North American Plugged '98 Tour
Grand Rapids, MI
December 2, 1998

Updated May 2, 2000

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Tori performed in Grand Rapids, MI on December 2, 1998 at the Van Andel Arena during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed China, Take To The Sky, Icicle and Graveyard solo.

Precious Things
Mary (with band)
Past The Mission
China (solo)
Take To The Sky (solo)
Icicle (solo)
Bells For Her
Graveyard (solo)
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pretty Good Year

Venue Photo

(Thanks to Richard Handal for the photo.)


The most recently added reviews are after my own.

From Mikewhy

December 8, 1998 - Grand Rapids was surprisingly upbeat. They were taping the show on video, making a "home movie" as Tori said for future use. The main guy onstage was someone Tori introduced as an old friend, and I think because of that the cameras did not have an adverse affect on the show. I know that TV cameras make Tori nervous, but that was not the case tonight. What this footage will be used for is not clear at this point, but I am sure it has to do with the live album coming out in 1999 and perhaps some kind of a DVD project. We should know sometime in 1999! Tori mentioned that she wanted to do the filming in Michigan and that it is one of her favorite places to play.

Tori was in fine form and played as one with the band. They were playing so well by this point that it was a great idea to film this. I hope people who only saw the earlier shows of the tour will see this footage and realize how great the band became. I am sure the set list was affected by the fact that the show was being filmed, though that is not a complaint. The show was stellar.

I have grown very fond of Girl and Mary with the band. I had the pleasure of watching Tori perform Mary solo earlier in the tour. I love both versions. The band version is full of vitality and the solo version is so tender. It is amazing how Tori can make the same song seem so different.

Before "Secret Time" Tori said that she had many requests for songs, but tonight she was going to be a pig and play what she wanted instead!

It was fantastic to hear China and Icicle again. They are two of my favorite Tori songs, and they gave the night a strong emotional edge. I also loved Take To The Sky, though I will say once again that the clapping irritates me!

Having Graveyard as an intro to Space Dog was really interesting. Space Dog is always so much fun. It really benefited from the band.

Spark was another surprise. The song is usually not one that I am dying to hear, but the version Tori did tonight was really powerful.

The second encore was a bit of a surprise. Tori rarely does Cruel during an encore. Also, the loud part of Pretty Good Year is really potent with the band backing her. It throws me out of my seat!

I was sitting on the side in the reserved seat section, though the floor was general admission. The floor was really rough tonight, with people pushing and bumping each other, There were several people who fainted and had to be removed. Some people were packed in so tightly they could not even clap between songs, During Raspberry Swirl, one concert-goer was thrown to the ground, a rather dangerous thing with hundreds of people "swirling" around you! Fortunately she was okay. Most of the general admission shows for this tour were not that rough I am glad to say. They did pass out water to the people up front.

From Eva Pedersen

December 14, 1998 - AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I have to say I've had some of the best 2-3 days of my life! I'll give you a quick (?!) version of the whole experience...

After maaaany hours of travelling we (Fred, the guy who won the RAINN tix, and I) headed off to the concert. The floor was gen. adm., so it was already packed. Fred had run into Steve when he was downstairs, and he'd given us wristbands for the floor. Very nice of him, but we could've used them like, 2 hours, before! *g* Anyways, stubborn as I am, I decided to try and make it to the front. You must know what an impossible task this is, but I didn't give up. So, we had our "RAINN after-show" stickers on, and I started getting the massess' attention: "Excuse me, we're the RAINN winners, and we're supposed to be way up there in the front..." Most people were so cool about this, and moved as much as they could, so we could get through. Some started bitching and said we should've come earlier(understandable). "We got stuck in traffic...I've flown in from Salt Lake, and he's (Fred) flown in from Reno...We really didn't think we were going to make it at all..." I said. This seemed to work. I got us all the way up front (with the exception of a stubborn guy (hi Mr. Orange hands! *g*) and girl infront of us, but she was so short, so I had a prime spot anyways, with nothing to block my view), and in the middle-right in front of Tori. :) THANK YOU'S TO ALL THE NICE PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTOOD OUR SITUATION AND FOR RESPECTING THE CHARITY PART OF IT ALL-FELLOW TORIPHILES: YOU'RE AWESOME! :)

The concert was everything x 100. They say that the next-to last concert usually is the best one, and it was. Tori said she wanted to play in Grand Rapids as one of the last concerts 'cause " I had such a good time last time I was here." :)

The energy was so intense, and I believe everybody was on stage with her that night. I've never seen such great performanceship before...She was magical. I can't even describe how, or why, but it was just such an awesome, beautiful, great, out-of-this world concert. TORI-You ARE the friggin' fourth dimension! *G*

You've already got the set list, so I'll just skip to SOME of the highlights (this whole show was one big highlight for me! *g*). During secret time she said "There are people who have requested some songs, but I'm going to be a pig tonight and do what I want..." *l* So she went into China. Some jerks started chatting during this-SHUT UP GUYS! :( I cheered wildly when she went into Take To the Sky-I've listened to this song a lot lately-Can relate to it a lot, so...;) Icicle-*sigh* I almost cried...Raspberry Swirl-Ok, you're in the Pit right? With TONS of people standing like fish in a barrel and you're dancing like crazy among bodyparts you don't even want to know about...You get the picture...*g* Wow, really cool, and tons of energy, but at the end, I was so dehydrated! They even pulled a girl over the railing...and during the next song, this guy started causing trouble, so Joel grabs his face and tells him to f**cking stop, or else...Luckily Tori didn't see this. ;)

After the first encore, they all got together and hugged for a very long time...Very emotional moment.

I hadn't heard Past The Mission on this tour either, so that was cool to hear that...

She played "Pretty Good Year" last, and at the end she started crying! Her whole face crenched when she got off the bench and walked out to the edge of the stage. :`) Not a dry eye in the house...including mine. Now it was our turn to meet her. We were escorted backstage with the other 2 RAINN winners + some 4-5 radio winners. They took the RAINN winners in first. I was a little nervous, but not as bad as last time (I met her backstage in Vegas too...But that meeting was so rushed, and only lasted 3-4 minutes, so I felt I just HAD to have another chance...). I went over to her and gave her this huge hug and said "Thank you so much..." (also 'cause that last song had just hit home so well with me...) She said "you're welcome..." with a 'sad' voice. She was so sweet! :`)

Then Fred gives her a keychain with a scuba-diving oxygen tank on it, and told her he is an instructor and that he thought it might be something she'd enjoy, since it's such a different element, etc. She got totally into this. I stood next to Fred the whole time, and interacted in the conversation (we talked mostly about sharks, 'cause Tori had heard about some awful accidents, etc, and was scared of them). Tori was so fascinated by this and said that her and 2 other girls had been talking about going scuba-diving, and that her husband's dad has a 60-foot yacht in the Gulf of Mexico...and that she might just give Fred a call when they want to go scuba diving!! :) She sounded sincere too...I told him afterwards that he HAD to let me know, if this ever happens!

I gave her a viking figurine I'd bought for her and she says: "He's so schweet!" with that same funny voice she does after "Toodles Mr. Jim" *g* I laughed...She kept fiddling with it, and seemed to like it a lot. I explained to her that he (the viking) wasn't as cute as the ones you can buy in Denmark (I'm from there, and my ancestors were Vikings...relate-relate *g*), but she said she liked him and that "he's going with ME!" ;) Some other stuff was said, but I won't get into that right now...I also gave her a faaaaaat letter I'd written her, some of my drawings, songs I've written, and the pic of me, her, and my sister in Vegas. It was 26 pages total (!), and I told her the size of this was almost a book, and apologized, but she took it and said "I'll definitely read it."

So she went on to the others, but we were all interacting in their conversation, so it was all good. The other guy asked her when she was doing a duet w. Mariah Carey, and we all laughed. ;P

Fred had also given her a Y Kan't Tori Read promo to sign ("Cool On Your Island"), and you should see her face when she saw it: "Where did you get this?...This is from '88?!," she laughed. *g*

She signed a sketch I've made of her in my doodle pad: "Eva, with much love" and then she drew some doodles and a smiley face "Tori Amos." Picture time: We got the 'usual one' with Fred and I together, but right before we left, I managed to get one of her and I together-Very cute. ;)

She then asked if we were going to tomorrow's concert in Lansing, and if we had tickets. Fred said we did, but the other's didn't have any. "I'll make sure you'll get some then..." she said. Cool, eh?! Then Fred asked her (kudos to him, 'cause I forgot to!) if we could come and see the warm-up, but she looked all sad and said "well, it's the last warm-up and it's going to be very emotional and sad on stage, so..." I just gave her a sympathetic look back and nodded my head in understanding. We were totally fine with that.

Time to say goodbye's, and I barely managed to get an autograph for my friend Dave, who absolutely loves her and has no idea he's gonna get one! ;) Merry X-mas! *g*

We realized we'd been backstage for about 20-25 minutes total!! The longest visit on the tour, I believe. The other winners outside had begun to wonder what was going on in there and what was taking so long! *g* So, the other 2 had to get their names taken down for the tix, and Fred and I were escorted outside, where people had been lined up for the meet-greet. There were people behind barricades some 5 feet to the right of the doors, and people standing on the other side of the road. This is so funny: When I walked out, people started to cheer! I stopped and waved, and tons of flashes went off! THEY THOUGHT I WAS TORI!! *lol* Even the crowd just 5 feet away thought so too, for a minute. They soon realized I wasn't her, as I began crossing the street...*G* I was wearing green cargo pants and fat heels (Tori was coincidently also wearing cargo pants and fat heels that night), and my hair was flat and parted in the middle, but not red like Tori's though, but it was dark outside, so...And Fred said there are some similarities between her and I comparing our appearance. But, she's such a camelion, and she looks like a lot of different people when she's in different settings...I saw a pic of her hugging a fan once, and I swear I thought it was a pic of me when I first saw it!

From Jeska Dzwigalski

December 8, 1998 - It was the most intensly emotional experience I have ever had. My brother's 18th birthday present and my last show until next time....

We arrived in grand rapids around 11:00am after driving in from detroit. We assumed our position in line and drifted in and out of conversation. At 2pm, my friend and I managaed to scam free food from TGI Fridays, actually it happened on accident, I was loopy on wine, and the bartender was flirting. Around 3pm, the line decided to "get organized" and I tried to help, but it was already too chaotic. I realized early on that the Van Andel Arena was no where near apt to deal with the amount or 'craziness' of her fans. We lined up closer to the doors and preceeded to wait until 6:30, when the doors were promised to be open.

I raced into the arena, and noticed the empty spot on the stage's far left side. I claimed it in honor of my wait time and proceeded to sit against the barricade until the unbelievable longness of the unbelievable truth was over. The break between the opening band and Tori was horribly long, and I watched as two men with a video camera taped the crew's mischief.

Finally, Tori arrived on stage with her boys.

So, I realized I had ended up right against the bar in front row, directly in her line of sight off the second piano/keyboard thing. Now, Tori has opened with 'Precious Things' in all the shows I've seen this tour, but I've never been so close and was not prepared for the emotions that swelled within me when she began to bang out the first bars. I stood perfectly still, clasping my hands aginst me, eyes riveted to the piano-playing goddess in front of me. My lips moved silently, mouthing the words, as I began to shake and tears streamed down my face.

I was oblivious to the entire outside world, until I noticed the light meter in my face, and then momentarily I was drawn to Tori's two videotaping friends standing about a foot away from me, who had gotten my entire experience on tape. My eyes immediately returned to Tori and goosebumps rose. So the first thing taped from Tori's second to last show for her 'home movie' is a close up of Jeska, crying, what I wouldn't give to see that. (hint hint...release the video tori....)

The rest of the show went by in an estatic blur....culminating, for me, in the secret time with first notes of 'icicle,' which is the song that caused me to fall in love with Tori's music (I had always thought her talented...but after hearing that on the tape deck in my little red Escort in 10th grade, I was hooked). (seeing 'take to the sky' performed live was also an intense rush..I was glad she decided to 'be a pig' and play what she wanted.)

Not to be dissapointed by the piano muse, she came onstage to do 2 encores. Causing the audience to sway with the rocky 'She's Your Cocaine,' and 'Raspberry Swirl,' I was smashed against the barrier, but could care less. Coming out for the second encore, the entire audience seemed to be singing along to 'Crucify', and shaking along to 'Cruel.' (note on 'Cruel' -- Tori appeared to be 'playing' to camera for the entire show, but during this song it was most obvious...I will never lose the image of Tori, holding her hands behind her back and moaning the conclusion of this song...intense!)

The finale, "Pretty Good Year," lived up to everything I have ever come to expecet from Tori and more. From the first bars of the song, the mood shifted to reflective as we all realized the tour was almost over. Singing along, I found myself transported back to the beginning to of the show, in a circular closure. Crying along with Tori and I would imagine half the audience, I willed her to remain on stage as long as possible. The disco balls came on and I suffered from a midwinters nights dream as magically time stood still and the room sparkled and shimmered.

After the show, I wondered around outside the arena, emotionally and physically drained. It was the only way I would have wanted to end the 'Plugged '98 Tour.'

To the Ears With Feet. It was amazing joining your ranks this tour. I never imagined how much was going on 'behind the scenes' in previous years. Mike -- thanks for being so wonderful...stay strong, and live in the moments.

See you all next tour. Love you.

From Julie

December 8, 1998 - Well here's my review for the December 2nd concert at the Van Andel Arena...

Tori never fails to make me emotional at her concerts and this one was no execption... to believe I almost didn't go! There's a weird stubborness in my family =)My cousin picked her sister and I up right after school at 2.30 and we took off from there. I live in Ionia, so it was only a 30minute drive. Which made for a 4hour wait in line. During those 4hours I had the pleasure of meeting Mike... you're such a sweet guy, I'm so glad that I met you, saw an ex that was supposed to be in jail, and talked to others I hadn't seen in awhile.

Once inside and seated there was the opening band, which was much better than the Devlins in the Palace show I went to. That made the wait easier to take. But there was a long wait between the opening band and Tori.

Precious Things -- I love this song with a band and the energy was so high and I don't think that I've seen her grab her self so hard during the " you can make me cum..."

Iieee -- This was so powerful and Tori seemed to be so into this song, but then again, so was the rest of the set.

Mary -- this was with the band and I was at a loss for words...

Girl -- This is my all time favorite Tori song and I was happy that she played it... I couldn't even scream. I just cried the whole song through. Thank you Tori.

Past the Mission -- I love this song and Tori did an exellent job with this. I got up and danced my butt off.

Hotel -- Again Tori had the crowd just agoing with this one, energy was high.

--Secret Time--

China -- Tori said that she was going to be a pig and play what she wanted, I was so shocked to hear this. Lighters were in the air. Not to mention that mine and the girl in front of me, both exploded from the heat. =) I was just bawling, and it only got worse when Tori's voice trembled and you could hear her sniff from crying into the micophone. It was beautiful.

Take It to the Sky -- Was beautifully done and she was banging away and the crowd was clapping and dancing.

Icicle -- She played this at the Palace concert in July too... was so happy to hear it again, I was such a cry baby that nite.

Bells For Her -- This song is so great and the band together did wonderfully.

Graveyard -- I was surprised to hear her play this, it was a special treat for me.

Spacedog -- I still can't get over the tightness of the band. At this point I'm just blown away.

Spark -- I wasn't expecting this one, but she played it and she didn't screw up this time... don't get me wrong it was so cute when she did last time. Ever since then, I haven't been able to see the song the same way. =)

The Waitress -- This was exellent, the song was extended and I was just dancing away. Not many people can bring the best out in me like Tori can.

Encore 1

She's Your Cocaine -- Was so pleased that she played this because it had been stuck in my head all day. The motions that she did (asuming a she was forming the "female" idea) when sang "... you don't need one of these to let me inside you..."

Raspberry Swirl -- I was so thrilled that she played this, I had yet hear her play it and it was spectacular.

Encore 2

Crucify -- I was surprised to hear this one. I'm a big Little Earthquakes fan so this was a treat and the energy was so high that I reached a point that music usually doesn't make me do... I always knew that Tori was orgasmic, but damn... =)

Cruel -- I still stand on the idea that this song is definetly one of the best band songs, they were tight and Tori was kicking some ass.

Pretty Good Year -- I swear everyone in the arena was singing along and it was beautiful with the bad. I could hear Tori's voice tremble and when it was over I could see all the tears streaming down her face... This concert was so emotional.

I can't chose between the two concerts that I've been to, as to which was my favorite. Each holds a special place in my heart. But doesn't everything involving Tori? =) To everyone there -- thank you for a great energy and helping to make this a great concert =)

From Becky Zellar (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

December 8, 1998 - Well, I'm certainly going to try. I'm going to attempt to write about the final two shows. I'm still shaken up that this is it for who knows how long. She might not tour again for a few years. Ouch. I think it's time for her to be a mommy.

Grand Rapids:

I felt a little sorry for the general admission people. I had actual seats and, although they were far away, I was able to hear perfectly and see the interactions between all the band members.

Tori was wearing black with her sparkly apron. She looked lovely as always. They raised Mr. Puppethead up before the show began. I apologize that I'm going to be a bit distant with this review but it's hard to put everything into words without breaking down. That's why you're not getting many reviews at this point. We need tim to digest - as well as travel back to homes but I'm from Michigan, so, not a problem.

Set List:

Precious Things (I loved Caton with the blues brother look. Tori wasn't particularly vulnerable with this show. As a protection to us, as well to herself and the band.)

iieee - this is incredible in concert. I just revel in it.

She mentioned how she wanted to end the tour in Michigan because she had such a good time here with the last tour. Heh heh heh.

Girl - nice.

Mary - I had never heard this before. The last time I had seen Tori was in July and this was a completely different show.

Past the Mission


Secret Time:

She didn't want to do the requests that people made. Good for her. It was a very "Little Earthquakes" night.

China - lovely.

Take to the Sky

Icicle - this just makes me want to masturbate, so, you know.

Band Returns:
Bells for Her
Space Dog - this is great in concert.
The Waitress

Encore 1:
She's Your Cocaine
Rasberry Swirl

Encore 2:
band leaves: Pretty Good Year - this was the only point of the show where I
lost it. It was beautiful.

All in all, it was a good show. The set list wasn't remarkable but it was an enjoyable show.


December 5, 1998 - hey, here's a review for you if you want it... I just got back from grand rapids, it was the best and worst day of my life... and I get to do it all over again tomorow! I can't wait...

Ok, so we'll start at the beginning... after bre-ann and eddie almost die in a head-on collision, they arrive at the van andel arena in the lovely grand rapids, michigan, and get in line. they meet lots of nice people, and then they get in and suffer through the unbelievable truth... (unbelievably long) and then tori comes on after such a long wait...

Precious Things - This is intense, and I'm sure you guys have heard all about it by now, but seriously, this song was SO loud and the lights were so bright... she did an impressive grrrl growl...

iieee - this was really something to see... she seemed to have lots of fun with this, expecially with that piano part "I know you understand..."

I believe this is where she said the usual "how's everybody doing?" and she said somehting about them getting all mushy backstage... hehehe... and there was a camera guy walking around the stage filming the whole show and she said that she'd known him for a long time and that she wanted a home movie and she said that if she was going to film anything she wanted it to be in michigan, and that grand rapids was her favorite place to play, this came as quite a shock to me, but it made me feel a lot better about living here :)

Mary - sooo wonderful with the band, it just moved...

Girl - Did not recognize this at first, but it was so good, with her switching from the piano to the keyboards and ending with that keyboard violin riff, it was so wonderful... very dancy too...

Past The Mission - another one that made a really good live translation with the band, this part of the show is kind of a blur to me because I was just so amazed that my goddess was sitting there! hehehe...

Hotel - this was really loud and the lighting was so awesome on this song

--secret time--

she said something about "the boys go away now," and she said that she was asked to do a lot of things but she said "but I'm gonna be a pig and do what I want." hehehe... I thought that was so cute...

China - this was definately one of the highlights of the show. It moved me almost to tears... this is a very powerful song and when she does it live... wow... I've never felt that before... it was so good...

Take To The Sky - people clapped, people danced, and tori just kind of bobbed up and down and just had lots of fun, although it seemed like she cut a verse out, although I may just be imagining things.

Icicle - this was so adorable! I want to hear it again...

Bells For Her - The band just really come through for this song, it doesn't seem like she even kept any of the old piano work, like she just reinvented the whole song... it sounded like honey or little earthquakes when she started... she played it lower on the piano than I've heard before.

Spark - the lighting for this song was sooo awesome! and she did the "how many fates" part quite a bit diferrent than on the cd, it was way cool.

Graveyard - this was really cute...

Space Dog - Very very dancy, it was wonderful... I wanna hear it again...

The Waitress - seemed to go on forever, she hit the "hang ten hang ten" part and I thought I would die, it just built in intensity and got louder and louder with more noise and more lights it was a really powerful experience.

--first encore--

She's Your Cocaine - also very dancy, and that chunk of awesome rock in the middle of the quiet part is really effective.

Raspberry Swirl - The lighting was awesome for this and I danced so much! she seemed to keep this song going forever, for like 6 or 7 minutes, although that also might just be my imagination...

--second encore--

Crucify - she seemed to be really into the band thing today, probably because these are the final days for plugged 98... they really seemed to be working well together, and I saw her and steve smile at each other a few times... steve smiled at me once, too, it was cool. oh, yeah, and tori had water passed around, it was so nice of her...

Cruel - This song was so welcome... she played it like only my goddess would, and that part toward the end that she added is awesome! I'm so descriptive tonight, I know, but it is 4:30 in the morning...

Pretty Good Year - when this started playing everyone seemed to jump up and scream to the person next to them with joy... sounded like the whole place sang the first line "tears on the sleeve of her man" with her... after the loud part(which was really loud) the lights all went to this disco balls and they just shimmered and sparkled, it was absolute magic, it was sooo great(except for the guy next to me who didn't know the words... he could have not known the words a little more quietly...)

an odd little thought: she didn't play a single song off of boys for pele...

(then eddie and breann bought stuff, got lost in grand rapids, took the wrong highway in the wrong direction, almost hit a dog, a bunny and a deer... but then the ride home is an entirely diferrent story...)

From Flax

December 5, 1998 - Finally, I'm able to write to you about a Tori concert.

First off, the set list; in no particular order, she played Precious Things, iieee, Girl (a very special surprise, considering she hasn't -- to my knowledge -- been playing it on this tour), China, Spark, Cruel, Raspberry Swirl, She's Your Cocaine, Hotel, Pretty Good Year, Bells for Her (for the life of me, I just can't get into this song; even hearing it live didn't do a THING for me), Past the Mission (another special surprise; I knew she had been playing this lately, but I wasn't sure if I'd hear it last night), The Waitress, Icicle, Space Dog -- damn! She did lots off UTP -- Crucify, and a few B-sides. I can't name them because, being the relatively new Tori fan that I am, I haven't had a chance to collect her singles. I believe two of them, though, were "Never Seen Blue" and "Take to the Sky." Great songs, by the way. I definitely have to get them. The other one was terrific, too, but I have no idea what the name of it was. I even asked my friend who was with me -- who has been a Tori fan since the very beginning -- and even she didn't know what it was. Doh! Oh, well. I figure I can come back here and read other people's reviews and find the name of it that way.

The show, overall, was phenomenal. The lighting was amazing, and Tori looked like a million bucks. My only -- I mean only -- quibble is that she didn't play ANYTHING off BFP. I had hoped for at least ONE song, perhaps Caught a Lite Sneeze or Father Lucifer. But why carp?

She didn't talk with the audience as much as I had hoped. Of course, when she did talk I could barely hear her because all these voices kept screaming "We love you Tori" from the audience. God, I hate that. Don't people want to hear what she has to say? Why must they scream over her? But the crowd was very into the show, and I think Tori knew it. She was having fun up there.

I really thought I'd have a hard time staying composed through the show. I just figured I'd cry a few times, one because I was SEEING Tori; two because she was playing some great songs. But I didn't cry. Not to say I wasn't moved; I just didn't bawl my eyes out like I thought I would. My friend said something that made a lot of sense, though; she said that when you watch her -- especially when you watch her from where we were, which was somewhat far away -- you feel like you're watching her on TV, rather than in person. It just doesn't feel real, even WITH the binoculars. She also said that if he had been in front row, it would've been a different story...and I agree. God, to see her up close would've put me in an emotional tailspin.

Again, though, the show overall was incredible. The highlights, for me, were: Girl, Past the Mission, The Waitress, and She's Your Cocaine. Woo-Hoo!

From Sarah A. Stanley

December 5, 1998 - ahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhaaaaaaa!!!! it was amazing...she said she didn't want to get all "soppy" -- her and the guys were trying not to backstage b/c the show is coming to a close...she was videotaping the show for their own "home video" and she said the Grand Rapids show was her favorite last tour...and if she was going to tape anything she knew it had to be a Michigan show!!!! ;-) :-0 :-)

She also said even though she was asked to play several songs she was going to be a "pig" and play what she wanted!!!! too cute!

So here's the amazing set list:

Precious Things
Past the Mission
China --> solo
Take to the Sky --> solo with hands slapping her Bosendorfer!
Icicle --> solo
Bells for Her --> solo
Waitress (complete with frantic breathing at the end!!!)

She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pretty Good Year

WOW! she did a lot of old stuff...and i was happy about that! Icicle was a treat! so were spacedog and Mary!!!! i can't believe that it's over...but boy, what a trip it has been! I went to one of the Club Tour dates..the one in Detroit and i thought i'd never see tori so raw again...but i fooled myself and now i've seen her three times on the plugged tour (and a few times in 1995)....part of me is so sad that it's ending and who knows when the next tour will be...but the rest of me feels so incredibly lucky to have witnessed such an event numerous times and met such an amazing role model and inspiration to so many people! I'll be in East Lansing in spirit! ;)

From trent, unabashedly bawling my eyes out

December 5, 1998 - awesome show. if anyone taped this please let me know

precious things
past the mission
-- solo Tori talked about how people asked her for songs and she said she
was going to be a "pig" and play the ones she wanted. She also videoed the
show and said that if she was going to tape anywhere it would be a Michigan
show = )
take to the sky
-- band comes back
bells for her
space dog
-- encore
she's your cocaine
raspberry swirl
-- 2nd encore
pretty good year

one more to go!! east lansing!!!

From Jerry

December 5, 1998 - This was my first Tori concert I must say I would have spent a hundred dollars if I had to, to see her. "The Waitress" was unbelievable. How she can put forth so much energy from such a little frame I will never know. I left a little early to get in line for the meet and greet after the show. I must of waited an hour because Tori was busy with some contest winners. She spent about 10 minutes with each of the 7 winners. She finally came out but I never was able to moved an inch forward. Even though I was only five feet away I never saw more than half a face. I managed to take some pictures by raising my camera as high as I could and guessing where she was at. I hope some turn out. Also at one point someone threw a sign at Tori and her body guard flipped out. I think I heard Tori scold him for being so harsh with the now silenced crowd.

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