Rare On Air: Volume One

Added May 9, 2001

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Tori was on the compilation album "Rare On Air: Volume One" which appeared on Mammouth records in the U.S. in 1994. The Tori Amos Collectibles book says this about the album:

    In a wonderful coupling, Rare On Air has Leonard Cohen reading a short poem that seques into Tori performing a live, in-the-studio version of Silent All These Years. Recorded May 12th, 1992 at KCRW in Santa Monica, CA., this 15-track CD is a benefit for public radio and also includes John Cale, Natalie Merchant, Michael Penn, Nick Cave, Peter Himmelman, Even Dando, Brendan Perry and others.

Toriphile Mike emailed this information to me about this album:

    RARE ON AIR - Live Performances - Vol. 1 (KCRW radio station - all tracks are live)

    Prelude. Leonard Cohen - Poem (poem segues into tori's performance)
    1. Tori Amos - Silent All These Years
    2. John Cale - Cordoba
    3. Peter Himmelman - Always In Disguise
    4. Evan Dando with Juliana Hatfield - My Drug Buddy
    5. Michael Penn - Coal
    6. X - Arms
    7. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - God's Hotel
    8. Beck - Mexico
    9. Los Lobos - Peace
    10. Lindsey Buckingham - Never Going Back Again
    11. Mark Isham - The Moderns
    12. Brendan Perry - The Captive Heart
    13. Natalie Merchant - How You've Grown
    14. Lucinda Williams - Which Will
    15. David Wilcox - Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song

    I bought this CD at a Borders Books & Music by me. You should be able to find this online at amazon.com or cdnow or something like that with virtually no problems.

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