North American Plugged '98 Tour
Indiana, PA
November 7, 1998

Updated November 11, 1998

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Tori performed in Indiana, PA on November 7, 1998 at Fisher Auditorium during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed China and Black Swan solo. Thanks to Richard Handal for calling me on the phone with the set list. Matt Page also phoned in the set list.

Precious Things
Caught A Lite Sneeze
China (solo)
Black Swan (solo)
Bells For Her
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Father Lucifer
Little Earthquakes


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From Amy Belden

November 11, 1998 - My friend Stacy and I took a weekend get-a-way to Pennsylvania from California for a weekend filled with TORI! After an amazing show in Pittsburgh the night before, we made our way to Indiana. We got there and got our numbers for the Meet and Greet (unfortunately we were 30 and 31), but we had fun chatting with all of the other EWFs out there. It was sooooo cold, that we made a trip to a store called "Hills" up the road for mittens and gifts for Tori. We bought her a big fluffy tiger stuffed animal, as well as some other odds and ends. We also bought a small bottle of red wine (Tori's favorite!) because during her last show in California, she told us to "bring some wine and guacamole" and come visit her as the tour moved east.

When lined up against the barricades and I was about 3rd row back on the far edge. Tori showed up in a black fur coat and little white tennis shoes, just like the ones I was wearing!!!! Stacy gave her the tiger, and she LOVED it!!!! We heard later from Steve that she had it on stage with her during the sound check, and she might have even had it there during the show (we couldn't see it from where our seats were). When she got down to where I was standing, Joel was hurrying her to get inside. So, I didn't get to give her my wine, or even say "hi" but I saw at least I got to see her again.

During the sound check, Stacy and I sat around one of the doors to the Fisher AudiTORIum to listen and stay sheltered from the wind. Finally, it was time for the show to start. We lined up, got our tickets, and got inside. Thank god that place was warm inside, because after spending all day outside in 30 degree weather, my poor ears were about to fall off. We bought shirts (the white ones that weren't offered on the West Coast) and sat down. The show was soooooo good!!! Tori was really into the music and was dancing around on the bench more than the previous night. During "Cruel" she simulated her hands being tied behind her back and sung with her back to the audience to show this off. It was so powerful and meaningful (as is all that she does!). She played more great songs, like "Honey" and "Black Swan" and showed us how poor Bosey was sick.

Stacy and I left for the after-the-show M&G and got ourselves a spot in the front of the barricades, but not quite inside the area that we were supposed to be in. We would have moved but one of the stupid security guards said we could stay. Steve later told us otherwise, and we were forced to leave any chance of talking to Tori one last time. We walked away from the barricades (there was no hope at this point of getting anywhere near her) and wandered around to the front of the bus. We watched as she went down the line and signed autographs and talked to people. Then Joel escorted her to the bus, and she was gone. We were soooo sad to watch the bus drive off, knowing that it was the last time this tour that we would get to see her. : (

As we walked back to our car, we ran into Stan (the guy who drives Mark and the other crew member's bus). He remembered us from when Tori was out West, and so we talked to him for awhile. I realized that I still had my wine for Tori, so he said he would give it to her for me. It's not the same as giving it to her myself, but at least she'd get it, and that's all that matters. So, we left and made our way back to Pittsburgh. Early the next morning, we boarded the plane, said our final goodbyes to Pennsylvania, and headed back to California. I wish that I could have stayed for more shows, but school calls; and if I spend all my money now, I won't have any for the next tour!!! : )

From The Penn, Indiana University of Pennsylvania's student newspaper

November 10, 1998 - This review was published in "The Penn" student newspaper on Monday November 9, 1998. It was sent to me by Toriphile David Kauffman, who also scanned this photo which is also from the review.

By Penn Staff Writer, James Ferris

Saturday night, 1,500 people braved the ever-growing cold weather to see Tori Amos at Fisher Auditorium.

Still touring in support of her album From The Choirgirl Hotel, Amos has added to her live show a new electric facet, complete with a full band backing her up for almost her entire set.

Opening the show was British group the Unbelievable Truth, who played a 45-minute set of dreamy, Bowie influenced art rock. Comparisons to Radiohead were not only common, but warranted: the singer of Radiohead's little brother is the guitar player.

Unbelievable Truth faced the tough job of entertaining an audience that were obviously there to see the headlining act, but through an impressive backdrop of feedback and shimmering guitars, they delivered a tight set that the audience had no problem warming up to.

Hidden behind a black backdrop, Amos' stage set remained out of sight until the moment the lights went out. As it was raised and the auditorium darkened, cheers erupted as first the band and then Amos took the stage. She walked to the front of the stage, bowed to the audience and seated herself at the piano as she began "Precious Things" from her album Little Earthquakes.

Though some fans believe she can do no wrong, Amos made sure she left no room for disappointment in her live performance.

At times subtle, at times passionate, from the first note that drifted off stage the audience was enthralled with her as they rose to their feet and stayed there for the rest of the show, some writhing to the melodies.

Segueing into "Spark," Amos took some time to thank the audience for coming out and to talk about her ailing piano. "All she needs is a little Stolichnaya," she joked.

As if the performance itself wasn't enough to satisfy the crowd, the light show was, simply put, incredible. With enough brightness to classify as a small star, every manner and color of flashing light shone onstage and into the audience. Since this tour was designed for much larger venues than Fisher [Auditorium], it was, at times, overpowering, but incredible nonetheless.

Playing material from throughout her career, the band helped add a new ambience to several songs, including "God," one of the most called for songs.

Slowing the set down for a while, Amos took the stage by herself to play an absolutely breathtaking version of "China." Her lilting voice and delicate piano playing had the audience standing in silence, hanging onto every note that she let forth. It was only her and her music, a combination that could have kept the audience happy by itself.

As her hour-and-a-half set winded down, Amos gave the crowd two full encores without much of a wait, one of which was a techno-drenched take on "Raspberry Swirl."

"She is hardcore reality-truth," said student Colleen Quinn, and from the number of people who wouldn't leave until after the house lights established that she wasn't returning to the stage, many others in the audience seemed to agree.

From Tom Hargett

November 10, 1998 - Well, I'm sure this won't be too good of a review, but i will try. It's the day after and I'm still tired from yesterday. This is probably because due to the fact of our wonderful driving experience. I live in baltimore maryland, and the drive, from computer directions said it would be about four hours. After getting lost a couple times my friend Amy and I arrived at the auditorium around the middle of the unbelieveable truth's opening act. I was happy to see a new tour shirt that features three pictures of her on the front, and on the back all the venues Tori has played at from july 15th to dec 3rd. By the time we sat down, the unbelievable truth were finishing the last song, so we just decided to stay there. As soon as the lights went off for tori to take the stage, a lot of people ran up in front of the stage, so it quickly became another stand up show. The show itself was pretty amazing. She seemed to really be full of energy through the whole show. I was happy to hear Spark and God, those were two i really wanted to see again. I was glad to hear china since i haven't heard it yet on this tour. The highlight was no doubt, black swan. She mentioned how she might fuck it up, but it was perfect. Also glad to hear bells for her and father lucifer, that was my first time hearing those on this tour also. So the show was amazing, one of the best I've seen, but I couldn't wait until after the show. I won the best buy auction and new i was going to get backstage again. When i went to the richmond show, i was unprepared and only brought my lithograph for her to sign. This time i remembered to bring a camera. After the show we had to wait a couple minutes before we could go back, so we sat in the auditorium and watched the people take down the stage. After about five minutes we could finally go back. On the way back, we passed the first dressing room and Steve Caton was standing in the doorway so i said hi to him. I was last in the little line so i kinda wandered off and told him the show was really good, and introduced myself to him, which he replied, nice to meet you, i'm steve. Before i could talk anymore the woman came back and told me to follow her to tori's room. As i walked i saw joel folding up Mr. Puppethead, although I hear he didn't make an apperance. The dressing room was so small once we were in, we couldn't move much. Tori greeted us all and shook our hands. The other two people had some things signed and talked for a minute, then she turned to us. I didn't bring anything for her to sign this time, because i didn't want her to just feel that was a reason i was going back to meet her, although she said well here, and signed the aftershow pass i was wearing on my shirt. She also signed my friend amy's, but she made her put it on her hand first (ha ha amy). So then i told her that we were backstage at the richmond concert, but she didn't really remember, then i told her i brought my lithograph. She seemed to remember a little, because when she signed that she said that it was something she doesn't see alot, although I really don't think she remembers us. she seemed alot more talkative this time than when we met her in Virginia. Also, she said that my hair color was totally fab. I thought that was totally cool, that tori complemented me. For anyone who dyes their hair, i just did it the other day, it's totally bitchin, it's something new from clairol called Revitalique. The color is #50 dark red, i left it on for only about 20 minutes, and it's kinda looks highlighted because all the color didn't take from my normal color. Anyway, that's my review, and if anyone who reads this is thinking about bidding on the shows, do it! It is totally worth it.

From Stacy N. Delmonte

November 10, 1998 - It's Stacy again...the crazy one from San Francisco who flew all the way to Pennsylvania to see Tori for two nights. Of course it was worth it! We got to the meet and greet around 1 and were numbered 31 and my friend was 30. Tori finally came out around 5ish. I got to say hi to her and give her my cute orange stuffed tiger. I heard from Joel that she had it up on stage during the sound check:) I'm not sure if it was up during the show. Anyway, she was very happy and looked so beautiful as usual. I know she was out shooting photo shots in Pittsburgh that day so she looked so wonderful!!! The photo shots are supposed to be on the new live album. The show was great and I was so happy that she played CALS again, 2 nights in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, the meet and greet was very crowded after the show and i didn't get that close. I thought I saw Tori's Dad there...I was wondering if anyone else spotted him?!?! Anyway, I'm glad to be back in WARM California but miss Tori SO MUCH!!!! Still trying to see if I can fly out for the E.Lansing show...I hope!!

From Kamin

November 10, 1998 - Before the show:

It's about seven o'clock. My friends and I have driven over 400 miles, gotten involved in a minor auto accident, and gotten lost numerous times. We have been to one show the night previous in Pittsburg, which just ROCKED, and decided to see if we can get tickets to this one. We're hoping for anywhere on the floor. This is my third Tori show in two weeks.

It's also my third time seeing Unbelievable Truth. They suck less and less the more I see them; maybe they're getting used to the spotlight. Or maybe I'm getting used to hearing live Brit Pop.

Tori comes out. My friends and I bolt forward into three empty seats closer to the stage. We are close enough to see minute details of Tori's face. This is the closest any of us have been.

Precious Things--Why was I surprised that this was this was the first song? Both other dates I've seen she's started with this. It's a great song, and rockes out enough to get the audience going. Still, I enjoyed it, screaming along with the "good lines."

Spark--Yay! One of my thirteen faves off choirgirl!! I was up and dancing, and very misty eyed at being able to see her face.

Honey--I wasn't expecting to hear this, and was delighted to hear it. Again, I think I was crying during this.

iieee--I've heard this as the last three shows, and it sounds better each time. I know I was crying hear.

God/Caught a Lite Sneeze--Whoa, where did these come from. They both sounded great, but it took me until she started with the piano to identify either one. I also think I like the albums versions a bit more.

China--This was the second time I've heard China. I burst into tears. 'Nuff said.

Black Swan--Both of my friends where shocked and pleased that she played this. Me too...I also let my mind drift a little off the music, looking at her face, thinking about some folks that I really miss...All in all pretty wonderful.

Bells for Her--Again, another surprise for the evening. I didn't burst into tears the way I did the night before or during China, but I did get a little misty.

Cruel--Rocked, rocked, rocked!!! I love this song.

Hotel--She was so amazing playing this. There was such a phenomenal energy about her. In terms of the songs off choirgirl, I think this is the one she does best live.

The Waitress--Very, very cool! Definately the best way she could have ended the main set. She seemed to improv, a lot, which is always a plus.


She's Your Cocaine--I start to realize how much she's played off the new album. Not a complaint, just an observation. I danced a lot. She was really having fun with it too...

Raspberry Swirl--My favorite thing about this is the lights. Don't get me wrong, the song is great too, but it's just so much fun to let go, like she's performing live in some little dance club somewhere...


Father Lucifer--This just rocked! There aren't words to describe how awesome this sounds with the band.

Little Earthquakes--Surprised she closed on this. It was good, though.

End of the show, my friends and I bolt out and around the building to see if we can catch a glimpse.

We did. I got a hand squeeze, and an autograph. And some loving from an anonymous, very attractive, young man.

From Marian ~The Sparkly Twinkle Princess

November 10, 1998 - This review discusses Marian's entire weekend when she saw Tori in both Pittsburg, PA and Indiana, PA:

The Most Incredible Weekend of My Life (thus far)....

Friday November 6, 1998-- Friday morning around 10am I arrived at the Civic Arena. Phyllis was already there with a group of people who had already arrived earlier. I had the number 10 written on the back of my hand and that was my spot for the meet and greet. I was sooooo excited!!! This day was really really cold. By the afternoon, I had no legs, and Phyllis had no hands. By showtime, NEITHER of us had hands or legs. We were handless, legless cripples. ANYWAYS...It was freezing cold but I got to meet so many awesome people. Richard, Maria (the freaka!! hey blue keetcha. *w*), Reurich (sp? i hate to butcher that beautiful man's name), Laura, Dor, Billy, and Kelly (who stayed with me *smile*), Zac and Jessica from West Virginia, and tons of other great people. So Phyllis and I waited....and then we waited.....and then we waited some more....and then we went to the Hospital to try and get something to eat (on a budget of $2 each....ah the Toriphile lifestyle...)...and then we waited some more. Occasionally we would go inside the little gift shop they had at the CA because it was warm and the lady working said she enjoyed our company. =) We were so confused when 3pm rolled around and Steve (Tori's security director--for those of you who are non-toriphiles) still hadn't arrived to tell us what was going on with the meet and greet. During this time Phyllis and Jaime (who goes to!!) convinced me to go to the show at IUP (AND I AM SOOOOOOOO GLAD I DID!!!!!!). I was really hesitant about this because I only had $21 left to my name, but I said yes anyways. I was ensured that I would be taken good care of. At 3:30pm Steve appeared (looking very "Stevely") and he brought us bad news. There would be no afternoon meet and greet because he and Tori didn't want us to miss the chance for great spots on the floor because we were in the meet and greet and not lined up. We were sad, but we understood. Phyllis and I went back to DU to get warm and find some food. That was interesting seeing as we were armless legless cripples. LOL.

We headed back to the CA around 5pm. That was an interesting event that involved Marian yelling AND I QUOTE: "OH my god...I'm just gonna lay here in the road and DIE......" When we got back we were in the front of the line because of the numbers on our hands, but the line was reeeeeeeeally long because of the addition of hundreds of pushy people. While in the front of the line I got to know even more people like Matt Page (HIS HAT KICKS ASS!). People kept pushing us and whenever we would move they would crush us. Luckily the head security guard knew how long we had been there and made sure we got in first. So we all filed into the little corral lines in front of the doors. It was me, Phyllis, Zach and Jessica from West Virginia, Matt, Gina, Paul, and most of the others. Whenever the doors would open or move at all the 3000 lunatics behind us would freak out. Finally they opened the doors and we started filing in. They took our tickets and gave us wristbands. Then we hit this moveable was like the starting line of a race. When the wall was removed we all ran like hell towards the stage. I have never run so fast in my life. And considering that at that point I was an armless legless cripple I think I did pretty good because before I knew it, I was smacked flat against the front row barricades!!!! Right in the center!!! It was FABULOUS!! Steve came by (once again looking very "Stevely") and told us all to sit down. (HA!) So we all squished and tried to sit. Luckily my legs were frozen and had fallen off hours before so the fact the my phantom legs were screaming in pain and twitching really didn't mean anything. And they fell asleep soon enough anyways.

Phyllis and I were sitting there and noticed a photographer and his assistant taking pics of the audience. He was getting random shots, some staged, some not. Phyllis asked him what his purpose in life was and he told us that he was from Atlantic Records and was taking pics to use in the booklet for the 1999 TORI AMOS LIVE ALBUM!!!! I couldn't help myself and randomly blurted out AND I QUOTE: "Take a picture of us! We're cute dammit!!" AND HE DID! AND WE FREAKED! It was a really cute pic of Phyllis and I laughing and smiling while hugging each other. So then Steve (still looking very "stevely") came back and said we could stand. It was legs hurt so bad. So then The Unbelievable Truth came on. They're pretty good. Not as good as The Devlin's but they are nice boys from England and I think they are cuties. All I have to say about them is, "We are The Unbelievable Truth. Our album is out now. You can buy it." So then their set was over and there was the typical 45 minute break. Phyllis and I were patiently leaning against the barricades when Random Crew Guy and Joel (Tori's awesome bodyguard for non-toriphiles) stopped right in front of us and started hooking something up under the stage. It was MR. PUPPETHEAD!!!!! (for non-toriphiles: Mr. Puppethead is a doll that always waved goodbye from the bus after evening meet and greets. No one has seen Mr. Puppethead in AGES! Except now!!!) They were securing Mr. Puppethead to a big rope under the stage. It was very exciting. LOL. I finally was ready to burst and I couldn't help myself....I yelled out AND I QUOTE: "Joel!!! You are like....*brief pause*...a CELEBRITY to me!!!!" He blushed and laughed and came over and gave me a huge hug and a kiss! (note from me: Joel smells REALLY REALLY good....) He said, "Thank you Sweetie" and then went backstage. I was then a very RED armless legless cripple.

About 10 minutes before Tori's set began Mr. Puppethead flew out from under the stage and soared to the top of the Civic Arena. It was very cool. So then TORI came on. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The energy was almost overwhelming, and she was SO into the audience. It was fabulous!! And we were RIGHT THERE!!!! WE WERE SO CLOSE TO HER!!!! Phyllis and I were so crazed that the Atlantic Photographer took almost a whole roll of pics just of us during the concert. If we aren't in the booklet I'll be surprised...and maybe a bit grateful. LOL. We had various moments of eye contact with Tori throughout the show. Especially during "Pandora's Aquarium" was wonderful. We kept catching Caton's (for non-toriphiles: Steve Caton is Tori's guitarist. And he is an adorable sweetie) eye and communicating with him and he would make us laugh. He's awesome. Tori played "Little Earthquakes". She looked right at me and I just started to sob..... She played "Winter" right after that and Phyllis cried. Then she played "Merman" in memory of Matthew Shepard and we both sniffled. At the end of the show right before she played "Pandora" I flipped my hair forward and then flipped it back. It looked a little goofy I guess because Tori looked right at me, made a motion instructing me to fix my hair, and then giggled. I gave her one of those "ME?!?!?" looks, and she nodded. So I fixed my hair and started to laugh and she scrunched her nose up like a bunny and smiled and giggled. I looked over at Caton again and he winked and raised his eyebrows up and down real quick while smiling real big. I just about passed out from all of this. It was so amazing. After the show we tracked down Joel and he gave Phyllis Tori's set list. After wandering around in awe for a little bit, Phyllis and Billy and Kelly and I walked back to Duquesne.

Saturday November 7, `1998-- The next day, Phyllis and I left at 8am, picked up DSJ (dear sweet Jessica) up at Pitt and headed out towards IUP. We arrived there around 9:30am and got our meet and greet numbers. I was number 23 and lost all hope of talking to Tori that afternoon. But I was so happy to be there anyways. There were lots of people there from the Pittsburgh show so it was kind of like a stupid reunion. LOL. Richard and Laura and Reurich and Joey and Maria and tons of others. Plus new people to bond with. =) Phyllis and DSJ and I went to the place where the 2 of them would be staying that night, and then we went to Giant Eagle. We were all walking around very very poor. DSJ was the only one who actually had a decent amount of money. I had no cash whatsoever and Phyllis had a very small amount. We got a pack of bagels, a thing of cream cheese and Phyllis bought me a bottle of water. That was our food for the day. (I now know and love living the ultimate Toriphile-lifestyle). I knew I had to get cash for my ticket so I went to the ATM. I tried to take out $20 and I COULDN'T!! I only had $19.23 in my account! So I took $10 out. I didn't have enough for the $26 ticket but Phyllis said she would cover it. (All I have to say is that I truly understand true toriphile living now. Toriphiles are the most wonderful, generous, giving, sharing, and dirt poor people on earth.) =) The ATM was incredibly slow and I was practically crying at the machine AND I QUOTE: "ATM......ATM.......give me my money PUHLEEEEEASE.......:" Phyllis set it to the tune of "Etienne" and then we were singing that all afternoon. LOL.

So then we walked back to the venue to wait. It was only 35 degrees on this day. It was freezing cold, by far worse than the day before. They let us sit in a little green room in a building next door. DSJ, Phyllis and I played with sparkles and nail polish, shared our bagels with people and laid down for a bit. But then we all got kicked back out into the freezing cold and resumed our camp on the front lawn of the venue. We heard the marching band practicing so Phyllis and I went to check it out. Then we came back, sat for a bit, and then went to the Union Building (which they call the HUB) to inquire about getting tix for the show that night. It took us forever to find the stupid place and we just chalked it up to the fact that we had slept for 4 hours total that weekend. So we found out what we needed to know at the HUB and started walking back to Fisher Hall (the venue). We saw this big thing written in chalk on the ground that said, "Tori who?! I'm going to the IUP SKA FEST!!" Phyllis took a picture of it and after returning to the group at the venue and sharing our discovery, that sort of became the group motto. LOL. That afternoon was the ultimate bonding experience for alot of us. It was FREEZING and we couldn't feel our hands, legs, toes, noses or chins, but we were having an awesome time together. Around 3:30pm we all lined up for the meet and greet and then around 4:00 we filed into the barricades. Me, Phyllis and Becky (Lil Raisin Gal) were in t he 4th row. Becky started to cry because she really needed to talk to Tori. We spent sometime hugging and calming her and then she was okay. Steve started hanging around and acting very "Stevely" and so we talked to him for a while. I got a pic of him and the "Magic Sharpie" (for non-toriphiles: the magic sharpie is the only pen Tori will sign things with. Steve wears it around his neck) Steve moved the barricades into a sort of "V" position which was great because I was right on the edge. Then Tori's bus came and she got off. I snapped some great pics of her and then realized that she was walking straight at me.....and I reached out and she took my hand! I was so very flustered! I said "Hi are you?" and she said, "I"m fine, Sweetie! How are you? I'm so afraid you are too cold." I said I was fine and asked her how she was feeling. She said she felt great. Then we let go and she went on the other people. I passed my present up to Steve. Then Caton got off the bus and walked over to talk to me. We talked about nail polish and how cold it was and I got a pic with him. He's one of my favorite people. The he and Tori went in and the M&G was over. Becky's letter had gotten to Tori and she got an autograph on her "Winter" import so she was okay. Phyllis was a bit sad. The next day was her birthday (HAPPY B-DAY PHYLLIS!!!!) and she hadn't gotten to talk to Tori. We vowed to be at the after show meet and greet. I still needed to get Tori to sign my special book and I wanted Caton to sign it too. I hadn't expected the chance to talk to either of them that afternoon. We were freezing cold and couldn't feel our toes, hands, chins, or noses so we went back to the place where Phyllis and DSJ were staying that night. Unfortunately the door was locked! DSJ then decided that she was taking us to Pizza Hut and treating us to dinner. She was soooo sweet. After dinner we went to Giant to get medicine for Phyllis and then went to the HUB to try and get more ticket info and I took a nap on the couches they had there and then we went back to the house which, luckily, was open.

We chilled out for a little bit and then headed back to the venue in our quest for tickets. This was around 6:45pm. We waited in line with Zac and Jessica from West Virginia. They were awesome people. Jessica was hilarious. I just loved her. And Zac was a total cutie with a shiny blue coat that made me happy. He told us this funny story about how his mom has a preschool and everytime he goes in there for like 5 minutes he has to go take 4 advil and have a nap. LOL. I saw my friends Marck (Hi Marck!! I love you!!) and Kristie and some other people from home. They started letting us in around 7:30pm. Phyllis and I didn't have enough cash for our tickets so DSJ covered it for us. I love that girl!!!!! We were on the floor, row L, and were the last 2 seats closest to the wall on the right. It was good because it allowed an easy escape for M&G, but we couldn't see Caton at all. =( While we were waiting for the show to start Joel walked by. I waved and said, "Hi Joel!!" and he patted me on the shoulder and said "Hey Sweetie."

The Unbelievable Truth came out and played. ("We are the Unbelievable Truth. Our album is out now. You can buy it.") And they were pretty good like always. Then there was the typical 45 minute break between sets. During that time I tracked down Joel. I walked up to him and sweetly said, "Joel?" and he said, "Yes Sweetie?" and I said, "Joel? Can I ask you for a favor? Could you save me a set list? I'm leaving before the encores for the M&G...." and he said, "Of course Sweetie, I'll see what I can do." So then I gave him a hug and told him I am his #1 fan. LOL. (note from me: Joel smells REALLY REALLY REALLY good. We're starting a We Love Joel fan club for anyone who wants to join. LOL) =) Then Phyllis told him that I just love him and that I think he's the greatest and I turned bright red. He was smiling and laughing and as we walked away he winked and gave a little wave. It was hilarious. We went back to our seats and were chatting when I spotted the drummer for The Unbelievable Truth walking straight towards us. I stopped him and told him that they had done an awesome job. We chatted for a little bit and then he went off. It was cool.

So then TORI came out and started to play. Everyone jumped to their feet, but then they didn't move. The crowd was pretty much dead. Luckily she still gave a kick ass performance. I was sad because I couldn't see Caton and he is my favorite part of the show besides Tori herself. (Not to mention the fact that John Evans (her bassist) is a total hottie.) During Secret Time, Tori played "China" for our friend Becky who was the one crying at the M&G. It was gorgeous. She also played "Black Swan" for Richard and "Honey" for the 2 English ladies who had spent the day with us. I left in the middle of "Hotel" which was the 2nd to last song before 1st encore. I was in the prime position for the M&G. Phyllis was right next to me on my left and Becky was right next to her. So we waited and waited and we chatted with Steve (who was being as "Stevely" as ever) and we waited some more. Around 11:45pm Caton came out and came over to talk to me. I asked him to sign my special book, and then I asked him if I could paint his nails sometime. He said of course and asked what other shows I would be at. I told him I would be in Akron and he said that after the afternoon M&G I could paint his nails for him. =) Then he gave me a huge hug. It was really great. He was signing the poster of some girl behind me and I blurted out AND I QUOTE: "Wow!!!! This is so awesome!! I get to paint your nails!!!" Caton handed the poster back the girl, grabbed my hands and said "No. You know what's really awesome? That I get to have my nails painted by you." And then I got another huge hug. He is such a flirt but I just adore him to no end. He's so fun. Almost immediately after that, TORI came out! First she signed some things for people behind me and then she came to me. I said, "Tori, I made this book and filled it with all the things you've ever sung or said that mean something to me." She smiled at me and said, "Are you serious?! Let me see this!" So she started looking at my book! She held one side and I held the other. I could barely speak. I showed her the pages and she said "Oh this is fabulous. Now I know what songs to put on my B-Sides album!" And she started writing down all the songs in my book on the back of her hand!!!!! "Sister Janet" is a very important page in my book and while we were looking at it she asked me about something on the page and I couldn't think to explain it! I told her how flustered I was because I never imagined she would ever see this book. She put her arm around me and told me to "be okay because I don't want to lose you just yet." We got to the page that has "For Mark" on it. She started laughing and said, "Oh my god! I made this up in concert one time. I haven't sung it's on a bootleg somewhere....oh my god did I write this?! I don't even know this!" She was laughing so hard. She yelled to Joel and said, "Joel! Come look at this! Do you remember this? What the fuck is it? I know I sang it but I cant' even remember it!" Then we looked at my page for "Mary" and I told her how important it is to me. She said, "Well then this is the page I need to sign for you. I'm going to call you Janet because I like that name for you. It would be a good name for you." Then she asked if I was going to be at any other shows and I told her I would be in Akron. She said, " When I see you in Akron remind me and I will play "Mary" for you." Then she gave me a huge long hug, smiled, and said "Goodbye Janet". She stopped real quick turned back to me and said, "Wait. Do you have access to "For Mark?" I said I could try to get it and she said, "Oh wait Honey, I'll get it. That's my job anyways." She flashed me another smile, patted my hand and moved on. It was unbelievable. Then Joel came over and gave us her set list. It was the most unbelievable, incredible, amazing weekend of my life. I can't wait for AKRON!!!!! =)

From Aaron Soles

November 9, 1998 - Great site! I was to the Indiana, PA show last nite and it blew me away. This was the first time I saw Tori in concert. I graduated from this college and no show I have seen in the past compares. Awsome energy, sound, and lighting. This concert will be at the top of my list for years to come. My future plans are to see her on an upcoming tour. Keep up the good work on the site. Thanks.

From Becky Wall

November 8, 1998 -

The meet and greet before was quite orderly and nice. Dor and everyone else worked together to get the number system going well. I was number 21...which actually meant I had no chance of seeing Tori! [Note From Mikewhy: At some meet & greets, the barricades are 2-wide and someone with #21 can indeed see Tori!] Thats ok though....we lined up around 3, and they told us we would have to wait till 3:30 to go around the side. We went around at 3:30 and the baricade was very very small. Only about 6 people could fit across the front row!! Tori came around 4. She only stayed for a little while because it was cold....

The Show

The Unbelievable Truth were good, but they didn't talk at all!! It would have been better if that had... We figured out later that Tori played a lot of "radio" songs because it was a college show...well thats what we guessed anyway.

Tori opened with Precious good live!

Spark: Good...lots of action from Tori on stage...she was very energetic.

Honey: **Sigh of contentment**. This was another I was hoping she would play. It sounded so beautiful with the band...sigh.

iiee: Another great live song. At one point it seemed as if the song were over, but then Tori went into this big long improv in the middle. It was sassy

God/Caught a Light Sneeze: These seemed kind of slow to me....maybe it was just me. There was a lot of energy...but they seemed slower than usual and it made them lose their umph a bit...

***CHINA*** When she played this, I couldn't beleive it. I stood there frozen. ...When the opening lines of the song came on, I started shaking and squeaking! I knew it was coming because she had written it on her hand, but I was so afraid that she wouldn't get to hear it. I dind't want to get too excited, just in case!

As the song progressed, all i wanted to do was cry. People always talk about going to the concerts and letting go at the songs. As an extrememly emotionla person, I figured that that wouldn't be too difficult. But for some reason i couldn't let it out. From the beginning of the song to the end, my heart was in my mouth. It was too much. Th excitement of knowing that the song was for me, the energy of the was too much. I couldn't let it out...but it was so beautiful. They had these lovely red lights on her the whole time...breathtaking.

BLACKSWAN: As Richard mentioned, Tori said something about "fucking up" this song because she hadn't played it in awhile, and if she forgot the words, to remind her! I know that this was a song that Richard had requested for someone else, so I was hoping it would show. He is such a kind man....always thinking of others. I was so happy this was played...

Bells for Her: Very pretty. It almost seemed like a solo even though the band was there...

Cruel/Hotel/Waitress: I had so much trouble concentrating on these after hearng the earlier songs, but they were good also....

I actually left the show before the encores, somethign i never thought I would do. But I needed to thank Tori. the evening wouldn't have been complete if I hadn't. It wouldn't have meant as much if I hadn't gotten a chance to just say, "Thank you." I later found out that she played LE as the last song, which is another heart wrencher for me, but I think meeting her over took my dissapointment away...

At one point Steve came out and was signing some autographs. It was so funny, because he had this Virginia Tech Barbie doll in his hand. Joel came over and asked where he had gotten it. He said...."From Mark." Joel said, "Mark who...?" "Mark Amos..." Then they just laughed. It was funny...Steve also promised this lovely girl Marian that she could paint his nails at the Akron show. He was so smooth!!!! She said, "I'm so excited that I can paint your nails..." and he said, "No honey....I'm excited that I'm going to get the chance to have my nails painted by you...." I told him that he must have taken sensitivity classes.

We waited till about 12 for Tori to come out...she actually came out at 2 to 12 (one girl...the lovely Phyliss...was couting down b/c at 12 she was 20..) The crowd was calm and Tori was in good spirits. She had these long fur coat on (fake) and only a tee-shirt underneath! It was bright pink and I think it was for Chinese food or something...She started at the very beginning of the line, and was talking Marian. Marian had made this INCREDIBLE book which featured lyrics from the B-sids along with art work. Tori loved it! She was honestly there for 3-5 minutes loooking at it. She said she hadn't even remembered one of the songs (song for Mark I think) because it was just an improv. Then she came down the line and talked to Phyliss for a second and wished her a happy birthday....she said, "enjoy being 20!" then she talked to me!.... (See jarbled post below...but be warned that I was so tired when it was written!) Then she moved down the line and stayed for about 3-5 more minutes. One girl asked her if Shiseado (Spelling) Red was talking about the makeup company, and Tori said, "Shiseado, yes, the make-up company..." Then she signed some shirts and a piano book for a girl named Linsey. At one point, someone said how nice and calm she was or something, and Tori said, "No honey, I'm old." Everyone laughed and disgreed. She said something like, "oh you'll see...." Then she got on her bus. We kept waiting to see the hand puppits....but alas no....

I want to thank everyone who was there, especially Richard and Laura, Melissa, Marian, Phyliss and Jessica. It was such a great day. I couldn't have asked for anything more really.

Tori played China for me!! I don't mean this to brag...I just can't beleive she actually did that for shows how much she really cares about her EWF's.

Before she played China, she mentioned how she was playing requests this evening, and she mentioned how she read some letters and were playing the requests. At the meet and greet I asked the darling Rerik to ask Tori to play China for me (I was too far back). She wrote it on her hand!!! When she played it, I couldn't beleive it. I stood there frozen. I couldn't beleieve she played something for me...these past two weeks haven't been very good for me, and I wrote about it in my letter and the she played China. It was the moct touching moment of my life..

At the meet and greet after...I was luck enough to be in the very very front. When she came out, she came over to me, and i told her that I was the girl that had asked her to play China. She said, "Really?" and looked surprised and happy. I just looked at her, and she gave me a hug. As I hugged her, I said, "thank you so much, these past two weeks have been so hard..." She looked up and said, "Oh, I read that wrote about it in the letter..." I said, "You really read it?" She said "Of course honey, thats why I played the song for you...." She then asked me what I wanted signed. I had gotten something signed at the ealier M/G so I didn't want to get something else signed. I was just trying to get stuff signed for others. I told her that, and she said, "Screw that!" She wanted to sign a letter that I was trying to give her from someone, and I wouldn't let her...i told her that it was for her from someone else. She looked around for something to sign, and then she reached into her pants and pulled out....Juicy Fruit Gum! She pulled out a piece and asked me my name. I told her it was Becky. She then proceded to sign the gum for me. I thanked her again and hugged her. It was truley magical!

From Richard Handal

November 8, 1998 - Richard called me with some info about the show. The Unbelievable Truth were on stage from 8:05 to 8:39. Tori played from 9:18 until 11:00. The main set ended at 10:33. Black Swan was played for the first time on this tour. After Spark, Tori mentioned that some wonderful friends were there from England and Germany that she had not seen in a long time. Tori also said that her Bosey was sick. She pushed a black cloth away to reveal the fact that the piano was resting on a mattress. She said that she took this mattress from the hotel she was staying at. The piano sounded soft and muffled. It is my understanding that the piano will be repaired very soon. The problem with the Bosey is clearly related to the MIDI system it uses and would account for her being shocked when she touched it during the previous night's show in Pittsburgh. The written set list varied only slightly from what she really played. The written set list had Crucify and Swirl listed for the first encore, but Tori performed Cocaine and Swirl instead.

From Danielle Biconik

November 8, 1998 - this is my poor attempt at a concert view for nov. 7th's show :)

i get in line for the pre show meet and greet w/ my boyfriend about an hour or so before she arrived.. it was freezing out! there were about 50-60 people for it.. it wasn't like i expected.. my boyfriend (being 6'3) was able to get a few pictures w/ my camera, but we were behind a lot of people.. i had a faerie pin i wanted to give tori, but she only signed a couple autographs and went inside.. i was a bit disappointed.. i gave the pin to someone in the band (i couldn't see who it was) for him to give it to her..

so, the unbelieveable truth played. they were a decent band, but i could just imagine what it would be like to open for tori.. everyone is anticipating tori and i was glad when their set was over.

then tori comes out finally!!

Precious Things- i kinda figured that she would open with this, as it has kinda become a tradition.. it blew me away! i loved her gestures :) and the long grrrrrrrrrrrrrl.. this sounds great with the band too.

spark- this is also great live.. by this time i was getting all teary eyed.. her energy amazes me

she introduces the band and then says: bose is sick (get up and lifts a black cover that was around the piano and she has 3 mattresses stacked underneath it.. it was so cute..)

Honey- this is one of my favorite beesides.. and it sounds great with the band

iieee- this is one of the highlights of the show... i felt sad though whenever she wraps her arms around her stomach when she says "sacrifce"..

God- sounded decent.. i like the new sound

Caught A Lite Sneeze- i love this song.. it was interesting with the band.. i'm surprised how much different it sounded from the album..i think i like the album version a tad better though

the guys leave and tori says that she is going to play requests from the letters she recieved

China (solo)- this never was my favorite tori song, but she played and sang it beautifully..

Black Swan (solo)- before this song, she says that she hasn't played this on tour so expect her to fuck it up.. if she forgets something, just yell out the words.. but she didn't fuck it up as far as i know :) but i've only heard this song a couple times prior to this concert.. it was lovely :)

guys come back

Bells For Her- this was my favorite song of the evening live.. it was beautiful and the band really compliments the song

Cruel- she just rocked with this..

Hotel-another highlight... this is an awesome song live...

The Waitress- long band intro, while they play the intro, she grabs this bowl and spoon (i dunno if there was anything in it or not) and uses them.. i figured that the song would be waitress from that, although the intro sounded like it could have been liquid diamonds.. when i heard that it was waitress, i knew the concert was coming to a close soon.. but the song lasted pretty long and i loved "i believe she's the devil, BITCH" and the other improvisions.. it just kicked ass..

leaves and comes back for first encore

She's Your Cocaine- i was all dancy for this.. it was great.. and she was doing these interesting movements with her hips ;) the crowd went wild

Raspberry Swirl- i love the beat to this song.. the lights were great (for most of the show, the lighting was amazing, but this song stands out) she has so much energy!!

tori goes over to touch peoples hands (mine included!! :) ) and then leaves and comes back for the second encore

Father Lucifer- this was another big highlight.. i was surprised she played this for an encore, but i love this song with the band.. i want to find out what exactly she is saying for the new lyrics... but i loved it!

Little Earthquakes- another surprise for an encore.. i was glad to here another song from little earthquakes.. it was powerful and great for closing with...

this was my first tori concert, so it was quite special..we originally had fourth row center seats, but when it started, we all jumped from our seats to the floor and i was right in front... she did a lot of imprising/adding new lyrics to the songs.. i loved her motions :) she was so excellent..

i really would have liked to have gone to the after show meet and greet, but my boyfriend wasn't feeling well and there were so many people ..i wished she would have played siren, silent all these years, or muhammad, but perhaps next show i'll get to hear them.. i am hoping to see her in state college if i could find a way there.. so anyways, that was my tori stori...

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