North American Plugged '98 Tour
Newark, NJ
November 25, 1998

Updated May 2, 2000

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Tori performed in Newark, NJ on November 25, 1998 at the Prudential Hall at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Yes, Anastasia, Merman, Baker Baker, Beauty Queen and Silent All These Years solo. Thanks to Richard Handal and Duessa for calling me on the phone with the set list. MetroJoe and Kyle were the first people to email me about this concert.

Precious Things
Past The Mission
Yes, Anastasia (solo)
Merman (solo)
Baker Baker (solo)
Little Earthquakes
Black-Dove (January)
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Tear In Your Hand
Beauty Queen (solo)
Mary (with band)
Silent All These Years (solo)

Venue Photo

Around 5pm the day of the concert. The outside of the beautiful NJPAC concert hall in Newark, New Jersey. Clearly, this symphonic concert venue was not prepared for musicians armed with smoke machines, as the fire curtain fell around 30 seconds into the show as the band played the musical introduction to Precious Things. (Thanks to Richard Handal for the photo.)


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Beth

December 23, 1998 - i can't believe no one said anything. where were you all. this was my third tori show. and the worst crowd. the worst. don't take this personally unless you did some of things i am talking about.

one. to all the people who rushed up to the stage. thank you. i went to njpac prior to the show and waited on line and the box office for tickets. for hours. there were not that many people there on the line. maybe 30 or 40. for all that hard work i got third row. and then you people who bumrushed the stage ruined it. if you want front row so much wait on line like everybody else. otherwise you are beyond rude.

two. so that was a 20/20 camera that was in front of my face. thank you again. the camera person literally climbed over people. the woman in front of me was almost stepped on. then the cameraperson sat on the back of the seat directly in front of her. i'm sure she thanks you too.

three. no one mentioned tori's face. did anyone see those looks she was giving cause i did. ha ha. she was funny. she gave so many mean looks to people. people who were snapping pictures right in her face, people who wouldn't shut up. that stupid camera. ha.

other then that she seemed in a great mood. she danced around. she sang those songs (i won't go into the setlist too many people already have) with so much enthusiam. those boas looked great on her whoever gave them to her, mad props. to the girl who got yelled at by the other girl in front of you. i saw that. you were in my row, down a bit and to my right. i'm sorry that happened. that pissed us off.

From Sara

December 1, 1998 - I know that this is really after the fact, but i wanted to review this show so badly but had no access to e-mail until now...So just a few words...this concert was absolutely perfect except for the thing that "never happened." :) I couldn't have asked for a more perfect set list...she brought a little of something from everything...and I can't even express how much Yes, Anastasia meant to me...since i've known i was going to this show, i have been telling everyone, i just want to hear YA. I thought there was no way she would play it...i can die happy now. This show was SOOO much better than the Wallingford Oakdale show which i last went to... One other comment...after the show at the post m&g people were really rude. I felt so bad, there were people crying(including myself) because we were asking people to just pass things up, not to get things signed and they wouldn't do it. Thanks to my friend who was with me who finally just screamed "JOEL!!!" and then asked him to please grab my letter...which he did and then did a cute little nod to say job done:) Thanks Joel...even though the whole time all i saw was your head...i did however, get a few glimpses of Tori through the crowd, and what can i say...she was utterly beautiful...her hair looked gorgeous...geez, i love her. The night felt like a dream... toodles~

From L

December 1, 1998 - I've never really written before...always been something of a lurker, but I have a tidbit of info about this concert which I thought I'd share...

I was sitting in the Grand Tier section, 2 rows back from the sound board, so I had a pretty good view of operations there. Although the girl in front of me got their set list, I glanced at it over her shoulder. According to the set list, Tori was supposed to do "Damage" as the last song, not SATY (which might explain why the bass player was starting to get out the upright bass). Yet, the little laptop they had on the sound console thingy would come up with the song titles, and it said "Cloud" around the time of the last song. Also, the set list only listed 2 songs for the second encore, not the 4 that were played. So...all I can say is that whatever took Tori in that different direction at the end was much appreciated by me at my first Tori concert. Truly memorable...

From Jim

November 27, 1998 - I guess one would get the impression that I didn't enjoy the concert. I did, I really did, Just seeing Tori is so uplifing and so special. My complaint is really with the arrangements. I was "miserable" about that. I had expected something different. A nice sit-down concert, second row, basking in Tori. I was unprepared for the rush.

As to asking Mike to take it down. Well it's there and I did ask him to use his discretion. If he thinks it's OK to be there, so be it. Besides I think the people reading it will just ignore it and just make come comment about how stupid I am.

Now that I got that out of my way. Man, the show was gooooooooddddddd!!! Tori came out and did some sort of bow to the fans, right in front of the stage. It was eriee sortof. Her body was completely on the ground. Then she got up, went to the piano and hit the keys and presto - Precious Things, the way it should be played. It rocked.

And then God. Cool. But too early.

Girl made her appearance and you don't know how much I wanted to hear it with the band. It sounded like the CD almost. I guess Hotel was next and it was impressive, my favorite off the new CD. The live version doesn't have that ELPish powerful synth like the CD version. But it's really a masterpiece and Tori and the band performed it so well.

OK I heard her do Pass the Mission before and didn't care to hear it again. Was Sugar next? Whenever, I just love this song and it sounds so cool with the band,

Now the best part of the show: Yes, Anastasia. A dream come true. I felt real dizzy as I turned to a Toriphile I had met while waiting in line for the tickets. She knew this was my favorite. I could have died.

Then a breathtaking Merman. I had no idea what this was when she began. I just remember thinking that hey this song is better than Cooling. Weird. Why would I think that? Then I knew it was Merman. I recognized some of the lyrics I had read off a web page. It was so surreal.

I could hear Baker, Baker forever and not get tired. She's played it at alot at the shows I've gone to (lucky me) and damn this was the best.

At this point I switched seats with my sister. Too bad it was now Little Earthquakes. But hey I remember a quote from a dew drop in tour review, that LE is a concert with in a concert. It certainly was again. "give me life, give me pain, give me myself again" Oh boy!!!!

Off to the encores: I was really tired at this point about having to stand up and not seeing the show that well that I sat down during Talula for a bit. It just wasn't hitting me like I thought it would, Talula I mean. But Raspberry Swirl cured that. I had to let loose and did. This is absolutly the best dance song ever! I can't dance but this song just gives you the right movements, naturally.

Last but not least: Skip to Silent All These Years. So easy, easy, easy. After Tori sings that part I just have to hit something, you know in a Tori-like way. At the concert, I didn't want to hit a chair or anything. So I just forcefully waived my arm. I wonder if other Toriphiles saw it and caught on.

A great show and easily the best I've seen on this tour.

From Danielle

December 1, 1998 - This was my last show of the tour. I had mixed emotions going into it. Earlier in the day I was very sick and I didn't even know if I was going to go. Even though I felt horrible I'm glad I went. It was the perfect "last show". Very unusual night with the fire curtain and all. I talked to several members of the Unbelievable Truth as they walked by right in front of me. I was sitting in front of MetroJoe82 (Hi!) and right next to the aisle that went to the backstage door. I got to say hi to Mr. Amos as he walked by too. One highlight of the evening, besides Tori, was meeting THE Kevyn Aucoin! I got to talk to him briefly and he shook my hand as he introduced himself to me. My boyfriend ( is an intern for Shalom Harlow's architects and Kevyn also does her make up so we went over and struck up a conversation. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Another highlight was Tori wearing the bright pink feather boa. I must say that Matt did look better in the black one though :)

The best highlight was Yes Anastasia. I had been wanting to hear this all tour. I had asked Tori to play it. I'm not sure if she played it for me or not. I would like to think so but I'm not taking credit. I caught a brief look at the setlist moments before the show and didn't see it listed on there. Just hearing it at my last show made my life.

The show was very personal for me. I am sad that it's all over (for me anyway). I have so many wonderful memories from this tour. I met so many nice people that I know I will talk to for years to come. I am so thankful to Tori for everything.

Take care everybody and see you next tour!

From Woj (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

December 1, 1998 - toriadores,

it's been marvelous watching the tour enfold. for the most part, it's been a vicarious experience for me as i was only able to make it to three regular shows and the sessions on west 54th taping (which i still owe a review for, i know, i know), but reading the reviews and setlists posted here and on the dent has made me feel like i was there. thanks to all of you!

at the beginning of the plugged tour, i remember richard handal saying, and i paraphase, "it'll be very interesting to see what the shows at the end of the tour will be like." a very astute statement indeed. for me, the last show was this past wednesday at the njpac in newark, nj. the setlist has already been posted, so i'll just touch on the highlights for me.

the biggest surprise was the sheer difference between this show and the first two i saw (springfield, ma and wallingford, ct back in august). with the exception of the core songs ("precious things" and "the waitress"), the setlist was completely different as were the feel of the shows. it's a shame that the tour is winding down since the band is totally comfortable and together. it's really amazing watching them play since they play so naturally together. i wish that those who were only able to see shows early on were able to catch some of these later gigs as well since the first half of the tour seems to have been as much of a warm-up as the pre-tour club gigs.

the setlist was also rather amusing since of the 19 songs she played, only *three* were from _choirgirl_! that's not that uncommon amongst most of the gigs i see, but you have to admit that it's rather odd for an arena tour promoting a new record.

i expected to hear "girl" since she'd been playing it regularly since debutting it, but i wasn't ready for how lovely it would be. like the live version of "crucify" (a song which i had tired of until this tour), it really works with the band.

"hotel" was interesting. i think it needs to be played a lot louder than it was. when the keyboards kick in, i want to be blasted back against my seat by the sheer force of the sound but, alas, that didn't happen.

"merman". i don't even know what to say about the performance of this song. jaw-droppingly gorgeous. it's sad that matthew shepard's death has brought this song to new heights and it's a crime that it's not on any record or single.

i've been aching to hear "little earthquakes" on this tour and i finally did. oy! slow, stately and devastating.

"tear" is also a gorgeous song which sounds swell with the band. it's interesting how straight the band plays these early songs ("girl", "crucify", "tear", etc.) but how fresh they sound at the same time.

"mary" is the other song i've been hoping to hear. maybe my favorite b-side. and with the band! swoon!

like i said, it was a great way to end the tour for me.

From Sean Hooks

November 27, 1998 - A review of Tori Amos at the NJPAC(what a venue!) on November 25 in Newark, New Jersey. Thansgiving Eve. Truly an amazing performance and a wonderful show. Oh, and before I forget, a quick thank you to


Thanks for the conversation. You were so well-informed about things that I think I have a good chance of reaching you this way as I'm sure you must read either the Dent or RMTA. I was in a bit of post-show awe and euphoria and maybe you the same so I apologize for not saying more to you before we left other than "nice to meet you." My friend Kate who was at the concert with me berated me at the diner afterwards for not asking for your number or at least your email address, if just to keep in touch. Either way, I hope you see this and maybe contact me, really really nice talking and conversing with you. Anyway, on to my review of what was truly a memorable night. A night which began quite late after a lenghty break after the opening act. Then, as the band came out at began to play the opening song, the curtain rose, then quickly descended again, in the process upsetting the lighting rig above the stage. This resulted in further delay and it took a good 'nother 15 minutes to readjust the lights correctly before they decided to just leave the curtain up and the band began playing the opening number and soon after Tori saunted onstage. Here's the setlist with comments.

(regular set)

PRECIOUS THINGS: Not the best version of seen her do on this one but certainly the longest. They really jammed out on this one, a useful extention of the song, not just dragging on. A bit too much reverb in Tori's vocals for my taste though.

GOD: Rhythmic, solid. Caught me a little off guard so early in the set. Fans recognized and cheered it. By the way, the entire front floor sections stood the entire show, good job, even though my legs are feeling it now and there's nothing wrong with wanting to sit in a balcony and quietly observe.

GIRL: Wow! Heard she's brought it back to the setlists after years of absence. One I doubted I'd ever get to hear live. Very well done. Groovy, melodic, Tori appeared to really enjoy singing it and seeing it go over so well and be performed so masterfully. Prefaced by a nice acapella intro.

HOTEL: Don't like this one much on the album. Live though I must admit, Matt Chamberlain's drumming is excellent and the slowed down finale of the song is good, and the "I'm still alive"s were powerful despite, again, too much reverb on the vocals in my opinion.

PAST THE MISSION: Another one I had veritably given up on ever hearing live. Extra emphasis on lyrical annunciation on this one did it justice. One of my favorite tracks off Under the Pink. A Delight.

SUGAR: Not quite the raw power of some solo version like the one on Hey Jupiter EP(I was at that show) but tonight was about as good as this song can get with the ful band, and it was quite good, definitely noticed the inclusion of her calling the guy a pussy. Thumping opening for Chamberlain, a major improvement over the somewhat sloppy and uninspired version I'd heard at MSG in July when Tori was sick. Nice to hear it done right. Excellent segue into "secret time" as well, which tonight consisted of 3, yes 3, songs.

YES, ANASTASIA(solo): Big surprise. Crowd response was very positive. Tori was very much into it and delivered some powerful vocals.

MERMAN(solo): Prefaced by Tori speaking about how "they had been playing this one ever since that boy Matthew died in Arizona." Very, very emotional. Sung so beautifully and honestly, you can tell she is giving it her very best, to honor the memory of a man who died far before his time.

BAKER, BAKER(solo): A third solo song? Yep. And a very good one at that. Gorgeous red lighting accompanied Tori on yet another lovely song, sung slowly and deliberately, again with proper emphasis on the words.

LITTLE EARTHQUAKES: Perfect way to come out of the solo stuff. One of my all- time fave Tori songs. One of many songs from the album of the same name to be played tonight. Quite a contrast to say the Irivng Plaza show and the other earlier shows on the tour that included almost half Choirgirl material.(tonight no Cruel, iiiee, Spark, Cocaine, Lad, or Jackie). This song was like I said though, perfect. Give me life.

CRUCIFY: Mellow, not scathing version. More contemplative and introspective than a vengeful indictment or a social commentary as it can be on a given night. Lots of scattered cheers though during the "got enough guilt to start my own religion" line.

BLACK DOVE: Knew Waitress was coming soon but that there was still one song before that. Had absolutely no idea. Was thinking maybe Lite Sneeze since there had been no Pele songs played yet but got this instead. Very well- received by the crowd, especially for a new, unreleased song. Everyone really into it. Kickass version too, deserved its accolades.

WAITRESS: The closer. Has been all tour. It builds on you and sneaks up on you at the same time. Just when you think it's getting too long Tori goes into the rising moans right into the microphone before standing up proudly and finishing off the regular set .

(encore one)

TALULA: Not the brandishing swagger that I associate with this song. More lilting and upbeat without being angry or forceful. A different take then the tornado versions from last tour. Only Pele song of the night.

RASPBERRY SWIRL: This is not nor will it ever be Tori Amos to me. Techno/rave music has its place and I generally don't like it taking up a spot in the setlist at a Tori show. But she does look like a badass straddling the bench in between the piano and the keyboard. Hard not to dance to I guess.

(encore two)

TEAR IN YOUR HAND: Like the intro jam. Good song, hard not to like. Puts a smile on your face. Second encores are, after all, where good shows can either stay good or reach that extra yard for greatness. The next song was a real surprise.

BEAUTY QUEEN(solo): Whoa, where'd this come from? Awesome choice. The whole place got quiet instantly. Loved it loved it loved it. And although I feared that it was gonna lead into this tour's version of Horses(which I really dislike), it did not. Instead we got a classic B-side, again with the Little Earthquakes motif.

MARY: With the band. Either way it's a great song lyrically and the band, fortunately, does not take away from the song's powerful voice and poetic style of lyrical movement. Wonderful surprise.

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS: Have heard my share of this one but tonight's was exceptional in every way. Was something special to hear it as a sing-a-long in front of a mere thousand people or show at Irving Plaza in May but tonight was just as good, probably better. A more ethereal, quiet moment, Tori generally given as close to total silence as you'll here this tour. Only unfortunate thing about it was that you knew it was the last song.

So, that's it. All in all a truly remarkable show, especially when taken in the context of the tour as a whole and how the setlist has been continually evolving throughout. Also of note are the NJPAC, like I said before, what a venue! Acoustics great. Looks like a work of art. Comfortble, roomy, spectacular. And thanks again to Allison or Allie or whatever your name may be who came all the way across the river from Queens, New York by herself to see the show. I'm sure it was well worth it, and again I truly enjoyed conversing with you and sharing a wonderful concert experience and regret letting you leave so soon afterwards. And to the fans who are gonna be at the last 8 or 10 shows or whatever there are left, get ready, she's really in a groove now. Seems like premieres and/or rarities at every show these days.Tonight had one premiere, 3 b-sides, 2 songs that were basically not played at all last tour and not often at all this one either, and well, no covers, I guess she's saving those for some other lucky audience. Hope you are one of them. Thanks for reading.

From david y. kobayashi (wild koba)

November 27, 1998 - not only was the the best tori concert i've ever heard....DAMN. that may have been one of the best concerts i've EVER been to.

first of all, she played virtually every song that i'd hope to hear. i might as well have walked up to her and gave her the setlist myself. that's how good that list was. now, when i saw them the 2 previous times, they sounded great then. really tight, and they could play this shit BLINDFOLDED! and i made the remark that i look forward to hearing some of the old songs re-done with the band, and that it would be amazing.

it's one thing to make the old songs sound amazing, but what they did last night....damn.

i was lucky enough to be in that rush of people all the way up at the front. i was about 8 or 9 feet away from caton. caton and i were exchanging "you fuckin' wit me?" glares- it was pretty funny. and then he looked at me, and winked at me- kinda like a "hey beautiful" look. i returned the favor by blowing him a kiss.

so when you're THAT CLOSE to a bunch of guys who are savagely sodomizing your eardrums with their musicianship, you learn a LOT. speaking of mr. caton, i've a new-found respect for him. i realized that he may have one of the hardest jobs in the world, playing guitar for tori amos. he's always gotta be careful about not stepping on toes, and he has to be super subtle. he does that amazingly well. mr. evans is quickly becoming one of my favorite bassists. probably the most thoughtful lines i've heard in a long time. and chamberlain just grooves so damn hard.

ok. so the show itself:

it was amazing to feel the fury of precious things literally in my face. caton's harmonic and noise tactics in god get funnier and funnier every time i hear it. i started breaking out laughing, and some poor girl in front of me gave me a dirty look, and was like "ok...we get the point- chill out." fuck her.

so i finally hear the infamous girl live. chamberlain's drumming was excellent. of the songs i had wanted to hear. it had an excellent "tomorrow never knows" kinda vibe at the beginning. the velvets part always makes me want to mosh. i swear to god, i had to hold myself tight to keep from just lunging at the people next to me when she played it last night (imagine a guy in a suit moshing on top of girls- that would've gone over great).

pasta mission was amazing. caton's playing was excellent here. it was fun to see his treatment of the song.

i've never been a fan of sugar, but the band treatment is still amazing.

i almost died when she played anastasia.

last night was the first time i heard merman. nice song. it didn't floor me, but still, really good song that was well done.

...much like baker baker,

and little earthquakes, which floored me.

crucify was incredible. when evans started it off, i couldn't recognize it at first, but when i finally did, i said "HOLY SHIT!" wow. of the other songs i was hoping to hear. the texas part still chills me.

and the waitress? what do you fucking think?

talula had the best of evans' playing. that smoked.

although i'm learning to like it, raspberry still doesn't do it for me. but again, its performance was excellent.

and the whole second encore was just something of a classic.

so that's what makes an incredible show.

i met some cool people at the show (the infamous becky wall, dani and sean). there was this GORGEOUS girl i was talking to at the m/g- went to school in pa, works in midtown for a travel agency, not wearing a jacket, and we were talking. wow. stunning. i would've loved to have known more (if you're reading this, how about an email?).

i also overheard a lot of nasty shit. rudeness. close-mindedness. stupidity (and yes, i think they were 15, too). luckily, i was just able to smoke my cigar, and chill out, though.

the numbers system is bunk. but we knew that. so much for caring fans who are "willing to share," and any other crap that's been said in defense of it. once that opportunity to meet her comes, it's everyone for themselves. no surprise. i'm only sorry for the people who didn't get to say hi who really wanted to, or those that didn't get anything signed.

speaking of signing, she signed my casebook. woo hoo!

so that's that. mikey- happy turkey day.

From Richard Koppinger

November 27, 1998 - In the midst of the notorious Ironbound section of Newark comes a renaissance sprouting like a sapling in a landfill, in the form of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. NJPAC has been host to events such as classical concerts, dance theater companies, World Music groups, and most recently, Tori Amos.

I've never been to NJPAC before, but I was quite impressed with the facilities. The Prudential Hall theater itself is actually a bit small, but it's 4 tiers high, which gave the effect of a giant cylinder. I'm sure this design gave Tori's sound engineers no shortage of challenges. Much to my horror, there was a large garish silver ball that hung in my line of sight. Thankfully, it was winched up to the ceiling, much to the cheering delight of my fellow theatergoers.

I listened to the opening band, The Unbelievable Truth, play their set. I didn't think they were bad, but they didn't connect with me. It made me envy the people who got to see Ron Sexsmith. Most of the crowd seemed to enjoy them tremendously, and that's all that really counts. Still, it made me wonder if I was so far out of touch with music today, even though I'm only 34. They barely talked to the audience. The drummer who I could not understand, was their spokesman on the two occasions they spoke.

While preparations continued for Tori's show, eager youths who heard the piano behind the curtain (including strains of Pretty Good Year) screamed and applauded, trying to summon Tori in the same way that the rain-soaked crowd at Woodstock tried to call back the sunshine before the Santana set. This moment is commonly referred to as the "Rain Chant". It didn't work in 1969, and it wasn't going to work that night at Prudential Hall.

Finally, the house lights went down, the band took the stage, and began playing "Precious Things". However, right before Tori could take the stage, the Prudential Hall fire curtain inexplicably came down in front of the stage in a hilarious Spinal-Tap-esque moment. The band kept playing backlit behind the fire curtain, until the crew ran out. I could see their shadows giving the "cut" sign.

Tori usually brings down the house. Tonight, she started with the fire curtain.

The fire curtain was raised very slowly (it is only designed to close quickly) after somebody (perhaps road manager John Witherspoon) apologized for the technical malfunction and assured us that the show would go on. "We'll get it fixed, then we can just pretend it never happened" he said. Unfortunately, fixing the fire curtain was followed by an emergency readjustment of the lighting rack, as the curtain knocked all the lights out of alignment. As I watched the rack sway back and forth, I had a great deal of respect for the crew member who climbed up there and did a frantic re-aiming of the spotlights.

The show restarted, this time without a hitch. Tori and the band opened with a very hard rocking version of "Precious Things". While I had to struggle to hear her occasionally, the sound steadily improved. As I said before, I think the design of the hall had much to do with that.

"God" was next, and I noticed that the tempo for the song was more fluid, while keeping the intensity that makes the song so special. There was additional echo on Tori's voice for the part where she sings "always go when the wind blows". Steve Caton was dancing in a way that can only be described as Elvis meets James Brown. He was also wearing a hat that made him look like one the Blues Brothers, and a black T-shirt and black jeans. I'm almost convinced that Steve Caton has more black clothes than Johnny Cash.

Tori introduced the band, then sang something a cappella. Turns out, it was for one of my favorite Tori songs, "Girl". Tori, at times simultaneously playing piano and keyboards, performed this song beautifully. The band added a wonderful dimension to the song. However, I noticed an unexpected element was added, as this was when I first saw Mr. Hanky from South Park adorning Matt Chamberlain's bass drum. Mr. Hanky jumped with every beat of the massive drum, and I couldn't help laughing, even during this most beautiful song. I could picture him saying, "Hidey Ho! Gosh this sure is a swell concert, isn't it boys and girls?"

The stage was lit with swirling purple lights as Tori and the band played "Hotel", another very strong piece that night. As she sang the "Give me more" part, they went magenta. She followed with "Past the Mission", which I can't recall hearing live before. It, too, came off very well. Next was "Sugar", which featured much stronger drums that served as a great accent to another of my favorite songs.

The band left so Tori could play solo for a while. She started with "Yes Anastasia". I was floored. "Wow, I've only been waiting 4 years for this" I said aloud. Even though she played the song from about the midway point, starting with the "1919" line, it was a treat to hear this one.

Tori said "I've been playing this song for that boy in Wyoming. It's one of my favorite songs that didn't make it onto the record. None of my favorite songs make it onto any of my records". Then she played a beautiful rendition of "Merman". Tori then continued with "Baker Baker", which was lovely. Near the end of the song, I heard a girl sobbing loudly in the dark of the hall.

The band returned for "Little Earthquakes". Matt Chamberlain was using mallets instead of regular drum sticks, which sounded very good. Next was "Crucify", and Matt had switched to those sticks that have the tiny cymbals in them. This also worked very well, and made me hope to see Matt around for the next tour.

Tori turned to the keyboard next and played "Black Dove", which was excellent. The sound of the keyboard reminded me of the modified upright piano that Tori used for "Bells for Her". After a while, she turned to the piano, and played both instruments simultaneously. I was happy that "Black Dove" showed up. I love that song.

The set concluded with "The Waitress", which featured the same long slow intro that it had at Madison Square Garden (minus the sinus infection, of course). I think "The Waitress" is one of the best examples of how Tori has adapted her earlier music to work with a band. She must be very happy that she's had this time to re-invent herself. Or to put it another way, since she refers to her songs as her "girls", it seems that Tori is thrilled that they went out and got new wardrobes.

Tori came out for the first encore, the band playing a tune I couldn't recognize. When she started singing, I realized it was a completely different version of "Talula". I remember when Boys for Pele came out, and Tori said about the song "She's been through all this stuff, she's crawled and bled, now it's time to just let her dance." I thought that this album From the Choirgirl Hotel, and this tour, was Tori letting her Talula-self go have a dance. It was even more appropriate when Tori and the band followed "Talula" with "Raspberry Swirl".

During the show at Madison Square Garden, I could feel the floor shake during "Raspberry Swirl". For this show, I was on the fourth tier, and I hoped I wouldn't feel it shaking. I was thankful it didn't. But from my new perspective of the show, I was able to see what Matt Chamberlain was banging on. I originally thought he had an electronic drum kit. It looked more like a 55 gallon oil drum.

Tori came over to the crowd after the song to greet people, touch hands, and accept gifts, which included two feathered boas, black and pink. When she returned for the second encore of the evening, she was wearing both of them, and she sat down to play "Tear in Your Hand" with the band, another of my favorite songs. I thought how fitting the line "Maybe it's time to wave good-bye, now" was, since this was the home stretch of the tour. The mirror balls shimmered and the lights swirled. You could lose yourself in them. It was like Tori was on her own little piano-shaped spaceship.

Much to my surprise, she played "Beauty Queen"; one-handed and lovely. I was expecting the reworked "Horses" next, but as usual, Tori had a better idea. She began playing a song I didn't recognize. Then came the line "Everybody want a piece of Mary" and I was astounded. I'd never heard the song "Mary" before. I've yet to come across it in a store. Fortunately, I was familiar with some of the lyrics, or I never would have known what this lovely song was.

It was the end of a fabulous show, one of the best I've ever seen. Tori sat at the piano. The band had left. She removed her boas and played "Silent All These Years". A significant portion of the crowd was singing along. The mirror balls were unlit, but still spinning and catching light from the stage. They seemed like torches fading after a long night. At the end of the song, the lights hit them, and they flared once more. The fire in those torches was passed onto us, now. This was our gift from Tori, the songs from her heart to ours. A magnificent concert, a promise of more great things to come, a vow that the wait for the next album will be worth it.

--- Richard Koppinger - On The Go!

From little raisongal of tori gum fame

November 27, 1998 - **BEEEP*** Hi Mom...I know you're still asleep, but when you wake up and hear this message, don't be worried. We're stuck in Newark, New Jersey because they closed the parking garage that we parked in before we got our cars out...but its ok cause we're just hanging out in this police station for now...**bEEP***

Ok, before I tell that story and talk about Newark NJ, I just want to say HOW jealous I am of those who got to see the Delaware show. WHAT A SHOW IT SOUNDED LIKE...CHina? Mother? Cool on Your Island? SIREN? I've been wiating for Siren now...grrr...I'm so jealous!!!!! Ok...onto NEwark NJ...

Well we got there a little late, so I missed the Unbelievable Truth again. The NJPAC was beautiful. It was a symphony/orchestra/opera like hall, so it was very very high and they had little balcony boxes all around. Our seats were on the floor in the row P, which was about halfway back on the floor. Fortunately, there was a rumor that they were going to let us come up to the front when the lights went out, so we sat anciosuly waiting. At about 9:30 the lights dimmed and we pushed up front. The cutin dropped, people started cheering...and then another curtin dropped. We were all quite confused. A few seconds later, a voice came back on and said something like, "We apologize for that, but we had some technical difficulties and ther second curtin came down automatically..." So we waited some more...after little bit, the lights dimmed AGAIN! The security guards let us come all the way up to the fifth row or so and stand they had let people up fron so there were some empty chairs, so I ended up in the fifth row...

The Show:

(I'll just give some highlights becasue I'm sure everyone has gone over all the songs by now...I think I enjoyed this show so very much because I knew it would most likely be my last (unless my damn french teacher reschedules my French examen..ugh..) so I was paying closer attention to every little deatil...and I enjoyed every single song she played. At no point was I thinking about the next song...I was just enjoying every song for what it was worth...

I love Precious Things so much. When she sings the nine inch nails part and the lights get bright...I love it. It was very powerful these evening. We were moving to this one

God was amazing...I have seen it a fewt times before, but this was by far the best...

Girl...There was a neat little acopello intro to this song...which kept us guessing what was coming next, but then she whipped right into Girl. It was amazing with the band...

Hotel: I like this song so muchbetter after hearing it live a few powerful (but aren't they all?)

Past the Mission...this is one that I've seen on the last three shows, but it was also amazing. The audience loved this one...

Yes Anastasia...this is my friends Avi's favorite I thought of her when Tori began to play. This is a great solo song..but I wonder what it would sound like with the band.hmmm...

Merman...this was one of the highlights on the night...when she began playing this and spoke of Matthew Shepard, I was transformed. Seeing that we were so close to Thanksgiving and everything, it made me realize how lucky I was. It made me forget about all the problems I had, and I just thought about those who have suffered through so much. I think this song takes selfishnes out of you because it makes you think about how lucky you really have it. As she sang this song, I couldn't fact no one could. Everyone was just transformed staring at Tori and her piano...It made my heart hurt really. I was stunned...

BAKER BAKER: This was the highlight of the show for me...I had heard this at PSU and when I heard it again, believe me when I said that was bawling. The afteroon bbefore the show I saw this guy Andy who I haven't seen in three months. I love this guy, and he did love me, but now his feelings changed (he told me this about a month ago). We were sitting in his car talking about things, and he was telling me how he loved me as a friend and we were still close, but for some reason, the icing wasn't there anymore...I started singing Baker Baker as he said was so difficult. About three months ago, i ran from him...and as Tori says, "Guess it was his turn this time..." So when she started singing this at the show, I was a mess.. It was so beautiful and so touching and so difficult. But I loved every second of it....and Maybe one day we can change his mind..

Little Earthquakes: Oh my goodness...another personal heart wrencher. I love this song. It has so muchmeaning...I've had way to many Little Earthquakes in my realtionships and my life...this was beautiful.

Black Dove was great also..I haven't heard that since July..

I left before the encore because I had an important message to get to Tori..actually I left halfway through waitress (which I like more and more each time I hear it...especially the hang ten part) but even so, there were about ten people out there already so I was in the second row We waited for a while...she didn't come out till 12:45 or so...she came right down to the end I was out. April gave her a rabbit and tori was estatic. She took it and began hopping up and down and saying, "Rabbit Rabbit" over and over. Then she went over to her limo to show someoone..she looked so happy! One guy asked her to write something inspirational and she took his book and wrote a whole page...lucky boy. Then she leaned over and read it in his ear! I was right behind him so I heard, and what she wrote was beautiful...simply beautiful. When she stopped in front of me, I said something like, "I don't know if you remember, but you gave me gum in Indiana, so I got you some.." and I gave her the pack of Juicy Fruit I had gotten her. She grabbed it a jumped up and down and looked so happy! She said, "Oh thank you! Gum!" and put it in her pocket. She was so cute! Then I asked her if she remember a girl named Marian in Indian PA who had a book designed with art from the b-sides. She lookd puzzled for a second, and then I reminded her that she told Marina that she looked like a Janet and promised her that she would play Mary in Akron. Also, she had seen thelyrics for "For Mark" in there and hadn't remember writing it...Tori then remember who i meant (yeah Marian!) She grabbed Steve and said, "Do you remember that Steve? She had that book.." and he remembered too. Well i told her that she had told Marian to remind her to play Mary at the pre show M/G but since there won't be one, I wanted to remind her now...and she said she owuld play it and she told Steve to remindher. I gave her a letter whichI told her had a little reminder in it and she said thank you. the she told me to tell Marian to try to get a note to Steve before the show...she seemed so concerned about don't worry Marian!! You arre safe! I went to tell her about Pretty Good Year for Phyliss, but she had moved on. But I did mention it in the letter Phyliss, so don't worry! After that we waited to see her to talk to everyone...she stayed for 20 minutes or so. Then we wished her a Happy Thanksgicing and she got inher limo. We heard she was spending Thanksgiving in New York...

It was amazing. My lastshow...sniff sniff...but it had a lot of closure to it....I got to saygoodbye. So we walked down the street to getout car...and THE GARAGE WAS LOCKED! There were about 15 of us inthis predicament. IAs we walked over tothe police station to tell them our problem, I stopped to say goodbye to Richard and Jesem and (oh jesse I can't remember that wonderful woman's name...i think it was Diane or Julie...I'm sorry!) I wished them a happy thanksgiving withthe donut tree (long story). Well I was so sad that we were stuck in Newark onThanksgiving that Jesem came over and gave me a huig. I noticed his Sandman shirtand told him that I loved Sandman too. He proceded to take a charm off his necklace and give it to me. It was Death on her alhm (spelling...) I was so happy I almost cried. I love EWF. That was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done. It made tthe evening was so beautiful what he did..

After that we went to the police station (well it was more of a little police informtaion had chairs and carpet and was very ncie) that was right there and tried to get help. They couldn't get into it becaue it was privately owned. We were pissed because they hadn't posted hours up so how were we to know it closed early? Ugh. So Krista (the girl I was with) called her mom and she drove up from Philly to get us. I slept on the floor of the police station as we waited. We shred hot chocolate and cookies...I felt like I was in a sitcom! I was stranded in New Jersey in a police station on Thanksgiving! But Krista's mom made it there about 5 and we made it home around 7 or so..Wow! Happy Thanksgiving!

Well I don't want this to be the last review I write =( I love getting home fromshows and posting a long review to the dent. Maybe I'll pretent I went to the others and review them...sigh. During the show, i think about what I will be writing to the dent! I wish I could get out to Michigan...we'll see. But if this is my last post, I hope everyone else enjoys the last few shows. I hope marian and phyliss get their songs and Richard and friends enjoy their donuts and everyone has a wonderful time. These past few weeks that I've been going to the shows have been simply amazing. I've met some of the most amazing people ever. Everyone has been so kind and giving and loving and I just want to say that EWF are the best people out there. I think we need to have a Tori commune. Tori really does bring out the best in people. She is simply amazing. So to everyone I met I thank you...(especially the wonderfully kind and generous Richard; the sassy Phyliss, Marian and Jessica; the wonderful Melissa (and her friend whose name I never got...) the best- photographer-ever Ilya; The sassy Zac and Jessica from Ohio;Crystal and Alverick, the driving fools; Josh of tea-fame, and April, the quiet little dove; Paul who kept us company at PSU;Jesem, the kindest spirit ever; and Krista, my little soldier ane anyone else I forgot...) I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and! But hopefully we will all meet again on the next tour, whenever that shall be...I love you guys. You make me truly happy. These shows have been the best times of my life, and I will remember the experiences forever. I am happy to call all of you wonderful EWF my friends. I love you all...

Goodbye and toodles from the little raisongal of tori gum fame...

From Rachel (posted to the Toriandmore mailing list)

November 27, 1998 - hi all, it's rachel, but I am using my sister's account at home right now. I got to the Newark show and I wanted to say that it was awesome. I had terrible seats, fourth tier. I was three rows from the top to be exact, but that's ok. I was in the middle of the section, which was good, I could see her face as well as her hands at the piano. the show was sold out so I was happy to be in the building at all. everyone else may have already given the set list, I don't know, I have no way to check my mail from here. I will give you all what I remember. I definetly have all the songs right just not the order.

Precious Things
Girl!!! ( with solo intro)
past the mission
yes, anastasia (solo)
baker, baker (solo)
january girl
little earthquakes
1st encore
raspberry swirl
2nd encore
tear in your hand
beauty queen (solo)
silent all these years (solo)

It was just so great. her voice just sounded so wonderful. this was my fourth tori show and I have to say that her voice just sounded incredible. And the band complimented her so well, even better than I remember in Cleveland in July. the acoustics may have just been better, but she was simply amazing. and tear in your hand floored me. raspberry swirl was so great live. it is my least favorite on the album, but live it took on a whole different personality. what was cool about being so high up was the lighting. by being above the lights I could see the whole show. I would love to say how beautiful she looked, but she was only about 2 inches tall. but of course, it's tori, and she is always beautiful. I closed my eyes sometimes and just listened to her voice.

It just felt as though she knew I was there somehow. As if she was speaking to me through the songs she played. I just felt so connected. I know so many of you were there too and I just felt as though we all were truly a family. I cried during merman, it was so amazing. It sounded so much like a lull-a-by. and then for her to play baker, baker after that just sent me over the edge. It was amazing. I can still hear her voice in my head...

well, I should go, the mall is calling. all of you I hope you enjoyed the holiday. happy tori thoughts and dreams and keep the fairies close.

From Hadley

November 27, 1998 - just would like to say that this was my first tori concert. my best friend cindy got me the tickets for my birthday and i must say it will probably be the best gift i get this year and i greatly thank her. The concert was awesome. When she came out with Precious Things I got tears in my eyes because i was so excited to be so close to her and be able to see her fingers play the piano and see her sing. I thought everything she sang was really good buy I wish she would have talked a bit more because it makes it more personal.thanks for listening,Hadley

From Ari Berenstein

November 27, 1998 - Well my friends and I journeyed one last time to see Tori on the Plugged '98 tour, travelling from Manhattan NY to Newark NJ for the NJPac show. It was a smaller venue than the Garden and the Spectrum in Philly (the shows I had previously gone to in July), and because of that none of us were able to get adjacent seats. We were spread out over the theatre, with seats ranging from Front Row Center (HAHAHA April and Jim damn straight) to 4th tier next to last row. That was me, suffering up in the nosebleeds, but it was ok because I had a good time and met some cool people (hey Chris!). The concert itself made up for it, not to mention the great time I had with April, Frank, Chau, Mavon and Jim.

So moving past the set list, here's a look at the highlights from the show. Girl was the first standout, which just plain kicked. I'm glad she played it, I was worried I would be the one to miss out on the song she was playing after a four year absence. Hotel sounded awesome, live performance makes the song more intense than on the album. I enjoyed it. Past The Mission was freaking incredible, especially since I was on a PTM kick from the compilation video. Her inflection from pronouncing "past the mission" and "body" (from the line "they found a body not sure it was his still they're using his name") made me quiver. I think I'm now addicted to hearing her say those words. =) The band's performance was a highlight.

Quiet Time. Yes Anastasia and Merman did me in. It was the first time I had heard either of these live and the first time I had heard Merman ever. Beautiful song. Baker Baker made it three solo songs for quiet time. This was when I realized the show was gonna be one to remember (they all are actually). I guessed that Tori was really enjoying the show and would play a long set, because eventually she preformed 19 songs and six encores (I never wanted her to get off the stage).

My reaction when Little Earthquakes began was literally: "Oh My god! No Way!" Frank said he felt she would perform LE, and he called that one. I'm glad he did. Incredibly strong and another song that the band really kicked it up a notch. Sugar was a 100 percent greater rendition than the one at the Garden. By the end of the song I was really into it, thanks mostly to Tori's singing and the band's tight playing. Tori snuck in a "You're just pussy." Got to hear Black Dove (January) for the first time live, that was kickin' also.

The Waitress was the Showstopper. An earlier reviewer thought that this was shorter than the usual performance but I completely disagree. In fact I would go so far as to say this was a good two or three minutes longer than any other time she has played it. She was an energizer bunny; she kept on "going and going÷" Her voice was still strong and she probably could have gone on for another fifteen minutes. The band recapitulated faster and faster, and Tori's spasm was a jaw dropper. I didn't think she would ever get to "Ask a fellow waitress."!

Talula was enjoyable and I tried, I promise you I tried, to dance up on 4th tier to raspberry Swirl. Got my hands head and feet moving, but my body was forced to remain stationary. It was a funny sight to see. I love Tear in Your hand, so I am glad I got to hear it one more time. Beauty Queen was beautiful and I knew she wouldn't be playing Horses afterwards because she had not played them together on the main tour. Mary was exceptional; I had heard it enough times from April singing it to me wherever we went that I was able to sing along with it. April tells me that up front she was the only one singing the words to Mary, to which I raise the roof and a Cartman "Kick Ass!" Silent All These Years was beautiful, although I wish Tori would have played Putting the Damage On like she originally intended to. It was one of the first songs on BFP that I took a liking to and now I'm starting to learn how to play it on guitar, so it would have been special. Still SATY was a great way to end the show.

April had some stories to tell about being up front. Most interesting was that Caton had been smiling in her direction all night. Although she didn't believe he was smiling at her she was smiling back nonetheless. After returning from first encore he walked up to her, took her palm, placed one of his picks in there and closed it up afterwards. Good stuff.

The delay was funny, even though it "never happened". Got quite a kick out of that. All in all a great show to end the Tri-State's Plugged schedule, one that will keep me content until the next time she tours. For now Tori gets a well-deserved break!

From Alan

November 27, 1998 - WOW. it was an amazing incredible spiffy spunky show! a very very nice way to end an extraordinary ridiculous amazing insane piece of work named plugged 98 for me. =( =( =( OH GRACIOUS how i want more, but alas........well first i'll recount the experiences of our 19 hours in newark (including travel time - SHANNON-BOO!) and then the show extraordinare will reveal its happy chickens.

well, alan and shannon clamber out of bed a little before 8 (after going to bed a little before 3) and meet the other columbia people on their way to newark. so we bust a fat move to penn station and get on the new jersey transit, no problems. the day is beautiful, everyone's frolicky because we're so early. so we get off the train, find our way to njpac - and see a crowd of other tori folk. it's not even 10 yet and we're numbers 25-31. POOOOOHH!!!! there goes alan & shannon's plan of last-show tori-meeting. not to mention we were with several tori virgins who were promised gold....but ah well. the next step is to buy disposable cameras (and some very bizarre purple "scented gum" that tasted of bathroom cleaner) and then to go to a nice little diner and wolf down enormous cheap breakfasts served us by a sassy waitress who told us we looked too nice to be from newark and regaled us with "the potato joke" (which can be repeated at another time as it might cause indigestion now).

then we go back to njpac where people are slowly filing in. at this point, the weather begins to turn cool. then a little brisk. then cold. then FUCKING FREEZING!!! all parties begin intense shivering as the clock strikes 12, 1, 2, etc. activities include smoking, letter-writing, playing egyptian ratscrew (the card game you perverts), buying extraneous layers of clothing, setlist conjecturing, huddling together for warmth, and sniffling.

finally, at around 2:30, someone gets the idea to walk around the back of njpac where steve and the crew buses are sitting. so everybody goes and tries to line up by number (civilized enough) but we find 4 party-poopers standing in the back insisting they had no idea numbers were being given out (although they were spotted crossing from the front of the place to the back!) and wouldn't budge in their conviction to be up front. mm-HMM. eventually, the barricades come out - and there appear to be so many! so much space for all torifans! - but no. it was only to make a nice corridor of sorts, the actual space is only one barricade wide. basically the people in the front and the back of the line rush, and everyone in the middle tries but can't. [NOTE - this will not become an extended tirade on the politics of meet-and-greets so this vein stops effective now!! =) ]

basically, then, alan and shannon are somewhere near the back or the middle, depending on who was facing where and which way the wind was blowing etc. and believe me the wind was BLOWING. none of us could feel any of our appendages or orifices. so basically we get in line at 3. then, we learn that the CAMERA CREW from "20/20" is coming to film the m&g for the piece on tori. steve warns us to be on our best behavior. so the crew is walking around, asking people stupid-ass questions like "what are you here for?" and "what is accomplished at the meet and greets?" (emphasizing the word "GREET" like a tool!) some refused to talk, and others gave snappy answers like a columbia friend: 20/20: would you consider yourself a zealot?? friend: oh way to throw a religious connotation into this. nice. like the music isn't a good enough reason. (or something) 20/20: [smiling, nodding, running]

finally, at a little after 5, tori shows up not in the blue bus but in a limo. she gets out and looks BEAUTIFUL - all made up, hair neatly curled, wearing a snazzy black trenchcoat. the m&g was SO weird - there was still a little pushing & excitement but NO noise - everyone was so sound-pollutionally respectful. tori came to our side of the barricade first, where someone gave her a vibrating yellow stuffed creature with which she almost killed 3 people. then she saw me, and i handed her a set of dick & jane magnets (a cartoon from the '50s, it shows a little girl putting on huge shoes and stepping outside and slipping and falling into a red wagon, VERY cute)....and she says, "dick......AND JANE" in a cute little valley girl voice. i said "do you like them?" she says "i love them" and i give her the letters shannon & i wrote her, shannon's requesting "merman" and mine requesting "pretty good year." one of my main purposes was to thank her for playing "baker baker" for liliana & me in poughkeepsie, so i go "tori, thank you for 'baker baker' in poughkeepsie" and she looks up and smiles that smirky cute little smile and says "absolutely." AAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

finally, the meet&greet is over. the columbia ( + shannon TEE HEE) crowd flock to some greasy stanky fried chicken place, which is the only source of warmth available with food (albeit narsty). then the time comes to go to the show!!!, and we all go, thrilled to have the groty portion of our day over with and on to vienna!

the venue is absolutely gorgeous. a nice posh theater with a large suspended prism sculpture in the middle. our seats are 3rd tier 2nd to back row, so they're high up but awesome because they afforded a nice view of everything - plus seats don't really matter because the tori shock wave KILLS you no matter where you are!

the unbelievable truth come on at 8:03ish and play until 8:40ish, at which point we were all profusely vomiting. (as much as we love the unbelievable truth....well, we hate the unbelievable truth.)

at almost 9:40, the lights go down. the audience screams (well most of them - although our party of 5 were the only ones making any noise on the 3rd tier - but we were making some NOISE!). "precious things" starts . . . . . only to stop before tori even gets out onstage. the audience stifles the urge to die. some submit. the scrim goes down in the front of the stage, and mark comes on the PA and says something about a technical malfunction with something, we didn't hear because we were vibrating. the scrim goes up to reveal the light batton down and someone climbing all over it to focus something or do whatever??? all in all it was thoroughly nauseating!!!!

FINALLY, 15 minutes later or so, mark comes on again and asks everyone to pretend this never happened, and to present "take two." EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! and herein lies the play-by-play:

-PRECIOUS THINGS: once again, tori delivers. solid, passionate, crazy. she grabbed her crotch at one point (i think it was the "so you can make me come" part) and i almost died. i remember thinking at one point, "this is what i live for" - the amazing energy of the whole thing just rocked everyone so much. i couldn't help being really sad as it was my last "precious things," but i still enjoyed it thoroughly.

-GOD: i actually called this one to be the second song! it was SOOOoOOOoOOO cool. she was really into it. the groove just oozed forth. i love the "you dropped the book on me" part.

-GIRL: YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy to get to hear this. the a cappella intro is fascinating - i thought it was gonna be "bells for her" but i was highly pleasantly surprised! the song stayed so true to the original and was so so so so perfect.

-HOTEL: amazing as always, the lights make the song so cool and jon's bass sounded so good. thoroughly happy to hear it.

-PAST THE MISSION: again insanely good. gets better each time.

-SUGAR: SO cool! i kinda scratched my head other times hearing it but i was so into it tonight! the amber lights were so eerie. the song is so powerful, she sings so low and it's creepy and amazing. and then the growling, and the screaming "you're just a pussy" and the song is THERE!

*band leaves*

-YES, ANASTASIA: 2 words = utter disbelief. i was not expecting to hear this at all and i almost cracked when she started! it was as enthralling as i'd hoped it would be. although it was slightly chopped up - it was brilliant. just brilliant.

-MERMAN: SHANNON'S REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! tori said something about matthew shepard, that ever since that abomination struck she'd been playing the song for him. one of the most beautiful moments ever, tears were rolling everywhere. i'm so glad shannon got her wish!! it was truly wonderful.

-BAKER BAKER: as soon as she stopped "merman" and sat there poised at the piano, i knew it would be "baker baker." when it was i almost threw up. i don't know if she played it again for me (it's nice to assume that but awfully presumptuous, so if someone else requested it i'm sorry) but it was so amazing to hear again - in poughkeepsie i feel like i missed it because i was blubbering too much, and so here i made a conscious effort not to blubber and let me tell you it's one of the prettiest songs ever written.

*band returns*

-LITTLE EARTHQUAKES: left me reeling. one of my absolute favorites in concert - the heavily drugged and blissful feeling returns. i almost lost it when the lights went red and she wailed "i can't reach you" and let's not even talk about the "give me life" part...

-CRUCIFY: it started a little ambiguously but when the piano hook came in all was clear and great. this was sooo good!

-BLACK-DOVE (JANUARY): again a little ambiguous but PERFECT. the loud parts were brain-shatteringly forceful and fabulous!

-THE WAITRESS: we were sad to see it appear but happy to hear it! i love the white lights flying up in the chorus. i love how slick it sounds, how amazing and climactic the song is. and the breathing at the end - wow.

*first encore*

-TALULA: SUPER-cool!! i was SOOO glad to hear this. so slow and thick and groovin but still pretty like a ballet, and the big-bird part pulled my stomach out. grrrrreat.

-RASPBERRY SWIRL: i love how the beginning is this air of anticipation - and then the banging and clanging and bam bam bam!!! growling and screeching and oh man, what a party. (how lame of me but you know how it is!)

*second encore*

-TEAR IN YOUR HAND: another of shannon's desires (although not spoken). so sweet and wonderful, i was so glad to hear it. very very nice. =)

-BEAUTY QUEEN: WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazed! not just the one note hit over and over again but little playful notes dancing all over the place, everybody's jaw dropped when it came on! some were expecting a normal "horses," but alas.....

-MARY: AMAZING with the band. i loved it so much i can barely explain.

*band leaves*

-SILENT ALL THESE YEARS: the last song i see tori perform this year and it was perfect. my friend sitting next to me almost beat the crap out of me he was so excited. i can't really think of a more perfect and fitting ending to a perfect was beautiful. just.....beautiful.

awesome. tori - thank you for wonderful times and amazing spiritual affirmations and connections. i loved every minute of it and i hope everyone else who was blessed enough to see the shows did too.

From Shani Abelson

November 27, 1998 - My name is Shani Abelson and I attended my fourth Tori show at Newark's NJPAC last night; I had previously seen her in Wallingford, CT in August, at the January '97 RAINN concert, and in Holmdel, NJ in August '96. Yesterday was my first meet-and-greet. Being a suburban, full-time-working, thirty year-old, divorced, Orthodox Jewish mother of a kindergartner, I figured it was high time that I bucked convention and became a groupie to Tori, whose confessional and sometimes excruciatingly impassioned musical outpourings have simply and purely moved me for nearly three years. So I arrived at the PAC at 2:30 PM and was assigned #54. I have to say that the EWF whom I observed and met at the m&g were a sweet lot and very devoted as we stood in the progressively colder wind behind the building. I was dismayed to see how narrow a corridor to Tori the barricades provided; as #54, I might as well have been #300--I was essentially 4 or 5 rows back from the 5'3" Tori (if she's even that tall). I don't care for autographs; I just wanted to catch some close glimpses of her and maybe speak to her, and I settled for the former when she finally arrived at 5:05(! - the skies were already dark). My honest impression was that she looked beautiful as usual but frazzled--nervy and businesslike. That is her right, of course, as this has been a long tour, but more about that later.

On to the show... I won't speak about the Unbelievable Truth because no one was there to see them (right?). I had an excellent seat in a box on the right grand tier. Despite the previously reported technical difficulties, the crowd was patient and bouyant, and Caton, Matt, and Jon were exuberant as always. Tori also was spirited and intensely expressive with voice, instruments, and body flourishes. My impressions of and responses to the show remain essentially the same as they were during the summer, however, and the fact that they are critical must be tempered by the knowledge that one only criticizes things about which one is passionate, about which one cares deeply. Here I reiterate: Tori is a master, a virtuoso (or virtuosa) with two instruments: her sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes frightening, always emotively breathtaking voice, and her piano (or Kurz, or harpsichord, or anything else with keys). It cannot be underestimated that both of these, the voice and the piano, are instruments of tremendous subtlety and profound artistry: we all know, for example, how that first, prolonged, single piano note of "Beauty Queen" can shoot straight to your heart, or how the "lets you in" refrain from "Doughnut Song" turns a quietly beautiful ballad into an unforgivingly enraged accusation in the course of one line. Now don't get me wrong; I am not a "girl and the piano" purist. I believe in accompaniment. However, when one is in the presence of a master, the listener, who is the target of the art, wants the accompaniment to complement, to back up, to support, to catalyze the master, not, not, not to overpower and drown out the performer. Let me add that while I respect, honor, and defer to Tori's desire to "be a player" among players at this stage in her artistic evolution (to do otherwise would be arrogant on my part), I feel that a large component of Tori's magic, and we all agree that it is magic, has been lost on this tour. Whereas previously the audience could discern every flair and nuance of Tori's voice and keyboarding (even with Caton's guitar, e.g. on the DDI tour, and even with a drum machine, e.g. during "Talula" at RAINN), on this tour, the most prominent sonic component of every show has been Chamberlain's crashing percussion, which in my observation has been proportionately louder than the drumming in any mainstream rock band whose sole reason for being is to make loud noise! I realize that this may sound harsh, but I defy any audience member at these Plugged '98 shows to close his or her eyes during many of the songs and try to even hear the piano, which, along with Tori's voice, should never have left the spotlight as the star of the show. When a music lover attends a concert to hear a piano concerto, there may be a 100-piece orchestra of strings, horns, percussion, etc. behind the pianist, but those players are there to elicit the genius, the brilliant gem, inside the headliner, the star. With practise, any talented musicians could replace Tori's "brothers" on stage, and I say that with undiluted respect for them. But Tori, her beauty, her musical, lyrical, and poetic uniqueness in all its grace, subtlety, and God-given singularity, those things, those "precious" things which we love about her, cannot be replaced or ignored and should never be drowned out, because to do so would be, indeed is, an artistic tragedy. [Again, keep in mind that on her studio albums Tori is accompanied by and not sublimated to additional musicians].

Anyway, sorry about all the drama, and I hope I haven't offended the sensibilities of too many Toriphiles out there or of Tori herself, who ostensibly has ultimate deciding power concerning the nature of the shows on the tour. As can be predicted from the above comments, the highlights of last night's show for me were the songs in which I could actually hear, you guessed it, Tori and the piano above the constant, excessive racket of the drums. They were "Girl," heard live by me for the first time and sounding crisply similar to the LE version, "Hotel" in all its sonic variety and lyrical wierdness, and the portions of "Yes, Anastasia" during which Tori chose to display some of her vocal range. Also, "Little Earthquakes" was incredibly moving as always, "Black Dove" totally rocked out during its "galaxy" and '"Texas" sections, and "The Waitress" really pleased the crowd with its added "Hang ten" lyrics which have become anthemic on this tour. "Tear In Your Hand" was a welcome addition live, "Mary", which I had never heard before, was a beautiful, clear, and compelling song even on a first listen (I must find that b-side), and finally, "Silent All These Years" was a emotional yet dignified way to end the encores and the show. Again, despite my somewhat philosophic complaints about the sound of the tour, the show was satisfying overall in that, in combination with the Plugged show I attended in August in CT, I was privileged to hear Tori play a total of 31 (!) songs with a miraculous repeat of only four; (of course I was thrilled to hear those songs in any case). A few regrets: I did not hear "Spark" at either of the shows; I also would love to have heard "Bachelorette" (that's me), the beautiful and delicate "Never Seen Blue", or my consummate favorite Tori cover, the desperately heartwrenching "Thank You", a sentiment which we are all no doubt expressing to Tori now that the tour is drawing to a close.

Winding up: I did venture out into the cold again for the post-show meet-and- greet where I was positioned near the barricades as earlier in the day. I was able to see Tori much better, and my friend Jerry was able to snap a few decent photos. Again I was not able to speak with her, but I was admiring Joel's valiant efforts to keep her from being overwhelmed with requests for autographs and by the beseechings of us, her persistant fans. Someone asked Joel if he was happy that tour was almost over so that he could rest, and he remarked that he might take a trip to the Bahamas. This brings to mind speculation about the upcoming (December '99!) live/b-side compilation and Tori's future musical endeavors. I really think that Tori needs to take a break, a sabbatical, to recooperate and regenerate artistically, spiritually, and personally. She is 35 years old and has a husband and a home, not to mention an ongoing involvement with RAINN. We know that she has some powerful maternal sensitivites which are painfully evident on "choirgirl" and in Tori's revealing descriptions of the source of the album's inspiration. We all want her to be happy, healthy, and whole, to be a wife and especially a mother if that is what will bring her some of the fulfillment which she has been disclosing in the last year. We will all be around whenever she starts creating again, when the "girls" begin to come, when the muse visits our beloved Tori again. But until then, let's give this treasure, our beloved girl and her piano, a much needed rest!

From Debbie

November 27, 1998 - The BEST show I have been to so far!!! A great way for me to end this tour! Now before I rave about the show i have a complaint...first of all there are meet and greeats still going on, but the one at Newark was a disgrace!!! First off we all got numbers, i was 52, I knew I wasn't going to get to meet her but stuck around to get pics and hopefully get something signed. The number system was crappy, no one followed it and I was disappointed...we all want to meet her, but god some people were out there since 10 am they deserve to meet her. On top of that the people in front of me wouldn't pass things if you try to and it doesn't get singed, that's one thing, but to not try at all is just rude!! okay anyway...

9:30 the lights go out...the band walks on...and the skrim starts to lower...kind of comical. it takes about 15 mins for things to get under control, almost everyone was really patient and nice about it. Maybe it was this that Tori played 5 solo songs including Beauty Queen, or maybe it's because it's her last time in the NY/NJ area, or maybe it's b/c she loves me and knew i had the shittiest week of my enitre life...whatever the reason I love her for it!!!

She was wearing her black bodysuit w/ a glitter thing over it...not quite an apron, not quite a dress, i don't know what it was but it was cool! I don't know if was the venue or what but Bosey was sounding very strong and clear! A lot of echo used tonight, not something i have noticed before! Tori looked tired, but her voice was in top form...

Precious Things & God- amazing as always...not much to standing out, she did a little improv in god saying something it again...try to save us jesus...something like that

Girl- amazingly BEAUTIFUL a cappella intro...rocking w/the band. It was the first time I ever heard it, I'm so glad I got to hear it

Hotel & Past The Mission- wonderful lights on Hotel, past the mission was great, nothing standing out, but both such great songs...

Sugar- This was the third time I've heard this song and I like it better each time..."pussy boy" for from her soul that night!!

Yes, Anastasia- (solo) she started at amazing!! I LOVE this song, NEVER excepted it, i think this is only the second time she played it right? I was so happy to hear this!

Merman- (solo) Just when i thought she couldn't do any better she said, "we've been doing this one for the boy in Wyoming" I lost it...the Matthew Shepard murder was very near and dear to my heart. I've only heard this song on the was gorgous live and b/c it was to him i think it made it a million times more beautiful!! now just when I thought the band was about to return she said the most beautiful words I have ever heard...

Baker Baker- (solo)This IS my favorite Tori song ever. I have never heard it this point I started wobbling and my bestfriend grabbed me to make sure I was still standing. I have never cried so hard in my life, but heard every word...WOW!!!!!

Earthquakes- Tori played half of the whole album!! I love this song and was dying to hear it...FAB!!! Everything i had hoped for and then some...

Crucify- Not one of my fave live songs, very close to the album version, but always enjoyable

Black Dove- I love this song!!! Live was amazing!!! first time i heard it, i was so happy, one of my faves on FTCGH!!!

Waitress- Everything I have come to expect!! I can't get tired of this song!!

Talula- a great surprise!! sounds AWESOME w/the band!!!

Swirl- what can I possibly say about this song? I love it! Always a treat! Now here is where the show turns for amazing to as close to heaven as it can possibly be..on the set list Mary and Damage were as much as i love damage I can't thank Tori enough for going somewhere else w/her final encore...(as a side note she came out w/a pink boa that she got from soemone in the front)

Tear- One of my fave Tori songs, my best friends fave Tori song...amazing... wonderful...

Beauty Queen- (solo) now stop me if I'm wring, isn't this the first time she's played this on the tour?? Not a huge fan of this song on the album, but i must say it is great live!

Mary- Great with the band, only heard this song a couple of times, wonderful!! Now I didn't think Tori would end w/Mary so I was crawling out of my skin for the whole song wanting to know what she'd play next...then i saw Caton leaving and I was like, well i guess I was wrong, but Tori stayed on stage to play us one more solo song...

Silent- (solo) Now how I fel about this song isn't different from many peoples really helped to make me a strong, independant women...surprisingly I have never heard it live before and it was a great way to end the show!! I am so happy she played it, simple beautiful!!! Okay I'm done...Email me at if you saw the show, want scanned pics of tori at the meet and greet, or just feel like saying hi! Sorry, I'm so long winded...talking abotu Tori gets me hyper!! Have fun at the end of the tour, give Tori kisses for me!!! Love you all

From Shannon

November 27, 1998 - The Newark, NJ show was absolutely amazing for so many reasons...being from Minnesota, I'll first let you know why I was there.

I maintain a website called Welcome to Barbados at It is a Tori-inspired site for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. I was contacted by 20/20 and asked if I would be interested in interviewing for a story on how Tori affects survivors, with Me and a Gun, RAINN, and speaking out about the subject. I, as well as two other women (hi, Julie and Kelly! I love you!) were flown into NYC this week to interview. We also were able to meet Tori to share lip gloss and was amazing. We had the most incredible conversation, and I have never loved Tori more.

The setlist was wonderful...we were standing so close and her eye contact was intense. I swear she was trying to kill us with some of the songs she chose, but I'm very happy for what I heard. For a moment, Tori made everything perfect.

I would like to apologize to everyone inconvenienced by the 20/20 cameras. I am so sorry for those of you who had your view blocked or were pushed out of the way. Thank you for not becoming too angry...the story 20/20 is doing will hopefully be very good and very important. I will let you know as soon as they give me an air will most likely be one or two months from now.

If anyone has a bootleg of this concert, please let me know at I would appreciate a trade immensely. I am particularly interested in the lyrics she sang as an intro to Girl. If anyone can help me out, I will love you forever.

From leyna (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

November 27, 1998 - The Newark show was *incredible* I must say. So much that I just have to write a review right this minute. Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!! The NJPAC is a really nice venue. My friend said it reminded her of a mini- Royal Albert Hall, with all of the tiers and the lights and everything. Great place. OK, so on with the show... (The Unbelievable Truth was a quality band IMHO; I might pick up their CD. They were such sweetie pies.) Just when it seemed like the show was going to start, the curtain rose and there was the Bosey all lit up and all of Tori's "brothers" (as she introduced them to us that night) were on stage warming up when suddenly this transparant curtain comes down and the house lights go back on for another 10 minutes or so. False start. :̃ Real Start......

"Precious Things" - amazing, powerful, chill-inducing
"God" - I wasn't expecting this one, it was one I had wanted to hear but then
forgotten I wanted to hear it..... great, loved the "You dropped a bomb on me
sweet Jesus, c'mon and do it again" part.
"Hotel" - this one swirled, I loved it, one of my Choirgirl favorites, so glad
she played it!
"Past the Mission" - just as wonderful as people said it was with the band
"Sugar" - OMIGOSH i loooooved this one, there was this yellow-orange light
bathing Tori as she let this one rip, awesome...... :)

"Yes, Anastasia" - another OMIGOSH of disbelief, it was gorgeous
"Merman" - this was the first time I ever head this one, she began by saying
"Ever since that boy Matthew died [out in Wyoming?] this one keeps [peeking
out?] and I keep playing it. It's not on the album, but none of my favorites
are ever on my albums." It was simply a prayer.
"Baker Baker" - just when ya thought she was ready to bring the boys back out,
she wasn't....

"Little Earthquakes" - just when you wondered how the spell of the quiet time
could be eased back into the rhythm of the band, LE eased the transition.
stark and beautiful
"Black Dove" - made you feel like you were in a trance
"Waitress" - loved the "hang ten honey, i'm gonna go where she goes"
(1st encore)
"Raspberry Swirl" - rocked. duh. :)
(i think the break between the encores came here...)
"Tear in Your Hand" - positively inspiring, and fitting with the "time to wave
good-bye now."
"Beauty Queen" - almost acapella, with a little piano at the end, gorgeous
and just when ya thought "Horses" was next,
"Mary" showed up. beautiful, again... very comforting
Then the boys went away for the final time and Tori began
"Silent All These Years" which evoked such a response and was exquisite.

The end.

Thanks fer reading my humble lil review..... What an awe*some show.... It was funny how few Choirgirl songs were played. It was a very Pink night. Maybe there was something about UtP that night, because at the M&G almost everyone had the UtP vinyl or cd liner notes to be signed......

And finally, if *anyone* knows of *anyone* with a recording of this show, please let me know. please....... thanx :)


November 27, 1998 - Well, last night was my fourth concert and the best because I finally got to meet her. I missed the final four songs, sadly, but waited in the crowd after the show. She signed my program first!!!!!! She came to the corner of the barricade where we were standing and said " So I''ll sign yours first" I was in awe, she was so beautiful in person. THen I told her that I the conert was amazing and so was she. Then i told her happy thanksgiving. She said happy thanksgiving to you also. I wanted to say mroe but was so shocked and amazed that I finally got to see her. I cant believe what an amazing and beautiful woman she is. Please, if you can post this review on the internet. Tell everyone that the concert was the best one ever. Tori is absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

From Liz Moreno

November 27, 1998 - AMAZING SHOW as usual. My favorite of the show was definitely Crucify. I've never heard this song live before with the band, so it was an exciting treat for me. The meet and greet was especially fun. She seemed to spend alot of time talking and signing stuff which was an added bonus for everyone.:-)

I just want to say to everyone who was at the show and who i met, that I'm going to miss everyone and that if anyone out there wants to trade tori pics, i got some great one's at the show! Hope everyone has fun at the last few shows!!!


November 27, 1998 - well i met her at the n.j. show i won the auction to benefit RAINN and met tori after the show.i got to take some pictures with her and she told me''anybody that doesnt see you heart is blind'' i was in so thankful.she also wrote that quote on my t-shirt that she signed...

From Amy

November 27, 1998 - Partial Setlist (Heres what i can remember im still in shock--it was my 4th tori show)

Precious Things(after some technical dificulties---she tried it a second time and it was totally rockin)

Girl (had never heard it with the band before--loved it)

Past the Mission (one of my favorites)

Merman(for Matthew Shepard)--solo(this sent shivers down my spine and she put a hole im my soul)

Yes Anastasia(solo)--one of my favorite UTP tracks.....amazingly done

God----she rocked her way through this one.....

Baker Baker--solo (got more shivers)

Little Earthquakes----i hadnt heard this live in awhile-- i loved it

Talula---last time i heard this live was at it totally rocked with the band

The Waitress--awesome(i love it more and more everytime i hear it with the band)

Raspberry Swirl (hardly anybody danced--at least around where i was---totally rockin---i was bein a dancin fool......)

Tear in Your Hand (i cried....totally reminded me of an ex..but i forgive helps me heal to hear it)

Sugar (loved totally rocked me....i loved it especially the intro) Crucify (1st time hearing it with the band..gave me a whole new take on the song!!!

Silent All These Years(solo)her final song....i couldnt believe it..i stood and waited and then she came out..boa and all and sat at the piano and the band dissapeared i heard an intro and thought to she isnt......then it started she did Silent All These Years (the best ive ever heard it totally tore me to pieces)---i cant desciribe what i was feeling....i had heard it live before but this time i totally loved it and got into it!!!!!!

From Lauren Eschwie

November 26, 1998 - I just got back from one of the absolute most magical Tori concerts ever. This was my third concert and definitely one of the best imaginable.

We (Me and my two Tori-goers Sarah and Jenelle) got to NJPAC around 12 and got numbers 44 - 46 for the meet & greet. After much waiting in the frigid air, we finally proceeded to get in a line where I met a very cool EWF named Debbie. After more waiting, we were led over to the barricade-- actually, people pretty much ran. That annoys me because if people are just going to run, we might as well throw the whole number system out the window. Steve informed us that 20/20 was going to be filming the m&g and the concert. I ended up being briefly interviewed by 20/20. If I get aired, I'm the girl who said "trite" and was wearing a funky wool hat (Debbie's) which was given to Tori shortly after. Tori came out at around 4:45 (rather later than I thought). I passed up lots of stuff from other people and got a note from me to her before Steve told me to stop passing stuff up. I like Steve so I stopped. I also had a two sentence conversation with Tori.

Me: Could you pretty please play "Frog on My Toe"?

Tori: Mayyyybe

(you know her drawly way of saying it.)

After all that elation, we also found out that Sarah had managed to get 2nd tier Row B center tickets for the show. We tried to upgrade but it didn't happen, so after saying hi to all the EWFs we knew from other shows (and ultrasound) we headed inside.

Once again I spent too much money on shirts but that's okay. It's all good. We got inside and Unbelievable Truth was already playing. They sounded much better this time than they did when I saw them in Baltimore in October. They ended their set around 8:45 or 8:50ish. Between them and Tori I found some other friends at the show and chatted up. The show started at around 9:30 BUT it was a false start. There was a technical problem and after the band had come on and started the intro music, the fire curtain automatically came down for some reason. Someone with a Brittish accent came on over the loudspeaker and said "Hello. We're having a bit of difficulty. The fire curtain came down automatically but we're just going to pretend it didn't happen. So, you just walked in and we're going to have a good show. Take 2." And after about 10 minutes or so the show re started. Tori came out in black pants, a black top, and this sheer sparkly apron deal but it actually was a bit different from the paper doll aprons I had seen at the other shows. Now here's the promised set list

Precious Things- awesome as usual! This one had a really great "giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl" and the 20/20 camera was right in the center filming her. I wonder if the camera man saw that one coming? >:)

God- there was some interesting echo effects on the "when the wind blows" bit.

Girl- I was very happy to hear this since I hadn't heard her do it live before. Also someone at the m&g pretty much begged her to do it so :) for them.

Hotel- more echo effects on the "give me more" line.

Past the Mission- I *love* this with the band. The arrangement just rocks.

Sugar- See above. Also, she said "you're just pussy" instead of "you're just sugar" at one point.

Yes, Anastasia (solo)- Sarah and I just about jumped out of our seats at this point. We could not believe she was doing this live. She started from "thought I'd been through this in 1919" and went all the way from there. The audience was fabulously quiet through all the solo stuff.

Merman (solo)- Tori talked a little about it before she played and said "Ever since the boy Matthew died in Wyoming we've been playing this." Sarah and I both cried although I must say that I was worried cause Sarah was sobbing. She's had a rough time of it lately though so ::shrugs:: hugs and Tori were her catharsis.

Baker, Baker (solo)- Heartwrenching. I just cried through it. It was absotively posolutely beautiful.

Little Earthquakes- Marvy cause Tori really got into and did some fun play time stuff with Caton.

Crucify- I hadn't seen this live either and it was awesome. It fit my mood perfectly.

Black Dove- we briefly thought the intro was for "Waitress" but we were mistaken.

Waitress- not for long though. She did some great improving on it with "I wanna go where she goes" and there was "I believe in something" mixed in towards the end.

1st Encore:

Talulah- I hadn't heard this with the band so I was happy to hear a different version than the Tornado Mix. However, I wish Matt Chamberlin had used the bass drum for the "what you want is in the blood, senators" bit.

Raspberry Swirl- this is Sarah's and my song lately because we just decided Sarah is the Beenie to my Tori in that song. Once again I danced my little ass off. It was an extended version too. She went on for at least 7 or 8 minutes and ended up doing that breathing thing into the mike at the end.

2nd Encore:

Tear In Your Hand- Gadzooks do I love that song! Probably cause I love the Sandman books so I like hearing her say "dream king". I hadn't heard it since MSG so I was very glad she did it again.

Beauty Queen- we weren't expecting it to show up but once it did we thought "Horses" would follow.

Mary- Wrong. Instead she played this which I had never ever heard before so I was smitten for the next 5 minutes.

Silent All These Years (solo)- Again, Sarah and I got very excited and clasped hands through the whole thing. I hadn't heard her do this live either and I was really glad that it was just her and Bosie for my first time hearing it in concert.

And that was the end of our magical night with Tori. It was about 11:40ish when she ended. I was going to wait to see her after the show but we were all a bit tired and had a train to be catching. Unfortunately we didn't even get the train but luckily we got a ride w/friends (blasting Tori all the way). As soon as I got home, I got online and proceeded to write the rather lengthy review you now have before you. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the Lansing show but it all depends on $$ and transportation. Pray for me!

From Richard Handal

November 26, 1998 - Richard said that Tori was "possessed" tonight and that the show left him shaking. Tori began her set at 9:32. However, Precious Things was quickly interrupted when the fire curtain fell. It was likely triggered by all the smoke on the stage. They actually turned the house lights back on to correct the situation. The concert, take 2, started at 9:45. Tori played Beauty Queen solo for the first time on this tour. While she sang this song, Tori held her bottle of Evian in her right hand the entire time. Tori dedicated Merman once again to Matthew Sheperd. Richard says that Merman has been transformed into something with very lush chording. Crucify tonight was incredibly wonderful and fluid; like a train. The Waitress ended at 11:00. Tori left the stage for good at 11:33 after a lengthy second encore. Earlier that day, there was a meet and greet in the late afternoon. 20/20 had a crew there filming the show and the meet & greet.

From MetroJoe

November 26, 1998 - As I write this, I am banging my foot on the floor to see if this was real or if tonight's show was some kind of dream. Never in my life did I imagine that music could be played perfectly...that someone's voice could be so energetic it felt as if they were about to crack all the glass in the place. Never did I imagine someone's piano playing could be so absolutely incredible. But, alas, this all happened to me at the NJPAC tonight.

I arrived at the venue and saw Joel. I gave him my presents and letter for Tori and he said that he'd give them to her before the show for sure. I thanked him and went to find my seats. I originally was told I had 12th row left orchestra for the show. It turned out, that was incorrect and I actually had 6th row left orchestra :o)

Then, The Unbelievable Truth came out. They were OK, but bored me at the end. They introduced themselves by saying, "Hello, we're Motley Crue."

When they were over, they kept coming in and out of the theatre, passing me each time. The drummer stopped to say hello and I complimented him on his playing.

I'm not sure what his name is, but the man who wrote "Making Faces" was there and I got his autograph. His signature looks like "C.Q." but I am not sure. Anyway, he was really nice about it and there were girls surround him, so he was smiling ear to ear.

Then, at around 9:20, Caton, Jon, and Matt stroll on down the stage (the venue was so small; my high school auditorium is literally bigger). They begin playing and then the fog sets off a smoke-sensitive fire alarm, which sends the partition from the bottom of the stage to the top of the lighting equipement hurling down. The lights came on, the band stopped playing, and some people had to climb up to fix the problem.

Finally, at 9:45, the band re-started and Tori came out, wearing a black cut off top and a long grey dress/glitterly apron mix. Another surprise was that for some odd reason, the piano and keyboard were very far left, giving me an amazing view, although I did feel rather bad for those who had right orchestra. I'm sure they were expecting to be a little closer to her and the Bose.

Absolutely terrific. The "grrrlll" was fantastic and Tori grabbed her crotch rather violently. She improvised quite a bit during the final segment of the song. It was absolutely amazing.

I really didn't want to hear this song, but I am glad I did. It was phenomenally good. Tori's piano playing was incredible, and Jon's bass was just perfect. One of many highlights of the evening.

"Hey guys, how are you? We're sad that this our last show in the New Jersey/New York area, and, um, we really love you guys alot. You've been amazing. You mean alot to us, thank you."

Then, a solo improv. It sounded a little like it was to the tune of "Bells For Her." Tori was very cute as she sang "This girl is not making sense to me, and I'm not sure I am either..." Then, she launched into the best song of the night, the intense, riveting, flawless

The piano playing was so beautiful and the band was just right. I'm so grateful that Danica's hard work paid off and Tori finally got this girl out on the stage. The string samples Tori played on her keyboard were a huge surprise. The song is just the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

I have always loved this song and it was terrific live. Tori really worked hard on this song. She was pounding away furiously on the keyboard, standing most of the time. Her voice was brilliant during this. Loud and clear, high pitched and sweet..... I was in heaven.

Wow. This was made for the band and it was just done so well. Truly fantastic.

Very powerful and Tori whispered something into the microphone before the "sweet boy when they find you out" part, although it escapes memory right now. All I remember is that it was haunting and bitter.....the song soared..

Tori did not even say it was secret time, she just launched right into:

Everyone was screaming and we were all so excited to hear this. It was the best I have ever heard. Tori must have played the piano non-stop during this song and it was just too overwhelming. I didn't think the show could get any better than this. I was wrong.

"Not so long ago, a boy named Matthew Shepard was killed. And whenever I think of him, I think of this song..."

MERMAN (solo):
Beautiful and touching. Tori's voice was the sweetest it has ever been and she was on the verge of tears.

Then, as if she hadn't made me weak enough in the knees, she goes right into a sweeping, utterly phenomenal performance of BAKER BAKER (solo). Again, Tori seemed very saddened and overwhelmed by the song's situation. It was truly spectacular.

was probably one of the other major highlights. Tori was so into this song. The band was absolutely perfect and it was apparent Tori was having a wonderful time performing the song.

I was so grateful to finally hear this live. The bass is just incredible. She repeated the "please be save me i cry" part quite a few times and her voice was just soaring through the theatre.

I had a feeling this girl would come and I was thrilled she did. The crescendo was one of the night's best moments and the lighting during this song was shades of blues and purples and some light yellows...aahhh

I *think* it was shorter than usual, but it was really upbeat and gut wrenching. Tori was completely freaking out towards the end and Jon and Matt were just smiling at each other and grooving back and forth throughout the entire song. Everyone enjoyed this performance, band and audience alike.

*encore 1*

I did NOT expect this. But, I was hoping to hear it very badly and when I realized that it was "Talula," I could not contain myself. I screamed so loud every Toriphile and his mother heard it. It's so different and so surreal with the band. Another major highlight.

Longer than usual, Tori just kept going and going and going..... The lighting was amazing during this, as was Matt's playing. I'm convinced he loses about seven pounds every time he plays this with Tori.

and then she was gone again....but not for long...and the next encore has to go down as one of the best encores ever :o)

*encore 2*

I was so terrified this was the final song because at the end, the disco balls came on! The performance was moving and beautifully done, but I was in total fear this was going to be it for us.

Then, Tori started playing around with the piano with one hand while she drank some water. She put the bottle down and went into an extremely haunting and dark

BEAUTY QUEEN (solo) for the first time on this tour. It was sang as an intro to the gorgeous

MARY: With the band, this song is just unreal. I think it was another major highlight. It was flawless.

Just as I thought the concert had ended and I could maybe continue breathing again, Tori motioned to the lighting guys and the stage was showered with blue lights. She turned and waved to the band and said "bye" and then started playing the most gorgeous version of SILENT ALL THESE YEARS (solo) I have ever heard. It was the perfect end to a perfect night, where I must have died a thousand and one times. I didn't know how I would be able to walk out of the theatre, my legs were numb. I was once again under Tori's magic spell and this time I was afraid I might never come out of it; in fact, I wasn't sure I wanted to.

As I left, I approached Mark Hawley for a set list. He informed me that there weren't anymore (to quote him, "Sorry, lad, I've given them all away." Sensing my disappointment, he said to me, "Well, I remember that she was supposed to sing Cruel." I smiled at him and thanked him for that little piece of info :o)

Two things about this evening made it all the more special:

[1] I sat near two AMAZING Toriphiles named Sean and Danielle. They were a true joy and pleasure to talk to before and after the show and I know that this show meant alot to them.

[2] The security guard next to my row was singing every word to every song and he was dancing the enitre night! It was so funny, and he really gave us a kick, especially when he proclaimed, "I LOVE her!"

This was the best show I've ever seen. The debut of "Beauty Queen" was chilling and the show just had me by the throat the entire night. 19 songs, 5 doesn't get much better than this, does it folks?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

From Deconstructing Damian

November 26, 1998 - Just a quick overview, since I have to head out to the door to go down to VA for Thanksgiving weekend. Of course having said that this will still be long-winded. ;)

There was some technical problems that, after a false start, delayed Tori's entrance for more than half-an-hour, on top of the hour we had already waited. *grumble* The concert was well worth it, as we would find out.


Probably the worst PT I've seen on this tour--which means it was only kinda good. ;) The technical problems were a big part of it, but also Tori's voice was very creaky and rusty to start out with. Ah well.


The sound was still a bit fucked-up for this one, but Tori & the guys were starting to get warmed up and funked out a bit. Not bad. [Note: at some point Tori simply pointed out this was her last visit to NJ on this tour--more like first! =P--and the NY area in general; that was all as far as her chatting tonight went. She didn't even make her usual "this is secret time" remarks! Oh yeah she did preface 'Merman' with the ongoing dedication to Matthew Shepard.]


So Tori grabs the mike and improvs a capella for a good long minute or two. What she sang I really couldn't make out, and also I really can't recall. Yeah I know I'm useful. So the drum beat starts, and she plays the first notes to 'Girl'! I didn't expect to hear this newcomer so early on in the show, and I flipped out. It was just a tad rocky (in particular the choruses, when Tori plays the Kurz and Bosey simultan- eously), but overall just phenomenal. Caton's guitar really stood out at points to add some needed atmosphere. I had been hoping to hear strings, at least on the synth, and wasn't disappointed--Tori does that whole decrescendo closing strings bit on the Kurz. What a finish! Quite the effortless and amazing Plugged arrangement for this formerly neglected girl.


I'd seen this before, and was left a bit underwhelmed. Not tonight! Tori & the guys played a nice long, juicy intro, and, now that she was warmed up & running, Tori's singing was already into top form. Also all the technical bullshit seemed to have been ironed out, finally. The "I have to learn to let you crash" interludes are so true to and yet so radically different from the album version; it's both haunting and yet, I dunno, groovy. =)


Pretty cool... I really dig this song Plugged, though it's essentially the album version. Tori does the "hey heard they found a body" bridge on the Kurz, which adds a nice mystical/moody touch. The last time I'd seen this she'd prefaced with 'Graveyard', but she passed on that tonight. She'd make up for it later, as I'd see.


Amazing as always. This one more than most makes me long for that live album to come out soon! I didn't hear "you're just a pussy, boy" which everyone seems to hype. Maybe I just missed it.


THE surprise of the night, for me and I think most everyone. I never thought I'd catch it live, but apparently Tori was in a very UtP-ish mood as turned out. Just gorgeous. It went on longer than I dared to hope (I'd heard she only does the closing bit), and ended up being my favourite on the setlist.


Dedicated as I'd said, which I hadn't known she was still doing. Very exquisite rendition. That "no one can tell you you're not simply wonderful" always gets to me.


I think the guys were coming back onstage, and while Tori didn't wave them off, I guess they realised she wasn't quite done with secret time when she started to play without them. I'd never heard this one live, and it was breathtaking. This was my ninth (and final) concert this tour, and already I'd heard three songs I hadn't before, more than I expected. And two more debuts for me were to come!


Powerful. Powerful, powerful, powerful. Get the picture? ;)


More rhythmic and even 'Liquid Diamond'-ish than pounding, really, which was just fine with me after the hard-hitting LE. It flowed along nicely, and Tori's piano really shone through more than it usually does usual on this song.



I had -no- idea what this was. I'd never seen the lighting or heard the band's part before, which sounded kinda reggae-ish. I was stumped, I tell you--even when Tori began playing and singing! Is that "she's chasing tornadoes" she starts out with? It didn't sound like it, or "congratulate you" etc. either. Anybody know? So when I finally figured it out, it struck me just how perfect the arrangement was. I don't think she even plays the same notes she does on the harpsichord, but something else altogether, though I may be wrong. Another nice touch was how she sings the backing vocals in some parts rather than the lyrics. Very nice showing; I think this girl made the transition to the Bosey better than CaLS.


Easily the best RS I've seen this tour. What a way to go. =) The beat, Tori's singing, the crowd's energy, everything was just great.


A nice treat, though I still think the band should tone down a bit rather thank rock out on this one. It -is- a ballad after all. =P


Has Tori even done BQ on this tour so far? I don't remember hearing about it. Anyway, it was pretty hilarious, as Tori was decked out in some hot-pink feather boa a fan had given her up front, and some wise guy with perfect timing wolf-whistled as she sang the line "she's a beauty queen". =)

Then she went right into 'Mary' with the band, which I'd never heard before, studio version, solo, -or- Plugged. I knew she'd been doing it recently so I placed it rather quickly anyway. I kinda like this song, though I'd need to hear it more; she did sing it beautifully, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this performance end up on the live B-side disc.


Sweet and sentimental. I've about had my fill of seeing this live (it's an NYC area thing with her I think), but I do appreciate that many were just ecstatic to hear it. She tried this echo effect on that opening "excuse me" which came out a bit awkward, and she didn't bother with it after that. This was probably the best SATY I've caught live, I must say, and it was a nice capper to a rapturous night.

Me again. I knew I missed a song, and it just came to me... Tori played 'Black-Dove (January)' just before 'The Waitress'. And the "other side of the galaxy" parts really got the crowd going. =) Probably the best one I've seen, though she neglected the Kurz a bit, since I've seen her play it a bit more on this song other times. Okay I -really- have to get going now... *grin*

From (Jared)

November 26, 1998 - I just got back from Tori's concert in Newark, NJ.....and WOW! It was my first Tori concert, and it was just phenomenal!!! I am pretty much speechless right now, but she had so much energy, and is so talented. I'm just sad that the night is over! Anyway, the venue was great (despite some initial technical difficulties), and the crowd was very cool.

From Sarah of a House with no Name

November 26, 1998 - I just got back from the Newark, NJ concert (stupid traffic!) and let me tell you it was /amazingly utterly wonderfully fabulous/!!! I'm sorry I don't have the setlist memorized, but she played three secret times (Yes, Anastasia, MERMAN (a huge favorite), and Baker, Baker) and then another solo of Silent All These Years as the third song on her last encore, at which she did MARY, my absolute favorite, with the band! Tori was in top form and it was just fabulous. She did Girl and Hotel, which I know a lot of people wanted to hear. My only complaints are not with Tori at all, but her fans. I had third row tickets, but ended up being tenth row because of the ton of people who rush up to the stage. I understand they're eager to see her, just like I am, but it isn't fair. :( The second thing was that during Girl, some other girl in the row in front of me (2nd) couldn't see above the crowd at the stage, so she stood on her chair, and then I really couldn't see, and when I kindly asked her to sit down, she yelled at me and we ended up exchanging words in the middle of the song, which was just horrible, not only because I couldn't hear the song, but others around me couldn't, either. So I just want to say to everyone going to see Tori to just remember your fellow fans, too. Let /everyone/ enjoy the show, whether you've been a fan since Little Earthquakes and go to every single show, or you're a brand new fan and sit in the worst seat in the house. Just remember we're all fans and we all want to see her and we have to respect each other.

From Dillon Font

November 26, 1998 - My first Tori concert, and one of the greatest nights of my life! The Unbelievable Truth was great, I had great seats(7th Row), perfect view of Tori, as well as many hot guys, specially one behind me ^o^

It was a real treat, I was able'to hear lots of rare songs, as well as songs I really wanted to hear. I was dying to hear Merman for Matthew Shepard, and I cried hearing it. Past the Mission and'Yes Anastasia were surprises, but I loved them. The band version of Precious Things was absolutely wonderful!! Talula and Raspberry Swirl were totally fun. Silent All These Years was truly poignant. Greatest night ever, I love Tori Amos!

From Kyle

November 26, 1998 - hello fellow tori fans. i just got in from the show tonight and was horribly dissapointed. don't get me wrong I LOVE TORI, and she was great as always. however, the sound in NJPAC was so poor it really killed the show for me. the bose sounded soooooooo thin. tori's voice wasn't even close to how dynamic she normally sounds. the whole band sounded compressed, small, and far away. even songs like "black dove" and "hotel" , which should sound HUGE, really flat-lined. tori changed the set list as she went, and seemed to play more tunes alone to keep the crowd into the show. the final encore was to be "damage" and " mary" but she broke into "beauty queen" and "silent all these years" unexpectedly. it even cought the sound men off guard. i miss her playing alone, but even at the MSG show in july, the band sounded great, and tori's voice soared over the top of the mix. tonight was very hard to feel, even though i was dying to hear "baker baker", "girl", "dove", and "anastaisia". i don't know if anyone else at the show felt this way. everything was a little rushed too, because they started a half an hour late. [Note From Mikewhy: Even after the delay, the show itself lasted for 1 hour and 48 minutes, which makes it a pretty long show really!] i have to go to sleep now, love to all...... kyle

From Heather

November 26, 1998 - i was completely blown away by this concert! it was the best ive seen so far. i will write a review for you tomorrow. she was completely amazing. anyway, i think it is time for me to get some sleep now. until tomorrow...

From alan & shannon

November 26, 1998 - features the debut of "beauty queen"! insane! a whopping 19 songs!

precious things
past the mission
yes, anastasia (solo)
merman (solo)
baker baker (solo)
little earthquakes
black-dove (january)
the waitress

raspberry swirl

tear in your hand
beauty queen (solo)
mary [w/ band]
silent all these years (solo)

will review later!

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