North American Plugged '98 Tour
Ithaca, NY
November 8, 1998

Updated January 4, 2001

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Tori performed in Ithaca, NY on November 8, 1998 at Ben Light Gymnasium during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Silent All These Years, Yes, Anastasia and Song For Eric solo. Thanks to Matt Page for giving me the set list over the phone. Richard Handal also phoned me about the show.

Precious Things
Past The Mission
Little Earthquakes
Silent All These Years (solo)
Yes, Anastasia (solo)
Black-Dove (January)
Tear In Your Hand
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Cornflake Girl
Jackie's Strength
Song For Eric (solo)


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From The Ithacan

Added to The Dent on January 4, 2001 - Read a review of this concert that appeared in the November 12, 1998 edition of The Ithacan, the newspaper for Ithaca College. It includes photos from the concert!

From The Oswegonian & Brian Ferry

November 13, 1998 - This article was written by Brian Ferry, and will be published in the tenth issue of SUNY Oswego's newspaper The Oswegonian. It was posted to the ToriNews mailing list by Melanie:

Brian Ferry
Tori Amos - Ithaca College 11/8/98

The Ithaca College Bureau of Concerts hosted Tori Amos on Sunday November 8th. Ithaca was one of five stops in New York that Amos is making during her "plugged" tour, which is in support of her latest release "From the Choirgirl Hotel."

Tori played an incredible set that lasted nearly two hours in length. The crowd roared when they caught first sight of her and she bowed down with her hands extended before the fans in appreciation. An array of lights and sound filled the Ben Light Gymnasium as she opened her show with "Precious Things" and followed with "Iieee" off of the "Choirgirl" release. During this song she repeatedly rubbed her abdomen whenever she sang the word "sacrifice", no doubt referring to the baby that she had lost in a miscarriage.

She played without the band on "Silent All These Years" and "Yes, Anastasia" which was more traditional of her music from the past. The main set was finished off by a very loud and harder version of the song "The Waitress." This left the fans yelling for more. Her first encore was made up of "She's Your Cocaine" and an intensely lit up version of "Raspberry Swirl." Tori returned a second time to finish the night off with "Cornflake Girl," "Jackie's Strength," and an a cappella version of "Song For Eric."

Amos had a few little earthquakes of her own when she fell twice during the show. The first time occurred when her stool broke as she sat in it in the middle of the song "Little Earthquakes." However she did not miss a single note while this happened, playing straight through the mishap, even while on the floor. The second spill took place as she turned to walk off the stage after her main set. But in humor typical of her, she returned for the first encore stepping carefully and guiding her legs with her hands.

Tori spoke to the crowd throughout the night, as she has always been known to do. She mentioned things like her experiences in Ithaca during the previous night, and her appreciation of the great crowd response which she said was "Better than Madison Square Garden;" referring to one of her previous shows in New York City. She played with much passion and intensity throughout her set, while at the same time not speeding through the songs like many artists do when performing live. Her show wasn't mostly compiled of new songs either. Only about half of those performed were off of the new CD. The set included many from her debut "Little Earthquakes" and a few from "Under the Pink," however nothing was played off of "Boys for Pele." The variation of songs gave the show diversity for those who had seen her once before on this tour and a pretty even balance for those seeing her for the first time. This review would not be complete without giving her drummer Matt Chamberlain the credit due to him. As one of the best drummers in the business, he kept a solid beat for much of the music to feed from and did so with a lot of style.

Opening the night was the band The Unbelievable Truth who was a pretty good pairing for Tori Amos. Their music was atmospheric, melodic rock played slowly with an underlying British tone. Every now and again there would be some flares of guitar distortion or heavier parts. They received some crowd response through their set, but no more acknowledgement then the average opening band would receive. The night would belong to Tori in the end, sending the fans home happy and even signing a few autographs outside before boarding her tour bus to leave.

From Thomas Mazorlig (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

November 13, 1998 - Hi Melissa and everyone else

Melissa, I totally agree with your review of this show. I wanted to add a few comments because this was my first ever Tori show and I was only about 15 from her for the show. Anyway...

Excellent show, too great for words.

iieee--- I actually didn't catch what song this was for a bit. I thought it was Cruel. Good version of a song that doesn't really thrill me.

Tori mentions having some "pharmeceuticals" with Steve in her little story between songs and waking up in Ithaca.

Past the Mission--- a very bouncy version. The bassist (forget his name!) seemed to be having the best time on this song.

Cruel--- Tori danced a little miming that her hands were tied behind her back

Little Earthquakes--- the drums were scary and the misty white lights gave this song some additional power.

Siren---did anyone catch the vocal improve. I could swear she was talking about an old man and the ocean (or perhaps "The Old Man and the Sea")

Yes, Anastasia---wonderful! I so wanted to hear this one and got to hear as a first time this tour performance. She did skip some parts, but it was still great.

Black Dove---Tori was great, but I thought the orange lights out of place here.

Tear in Your Hand---first time I ever sobbed at a concert, but by the end I felt some resolve that I didn't come to the concert with. I think I needed to hear this Crucify, and BD. Thank you, Tori!

The Waitress---wild and thrashy! I can't believe she was eating soup at the beginning!

She's Your Cocaine---also wild. The guitar solo is from Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" (funny in light of the pharmeceuticals comment).

Raspberry Swirl--- this one went on forever. it was great and the lights were perfect.

Song for Eric---this was (and still is) only the second time I'd heard this song. Sooo perfect. And Tori was smiling through most of it. Her face was totally lit up.

So my first Tori show was excellent. I have nothing bad to say.

From Matt Lampert

November 11, 1998 - After being disappointed in my expectations by the Detroit show in August, I was at least prepared for certain aspects of this tour of which I am less fond; the lack of conversation with the audience, the loss of personal touch. I guess it was because I had already adjusted to the new way of running things that I was able to fully enjoy Sunday night's show. Tori was even better than in August, the set list was incredible, and Tori looked stunning. As far as the Plugged Tour goes, I'm not surprised that people are calling Ithaca one of the best shows so far. It could have been perfect...

...There are always obstacles, aren't there? We arrived at the Gymnasium at about 4 in the afternoon, to find--of course--a gaggle of fans already lined up at the door. We were directed to the back of the line, where "marker man", as I call him, gave us numbers in blue marker on our hands; not that it's of any consequence, but I was number 126 in line. As a humorous side-note, the person picked to give out numbers did not have a particularly good head for them, and kept forgetting where he was, having to track down the last person in line and find out where the numbers left off...

When doors finally opened at 6:30, we started to file in. The number system worked to a point; better than I had expected, but not as well as it had been set out to work. We *slowly* filed in, through a wind-tunnel of a door, to the gym itself. Has anybody else noticed that before every show along the Plugged '98 tour, the Propellerheads are played? The album, for your reference, is "Decksanddrumsandrockandroll" It's a great album, by the way, and it's also a good way to judge when the opening act is going on; during the second- or third-to-last song, the music is cut out, and the opening act gets ready to go on. Anyhoo, that aside, the gym was standing room only on the main floor, with bleachers set up along the side. NOTE TO ANYBODY PLANNING A TORI SHOW ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE: Standing room only is a BAD idea. The show would have been almost perfect had I not been shoved, jostled, and nudged from all directions throughout the entire ordeal. I had seriously hoped that, as Tori fans, we would all have a mutual respect for each other, but soon found this to not be the case. Don't get me wrong, I have been to mosh-pit type concerts before and know how to handle myself, but I have never hated fellow Toriphiles so much as I disliked those in the crowd who insisted on shoving everybody around them and making life uncomfortable and unpleasant for all.

That gripe aside, Unbelievable Truth was great. It was a shame that there were several members of the audience who felt it was necessary to scream out "TORI!!!" every time they stopped playing, but other than that, their set was marvelous. True to form, Tori took the stage by 9, and the performance, as I have said, was amazing.

As far as the show goes, there were a few noteworthy things which I must comment upon. Of course, there were the falling incidents, and I almost thought Tori was going to catch her chin on the keyboard during Little Earthquakes!!! Fortunately, she seemed unscathed (aside from a slight bruising of pride!), and continued. It was very nice to hear Yes, Anastasia, though she did only play half of it, picking up at "Thought I'd been through this in 1919." The rendition of She's Your Cocaine was amazing, as well of the Raspberry Swirl that followed. Most stunning of all was Song for Eric; I was speechless. I had no idea that she still played the song; coming to terms with her past? I guess so...

After the show, of course we were all herded out the two availible exits, so there was a heck of a line to leave. I took the opportunity to say hi to Mark Hawley, who was packing up the sound booth. He seemed pleasantly surprised--or at least somwhat amused--that somebody recognized him and spoke to him! I congratulated him on a great show, and shook his hand. Overall, a VERY pleasant fellow, with a very polite manner. Tori sure can pick 'em, can't she...?

So the show overall? A good experience poorly planned, I'd say. The entrance process was the most laboriously slow ordeal I've ever been through, the floor experience was less than wonderful, and I'm not sure I'd have had as great an experience had the show not been so breathtaking. Tori pulls through, though, so I'd say it was a winner of a night.

From Tucker Pinsonneault

November 10, 1998 - I don't usually review the shows I go to, but of the 13 Tori shows I've been to, 9 on this tour, this was the best show I've ever seen. There were just no words to describe how good Tori was last night. She was full of energy, the crowd was awesome, and it was just an all around good time. Some highlights that I remember: Cruel was just the most vicious thing I've ever seen Tori do. She was possessed!!!! She totally fed off of the energy of the crowd and turned it into the most energetic show. Tori was so into her dancing during Little Earthquakes that she fell off her piano bench. That was just about the oddest thing I've seen at a Tori concert. She got right back up, and changed the words "doesn't take much to rip us into pieces" to "doesn't take much to SLIP us into pieces." Later, after she took a bow she tripped while walking offstage. She wasn't hurt at all, thankfully, and her crew made it into a little joke. The kept holding up signs with numbers on them, like judges for a gymnastics competition. Marcell gave Tori a 10.0 on the back of a set list, which I am now the proud owner of. During her encore, John Witherspoon (I think it was him) snuck to the front of the stage and held up a 7.6 right in front of her (he was in front of the barracade). Yes, Anastasia was amazing. This is a song that I never thought I would ever hear in concert. I'd been hoping to hear it some time, but who knew it would come out last night??? wOw. She went over the lyrics before she sang it, and then she started, messed up, started again, and we all applauded her for getting it right. It was funny and amazing. Anyone who was there should feel very lucky. The Waitress had the longest "hang ten" I've heard yet. This is always one of my favorite parts of the show (just look for the hands in the air hang tenning Tori...). It seemed like she would never stop. another wOw. Tori was supposed to play Horses as the last song, but in stead she played Cocaine and SONG FOR ERIC, another that I thought I would never hear in concert. My jaw dropped when she grabbed the mic and started, and I don't think I breathed throughout the whole thing. When she finished everybody just went nuts. I swear, I'm still high on the energy of last nights show. This one I'm sure I'll always look back on as my favorite show.

I forgot to mention in my review that Steve basically said that there will be no pre-show meet and greets for anymore of the general admissions shows, just post show meet and greets.

From Michael A Nordquist

November 10, 1998 - wow. after being really kind of 'out of it' with so much of life, this concert was one of the most cathartic experiences i've had in a long time. not sure what to expect, as i have been out of the tori loop for a bit, but i was very pleased. i saw her three times last tour and missed the more intimate scene, but what can one do. the unbelievable truth was pretty good. no one was really paying much attention to them and i felt kinda bad, but this happens too. the line to get in was quite lengthy, but overall subdued and calm (probably because everyone was frozen solid. but they got to watch the fountains on campus.). there was a very different cross section of people (i thought) compared to the other three shows i was at, but that could be due to ithaca's locale (in the middle of nowhere). but of course, everyone was pretty cool. the set-up was kinda lame, in that there were bleachers down the left and right side of the gym, and a mass of people in the middle, very dense up until about half way down the gym. during the more 'rhythmic' numbers, people were trying to dance but space limitations hindered their efforts, but many of us tried. now the music. precious things was wonderful. very more driving than without the band. what they take away from the intimacy they add nicely to the energy. i really won't be able to give too many specifics as it all just melded into this wonderfully euphoric experience. the little earthquakes piano bench incident was kinda cute. she was singing through it and then her voice just stopped and i figured it was for effect but then i looked up (i couldn't see well) and saw her on the floor. then she popped up with a goofy smile on her face and came back in with the vocals, as a tech guy came out and fixed the bench for her. kinda funny. the mic on her piano was having some problems throughout too and the tech guy came out and adjusted it a few times. SATY and Yes Anastasia were wonderful; i was so glad she did YA(which she said was for karen). Tear in your Hand was great too. the first encore set was great, as it was all just pure driving energy. and when the band left after the first two second encore numbers and she took the mic off its holder thingy i hoped it was going to be Me and a Gun (i definitely missed that) but Song for Eric seemed to fit more appropriately the upbeat happy mood that ran through the whole concert. that was probably the biggest difference i noticed about this show compared to the others on the Dew Drop Inn tour. this show just seemed so happy and exciting, whereas the other shows were much more laid back and sedated. i went with some friends who weren't really familiar with tori (which was kind of funny) who said they really loved it. so that made me even happier. and my roommate, who didn't go, was kinda scared when i came back, as he'd never seen me so energetic and (for lack of a better word) bouncy. i had a one man dance party in my room, as he just sat there and laughed at me saying he wished he had a tape recorder. (i am glad he did not. it would be rather embarassing.) and so that was my tori concert experience. definitely a great show. oh yeah- and the puppethead was strung up on the left side of the lights, and spotlighted in red as they were setting up for tori after the unbelievable truth. and as they were setting up, these white spots came on all of a sudden and everybody thought she was coming and they all started cheering, but she wasn't there. kinda mean (on the tech crews part, intentional or not), but kinda funny too.

From Melissa Leubner

November 10, 1998 - What can I say? What could I possibly say? This has to be one of the best shows all tour, if not THE BEST. Tori seemed to be in the best possible spirits last night, and she was participating with the audience a LOT. Her voice sounded the best I've ever heard it, and all the band members were really getting it on last nite.

The venue was incredibly tiny, and I had my usual luck of finding the most absolutely perfect seats. Tori was dressed in a little black dress with a low cut backline, and she was drop dead GORGEOUS. She really seemed eager to please us, and god, she did so much more than that... onto the show!

Precious Things - What can I say about this song that hasn't been said a million times before? It was INCREDIBLY powerful tonite though, and Tori seemed to be having a good ol' time singing it, especially at the end where she started shrieking "Wash this thing, Daddy, wash it over me!". It was amazing. Downright amazing.

Iieee - The best version I've heard yet. She sounded so strong, so beautiful... her voice was gorgeous, crisp, clear... this song BETTER make the live album. It was the best ever.

Here she told us this funny story I couldn't make out due to the fact that I was so close to the speakers. She introduced the band, adding when she introduced Matt that "you do NOT want to sit next to this guy in a hotel room..." and she started impersonating a drum "boom boom boom". ;) She got this wicked smile on her face and slid to the end of her piano and started playing, to the crowd's delight...

...Past the Mission! - AMAZING! Sounds AWESOME with the band. This was a TOTAL surprise, and it totally floored the gymnasium. Tori seemed to be having a great time singing it, and we had a fantastic time listening to it. We knew by now that this show was going to be something out of this world...

Cruel - Ooooh, I love this! She kept doing the most adorable dances all the way through the song! She seemed to call upon the energy of the crowd for this song, and she sure put it to good use... it was simply amazing.

Little Earthquakes - This song was special for a certain reason. Back on Aug. 6, my best guy online friend was diagonsed with AIDS he got from a rape when he was younger (he's only 15 years old...). This is his favourite song, and even though I don't think anyone asked her to play it for me back then, she sang it at that concert. Well... on the sixth of Nov., he got put in the hospital since his stomach is shutting down and they have to stop it... and what does Tori do? She plays LE at THIS concert. It's like she reads my mind or something. I remember crying so hard during the song. It was beautiful. She slipped off the bench once, but she got back up to the sound of us applauding, and she smiled at us and kept on going. Tori was simply wonderful...

Siren - Yes! Yes yes yes! I had this secret desire to hear this one, and boom, there it comes! I mean... it's like she plucked it out of nowhere! I couldn't believe what I was hearing until she started singing "and you know you're g-g- g-g-g-gonna lie to you... in your own way...". Beautiful! You could almost see doves soar when she sang "and I know... I know too well....." Incredible. Divine.

Then the band left and she told us that the boys are gonna go away for a minute and she's going to do what she feels like... she was "crouched" at the end of the piano, and she started playing, and we all knew what it was in one collective scream...

Silent All These Years - Another sentimental favourite. My first Tori song that I really knew who sang it... I heard it a year ago, when I was ready to kill myself, and it came on the radio and... bam... it changed everything. So, of course, hearing this on my last show of the tour (at least this year, lol) was incredibly sweet... the song was GORGEOUS, she seemed to be really getting into it, from the slow, dragged out beginning, to the emotion packed "years go by..." bridge... it was amazing... if I died right then, I'd be the happy phantom, but then again I wouldn't be able to see what happened NEXT...

Tori began talking to her fingers a la Daniel in the old Shining movie, and she seemed to be arguing over doing a song or not. Finally, she faced us and told us that she knows this is going to be a huge fuck-up, but she hasn't done this all tour so... and she launched into...

...YES, ANASTASIA!!!! - Oh my gods! This was... oh my gods! I can't get over it! She messed up in the beginning and started again (VERY cute), and in this "it's funny the things that you find in the rain..." part, she accidentally said "left", and went over and did it again. But all in all, it was beautiful beyond words. I encourage everyone to pick up a boot of this show if just for this one song. It was amazing. Beautiful. Astounding. Breath-taking.

The boys come back, and they start playing...

Black-Dove (January) - GORGEOUS. There needs to be more adjectives, I swear. But how else can I explain the sheer beauty, the power in this song? In the way she played it? The flawlessness of it all? I can't... you would have had to been there to understand... it was amazing...

Crucify - My friend (whom I was with)'s favourite... he freaked out so much when she started playing it... GREAT song, she extended the final "chaaaaiiinnnsss....", saying it over and over... this was awesome. I ate it up. :)

Tear in Your Hand - I couldn't believe my ears! This was wonderful! I wanted to hear this song so badly, and BAM, there it is! Another flawless performance, by our flawless musician.

The Waitress - OH MY GOD. I can describe this song in one word: CRAZY. Tori was all over the place, Steve was, Matt was banging on those drums so hard you think he'd pop a whole in them, and Jon was having a good old time! Tori did a LOT of improv, and the song was INCREDIBLE.

Tori leaves to a standing ovation... encore one starts...

She's Your Cocaine - This is where the song belongs. In the encores. It was a hard rocker! And right before the "and is it true..." bridge, after the "you don't need one of these to let me inside you" (where she grasped her lower stomach flirtaciously, heehee), they did this 10 second REAL HARD ROCK thing that I think I've heard before but can't place the melody... it was... WOW... and then... touche... here comes Tori's beautiful bridge... ahhh.... lovely lovely lovely...

Raspberry Swirl - My friend wanted to hear this one bad but had heard that she doesn't like coming out during the encores. So when this started... well... it anyone saw the blonde boy in the black tori-shirt scream, that was my friend. :) It was amazing! "I am not your senorita... yet...". Yum! I could eat a carton of Tori, and I'd still be on my feet... :) This was incredible!

Encore 2 begins...

Cornflake Girl - Everyone was swaying back and forth to this, it was so fun! She seemed to be really enjoying herself out there, and we were enjoying it too! But the best was just to come...

Tori went to the middle of the stage and told us how great an audience we were, even better than Madison Square Garden (I think she said that at least...). Then she went to her piano and just took my breath away...

JACKIE'S STRENGTH - Oh wow... perfect way to end the show... well, it would be if this was the final song, at least. ;) It was beautiful, the echo effect really adds a new dimension to the song... Tori sounded like she was flying... her voice did at least... wow...... two rays of white lights hit the disco balls and put the room ablaze in silver streaks... it was... oh my god... and then... and then.....

The band goes away, and since the balls are swirling, we figure Tori is too... but she's not! She grasps her microphone real close and... and...

SONG FOR ERIC - Words cannot describe how beautiful this was... what a perfect ending song is was... how perfect her voice was... how flawless... no, words cannot. She seemed to hold on to the last "me..." for 30 seconds, not wanting to let go. We didn't want to let go either. But afterwards, she blew kisses to everyone and waved to everyone, and she exited the stage...

All in all, a perfect show. I didn't think it could get better than the 8/6 show. But this beat the shit out of that one. This show... this will be the show of shows... this will be the show I compare everything to from now on... amen Tori... you're a goddess in my eyes... forever.

From Nathan Emmott›

November 10, 1998 - What a show...or more like my response in the "pit" : "God Damn!"

It was an incredible day. I arrived from Cornell at about noon with 2 friends and found my pal Valerie doing a line number system. I ended up #25. Val was great being quasi-security for the frontliners. Well while i froze for 6 1/2 hours we were let in at 630. I have to though say "hey" to all the people i spent 6 wonderful hours with Esp. Pete, Mary-Beth (where's Jesus?), Scott, Erin, Liz, Yvette, Eric, and of course, Eve and Kerry (BTW Pete & crew. My email is ne14 if you wanna get together or like chat some time).

So we rushed into the front of the huge gym..all the way to the barricades and waited while Joel came and picked up letters. So after the rather good opening act, Tori came out. To understand the power she has, 3 people fainted during the concert in my general location. I was just a little to her right. We were packed in like sardines but it didn't matter.

Tori was INCREDIBLE. So passionate, way more so than the Dew Drop Inn show i saw in Ft Meyers last year. She came out and sort of bowed down, it looked like she was taking in all the energy we were giving to her. Some people have said she looked trashed but i doubt it. I just think that she's ill. She ate some chicken soup while the band started on Siren (i believe). And yea, she fell during LE, but her fingers kept playing..she kinda giggled and just stood up to sing. She also dripped over a wire after Waitress but appeared to be fine. She had great expression with her hands and body. She kept making the sign of traditional Japanese Seppoku (sp?) suicide while singing "iieee" and did great things with grabbing the mike. She made an assortment of lewd but hilarious and powerful gestures for the line "you cock cock cock your mane".› "Silent all these years" was hilarious. The crowd in front and most everyone behind us started to sing along but very softly. when she noticed she kinda had a quirked look and kept trying to trip us up and seemed surprised when we kept right with her (except the high parts :) ). We all giggled and she seemed to smile and enjoy it. She also told a story of Matt being woken up that morning by a traveling drum and fife band outside the hotel.

Now for "Song for Eric". I just have to say "Oh my God!". That song allows her to do the most beautiful things with her voice. She just waved the band away after "Jakie's" and unwound the mic. We all expected "Me and a Gun" but my god were we surprised. I couldn't believe she sang it. I was sooo moved. About 30-40 seconds into the song (prob. less), Tori started to cry. By the end she had tears running down her face and clutched her chest in a loving move, mouthing "my heart, my heart" and i thing "you are my heart" or "my heart goes out to you" Either way it was incredible. Valerie's friend also from Cornell (now my friend :) ), Named Eric, wrote her a letter that Joel brought to her, asking her to play the song. And it seems that she remembered right at the end to play it.

All in all the show was magnificent and Tori ws beautiful. I am still in shock that i was only about 7 feet away from her. Too bad i didn't get to see her after the show, She left right before i could get up to the front.

Nathan Emmott› #25

I forgot to mention that Mr. Puppet Head visited Itaca too. It was very cute.

From Pete

November 10, 1998 - Wow, the Ithaca so was really amazing. My friends mary-beth, erin scott, and I got there around noonish. i was number 20. we met so many wonderful people. (Hi nate, Dor, Carrie, Eve, Erin and everyone else!)

There wasnt a pre-show meet and greet, #1, Paul, was wondering and found steve who said that they werent doing one, because it was a general admission show, and they were trying not to do them at those shows. We all had a really good time waiting in the cold to get in.

Once we got in, we were the next row behind the bar. I was standing behind Dor,( in front of Tori's (rented) piano) who was so patient with all the pushing that was going on during the show.

Opening band- The Unbelievable Truth. I hated them. Maybeth kept joking that they were playing the same song over and over and no one noticed. Before Tori came out there was a great deal of pushing from the back. It became very apparent what kind of crowd this was going to be. the songs:

Precious Things.- Great as always. really intense.

iieee- again she did that great piano solo in the middle, I love that it adds so much to the song

Past the mission- I hadnt heard this with the band yet and it was so sweet, I really loved the way it worked. Definately a highlight.

Cruel- Well you heard it all in the above review. Simply astounding, MUCH better than in Toronto when I saw it last. Another highlight.

Little Earthquakes- I almost peed my pants when she fell off of stool. Tori was obviously amused to, and she kept on playing the whole time

Improv/Siren - Does anyone know what the improv was before she played this? It was quite long, and very beautiful. She held her and up to tell the boys that she was doing something, and then motioned for them to start when she was done. Another highlight.

Silent all these Years- that was fun also. It was kind of a sing along. It seemed that everyone towards the back was singing along with tori, and she would pause on purpose between verses to try and screw up the singers. It made me laugh.

Ok- here's where it gets interesting. Tori says that she hasnt done this song yet this tour, and she mumbled through the lyrics real quick, and kind of asked herself whether or not she was going to do it or not. and then she goes yeah, ok.

and i heard the opening notes to

Yes, Anastasia- my most favorite tori song ever. And then my friend marybeth passed out from all the pushing and the heat. Joel came over and took her back to the infirmary. I was so overjoyed that she was playing this song, and yet so worried about maybeth at the same time. So many extremes. Tori fucked up, but it was cute anyway, and we laughed. I had asked for Yes anastasia in toronto but it wasnt played. I mentioned to Dor that I wanted to her it too, and she said "Dont hold your breath.." I really never thought she'd play it. When Tori says she taps into the audience she really means it. This was imho the best song of the entire night.

Black Dove- another song i havent heard yet this tour. it was very beautiful.

Crucify- I really think that this works with the band so well. Its always nice to hear

Tear In your Hand- I was hoping for this. In Toronto it was good, but here it just really rocked. It was flawless. This is another one of my favs.

The Waitress- I have come to like this version. At first I thought it was shite but i really get into it now. It was much longer than the other two times I have seen it and extremely intense.

She's Your Cocaine - again flawless, and this time I got to hear the Black Sabbath tease :)

Raspberry Swirl - The crowd loved this one as they always do. Tori had the place groovon'.

After this tori hugged the bad and while walking backstage she tripped and fell on her knees. she looked a little sheepish, but laughed it off. The crowd went wild.

Cornflake Girl- When Tori came back onstage to do this, she playfully picked up each leg and put it infront of the other, mocking her tumble. she was in such a good mood.

Jackie- Another one I hadnt heard live yet. - It was much better in concert than I had seen on Letterman or Leno. very enjoyable. I noticed that the disco balls werent on yet so i knew we were in for a treat, so i didnt leave early for the post show meetngreet.She motioned for the guys to leave, and I somehow expected Baker Baker. But Instead I got my second fav. Tori song.

Song for Eric. - I had secretly been hoping for this one at one of my shows. absolutely unreal. she started with "See you over hill and dale..." instead of " I wait all day for my sailor..." I was almost in tears. Tori was crying too. she said that we were much better than MSG earlier.

This was my favorite tori show so far. I cant wait for the next two!

From Scott R. Grant

November 10, 1998 - Just got into Boston from the Ithaca show (got a flat tire as we were leaving the parking lot =( so we had to spend an extra night in ithaca) This was the most amazing show ever - Tori played so many awesome songs I had not heard her do before : past the mission! (so good to hear, it just resonated in me so well) ; little earthquakes, ive wanted to here this for so long (poor Tori fell over as she was doing her leaning on her chair thing, she got up quickly smiling and we all cheered for her, she excuted it stylishly, just kept on going like a pro) , then after little earthquakes she motioned to Matt to not start because she was about to do something , and she just started singing this song, no piano, just this little acapella song I don't think anyone has ever heard before, -if anyone caught the lyrics and remembers them could you pleas post 'em -! i think she just made it up or something it was a breathtaking intro into SIREN! Yeah, ive also been wanting to hear this one ! it was so awesome* and then as if she had not allready left me in a daze, she does Silent All These Years for the first solo song (oh my it was so beautiful, she did the hesitation on the lyrics like she often does, i love it like that, and the whole crowd was singing along quietly, the place was glowing; I was crying it was so so so good ~ ) for the next solo song, she pulls out the big bomb (i'm allready dead) and played Anastasia (she started in the middle of it, with the lyrics " thought i'd been through this in 1919, she messed up and said "let me try that again" then kept going beautifully. we all laughed and cheered when she got to "but my feet are slipping" she was smiling so cutely when she got to those lyrics, the song was just perfect, i feel so lucky to have heard it.)

I was also very happy to hear crucify it was a speacial treat, i hadnt heard her do it before. The entire concert was just splendid, by far the best Tori show i've seen this tour ; I am soo happy i made the trip up there. If any of you dears who were at the show want to email me so we can moan to each other about the show i'd love it. Take care ~

From Maryse Provencher

November 10, 1998 - This concert night started in the wrong way for me. I bought my tickets on Ticketmaster and I tought I had reserved seats (It was written on the tickets), but it was not the case. Grrr the frustration I felt during that line up! But Tori is Tori, has soon she appeared on the stage I forgot about all my dissapointement.This was a really good show, better and longer than the one I saw in Montr»al in July (apparently she was sick). Tori seemed to have a lot of fun, she feel off her bench and laught about it. She did not say much beetween the songs. She said something about getting to the hotel at five a.m., having fun and "what these pharmeuceuticals products can do". You already have the set list, it was incredible; there was no quiet moments. There was no bubbles during "Tear in your hand" but Mr. Puppethead was there!

From Richard Handal

November 9, 1998 - Richard called me on the phone about the show. Tori did not play her Bosey during this show. She used a rented piano that was not a Bosey. (As mentioned in yesterday's review, Tori's Bosey is sick.) Tori was on stage from 8:55 to 10:44. Her main set ended at 10:15. Richard agrees with Matt that this may be the funnest show of the tour. The show was joyful and glorious and Tori was having one hell of a good time. Toward the end of the show, she said to the audience something to the effect of, "You guys are great. You guys are better than Madison Square Garden." During Cruel, Tori did this brief dance when she was about to go into the vocal soaring part. She turned her back to the audience, bent 90 degrees over the piano bench with her arms crossed at the wrist behind her waist and wailed into the microphone. This is the second show in a row where Tori did this during Cruel. Tonight's "Song For Eric" was really rich.

From Matt Page

November 9, 1998 - Matt called me on the phone after the show to give me the set list. He said that Tori's written set list had Horses as the final song of the concert, but Tori did Jackie's Strength instead. Tori performed "Yes, Anastasia" for the first time during the Plugged '98 Tour. Matt said this was the funnest show of the tour and that Tori had "equilibrium problems" and fell a couple of times. A review below says that she fell off her piano bench while playing Little Earthquakes and it was quite hilarious. (She was not hurt and continued playing!)

From melissa (fascist panties)

November 9, 1998 - she ended the show with song for eric, not js...

this show was one of the most animated i have seen... tori was so enthused i thought she was going to kill someone (her expression during cruel was incredible... i wish i had a pic!)... aparently her piano is sick, so she was playing a rented one with kenny and cartman strapped to it. the piano bench was a bit unstable and tori was so into little earthquakes that she went to plunk down on the bench and missed... although she didn't miss a beat.

the gym was pack, but i was in the front row right in front of steve caton (who remembered me from storytellers and was making faces at me through out the show).

she did a really powerful show. both raspberry swirl and cornflake girl ended in her shaking violently and killing the mic with her breath... it was funny, she ran throuugh all the lyrics to yes ana, before playing, and she messed up, but the made it through. when i got there i found out there was no meet and greet, because of the cold weather, so we were doing a number system to keep order... i was 108... i am glad by the time the doors opened the line was out of site around a builing 100 ft away... but after freezing to death and meeting a bunch of ppl (like scott! who came calling my name) it was well worth it. the meet and greet afterwards was a bit cramped, but i suppose they all are, steve caton came out first, he signed my tick, and then after chatting with him a bit about the show and about storytellers, he gave me his guitar pick :) finally tori came out wearing a fur coat she is soooooo cute. she did some signings took some pics, and the night ended..... wow, suberb job... go tori do it again.

oh, and it was sold out...

From Laura (EWF from Uruguay)

November 9, 1998 - this is by far the best concert I've seen, well I have only seen 3, but this one left me screaming in spanish.. song after song Tori kept surprising me. Ladies and Gents, wherever you are, save up a couple dollars, you can't miss this. Please come see her in concert, that's all I can say, and all that my wallet can give to "kinkos"

este es el mejor concierto que he visto.. bueno aunque solo he visto 3 este me dejo gritando en espaniol... cancion tras cancion Tori no dejo de sorprenderme. Sres. por favor, sea donde quiera que se encuentren junten unos dolarillos porque no se pueden perder esto. Vengan a verla en concierto, es todo lo que puedo decir, y todo lo que mi bolsillo puede darle a "kinkos" :-)

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