North American Plugged '98 Tour
Poughkeepsie, NY
November 13, 1998

Updated November 25, 1998

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Tori performed in Poughkeepsie, NY on Friday, November 13, 1998 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour. This show was originally scheduled for July 31, 1998, but had to be postponed because at that time Tori was ill.

Set List

Tori performed She's Leaving Home, Happy Phantom, Baker Baker and Hey Jupiter solo. Thanks to Andy & Liliana for being the first to call me on the phone with the set list. Thanks also to Richard Handal for also calling me.

Precious Things
Past The Mission
Father Lucifer
Bells For Her
She's Leaving Home (solo)
Happy Phantom (solo)
Baker Baker (solo)
Nothern Lad
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Cornflake Girl
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium
Hey Jupiter (solo)


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Reagan (posted to the precious-things mailing list)

November 25, 1998 - Okay, granted this show was many days ago, but no-one's talked about it yet, so I figured I'd at least write something. Tori really seemed to be in this really sassy mood, but in a more refined sense (like if she were a pair of shoes, she wouldn't be the thigh-high red vinyl go-go boots, but the black high-heeled open-toed sandals with the straps that go 'round your ankles). She was really cute and apologized for rescheduling the show and all that. We even got to hear a story since she played Father Lucifer.

Precious Things was the opening song, and after that was Hotel, (during which I got my camera batteries taken away by the security guy there, although I did talk him out of taking the entire thing since I told him it was my private property and therefore it would technically be illegal. hee. He had to go get some other guy to talk to and then they gave my friend and I a choice between the batteries and the film or leaving the show. But, at least I got to enjoy the last half of the song) which is one that I really wanted to hear during the Dallas show so I'm glad I got to hear it there.

In relation to the Hotel situation, I really wanted to thank the boy behind me (I was in row AA, seat 14 or 15) 'cause he was completely angelic and and held his lighter near my camera while the security guard was attempting to take the batteries out, so my camera didn't get all screwed up in the process. So, if anybody knows him, or if you are he (he was blonde, had very striking eyes and I think he was wearing a white shirt, he was with another dark-haried boy and a girl), thank you very muchly, your help made that process a lot less painful.

I actually made it to the meet and greet after the show, and it really seemed to take Tori awhile to get out there. In the meantime, we stood and sang songs, Tori of course. A girl named Erin was kind of leading a group amongst the people waiting, but there were lots of people with beautiful voices. There was also a boy there named Finney (spelling?) who I needed to thank. He really tried hard to get my friend's ticket up to the front so that it would be signed, and even though it didn't make it up there in time, I really appreciated it. He also apologized when it didn't make it up there and when my friend got nervous and was nagging him a bit. Tori fans really are some of the greatest, kindest people I've ever met, even if only for a few hours (which makes me think of Hotel. heh.)

From Matt Saunders

November 18, 1998 - It was my first show, so my impression of the rabid crowd has no context, but let's just say there was no lack of screaming. At the beginning of the solo section, she remarked that she already knew what she was playing, and a close friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, screamed over silence, "The Bitch is Back," referring obviously to the Elton John song . This got a "woof" response out of Tori, who then launched into "She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles, which was beautiful. Most impressive was the last chorus, where she sang the high harmony, " leaving...aaaahhh." A wonderful surprise, especially considering I'm a huge Beatle fan. Then, on Happy Phantom, she forgot the words to the third verse, paused, and remarked "Oh, we can do better than that...", continuing on, and leading into the last chorus with "we forget the songs we never play...wooo-ooo..." She seemed to have an awful lot of fun on stage, and I certainly couldn't take my eyes off of her, especially considering the fact that we were row F on the right side, which meant she was staring directly at us for the majority of the show.

From BigKamuela and Nanikita

November 16, 1998 - Let me just say that we are from NYC and now live in this godforsaken town of Poughkeepsie. Don't ask why, it just turned out this way. I ditched from work early and we got to the Civic at around 2 in the afternoon. We brought with us a painting that Nanikita (Nikita from here on) had painted of Tori. We wanted so badly for Tori to see the painting and for her to sign it. If I may be so immodest, I think the painting is awesome, it's around 4 feet by 6 feet, done in acrylics from various concert photos. They allowed us to go all the way to the back door before stopping us and telling us that we were not welcome there. Steve was summoned and he came out and told us the same "Where's Waldo?" story that he told Melissa (fascist panties) and later explained that Tori would do a "meet and greet" following the show, although the place was not yet determined. We were fairly disappointed that she wasn't available prior to the concert, but we were more than happy to wait. We did meet a couple from central New Jersey and they got a room in the Sheraton, so they were nice enough to ask us to hang out with them in their room.

We had great seats in the 4th row, center, that we had waited for on the morning the tickets went on sale at the box office. Needless to say the painting was in the way, as the seats were so close together, so we have to thank the two dudes on either side of us for cooperating with us while we sat through her wonderful set.

We heard whispers from Melissa and her friend in the fifth row that they were going to leave during Tori's performance of Waitress. So about a minute after they left we followed not wanting to start a major exodus. We didn't know exactly where the "meet and greet" would take place, but saw the telltale bob of Melissa's ponytail, and ran to follow her. We stood in the meet and greet line next to Melissa in the bitter cold. We held the painting up over the barrier, right next to the door of the bus. This way, she just had to see it. The painting actually made a nice windbreak, as the wind was blowing right off the Hudson River and was bitingly icy. We waited for about an hour and the crowd grew steadily. The security detail was looking at the painting and asking questions, and fans spilling out on the street took pictures and commented. Then she came out and we were so excited.

She was so beautiful and sweet. We were in the very front, so I knew she would stop by us. She just had to. After hugging Melissa, she stopped in front of me and I told her how much we loved the concert. I gave her the program that they sold in the venue for her to sign. I then asked her about the video release and she was happy to embellish the details. She said that most of her music videos will be on the tape with exception of Professional Widow and The Big Picture. She then held my hand, which was very warm next to my frozen digits. She said, "Professional Widow is more or less bits and pieces of the other videos, so that would have been redundant, and The Big Picture keeps getting played over and over and I didn't want that on the video. ::laughing:: The videos will also be the director's cut, well, not the director's only, but the way it works is the director will shoot his version, I'll make my cuts and then MTV will make their cuts. These will be really great because they will be the cuts that the director and I made." I told her I can't wait to get it and then asked if it will be released on DVD. She said, "Yes, it will be, that will be very exciting. It will come out in December or January, or . . . maybe March, don't hold me to any of those, but it will be out on DVD." I thanked her and thought wow, maybe the DVD will have some commentary by her, then Tori moved on to Nikita. Nikita told her that she painted the picture and she backed away slightly to see the entire picture. "Wow" she almost whispered. Nikita told her how she painted the picture and I asked her if she liked it and she said "It's gorge!" She asked Nikita where she was having an exhibition, and Nikita said she's not exhibiting yet and she said, "You will, it took me some time to start out too." It was perfect! Tori signed the painting and she was off! She jumped into the bus and Mr. Puppet Head made a brief appearance. The whole experience was perfect, and we'll always remember this Friday the 13th! We'll send you links to the picture as soon as we develop the film. E-mail both of us at

From jeff

November 16, 1998 - after reading the reviews for the poughkeepsie show, there was only one detail i felt i needed to add. during happy phantom, as tori did her usual vocal improvs, she threw in "it's ok, cause all my friends are gay." no one mentioned that in the reviews i read, but i thought it was cute and possibly another reference to matthew shepard.

From Lizbet

November 16, 1998 - What can I say about Tori's concert at the Mid-Hudson Civic center...DANG! That was the most amazing experience of my life. I've been to 3 other Tori concerts and never had great seats. I'm only 16 so it's hard to get tickets since I can't really drive. This time I came upon the good grace of having a front row ticket. My friend Liam somehow got two. Anyways, they were front row center tickets (exact center). I felt bad though, we were sitting between two groups who knew eachother. I didn't want to give up our amazing seats though. Well, back to Tori...she was dressed amazing & she looked so beautiful. During the concert I'm convinced she smiled at me several times. It was amazing. At one point (after she finished a story), she looked right at me. I touched my heart and held my hands out. She then proceded to pat her heart too. After she finished (before the first encore) she walked up to the edge of the stage with her arms out, right in front of Liam and I. We ran up and she grabbed our hands. The goddess touch me. My knees went weak and I had to sit down. At the end of the concert she smiled at me and gave a little nod. My night could not have been more amazing. She seemed so happy. I couldn't stop smiling all night.

From Sunshine Girl

November 16, 1998 - For those who love Tori but have never seen her in concert, I highly recommend it. She sounded as good if not better than her albums. Her sweet voice could be heard loud and clear, echoing through the theater. She performed with feeling and love for her music, coyly playing with the audience as she forgot the words to, "Happy Phantom" and was reminded by fellow fans. She looked beautiful, sounded beautiful... everything about the concert was perfect other than the fact that it ended. The only thing I have to say was that it was Friday the 13th and the rest of the day definitely reflected it! I love TORI!

From Heather Miller

November 16, 1998 - I just want to start off saying that this concert is by far the best that I have been to yet. It was definitely worth the three month plus wait! I was able to find my way to Poughkeepsie easily, but the directions I had put me about 2 blocks away from the civic center and didn't tell me which direction to walk. So I went the way that my mind told me to, and went through the "Main Mall." Just when I had about given up and was about to ask someone for direction, lo and behold I see this big building that said civic center on it. At that point though I figured I had missed the meet and greet, because it took me a long time to get up there, I didnt arrive until 4:30 or so. But they all told me that she wasn't going to do one at all. That was disappointing. But then I had to leave for a while and try to find the train station, because my best friend was taking the train. He didn't give me directions, so I went to a gas station and asked the guy, who sent me on a wild goose chase. I ended up driving around for like 40 minutes, not knowing where I was until I finally saw a RIte Aid, a tiny piece of civilization in the city at the end of the world. They were able to give me directions, and it was so easy to find the place, I couldn't believe that no one could give me directions before. Si I finally got there, I think it was 7 already, and John and I went to dinner, because neither of us had eaten anything all day. We went to a Friendly's on Route 9, since in the process of getting lost I had ended up there and found a whole bunch of restaurants, no train station. So we ended up about 20 minutes late when we finally got back to the concert and parked etc. We walked in and were frisked, etc, checking for cameras and recorders... We could hear the band in the lobby, and we said, lets get t- shirts now instead of later, because they really didnt sound very good. We both got the shirt with her laying on the rocks in the blue light, where she looks so awesome. I was going to get one for my sister, but they were too expensive. Oh well. So we went in, and the place was so small, we knew that the people werent exaggerating when they told us over the phone that there were no bad seats in this place. John and I were left of center, about 30 rows back or so, and we could totally see the stage. I was even closer to her this time than at the Ft. Lauderdale show. When she finally came on stage, it made it all totally worth the wait. Her voice was totally clear and strong, and she was full of energy. She was wearing a brown bodysuit under a glittery bluish silver dress. She was so beautiful and vibrant! Anyway, on to the concert:

Precious Things: This was totally perfect to start the show with. She played it flawlessly. I think the band really makes this song perfect, so very energetic.

Hotel: This is the first time I have seen her play this song live, and it was great. She added a lot of variety to this show, I have seen 2 from the sneak preview, and she played very few songs from them, mixing in a lot of other stuff. Made it very interesting.

Past the Mission: This song was awesome! I have never heard her play it with the band before, and it was flawless. It is one of my favorites from Under The Pink.

iiee: This song was even better than the other times she played it. She was very playful this night, wiggling around and showing off. An awesome performance of this song.

Father Lucifer: I had never heard the story that she told with this song, and it was really cute. I couldnt imagine telling my dad if he was a minister, that I journeyed with Shamen and did drugs. Or that Satan isn't such a bad guy. But I could imagine her telling her dad that, and she did. This song sounded really great live.

Bells for Her: This song really sounded awesome with the band making up for the blankets not being there. It was an incredible performance.

She's Leaving Home: This was her first solo of the night, and she told us it was going to suck. But it did just the opposite. It was wonderful. I have never heard this song before except for once, and she played it brilliantly. I found this song so moving.

Happy Phantom: She played this song wonderfully too, and pretended to forget the words, egging on the audience, and she changed the words at the end, to the "songs we did not sing".

Baker Baker: When I heard her start this one, I almost fell out of my chair! This is my all time favorite out of all of her songs. It was actually the first song by her that I ever heard. My friend had it on her answering machine, the line "Time, thought I'd made friends...." It was the song that made me get her album, and it has been my favorite song ever since. I thought she wasnt going to play it anymore, since it was about Eric and painful, etc. But it was so beautiful. I was close to tears near the end, and I felt like I was floating.

Northern Lad: This is my favorite song from Choirgirl. It was the song that opened my eyes to what my ex-boyfriend was, and that we weren't meant to be together. The first time I heard this song I cried, it was like a revelation. And she plays it so beautiful live. I was near tears this time, too.

Cruel: I love the way she gets into the band during this song, and doing her little dance. It's so cool. I love this song live. She gets so into it.

Space Dog: I loved the way she did this song. At one point, I think it was in this song, she was really getting into the piano with the bench. John said that this was his favorite song that she performed this night. I loved it too, but Baker Baker really took the cake for me.

The Waitress: I really love the way she plays this with the band. It makes it more powerful, the way she really gets into it. It is meant to be a really loud song, and it's much better live. It gives it a totally different sound than it has on the album. The lights were cool, too, a little too bright, but it fit the song well.

Cornflake Girl: Everybody knew she was coming back when she waved goodbye, and this song was awesome. The band started playing it before she got back out, so we all knew what it was going to be. Everybody started standing on their chairs and screaming and yelling, and it was great. Then the party pooper security guards came around in the middle of the song telling us to get off the chairs. They started at the back, so we couldnt see, when they should have started at the front, but the song was still awesome. After that song, everyone stood up until the very end.

Raspberry swirl: This song was awesome! Everyone was dancing and moving, it was great. They played it the way it was in the video. The drummer was really into it, he was going completely crazy. He looked like he was possessed! And she was dancing and really getting into it, and the lights totally fit the song, with all purples and greens, going all over the place. It was a really great performance. And then they all left again.

Pandora's Aquarium: Another song I had not heard live until this concert, and it was great. She performed it with the band, and it sounded really good. Then she waved goodbye to the band.

Hey Jupiter: This song was done absolutely beautifully. Her voice was so perfect, and she was still energetic even after almost 2 hours of singing. This song is my favorite from Pele, and she performed it beautifully. Then she waved and blew kisses, and went offstage, and all the lights went on. It was definitely worth the wait, I must say. I was not able to get her autograph, I had brought her '99 calendar with me, but I was too far back, and she seemed to be rushing to leave, so very few people got her autograph. And there wasn't even any yelling and screaming or anything. There is only one thing that makes me sort of mad at these signings and things. That's when the people stay there in the front after they get her autograph, and they dont give anyone else a chance to get up there. I mean, I sort of understand it, but I guess it still gets on my nerves just a little. I would love to meet her too. Anyway, I am going to be at NJPAC in a week and a half to see her then too. And it will probably be just as or even more wonderful! I can hardly wait! I got fourth row seats after lots of hassle, but it is always worth it.

From alan denniberg

November 15, 1998 - this is what i wrote up for the columbia "spectator." i tried to be as objective as possible but i don't think it worked. enjoy!

Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, NY
November 13, 1998.

If one were to stand still in the middle of downtown Poughkeepsie last Friday, in the indecisive hour before midnight, one would feel an unfathomable energy crackling in white splinters down the spine. The air would be dense with thick rivulets of groove engulfing the buildings, and the passion would scarcely evaporate quickly enough to save the town from drowning. All this magic came true, because Tori Amos had just finished her concert. And let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, probably nothing has rocked Poughkeepsie this much since the invention of toilet paper.

Singer/songwriter/piano virtuoso/angel Amos stopped in Poughkeepsie on the last leg of the Plugged '98 tour. Her three previous tours have involved the simple setup of a girl and her piano (at times a harpsichord or harmonium was thrown in for good measure). But the Plugged '98 tour in support of the latest blockbuster album, From the Choirgirl Hotel features a full band blowing the roof off of every venue it hits. Members include Matt Chamberlain (currently with Seattle oddity-noise outfit Critters Buggin) on drums, Jon Evans on bass, and long-time Amos collaborator Steve Caton on guitar.

Friday came as a postponement of the original Poughkeepsie date, which was scheduled for July 31 but digressed when Amos fell ill for a brief stint. She must have known the ticket-buyers were anxious, for she delivered a heart-slamming wallop of a performance. Even the die-hards, some of whom showed up at nine or ten in the morning, waiting for a chance to meet their goddess and speak with her, were dismayed when she did not come out before the show, were completely absolved of any angst upon seeing the show. Tori Amos is renowned worldwide for her smashing live appearances. Her Poughkeepsie show affirmed this and multiplied it tenfold.

Amos opened with a soaring rendition of the ridiculously powerful "Precious Things," a song from her 1992 debut, Little Earthquakes. The wall of sound produced by the band filled the small Civic Center and perfectly accentuated Amos's trademark writhing on the piano bench and furiously pounding out her notes. Then she launched directly into "Hotel," an electronica-laced opus from the new album. The lights which were yet another aspect of the show's perfection created a trippy, dizzy feeling to match the loopy potency of the song.

Here, she paused to talk with her fans for a bit. "I'm sorry about cancelling the show all those months back," she crooned. "It's not like I blew you off or anythingI just had a very bad nose cold." The audience had no choice but to sympathize.

Throughout the evening, Amos and company plucked sweet numbers from the entirety of her solo career, creating a brilliant mix of old and new. Emphasis was given especially to her 1994 sophomore effort, Under the Pink. Picks from that album included "Bells for Her," a piano etude (recorded on a rather broken piano) revamped to include the band (a marvelously successful reworking the song made perfect sense); "Past the Mission," a bittersweet tune with unsinkable melodies; and "Space Dog," a charmer alternating sinister groove with sweet piano tinkles.

The experimental attitude and chaotic genius of 1996's Boys for Pele appeared with "Father Lucifer," a sprightly ode ("Nothing's gonna stop me from floating," Amos convinces the listener) also refitted with the band perfectly. The new album infused the performance with one thing: dirty, nasty, ripping, yet thoroughly satisfying groove. Sparks flew and eyelids dropped with "Cruel," a driver dripping with distorted bass and marimba; the bottom-heavy "iieee" pushed with all its might, featuring Amos's double-edged sword as she grabbed her stomach with the line, "Why does there gotta be a sacrifice?" (alluding to her recent miscarriage). The tragic sugar of the ballad "Northern Lad" also popped its head out for additional audience tears.

A favorite part of the concert for many is so-called "secret time," where Amos shoos the band off the stage and plays to the audience herself. She makes much magic here, shaking her curly fire-red locks and singing her heart out in such an intimate way. This show, she gave an utterly beautiful cover of the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home." She followed this with "Happy Phantom," a 1992 romp during which she forgot a line, paused, made the audience sing along, and rounded out the verse with, "And do we soon forget the songs we do not sing?" Amos closed out "secret time" with "Baker Baker," a breathtaking gem that just happened to be a personal request of this reviewer needless to say, it was well-received.

After ending her set with a fiery "The Waitress" (characterized by bright white lights and the chorus of "I believe in peace, bitch"), Amos came back for two much-desired encores. The first consisted of the popular favorite "Cornflake Girl" and the techno-rabid "Raspberry Swirl," which sent the crowd to its feet. The second gave a smooth "Pandora's Aquarium" and a solo "Hey Jupiter," from Boys for Pele and, essentially, a heart-stopper.

How anyone could have qualms about Tori Amos and her tour is befuddling. She ranges from obtusely powerful and caustic to being so sweet and sad you just want to hug her to death. With her Plugged '98 tour (which ends, sadly, on December 3 in East Lansing, MI), Amos has it all. She stuns with her singing and evocative lyrics, not to mention her jaw-dropping piano technique. Next to all that, she totes along a band that never misses a note and provides the lushest, most perfect backdrops to the scenes she provides. She comes back to the area on November 25 in Newark. Although the tickets are sold out, there is little reason to not sell or do most anything to see this show. For, although you may be cold or broke or naked or something else, you will achieve nirvana at the hands of Tori Amos.

From melissa (fascist panties)

November 15, 1998 - this show was an incredible end to the week. i drove from the rochester show the night before with my two friends from canada. joel had told them before the rochester show that there would be a meet and greet in poughkeepsie. so we arrived around 1/4 to 2 (after being told poughkeepsie was a hell of a lot closer than reality proved). so we walked around looking for the meet and greet that had not happened at any show that week. so we walked around to the back and asked the guy who was washing the buses... nope... eventually somehow we found out that it was not going to happen. her bus was parked across the street and she was inside the hotel... i didn't have a ticket yet and i was worried about that, and my two friends were trying to figure out where we were going to sleep that night. so out of convenience, we decided to stay in the sheraton... except they told us the had no rooms... which is clearly untrue because she gave a room to the woman next to us... grrrrrrrrrrrr.. oh well.

the set up some more chairs next to the sound booth so i bought a ticket, after some jerk cut me in line... me and my friend were in the 30th row or so... my other friend had a 5th row ticket...

so we were waiting out in the cold for a while talking to a woman who painted a gorgeous picture of tori, coloring in a tori fan book thingie (excellent idea). so we decided we were hungry... and we were going to get some food... when who should walk out of the hotel but a very confused steve caton. he came over took pictures gave hugs... we talked about occurrences from the night before... and he went over to go in for sound check...except he was locked out... we found this slightly humorous.

so then we decided that if steve came out that way maybe tori would too... but eventually we figured it was hopeless and went to the only restaurant we could find... chinese. we came back and we were talking to steve...trying to find out exactly where the meet and greet was going to take place... steve told us to look for waldo. jokingly i asked what waldo looked like. "well she's short, red curly hair..." i held up the picture i had taped to cardboard for her to sign..."like this?" "yup thats waldo"... so then we proceeded to turn around and ask random people if the knew where waldo was... making steve smile.

so eventually we got inside and we were sitting next to the sound board and we saw mark and we tried to peek at the set list..then unbelievable truth played.... the guy who cut us in line showed up after they played and proceeded to make out with his girlfriend... then i caught sight of steve... just jokingly i held up the cardboard picture and asked have you seen waldo?!?!?!?! and he laughed and came over and talked to us a bit... then he finally told us where the meet and greet was going to be and joel came over and the conversation ended. my one friend went back to her 5th row seat and steve came back over...

steve: hey girls, is it just the two of you?

us: well there's three but one has a 5th row ticket

s: oh never mind her

and then he proceeded to pull out two front row tickets!!!!!!

s: i just wanted to give these to you girls for being so nice

i died... i could not believe it... we took the tickets and went up front for an incredible show!!!!!!!!!

you read every one else's reviews... i just want to say i loved happy phantom it was perfect... i loved the and we soon forget the songs we do not sing... also i noticed some new lyrics pertaining to marianne poppy and some one else being in heaven... if there is a boot out there let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i loved father lucifer i had heard it and the story at story tellers and i knew as soon as she started talking about thanks giving.. the end comment was priceless

and the other song i was delighted to hear was space dog. i was amazed at the new light the band shed on that already spectacular song

well i left at the beginning of waitress, ran up to pee, because i knew i wouldn't make it through the meet and greet with out it... i then ran out delighted to find i was one of the first people there, along with my 5th row ticketed friend. so we waited patiently in the bitter cold... by the time she came out my fingers were so frozen i couldn't wind the camera... but my friend got tori to draw on her arm and she drew a native american symbol, and then proceeded to explain it and write down the names of books on animalism and native american medicine. then it was my turn. i asked her about the letter i gave her and she signed my cardboard head..(which was oddly a picture from the 30th anniversary rolling stone dated exactly a year before...november 13, 1997) and i got a picture and a warm hug.

she signed the painting the woman did and talked a bit about the upcoming video release, stating "it would contain all the videos except the big picture...because she couldn't stand to watch it over and over." and i told her i had a copt of the big picture she just laughed and said "isn't it funny?"

she also mentioned something about something coming out around christmas... i don't know if it will be the rumored live cd, or a bunch of singles... we will find out soon though, hopefully.

as the bus pulled away, mr puppet head made an appearance in the bus window..cute little devil!!!!!

this was a wonderful end to the week... what can i say? she did it again!!!!

*thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much to steve... what you did for me and my friend was so incredible... i just wish i could make it up to you!!! (see guys he really is a nice and wonderful guy!!!)

e-mail me at

From Danielle

November 15, 1998 - Short one this time. I totally agree with what everyone else said. This was the best show I have ever seen. Not only was the setlist good, but she was in an awesome mood and the energy was amazing. We were on the floor, 20 rows back, on the keyboard side. I have never sat on that side so it was a different view. Very different.

The security made veryone sit for the show which I actually appreciated. Plus if I was standing I would have passed out. The show actually knocked the wind out of me. With each song I found it harder and harder to breathe. I couldn't believe it. I had heard some of the songs before, but they seemed so different. They all must have gone shoe shopping or something. I have never seen Cruel as intense as last night.

I met SO many nice people. Too many to name. Hi everyone! We had fun passing the time together. I think one more reason why this was such a good show was the fact that I met so many new people. Everyone was so nice. No competition. We all shared stories and e-mails while we waited.

On a little side note, my boyfriend and I took a walk because we were cold. We walked to the block behind the venue. We saw there was an art gallery so we went over to look in the windows. On the walls were paintings (I assume all were by the same person) of women wrapped in sheets lying on beds and sheets and such. There was one on the back wall that was amazing. It was a woman with RED HAIR lying on a RED sheet. It looked like Tori. It looked like artwork Tori would have on a cd or something. It was beautiful. I took a picture of it :)

As we were walking back, we saw Caton on his bike. He's a funny man. He seemed in a better mood than when he got locked out of the venue earlier in the day.

From marK Kram

November 15, 1998 - This show was absolutely amazing! Everything was played perfectly. Our seats were the center section, 10th row, seats 12-16. I had the aisle seat (of course!) My highlights were Precious Things, iieee, She's Leaving Home (this was so great), Happy Phantom (the ending was great, very amusing), Cruel (so powerful and energetic), The Waitress (perfect), etc, etc, all of them!! Before the show, we were waiting out back (I am one of the 6 people in which Nathaniel talks about up top) and met Caton on his bike. He is such a cool guy. We gave him a note we wrote to Tori asking to play Love Song by The Cure. We got yelled at 1000's of times by the security guards and eventually left for lunch after settling on the fact that Tori wasn't coming out before the show. We came back around 6:30 before a line had developed. One of the coolest things that happened other than the show was that my friend (with me) sneeked a camera into the show. But it wasnt no ordinary camera, it was a high resolution, panaramic lens camera!! We took a whole role of film during the show. (excluding the ones before hand with Caton) Before the first encore, we rushed up to the stage and got right up front. We were between Tori and Caton. We took some 6-8 pictures there also. GREAT PICTURES! I can't wait to get them developed. After the show we were in a rush to get outside for the meet and greet. It was so crowded and there was no possible way to get out quick. Therefore, quick solution, walk on the seats. We stepped on top of the chairs from seat to seat from row 1 all the way to the back. It was brilliant! We got out there, but, unfortunetly there was a huge crowd. I tried to sneak around back but was almost strangled by security. If I had only wore a bright yellow shirt!! Well, I didnt even SEE Tori when she came out because the crowd was so big and I was all the way in the back. But I did see her puppet as she waved goodbye from the bus!

Anyways the show was great and such an experience for me. Although she didn't play our song requested, the Beatles cover was a greatful surprise. I hope she tours again in '99 so I can see her again, but, I doubt it will happen.

From Seth

November 15, 1998 - Hey - I went to the show last night (Nov 13 at the Pok. Civiv Center), and I wanted to check the web to see about the set list cause it gets all jumbled in my head. I was really impressed when I found your page and I wanted to thank you for making such a helpful, clear, and thorough site. Very cool. The concert was awesome last night, I'm a pretty big fan, and though I'm not one of the ones screaming and fainting during her songs or left in tears at the end of the concert, I really appreciate her none-the-less. One thing I really enjoyed about the concert was that she only repeated one song (Cornflake Girl) that she played at the Pok. Civic Center on her DDI tour. I can't tell you much more than the reviews you posted said, they were pretty extensive. But I thought the set she picked was excellent, she hit some beautiful notes in Northern Lad that you could really feel, and she really seemed to be enjoying herself with the band. It was great, thanks for putting up all this info so I can remember all the little things I forgot.

From Alan & Liliana (Posted to the Purple People mailing list)

November 14, 1998 - WELL KIDS, one thing that we have to say is that keep in mind while reading the account of the HELL that is poughkeepsie, the show at night made up three-thousand-fold for all the caca during the day!!

SO, at about 7 am friday morning, after no sleep for alan and 1 hr (sketchy) for liliana, the two crusaders HAUL ASS to grand central station to catch the 7:49 train (we made it by some sheer stroke of luck - DAMN THE SUBWAY!!) to poughkeepsie. after a fairly peaceful train ride (where we played MASH and saw alan's friend beatriz rowing on some stretch of water!), the train deposits us in poughkeepsie at 9:30ish. essentially, then, there's two COMPLETELY city-looking assholes standing in the middle of a parking lot. no people. no sound. just cars, and mountains visible in the distance in all directions. so we just start walking, no particular direction. after 5 minutes or so we see a sign that says "civic center that way," which neglected to give us the correct way. so we walk in that direction but all we see are houses, parked cars, and for some reason a parade of construction cranes driving along the road. after a while we realize, hey, we're walking straight into the mountains!, so we stop and ask some hapless woman "do you know where the civic center is?" of course, she's new to poughkeepsie (why would anyone want to move there? we don't know) and knows only it's THAT way. so we walk that way, which happens to leave us on the shoulder of a near-highway (albeit deserted). at that point, we decide not to follow the road - we saw a huge building that could have passed for a hotel but it was really the YMCA - and trek up a huge hill aside a beer brewery. at the top of the hill, though is a nice main street (but not the right one). so we see a gentle old couple and ask them for directions, which they argue over for five minutes and then set us straight. we begin to follow the directions (which neglected to inform us of a fork in the road, which we neatly took care of by running like mad across the street) and FINALLY end up at the civic center.

but there's nobody there! we go to the ticket window and ask "where do we go once the tour bus gets here?" one of the crucial characters in our drama, Unhelpful Ticket Asshole #1, informs us that the tour bus is here (we turn around and in a parking lot across the street, sure enough, is the baby blue behemoth) and that tori is in the hotel next door. EEK! so we go around back, where we find emi and carolyn. eventually more people arrive, and the rumor is spread that there will be no meet-and-greet. WHAT??! we got her a present and we HAD to hear "baker baker" or we'd cry!! so we went to the ticket window again, and UTA #1 informs me we can't get our tickets (which were ALLEGEDLY at will call....more to come...) until 3:00. but then, we see a die-hard who'd been there since 5 am (?), who informed us that she'd talked to steve, and that there would indeed be NO meet-and-greet - there was a secret passage in the hotel leading right into the venue, and tori was simply gonna do that. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this means that we're stuck in this God-forsaken town, that wins the blandsville, USA award, ALL DAY with nothing to look forward to. not to mention that it's like 2 degrees. first, we sit in the hotel lobby and write notes for tori. then we enter The Diner, one of the main backdrops of our story, and eat lunch. the next step is to go back to the venue, walk from the back to the front and back about 3802 times, looking for steve to give him our gift for tori (which contained our REQUEST!!). deciding it's too cold, we go into the hotel to sit down, where we are accosted by Bleach-Blonde Hotel Harpy.

BBHH: can i help you?

A&L: uh...we were just going to sit down.

BBHH: are you patrons of the hotel?


BBHH: well, unless you're patrons of the hotel or you're going to use the restaurant, i'm going to have to ask you to leave the property. WELL!!!! so we sit in the restaurant and EAT more. barf. the whole time we're on edge, thinking we'll see tori. and, in fact, we see joel and steve for about 2 seconds and can't even move.

THEN, we hang around the back of the civic center, where we get yelled at several times by Disgruntled Poughkeepsian Crewhands several times. FINALLY, steve comes out, rather pissy (probably only because DPC are bothering him), and tells all of us, "FOR THE 25TH F#@*ING TIME TODAY, THERE'S NO PRE-SHOW MEET-AND-GREET!" alan and liliana, instantly humbled, ask, "can we give you something for tori? it's very important. that's all we want." and he accepts it. YAY!!! we then bust a fat move away from the scene.

we go back for the tickets again, where Unhelpful Ticket Asshole #2 is now presiding over her fugly domain.

A&L: can we get our tickets yet?

UTA: no, not yet.

A&L: well, do you know when we can?

UTA: no.

A&L: well, when do you THINK we can?

UTA: when we get the list.

A&L: and when will you get the list?

UTA: as soon as they close the phone lines.

A&L: when is that?!??

UTA: soon, i hope. this is completely unexaggerated. our next step is to walk around the main mall, an outdoor deserted shopping complex (replete with a dollar store containing much S&M lingerie and a small child that hissed at us like a vampire). then we see none other than matt, walking down the street casually. of course we balk, and find ourselves unable to speak or say anything decent - so we simply follow him down the street until he walks into the hotel, at which point we kick ourselves. then we go back for tickets:

A&L: can we get our tickets now??

UTA: (very peeved) what's your confirmation number?

A&L: i don't have one, i didn't buy the tickets, i'm reviewing this show for the columbia spectator.

UTA: oh...well i misunderstood you...i thought you bought them through ticketmaster. we don't have that list yet.

A&L: (FRIGHTENED) when will you get that list??

UTA: i dunno.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! well, by this point, we're tired and hating poughkeepsie, and alan's losing his voice. we re-enter The Diner, where alan drinks 5 gallons of tea and liliana calls the box office, where UTA #2, with her undeniably shrill voice, tells her that THAT list should be there 15 minutes before doors open.

SOMEHOW, we manage to kill 2 1/2 hours in The Diner. so it's about 6:45 pm. we go to try to get our tickets, and they only have names for the radio station reviewers. ok, so we'll wait. we come back and there's plenty of newspaper names...but not alan's. HEART ATTACK! so alan calls his friend at columbia, gets his editor's number, calls his editor panting, who replies that it's ridiculous that they don't have the tickets, gives alan the representative's name at atlantic who promised the tickets, and told him to be persistent and he'd get in. all to no avail, for BOTH UTA's were now convinced that alan and liliana were satan's children. eventually, alan is forced to sit in the hotel lobby and pray while liliana tries haggling with the UTAs. alan comes out and the UTAs basically said "fuck off, we can't help you, it's not our problem." so, while alan and liliana look for people to buy tickets off of (we're NOT LEAVING hell until we see tori!), a UTA miraculously discovers a handwritten memo with three names on it - one of which is alan's!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we thank God OVER and OVER again and enter. (here's the show part for all you nasty story-skippers.)

not surprisingly, we are SO happy to be in the show, after ALL the issues of the day. but all cares go away. =) =) =)

at about 8:04, the unbelievable truth come on and play an unbelievably boring set. alan and liliana take a power nap.

40 minutes later (why must the opener play for SO long??), they begin preparing the stage. we spot various tori players, like mark and joel and steve, in the audience performing their various functions. alan and liliana are vibrating, getting nauseous, having palpitations, developing ebola. they were cleaning and setting up for 40 minutes (which seemed like 40 hours, of course).

FINALLY, tori and co. take the stage. let us tell you, the first note told us the wait was WORTH it. this, altogether, was THE best show we've ever seen. unconditionally. the sound was amazing, tori was in top form - she was having so much fun and she sounded perfect, bosie was back, and the venue was tiny, so we got the intimacy back. the band completely clicked, not one wrong note was played the entire night. whoa. here's our song-by-song synopsis:

PRECIOUS THINGS: alan's favorite, of course. giddy and laughing and screaming as it was the best we've ever seen it. everybody perfectly on track. tori was really into it, growling and screeching and vibrating violently. toward the end of the song she was singing "i can't let you go." very eerie.

HOTEL: excellent. the lights were very trippy. it sounded great, there's little else to say about it!

here, tori talked to the audience, something like: "sorry i cancelled the show all those months ago, but i was sick. i didn't blow you off or anything, but i had a very bad nose cold." SUPER CUTE!!!!!! then she introduced her "brothers," while playing a little gallopy piano.

PAST THE MISSION: ABSURDLY good!! it was 500 times better than the baltimore debut. perfect!! (although she began it as "little amsterdam") that's about it. just perfect.

IIEEE: excellent as usual. the lights made you feel like you were drowning. she started with a dance, during which she slapped her cute little tori-ass! the grabbing of the stomach during the sacrifice part was especially touching, and the little bridge in the middle was too - "why'd you take my little girl?" SHIVERS.

then tori tells the "father lucifer" story (while alan and liliana bop, because we've never seen it and were so excited), at the end was a particularly memorable quote - when she's talking about the shaman, and the drugs, she says "i saw the dark prince myself, and dad, he's not such a bad guy." DAMN!!!!

FATHER LUCIFER: AWESOME! we loved it. totally different with the band but so great! it was perfect. we love tori.

BELLS FOR HER: it started as "honey" - she was into teasing us. this song was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. it's cool how the band makes the song make so much more sense musically - not just a broken piano but a whole band, even an upright bass (augghhhhhh). definitely one of our faves.

then the band leaves. she says, "i've been getting requests, and i already know what i'm gonna play." while introducing the next song, she's like "i haven't played this all tour, so it'll probably suck."

SHE'S LEAVING HOME: it didn't suck. at all. in fact it was one of the most beautiful things we'd ever heard. that's about the only way to describe it. sheer ecstasy.

HAPPY PHANTOM: it's funny how she's played this only 8 times or so, and we've seen 3 of them. this was SOOO utterly cute and wonderful. toward the end she forgot some words, stopped, made the audience sing along, and finished the verse with "and do we soon forget the songs we do not sing" YAY!!!!

at this point, alan and liliana are soiling themselves. we didn't really know if steve had given tori our note or anything, and conceivably secret time was over, but...

BAKER BAKER: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! we're shivering just typing this. OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD nothing, nothing in this world could have been more perfect. we were both crying hysterically (to the point to which the people next to us left, quite literally). there are few words that can describe this. she played the song so beautifully, just clean and gorgeous. THIS, right here, made the whole show for us. to know that she actually read our note, and liked it enough to play a song for us...alan actually said, "i've achieved nirvana."

then the band comes back, and we don't know if tori said anything because we were blubbering profusely...

NORTHERN LAD: the perfect follow-up to "baker baker." it was perfect. everyone was perfect. just perfect.

CRUEL: alan really wanted it and here it was! KICKED ASS. tori was dancing in the beginning with her back to the audience and her hands locked together, as if in handcuffs. that was cool. there was a point where she started chanting and we melted! SO HAPPY.

SPACE DOG: again, PERFECT. we really wanted to see this and we got it. it captured the essence perfectly. at one point tori was standing and having a little duel with matt, they were both smiling their little faces off!

THE WAITRESS: the best we've ever seen. it wasn't too long (especially for liliana, who had to pee or else there would have been an issue) and it climaxed to this point of complete insanity! she ended with the breathing, and then the microphone throw. wow.

then they leave, but no one is too upset because we all know she's coming back.

CORNFLAKE GIRL: no intro because tori wasn't onstage yet. she came out and danced around caton, SO cute!! the old-time favorite was in its top form.

RASPBERRY SWIRL: the best one we've seen! EVERYONE was dancing and grooving, the lights were spiffy. longer than usual but awesome.

then they leave again, as do most of the audience, but alan and liliana could not have been PAID to leave the theater.

PANDORA'S AQUARIUM: started with a nice little piano intro. it sounded so perfect. really nice.

then tori waves goodbye to the band.........

HEY JUPITER: OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. this was the nicest, prettiest thing. she skipped a verse but everyone was still captivated in that i'm-gonna-cry style. absolutely incredible.

well that's it. thanks for reading. (if you've gotten this far, you get a cookie!) whatever happened was completely dissolved. tori makes our day and our night. she played our song. GEH. to sum in one word: ALJSDOIPUKL_IAGLKJ

From Lizzy in da' Bronx

November 14, 1998 - I would definitely have to agree with those who said that this show topped even Irving Plaza. iieee was the best I've seen it - tremendous amount of energy and lots of crotch grabbing. Awesome. "Past the Mission" blew everyone away. There was so much satisfaction in her voice, and it seemed as though she was really satisfied with the song,now that she had the band with her. "Space Dog" rocked the house, and I think a lot of people (who hadn't been following the tour) were really suprised and excited about the new "Bells for Her" and "Father Lucifer" (both of which I like better than ever.) "She's Leaving Home" was interesting - Tori was making funny faces throughout, almost as if she was mocking the situation in the song. Very cool. "Happy Phantom" was AWESOME - so much energy, sly humor and a great little improv at the end. The "Do we soon forget the SONGS we DO NOT SING" was so funny. A great Bootleg moment. :)

Cruel and Waitress were unbelievably energetic, although it sounded as if her voice was getting tired. Cornflake girl was as good as ever, and Raspberry swirl was the best I've heard it so far. Me and my two girlfriends were standing right in front of Caton, and during the last vamp of Raspberry swirl(which went on, and on and on) he looked at em and smiled, and I laughed and pretended to fall asleep while dancing, and he cracked up. After they came back, Caton reached down and threw us a "Sound Bite"-one of those musical lollipops. Pretty cool. Anyway, I was hoping for Pandora, and "Hey Jupiter" was intense. Over all, the performance was incredibly fresh - everything was played with the enthusiasm of a first show. Amazing.

From James Gdowik

November 14, 1998 - I just got back from Poughkeepsie. Had to spend the night there because the last train out was at 11:03 and the show didn't end until after.

It was an amazing show, the best I've seen Tori ever do! Here's my review:

The Unbelievable Truth were aweful. Period.

Tori's whole show was a highlight , but particularly:

Bells for Her: beautiful. I glad Tori choose this to replace the Jackie's Strenght part of the show.

Secret time: She's Leaving Home was breathtaking and I'm so glad I got to hear Happy Phantom live!!!

Cruel: This got to me. I guess because it was so dramatic.

Waitress: apparently some veteran Plugged Show Toriphiles have started a coordinated arm movement. It looks like two somewhat quick mummer-like extentions of both arms in fists, with the pinky and thumb extended. It was way cool.

End of Main Set: Tori, Matt, Jon, and Steve embraced each other in four-way hug. This show and that embrace cured any mixed feelings I've been having about the band. Last night they played so well together.

First Encore: Raspberry Swirl. I was instantly attached to this song when I first heard it way back. I'm looking forward to the NJPAC show on 11/25. It's going to be a real blast letting go at second row center!!!

Second Encore: Pandora's Aquarium!!!!!!!!! I'd been dying to hear this.

From Nathaniel Fanberg

November 14, 1998 - The concert and overall experience were AWESOME!!!!!!!! We left so early to try and make it intime for the meet and greet. We arrived around 1:00PM at the MidHudson Civic Center. It was cold, but we didn't care and we walked around the town a bit. Then at around 3:00PM a group of 6 of us gathered at the back of the arena where the Tour buses were and waited and waited[freezing our toes off] but it was worth it, because guess who comes strolling over to us on a bike... Caton!!! He was in all black and leather jacket with a black mini-top-hat. We walked over and got pictures with him.

He went riding off, and then rode back and said Tori had gone in already for the soundcheck:( We were crushed, but still waited a half an hour more. It was too cold and finally we went to the front. We stayed there for the rest of the 3 hours and during that time this camera crew came into the building with selected Toriphiles, I have no clue what the purpose was I heard rumor there would be an interview with Tori.

Then we got to go in!!! The opening band was really good. I felt bad because inbetween their songs people would yell, "TORI!!!" and they would respond, "No, we're the Unbelievable Trueth."

Then Tori came on and she was a stunning Goddess. She had a tight brown body suit on, with a light blue glittery dress wrapped around it. I can't explain it but she was impecable. she played:

1-"Precious Things"
3-"Past The Mission"

4-"iieee"*Tori danced and grabbed her crotch through this*

5-"Father Lucifer"*Told story about how her dad thought the song was about him*

6-"Bells For Her"

7-"She's Leaving Home"* At the start of this one she said something like "I haven't done this one on this tour so I know its gonna suck."

8-"Happy Phantom" * Funniest thing happened, she messed up in the middle forgetting one of the lines, and so she stops, saying "Hold on a minute, let's try that again. And then starts up singing regularly but then improves some line like "Do we soon forget the songs we cannot sing." IT WAS AWESOME!!!

9."Baker Baker"
10."Northern Lad"
11. "Cruel"
12."Space Dog"
13. "Waitress"

14."Cornflake Girl"* Everyone stood up clapping for "Waitress" and then when Tori came back out everyone rushed up to the stage and for the rest of the songs everyone was standing/dancing.

15."Raspberry Swirl" Tour down the house... EVERYONE was up in the front grooving and dancing, some people were even standing on the seats. I've never seen that much energy in one room.

16."Pandora's Aquarium"

17."Hey Jupiter"*My favorite song of the night, Tori sang it exceptionally good, and when she moans/hums at the end everyone was transfixed.

Anyway, here is even better news... after the show I ran out, and my friend Michele was already out there waiting by the gates for the meet and greet.Someone from Atlantic had given out free promo posters and she got one.

I went up rite next to her and we were maybe the third row waiting. We waited and waited cold and frozen everyone was loud but the moral was so positive, but then the etherial earth angel goddess came floating out of one of the back doors escorted by her security guard. ALL of the noise stopped, it was quiet and everyone stood in AWE as Tori walked over. I was taking pictures of her and she was the definition of beauty. No pictures or TV interviews can do justice on her beauty in person... it sorta caught me by surprise how beautiful she really is.

She was wearing a tiger skin coat [fake I think] and was holding a little tiger stuffed animal. Everyone politely handed her stuff to autograph and she signed my Dew Drop Inn Tour Program. No one was really asking questions so I decided to try. And here is the most memorable moment of my life as correctly quoted as possible:

Me: Tori! Tori are you going to release the "Horses" remix?

Tori AKA Goddess: Hmmmm... interesting question.[I almost passed out at that moment]

Me: The mix by Gavo

Tori: Yeah, *pause* Do you know Johnny? Johnny D

Me: Johnny DeMairo?

Tori: Yeah, well he's incharge of that, things like the remixes. ummmm do you know King Britt?

Me: Yeah,[I am obsessed with the cancelled remix album] didn't he remix "Father Lucifer?"

Tori: Yeah, "Father Lucifer". [as she keeps grabbing things and signing them] We are also releasing a remix of "Jackies Strength."

Everyone was like "Jackie's Strength?!"

Tori: You know it will be a very british mcaurthuristic version, you know.

Me: Yeah[ although I am not sure what she meant.] And then it was over. I will remember that moment FOREVER.

This is by far out of all the Tori concerts I've been to the best!

From Dana Dunn

November 14, 1998 - I've got to say that last night's show was absolutely beautiful. Tori's voice sounded flawless and she seemed to be so happy and into the audience...and she talked alot!! It was a much better experience than the last time she was at the civic center. I thought nothing could top the Irving Plaza NY Club show, but boy I was wrong!!! (Even though I was right in the FRONT during that show) It was SO wonderful. The biggest highlight of the show was that she played SIX songs from Under the Pink and that is my absolute fave Tori album!!! I never heard her perform "She's leaving Home" before, and it was really beautiful...Apparently someone requested it. Before Tori played it she explained that she hasn't done it this tour yet and don't be surprised if it sucked! She was was gorgeous! However, she did mess up during Happy Phantom but it was really cute!!! She forgot the words and started to hum the melody...then she changed the words and sang "And do we soon forget the songs we do not sing" - It was so funny! Baker Baker was a big highlight of the show since I never heard that one live before - I was so happy. Space Dog was alot of fun too - I absolutely love the piano solos! During CRUEL she did that thing like I've read in previous show reviews - pretending to tie her hands behind her back and bent over, turning her back to the audience. That was a really intense moment!!

I had such a perfect view last night cause I had tweflth row center, which made me really into the show. When I went to Madison square Garden it felt like I was 2 miles away from Tori and I wasn't into it at all.. I couldn't see anything. Last night was perfect.

I really wanted to hear Hey Jupiter cause it's one of my fave's from Pele and I felt like I was walking on air when she ended the show with it... the only thing that made me kind of upset is that she skiped the second verse, but that's ok I'll forgive her LOL!

At one point during the show she was dancing with Caton back to back as he was playing the guitar!!! It was so cute!!! She seemed to be SOOO into her band members tonight! OH, and as we were walking out of the theater, we saw Mark Hawley still at the sound board like only three feet away from us - It was really cool!

I still can't get my mind off of this show!!! It's the best one I've seen out of the four previous ones I saw. Every song she sang was so perfect and so beautiful, and I think that everyone else in the audience felt the same way last night.

I'm gonna see her again at NJPAC on NOV. 25 - (6th row center!!!!) I can't wait!

From Benjamin Mobley

November 14, 1998 - Tori seemed to be in a really good mood. She talked about being sorry that the show was postponed for so long, but that before she had been really sick. The only other thing I really remember her saying is the story before Father Lucifer...the same one about thanksgiving with her family and her dad prays before eating and prays for like 15 minutes and prays for things that are wrong with you that you didnt even know were wrong with you (lol), and how he said how upset he was that she wrote this song about him...calling him *satan*. And she explained to him that it was about a journey she took with a south american shaman and did drugs, and that she met the dark prince, and how he really wasn't that bad of a guy. All in all, a great show. She's Leaving Home is a first this tour, and she said she didn't even know if she would remember it, but that all of her secret time songs were picked, so no screaming requests (basically). The venue was small, but very reminiscent of a high school gym. The Unbelievable Truth sounded like the singer and the bassist were performing underwater, very muffled. I couldn't understand one thing the lead singer said except *we're the unbelievable truth* and he said that about 4 times...(g).

From Richard Handal

November 14, 1998 - Richard says the show tonight was really good. Tori's set began at 9:28PM and ended at 11:12. Her main set concluded at 10:45. The Bosey was on stage and appeared to be doing much better. (During previous shows it was either sick or replaced by a rented Yamaha.)

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