North American Plugged '98 Tour
Durham, NH
November 19, 1998

Updated December 18, 1998

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Tori performed in Durham, NH on November 19, 1998 at the Whittimore Center Arena during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Winter, Flying Dutchman and Angie solo. Thanks to Matt Page who called me on the phone with the set list, and to Mike who emailed it to me.

Precious Things
Father Lucifer
Past The Mission
Liquid Diamonds
Winter (solo)
Flying Dutchman (solo)
Northern Lad
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
London Girls
Angie (solo)


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From Jed Holtzman

November 24, 1998 - i am so flabbergasted right now.....
last nite i slipped tori a note along with a little mad lib i had written, and asked her in it to play flying dutchman.
which is, perhaps, the most beautiful song in the world.

and i was front row center, having waited since 11am. and then she PLAYED IT.
what a DEAR.

i was so overcome.....still am. this was supposed to be my last, but i dont think i can give up. :(

my first personal interaction has left me wanting MORE.

by the way, after hours and hours of hanging out at lowell and durham (the first times i have really talked to those hardcores who go around everywhere), i have a question. maybe a silly one.

is matt page agent orange? [Note From Mikewhy: Agent Orange is Joel, Tori's bodyguard.]
regardless, he's a pretty cool guy.

anyway, i dont know how i'm going to do anything productive today....all i can think about are those moments and the small time i had w/her at the m&g.....

oh, Woman-struck.

From Lisa Street

November 22, 1998 - First and foremost a huge shout out must be given to the Whittemore Center Arena Staff. they were totally awesome. They let us all (around 3pm it got up to 105 and they stopped letting people in) sit inside the lobby area from 6am to around 4:30 (the school's gym is attached so we even had access to a bathroom). the number system began and early on Bill (the venue's manager) asked us about it and he said that was a good idea and that they would honor it and make sure we got in first. anyone who wasn't numbered had to line up at one of two entrances, while the rest of us (lined up all in order) were walked around to the entrance closest to the stage and informed that the doors to our side would be opened about 5 minutes before all the other doors. i knew this day could only get better. then, soundcheck began and we could hear pretty well. i wasn't listening too closely until my friend told me to get over to the door. why? she was practicing 'Mary', with the band! i was in shock. i was pretty sure this was the first time she'd practiced it at soundcheck so i didn't think i'd hear it at the show, but i heard it then, and it was amazing, everything i dreamed it would be. at 7pm it was time. they were all set up for the searches and such, but still not quite ready to open the doors. i said to Bill, 'why don't you start searching our bags now so we can just walk in?' he said, 'okay, that sounds good.' so they did, then we were in. totally in the front, just to the right. perfect, so perfect. then i caught a glimpse of steve sanchez and handed him my note and doll for tori (the doll is the one from the land of misfit toys).

in the note i reiterated the story i told her at WBCN. see, my roomate my freshman year of college in Virginia, Sonya, grew up right outside of Durham and she had been in a car accident (her ex-boyfriend was driving) over Christmas break of our freshman year and was killed. she wasn't a huge tori fan (i kinda forced it on her), but she loved tori's versions of 'thank you' and 'angie.' i knew that she'd be there somewhere at the show so i asked tori if she'd play one of those for her. (and i even met a guy at the show who's brother knew Sonya, hi Troy).

the unbelievable truth actually seemed a bit more into the show tonight. then it was finally time. i was up front in amherst, but this stage seemed smaller and the distance between the barricade and the stage was shorter too. tori was her usual wonderful self as you'll read in the other reviews. all of a sudden people to the left of us started passing out. tori ran off stage after one of the songs, signalled to someone backstage, and brought back a couple of bottles of water and handed them to the crowd, then steve came and took them and handed more water to people too (she did this later on too, and handed one of the bottles to me - yes i passed it on and didn't keep it, silly). after waitress i was getting a little anxious. had she really gotten my letter? she had to have seen me right in front, what was going to happen? she did cocaine and rasberry swirl. time for the second encores. london girls, then spark. oh no, will she do a third song? sometimes she does, but not always. then i heard those notes, it was angie. the song that sonya used to sing to her best friend, angie, when they would drive to school together. the tears began to flow. i hadn't listen to that song in awhile, and i hadn't realized how completely perfect it was for that moment. the very last song of my last show was from my letter. thanks to david (the roadie) for handing me the set list.

i had to do it, i had to try to get outside. amazingly i was only about three rows back, not great, but not awful, except for the rain. steve brought her out (i heard Joel had to go home for a few days) under this huge umbrella, she was talking to jeannie (sp?) and dor, then i kept trying to say thank you, but she never looked back (too many voices from all over). she was starting to move away when amy (behind me, thanks so much) shouted 'lisa street is here!', dor heard her and said 'tori, lisa is here.' tori said, 'where?' dor said. 'i think somewhere in the back.' i managed to tap her on the shoulder and say, 'no i'm right here i'm just too short.' so my arm was stretched forward and tori grabbed my hand and i said, 'thank you so much for 'angie', she was here.' tori smiled and gave me the most wonderful, caring look and said, 'i know.' then i was out of view again. it so bittersweet. so, thank you dor, and i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to say goodbye to all of you, but i'll see you next time, and i'm pretty easy to get ahold of. oh, and don't forget to always save a spot for me just in case i'm suddenly able to leave my body and get to one of the next shows.

From Nicole Damboise

November 22, 1998 - does anyone know what happend to the person who had an epileptic seziure during waitress? i'm really concerned. i hope they're ok... please let me know...

From Kim Holmes

December 18, 1998 - This is in response to Nicole Damboise's question. The girl that passed out at the show is the resident assistant of my dorm. She is doing fine. She passes out at every show. It's understandable! I just wish security wasn't so stupid and had gotten over to check her out more quickly. But so anyway, she's O.K.! Thanks for worrying! Becky.

From Billie Taylor

November 22, 1998 - The Durham show was my very first Tori experience ever, and it was SO wonderful! I've liked Tori for a long time, but have never had the chance, or made the chance, or whatever to see her until this past Thursday, and I was just in awe the entire time I was there. Despite some stupid drunk girls beside me who thought they could sing better than Tori and decided it was their job to tell the opening band to get off the stage as loudly and obnoxiously as possible, as well as pass out on my boyfriend's shoulder, the show was AMAZING!!!!! I was there with a friend who'd been to other shows and has been Tori-obsessed forever and she pointed out people to me whom I've read about on here, like Dor and Matt and Emi *sp*, and I got so excited! Okay, so I'm silly but anyway, I just wanted to write about my first time seeing Tori & how amazed I was and still am & how much I want to see her again!

From Megan

November 22, 1998 - What can I say - I was excited, Tori was coming to *my* school! I walked to the Whit. at around 10:30am and already people were lined up to get into the show (it was gen. admission). I couldn't wait because I had to meet my friends but I did walk back around 3:30 just in case there was a meet-n-greet, which there wasn't. I went inside and they were numbering but I didn't get one because I didn't think it was fair because I had to go back to my room and wait for my friends and that's not really fair that I can do that while everyone else had to wait in the Whit. Anyway, I got there for the actual show at about 6:30 and already the lines were ridiculously long. The general admission worked out better than I thought it would've, though, but it was freezing cold out and we had to wait forever to get in.

The Unbelievable Truth opened as always. And as always they left, Tori came on and started with Precious which was awesome as always. I wasn't really a fan of Father Lucifer with the band but it was nice to hear. I love the new Past The Mission (w/ band). Tori introduced the brothers and her little stuffed animal and told us that she enjoyed UNH and told us the guys on the hockey team were cool :)

Hotel and Talula were next and after that, my fav. from Choirgirl, Liquid Diamonds. Winter was gorgeous and Flying Dutchman was a *very* nice surprise! Northern Lad was beautiful. Girl showed up again, too! As soon as I heard The Waitress, I headed outside to the barricades and was the 4th one there! I couldn't believe it!! I hated having to leave the show, though. I met some *awesome* EWF including Gina the birthday girl and Dor (who hooked us up with some kickass pictures...if any of you are reading this, I'm the one that was next to you with the heavy MA me!)

Well, we waited out in the rain for maybe like 45 mins. and Tori finally came out! She told us to go get some hot precious! When she got to me, she said hi and I gave her some stuff (a letter + a can of jelly-bellies) and she said it was "cool" and I told her how I gave her some in Springfield too but she said she didn't think she got them :( Then I gave her a picture to sign and she asked my name and I told her and spelled it (just in case she thought it was one of those wierd megan spellings ;) The picture was really glossy and it was raining semi hard so she told me to roll it up so it wouldn't get wrecked...I thanked her again and she moved on to Gina and Dor and a couple other people - it was so nice to see everyone so happy! When she left, I said bye to everyone and *ran* top speed back to my dorm and all my friends were waiting for me and they just screamed when I told them the sTori. It was awesome...I finally have my own little sTori.

From Anthony Baldman

November 22, 1998 - Pre-show:

This concert was my last during this tour and it was both a sad, but unforgettable experience. It all started when my friend Jen and I arrived around 11:30 am, getting #s 23 and 24. The numbering system really worked out for us because the Whittimore Center security honored it. They even let those with #s (about 100 or so of us) go to a separate door, which they opened about 2 min before the other doors. Thanks to the organizers who were there first who devised this system. It kind of was disappointing that those of us who were there all day still had to compete with people who showed up late in the day. They opened about 4 doors, so there were 4 separate lines. I guess it was the best way to do it so the lines weren't super-huge (after all it was a GA show). My friends and I were lucky to get in and secure front row spaces.

We could hear the sound check from outside so that was pretty cool. I was very interested in one particular song she was practicing. She played "Mary" with the band. I heard it solo once (Portland, OR 9/12/98), but with the band it is much better. I wonder if she is practicing it to put it on the B-side album as a new recording of the song.

The show:

Aside from the fact that there was intense pushing going on throughout the concert AND the fact that 5 people had to ask security to let them out, AND some people were passing out, the crowd was respectful. A bunch of us in the front were literally sandwiched together. This one girl who was like 6 people back had the gall to ask a security guy to let her in the front row (mind you there was NO MORE ROOM). She was apparently flirting with the guy and actually thought she was going to be magically placed there.

In between some of the songs Tori took some of her bottled water and gave it to people in the crowd to pass around and drink. The first time she did this she came walking over and looked at me and said, "Here, pass this around." I was in a state of shock because she was talking directly at me. At first I had no idea what was going on and why she was walking to the end of the stage. I thought it was really cool of her to be so caring for us fans.

Tori played the songs I was dying to hear live that I haven't heard yet. "Talula" was incredible. I think it's a better-suited song on the piano. I loved "Father Lucifer". She was practicing it on the synthesizer during the sound check, but played most of it on the piano during the show. "Past the Mission" was a very fun song while "Northern Lad" was very moving. I was psyched to hear "Flying Dutchman" live and surprised she played "London Girls". I felt sad toward the end because I will have to wait at least 2 or 3 years until her next tour to see her again. I made the most of it though. Seeing 3 shows in one week was very exciting.

From Markie

November 22, 1998 - Durham was my 7th & final (sob) show of the tour, and i have to say these last 3 shows (amherst, lowell & durham) have been the most FUN! lots more UTP material than previous shows (october and earlier), and i've actually gotten close enough (before, during or after the show) to SEE how much she's enjoying herself. folks were quite cool at the shows; highest marks to the UNH staff @ durham, who were quite gracious to the masses and HONORED THE NUMBERS! Tori & her crew took good care of us as well, handing out numerous bottles of water which were VERY necessary in the crush up front (i helped pass a girl over the barricade, and i know she wasn't the ONLY one to pass out - i hope everyone's ok).

i HATE to see this band break up...can't wait for the live album!

From Tae (posted to the newsgroup)

November 22, 1998 - Warlock and I had so much fun. It sucked waiting in line in the freezing cold for nearly two hours (sorry, we're not hardcore masochists - we decided _not_ to get there at 6am...) but once we were inside it was fine. We had pretty good seats on the side.

The opening band was exactly what it was supposed to be, an opening band...They had cute accents anyway...The best part of their set was in between songs the drummer told the audience something to the effect of: screaming "TORI!!!!!" wasn't gonna get her out there any sooner...

On the two and a half hour drive to the show, we were discussing what songs we would love to hear her play that night even though we figured she wouldn't...Surprizingly, (to us, at least) she only missed a couple...;-) I was really happy to hear her play past the mission and then hotel right after it! Also on my fantasy list that she ended up playing was was northern lad and iieee. Warlock's list included flying dutchman (he was completely blown away that she played this) and winter.

And ohmigawd! the waitress!!!! Holyfuckinshit! How amazing is that?!

I literally cried throughout the _whole_ show...Felt a little silly about it, but this was my first show and she's such a part of my life and I feel like I owe so much to her because she inadvertently gave me a fiancÈ and a whole slew of people I really love to death (that would be all of you!).

After the show we joined the small group of people waiting in the pouring rain for her to come out and sign a few things...She eventually did, we didn't get anything signed...I just wanted to see her one last time before we left...

And then on our way home we stopped off at the burger king on the interstate and ran into a small group of toriphiles who adored our toricon t shirts...;-)

All in all, it was really, _really_ amazing for us...

From Stacy N. Delmonte

November 20, 1998 - In response to the posting about Tori's tiger that she introduced on Nov. 19 at the Durham Show....My friend and I gave Tori that tiger in Indiana, PA and Tori loved it. We heard from Joel that she's had it up on stage! I'm just really excited that she likes it so much! If anyone has any pictures or anything of Tori with her tiger I'd love to trade pics for them.

From Sarah Desrosiers (Avalon camper #5)

November 20, 1998 - I've always wanted to hear Flying Dutchman live (probably just like a bajillion other people), and she never sang it at a concert when I was at attendence until tonight. I can now die happy.

From Mercury's Foot

November 20, 1998 - OK, my first real contribution to the dent. This was my second Tori Concert ever, and this one was much better than my first (Wallingford, CT over the summer.) I've been listening to Choirgirl two weeks straight, as in Wallingford I was really baffled by a lot of the songs. Also Tori seemed dowright tired in Wallingford. I would like to go on the record now as saying that the new arrangements are a blessing upon a blessing. Tori has added a slice of Kitana to the cudgel that she had already created.

Unbelievable Truth was solid. They had a good sense of humor about the fact that noone was there to see them. They finished their set and went off and I did a lap around the auditorium (For those of you who don't know, the Whittimore Center is a hockey rink. They had the stage set up at one end and people could either stand on the (would be) ice or take a seat as they could find one.) Saw a few people I knew but didn't stop to talk.

Tori came on and started with "Precious Things" which I have never gotten tired of. (There are no lyrics in recorded history more conducive to thrashing than the nine inch nails lyric.) after that she came out with father Lucifer which is when I truly fell in love with the new arrangements. Its the difference between lowering yourself into a pool by way of a ladder or diving in off the springboard. the latter just has the bigger impact and you are far more aware of being immersed. Tori said a few words, (her voice sounds a bit tired, in an Irish Whiskey Janis Joplin kinda way.) complementing UNH on their hospitality including the hockey team (cool. go figure.) and then introduced the band and "baby Toz", (name right?) her stuffed tiger chillin' on the piano. Tori bounced him on her knee a few times then put him behind her, saying "We're out of our minds, its OK." She did "past the mission", then "Hotel", followed by "Talullah", I think, then one more before she banished the boys. "We're just gonna do a few between ourselves. I'm rollin' on requests now." And she proceeded to meticulously take care of her lip balm as the whole audience started shouting out their suggestions. Then with a "Talk to the hand" gesture she went into...damn, something off of Pele, but I can't remember what now. after that was "Girl", which was nice. On a side note there was a girl I was next to on the floor who was shorter than the rabble and having trouble seeing, so I tapped her on the shoulder and offered to give her a piggy back. She said "what?" and gave me a look like I just asked if I could sniff her elbow, like "What do you want to do? And while your at it why do you want to do it?" I repeated myself more clearly and she smiled and "Oh, no thanks." In retrospect, it probably seemed oogie. sorry if you're reading.

The encores were jaw-dropping. "Raspberry Swirl" was mesmerizing, esp. with the lighting. (OK, so I'm a techie.) all green swirling @ the beginning with one violet focused on the drummer wailing away on an oil drum. good stuff. "She's Your Cocaine" is now officially my favorite off of "Choirgirl". Once again, the new arrangment wrapped my brain in bubble wrap and threw it off a few walls. she finished with three in her second encore, including London Girls which made me happy. Heard it for the first time two weeks ago and ain't stopped listening to it yet. Didn't expect to hear it and was internally groovin' as she played it. One last note. As I was drivin' back north, about eight different carloads of Toriphiles hit the same Burger King rest stop all at once looking for snacky snacks and caffeine. The poor cashier never knew what hit him. I got into the joint and I look at a perfect cross-section of the population I just left. It was neat. I was tickled (probably partially because I was loopy.). To the two female breakfast seakers, did you make it home safe? (I was the one with short black hair and a frog vest.) post if you get this message.

Sorry for the long post. To the Lowell Sparkle girl, hope you made it. I know exactly what your talking about. You ain't alone. ain't it grand to know no matter where you are, at least somehow you're not alone. peace to all. Blessed be. (smiles, waves)

From Nicholas (posted to the newsgroup)

November 20, 1998 - FYI, The seating at Whittemore Arena (Durham) is General Admission - i.e., everyone can move freely from the bleachers to the area directly in front of the stage, and vice versa. I know this because I just got back from that very concert... and I'm still recovering. :)

Well, I had an amazing time there. The opening act, Unbelievable Truth, was very good (surprisingly), so the concert got off to a good start.

Unfortunately, Tori took seemingly forever to begin... there was almost an hour between opening act and Tori, if memory serves. But it was worth the wait. Tori opened with a VERY plugged version of "Precious Things."

* Solo performance "Flying Dutchman!!!!" -- I've never heard this particular B-side, so this was quite a treat. The song is adorable. :)

* Solo version (by request) of "Winter" -- Tori proved the old "girl and the piano" are still alive and well in an outstanding rendition of this early tune. Winter is one of the few songs I can listen to repeatedly without getting tired of it.

* Solo version of "Angie" as an encore... Wow!!! She hit all the high notes and the lighting for this song was perfect.

* Plugged version of "Girl" -- I hardly even recognized it, but I liked hearing the new interpretation.

* Raspberry Swirl encore -- She really had the crowd worked up with this song. The lighting was excellent; it was like being in a club somewhere in Europe.

aka "I'm getting older, too..." :)

There might be something to that line in Stevie Nicks' "Landslide". Although I really enjoyed hearing the new interpretations of LE, UtP and BfP tunes, I found myself longing for more solo (i.e. piano only) songs. I also couldn't believe that I had to plug my ears at a Tori concert... The music was SOOOO loud. Perhaps I'm just getting old [1] (gasp!)? ....Those damn kids and there rock 'n' roll music!!! ;-) All kidding aside, I was surprised (at myself) that I didn't enjoy the concert more. I think I just listen to Tori for a different reason than I do other bands... i.e., If I want techno, I go for Depeche Mode cd's. If I want soft alternative, I grab Sarah McLachlan. If I want beautiful piano and/or experimental instrumental music, Tori's my pick. I guess I'm just used to her on piano, harpsichord, etc... w/occasional drums and percussion. The almost constant guitars and drums were "doing me in" at the concert. I love old plugged tracks like "God," "Cornflake Girl" and "Caught a Light Sneeze," but I don't like hearing them on every song. Just a personal preference... I'm starting to regret the fact that I never made it to a DDI concert.

But I digress...

The concert was well worth the [65 mile] drive from Boston to Durham. Overall, I had a great time & it was so exciting to finally hear and see Tori live (after missing her twice on this tour & never having seen her live before). :)

Anyhoo... I'll write more when my ears stop ringing. ;) Thanks for listening to me rant.

Higs and an honey-oatmeal smae,

[1] if you consider 23 old =P

From Matt Page

November 20, 1998 - Matt said the show was wonderful tonight, although the general admission crowd was a little too pushy and there was some passing out going on. The actual set list varied from the official/written only during the second encore. Tori had Playboy Mommy, London Girls, and Angie written down, but did London Girls, Spark, and Angie instead. There were alot of requests tonight, and London Girls and Angie were specifically requested.

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