North American Plugged '98 Tour
Madison, WI
November 4, 1998

Updated January 14, 1999

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Tori performed in Madison, WI on November 4, 1998 at the Dane County Coliseum during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Cooling, Me and a Gun and Baker Baker solo. Thanks to Matt Page, who called me on the phone after the show with the set list. Matt Miller was the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Father Lucifer
Muhammad My Friend
Tear In Your Hand
Cooling (solo)
Me and a Gun (solo)
Black-Dove (January)
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Putting The Damage On
Baker Baker (solo)


The most recently added reviews are first.

From R. Gernander

January 14, 1999 - much has been said already about the madison show, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. this was the first time I'd seen Tori Amos live and it was definitely one of THE best concerts I've attended. it's one thing to listen to her albums, but to see her perform is something else. sometimes when you see a band in concert it diminishes their appeal. I really hadn't listened to choirgirl hotel that much after buying it. after seeing Tori in concert, I listen to her music all the time. she had such a raw energy that night; she really brings her songs to life in concert.

I have a few comments to add to everyone else's:

1. the band was really raucous during some parts of the performance. maybe it is just the acoustics of the coliseum, or the fact it was the 'plugged' tour, but it was difficult to hear Tori at times.

2. I love what they did with 'iieee' & 'cruel.' I've always loved 'tear in your hand' so it was great to hear her sing it. my friend wanted to hear 'happy phantom,' but what were the odds? 'precious things' and 'waitress' were also performed really well. the crowd went frenetic as soon as they started 'raspberry swirl.'

3. but my absolute favorite of the night was 'baker baker.' that night's rendition definitely outshines the version on 'under the pink.'

it was well worth driving the 3 hours to madison. I don't know how else to put it - Tori's tha shit!


November 13, 1998 - This was a really fantastic show!! After a day of classes and the drive from Iowa City to Madison, I was pretty tired by the time that we arrived at the show. But, needless to say, the second that Tori graced the stage, my condition improved immensely. She began the show with Precious Things, only this time, there was an incredible amount of reverb on her vocals. It was very cool. Next came Hotel which, is my least favorite song on From The Choirgirl Hotel, but is probably one of my favorites live. It is amazing to witness the skill in which they obtain the time signature changes.

From Anne Wendland

November 11, 1998 - i was at this show.......did no one notice the cute little mistake tori made? they (the band) began to play she's your cocaine, then tori came out, danced with the guitarist a little, sat down at the piano and began to play......CORNFLAKE GIRL!! the band stared at her like she was crazy, this whole thing continued for about a good 15 seconds or so before she realized the chords just weren't was quite funny, i was hoping the band would switch what they were playing and play cornflake girl, i adore that song. anyway just thought i'd mention that and also that i have never cried so hard at a concert than i did at this particular one. this was my first time seeing tori live, although i have almost every cd she's ever released. it was the best day of my life, although i waited outside in the cold for a good 4-5 hours with a flimsy skirt on. and the side of the building that i was on didn't open up the doors until 6:40. but nothing has ever been so worth it to me. i was on the floor with about 3 people in front of me, i could see well most of the favorite song was either cooling or else sugar. they were great. i liked tori solo better than with the band. as for her not playing spark or any of her "popular" songs, i'm glad. yeah, they are good songs but she has better. i hate it when people who just know her because of the songs that have good airplay come to her concerts. any song she slipped through her lips would please me!!!!! I LOVE TORI AMOS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From TimmiLynn and Tamaron Johnson

November 8, 1998 - The next day we got back on the Greyhound headed for Madison( I need a car). I called my bestfreind Christi from a Burger King in wisconsin dells to tell her I met Tori. We saw a girl on the bus with a Tori shirt. Tammi asked if she was going to the show in Madison( Hi Arissa). We talked for the rest of the ride. I will try not to drag this on to much longer. We got to the Dane County Colesium at 4:30 or so. I don't know if Tori did A meet n greet or not. It's getting pretty damn cold. We went and lined up by the doors. I saw a guy from Minneapolis who was also at the show in Eau Claire (Hi Jeff).We talked to him and his friends. We met a bunch of cool people at this show too. Carlie and her friend and a lot of other people who's names I forget. I thought I was gonna freeze to death waiting for the doors to open. The people who work at the Colesium are sadistic. It was worth it though because I ended up in the front row. The show was amazing. I got to hear Putting the Damage On again. And she did Baker Baker(wonderful). I have never heard Me And A Gun Live. WOW, I can't even describe it. Does anyone else feel like Tori's eyes are burning into their soul? Just wondering. Cocaine was so intense. This was another great show. She didn't do A Case Of You. I would have fainted if she did.

That was the last Tori show for me. I wanna go to Michigan but alas I have no more vacation days or sick days and I already took one day as time without pay for this trip. I just can't bring myself to use the I have to go to a funeral excuse. Tammi and I would like to thank all of the great people that we met after the Eau Claire show and before the Madison show. Ann, Sarah, and Dawn( you will get your pictures soon) and everyone else. Carlie and friend, Jeff and co. The two crazies in flannel shirts and no coats. And the couple from Las Vegas. I hope that this was a better experience for you.

From kimberly swiderski

November 8, 1998 - *this show was absolutely mind-blowing!!! i was in the 4th row or so and just bursting with emotion. i can't believe how great of a show she puts on!! it seemed like she sang every one of my favorites. "hotel" was good, although the "where are the velvets" part kinda let me down. i'm not sure if "hotel" is a song that should show up at concerts...

*the best part of the concert came at secret time..."cooling" made me burst into tears. but, before that, was a beautiful little intro about "the sweetest flower in my hair, i got a little of my own poisoning to do..." wow!! she also sang me & a gun. now, i'm sorry, but i have heard this song so much, everyone always talks about it, it's on ALL my live stuff...i'm pretty sick of it, even though i know the emotion and courage behind it...but, when she sang it this time, i didn't want it to end. it felt like the whole audience was holding their breath. it was beauteeful!!* the waitress seemed to go on for a good five minutes longer than when i saw her in milwaukee...i just love that song live!!! tori commented that madison was her favorite college town (HA!) and told us if we wanted to send her a "peace-pipe" up to the stage, we could:) before she sang father lucifer, she told us that she had met him on one of her "journeys" and he wasn't all that bad of a guy. cute. sugar was just a rockin' song. wow!! once again, the light show was fantastic(!) the only bad thing i must comment on, as this is my first time in a general admission section, is the rudeness that a small portion of tori-fans have. at these concerts, it would be so nice if everyone would respect each other's space and also the fact that some of us got there super early to have a close spot to the may have got there 5 minutes before the doors opened...don't push your way through, please(!)

From james karson

November 8, 1998 - About 12:30 Wednesday afternoon feeling that classes are over-rated we decided to be spontaneous and drive to Madison. We called ticketmaster...and were on our way. We got lost on the way there almost driving into Illinois, but made it in plenty of time. In my opinion the Madison concert was a lot better than the Eau Claire concert. Her voice sounded better and the concert basically just rocked. She spoke only once saying something to the effect that Madison was a favorite for her and the band and how if anyone wanted to drop off any "Peace Pipes" or other things...they would not be denied. So immediately the crowd lights up...I think that we are having a good time. I find it hard to describe this tour that Tori has put together. All the new songs are fucking awesome....but what's she's done with her old stuff completely astonishes me. Muhammad My Friend was totally cool....Tear in Your Hand was a huge surprise and being one of my favorites anyway, was very pleasing. I had heard "Cooling" before, but it was awesome to hear/see her sing it. Me and A Gun was a huge surprise. I loved being able to see "She's your Cocaine"...Tori was very bad-assed singing it. What really made the show however was Tori playing "Baker Baker" solo. I was crying throughout. I don't know how many people caught that she changed/added lyrics right at the end. Tori says:

    "Baker Baker is kind of tragic in a way, because - I've had to look at how I treated men, and on this record, I think with 'Baker Baker,' to deal with a man that truly loved me, but that I wasn't emotionally available for. You know how women always say men aren't emotionally available. Well, a lot of women aren't emotionally available. It's like, if you're vulnerable, we say, 'Look, we need you to be sensitive.' So you become sensitive, and yet we go, 'You've got no fuckin' backbone,' and we kick you in the face and run off with a ski trainer." - From Baltimore Sun, 1994

We where it usually says:

I know you're late for your next parade
you came to make sure that I'm not running
well I ran from him in all kinds of ways
guess it was his turn this time

She said
"I know it's late
and things aren't the same
guess it was my turn this time"

I immediately started bawling. I think that it's all Mark. It really makes me happy:) Anyway, those were just some thoughts/details about my wonderful Tori week where I not only saw her in concert twice, but met her and got an autograph. Rock on Tori!!!!!

From TracyVeronika

November 8, 1998 - Awesome, awesome show. I had great tickets--2nd row on the side. I wasn't stuck on the floor :)

Precious Things rocked. A great way to start out.

Hotel was mezmeric. Wonderful.

The "cleature" (that's how she said it) mention before Father Lucifer was very cute.

I was very happy to hear Muhammed, and the arrangement was very nice as well.

iiiiieeee was the absolute best. By the way, she broke into five lines of "Band on the Run" by Wings during the song!!! These are the lines she sang:

If I Ever Get Out Of Here,
Thought Of Giving It All Away
To A Registered Charity.
All I Need Is A Pint A Day
If I Ever Get Out Of Here.

My buddy Amanda was very happy to hear Tear in your Hand live...I've never heard it live either.

Cooling had a very nice intro, and the song itself was beautiful too. To bad the idiots sitting in front of me were talking during it!!!

Me and a Gun was as powerful as ever...Sugar was funky...Cruel rocked...Black Dove was very haunting...and the Waitress was a good way to end the set.

The first encore--She's Your Cocaine and Raspberry Swirl. Cocaine was very angry, but good. Raspberry was very dancable. I did dance, much to the chagrin of the people behind us!!!

I was expecting a lot for the second encore, and that's what we got. I got to hear God live for the first time, and Putting the Damage on featured a stand-up bass. Baker Baker was the highlight though--truly the best song of the evening.

All in all a great time. My roommate (who's very into Tori) finally got to meet her after about 10 attempts, so the evening was truly wonderful.

From tamara z.

November 8, 1998 - i wanted to write yesterday after the concert but i was too excited to do so.

ok i went to tori's concert last night, i got there about 4 hours before they opened the doors, i basically froze but you know tori is worth it!!!!

since i was one of the first to get there i got to stand in the front row of the general admission area!!!! which was really cool!! cuz i have been to her fillmore concert but i was a bit further away. anyway, as always tori was amazingly awsome, she did not talk a lot but she performed really well, and also said that madison was her fav. college town in THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!

well i am not gonna talk about all the songs she performed but i was really glad to hear her play cooling , it is the first time i see it live, i have her spark single so i already know it .... but it sounded much better in the concert!!!!

the opening song was precious thing great start!!! and i always enjoy the songs she performs in solo... it's always fun to see her kick the whole band off the stage and spend a little "private" time with her "ears with feet" ...

all in all the concert was great although i think the fillmore concert had a warmer "ambiance"!!!!

after the concert i rushed to the back for the meet and greet thingy, i was lucky to get there soon enough to be in front although i did not miss parts of the concert like everyone else who wanted to be able to get to see her at the meet and greet. and the best part was that i got to see tori, she smiled to me and i got her to sign a picture of her that i brought with me so that she would ... oh my god i can't believe i was able to get tori's autograph!!!!


From Susan Bell

November 8, 1998 - It will be difficult to nail down my impressions of this show. It was really amazing, probably the best I have seen this tour (although I have only gone to four shows). Tori was quite intense, as always, but there was a certain edge to her performance that I hadn't seen in a while. Since you already have a set list, I will just mention some of my favorite moments.

I will start with "She's Your Cocaine" because there was something absolutely incredible about that song live. Tori becomes visibly entranced during many of her performances, okay, most of them, but this one, you almost forgot to breathe while watching it. The band added a new dimension in this song that just made it fly. It was wonderful, and at the end of the song she simply shoved the mic off the "other piano". The only way to end that perfomance.

"Me and a Gun"...
I have seen this several times on the other tours. Not like this though.. It was almost a different song last night. Quite moving. You physically saw Tori break and come back again.

The sweetest, sweetest song. She sang it sweet. I could not believe how beautiful it was live.

"Black Dove (January)"
I had been waiting to hear this live...and it was worth it. This song had some serious transitions; the song felt like three in one. I hope this will be on her live compilation.

I am speechless.

Tori was fantastic. Maybe the Madison vibe was good for her (she mentioned her love for the town). She had some serious emotional peaks, breathing, drooling, it was all beautiful. No one can drool like Tori. No one.

From Joe C.

November 8, 1998 - MADISON, WI - First, about Tori and the show: We got Front Row Center and i can describe Tori as looking the most beautiful that i've ever seen her this year. She was also acting more sexy and flirtatious than normal if you ask me. She was on fire!

Tori was also a little spastic tonight, lots of drool, and funny mannerisms like when she went crazy at the end of "Shes Your Cocaine" i think that was the song she flipped out on. She really was possessed.

I think she did a Paul McCartney and Wings verse during iieee. You know, the more i think about it, this show was just awesome. The tail end of the show was very danceable with songs like God and Raspberry Swirl and Cocaine, but it ended beautifully with "Baker Baker", which was one of my "wish" songs. To prove it, just ask Stacy, the girl with red hair and a green beret. She and i will be attending a number of shows until the last stop in E.Lansing. Anyway, Baker Baker was done with the disco balls and it was just awesome, i wispered to Stacy, "i think this is what Heaven is like".

In other news, we drove all night from Detoit and E.Lansing Michigan and we arrived in Madison at 9am and froze our buns off most of the day. It was so cold that they cancelled the pre-show Meet and Greet. We tried doing the number system for entering the venue, and we lined up inside the box office for warmth, but they ended up opening six entrances before the show so some of us got out of line and moved to the other lines (it was a pretty large arena). It was a situation akin to where they open up a new register at the grocery store and everyone rushes to get a better spot.

We met a very nice person named Helen who let us stay at her place. Thanks, you are such a life saver, especially since neither of us had slept the previous night except for a one hour nap that i had. We also met a number of other great people that made the day fun. Hey George, i forgot to get your email address! Email me!

After the show at the meet and greet, there was a small scuffle because some tall guy found it easy to push girls around, and he cut in front of them, but when he tried it with an assertive male, he was taught a lesson. Well, i finally got to speak to Tori during this meet and greet, and i was very grateful that i had that chance because i was not up front but she said hi anyway.

Well, it was worth the trip from Michigan!!

From Mairie

November 8, 1998 - I wanted to send you my review of the Madison Show. Me and my friends Liz and Justin got to Madison at about 3, only to find out that there was no meet and greet until after the show. There were still people handing out numbers, but I guess it was just to get into the show. I was #55. So we all just sat around in the lobby, since the people at the Dane County Coliseum were nice enough to not make us sit around outside and freeze our butts off. We talked with people who were there... It's a small world, and I met a girl named Mia who went to school with my older brother. She also knew some of my friend Liz's buddies. Lots of people left to get food and find some interesting things to do until the doors opened. For anyone who was there, I had a turbana banana sticker on my forehead. Don't ask why.. It just happened.... We could hear the sound check perfectly. She practiced Muhammad My Friend and Girl and some other stuff. I was so excited when I heard Girl. But I could tell that she wasn't ready to play it live. She kept forgetting the words and stuff. But it was still beautiful. I wish she could have played it since it was my last show. I saw Joel a little later and asked him if he would see if she was going to play it for me. He said that she wasn't ready, as I could probably hear. He told me she'd probably play it in a week or so, which is too late for me. :[ The doors were opened at about 6:45 and people were frisked. We learned a little before that other entrances were also being opened, so it would be harder to get closer up in the General Admission area. We got in, and our positions weren't too bad. There were no seats, just a hard, cold cement floor. The Unbelievable Truth came on around 7:30, and everyone stood up and pushed forward. I was surprised, since it was just the boring opening band. So we were all smooshed together. I left to go eat some concessions, and came back after they were done and the lights were on, so I could find my friends. Then we all just stood there until Tori came on, around 9. Tori was wearing a black longsleeved shirt and black pants, with a beautiful sparkly red thing tied around her. She looked radiant.

Precious Things: Beautiful as always. From where I was standing, I could see the expressions on her face. I had a better view than ever before. Being able to see her face made every moment of the show better. It gave even more life to her energetic songs.

Hotel: This had a really long intro and everyone could tell what it was. People in the general admission area danced to it and stuff. They danced all night, mostly.

Father Lucifer: She told the story of how when she was younger, she was always taught that "this guy" was an evil creature, and how she had gotten a chance to meet him on an iowasca trip or something and she saw that he was really quite a wonderful creature. The way she said creature was really cool. It's impossible to describe, but if I could talk to you, I could say it the way she did.

Muhammad My Friend: This is my favorite song from Boys For Pele that she plays with the band now. It has a really awesome beat.

iieee: As close as I was, I could see that she hit the things on the Kurzweiler to make the recorded iieee's go. I always thought it was Mark or someone in the sound area doing it.

Tear In Your Hand: This song used to mean a lot more to me than it does now. But still, it brought back memories, and I cried a little.

Cooling (solo): I love this song. I love it live. I love it.

Me and a Gun (solo): I was sad that she played this. Just because it's a sad song. But I was sadder when everyone cheered when she started playing it. It just doesn't seem like the type of song you should cheer to. I cried. I could see her face and she was sort of staring off and it looked like maybe she was reliving it or something. And she looked very small. I felt bad for her. And I cried again, because I thought she was going to. She got really loud for one of the last lines, almost like she shouted it at us. I felt like my mother had just scolded me for braking a plate.

Sugar: Before, I was sorta tired of hearing this live. For some reason that I'm not sure of, I was really excited when she started playing it last night.

Cruel: This isn't my favorite choirgirl song, but it rocked last night. I think everything was improved because I could see her so much more clearly. She turned around at the end and sang into the mic with her ass facing us. Nice view. ;]

Black-Dove (January): This song is beautiful. *sigh*

The Waitress: Everyone knew when she played this that it would be the last song of the main set, as per usual. But it was really cool to hear it and be so close.

1st Encore: She's Your Cocaine: I knew when she played this that she would play Raspberry Swirl after it. I was looking forward to that. She's Your Cocaine is still good, but I wanted to DANCE!

Raspberry Swirl: So I danced. :] It was fun. The place felt like it was pulsating. Tori looked proud of herself. :]

2nd Encore: God: At first we couldn't tell what this was. Then we recognized it and everyone cheered and got excited.

Putting The Damage On: My second favorite from choirgirl played live.

Baker Baker (solo): Wow! I fifth encore song! I was shocked, and very excited and happy.

So then it was over and the house lights came on and I realized just how much my legs hated me. They hurt from standing for 4 hours. I could hardly walk. But it was 100% worth it!

From Timothy Lom

November 8, 1998 - I was very excited to see Tori the second time last night but wasn't sure if my health would allow it because I started having some weird palpitations a few days ago. Well, I shouldn't have worried because the entire show was an amazing catharsis for the body and spirit. It is very hard for me to express in words just how good it was. I guess magical is the closest I can come to describing it. Me and my friends Beau and Jess walked into the coliseum about half an hour before the show and I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Jamie there with a girl from her work. Apparently both had both been offered two free tickets and had met Tori before the show just because they work at a local record store. I was insanely jealous but very excited for them.

I sort of migrated around the general admission area saying hi to friends and what not. I met a very nice girl who I ended up standing behind all night (her hair smelled really good). She was at the Eau Claire show and had gotten to help set up for the concert because the guy she got a ride with casually offered her a backstage pass. Another girl was at a cafe downtown and got to meet Tori over coffee. After casually chatting with people about the tour and Tori in general and writing some lyrics on my arms just for the hell of it, The Unbelievable Truth came on. The entire crowd was pretty receptive and polite, but their entire set consisted of nothing but moody, mid tempo ballads. They seem quite talented (the lead singer looks and sounds quite a lot like his brother, Thom Yourke, from Radiohead) but their songs were just too similar and lacking in energy. Of course, opening for Tori is about the hardest job in the world.

Next we waited for about an hour and then she came out and put on an amazing show. Here's a song by song:

Precious Things -- I wonder what the hang time was for the "grrrrrrrl..." in this song. It must have been well over twenty seconds. This song never ceases to amaze me with its sheer power.

Hotel -- This one was a very pleasant surprise. Its one of my favorite girls from the new album and was very well done. I did miss some of those ambient keyboard noises in the beginning though.

This was really the only point in the show that Tori talked and she seemed in very good spirits. She said that Madison is her favorite college town to play at because everyone is so liberal. She then said something to the effect of "since we're so liberal, how about we leave our peace pipes on the way out". It was a very cute joke that got the crowd into fits of hysteria over the pot reference. It smelled like a few people took her up on the offer.

Father Lucifer -- This was another surprise. One of my faves from Pele, I really liked the band arrangement, as different as it sounded.

Muhammad my Friend -- Very good with the band, I was surprised she played it. At the last show I saw, she played very little from BFP.

iieee -- This is my absolute favorite from "choirgirl". Very dramatic and beautiful. She did those frightening slashing marks at her belly during the "sa sa sacrifice " part. The lighting was great and she added a solo in the middle. Some people thought the lyrics were improvised, but they are actually from an old Paul Mc Cartney song, "Band on the Run". I was floored because this is one of my favorite non-Tori songs of all time. Very cool! The lyrics were "If I ever get out of here, thought of giving it all away. To a registered charity, all I need is a pint a day, if I ever get outta here."

She briefly introduced the band here. She remained in good spirits here and throughout the show.

Tear in Your Hand -- This was THE song of the show for me. It's my favorite on LE and is so beautiful and bittersweet. I hadn't heard it live before and found it to be even better than I had dreamed.


? b-side/ improv ? -- I'd never heard this one before. Does anyone know what it was? It was a short little song with lyrics like " I like this thing" and "Do my share of poisoning". It was very good, whatever it was.

Cooling -- This is probably the saddest song Tori has ever recorded and one of my personal favorites. Hearing this was very emotional and powerful for me. This song - and the entire solo time for that matter - was very cathartic. It was during this song and "Tear in Your Hand" that it seemed Tori was looking right at me.

Me and a Gun -- I hadn't heard this one live before and all I can really say is that it was extremely intense. She got very loud in the middle and everyone gasped. She really got into this one. It seemed to me that she was reliving every aspect of her rape as she sang.

Back with the band:

Sugar -- This is one rockin' b-side!

Cruel -- Tori began this one with that weird primordial dance she always does with her hands. Then she went into some strange rowing motions. She did lots of weird dancing through the song and sang the middle section with her hands behind her back as if bound. Me and the girl next to me were bumping and grinding together with that bitchin' percussion. It was much better than the earlier versions I've heard. Tori and the band have honed this one to perfection! Great song!

Black-Dove -- Not exactly my favorite but a very good song nonetheless. This seemed to me to be a strange spot in the set list for this song. Oh well, long story short: it was awesome.

The Waitress -- This was a given. It is the perfect finale. She did a lot more soloing than usual in this song. It was very long and rawkin' the whole way through. She ended it with that fever-pitch breathing she's been known to do. It is very intense and violent. I think she may be mimicking the waitress's last breaths which is a really creepy thought.

1st Encore:

She's Your Cocaine -- This song is just a whole lot of fun. She sang the middle part ("and is it true..") twice and improved some great lyrics at the end: "Fuck that I'll be a girl" She must have still been feeling some leftover violence from the last song because she sort of threw her microphone about ten feet away. It was really cool.

Raspberry Swirl -- Great lighting for a great song (alternating pink and green). Everyone in the general admission area was dancing and having a great time. She improved some weird lyrics to the effect of "Love to love you baby". She ended the song singing, "Swirl and swirl and swirl...." for awhile and then she just very abruptly stopped in the middle of a "swirl", got up, smiled, and bowed. It was very neat-o.

2nd Encore:

God -- Everyone was confused when this one started. Nobody knew what it was. I thought it might have been "Past the Mission" and felt really dumb when I realized what it was. Everyone was grooving to this one.

Putting the Damage On -- I always just passively enjoyed this song, but now I LOVE it! It was beautiful with the white disco lights and John on cello. I did find the drums a bit intrusive though.

Baker Baker -- The massive second encore showed a definite change in mood. After the mellow beauty of Putting the Damage on, Baker Baker's cool whispered lyrics and intimate sounds ended the night on just the perfect note. Everyone was stunned after this one.

The band did drown out Tori just a bit, especially during her extended solos, which she did a lot of at this show. I was also hoping to hear "Pandora's Aquarium" and "Talula", but with a set list like this, it's near impossible to complain. This show was an amazing treat for everyone present, and if Tori gets a chance to ever read this, I would like to personally thank her for putting on an amazing emotional performance. It was the best musical performance I've ever seen and will ever see.

From VampGirl01 (Pelemoonchild)

November 8, 1998 - Well, the show got started around 7:30 with Unbelievable Truth (spelling) opening, who I enjoyed, but were not all that great. My view was blocked by a speaker, but hey its tori!

The show opened with a haunting rendition of "Precious Things"-I have never heard it played in that octave before, and it left me with chills. "hotel" came next-the album just cant compare. After listening to the albums, you tend to forget how great the songs are, but each song was wholly new and beautiful. "Father Lucifer", was reborn thanks to the band. "Me and a Gun" was a pleasant suprise; the whole colliseum was hushed as she played. I was inheaven and near tears as she played "Black-dove" cauz i can really identify with it. What blew me most away was the near 10 minute rendition of "The Waitress" in which Tori ranted, raved and swore. The first encore featured the hip grating "shes your cocaine" and "raspberry swirl"; Tori herself was doing a little hip shaking.

The second encore featured "Putting the Damage On" and "Baker Baker"; both songs were chillingly beautiful.

Overall, it was a spiritual orgasm for me; just getting to see Tori who has been a goddess to me for the past two years. And being there with all those other people; people of different walks of life; with one thing in common; we are all toriphiles. A show highlight was when Tori mentioned that it'd be okay to pull out the peace pipes (paraphrasing) and in the crowd I could see flames, then a cloud of smoke wafted up. The show was a great experience; and I am ostrascized that i missed/didnt know there was a meet and great. I hope tori comes to WI again; I cant wait for the next concert. Tori, if you're out there, i love you!

From Josh & Casey

November 8, 1998 - Here is what she played during soundcheck (from memory):

Caught a Lite Sneeze
improv/Mohhamid my Friend
improv/new/cover ??? - it definately had words and a structure
different improv/new/cover - defferent than above but was a song
parts of Cruel
Black Dove (only first part)

Girl was played in full and was truely amazing. It will surely be a treat when it comes out.

From JC

November 8, 1998 - Just wanted to tell you that before she went into "Cooling" she played a little bit of a Wing's song.."Band on the Run" I believe.

From helena k

November 8, 1998 - my friend shannon and i left from chicago at 3:30 in the morning on wednesday to drive to madison - we had general admission tickets and this was our last show on the tour so for once we wanted good spots at the show - at the 4 others we'd been to we'd been stuck in reserved seating pretty far back and the sneak preview show doesn't count. we got to the coliseum at about 8 and were numbered 11 and 12. unfortunately, steve came out at about 1 to tell us that there would be no pre-show meet and greet because of the cold and that we would be better off getting in line for our general admission spots. no one complained, although of course we were disappointed. the thing is that after the evanston show i had asked tori if she could do 'me and a gun' for me in madison cause i really need it and she promised she would; she just told me to remind her before the show. so since i couldn't remind her, i asked steve to tell her, which i guess he did if you look at the set list..... anyway, we were allowed to wait inside, which was very nice since it was freezing cold outside, and about 40 of us sat in there and talked and looked at pictures. at about 6:40 the doors opened and by then most of the "numbered" people had spread out between the entrances so that we'd get to go in first since we were the ones that had been awake for hours and hours and spent half the day out in the cold. shannon and i got very good places, right at the front, a tiny bit off to the left of tori. i'd never seen her perform that close up before and it was completely different than sitting up in nowhere...the stage is such an environment and tori's little gestures like running her middle finger across her piano made the show so much more interesting. the set list was all stuff i'd seen before on this tour, with the exception of muhammad my friend and me and a gun......but it was so amazing to see everything so close and see her hands on the piano that it became new anyway. the improv she did before cooling was beautiful and something that's become kinda rare on this tour. i was so scared she would forget to do me and a gun or maybe hoping she would cause i wasn't sure i could handle it right then with everything else going on, but then i saw her take the mic from the kurzweil setup and began singing. i cried and had a bit of a panic attack, which scared the girl in back of me, but tori looked at me and i wondered if it was cause she remembered it was me that had asked for the song, or if it was just coincidence. i'd heard stories about people yelling things during 'me and a gun' at other shows on this tour, but the madison crowd was very respectful which surprised me - i guess that kinda shows how bad my impressions of the audiences have gotten on this tour. after the show i got to thank her for singing it and i guess she did remember me, but that might be cause i have purple hair and it's kinda hard to miss :) my friend kelly got to meet her for the first time after the show and even though it was so cold tori still stopped to give hugs and take pictures. this girl i met whose name i can't remember (spacedog22) asked her how she could possibly do this every night and tori said that it wasn't just for us, it was for her too and she had to learn. after about 20 hours, shannon's and my final tori experience this year was over and it couldn't have been much better.


November 8, 1998 - i'm a french fan of tori since 1992, i saw her twice in france in 1994 and in 1996, and i missed her in Paris on june 5th because i was in the hospital for apendicitist...

That night she was on TV before the show, so when i saw her, i just screamed because i was so mad, i had the ticket for 3 months, and i had to give it [away]...

So it was a genuine thrill to be here in Madison, i'm in vacation in Milwaukee, and listen to her.

According to the set list, i think i like this show better, because

- she spoke to the public
- she played "sugar" wich is one of my favorite song
- she played "she's your cocaine" which rocks
- i could dance on the raspberry swirl... in france tori's show are seated so it's not as convenient as being standing up.

i hope there isn't too much english mistakes, take care and love to tori.

From Ryan (The Great Gatsby - Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

November 8, 1998 - I'm tired, so I'll not throw extra words around. The show rocked! Tori was so into some of the songs she literally threw the mic away from her when she stopped singing; it looked like her hands were locked onto the mic and she couldn't stop shaking until she threw it away, as if electricity were flowing through it. And she's so amazing up close...I didn't talk to her at the M&G afterwards, but I stood close enough to get a good look at her (for those of you who might have been there, I was the really, really tall guy who kept pointing where Tori was standing and taking pics with people's cameras.

Tori rocked.
I had a blast.
'Nuff said.

From Kevin R. Mergen

November 8, 1998 - Good Morning. I just read the set list and reviews of the show in Madison last night of Tori Amos. I thought I would pass on some additional information.

Tori amos did not do a meet and greet BEFORE the show. There were 50 of us, who waited as early as 7:00 A.M. and she never showed. She siad that she didn't want us to wait out in the cold...Her bus did pull up, and there were sightings of her.

Also, for the people who waited inside the building, they were lucky enough to hear the SOUND CHECK, that was crystal clear. SHe played for a good hour of a sound check. The following songs were played during that time. I am sorry that I can not remember the order.

Caught a light sneeze
Muhamad my Friend

[Note from Mikewhy: I have also been told that Tori did "Girl" twice during the soundcheck!]

Also from what I understood, she was going to do a meet and greet after the show. If it happened or not, I am unable to tell you.

From Rob Konitzer (Posted to the ToriNews mailing list)

November 8, 1998 - Tori played the Dane County Colliseum in Madison, WI on Wednesday. It was the first I saw her this tour and I have to say that it ROCKED! She didn't say a whole lot except that Madison was one of their favorite college towns and that if any of us liberal college students had any fun smoke to share, it wouldn't be turned down :-) Here's the list:

Precious Things
Father Lucifer
Muhamad My Friend
Tear in Your Hand
Cooling (solo)
Me & a Gun (a cappella of course)
Black Dove (January)
The Waitress

Encore 1:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

Encore 2:
Putting the Damage On
Baker Baker (solo)

From Ryan

November 5, 1998 - Just walked in to my Milwaukee room from the Madison show, and let me just say, it was well worth the trip. first the setlist

Precious Things
Father Lucifer "A wonderful creature"
Muhammad My Friend
Tear In your Hand
Cooling (solo)
Me and A Gun (Solo, naturally)
Black Dove

E #1
She's yer cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

E #2
Putting the damage on
Baker Baker (solo)

We got there about 15 minutes before the doors opened, and it was cold (cold in Wisconsin....what are you kidding me?). We missed the meet and greet cuz well, we had to drive and we needed to pretend to care about our classes.....anyway, so we get there and we go inside, and by the time we get to the floor (general admission), there were quite a few there, but for the show we ended up about what would be comperable to about 9 rows back. We were on Caton's side, which was unfortunate cuz as a pianist myself, I love to watch her hands as she plays. But I digress.

The Unbelieveable Truth were unbelievably mediocre, I think. They were no Devlins.....who in turn, where no Will Porter. but again, I digress.

She didn't talk a lot. In fact, I only think she talked once, and that was after hotel. She mentioned how she loves coming to Madison cuz it's their favorite college town. And mentioned a little something about a peace pipe and how she'd be cool with that.

A lovely show. Lovely is the best word I can think of right now. this is a good example of why you should go to multiple concerts on a tour, for I saw nine songs of a 17 song set for the first time (at least on this tour). Here we go!

Precious -- As usual, a great way to begin the show. She came out in a gorgeous red outfit with black sleeves -- i really don't know how to classify it, except to say, it was gorgeous.

hotel -- hadn't heard it live before. funky.

Father Lucifer -- I dig the arrangement with the band. Very nice

MUHAMMAD MY FRIEND!!!! I've waited soooooo long to see this one! Two Dew Drop Inn shows, and two Plugged shows, and I finally get my song! At the other show I saw this year (MCI CENTER), I was telling my chums how I'd just die if she played Muhammad for the first time this tour. I also added I'd die to see Past the mission.......both of which she played at the Baltimore show I couldn't make.....grrrr....but I digress. It was definitely a highlight for me tonite.

iieee -- funky. biddy-biddy-bop

Tear In Your Hand -- Another one I've been waiting awhile to hear. I heard how great it sounded during the club tour (Alan and Liliana), but I finalyl got to hear it, and it was just grand.

Cooling -- first time again. Very pretty and intense song. must find copy of it now....

Me and a gun -- its kinda funny, cuz I've seen her four times, and she's done it four times. Well, two naturally cuz she always did it during DDI, but I saw two of the few times this tour. Cat calls were at a minimum this time, so that was nice. She was really emotional....

sugar -- rocked the house.

Cruel -- Funky. Caton was havin lots of fun

Black Dove -- Finally got to see this one too. Its my fav on Choirgirl.

Waitress -- not a big fan of this song live. But that's okay. I did really like the improv verse she put in there.

Cocaine -- Rock. She seemed to be enjoying it too.

Raspberry -- the light show is great, and everybody seemed to let loose and move around. It did sadden me a bit how the folks in the right section of seats were all up and dancing, while the left sections were about half and half. But where I was on the floor, there were a lot of happy people, me being one of them

God -- for some reason it took me a sec to figure out that that's what it was. And then I'm like, "Oh my God" and then felt really lame for the lame unintentional pun. At any rate, it was really really cool, for lack of a better word (I'm not good with words, have ya noticed?).

Putting the Damage on -- First time this tour for me again. Now, there was somewhere during the set, and I think it was this song, where I heard a Black Sabbath tease there or something. I dunno. But the song was really really nice. And I thought that was going to be the end of the show, but.......

Baker Baker -- sent us all home in a great mood. First time, again.

She started at 8:56 and ended around 10:35 or so. I can't really say which show I liked more....this one or the MCI center one, cuz the setlists were totally different. She went heavy on Pele tonite, which I did like. The dj on the radio was saying how people were calling them up saying that they were unhappy (!) that she didn't play Spark or Cornflake Girl. Yah, I wish she'd played them, but I'm not really unhappy that she didn't. So their sentiment kinda miffed me a bit, but I'm over it. Thsi was a great show, and well worth the miles put forth. I hope she decides to do some more early next year.

And just a quick shout out to the Toriphiles from home, Schmalenko, Liliana, Anamaria, Russ, Wayan!, and I guess Steve (Cornflake girl is not a Neil Young song, Steve).

There you have it. I'm going to sleep now.

Ryan posted the following about the show to the Precious-Things mailing list:

Did you read the Badger Herald today? The revue they wrote didn't put the concert in the best light. As my previous post stated, I thought the show was awesome. I remember at least 2 songs where she was holding onto the microphone and shaking so visibly...and then at the end it was almost as if she had to throw the microphone away from her in order for her to stop. She was very into the show in my opinion, very, very into it. And she was so cute when she came out for the M&G.

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