North American Plugged '98 Tour
East Lansing, MI
December 3, 1998

Updated May 2, 2000

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Tori performed in East Lansing, MI on December 3, 1998 at the Breslin Events Center during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Silent All These Years, Famous Blue Coat and Cooling solo. My Brothers 3 was an improv Tori did in tribute to the band.

Precious Things
She's Your Cocaine
My Brothers 3 (Improv)
Cornflake Girl
Silent All These Years (solo)
Famous Blue Raincoat (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Playboy Mommy
Caught A Lite Sneeze
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Tear In Your Hand
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Jackie's Strength
Pandora's Aquarium


(Thanks to Richard Handal for the photo.)

You can see a nice concert photo from this show at the Breslin Center's website! Thanks to Eva Szentpetery for telling me about this.

"My Brothers 3" Lyrics

Below you will find some of the lyrics to the wonderful improv "My Brothers 3" that Tori performed in East Lansing. These were sent to me by Danica Knox. They are VERY incomplete at the moment. If you know more of the lyrics or have a correction, please email me at

Spoken Part of Introduction:
"Hey everybody, how's it going? So we really wanted to end our tour in Michigan because um, i loved being here so much on the last tour...and um as an audience its really funny, because your different creatures as we love you for that. Um, we've been out as a crew...we started rehearsing since March of this year. And uh, we've worked together and slept on the same buses..and smelled each others wonderfulness. [chuckle]. And uh, I just want to thank first of all the crew, i'm sure the band is with me on this...they've just been amazing. There is uh...there really is no crew as commited to such excellence as these wonderful folks. And um, these are my brothers, who some of you, have gotten to know. And if you haven't...i have to tell you..if you want brothers, these are the ones to have. This is Caton on guitar. And this creature back here [starts playing a monstery tune on the piano]..this monster, monstahh, monstahh, monstahh...Matt Chamberlain. [plays a sexy jazzy tune on the piano, begining music to Brothers 3] This is the uh, very wonderful Jon Evans, everyone."

Singing starts:
"Oh brothers sweet little family. oh brothers sweet on me...a play with my silvery. Sister man...sister soul...well...they could be like you...uh..every night with some sweet [i have no clue here], and Indian and [something].......uh...come my way. i say, you and me and my brothers 3, and my brothers 3, and come with me...well...i feel..i feel...]


The most recently added reviews are after my own.

From Mikewhy

December 8, 1998 - First of all let me say how happy and privileged I felt to be attending Tori's final show of the Plugged '98 tour. Not only was this likely to be the last live show Tori would do in many years, but it was also perhaps the final time that Tori's band on this tour would play together. Steve Caton, Matt Chamberlain, and Jon Evans proved to be a phenomenal band. Besides the fact that they were individually talented, they worked together beautifully and by the end of the tour they were playing seamlessly with Tori. They could improvise together, learn new songs constantly, and handle Tori's unique playing style and moods. Some Toriphiles were rather skeptical of the band at the start of the tour, but I think by the end most people realized how astonishing they were. Tori certainly accomplished her goal for this tour and album, which was to be a real player in a real band. Seeing the process from the beginning during the U.S. club tour and then seeing the final result in East Lansing was amazing. I am glad that there will be a live album from this tour, and that the material for the live album will likely come from the closing weeks of the tour. This band created magic during those closing weeks.

Tonight's show in East Lansing was, in my mind, a celebration. It was a celebration of this band and what it accomplished. While it was a goodbye show, there was little sadness (except during "secret time.") The choice of songs seemed to be those that really showed off the players and how well Tori and the guys played together. It was an upbeat and high energy show, with lots of rhythm. It was a joy to see.

I have talked to many people about this show, and read several comments. While many people agree with me about how outstanding the final show was, I was surprised that there were some people who labeled the show "unemotional" or "generic." While I totally respect their opinion, I must strongly disagree with their summary of the concert. It is true that the set list did not contain many rare b-sides or infrequently played material like the Indianapolis show a few days prior. Many of the songs Tori played were played before many times. The exception in my mind was "secret time" which included the haunting "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "Cooling." The show also included "Playboy Mommy," which of all the choirgirl songs was the one Tori played the least, as well as the astounding improv "My Brothers 3" which referred to the band.

I can not label Tori's East Lansing set list "generic." I would prefer to call the set a "commonly played" one. Generic seems to imply that the concert was less than spectacular, or that it was not unique or special. I could not disagree more. I know that there were people on this tour (myself included) who saw 20 shows or more. It would be easy to get used to the concerts and then call a show generic if it contained mainly songs that were played at many previous concerts. But if you really look at Tori concerts in general, and at this show in particular, you may be able to see why this show was anything but "generic".

Tori may play the same song often, but it is different everytime she plays it. Take "Precious Things" for instance. Tori made this song the opening number at nearly every concert on this tour. Despite this fact, the song was different every night. Tori's mood and the crowd would combine to tailor the song for that particular moment. Every night I saw her sing "Precious Things," I would notice something new. No two performances were alike. That dynamic alone made the term "generic" nonsensical to me for any Tori concert. During the East Lansing show, I was amazed at how special each song seemed to be. While I had heard much of the set list numerous times, parts of the songs seemed stronger and more polished. Tori seemed more lively and expressive than I have ever seen her. There were little hand movements and facial expressions throughout the concert, glances with the band, and an atmosphere of celebration that made tonight anything but generic. Tori and band band played together as one, and they chose the material that demonstrated that best.

I think some people called the show "unemotional" because they expected it to be a sad affair, much like the Boulder concert was at the end of the Dew Drop Inn tour. But Tori is in a different place today than she was in 1996. She appears to be happy right now, and she decided to make the night a celebration. Seeing the pure joy in Tori and the band's eyes as they played made the show very emotional for me. This was especially evident when Tori did a special improv with the band that I have called "My Brothers 3." During this improv she expressed her admiration for her "brothers." She so much loved playing with those guys. I should have the lyrics for this amazing improv later.

There were other things that made the show touching. Before Tori played "Cooling," she said to the crowd, "This is my goodbye to you." She also played a tender version of "Famous Blue Raincoat." I found "Horses" and "Jackie's Strength" to be perfect songs to end the tour with. When Tori said near the end of the show that if we see a red head in a cafe sometime to come over and say "hi" or she would kick our butt, that was quite poignant. Finally, the choice of "Pandora's Aquarium" as the last song of the tour was brillant. What other songs best sums up Tori's new album than that one? Many of the themes that run through her newer material are in that song, and it made the last encore very affecting.

What else can I say? I was surprised to hear "She's Your Cocaine" so early in the show. Having this as the second song clued us in that the show was going to be an upbeat one. I think this was my all time favorite version of "Girl" as well. It was so great to hear Tori do this song, which has been elusive in the past. "Sugar" is a b-side that was completely transformed by this tour into a powerful and emotional journey, one that seemed appropriate for tonight.

This was also the longest Tori concert I have ever seen. According to Richard Handal, the show lasted 2 hours and 4 minutes! It could have been even longer. I saw that "Black-Dove" was listed as the first song of the first encore on the official/written set list, but Tori must have decided to skip that one.

Tori had people on stage filming the concert. This actually began the night before in Grand Rapids. This was likely another reason why Tori chose songs that showcased the band. The guy who was on stage was introduced the night before as an old friend, and because of that Tori did not seem intimidated by the cameras like she sometimes is on TV. In fact, Tori seemed to be playing to the camera on a few occasions. For example, during "Cruel" Tori did some really cute hand gestures during the line "top ten on the charts of pain." While the camera crew did get in the way a few times, they were generally non-intrusive. I don't have the full details on what the footage will be used for, but there is a live album coming out in 1999, and I am sure Tori wanted real video footage that could be used for a variety of reasons. One thing it may be used for is a DVD video release of some kind. I will post more details about this later on the Dent as they come in. It is great that we will have footage of the final shows, since Tori and the band played so well together at that time.

After the second encore, the band came together at the center of the stage and hugged. (They had done this earlier as well after "The Waitress.") It was a heart-breaking moment as the realization hit that they were going away for good. It became too overwhelming for Steve Caton, who was visibly shaken and crying at this time. I must admit I had a tear in my eye as well. I was so proud of them at that moment. I had a nice warm glow as I left the theater and listened to the song they chose to play on the speakers as we filed out ("Always Look To The Bright Side Of Life", which I think was from Monty Python.) While I was sad that the tour was over, I was happy to have been there and glad that Tori seemed to be in a positive place.

The last thing I will comment on was all the interaction I had with other Ears With Feet both before and after the show. In fact, I must have talked to many people during the last 5 shows I attended. This aspect of the tour has become one of the most important to me. Meeting all of you and sharing our Tori experiences was very enriching. I am not an extrovert or a social being, but I so much enjoyed talking to everyone and sharing our memories, photos, thoughts, and experiences. I had so many readers of the Dent come up to me and introduce themselves. It was great to place a face with a name. People were so nice, and there was an air of community among most of us that made all the traveling and waiting in line worthwhile. The friendships I have made during this tour mean so much to me. Tori is not the only reason I update the Dent or attend the shows. The other reason is all the relationships that are created and nurtured during these visits. Some of you became like a family to me. During the final five shows people were signing each others memory or address books and writing message to each other like the last week of school before summer vacation. There were hugs and smiles and good feelings all around. I want to thank you all and express a sincere hope that we will stay in touch even when Tori is not touring.

I will comment on one negative thing I saw at the pre-show meet & greets at some of the final shows, though thankfully it was not a problem with the majority. There were a few people who put their desire to meet Tori above all else and that resulted in some selfish behavior, such as not honoring the number system and causing some of the Toriphiles who had been there since 8:00PM the day before to be in the back behind people who only showed up a few hours before Tori arrived. While I acknowledge the flaws in the numbering system (and have seen it abused on occasion), it is really the only fair way to handle such situations. First come first serve sure beats an ugly survival of fittest mentality or sneaky behavior. I was sad to see this. I would also hope that some of the people who have seen her several times would skip some of the meet & greets to let others see Tori who have not had a chance. I did this on several occasions, in fact I was not trying to see Tori during the final meet & greet. I just wanted to socialize with people. I think if we are all considerate and take care of one another, everything will work out. I saw several instances of unselfish behavior, and I hope it continues to overshadow more selfish motives.

In summary, let me say that the final show was spectacular for me because it perfectly symbolized what the entire tour was about. It was a celebration, a grand party, and one hell of a show. It was not the most emotional or eclectic show of the tour, but it was one of the most joyful and glorious nights I have seen, and an ideal way to consummate the tour. This tour was about rhythm, and within the painting of Tori's live show, rhythm added color and vitality. What an experience it was!

From Steve

December 18, 1998 - i don't think i saw anyone write in about this...but tori did a really cool improv in the middle of caught a lite sneeze at the east lansing show. i know she usually does a 'hurt' improv in the beginning, but this one came in the middle. i don't know if she did the same improv at the other shows (auburn hills, mt pleasant) because the sound systems werent as good as breslin's and i couldnt hear the words in the improvs like i could there. anyways, to me, it sounded like it started with "Fuck" (i KNOW i heard that in there somewhere hehe) and then went something like:

"'I hurt myself today,'
You're so full of shit
You never could sweet boy"

a bit more revealing than the "to find a jelly bean" one, in my opinion;)

ps - i agree with what you said about the last show of the tour showcasing the band. i've heard songs like iiieee, cruel, cals, and sugar tons of time over the tour, but those were THE best versions i have heard!!! they really went all out and it just kicked :)

From KayTea

December 18, 1998 - The December 3rd show in east lansing was amazing. It was my tenth tori show this tour, it was a great ending it was more of a "see you later" than a "goodbye". I did make it to the meet and greet, and finally met tori! Brian did his best, he also stood sideways for me so i could have a peice of the rail. The meet and greet was totally emotional, there were 20 of us standing around crying after the crowd had cleared out(id like to thank everyone for there hugs).Id like to thank Dave, molly, and marc for cheering me and jess up , and all those who chatted with me at three am! On to the show. well the set list is posted all over the place so i won't get technical..i had the best bad seats you could have(thank god, general admission wore me out) but i was forced to sit down..grr.. as mike pointed out people have named the show generic. I thought it was perfect, tori and the bands song selection kept the crowd together, it lightened the depression, if you will. Silent all these years(it was my first time hearing it live) tore me to peices, so beautiful. All of secret time got to me, especially the random doghnut song intro to famous blue raincoat! I was expecting tear in your hand, and was glad to hear it..Pandora is always a good last at a tori show, its a strong song. leaving the arena was horrible, it was hard to beleive she was gone. Leaving the people at the show was the hardest part.. Well all in all it was well done, and i hope to see everyone soon, way before the next tori tour!

From Dominique Spina

December 18, 1998 - Hi mike (and other readers)
i am writing to discuss what happened at the meet and greet before the lansing show. there are a number of people who have written on the number system and those who followed it and those who did not. i myself got number 87 and no doubt was not happy about that. when the time for the meet and greet drew near, my friends and i decided not to stand in the line of fellow toriphiles, feeling that it degraded us and was an act that someone in preschool might follow. [Note from Mikewhy: I want to let all sides air their opinions, but I strongly believe that the numbering system is the only rational way to handle large groups of people at a meet & greet. The alternative, having a large group of people rush the barricades and perhaps fight each other to get up front seems far less desirable. We should also realize that the meet & greets were an incredible privilege for us and the the numbering system likely kept things orderly enough to insure that they took place throughout the tour.] i don't mean to be mean to those that stood in line, i understand it was your chice but to me i felt like a child being lead along in a line. ok, so back to the point. we went down by where the m&g was to take place and sat there. eventually there were others who came and threatened us, saying that we were going to rush the barricades. i presented an idea that the number guy didn't like. meanwhile, all those numbered folk were standing in line, awaiting instruction. my friends and i ended up arguing with ....others who thought we were out to do wrong. i was crying at this point, as was my friend sara, and we resolved to sit there and watch the number system fail and not get to talk to tori. this is what happened next which no one can seem to get right. steve finished setting up the barricades and those very same people who had been persecuting us for not being in our "numbered" place in line, rushed the barricades....steve told us that we had to move, i gave my present for tori to him, and we went to speak with those that were STILL standing in line with their numbers. among those were 3 girls numbered 5,6 & 7. needless to say, they were no longer 5,6 & 7. the rest of the people in line, one in particular with a pink hat, was saying that when tori came out they should start screaming and yelling so that she would leave and they could ruin it for those who had rushed the barricades. that was so sad to me because it just completely ruins what we were all there for. when tori came out i was able to see her from a distance. it really upsets me that people had to act in this way, we were never thinking of rushing the barricades, we just didn't want to be back in preschool. as it is we are still getting the blame for the rush, though it was not us who did it, it was the very person who implemented the number system that day. i just wanted everyone to hear our side of it...

From Eva Pedersen

December 14, 1998 - The Lansing show was awesome too (although the people who said the next to last concert is usually the best, were right). We were lucky to get a hold of floor tix, 12 rows down. You could still see everything clearly, and we were standing at the right angle too (to the right of the Bosey). Fred had his binoculars too, so we were 'on stage' with her quite a few times...There was one time were I was looking thru the binoculars, and she looked straight into them! :)

Some highlights-

*Brothers 3-Wow...Funny when she sang to Matt-"The monstah-monstah-monstah!" *g* A lot of dancing Tori onstage, mingeling with her brothers and the Bosey. ;) She also mentioned "We've been smelling each other's smells on the bus, for the last many months..." ;P

*Sugar-First time I heard it on the tour :)

*Silent All These Years-*sigh*... :`)

*Famous Blue Raincoat w/ Doughnut Song intro-Wow...I hadn't heard this song before at all, but knew that she'd redone it. It was some of the best Tori stuff I've ever heard. Beautiful..

*Cooling-"This was supposed to be on BFP, but she told me to fuck off then...Then I wanted to put it on Choirgirl, but she wasn't going on that one either...I think she's my favorite, so..." *starts playing* I LOVE THAT SONG SOOOOO MUCH! Very cool live.

*Horses-I liked this version so much better than the one she did in Salt Lake City.

*Caught A Lite Sneeze-WAAAAOOOOOOW! The coolest live version to date!

*Jackie's Strength-Woohoo! Fred had been wanting to hear this one for sooo long. It was so good...

*Playboy Mommy-I had wanted to hear this live, and what do I get on the very last concert?! :) Thank you Tori. ;)

*Pandora's Aquarium-Played this last, and when she was done, she looked up and had a very happy and pleased look on her face. Like a "Thank you" kinda grimace... :`)

*Other Tori lines: "How are you guys? I wanted to play in Michigan last, because of the many different creatures here..." And "If you ever see me (A redhead?) in a coffeshop, and don't come up to me and say hi, I'll kick your butt!" ;)

Fred and I thought we saw Mark (Hawley) coming out on stage to say goodbye with the rest of the gang...Sure looked like him.

From TimmiLynn Johnson

December 14, 1998 - Ok. first of all I have to say that I did not attend the pre-show meet n greet and I am so glad that I did not. Number system or not, fair is fair and the people who camp out to meet Tori should have gotten to do so. Especially the ones who have never had the extreme pleasure of meeting her. I feel that through Tori's music I have become a better person. I always feel a lot of love and feel like being friendlier after I see Tori. Those of you who have met her many times know the joy that meeting Tori brings. Why don't you let some other people know that joy? If people always act this way during the before show meet n greet I will never attend it because I would probably end up in a fight. It's just the principle. I am so sorry to all of the people who got screwed out of meeting Tori. I met a girl who had been there since (I think) eight the night before that did not get to talk to her. Fortunately she got to talk to her afterwards.

I thought that my last Tori show would be the one in Madison on nov.4th. I chose to go to the shows on Nov.3rd and 4th because I thought that the weather would be better in nov than dec( I was WRONG).I had no vacation time left and had already taken one day off with out pay for the madison show. So basically there was no way on earth that I was gonna make it to the last show. I could not stop thinking about it though. Oddly enough something very important that I desperately needed time off for came up. I worked it out with my boss and got Dec 3 and 4. I could not believe that I had gotten those days off and still was not going to Tori. Sometimes thimgs are truly meant to be and others are not. I could not afford a $900 plane ticket to West Virginia to see my best friend and drive with her to North Carolina to do something very important which is to long and to boring to explain. However I could scrape up enough cash for a bus ticket to E lansing Michigan. I decided on dec 2 that instead of sitting home crying because I felt like a failure I would go and see Tori and forget my blues for awhile. Even when I decided this I did not really think it would happen.

I was on a bus from 12:30 am to 8:30 pm with a three hour layover in Chicago. It was awful. When I finally got to east lansing. The bus staitoin was closed. I could not find any change for the phone but there were no phone books anyway. I had no time to waste. I did'nt even have time to find a hotel. Lucky for me that on the way to the bus station, we drove right by the Breislen event center. So I walked there. Actually I ran(in high heels). I got to the door and she was singing Precious Things. Then I was told that I had to go to a different door to get my ticket. So I ran to that door and got my ticket. I begged the guy to let me bring in my huge bag full of my clothes, He made me promise that there was no food, camera's or recording equipment in the bag and then he let me go in. He was like don't worry she is still on the first song.

I had the worst seats I have ever had for a Tori show but I was not dissapointed since I had only purchased my ticket earlier that day. Let me see what can I say about the show. Well I should mention that Silent All These Years has sooooo much meaning for me. That song changed my life so I was so thrilled that she did it. It is the first time I have heard it this tour. I was like how did she know I needed to hear that. This was also the first time I heard her Girl live. It was wonderful. I don't know famous blue raincoat or cooling that well. I love Cooling though. This was my second time hearing it. I love Sugar. That was great. Playboy Mommy has got to be my fav song off of Choirgirl Hotel. She did it the first time I saw her and now the last. I was a little preoccupied this show. I was trying to decided if I want to try and meet her. I was also bummed that this was the last show. Also I was wondering if I would find a hotel and how I would get there. I decided not to try and meet her because I did not want to leave during the show but changed my mind at the last minute. I am soooo sorry that I missed Tear In Your Hand. Oh I almost forgot. She did Caught a Lite Sneeze. Another first for me. This song always puts me in the best mood. It was especially cool to hear it considering what I was going through at the time.

Any way i went out back by the bus to meet Tori at first I was like second row but then Steve came out and moved the barricade. I met alot of cool people at this show as well. The people I have met at the last three shows are some of the best and I feel lucky to have known them. You guys greatly improved my general oppinion of Tori fans. I wish I could remember all of there names. I can only remember Stacy who works at Hot Topic and Sarah who gave me a ride to my hotel. But there was also a girl in a cute pink hat who was really cool. I wanna say Hello and Happy Holidays to all of the People I have met. I wish that I would have gotten some of your e-mail addresses so we could keep in touch. Anyway here is mine ( I would love to here form any of you. Ok back to the subject. I think we waited like an hour and a half for Tori to come out. When I first met her I couldn't say anything. I was just like oh my god. Tori Amos is right in front of me. So I was going over what I could say if I got a chance. I decided that I would ask her if she had got the presents that I gave some stranger to give to her the first time I saw her in Mn on july 17. I bought her all this cool stuff but did not get to meet her. I was dead set on getting her gifts to her. And I abouslutely refused to take them home with me. Well anyway she came out and she ended up talking to one girl for about ten minutes or so. I was so moved by Tori's love and concern for this girl. She has truly got a big heart.When Tori got near me I gave her a fortune from a fortune cookie that said" true wisdom reveals it self in many odd ways". It reminded me of her. I got to ask her if she got the gift and she said yes she did and that it was on its way to Cornwall.I was like you don't know how happy I am to hear that. I thought for sure that she had not gotten it.I told her that I took the greyhound bus from Minneapolis to be there. She said that many good things have been written on a bus. Better stuff has probably been written on a bus then in the back of a limo. She thank you and that she was glad I made it.I can't believe I actually talked to her and that I didn't freak this time. She is so sweet. I watched her talk to other people for awhile then I moved so that the girls behind me could try and meet her. Even though I guess we aren't supposed to. Joel lifted Tori up and she waved goodbye to everyone. Oh I forgot this really cute thing she said. Someone gave her a cake. And she said why don't you share it with everyone hear. I don't eat sweets except my husband(he he he). Tori is the best. I can believe I made it to that show. I feel like it was meant to be.I am so glad I went to see her instead of going to West Virginia. She does so much for my mood. She inspires me to write and makes me want to be a better, healthier person.

I hope that I didn't piss anybody off by what I said about the meet n greet but I probably did. I can't help that. I feel strongly about what i said. I hope that the people who didn't meet her don't get to discouraged and try to meet her again. I never thought that I would meet her but I did. It dosen't matter who has seen her more,or met her more, been a fan longer or has more merchandise. I have only been a really big fan since early 97. I have only seen her 5 times. all of which was on the unplugged tour. And I only have as much merchandise as I can afford, but that dosen't mean I appreciate her any less. Dosen't the fact that some one has the good taste to like her at all mean anything?

From David

December 14, 1998 - Note From Mikewhy: I strongly disagree with David's comments, but I wanted to include his review so that all views on the final show could be posted here:

Hey there Mike. I've resisted sending in reviews for any of the shows I saw this tour, but I wanted to contribute a slice o' the East Lansing pie.

After the show was over, I know that I and several others were just standing there going..."What the hell was that?" I realize that it was a slightly immature and somewhat jaded reaction, but I couldn't help but take the show as a personal insult. Let me preface that by saying I was fortunate enough to have seen many great shows up and down the West Coast this tour, as well as a few in random states that I managed to fit in. I was also in Boulder for the last two shows of the '96 tour, which were just amazing as most of us know. Finally, as Tori's tours progress she always shows huge improvement and begins throwing in curves as the tour winds down. This tour was no exception. With all of these factors in mind, many of us showed up for the final shows of the Plugged tour with high expectations. I think a lot of people made the extra effort to be in Lansing because of all the hype over Boulder last tour as well.

I knew that these shows could in no way duplicate the emotion of Boulder for several reasons. First off, I knew that Tori was saying goodbye to the band. Boulder was quite obviously a send off and goodbye to the fans. Not only was she looking forward to settling down for a bit, etc...but she also didn't think she'd be on the road again for quite awhile. I knew that this would lend a different vibe to the show. Also, Tori seems to be very into this whole live album thing. It seemed like she realized she was down to the wire and was playing certain songs repeatedly so she'd have a wide array of takes to choose from. Then there was the cameraman on stage in Grand Rapids and East Lansing. I think it was just really poor planning to have that kind of interference at the last two shows. It's no secret that Tori takes on a totally different stage presence when she's on camera. Not only does she play to the camera, but she gets more self conscious and hams up the performance. All of these things just added up to...a really bad last show.

Tori is not retarded. She knows and has stated that the fans don't show up to hear a few singles. But uh oh! Here we are ending the tour in a huge impersonal arena and out come those crowd pleasin' singles. Can't get enough of that "Cornflake Girl". Actually I could see a justification for playing all of those songs at the last show except for "Silent". Come on now, that is just not a last show kind of song...that is a "Look, there are photographers and industry people in the audience, I'd better play my one song that they all know" kind of song. And a final encore of "Horses" AND "Pandora" with "Jackie" squeezed in the middle? I honestly thought she was going to come out for a third encore, laughing and saying "Like I would really close the tour that way!" But um...apparently she was serious. Obviously I know this was like a joyous send off and whatnot, but she knew a ton of people had traveled and made an effort to be at the last shows and I just can't imagine her sitting backstage making up that setlist without knowing that it sucked. Even the Grand Rapids show would have been a better closer. There was that awesome "Pretty Good Year" which left Tori and many of us sobbing at the end. As far as I'm concerned, that was the end of the tour right there. In Lansing she made little reference to the fact that this was the end of the tour and the performance seemed pretty much emotionless to me.

Bitch bitch bitch. Fortunately, my main motivation for going to the last shows was because I knew soo many people were going to be friends and people I had not yet met included. I was most looking forward to hanging out with and attending the shows with these people, and that turned out to be by far the best part of the whole experience for me...which is what I think the shows should be all about anyway. I had a really great time and am glad I got to see so many people there. But I have to say the show itsef was just plain awful. Tori knew better. I'm sure it would be different if I hadn't had such high expectations, nor am I trying to be petty, but that's just my take on it.

From Laura Johnson

December 9, 1998 - I have to say that the concert in E. Lansing was the best concert I have ever been to by far. True that it wasn't full or rarities, but it was a special concert and i heard a lot of what I wanted to hear. It was the perfect ending to a very upseting day. I camped out for the meet and greet with two of my friends. I am one of the MSU girls mentioned in several reviews. We got there at about 10PM to be numbers 2, 3, and 4. We were ecstatic. None of us had ever met Tori before, or even been that close to her. I met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun just camping out in the cold. However, after waiting about 12 hours things started to fall apart. A group very rude people gathered near where the meet and greet would be, people that hadn't waited all night or gotten numbers. We all lined up and waited for the baracades to be set up. Unfortunately, the selfish people on the hill rushed to the front. That left the people who had been waiting countless hours no closer than the fourth row. Not only, did we not get to meet her, but those people continued to trash on the number system and the people involved. I couldn't believe the comments I was hearing. I will never camp out for a meet and greet again. I have never in my life met that many selfish people before. These were people that have met her a million times. Let some other people have a turn. I would rather never meet Tori, than have her think that I cheated my way to front. I wouldn't even want her to associate me with those people in her memory at all. It was disgusting. I would rather sit in the back row of concerts and never meet her, than have to deal with those people. Being a fan of Tori Amos is not who has the most bootlegs or has met her the most. It's enjoying her music. Whether you only know Spark or know every song from every album, bootleg, and single is not important. I will settle for only going to a couple concerts, having as many CD's as I can afford, and never having to see those people again. I just couldn't believe that I had waited all night in the cold and on the pavement just to be screwed over by a few individuals who couldn't stand the thought of someone else getting a picture with Tori or getting her autograph. She's just a regular person like everyone else. I think that if she knew how the people were fighting with each other and how selfish everyone had been she would be very disappointed.

Well, now it's all over, and as I look back I'm glad I did it because I learned what not to do next time. Next time she goes on tour I won't skip all my classes and wait all night to meet her. I'm happy with knowing, myself, that I'm a fan. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. It was only my third Tori Amos concert, which is a lot for me, but I thought it was the best. I was totally mesmorized by it. I hardly said 10 words during the whole thing to any of my friends. I still managed to have a good time, and learn a few lessons about life.

From Heather Marie Kleinhardt

December 9, 1998 - Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of seeing my second Tori concert in my life. I've been a fan of her's for almost five years now, and her music has meant alot to me as it has to all of you. Something about Tori touches each and everyone of us, and that is why you're reading this page right now. It doesn't matter if From the Choirgirl Hotel was the first cd of hers you owned, or if its the sixteen millionth. The thing that has drawn all of us together is her music. But the same thing on December 3 was also pulling all of us apart.

I guess I should introduce myself. If you've read the other reviews on this page, you've read about me already, but you probably don't realize it. My name is Heather, I was number two in the number system, and I'm also one of the MSU girls. If you were at M&G, you'd remember me as the girl in the black sweater that was balling when it became obvious the 90 of us standing in line had just been made fools of. I'm really not bitter about that though. Things happen, and I'm willing to accept that at that, but its how we all treated each other that really depressed me that day. That day, Tori seemed to bring out the worse in all of us, yours truely included.

It got to the point, that friends were arguing with friends about who had "more bootlegs", who had "been to more concerts", who was "closer to Tori", who had "meet her more often" etc. I could go on and on, but right now you're probably thinking, who are her friends? Wrong! After spending almost 24 hours non-stop at the Breslin Center, you can pick up real easy on the "I'm only out for myself attitude" that we all displayed. We were all treated Tori as an object, but she's really a person just like you and I. It even got so insane as to people betraying their friends, that one of my close friends from high school had her ticket sold by another friend without her premission. How would you like it to show up to a concert only to find out a so-called friend took it upon herself to make an extra buck with your second row ticket! I don't think you'd appreciate it. Now would you?

I'm not trying to be totally cycnical, but we all need to ask ourselves, would Tori have wanted us to act like this? We certainly did not "believe in peace" right then. I do want to thank everyone that I met that day. The two girls that brought me down to the barracdes when I was balling my eyes out. I don't think I've ever been such an emotional mess as I was that day. But Tori does that to a person. I'd also like to take this chance and apologize to who ever *I* offended that day, because I'm sure I did. We all got on someone elses nerves in some way or another and I hope by the next time Tori visits us, we can all learn from this experience. I'm sure many of you have a problem by what I'm saying, but maybe that's only because its the truth. And sometimes the truth hurts.

From The State News

December 8, 1998 - The following review of the show came from The State News, the newspaper for Michigan State University. It appeared in the December 4, 1998 edition. Thanks to Richard Handal and Stacy N. Delmonte for alerting me to it. This story was also posted online. It included the photo you see below taken by Nicolina Curcuru, which shows Tori at the East Lansing concert.

Concert Review

Amazing Amos

Triumphant Tori wraps up tour at Breslin Center

State News MS&U Writer

Tori Amos returned to MSU last night - only this time she brought some of her friends.

Usually accompanied only by her piano and an occasional guitarist, Amos brought an entire band to the Breslin Student Events Center. This concert proved that Amos can adapt to an arena-sized concert and her music versatile enough to support it.

As lights went out, the screaming crowd was greeted with a steady drum beat. Amos took the stage for the last time on her tour, breaking into the song "Precious Things" off of her first album "Little Earthquakes."

The addition of bass and lead guitar, and most importantly the drums to the song, further confirmed that her previous works could be adapted and even strengthened by the additional instruments.

Smoke came pouring off the stage during the chorus and the audience quickly realized this show was going to be unlike that of any other Amos tour.

Having made a name for herself with emotion-filled songs, Amos brought an unusually high amount of energy to her music with the new style which the crowd quickly accepted.

Amos moved to "She's Your Cocaine," off her latest album "From the Choirgirl Hotel." It was evident that the song was written for a full band, as the guitar work became more intricate.

It was during this song that Amos unveiled her electric keyboard directly behind her, and with one hand on the piano and the other on the keyboard, Amos still managed to power through the emotionally laden lyrics of the song.

It wasn't until after the third song that Amos addressed her loyal crowd and revealed why she wanted to end her tour in Michigan.

She told the attentive audience this was the perfect place for her to wrap up the tour because Michigan residents are "different creatures."

Different creatures certainly did fill Breslin. Unlike most shows on campus, this crowd wasn't mostly students. Fans from all over and of all ages came to catch one last glimpse of Amos before she finished the tour.

The most interesting aspect of the performance was the older music selections Amos chose to play with her band. She dusted off an old favorite, "Cornflake Girl," which was a natural for the full band.

However, Amos' strength still is when she is alone with the piano. Midway through the show, she went solo for three songs.

"Famous Blue Raincoat," a cover originally by Leonard Cohen, was absolutely mesmerizing. With all due respect to Cohen, Amos owned the song. Toying with the crowd's emotions as Amos raised and dropped her voice, this song was the highlight of the night's performance.

Many fans had mixed emotions when Amos decided to leave her small theaters to evolve to an arena show, but if last night's show was any indication, Amos has made the transition smoothly and so have her fans.

From ryan hatch

December 8, 1998 - what a great way to end the tour (45 minutes away from my house, thank god!)

anyway, i'm not going to bother with a huge review, just some highlights i though i might share with you guys.

first of all, i saw her back in july at the palace, and since then, it is amazing how quickly the band has progressed - they truly move and make music as a unit, not as four pretentious rock musicians - they all support each other's sound i respect that.

whats also amazing is how broad the setlists have become - this shows setlist was a little less unique that some of the others i have seen posted but additions like girl and new reworkings of songs like sugar and cals really ehance the quality of these songs - i only wish i could have heardd bells for her on this tour :-(

anyway, she's your cocaine was great, grinding bar music! i had to get my groove thang on!!! obviously, so did tori! as the brothers jammed tori skipped about the stage, freaking caton at one point! naughty, naughty tori.

the improv during iieee was very beautiful - probably some of the best piano work of the night.

tori did a cute improv to introduce and thank her "brothers." can you say lounge music? the crowd got a kick out of this one.

girl was amazing. this song holds a special place in my heart. my friend laura and i were bawling toward the end - so much meaning - and the strings at the end added a very finished touch.

cornflake girl - pure fun. you have to dance

sugar - definately the best of the night - this song used to be delicate and transarent, but it has transformed into an opaque and driven rock song. it was meant to sound this way. loved the orange lights. i think i broke my seat during this one.

hotel - aaaaaaahhhhhhh - ok i am a weird kid and i think i might be one of about 5 people that truly loves this song - it is my favorite of of choirgirl and hearing live was ultimate pleasure. i went absolutely nuts - so did tori during the "velvets" part. it sounded very flowing, slower than on the album, and kind of like mercury, ya know?

silent all these years was so beautiful but i don't think i need to explain it

famous blue raincoat - first time hearing this one, very beautiful. this has a very lush sort of chording which makes it very affecting.

cooling - this song holds a place in my heart. i had written a long letter to give to tori explaining why i needed to hear this, but i ripped it up because it was so cheesy. i guess she got it anyway. i was crying the whole time.

playboy mommy - laura's favorite - i was so happy for her - we were swimming in a pool of our own tears by this point - i was hopping tori would let up and maybe play like "onward christian soldiers" and get a laugh out of me - but she was really riuding the teary-ballad train throughout alot of this show.

cruel is so wonderful, my second favorite of choirgirl, i love her little gestures and dances. she is nuts but a good nuts.

i love this new cals. no harpsichord but still very true to its original sound and very driven. other words, very long very jammy, very loud, very pleasing

encore: tear in your hand was great and a little sad at the "goodbye" part, cuz it was time to wave goodbye now.

raspberry swirl - let's go clubbing!

encore 2: horses was beautiful as much visual as it is aural. this song hypnotized me.

jackie's strength - just for laura, not one of my favorites, but i was happy she got to here it again. it is beautiful. i thought this was it but then

pandora's aquarium - thank you. thank you tori for this amazing tour these songs these expirience this lush chording this everything.

From Stacy N. Delmonte

December 8, 1998 - I arrived around 9am at the Breslin Center, after flying all night from San Francisco, and was numbered #55 for the meet and greet. People had camped out overnight, since 8pm the night before, and there were lines of sleeping bags against the doors to the venue. I met a lot of EWF people, it was especially nice meeting you finally Mike:). It was amazing at how many people had flown and driven hundreds of miles to be at this final show. Well, needless to say, the numbering system did not work and only the people who had snuck up to be near the buses convenientally were near the front for the meet and greet. Tori arrived around 4:30pm and she was constantly being photographed by Lauren, the photographer. I saw the tiger Amy and I gave her in Indiana, PA up in her bus:) Anyway, she stayed for quite a while and then went inside. THe concert was fabulous. I knew it would be amazing but I wasn't quite sure of how emotionally I would take it. Surprisingly, I shed only a few tears and was otherwise extremely proud and happy for Tori the whole concert. She has put forth so much energy and has exposed so much of herself over the tour that I felt such total admiration for her on this last night of the tour. One of my favorite parts was when she introduced her brothers for the last time and did a cute little piano improv for each...first introducing Caton, then Matt the "monster monster monster creature", and finally the wonderful Jon Evans on bass:). I felt extremely priveldged to be at this last show and I can only hope Tori comes around again soon.

From Loria

December 8, 1998 - December 3rd started very early for me as I drove like a maniac from the Grand Rapids show back to my alma mater Michigan State and my home of East Lansing. I drove into the Breslin Student Events Center parking lot at around 1:30 am, and I trudged out to the Center to see some of the folks I knew who were camping out for the Meet and Greet. Let me just tell you the folks who were dedicated and camping out were some of the sweetest people in the world. Heather, I'm sorry everything didn't quite work out, but its people like you that I have faith in. (hugs!) Brian! You have a fantastic voice, and please dont stop singing.

Anyways, I left Breslin around 4am, and headed home to sleep, since I wasn't all that interested in going to the Meet and Greet. I woke up around 1pm, and decided, oh why the heck not, I'll just spin on over there and see how many people are about.

This will be my last statement about this M&G. What an absolute mess. It was horribly unfair, and I felt bad for people who had waiting all night. I was able to stand near the back and watch Tori greet people, which was very very cool, but I also watched some horrible pushing and arguing going on. Come on folks, we all love Tori, can't we find a passion for getting along?

Anyways, on to the show. I went with my boyfriend, my best friend and a good friend from work. We had 3rd row center, and let me tell you, I'm SO glad Breslin and Joel and the rest of security made people stick as much as possible to the seats. After nearly getting crushed in Grand Rapids, it was certainly welcomed to have breathing room.

The Unbelieveable Truth, although a bit boring, totally redeemed themselves in my eyes with a fantastic rendition of the Stone Roses' "I Wanna be Adored". They left the stage, and I was so antsy, I was practically bouncing up and down.

Then she arrived!

Precious Things- even after the many shows i've seen on this tour, this song still sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it at a show. The band TOTALLY set the stage for this song, and Tori bowed to us, drawing an incredible amount of energy from us when she came out and before she sat at the piano. It was fantastic!

She's Your Cocaine- Not a favourite, but absolute fun live. Such energy.

iieee- One of my favs from choirgirl, and I just LOVE it live.

Improv Brothers 3- what a great little tune, a tribute to the fine musicians backing her.

Girl- Breathtaking. There was a lot of emotion behind this song, and it was the first song of the night that I got teary at.

Cornflake Girl- A surprise, good tune. nothing too special.

Sugar- I felt I was the only one in the first 3 rows who knew this because I totally screamed when she started it, and I felt a bit self conscious. This is one of my favourite bsides, and I've been lucky enough to see it twice this tour!

hotel- Another choirgirl favourite, with fantastic lighting.

(quiet time)

Silent All These Years- it's embarressing to say how many shows I've been to and say this is the FIRST time I've ever heard her do this song. I was in tears, as was my boyfriend. Beautiful, and somewhat unexpected to me.

Famous Blue Raincoat- Another tearjerker. So beautiful....

Cooling- She said this was her good bye to us, and I totally lost it.

Playboy Mommy and Cruel- I love these songs, and every show she gets more and more into Cruel. You can easily tell its one of her favourites.

Caught a Lite Sneeze- I think she did a little of hurt at the end, but it really added to it, whatever she added!

The Waitress- I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to the UTP version of this again, although the kids who didn't quite get the Hang 10 bit were fun to watch.

Encores -

Tear in Your Hand- Wow. I was again, teary.

Raspberry Swirl- Raw energy. Boyfriend and friends were dancing!

Horses- Tori comes out in a pink boa, and again, like The Waitress, I'm totally hooked on the new version of this.

Jackie's Strength- beautiful.

Pandora's Aquarium- Tears everywhere. What a beautiful and yet painful song to end on.

All in all, the show was beautiful, a real slice of LE and Choirgirl. I will miss the shows, and all the people I met. I wish she would have included Winter and Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas for this last show, but you can't have everything ;)

From lauren eschwie

December 8, 1998 - i know it's a bit late to be posting a review but i'm just getting caught up on my sleep. okay, i'm going to skip the m & g stuff this time cause it just upsets me to think about it. however, i met some awesome ewfs (collette and frank in particular). so we're going straight to the set list and my personal reactions:

precious things- she opened with this every time I saw her and this time she just looked so pretty i couldn't believe it.

she's your cocaine- well she ~is~ my cocaine so i was all happy to hear this one played.

i i e e e- the "little arsonist" bit rocked.

improvy brothers 3 thingy- i loved this. she was so adorable when she did the "monster" thing for caton.

girl- she did the end thing on the keyboard and seemed to get really into it.

cornflake girl- yay! my theme song! i was very very happy to hear her again.

sugar- she did that "you're just pussy" thing again

hotel- yummy. absolutley delish.

---secret time---

silent all these years- oh i love love love it! the entire audience was hushed up for the whole song. famous blue raincoat- i didn't fully recognize it at first even though i knew i had it on one of my cds but i loved hearing it live even more.

cooling- she told us a little story about the song: "okay, so this one, she's like, one of my best friends and she was supposed to be on boys for pele but she kinda told me to fuck off. and then she was supposed to be on the new record but she just went 'um, no' so, y'know. anyway, this is my goodbye to you." i had never heard the song before and hearing it after that, i got all misty eyed

---brothers 3 come back---

playboy mommy- better than i expected it to be live. the band did some interesting stuff with it.

cruel- majorly extended mix.

caught a lite sneeze- she just spat the word "fuck" in the middle of the song. there was "hurt" in there again too.

waitress- really rocked and i was so glad she did this one again cause my not-totally-an-ewf friend christina who drove out to mi with me and sarah is totally in love with this song.

1st encore:

tear in your hand- i was so excited! this is one of my favorite songs probably largely due to the bit about neil and the dream king.

raspberry swirl- i danced my butt off again. so did sarah even though she was getting sick.

2nd encore:

horses- so rocked. and that made 2 neil songs in one night!

jackie's strength- oh did i cry. much tear flowing

pandora's aquarium- i cried even more cause i knew it was getting close to being over

for house music afterwards monty python's "always look on the bright side of life" from life of brian was played. i thought it was rather fitting and could hear most of the audience whistling along. and that was the show. she's so magic. i miss her already. oh she's such a sweetie though. even though i didn't get any "frog on my toe" i just love her anyway. and if i see a red head in a cafe i'll go up and say hi.

From Joe C.

December 8, 1998 - East Lansing, MI -- When i first arrived at The Breslin Events Center, the meet and greet had just begun and i missed out on it. I was told that there was a number system but at the last minute there was a mad rush and even the number b*tch abandoned ship. Some long-lost friends (*yay*) and i were hanging around an access ramp (the trucks can drive down there) snapping pictures of ourselves when Caton and the boys walked down the ramp and we exchanged words. Then, Tori came down the ramp and I yelled that we're going to miss her and she stopped and spoke to us for a minute. I was really glad that this happened because i was starting to regret not being able to say anything to Tori at her last show.

On the way down to the floor, the ushers made me sing "Cornflake Girl" before i could pass... they said that they never heard of this artist and they were curious about that song that people were telling them about. So i sang it for them and i told them she probably won't do that one. Well, she DID perform it! I think it is great how the ushers are always saying that they never heard of her, then later you hear them saying that they are so impressed with the show.

In my opinion this was one of the most comfortable experiences i've had at a Tori show this year. I was in the 8th row on the Floor, and they had the rows arranged where there was plenty of leg room. The view and the sound were also perfect. There was also this guy named Mikewhy about 3 seats down from me :)

Well, this was the most i ever cried during a Tori show. It started with the song "Sugar" for personal reasons... and continuted thru the solos. Silent All These Years, Famous Blue Raincoat, and Cooling. I think it was during Silent that there was a lot of cat-calling and whistling, and someone even blew a coaches whistle - now THAT was stupid and i hope someone choked the person with it. But everyone was quiet during the other two songs, and I'm a little embarassed to say this -- i was really bawling like crazy. It was like i was experiencing pure beauty. During "Raincoat", against the backdrop of dead silence, Tori was hitting keys on opposite sides of the keyboard, it was indescribeable, and i lost it! I hugged the two people on either side of me, JeN and Becky. "Cooling" was also magical for me, it was so dang perfect. I almost sat down several times from being overwhelmed by emotion, but i managed to stay standing because i didn't want to miss anything. I know that all these words i've said are mushy, but it is the truth! The believeable truth! I've been to 10 shows this year and Tori still had that kind of affect on me. It is days later now and i can still recreate the experience in my mind, and feel the same emotion.

Immediately after the post-show meet and greet someone lifted Tori up and she waved hi to all the people in the back. I've never seen them do that before.

After that I went to the After Show party at The Blue Note cafe and the place was full. I grabbed a mocha and stuck around, listened to Cleveland's singer/songwriter/pianist Pepper Acton on the sound system ( she'll be performing at the Blue Note early next year), i waited to see who won the coin bank that looked like a Video Cassette, then i drove home to Detroit loaded on mocha.

These Michigan shows were a lot of fun... thanks for the great seats Becky, it was nice to meet you Mike and Danica, and JeN, you are my faerie god skater.

From Eppy

December 8, 1998 - After going to Akron (which was pretty much the best Tori show I've ever been to) and getting tickets (but no ride) for Columbus, I was pretty broke, tired, overworked, and stressed. So I swore I wasn't going to go see the final show in east lansing. Noon on Thursday, I've just woken up, and Sara from down the hall (we're in a dorm) knocks on my door. "I had a vision," she said. "I had a dream that I was at the last tori concert and she played Cornflake Girl, and it was so real. I think it's a sign. I have to go. Do you want to come too?" I sighed, hesitated, then said yes, but I don't have access to a car. "I'll find someone," Sara said.

I come back from class at 4:15, and a half hour later Sara knocks on my door again. "This is Abbie, and she's going to drive us." "Rad," I say. We hurridly bundle our stuff up, Sara orders tickets, and we head off for the three-and-a-half hour drive to Michigan. It's 5:00 and we know we have to get there by nine. But it's hard to be stressed on a ride that long, so we take it easy. We slide into the parking lot and pick up our tickets at almost exactly 9. After some confusion finding our seats (already occupied) we settle down and wait for Tori to come out.

To be completely frank--and I know this may be a bit heretical--I was disappointed. I guess I was expected a DDI Boulder: a long, intimate concert with lots of rarities. Instead, we got a greatest-hits-of-the-tour concert. This was especially disappointing given the way the shows had seemed to be building--one rarity and b-side after another. However, it was amazingly well-played and, I suppose, suited to the fairly huge venue. It almost sounded like they were trying to get the live album in one take. I'm glad to hear they'll be releasing a video of it, at any rate.

The big exception to this catty bitching is secret time. She launched into Silent, which is one of my favorite songs, and I got teary. Then Raincoat, which is absolutely one of my favorites, and I've never heard it live, and I started sniffling. Then she did Cooling ("this is my goodbye to you guys") and I was weeping. Then Playboy, which is my favorite Choirgirl track, but I've never heard it live, and I was out for the count. Just incredible.

And there were ALL those improvs, which I have to admit was quite a treat. I guess I was partially bitter about it all ending. But, as Sara said, I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself if I had missed it. So here's to you, Tori; thanks for playing your heart out all the way to the end. We'll all miss you.

From Jennie (posted to the ToriAndMore mailing list)

December 8, 1998 - My my my, what a tour this has been. God- I have never cried so much or have turned to you guys as I did at this last show.

I arrived at midnight, the night before, the morning of. Oh, I ran up seeing Brian there - the cooling boy, or the number bitch. God, we hugged, and I was number 7. So, we introduced ourselves to everyone there. Debbie, Nicole(s), Brian, man, I knew this was going to be fun. We set up our sleeping bags and started chatting it up with everyone. Charlie came by, and some other people. Not that many people showed up from the Grand Rapids show, we were the first there.

Shawn arrived and Dawn, man, they kicked ass. So, we slept, and waited and chatted it up. Well, a drunk guy came about 3 in the morning and kind of just entered my sleeping bag with out permission. he reeked like ass. I fell asleep at about 3:30 am, and woke up at 7, to pick up another Tori fan.

When we got back, the numbers, went from 30 to 90. and it was only noon. We talked some more. The barricades went up at about 2 or 3. This is were it began to suck. A group of people said fuck the numbers, and they just lined up. People were in tears crying. I collected some notes and letters, I knew I would be seeing her after the show.

Well the show started, and I am not going to ruin it for anyone by describing it. You had to be there, because it was the best.

As you know, the show was video taped and same with grand rapids. All through out Precious things, and most of Raspberry swirl, they video taped me dancing.

When I got backstage, I met the guy who was video taping the show. His name was Lauren. He told me I rocked out there. I said it's not hard to dance when it comes to Tori. Anyway, I asked what the real reason was for taping this. So here it is, In October of '99, a DVD (only on DVD) will be released. I am not sure if it is of both shows, or a combo or what. So I signed a release to be in the video.

I went in to TOri's dressing room, everyone was there. After having a very private conversation with Tori...I had a few glasses of champagne with Caton., Well I kissed them all goodbye, and I said my goodbyes. As I was being pushed out the door, Tori grabbed my arm, and said cheer up sweetie, this isn't forever, I will see you again.

Well, that broke me down in to tears, as I was walking out the ramp, I was sobbing to my friend. I went to the other EWF and it was one big group hug. Oh man, I will miss you all. The highlights of this summer was hanging out all day with you. Keep in Touch, I will.

From melissa (posted to the newsgroup)

December 8, 1998 - hotel followed sugar

the band was introduced in a little bluesy number they all played on, with words like "me and my brothers 3" "sister sue" and other things i couldnt make out

both CFG and Sugar were preceeded by improvs im not familiar with. the one before CFG was something like "she turns you on", and i cannot remember what the sugar one was, although i know she said something about "dropped a bomb on me" cause i thought she was going to do God next instead of Sugar when she said that. im sure someone who posts here will have a better recollection or possibly has heard those 2 improvs (if they arent new) more than i.

From Brian Nash

December 8, 1998 - Hi, everybody. As I am the one who organized (or attempted to) the line for the Lansing Meet and Greet, I just wanted to apologize to everyone in the line (particularly Heather and the girls from MSU and the D.C. caravan) and attempt to explain what happened. I was appalled at how things fell apart, and I want to try to clear things up.

I arrived at the venue at 8pm Wednesday night, and was soon joined by three girls from MSU and three more from D.C. I loved talking with them; everyone was really sweet, and a delight to share the night and the cold with. Around 1pm Thursday, some people who were later to disregard the whole line/numbering system, arrived, and later moved over to a patch of grass by the ramp it was presumed Tori would be arriving from. About 2pm, before anything was set up, we got the line into order and sent word back with Kelly to ask Steve to pay a visit so we'd know for sure where to be. As I waited for Steve, several on the grass got into a heated discussion with me concerning the numbers: how it was unfair, silly, demeaning, etc. I tried to explain to them that it was only unfair to disrespect the efforst people had made to get to the venue 20 hours in advance to try to meet Tori (the girls from MSU had never gotten the oportunity to even say hello). It amazed me, even after numbering at God knows how many shows, how Tori fans could be so incredibly selfish, disrespectful, and blind to reason. I knew the last M&G would be bad, but I had no idea. Steve finally came out, looking incredibly stressed, and refused to talk to anyone (in his words, "Don't anybody fuckin' talk to me." That about did it.) Though I know it's not at all his job to control the M&G's, I was hoping for a bit of direction as he sometimes gives to help us out, but no such luck; the poor guy looked like he wanted to die. He told us all to get out, and I hoped that that would make everyone go back to the line-up. Again, no such luck. They crept around the trucks, and the second they were done setting up, dashed into the barricades. One girl pulled me on as I looked back to scream for everyone to get the hell down there and said, "it's too late, babe." When I looked back, I saw everyone standing still in the line, and started to cry. I couldn't believe how something could fall apart so completely, simply because some would not respect the rights and devotion of others. I didn't number for 20 hours to have things fall apart like that; I hoped people would acknowledge others efforts. When the line arrived, the girls from MSU, who had arrived at 10 pm, were four layers behind people who came at 3:30. It angers and saddens me that, especially at the last show, that EWF's could be to insensitive. I want everyone from that line to know that I did all I could, and I hope you understand. I tried, but I couldn't hold back those determined to screw those of us waited all night. Thanks for reading this novel, and for understanding.

From Eddie

December 5, 1998 - tori was so wonderful... she played Caught a Lite Sneeze, and SUGAR! it was so wonderful, just like pounding... and she played Silent All These Years and Famous Blue Raincoat and COOLING, and all three of those songs just moved me, and everyone else, it seemed like the entire place was fixated on her. My cousin who was with me, she's not a big tori fan but she really wanted to go, she said she'd never seen a concert like that before where barely anybody was moving, where they were that involved in the concert. tori said that she loves michigan, and that's why she ended her tour here she said she had so much fun here on the last tour. She said "you're diferrent creatures, and we love you for it." and she played uhm, Playboy Mommy and Jackie's Strength and those were both really great, as well as Tear in Your Hand. Horses was one of the coolest things I've ever seen... It put me in a trance... I couldn't believe she was doing it, with those disco balls going, it was like another world... and then she closed with pandora's aquarium... it was like a dream... I feel so happy about it, but it's all over now... I am so glad she decided to end her tour here in michigan... she's my goddess.

From trent, unabashedly bawling my eyes out

December 5, 1998 - Precious Things
She's Your Cocaine
i i e e e
--Tori talks about how she wanted to end the tour in Michigan because she
"loves this place" and because the audience are "different creatures"
**Brothers 3 (this song Tori sang about the boys in her band)
Cornflake Girl (w/ You Bet Your Life intro)
Sugar (w/ intro song with lines about "little worms", "squiggly something",
"i feel you inside me" or something like that)
Silent All These Years
**Some cover song I didn't recognize (first line "It was 4am" or something
like that)
--Boys come back
Playboy Mommy
Caught A Lite Sneeze (w/ "hurt" improv at the end)
--1st encore
Tear in your Hand
Raspberry Swirl
--2nd encore (Tori comes out with a pink boa)
--tori says that if you should see a red head in a cafe sometime to come
over and say HI
Jackie's Strength
Pandora's Aquarium

it was a nice show

From mike (

December 5, 1998 - if you didn't get it, here's the list:

precious things
she's your cocaine
i i e e e
(some improv thing about brothers - may have been a real song)
cornflake girl
silent all these years (solo)
famous blue raincoat (solo)
cooling (solo)
playboy mommy
caught a lite sneeze
the waitress
tear in your hand
raspberry swirl
jackie's strength
pandora's aquarium

no 'space dog' or 'past the mission', but a great show nonetheless!

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