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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
Auburn Hills/Detroit, MI
Sun, November 24, 2002

Updated December 4, 2002

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Tori performed in Auburn Hills/Detroit, MI on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at The Palace Of Auburn Hills. The show began at 7:30PM and Howie Day was the opening act.

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Precious Things
Sweet Sangria
Mrs. Jesus

Band leaves

Baker Baker
Here. In My Head

Band returns

Your Cloud
Taxi Ride
Past The Mission
Little Earthquakes
Caught A Lite Sneeze
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore
Cornflake Girl
Silent All These Years (solo)

2nd Encore
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Hey Jupiter


For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were there! The latest reviews are at the bottom of the page.

From Mikewhy:

I was fortunate enough to witness tonight's show from front row center. I noticed two things that I have not during my prior shows when I was in the balcony. The first are Tori's facial expressions during shows, which are always interesting, and secondly, I noticed just how hard she works it on that stage. You can really see how much energy she is putting out, and the effort she uses to gives us these incredible shows.

The Palace is a HUGE VENUE. It has to be the largest venue I have ever seen Tori play in. I saw her play there in 1998 and then again tonight. Part of the venue was blocked off behind the stage and in the back at the very top, but most of it was open and Tori filled it quite nicely. I can not say it is my favorite place to see Tori in, but she gave a terrific performance.

The show began at 8:42PM and ended at 10:53. After Precious Things she spoke to us for the first and really only time. She did not introduce the band this time (she did the night before in Columbus). She mentioned that Detroit was like her second home. She also said, "This is the home of my vampire friends,.. But vegetarian vampires." Tori did mentioned to the Michigan crowd about the fact that Ohio State defeated them the day before. (Tori was in Columbus, Ohio the day before, which is the home of Ohio State.) Tori said, "We were in Ohio yesterday. They may have won the game, but they burned their houses down." This was in reference to the riots that broke out in Columbus, OH the evening after Ohio State won the game against Michigan. Tori want on to say, "How intelligent is that? " Then she said something like, "I love my home..." The crowd was roaring at this.

Before Baker Baker, and as the Roadside Cafe sign was descending, Tori did a small improv. Her words went something like, "Just you and me here and this piano. Just you and me... Me and my friends are here tonight...bringing me good times."

The combination of Tori performing Baker Baker, Lovesong, and Here. In My Head was an emotional and Potent one. There were many wet eyes in the audience, and several quiet sobs as well. She was really tugging at people's heartstrings tonight.

There were some rather awful people in the crowd. They were not directly next to me and did not damage my enjoyment of the show. I am afraid there were others closer to them who suffered. There were a lot of random screams and obnoxious shouts in the middles of songs. There was some idiot or idiots up front smoking pot. (We could smell it. I know Tori burns sage before each show, but this was something different from that!) I could see others who were obviously stoned, who were talking frequently during the show and pretty much treating the concert as their loud block party. It was a small number of people really and most of the crowd was wonderful. The people sitting near me were all wonderful. But those few I saw were the worst I had seen this year. They are a cancer that needs to removed from Tori's audiences in order to bring them to full health. I mean that in the strongest possible terms.

However, I must stress that this concert was really excellent. I felt Tori was more energetic during this show than in Columbus. (For example, the Girllllll part of Precious Things was longer and more dramatic!) And while I hate sometimes when people scream stuff to Tori during the performance, there was one moment where Tori's reaction was rather cute. At the very beginning of I Can't See New York, someone shouted, "Tori, You Rock!" Tori smiled really big after hearing that. She seemed to get quite a kick out of it! Tori certainly did rock tonight, but also inspired as well.

Addendum - November 26

I feel the need to carefully explain my earlier comments about some of the people at the Detroit show that appeared in my review of that show. I am getting emails from people who are telling me to "loosen up" and that I am foolish to expect people to just sit there and stare at Tori concerts. These people seem to have preconceived notions of what I think without reading what I say carefully. Therefore allow me to be more clear.

I do not expect and have never stated that I expect the fans at shows to just sit there quietly and stare. That is certainly a valid option, but I in no way expect other fans to do that. *I* do not do that. I am actually quite animated during shows. I move about quite a bit, sometimes whisper comments to my friends nearby, and clap loudly between songs. Sometimes when I hear a song I really like or that is a complete surprise, you will hear me shout "Oh my God" or give a little cheer of approval. I know that all people are different, and their reactions at Tori shows will be different. My negative comments about rude people at the shows is not a rant against people having fun. Tori loves to hear the claps and shouts from the audience. I am sure she thrives on it, and I am not against that at all. People who say that I want people to stay still and just stare at the shows have obviously never seen me at a show.

But there is a clear line that should never be crossed. When your actions are repeatedly and unreasonably hurting the enjoyment of the concert by those around you, then you are going beyond just having fun. For instance, when people see a show, there is a very reasonable expectation that they will be able to hear Tori at least most of the time. If there is someone screaming over and over and over, or singing along to the point where others nearby can not hear Tori at all or very little, then why is that "acceptable" behavior? Some say that they "paid for their ticket and have every right to be there." That is true. But if they are doing something that blantantly rude or obnoxious, then the fact that paid for their ticket does not justify their offensive behavior.

I have gotten many emails over the years from fans who were only able to attend one concert during a tour. They looked forward to it for months and were terribly excited once the show arrived. However, during the show they were near people who were shouting in their ears over and over, talking loudly on cell phones during secret time, spilling beer on them as they get up over and over. The fans who were looking forward to that Tori concert for so long ended up with a miserable experience and barely got to even hear Tori. Is this fair? Is this being respectful? Is there ANY justification for this?

A person can still shout and cheer and even dance while remaining perfectly respectful to those around them. I sat near a really nice girl recently who would dance around in her chair during the songs, sing along quietly, cheer between songs and when she heard the beginning of her favorite songs, and who would make little comments to me during the show. All that was wonderful and cool and perfectly fine. My comments are not a diatribe to prevent people from cheering and expressing themselves at the shows.

But there are a few people in the crowd who scream loudly over and over and over every 15 seconds non-stop through the show. Between the screams they talk loudly, sometimes on cell phones. They smoke and blow the smoke into the faces of those next to them. They kick the chairs of the people in front of them to the beat of the music, spill beer on people, and sing along so loudly you COULD NOT hear Tori. THESE are the ones I am talking about.

I see these people and criticize them, and suddenly I get emails saying that *I* am out of line. That is completely ludicrous. I have a very high tolerance at concerts because I know people sometimes are more verbal and physical in their expressions of excitement. The actions of most people do not bother me at all. I am talking about a very few people who do what I listed above. Can anyone really justify that behavior? Can anyone truly say that *I* am being unfair against people like this? Why not criticize the people who are doing what is clearly wrong? What about the people who suffer because of their rudeness? My comments are for them. My comments are for people who love Tori's music and then have their concert experience ruined by people who do not even seem to want to listen to her. My comments are about people who say they love a certain song, and then scream so hysterically while Tori is playing that song that they do not hear her sing a single note. That makes no sense, and shows no consideration for other people.

I am justified in my harsh comments about these people. It is a small, but vocal group, and almost all the fans who check the Dent or attend the shows do not fall into this category. I am not against people having fun and cheering. I am against people being rude to others and ruining the concert for others by engaging in activities that go over the line. Can any of you who expressed unhappiness with my negative comments honestly say that you would be perfectly content to be near these rude people at the shows? Do you not agree that the primary purpose of a concert is to hear your favorite artist sing, at least part of the time?

I just felt the need to clarify where I was coming from when I say harsh things about a few people in the audience. None of these people were directly near me during this tour. In fact, all my shows this tour have been 100% enjoyable and all the people I sat near wonderful. But I have seen the negative things I talk about from a distance, and have had many reports from heartbroken fans whose concert was runined by these people. My comments are for these people, these fans who were unable to enjoy the show because of the rudeness of others. There IS NEVER any justification for this. And I will continue to speak out against it whenever I can. This kind of thing can be greatly eliminated if everyone takes a stand against it.

After reading this, no one can say that I expect people to just sit there without moving during shows. No one can say that I expect people to keep their excitement about Tori to themselves. No one can say that I am against cheers and screams and enthusiasm. My criticism is for people who go beyond this and are obnoxious and rude to others through behavior that does not respect the audience, and does not respect Tori's music as well.

From thenagainmaybe:

I was at this show, too, and you summarized it very well.

We had 7th row and were all the way to the left (the audience's left) on the floor. There were a few girls who were probably near you who were cracking me up. I couldn't hear them to know if they were singing or anything, but they were dancing at one point and Tori kind of gave them a coy little smile.

I got a HUGE kick out the expression on her face when that guy yelled "Tori, you rock!" A total genuine reaction.. and well, she DOES rock.

And her banter about the OSU people burning down their houses was cute... the end was something about winning being great, but at the end of the day, she'd rather have her house.

I WAS sort of disappointed that she didn't interact more with us, and the behavior from many in the crowd. They didn't seem to really get into the show as much as I would have expected. Some loser actually got pissed at my friend for singing along with one of the songs. The way I see it.. if you're feeling something, you just have to go with it. Tori inspires many emotions in some of us, ya know?

The set list was good, though. I was shocked to hear In the Springtime of his Voodoo" and "Little Earthquakes". Those are two songs I'd never heard her do live before.

And it was AMAZING to hear her cover The Cure.... a definate tear jerker.

VERY good show. Despite some bastards in the crowd, I have a fantastic time. I even have more appreciation for the new album after having seen her play her ass off on the new tracks.

From Heather:

Tonight's show was absolutely amazing! I am one of those who usually prefers Tori's solo tours, but I must say, this being my 10th or 12th Tori concert, it was one of my all time favorites. One of the great things is when the band starts before Tori, and you're trying to figure out what song it's going to be, and then she starts on the piano and it hits you!! I agree with Mike, (I was also on the mainfloor-row 21) there were MANY people acting disrespectfully, which was extremely disappointing. During Silent All These Years (solo) people were singing along (fine) but a few were doing it in a really high-pitched voice, almost in a mocking sort of way (these were probably the drunk or stoned people). Anyway, I was not going to let that or the random shouting get in the way of the experience. I am a huge Michigan Wolverine fan, so it was great to hear her defend us and also tell us how weird it is that Detroit really feels like a second home to her :)

Some highlights:

Precious Things-sounded so true to the original recording and she was so into it

Lust-absolutely beautiful

Wednesday-so much fun...i think we all agree this is a classic already

THE ENTIRE ROADSIDE CAFE WAS HEAVEN!! Hearing her perfectly gorgeous voice fill up the Palace with these three songs especially was so amazing

Baker Baker-tears...tears....she put so much emotion into this it was just gorgeous.

Lovesong-more tears...I was amazed that she played this!! I was kicking myself for not requesting this at the meet and greet last year and it was as if she read my mind! it was so beautiful---a longer version than the one I have.

Here. In My Head-yet more of my all time favorites. I think she likes to play this one in Detroit--she always plays it here...not that I'm complaining.

Past The Mission-again, a great surprise

Little Earthquakes---just like the album again....amazing

Caught A Lite Sneeze !!!!! different version...beautiful on the piano

Spring Haze-this was breathtaking....loved it

Cornflake Girl--such a fun encore song...we were all up and dancing

Silent All These Years (solo)-beautiful and calm

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo-what an exciting surprise!!! she was really having fun with this one, back and forth between the two pianos

To all of you with shows left to see....enjoy....she's amazing as usual

From Julie (As posted to the ToriNews mailing list):

Just a bit about the show Sunday in Detroit...

Tori packed in a ton of songs, including A Sorta Fairytale, Wednesday, Mrs. Jesus, Pancake, Crucify, Silent All These Years, Hey Jupiter (beautiful) In the Springtime of His Voo Doo, Baker Baker, Here. In My Head, Spring Haze, Cornflake Girl, Precious Things, Lust, and so on. She did her cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" and I thought I might die of happiness.

The only complaint I have is that she really didn't interact with the audience much. Except for a small dialogue about people in Ohio burning down their houses (Ohio State University had beaten U of Mich. in football the ngiht before, and they rioted to celebrate), she didn't have much to say, not even responding to shouts from the crowd. However, this did allow her to pack in more songs, so it was all right.

And she was her usual little gracious self, waving and smiling and blowing kisses at the end. Two encores, and not a lot of waiting for them (I hate the idea of encores, but that's another story). All in all, this is right up there with the best show I've ever seen.

From Amanda Morris:

We got inside to find our seats soon before Tori came on and saw what incredible seats we really had! We were right up front row center right beside the RAINN auction winners, Karen and Michael, that Michael (Mikewhy) had been talking to a lot of the night. On the other side of them were Richard Handal and his sweet friend Linda, so it was like our own sweet group up there. :)

Tori came out after the usual Wampum Prayer and everyone immediately stood. All of us in the front lunged for the wall in front of the stage. She was so close! I felt myself start shaking, and Carolyn showed me she was too. When Tori sat at the piano, we all sat down again as well.

I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to a sorta fairytale because I was just so mesmerized by being that close to her and being able to see every movement in her mouth and her eyes. The moments that she looked directly at me took my breath away at first.

I was so happy to hear Precious Things from front row! She seems to get so into this song. There was a longer "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrl" part than in Columbus the night before. Her hands traveled up her body all the way to a few inches below her neck. The curling back of her lips was amazing to witness.

Tori talked about it being like her second home. And how the vampires are there, then corrected and said the vegetarian vampires.

Tori also talked about the Ohio/Michigan state football game, saying that sure Ohio won, but they burned their houses down. Everyone laughed/cheered and she said, "how intelligent is that?" More laughter and cheering from the audience. Then she said something about she didn't care who wins, she loves her home. (something like that).

Lust - Michael's favorite from Venus, was great. I specifically recall that during the "remember remember remember" part her eyes seemed to bore right into mine. It was an intense feeling, but I never looked away.

Sweet Sangria - I had heard this at most of the shows I had seen on this tour, but is was so much more intense to watch her so close.

Mrs. Jesus - I wanted to hear this again! I adore the beginning improv. At a point during this song, a piece of Tori's hair got in front of her face. Mid-song, she quickly reached up and flung it back behind her to have it fall again. She finally flung her head back, and her hair stayed back then as well.

During Crucify, I coudl smell the very distinct smell of pot drifting in through the front row very heavily. Thoe in the front way down from us were behaving quite horribly, but luckily they were far enough away, they did not impact our enjoyment of the show except for the smell, and I only noticed it during this song.

Pancake - again, same as it has been for the most part, but this time I could clearly see her every movement of her cute little hip-wagging dancing. At the benzodiazapene part, she took her hands off the keyboard and placed them on the front of her hips at her stomach and did a very small, very subtle pelvic thrust forward. It was really hardly noticable, but I was trying to take in everything.

Wednesday - again similar to the other nights, but so fun to watch up close! I could tell she was having a great time, but I could also see how much energy she was putting to give us a show.

The band left and Tori started on an improve as the Roadside Cafe sign was being lowered. She sang about "it's just you and me and me and this piano" Then I think she repeated "you and me" a few more times, then she sang about her friends being there and bringing her good times.

Baker Baker - I never realized how gorgeous this song really is. It was getting me quite emotional adn those around me were pulling tissues out of their purses and I could hear sobbing behind me. I almost cried myself and I have never taken that strong of an emotion or connection with Baker Baker. The beauty of it was really overwhelming.

Then the oh so recognizable beginning notes to Lovesong started. I never expected to get to hear this song live. I was thrilled and on an impulse, I reached out to hold Michael's hand during the song. It was beautiful and she really belted out those long, exagerated notes at the end of the song, tossing her head back in total freedom.

Here In My Head was next and I think that is when I noticed my knees started shaking. That was an amazing secrete time for me that I never expected at all. And to see the emotions in Tori's face really hightened the songs' emotion.

The band came back and I finally got to hear Your Cloud live for my first time. This song has taken a long time to grow on me. It was so pretty live and I like the song more now.

Happy to hear Taxi Ride again, even though I heard it the night before. So fun to watch.

Since the last tour, Past the Mission has become more to my liking. I enjoyed watching her switch back and forth on instruments.

Love Little Earthquakes. I loved watching the end where she squinted her eyes shut to belt out the lyrics.

I never recognize Caught A Lite Sneeze right away. I love it, but I was a little concentrated on my tailbone digging into the very uncomfortable seat.

I Can't See New York - Right before actually starting this, someone yelled, "you rock, Tori" I could see Tori smile really big as she begain playing at that point. I enjoyed the song as usual, but was starting to be in pain more from the uncomfortable chair.

Spring Haze. I knew the encores were next and that everyone stood for those. For the first time ever, I actually wanted to stand for a concert. I clutched my coat and leaned forward ready to lunge forward on my feet after the song ended.

As the last notes played I stood up with everyone else and lunged for the wall in front of the stage. I got my place easily and waited for the crush of people behind me. But that crush never came. I looked behind me a bit and everyone was basically standing at their seats. I was pleased and suprised. Apparently though, they did end up climing the seats to stand behind me. But those behind me were very respectful. I never even knew they were there.

Tori looked out at the audience, down at us, gave some cute little waves and walked off stage.

She came back on stage and it just felt so good to stand and even better without people shoving on me from behind.

Cornflake Girl - I love the piano in this song. Tori really got into this, standing up at times bouncing her body with her head hung down, hair falling around her face. At one point, during a "rabbit where'd you put the keys girl" line, she looked right at me seeming to lock her eyes on mine. I enjoyed this song a LOT more than I thought I would.

Then we got Viriginia that was missed in Columbus the night before. I adore this song live. It is so beautiful.

Silent All These Years - Tori just added this one to the set list. She looked over at the band and motioned them to leave. This was the first Tori song I drew a huge connection to and it felt so special to see it so close.

As Tori left someone threw a teddy bear up on stage, and it landed right in front of her path. She was only looking out at the audience and I held my breath and hoped she would not trip over it, but she did not.

The next encore, Tori came out from behind the stage, and immediately started dancing. It was so fun to watch her bounce across the stage bouncing away. Then she went to her piano and played In The Springtime Of His Voodoo. I was so happy to have this in the front row! I love this song live. As she was playing, she just seemed to be really enjoying herself, bouncing along with the music and really belting out the words.

Hey Jupiter - I love the Dakota version with the band and actually missed it in Columbus the night before, so I was happy to have it here. I have said it before, but this is my favorite live version of Hey Jupiter.

As Tori left stage for the final time, she noticed the teddy bear that had been thrown on stage, and picked it up and held it up in the air and smilled big before prancing off stage.

From Tiffany:

Wampum Prayer. 'Nuff said.

A Sorta Fairytale - I think for me the best part of this song being first in the setlist is that Tori comes out dancing and shimmying, and it's the sort of song that you can sway to. It begins a rhythm for the show, a pulse for the audience to be brought into synch with.

Precious Things came next, which brought some tears to my eyes, but not the onslaught Friday had brought with it. My memory may be off, but I do believe she improved the end the longest in Toronto, which is usually the part that gets me most.

Lust followed, and while yes, the echoing effects are a very nice touch to the live version, and yes, the piano of the song is lovely, I'm just not fond of it. It makes me yawn. So hearing it again made me roll my eyes.

Sweet Sangria moved in to cheer me back up. I love this song but 3 nights in a row is a bit of overkill for most things. Plus, being off to the side, I couldn't watch her cute swaying and facial expressions during the verses.

Tori then did a lovely long improv I didn't take notes on, so I can't describe it any better than to say it was delicate and a very fitting transition into Mrs Jesus, the first song of the night that I hadn't yet heard live. It's a very moving song live, particularly when Tori sings, "Now it seems we're drowning in a drop of water". I actually think it could stand to add some of the Lust echo effects to compensate for losing the studio version's vocal layering live.

Crucify came next, and unlike last night, Tori didn't mess up. In Columbus she left out the "Got enough guilt to start my own religion", replacing it instead with the "where are those angels..." a verse early. The slowed down version gets irritating to me after a few times. It reminds me of Caught a Lite Sneeze on the Live in NY video. It's cool for "once in a while" but after a few times you just want to scream "just sing the next line already!!". I think that 3 times in 3 nights is my tolerance threshold for it *L* I still enjoyed hearing her again, but enough for me thanks.

Pancake - I love this song, but right after slowed down Wurly overkill, it was a bad set-up. Plus it's more fun for me to see her face. Still a blast to hear her snarl out "benzodiazepine" again.

Wednesday - Matt, I love you. Your extra drum intros make me enjoy this live. Plus, of course, there's the giggle I get from landing the eagle. It also sounds less country live somehow.

The Roadside Cafe sign descended, and Tori began an improv about friends "sitting there" with her, sometimes in her mind, and thinking of them, which led into a beautiful rendition of Baker Baker. I cried during this one, simply because the version was so gorgeous. Tori often whispered certain words, and it took me back to a time when Brian had wrecked my life and that song took care of me.

Keeping with the theme of love, Tori then pulled out a touching piano version of her Cure cover Lovesong. While it's not a song I particularly love, I really enjoyed it, if only for its fit with the previous song.

The last solo song made me lose it. Here.In my head has always struck me in a very deep place, and not even as a song about love, but rather, a song of being trapped in an emotional nightmare in your head, with no escape. I couldn't believe she was playing it - I didn't expect it at all.

Jon and Matt returned with Your Cloud as the next song, which I know Tracie was really happy to hear. I needed a neutral sort of song to calm down after HIMH.
I have to say that I thought the version in Toronto was a little better though.

Taxi Ride - If I were rude like some fans (namely, these two idiot girls in section C, row 2, middle of that section who insisted on standing up and dancing, thereby blocking the view of all behind them. They also kept raising their hands up like those fanatical people in the Songs of Worship CD commercial who look stoned. I mean seriously assholes, people don't pay for third row to stare at your asses and further, just because you have second row doesn't make you superior and therefore able to ignore the rights of others. If you want to do a praise Jesus type of thing go to fucking church. ~End rant~), I would have stood up and danced for this one. It got tears out of me again, particularly the "even a glamorous bitch can be in need".

Past the Mission - I think Tori smoked up and decided to change her game plan for this song without telling Mark. She played the first chorus on the Rhodes (or maybe the Wurly?) but the sound was too low to really hear. In Toronto she'd done verses and choruses on piano. Tori came to her senses and stuck to piano after that. From what I could hear, it was a cool variation to try out!

Little Earthquakes. Again. Ugh. This song just drags so much at the intro that I get annoyed with it live. She always gets me emotionally anyway, and even the guy beside me had tears trickling down. I do love a guy who can cry to Tori.

Next she pulls out Caught a Lite Sneeze. And I began to think as she played of my letter I'd written her, of how much I needed someone, anyone, I could trust to hear and understand me, and Tori sang "I need a big loan from the girl zone". I began crying again, and I could hear echoes from the '96 interview clip of Tori they showed during the Speakeasy interview, where she talks about how she was in a "really bad state" and she would have taken what anyone would have thrown at her; she said she was "in dire straits".

And all I could think was, "That's me. I'm in dire straits." And the tears continued to fall.

I Can't See New York - always beautiful.

Spring Haze - This one is a song like the slow Crucify: it has a threshold where it becomes overkill of a good thing. If it would change order in the set it wouldn't bother me to hear it again and again. I think I just really hate predictable set lists.

As Tori left the stage, the guy beside me turned to me and said, "Are we gonna do it (rush the stage)?". I said, "Worst they can do is tell us to go back." With that, we hopped the chairs and stood behind the front row people.

Tori returned on stage to Cornflake Girl, which was fun to dance along with, but after 3 nights, it was enough for me. I guarantee the people who scream loud when they recognize it are a) newbie fans who've never heard it b) older fans who are nostalgic for the classics and c) fans who only see one show per tour. The rest of us are like, "Oh gee. Cornflake. Whoo-hoo."

Virginia was next, and I was thrilled to hear her, because she has really grown on me lately. But there was one problem... well, more a matter of emotional overload. I take Precious Things and Here in my head to heart regarding sexual assault issues. And in Auburn Hills, after those songs, lines like "she'll lay down her body" were a trigger-fest. It was a heartbreaking rendition as well, which only amplified the raw intensity in my heart. I almost physically hurt from the emotion.

As Virginia wrapped up, Tori turned to Matt and Jon, then they left the stage. And Tori proceeded to rip my heart out.

Silent All These Years.

Of all songs to play when I'm triggered. I will never forget how hard I cried. I thought I was dying. I could barely catch my breath, and I hugged myself and shook as Tori stared straight at me and sang. When she reached the "Years go by..." part, she didn't sing her usual high notes, but sang lower, softer ones. I at once felt like an ass, crying so hard in a crowd of strangers, and utterly ripped open, every emotional wound stripped raw and left bleeding.

Two. More. Songs.

I remember when I saw the setlist for the first night of the tour, I had said "Voodoo! That would rock live!" And here I was, emotionally wrecked, and I hear Voodoo begin. It was during ITSOHV that I realized that Mike and Amanda (yes Mikewhy and Novinha) were front row centre. I wanted to go say hi but I was so teary-eyed and incoherent and I didn't want to meet them that way. I managed to get into the swing of Voodoo and dance a little towards the end.

Hey Jupiter began, the Dakota version that I'd set out really wanting to hear, and I cried because Hey Jupiter is so personal to me, cried because I remembered how Tori had played it in Toronto last year for Alicia.... I just cry it seems *L*

And thus ended my three days of Toriness........

From brian kordas:

I was also at the Nov 24th show. I was at the very back of the floor..parallel to the sound equipment. . I'm only 5'2, luckily though there weren't any people that were too much taller then me and I had a pretty clear line of sight to see Tori..except for the encores...where I was on my toes to see her. :)

I was one of the unfortunates, who were near some disruptful people. There were about four women, a few rows behind My mother and I, who were constantly screaming and talking amongst themselves till halfway thru the show. I was ready on several occasions to tell them off, but then they would quite down. then just start up again. I wouldn't say they ruined the show for me, I just tunned them out. They were a mild announce...making the hairs stand at the back of my neck...nothing more.

Luckily my father just moved to the Seattle area for work. I will admit...I had other motives then just a visit, when I asked to come up and see him next week. Hopefully I'll be able to get a decent ticket for the show, and make up for my discomfort here in Detroit. I also plan on going to a couple of shows in 2003. The Columbus show...and others if they roll close to Michigan. I know it's wishful thinking, but it would be wonderful if Tori was able to play a show at the Fox here in Detroit. The venue just suits her so much better.

The set list was amazing. At last years show I was only able to hear about a half hour of Tori's music, she didnt wind up comming on till about 930 or 945, so I heard most of the songs for the first time. Just an amazingly wonderful night.

thanks for taking the time to listen.

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