North American Plugged '98 Tour
Burlington, VT
November 16, 1998

Updated November 24, 1998

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Tori performed in Burlington, VT on November 16, 1998 at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed A Case Of You, Never Seen Blue, Graveyard, Amazing Grace and Smells Like Teen Spirit solo. Thanks to Richard Handal and Matt Page for once again giving me the scoop over the phone.

Precious Things
Little Amsterdam
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Past The Mission
Liquid Diamonds
A Case Of You (solo)
Never Seen Blue (solo)
Little Earthquakes
Graveyard (solo)
Tear in Your Hand
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Amazing Grace (solo-acapella)
Jackie's Strength
Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo at piano)


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Marisa Mosenthin

November 24, 1998 - I just got a chance to see the reviews for the Burlington show. I know an little late, but I was checking up on my sleeping.....since I had worked the Graveyard shift the night before and then had college all day and then finally at a last minute decision decided to go to the show.....4 1/2 hours away....which I made in three hours from Albany! I know, speeding is bad, but oh well..... So we, a girl I met at previous Tori shows, her friend Derrick, my new room mate Tabby and myself finally arrive. I am already starting to pass out, but am super hyped up. The show was absolutely amazing. Although I personally enjoyed the Ithaca show better. Probably the company that I took to that show.........BUT Anyways, we left during Raspberry Swirl.....Big mistake now that I see what she played afterwards, but it was worth it. NOW!!!! This is the reason that I am writing this. Everywhere I go, I hear nothing but bad and misplaced criticism about Joel from everyone. I love Joel to death, he is one of the sweetest men that I know. As we were waiting for Tori to come out I was FREEZING!!!!!! I had on a HUGE baggie Old Navy sweater with three layers underneath. I had thought that would have been enough, wasn't. Tori finally comes out and I am standing there in awe of how quiet and calm everyone was. NO one and I mean NO ONE was screaming stupid Stuff like "TORI I love you. Tori your a goddess!" I mean everyone said polite and sincere hello's and how are you's. It was like the old tours. Fantastic! ANYWAYS, to the point of why Joel will always be my big, cuddly "Teddy Bear". As I was Standing there freezing he asked me where my jacket was. I told him the truth, I didn't own one, until after I got paid on Thursday. He stayed right with me and held me tight(through the bars of course), rubbing my arms and back, and trying to keep me warm. He asked me if I would be going to any other shows. I said that I didn't think so, but that it would depend on my state of mind in the next couple of weeks. =) He just kept me warm until Tori finally moved in front of my friend (Michelle) and me. Tori studied her imported limited edition "Pretty Good Year" CD and explained to Joel what it was and how she hadn't seen it in forever. Talked to Michele for a bit and then looked at me and smiled. She told me that she was glad that I could make it and how I was and what was going on. I told I was fine, a bit tired, but good. I told her that it might be my last show and gave her a huge hug. I asked her to sign my FAVORITE PICTURE, for Clara(a "friend"). She remembered Clara from the Ithaca show and asked where she was that night. I told her and she asked when she could see her again. I MEAN TORI ACTUALLY ASKED TO SEE HER AGAIN!!!!!!!! I flipped, because I had promised myself that the Burlingtong show would be my last. She asked me to bring her to another show so that she could say good-bye to both of us. SO NOW!!!!!!!!! I am driving over 7 hours to take a girl that I am "friends" with to see Tori again, in a city that I have never been too and have no idea where I am going. I now have tickets, idea where the show is located. AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The things I will go through to make Tori happy! I am crazy! Literately crazy! I will once again be up for over 30 hours mosat of it in driving! BUt just before Joel rushed her off......he told me to drive safe and that he hoped to see me again real soon. If only he knew how soon. =) So it's off to Ohio I go. To see the wonderful and beautiful Tori and super funnyman Steve, and my big ole teddy bear Joel. Well, toodles for now. I will let you know if I survive this weekend of driving. =)

From Zach Snow

November 22, 1998 - this is my review for the nov 16th burlington vermont show

This was my first tori concert, so needless to say i was totally pumped. We drove for 16 hours from nova scotia to see her, and it was worth every muinite of it. The venu was perfect, it was basically a big gym. me and my two friends got there at five in the morning, and waited till the show started. It was crazy but it was worth it. we got front row, but me and carla got sick after the opening act, there was no seating, so it was just a clump of about a thousand people standing there to see tori. The music was great, she played my two fave songs off choirgirl (hotel and liquid diamonds) the lighting was phenomenal, espically on prescious things. We skipped the encores, so i did not get to enjoy those songs, but instead we stood for about an hour at the meet and greet, we were right against the rail. When she came out she eventually got to us, she signed our things and we gave her the presents we bought her, she was very nice, just before she left i called to her "tori will you do me a favour"

"yes honey what is it" she said to me

"smile" and she put on this ear to ear grin and i got the best picture of her, as soon as i get access to a scanner i will have it online.

last but not least i would just like to say thanks to all the people who made my first tori concert a real success, the germans; melanie, michael (sorry if it is spelled wrong) rurick, and jenny, the were ther really early too, and gave people numbers, that's how we got front row. Petra and julie (from california) jen and her friend (sorry i forget you name) frank (if that's your name) michael, ashley, the nice girl with the sparkles on her eyes who i sat with inside, the one with all the peircings (sorry i forgot your names),, and everyone i know i am forgetting.

If any of you see this e-mail me, i'd appreciate it.

From Trevor LaClair

November 18, 1998 - Burlington was putting it lightly simply amazing. The night just all went well. I was home for the weekend in Plattsburgh so my friends Little and Janelle (Hi!) just had to make it to this show. It was my second show I caught Tori in Montreal on July 26 and it was the first show for my friends. The weather was cold but we jammed the whole drive listening to my Tori Amos bootleg from the Phoenix in Toronto during the sneak preview tour. That was getting us pumped. When we arrived and got the car parked and all that we decided to go on down to Church Street for a bit. If you have never been to Burlington its a must go to place because Burlington is beautiful town and great place to shop. We browsed for a bit until we decided to check out the line at about 6:30 when the doors were supposed to be opening. It was super fucking long! Streched up around the block a ton of people. We found some old friends and decided waiting in line that long was not worth it because there was no way we would be in front so we booked it back over to Church Street for coffee and snacks. We came back to Memorial at about 7:15 and the line was just as long as before but it was moving a bit faster so we waited. We went inside and did the search thing and blah blah and got in. The basement is where you enter Memorial Auditorium they sell beer downstairs there and then you go up a flight of stairs to get to the gym. They were selling some new shirts and stuff at the sales spot. I really wanted them but they were very expensive and im just a poor college student. By the time we got up the stairs the Unbelievable Truth was already playing and it was only about 7:20. So we got up pretty close for them (show all general admission) but I wasn't too impressed they were good but I was too pumped to see Tori. They have bleachers around the sides and they were filled with people just sitting I was surprised about that. And the balcony wasn't open for this show. I saw Barenaked Ladies there about a month ago and the balcony was open. But the place is so small that it doesn't matter. you can see pretty well everywhere. (unless you are too short). The Unbelievable Truth was done at about 8:10 maybe and we just sat down and talked for a bit. Tori came out at about 9:03 and the crowd was pumped. Opened with Precious Things at first I thought her voice was a little high pitched but it got better. Little Amsterdam was great too. Hotel was awesome. I was soooo happy she played this one i've been waiting to hear it live for some time now. She introduced the band and seemed to be in a great mood. Caught a Lite Sneeze was a surprise and great to hear. I love the BfP album so im always happy to hear something from that. Then another surprise Past the Mission. this one was funny because in the middle she went to switch to the keyboard and it wasn't working. she kept saying "fuck, what the fuck is wrong with this what the fuck is wrong" and then she told the band to keep playing and some came out and was trying to fix it and she did a little jam sitting down to keep us pumped we were all laughing it was hilarious. They got that working and continued on. Then Liquid Diamonds, also nice to hear. It was great that the show was so different from Montreal for me because i didn't want to hear the same thing over again. Secret (private) Time was nuts. She brough out this little toy called Marcel but i couldn't see what it was really it looked like and Ostrage (sp?). Then she took out these two red and yellow beatle toy cars and started making them have sex. "ohhh beatle.....mmm beatle....ohhhhh.....mmm. beatle" she kepts saying. then she said she couldn't wait to own a new beatle so if any of us where on the west coast of England next summer we can see her and "I'm gonna rock!" it was so funny. then she started A Case of You which was the high point for me because I have always been unable to get my hands on her version of the song and I have always wanted to hear it. It was great. Then she started saying that the next song was supposed to be on Pele but it didn't make it. So some girl in the front started screaming and saying Cooling so Tori turned to hear and said "No, its not what you're thinking of" She continued "So yah this was supposed to be on Pele but i don't think ever on Choirgirl but yah........" and she started Never Seen Blue.... It was beautiful. One of my favorites. The band came back on and she started in on Little Earthquakes, that was nice and then she did Cruel which totally rocked. she turned around in the middle of the song and bent over to the mike sticking her ass up at the audience and was going "Ohhh oh ohhhh oh Ohhhh oh Ohhhh oh" it was cool. Cruel always gets me pumped up. Then came a great solo of Graveyard. I was happy to hear that. Then she went into Tear in Your Hand which is my friends Favorite Tori song so she was sooo happy and that is maybe one of my favorites too but definetly the first Tori song that I really fell in love with, what got me going so many years ago. Then the Waitress. I was excited for this I love the new version of this song..... with "Im gonna go where she goes" part its the best. So i was all excited when that started. After Tori and the band came up and they all huged each other in a circle and walked off. That was about 10:23 and she came back on at about 10:25. Went into Talula which i was pumped to hear because i love that song fast. Then Rasberry Swirl which she danced around for so that was awesome. She left againa and came back pretty quick and went into Honey. I love this song its always good to hear. Then she did the unexpected full version of Amazing Grace Acapella. Everyone was so excied and happy. Then Jackie's Strength. that was great. I couldn't believe we had already gotten three songs in the second encore i was so sure the show was over but she waved goodbye to the band and went into Smells Like Teen Spirit solo and we all went wild. It was the most beautiful way to end the show. After we ran the car to get warm clothes things to get signed and cameras. we got backt to the meet and greet and it was a zoo. a ton of people. I was a little pissed but I met her in Montreal so it wasn't that bad but i really wanted my friends to get something signed like i had. She came out and i snapped some pics which came out decent. then she left after about 15 mins and only like 20 things where signed. We backed off slowly and walked back around the block and talked to one of the Security Guards from Memorial who i recoginized from when i saw BNL before. I talked to him about how the after their show was so nice becuase everyone was nice and Steven Page and the guys didn't even need security they could just talk to us. The guard was nice and told us the Tori's Body guard the blonde guy who came out with her was a real asshole and that he pissed off the whole security staff at memorial tonight. i thought the same about it because he kept saying nasty shit to everyone outside. after we saw some pizza being delivered to her buses and we went down to a pizza place/bar for food and drove home. It was a great night. Best tori show i ever saw and my pictures turned out pretty good. The show was about an hour 52 and there were 19 songs with four in the second encore so no one could ask for more. she gave it her all and was in a great mood so we all really had fun. I met some great people and simply just love going to Burlington for a show. Memorial Auditorium is kind of a shitty venue but the atmosphere and performances with a small croud are priceless, and Burlington is just great to hang out in before and after. Best show of my life....period....end of story......

Tori was wearing blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt with a maroon colored thing over it that hangs down in the front. I think she had on orange shoes too.


November 17, 1998 - I was at Burlington show. I was kinda 3meters of Tori and she was really but really beautifull!!. Tori spoke very much with the crowd and she took 2 beatle car and make them make love... so she had it in hands and she was saying " ohhh beatle, beatle mmm ah" It was incredibely funny! Tori gave herself in that show. She played for almost 2 hour and she just was really cool. She did some move to cut a breath and at the end of the show, Tori began to cry and so, she quit the stage, running... ahhhhh I already miss her. Her show was incredibile! Her show was the best I've never seen. Tori seemed to like give a show in a small place. But anyway I never seen a beauty like tori before... she's sooooo... she's soooo Tori!!

From Frank Provo

November 17, 1998 - You've got plenty of set lists already, so I'll give you a review -- btw, this comes to you from someone attending his 1st Tori Concert tonight... way cool :) Apologies for any typos and whatnot -- it's 3:45 AM and I am frazzled. Feel free to edit for length, I'm trying to fall asleep in lieu of major leg pain. (which you'll understand as you read)

The venue:
Burlington Memorial Auditorium, a big basketball gym with a large open space in the middle, and bleachers on each side -- two balconies also, but they were closed. This place was not made to make a concert sound good, and it was apparent. Standing about 5 rows of people back the music was mostly a garbled mess -- Tori sounding a bit off-key, as if she were on helium. Oddly, the sound improved as you moved further back... after two songs I ventured to the way back and was amazed -- people in front got the best visuals, but the back was where the music was coming out right.

The fans:
Abhorrent, and I'm being fair. Now, the true Toriphiles -- the one's I met before the show, and babbled with at various times, they rocked -- especially the group from Germany, whom I affectionately referred to all day as "The Germans." They were rockin and having the best time out of everyone I think -- and really got me into a spirit to enjoy things. Unfortunately, 90% in attendance were not of this good ilk... no, the majority were Vermont's upper echelon of freaks, druggies, idiots, partiers, and general dumb asses. In fact, I will go so far as to say that had UVM students not been allowed in, the night would have been a lot less rigorous. They pushed, they shoved, and they talked incessantly...

I'd also like to give a shout out to Kathy, Kate, Julie, Tony, and everyone else numbered 1-30 in the line ... you guys rocked, and made my first Tori experience worth it. I'm sorry I've forgotten many of your names, but your faces will stay with me -- especially the Nova Scotia and German crews -- you guys are as hardcore as Matt *grin* BTW, to that Louisiana girl who relocated to Montreal -- email me *grin* I forgot yer name, like a dummy, but you were damn cool. (and before anyone asks, so was her girlfriend *grin*)

The music:
Excellent, an amazing set list, and a grand way to rock Burlington. Precious Things was the highlight for me, mostly because Tori kept staring at me during it, and it sent me into an emotional whirlwind -- no joke eye contact is powerful, wow. She also slipped in an interesting little "crotch" fondle during the song, which was unexpected, but taken quite well -- heh heh. Everything she did was excellent, with Raspberry Swirl and Little Earthquakes being my other faves of the evening. She played Smells Like Teen Spirit also, which touched me majorly, because I moved to Burlington from Seattle just 3 months ago. She didn't know this, but damn, it was a poetic bit of fate... which brought me to tears.

The opening act, 'The Unbelievable Truth' was also pretty damn good, but their set went too long for my taste -- especially since it took them a full hour to redo the stage for Tori to come out.... the warm up had worn off by then, and my feet were in meltdown. Let me say that if you like insanely good drums, you might enjoy 'The Unbelievable Truth.' He rocked the house -- and the Germans liked it too *giggle*

Tori's band was in damn good form too tonight -- Caton nearly attained guitar godhood by the end of the evening -- I think his hat imbues him with magical powers.

The bric a brac:
I picked up a Raspberry Swirl Necklace, a program, and a shirt -- all which I will cherish forever. I love the merchandise -- it's actually affordable! Sure, it's not cheap -- but I've seen items go for higher prices at many other concerts for lesser acts.

General kudos:
Tori didn't do a meet n greet before, but she did a smallish one after. Everyone in the security contingent and the band was in an excellent mood -- especially the security guy who had Jesus give him a joint in Alaska. I loved the initial line people as I said, heh. Tori performed more songs than expected, as did the opening act. It was as if everyone was trying to push it up a notch.

The hour delay between the opening act and Tori was painful... literally. My feet are possibly injured even. The lack of respect for the numbering system by all those who came after 5:30 sucked total ass. I was happy to follow the system, course, I did have #20 -- and many others were with higher numbers. However, so many people didn't follow it that it went to hell... and they also pushed intensely as we went up the damn steps... three flights! I also want to slap the people who smoked a few cigs during the concert itself -- no one needs nicotine or pot that damn bad. Also, the venue never opened a window -- not a one, even when people started collapsing (which wasn't a huge problem by any means, but it happened to 5 people that I saw).

The meet n greet at the end was ass too... and not Tori's fault... in fact, Tori was wonderful during it, as were those people whom I met earlier in the day. However, most people got pictures and stuff signed, and just stood there -- making it impossible for those behind to also benefit from the same. I'd say a max of 20 people got stuff signed, pictures taken, etc. It could have been a good 60 with courtesy and respect... [Note From Mikewhy: Actually, the people in the front at the m&g are told by Tori's security to NOT it is not their fault!] also, this won't come as much surprise, but many of the culprits had UVM hats and sweatshirts -- I tried not to be biased against UVM, but after tonight, I am convinced -- UVM students are useless.

My final thought:
The group of people that were there before 3pm, and Tori & the Band made the night special, regardless of disrespectful fans and a poor venue. The stellar set list also helped, as did a rocking opening act. If Lowell has the same energy, with less annoyances, it could be the ultimate Tori concert. I had the best time of my life tonight, even if I got crushed, shoved, and my legs decimated. And Matt, cheer up man, you're one lucky son of a gun *grin*

From Richard Handal

November 17, 1998 - Tori's show started at 9:01 and ended at 10:53. The main set ended 10:22PM. It was a long show at an hour and 52 minutes. The main difference from the official/written set list and what Tori actually played was the second encore. The written set list had "Tori's Choice" and "Pandora," but she did an incredible 4 song encore instead that featured Honey, a solo, acapella version of Amazing Grace, Jackie's Strength, and a solo version of Smells Like Teen Spirit at the piano. This was the first time on this tour that she sang Amazing Grace. Also, Graveyard was not listed on the official set list. (It is my understanding that Graveyard is never or rarely listed on the written set list.)

Richard posted the following comments to the Precious-Things mailing list:

Subject: Burlington, etc.

Hello, Tori Folk:

If she was trying to silence me by making the shows too personal for me to publicly discuss them she's done yeoman's work. Words cannot begin to express what this night was for me, and I just want to say that I love her very much.

Last night in Amherst she was basking in a well-laid afterglow all show long (truly--it was crazy to watch her smiling that much), and tonight she was, once again, in one hell of a fabulous mood, and the audience was most receptive to all the wonderful songs and energy she was dispensing. She's on a serious roll. Last tour toward the end seemed to some of us like the Long March, with her carrying on despite the weight of untold burdens, both physical and emotional. This tour, she's clearly enjoying herself more all the time, and it's a beautiful thing to behold.

After the show some friends and I went to a pizza place/bar down the street, and as the bartender was off and being replaced by two waitresses who didn't even know what I meant when I asked for chilled Rumpleminze, and as I was served approximately eight fluid ounces of the stuff, I'll have to take a raincheck on writing at length about this show. (One of our waitresses cum bartenders looked like Alicia Silverstone. Way swell.) For now, let me say that the shows these days are fabulous, and I wouldn't trade being able to attend a single one of them for anything I can think of in the world. If there's any way you can get to at least one show, I cannot strongly enough express that you must do it, under penalty of missing something remarkably special.

I better go now, and get to the hotel. Did I mention that in Binghamton we stayed in The Historic Hotel DeVille? I couldn't resist reserving a room there, as Tori complained last tour in Binghamton that it was the worst hotel they'd stayed in. The shag carpeting was fantastic. ;-)

From Tim Miller

November 17, 1998 - setlist:
precious things
little amsterdam
caught a lite sneeze
past the mission
liquid diamonds
a case of you (solo)
"...never seen blue...never seen ice..." (solo) *
little earthquakes
graveyard (solo)
tear in your hand

encore 1:
raspberry swirl

encore 2:
amazing grace (all of it! every verse! a-capella)
jackie's strength
smells like teen spirit

*don't remember hearing this one before. tori introduced it as a pele cut, and those are some of the lyrics

my comments:

the venue: big brick walls, bad sound.

the crowd: pushed and shoved in the front floor, talked through songs and were just really obnoxious (enough of them to matter, anyway)

the performance: stellar! tori was in top form (is she ever _not_?)

setlist: wow!!

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