Mr. Puppethead

Updated January 9, 2001

One of the memories of Tori's Plugged '98 Tour (and to some degree the 1999 5 1/2 Weeks tour) was seeing Mr. Puppethead make numerous appearances. He was often spotted hanging out of Tori's tour bus or making appearances on stage. To honor these memories, the Dent has created this page which includes some fun photos of Mr. Puppethead with Tori and members of her band.

Also be sure to visit the Official Mr. Puppethead web site.

Some people linked to Tori created Mr. Puppethead T-shirts, Babydoll T's and tour access laminates that you had the opportunity to purchase back in 1998 and 1999. This merchandise can be seen below, however at this time the merchandise is no longer being sold. Like Tori, Mr. Puppethead needs time to rest!

You can see scans of the Mr. Puppethead merchandise below, as well as some photos of Mr. Puppethead hanging out with Tori and her band during the Plugged '98 Tour. You can also view a couple of pictures of Mr. P lounging around by himself.

Mr. Puppethead Merchandise Photos

The emblem that appears on the front of the T-shirt and the babydoll T. Click to see larger.

The design that appears on the back of the T-shirt. Click to see larger.

The limited edition tour laminate

Mr. Puppethead Photos: Alone And With His Friends

Tori with Mr. Puppethead. Click to see these photos larger.

The band (Steve Caton, Matt Chamberlain, and Jon Evans) with Mr. Puppethead. Click to see this photo larger.

Solo Mr. Puppethead photos. Click to see these photos larger.

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