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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
St. Louis, MO
Tue, December 3, 2002

Updated December 4, 2002

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Tori performed in St. Louis, MO on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 at the Fox Theatre. The show began at 7:30PM and Howie Day was the opening act.

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Mrs. Jesus
Your Cloud
Tear in Your Hand

Band leaves

Cloud on My Tongue

Band returns

Putting the Damage On
Take to the Sky
Taxi Ride
Cornflake Girl
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore

Sweet Sangria
Past the Mission

2nd Encore

Playboy Mommy


For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were there! The latest reviews are at the bottom of the page.

From Sarah Parker:

Hey, Mike. It's Sarah from Miami. I wanted you to know that Liquid Diamonds was on the setlist tonight! But she didn't play it!! So maybe soon...

I can also provide you with tiny bits of what WAS played (I wasn't there). Horses, Cornflake Girl, Girl, Leather, Putting the Damage on, Taxi Ride, Pancake and Playboy Mommy. That's all I heard!!!

From Brandon (as posted to the Dent concert reviews forum)

Wampum Prayer (20)
A Sorta Fairytale (20)
Bliss (8 )
Crucify (17)
Mrs. Jesus (9)
Concertina (8 )
Your Cloud (7)
Tear in Your Hand (14)
Wednesday (20)
Leather (solo) (5)
Cloud on My Tongue (solo) (5)
Cooling (solo) (6)
Putting the Damage On (4)
Take to the Sky (16)
Taxi Ride (14)
Horses (8 )
Cornflake Girl (17)
I Can't See New York (20)
Spring Haze (20)
Sweet Sangria (20)
Past the Mission (7)
Girl (4)
Pancake (19)
Playboy Mommy (4)

Merman and Liquid Diamonds were on the set but were replaced with Leather and Pancake.

*edit - added numbers of times each song has been played on this tour so far*

From Julie Patrick:

Well, I saw Tori for the 5th time Tuesday night...second time at the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis. A really nice show, and we had great seats with plenty of leg room. The crowd was rather subdued...but there was a definite energy.

Tori was so cute when her band left for a few solo songs. She whispered into the microphone "It's just us now."

I noticed the interpreters down front really getting into both Tori and Howie Day. Howie is quite experimental with the mixer and came out with some neat stuff. He commented at least twice that we were "quiet."

It was a great show, but best of all, I finally got to meet the goddess herself! We met backstage around 6:30 and went in groups of four or five to meet her. She was sipping on tea with lemon and talked briefly to those who came through. It was exciting for me since I've wanted to meet her since 1994!

From Jodie Williams-Teal:

Gosh, I don't even know where to begin. The show was amazing. Tori was great, John and Matt were great, the audience was a little noisy though. The show started at 8:48 pm and lasted until 11:01 pm. She wore a white, pink, and brown gauzy dress or long shirt (couldn't really tell from the my side seats)with sequins on the back and around the collar. The dress had a pink part hanging from the sleeves that looped on the end around her finger so when she stood with arms open, it reminded me of fairy wings. I believe she wore jeans underneath. It also looked like she had a butterfly clip in her hair on the left side. She was very energetic and had a lot of energy and smiled a lot. The only bummers were Tori was not talkative (like the show last year in St. Louis) and some of the loud members in the audience, the guy in front of me that kept talking on his cell phone to some of his friends in the balcony area, and the couple a few rows in front of us that I guess wanted to give us a sex ed lesson.

Waupam Prayer- The same as every show. Tori singing behind the curtain. I don't think it is a recording as some people have noted, but that is my opinion.

A Sorta Fairytale- Very good, she jammed during the song. Throughout most of the concert she was really getting into the beat of the music and kinda dancing and swaying while sitting on the bench. Very energetic.

Bliss- Tori was bouncing in her seat during this song.

Crucify-Very intense.

Mrs. Jesus-Before this song she did an improv about this being "her girl."

Concertina-Before this song, she said she loves being on this side of the Mississippi. She then introduced the Hunchback Matt on drums and John on bass.

Your Cloud
Tear in Your Hand

Roadside Cafe-

Leather-Before this song, she did a cute improv about how she wasnt going to follow the paper and that Dan (the lighting guy) should put her in red. The lighting changed from blue to red.

Clound on my Tongue

Cooling-Before the concert Tori was at one of the local radio stations doing a mini on-air concert. During this, she said that someone asked her to perform this song in St. Louis and she was going to do it now. Because she performed it on the radio, I was surprised to hear it during the concert. Congrats to whoever requested this song.

Putting the Damage On-The band came out and John played the upright bass. The Roadside Cafe sign was still lit during the song and disappeared shortly afterwards.

Take to the Sky-Just like how she did it last year in St. Louis, but with the band. Everyone clapped when she was hitting the piano and during the "Take it boys" part she started bumping and grinding her hips towards the piano.

Taxi Ride

Horses-I loved this song, very intense with beautiful piano moves.

Cornflake Girl-I love this song live. She started the song with one of the piano solo parts in the song, then she dove right in and started singing.

I Can't See New York-Beautiful. This is my favorite song from Scarlet's Walk. The lighting behind her was red white and blue with the white part reminding me of billowing smoke.

Spring Haze

1st encore

Sweet Sangria-When she came back on stage she danced her way to the piano. After she came out almost everyone in the front continued to stand until the end of the concert.

Past the Mission

2nd Encore

Pancake-Again when she came out on stage she danced to the piano.

Playboy Mommy-At the end of the song when she sings "I'll be home to take you in my arms" she stretched her arms out towards the audience and then brought them back in like she was taking us in her arms.

From Melissa Olges:

It's a shame you couldn't make it to St. Louis. It wasn't really the best show I've seen Tori do, but there were some really, really excellent moments. She was feeling playful, and it really showed in most of the improv.

A lot of it's pretty sketchy to me -- I don't have the best memory -- but I captured all the specific lyrics I could figure out and filled in with the closest I could remember for the rest. We'll all know the rest of the particulars when the recordings come out. ;)

Feel free to share whatever you like. Or not. Whatever works for you is fine by me.


"This is My Girl" (before "mrs. jesus")

After Tori introduced the guys, she introduced her Bosey. It went something like this:

And this is my girl
Yes, this is my girl
Sometimes she thinks she's everything to me
She's more than just 88
She's more than nine feet, boys
Yes this is my girl...


"your cloud" intro

And this girl knows you
She knows this place very well
She knows every vein and street in this city
She knows what's in your heart

There was more, I think, but I was too awestruck to really remember. I knew what she was building toward, because I was sure she'd play this song -- it is the one that takes Scarlet up the Mississippi into Missouri.

(I think that "your cloud" actually takes her to the town where I live, because this is where we have the memorial to the large group of Cherokees who died here on the Trail of Tears. Look for Cape Girardeau on the map when they fill in that bit of Scarlet's Web. I'll send a photo of the memorial when the weather's better and I can get some good shots.)


"Apology to Dan"

At the beginning of the Roadside Cafe segment, she changed her mind about the set. Here's most of what she sang.

The light man will have my head
I've changed my mind; I'm going to do something else instead
This little paper that makes me commit
Means nothing now; it's useless to him
Sorry, Dan, even now I'm bathed in blue
But I think red
Yes, red will do.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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