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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
Melbourne, FL
Sat, November 9, 2002

Updated November 10, 2002

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Tori's performed in Melbourne, FL on Saturday, November 9, 2002 at the Maxwell C. King Center. The show started at 8:00PM and Howie Day was the opening act.

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Sweet Sangria
Past The Mission
Mrs. Jesus
Black Dove (January)

Band leaves

Operation Peter Pan
Mr. Zebra

Band returns

Putting The Damage On
Another Girl's Paradise
Take To The Sky
Caught A Lite Sneeze
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore

Sister Janet (solo)
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Hey Jupiter


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From Mikewhy:

Once again Tori performed 27 songs! The show tonight was 2 hours and 19 minutes, only 4 minutes shorter than Tampa. Tori began her show at 9:05 and ended it at 11:24PM. Tori had mentioned to some people at the meet and greet that she had gotten a "little carried" away in Tampa and that the show in Melbourne would likely be a little shorter. But in reality it was nearly just as long!

Tori seemed to be in excellent spirits tonight. She smiled a lot, and talked to the audience more than she did in Tampa. I noticed her smiling at Matt and Jon more, but that could have been because I was closer to her this time. Amanda and I were once again in the front row of the balcony, but this one was closer to the stage than the one in Tampa. The venue seemed kind of plain to me, but the sounds was good.

I will not comment on each song this time, but if you look at the set list, you will see that she did fewer songs from Scarlet's Walk. She did do Operation Peter Pan during her solo time at the piano. That song is the b-side of the a sorta fairytale single in the U.K.

Speaking of Tori performing solo, I need to explain a bit how she is doing it this time. The band eventually leaves and Tori performs solo at the piano for about 3-4 songs. This has been known as "secret time" during previous tours. Tori has not called it that this time yet, but she does have a sign drop down that lights up and says "Roadside Cafe" during this solo or secret time. However, during the last two shows, the sign remained for one band song AFTER secret time was over. So for tonight's show, it was there for Icicle, Operation Peter Pan, Landslide, Mr. Zebra, and Putting The Damage On.

Since Putting The Damage On is played with the band, I hesitate to refer to Tori's solo or "Secret Time" as the "Roadside Cafe". But if you look at Tori's official set list, you will see that Tori considers those songs to be a unit, because she places all the "Roadside Cafe" songs between lines on the printed set list. So that is quite interesting.

Speaking of Putting The Damage On, Jon Evans played the upright bass this time, which is the first time on the tour that it has made an appearance. With Landslide, this also marks the first time that a cover has been performed On Scarlet's Walk!

Once again there were several little improvs that were wonderful to listen to, and Tori talked several times. The first time was after Sweet Sangria. Tori mentioned not being far from home, and that this show was like their home or something like that. She also said something to the effect that many of the songs tonight were conceived of in this area. Tori prefaced Past The Mission and Mrs. Jesus with small improvs. The Mrs. Jesus one was the same as the one in Tampa two days earlier. Before singing Icicle Tori put lipgloss on and mentioned that she had been dying for some for the last 20 minutes. Then she launched into a short "lip gloss" improv where she sang stuff like, "Some addictions never go away...Started when I was 12..." and then she sang something that included the words "kissing potion." This led to Icicle.

Before Operation Peter Pan, Tori talked about a friend of hers being in the audience who helped her plan her garden, and then did an improv about weeding her garden, and someone who never really did any weeding but sat on their (*motions to behind*) I was not clear if Tori was saying SHE never did any weeding or her friend. Some people here think Tori was refering to pot when she talked about weeding...

During Black Dove there was some nasty static, but it did not last long. During Voodoo (which appeared later in the show this time) Tori messed up and smiled really big!

Tori did deviate from her official set list. She was supposed to do Flying Dutchman, but did Landslide instead, which was supposed to be done during the encores. Tori added Sister Janet where Landslide should have been during an encore.

At the start or the second encore, Tori did quite a bit of dancing on stage, pausing in front of Matt and then going over near Jon as well. It was very cute and fun to watch.

This has been more of a series of random observations than an organized review, but I hope it gives you a taste of the show. I loved both the Tampa and Melbourne shows equally, for different reason. I am curious how Atlanta will compare...

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