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New York Post
November 15, 2002

Added November 15, 2002

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The New York Post reviewed Tori's November 13, 2002 show at the Riverside Church in New York, NY and published it in their November 15, 2002 edition. Please read it at or below. Thanks to Seth and Woj. The photo you see below came from



PHOTO Tori Amos rocked the crowd at Riverside Church.

November 15, 2002 -- TORI Amos, the daughter of a Methodist minister, showed her altar ego with a concert in the very uptown Riverside Church Thursday.

If there ever was a performance aimed at pleasing the fans, this was it.

The setting was as spectacular as you'd expect, made better by trippy lighting that highlighted the Gothic architecture of towering stone.

Yet it was that carved rock that murdered Amos' voice for most of the show.

The sound was extremely bouncy in the cavernous church. When the sound guy cranked the volume, Amos' vocals had no definition. She was totally on-key - you just didn't know what she was saying.

But the full house, mostly female, could have recited every word to every song, from her "Little Earthquakes" album from long ago to last week's release, "Scarlet's Walk."

Amos' old classics "Cornflake Girl" and "Crucify" got the biggest rise out of the house - but it was hard to tell who was having a good time just by looking up and down the pews.

Tori's music doesn't compel you to shimmy shimmy shake, but considering the powerful cheers of adoration from the fans, it was weird that the stone saints that flanked the altar jiggled more than the crowd.

As the concert progressed, Amos' vocals became easier to hear, but no sound engineer could fix the bad habit she's developed - sucking air at the mike.

At the end of every phrase, you could hear an audible gasp. This Darth Vader-style not only hurt the music, it became very annoying, especially from a singer as practiced as Amos.

Tori has been much more entertaining when she's played less hallowed ground like the Beacon, where she's always been able to shake the rafters.

This time the rafters may have been too high to reach.

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