North American Plugged '98 Tour
Rochester, NY
November 12, 1998

Updated November 25, 1998

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Tori performed in Rochester, NY on November 12, 1998 at the Eastman Theater during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Famous Blue Raincoat, Winter and Graveyard solo. Special thanks to Matt Page & Richard Handal, who called me after the show with the set list.

Precious Things
Little Earthquakes
Past The Mission
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Bells For Her
Famous Blue Raincoat (solo)
Winter (solo)
Northern Lad
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Graveyard (solo)
Tear In Your Hand


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From Kelly LaPlante (Posted to the ToriNews mailing list.)

November 25, 1998 - The concert was amazing, as always. The Bose was back, but still sick, and at one point Tori had to talk while some guys tried to quickly fix her. Then it was so hilarious, Tori screwed up the second verse of "Past the Mission" and made the band start over from the top. And when she started over, she sang the first line as something to the effect of "I don't believe I did that wrong" but there was a lot of screaming and I didn't quite catch it. And then when she got the second verse right she took a bow in the middle of the verse and it was just too cute!

From Miriam

November 16, 1998 - My friend tinsley and i drove all of the way from toronto to the show and it was sooooo worth it. We got to the theatre at about 1:30 for the meet and greet and only five or so people were there because Steve has just come by and told everyone to leave. We hung around until about 4:30 when we decided to drive to UofR and upgrade our second balcony tickets to orchestra. Just as we are getting to the car we see tori's bus has just arrived! After a lot of heartwrenching moments we decdide that getting good tickets is more important and that the possibilities for a meet and greet weren't high. It turned out that we made the right choice b/c there was no meet and greet and our tickets were amazing!

I didn't have that high expectations for the unbelievable truth because I hadn't liked her other openers. But I thought that they were really good and entertaining. The eastman theatre is beautiful and it has great accousics not to mention that it is quite small compared to the huge ampitheatres she was playing earlier. Anyways, the show. It was absolutely amazing. Here's some of the highlights: Precious Things like always was perfect. I'm always amazed by the energy she puts into this song. It was really funny when she messed up on Past the Mission. I think Matt got a bit over excited and forgot to give tori her intro. Bells for Her took me by surprise. I couldn't figure out what song it was until the words started. I love this version, it was so moving. I had been dying to hear Northern Lad because it has become one of my favourite tori songs ever and it did not disappoint me. I think she changed the words on Graveyard a bit but I don't remember now. I was also hoping to hear this one, it was a trillion times better than the album version (and I love the album verion)! Raspberry Swirl was so much fun. Everyone was up and dancing. Tori has definately proved that she can rock!!!!!

I though that the crowd was good. People were really respectful during the solo songs but also enthusiastic during the faster, energetic songs. Tori seemed healthy (the other two times i've seen her on this tour she's been sick) and happy. I wish the show would have lasted forever and that I was seeing her again:( But the show lived up to all of my expectations.

By the time we got outside for the M&G after the show the barricades were full and we didn't get to meet her. But I saw her from the other side of the barricades. I also got to see mr.puppet. I wish i had taken pictures. Once again the show rocked. If anyone recored the show could you please please please e-mail me. Thanks

From Lecyroo aka: Twoweda

November 15, 1998 - Oh wow... just Wow... I thought the show was amazing, I mean wow, it was great, she was so wonderful. She played Talula and I nearly died. That is the song that hooked me I think. I really wanted her to play that girl at my August show, but no go, which is okay because this show was the most special one. Talula... that was spectacular. The audience did suck, Joe's right, no one moved. We finally all got up before she left, we danced like hell to Raspberry Swirl, that lighting show was amazing. My mom who isn't even close to a Toriphile adored the lighting show.

Joe, Mom ( Donna ) keeps telling me that my face when I got that frame was wonderful. I think I made her day, and you made mine. Amazing, you are, inspritation Joe.

She played Famous Blue Raincoat, which * I * myself, being a 16 yr. old Toriphile haven't heard much, so I didnt recognize it, but Joe told me and I was so happy, that was amazing. But I don't think it was quite amazing as Joe. Joe did the bestest thing in the whole world, he got me backstage to meet Tori, you guys, she is so beautiful in person, sooo amazingly beautiful. She is so warm, when you hug her, wow. Joe is by far the most amazing person in the world, and everyone that hid that little thing, you all rock, that was the best surprise in my life and always will be. November 12th 1998 will be the date in my mind forever, the most special day of my whole life. Nothing can ever compare. Nothing could ever compare to Joe C.( Faerie Godfather, that you are) either. This man, everyone, this man is beyond phemonenal.

She played Bells for Her which was like the only song by Tori that I wasn't fanatical about, but I totally changed my mind, when I saw the passion she had, despite that lacking passion of the crowd, I was happy. :) That was bitchin'. That was my 2nd Tori show and if they get better then I will die. I met Tori, my life is fufilled, now what to do in the overtime... hmmm.

Oh when she fucked up during Past the Mission, that was adorable. When someone fucks up, you know they fuck up, but Tori makes it cute! I am also very glad she played Little Earthquakes because my non Toriphile sister came and that was the song that made my sister first inquire about Tori and now I have to like duel with her to get Little Earthquakes back. But's it's okay "I'll get some seafood later". I am also very happy she played God, cause that is so kick ass live, and then there is Waitress, which she does so fucking amazing live. I mean WOW! she belts out " I believe in Peace Bitch, I believe in Peace! " That is wonderful, and hmm, I think it was a Under the Pink night, she did a lot of Under the Pink. I mean the Tear in Your Hand for an encore was groovy, she did it so well, when she was singing, "time to wave goodbye now" that was sad because she was saying goodbye, but still. Tear in Your hand has to be one of the most beautiful Tori songs live.

When we left the Tori dressing room, I hugged her and thanked her for Joe, she was teary, Joe. Tori is the most special person on this earth, other then Joe, and do you know why? Because she gave me Joe, she held that bond, she made that bond. It was all Tori, and there is no way I could ever thank her enough for that.

It never fails, Tori puts on a great show ( even though, you guys, this audience sucked, I think Stacy was right, it was the seats.... or lack of energy, although Tori had a ton of that) and she brings us something, or someone, we truly love.

I also got Tori's autograph on my Hey Jupiter single, which is like my favorite, so that was the most amazing time in the WHOLE world. Thank You Joe. Love to you, most importantly, and to the other truly bitchin' Ears With Feet.

From Beth (Burrito19 - Posted to the newsgroup)

November 14, 1998 - The show it was absolutely amazing. This was my third time seeing her and the first time I had seen her rock out so hard. Precious Things was fucking amazing. During the second verse of Past the Mission Tori was waiting for a cue from Chamberlain but fucked up. It was so funny - she's like, "Wait, I fucked up. I'm sorry, I fucked up." So they started over. Caton was all funky dancing during Caught a Lite Sneeze and God. And Bosey was there. I heard that she didn't play the Bose in Binghamton on the 10th but the Bose was there last night. Still kinda sick but she played her. I nearly lost my shit when she played Raspberry Swirl in the first encore. It was so crazy, nuts, out there, wild.....oh....amazing.

From Sue Kelly

November 14, 1998 - I truly had a wonderful time the other night. Well...except almost getting really lost on the way to the concert. Driving in 5 o'clock traffic in downtown is not always too fun for me. *L*

Tori put on a wonderful show considering that she couldn't hear her piano too well. I guess her Bosey is still sick. She said that she thought that it had been fixed that day, but i guess not...since the crew had to come stick blankets inside it. She introduced the band while they were doing it....and said that she didn't need to hear her piano anyway and that we just needed to....and proclaimed..."it's only been 35 fucking years".

Past the Mission was kinda humorous......she messed up and decided to start it over again. She touched up the beginning lyrics with "I don't believe i just did that" instead of "i don't believe i went too far...".

God was as intense as i've heard it. But i was really hoping for the solo version like on Revue.....i think everyone really enjoyed that.

The meet and Greet afterwards was pretty strange....and personally i feel i've turned clausterphobic as a result. Mr Puppet made many appearances from a window far above us....and Caton waved down to everyone from the fire escape.

I was kinda sad that it would be my last show for a while. I'll miss all the people i've met at the shows.

Keep in touch....i'll see you all next tour :O)

From Joe C.

November 14, 1998 - ROCHESTER, NY - This was a beautiful old theatre, and it seemed full. We were able to meet Caton at a local coffee shop, lots of people were having a good time there...

I was shocked and delighted to hear "Famous Blue Raincoat", Tori and the gang did a great job kicking out the whole show. I must say one thing though -- the audience sucked. really really sucked. hardly anyone moved or danced. THAT was weird. It was not Tori's fault as the show was really good.

After the show, our group of four was fortunate enough to be able to meet Tori in her dressing room for about 15 minutes. We immediately just fell apart and nearly loved her to death in there, and i think we went a bit too far... she was very good about it though. What a great experience that was :)

Overall a great night obviously, but i am still bothered by the lame audience.

From Allison

November 14, 1998 - me(Allison) and two of my friends showed up at the Eastman at 2:45 and there was barely anyone there. We heared so many stories about if tori was there yet or, that she wasn't comin (for the m/g) So, anyways, after forever at about 4"15 or so, the bus pulled up and we had to like run over b/c the security gaurds wouldn't let us stand there before, so they gave us a real hard time and said the band didn't have time to talk to us (tori wasn't on thwe bus, she was still coming from nyc) so, when caton came out i yelled for him and he came over and signed autographs and i got to give him some wacky sunglasses i made for him (we'll get to that later) and since there was only about 10 people there he stayed and chatted for about 10 min. or so. so anyways, we then went for dinner and then came back.

the unbelieveable truth got on on schedule. they were okay.

TORI! she came out and did her collect energy bow and did precious things

you already have the setlist, so i'll just throw in the other stuff. after a few songs before past the mission she said that her bosie was back, but it was still sick and that it'd "had surgurey too soon" so, the tech guys came out and started shoving blankets under the lid. then while they did that she introduced the band and was gonna do something while they were fixing it, but they fixed it before she could do anything! ugg,so then she did past the mission and Matt threw in something that screwed her up, so she stopped and started all over. Then, during Waitress i was watching tori's face and she started looking at caton and smiling and so i saw he was wearing my glasses!!Holy monkey, i almost died!!it was so cute. This concert was just so great, everybody was silent when she was playing and during the silent parts of songs there were barely any "I LOVE YOU TORI"s which i think is good. that's all i have to say, there are probly 1 million other things but oh well. If you read this, and you're the person who was gonna sneak and listen to soundcheck, and i gave a sucker, e-mail me please at

From James (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

November 14, 1998 - all right...setlist

precious things
little earthquakes
caught a lite sneeze
famous blue raincoat (solo)
winter (solo)
northern lad
the waitress

raspberry swirl

tear in your hand

wow...the first encore lifted directly from my dream

anyways..unbelievable truth's set was

higher than reason
finest little space
same mistakes
who's to know?
ciao my shining star
from this height

I was really anxious all day for this show...two of my favorite artists performing at one was almost too much...the day went by rather slow, but finally it was time to, my friends Jessie, Ben, Sarah, and her friend Sara arrived at the Eastman Theater at 7:45, a little late since the show started at 8...whoops...I saw Joey Guisto (assistand PD at the WBER, the local radio station I volunteer at) and he told me that he could get me and one other person back stage to meet Unbelievable Truth between sets...that got me VERY i went in to the building, bought a UT shirt for me and my friend Brent, who couldnt make it to the show because hes at school in Postdam (5 hours away or so) and had no way to get to the show :( I got the new shirt with the film strips on the front and all the dates on the back too, but now that I think of it, I don't think I'm going to wear it much at I'm looking to sell it for $25 (what i paid for it at the show) plus $2 shipping...ive never even had it on, but it was one of those things where I bought it because it was there and I had money on me, but now im really thinking I should not have spend the money on it, especially since I paid almost $40 for a shirt at the last tori show I went to, so...if anyones interested in it, ill sell it to the first person who emails me..

anyways, so one guy searches my bookbag at the door (which contained my FTCH cd, my Unbelievable Truth cds, some paper to keep track of the setlists and some pens), then the guy who took my ticket wanted to search it too and I was like no it was just searched and he was like oh i go in and take my seat..row d..very good seats :) and this time I was on the right side (both times ive seen Tori before ive been on the left)..not even 5 minutes after I sit down Unbelievable Truth come on, and were everything I was hoping for and more...simply amazing...ive been waiting months for this show, and it was finally they play for what seemed like a VERY short time, then I rush off to find Joey to meet them, which I wont get into as more than likely not too many people are going to want to hear me go on and on about unbelievable truth for pages and pages, so well skip that 30 minutes, which were simply some of the most amazing 30 minutes ive ever I say goodbye to unbelievable truth, thank joey, then go upstairs to see Tori...I thought she had already started before I got upstairs, but luckilly she hadnt...the lights go off and she comes on

Precious Things - spectacular...this is the first thing I think of when I think of the Plugged 98 tour...I was listening to the album version a few days ago, and it just wasnt seemed to be missing something...she lifed her apron for the crotch grab

Little Earthquakes - OK dont get me wrong, but I really was hoping not to hear this...I mean, its a great song, but I have heard it both other times Ive seen her and would have liked something different...but it was still very beautiful..I thought it was honey at first...

iieee - again, spectacular...not much more can be said about this song that hasnt already

Past the Mission - she introduced the band before this, while people were fixing her Bose...Tori said she thought she had gotten fixed today, but she suspected that "she got out of surgery early" or something along those lines...then, she goes "how long do you need 3 minutes? Ill sing a little song then" and shes about to start an improv im assuming, but the guys say theyre done and leave, and she goes, oh ok then, and starts the opening to this...this was one of the two band songs I was realllly hoping to hear..during the second verse, she "fucked up" and started again...all 4 of them were giggling through the whole thing, which is what fucked her up in the first place I think it was...the second time, she changed the first line to " I dont believe Im doing this again" or something like that...hadnt heard it with the band before...amazing...1st highlight

Caught A Lite Sneeze - seemed different than the version she played in August, but it was very good..again, I would have liked to hear something different, but I cant complain

BELLS FOR HER - THE Tori highlight of the night for me...I had no idea what she was going to play next as the band started this one...then she stared " and through the life force and there goes her friend"...I was literally in awe..this was the other band song I was really hoping for, and she played both almost back to back!..I sat in my seat with my mouth hanging wide open as I soaked this one was fucking beautiful...words cannot describe this one

Famous Blue Raincoat (solo) - I knew nothing short of Yes, Anastasia could top Bells For Her (its one of the solos I really wanted to here, but since she just debuted it 2 shows ago, I figured I wouldnt get to hear it)..Ive only heard this one a few times, so I wasnt quite sure what it was...she played something that sounded like Winter before it, and I was glad it wasnt Winter, because it just isnt one of my favorites...its good, but it just doesnt do much for me...but this one was nice to hear...she said she hadnt played it in a while

Winter (solo) - yikes...I just doesn't do anything for me...I never seem to have much luck during solo time as to what I want to hear...oh well...I was still trying to recover from Bells for Her (I still am I suppose)

Northern Lad - another one I wish wasnt played...she came out of secret time with this one last time too...its good, but....

God - finally! she didnt play it last time, and I really wanted to hear it....and it was played! You dropped the Bible on me Jesus and all :)

Hotel - this was wasnt one I went into the show hoping I would hear, but im really really glad it was played

The Waitress - the other thing I think of when I think plugged 98...its amazing what she's done to this song

Talula - I couldnt believe it...the first song of the first encore, and the same as on my dream list...I didnt recognize it at all until she started was wonderful

Raspberry Swirl - the second half of my encore too! I enjoyed this one immensly...very fun, although I miss Matt's antennae

Spark - blech...the only song I really didn't enjoy...its a great song, just a little sick of it

Graveyard (solo) - incredible..I was really hoping for this one seemed to go on for a while too...beautiful

Tear In Your Hand - the perfect ending...while Horses worked well in Canandaigua, this worked even better...amazing

well, umm..thats about it...Bells for Her alone was more than worth the price of the ticket :)

From Lisa Chapman

November 14, 1998 - It was my first Tori show and I thought it was great!!!! I really loved the rock version of precious things!!!

From Matt Page

November 11, 1998 - Matt told me how the show varied from the official/written set list. Tori had listed for the second secret time/solo song "Winter/Phantom" and chose "Winter". She also had "Beulah Land" listed as the first song of the second encore, but Tori decided to sing "Spark" instead. Matt said that when Tori messed up during "Past The Mission," it was quite cute!

From Richard Handal

November 11, 1998 - Richard informed me that Tori's show began at 9:25 and ended at 11:11. The main set ended at 10:46PM. Tori restarted "Past The Mission" once when she made a mistake. Her Bosey was back on stage, though it was apparent that the Bosey was still somewhat sick.

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