the improv about the sign.

"I got a little sign
It lights up sometimes
It lights up to take me
to (I missed this) I long for
Sometimes I get it right
Sometimes I get it broken
I know it's not for long
but as longas your here (something I missed) comes"

Silent All These Years - very pretty. During this, security reached over me to talk to the guy sitting next to me. They said, "Sir, can we talk to you for a monent." And he had to leave. He came back after the song was over, and I never found out what the problem was. Obviously, this was very distracting.

"We're going back here"

someone yells, "Love you Tori!"

She says, "Love you too"

Then someone yells out "Love you more."

Tori plays Cool on Your Island - beautiful song.


Curtain comes back.

Pandora's Aquarium - I love this song! I especially like the "diagnosed as sound" part at the end.

Tori puts on lip gloss. I thought she was going to play Taxi Ride but she played..

Juarez - it was nice to hear this.

The improv she does before Crazy.

"He may be only in my head
But I feel him in my hands still
I close my eyes sometimes
and he's there in my hands"



Take to the Sky. Sings "this world I speak of right here, right here" towards the end.

I can't see New York. I find this song so moving.

Spring Haze.

During this song, some blonde woman (she looked like she was in her late 20's, early 30's wearing a beige sweater) goes up to the baricade seperating front row from backstage (right in front of where I was sitting.) She started having an animated discussion (she looked pissed) with one of Tori's security guys (has long hair in a ponytail). He would listen to her, and then shake his head, no. She continued through the whole song. At one point, she stepped behind the baricade, and the security guy quickly moved her back. They got more security. She started arguing with Joel. Venue security had moved up by then, and most of the people sitting around me were watching. One big venue guy grabs her arm and told her she had to leave. She was really pissed off.

When Tori left the stage, I believe Joel was still up there. By the time she was to go back out, he was on the floor dealing with this girl. She walked out alone. Tori looked a little surprised.

Springtime of His Voodoo - my first time hearing this. I really liked it!

Tori dances at the bench. She arched her back at one point.

Cornflake Girl. The crowd really liked it.

Tori left the stage again. 4 girls in my row started to leave, and I told them, "Look, she's coming back out. She always does 2 encores." They left anyway, although I expect they just listened from the side.

Tori comes back out. She made swimming motions with her arms. She stopped at Matt (the drummer) and pointed to him. The crowd cheered.

Taxi Ride.

Northern Lad - I adore this song.

When I called Mike, he asked me if the show was better than Denver. And I can't really fairly answer that. I think Tori was more animated in Salt Lake City and she really seemed to enjoy the crowd's energy. I was very distracted at times by all the security problems. I will never get another ticket at the far right front side of the far right floor. I don't want to see all the security problems. It's entirely possible these types of things happen all the times at the shows. I've never been seated in this area before.

I don't think the crowd standing the whole time was that big of a deal. Some shows are like that, although I wasn't expecting it at a Tori show. In Louisville, KY in 1998, the crowd stood for the whole show. It just happens in some places.

It was odd that the entire front row was standing, pressed against the baricades the whole time. Also, a lot of people jumped rows at the beginning of the show. There were more people pressed up at the front then there were seats. I think this might have been the cause of the complaints to security. If you had a front row ticket in section AA, seats 1 through 5 or so, you really couldn't see much.

I noticed a lot of religion songs. Crazy - "Unzip your religion down", Cooling - "a message from Jesus", Crucify - "gotta enough guilt to start my own religion", and Precious Things - "those Christian boys".

This was my first time to Salt Lake City. It was foggy the entire 2 days I was there. I never saw the mountains. I would like to come back, because I think it would be very beautiful.

The Church of Latter-Day Saints (or LDS) really runs this city. I read 2 of the local papers, and LDS has a big influence in this town. I wonder if Tori chose songs for that reason, or if I'm just reading too much into it.

I think Tori was amazing last night. And I think that, in the end, nothing else really matters.

From Joe:

First of all, Tori was fabulous as always. I have never seen a more talented performer and I doubt one exists. She is completely mesmerizing. I love the new album and she played many of my favorites. I prefer her without the band however, because she was sometimes drowned out by the drums and bass.

The crowd, on the other hand, SUCKED. I can put up with standing the entire time. I can put up with people dancing. I can even put up with people singing along, as long as it's not too loud. All these things seem TOTALLY out of place at a Tori performance, but I can put up with it. If that had been the only thing wrong with the audience that night I would be fine. But this was the most loud and obnoxious audience I have experienced at any concert. I could barely hear the solo numbers over all the talking, laughing, etc going on around me - I am not exaggerating. I was sitting in the center section on the floor row 10 and the entire row behind me was full of a bunch of drunks who actually got in a fist fight during voodoo. My wife, who happens to be 6 months pregnant, was hit in the head with a poster or program or something, and there was beer spilled all over the place. When the fight broke out, security dragged out 2 or 3 of them and made people switch seats to separate the rest. I talked to one of the security guys and had the rest of them kicked out as well. At least we could enjoy Taxi Ride and Northern Lad without interruptions. These 6-8 people behind us completely ruined the experience for my wife and I and for everyone around them. It's really a shame because near the beginning of the concert Tori said (as she has said on several occasions) that Salt Lake was one of her favorites crowds. I really wish she would only play without her band and in smaller venues. It draws a completely different crowd of true Tori fans - people who are actually there to hear her instead of get trashed...

I had been looking forward to this concert for months and I finally had great seats. Tori performed beautifully but the crowd made the experience very disappointing.

From Katie:

In response to Ann's review-

I have seen 4 (? I think?) shows in Salt Lake, and 3 in California. I notice every time she plays here she seems to speak to the religiousness of the town. On SLT she played Precious Things and Icicle right off the bat--

I was also in the AA section, row 3-- I think it would've been so nice if folks in the front had sat down, but I still had a wonderful time. What an awsome show. I had been dreaming about hearing the Cool on Your Island/ Cooling duo ever since she started playing them at shows- and it was better than I could've imagined!

And Ann, thank you for not calling it smog-- do come back and see our beautiful mountains.

From Jason M.:

I was sitting directly behind Joe in row 11. I my self was very disappointed, and pissed by the actions of the people in this row. Every was totally trashed, except myself and my date Lindsey. We both were very excited about the show and never even considered going to the show intoxicated. Unfortunately we do know the person who was causing all the issues, ...and he is the one that hit Joe's wife on the head with the poster. When we met him at the E center he was drunk and he somehow managed to get a fifth vodka past security. He continued to get even more out of control. Some time during the show he was flirting with this girl who, later, said she was married, and also, for some reason, made several comments about my date. I heard some raised voices and was not really sure what was going on. Lindsey and I continued to watch the show and the next we are being pushed out of our seats and fist are flying.

Lindsey left and returned with security who broke up the fight and most of the people were taken out. Lindsey and I were moved to row 12 exchanging seats with another couple. One of the girls from the other group came after Lindsey and almost punched her in the face. The girl was removed by three security guards and then they came back and asked Lindsey to come out side and answer a few questions. I could have stayed but at this point the show was ruined, for me. It is unfortunate that several intoxicated immature people can ruin such a wonderful experience. My apologies to all that witnessed ... intoxicated behavior. I can only hope that Tori will tour again and I will be able to see her without interruption....

As far as dancing, standing, and singing this is all part of being at a concert. Every time I have seen Tori it has been kind of a group thing. I don't think that will change. Her music is charged with emotion and as a fan that listens to her daily it is difficult to just plant my butt in my chair and not get involved in the feel of the moment. My advice to Joe, as far as this goes, expect it. If you are looking for a more sedated experience I don't think, and many would agree, that you would find it in Salt Lake. I will say that there is a limit and the above is an example. I think, as even Tori mentioned, that she loves the energy and the involved audience. Go with it and have a little fun.

Note from Mikewhy: I don't wish to post any more about conflicts in Salt Lake. We all know how wrong being drunk at shows is and how it can ruin shows for people. As for dancing and singing, it is a matter of what the audience is doing around you. If you are the only people dancing and you are surrounded by people sitting, then common sense and courtesy says you sit down. If others around you are all standing and dancing, then you have little choice but to stand yourself if you want to see. Simple rules really. I disagree though that in order to respond to emotional music you have to get up and move around and I also disagree that standing and dancing is THE expected behavior at concerts. I saw Tori 8 times this year, and remained seated each time except for the encores. This was also the behavior of the people around me. I have had some of the most emotional shows ever while sitting in my chair, and yet I felt my response was very strong and appropriate. Each person responds to music differently. There is no one accepted behavior at a show. But as long as we follow the lead of the majority when it comes to standing and be respectful to others no matter what, we can ALL have a good time at the shows...

Despite some of the negative reviews on this page, I do want to stress that Tori gave a fantastic performance and most of the crowd at Salt Lake had a wonderful time at the show!

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