North American Plugged '98 Tour
Eau Claire, WI
November 3, 1998

Updated November 8, 1998

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Tori performed in Eau Claire, WI on November 3, 1998 at the Zorn Arena during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Hey Jupiter and Merman solo. Special thanks to Scot Tuma for being the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Past The Mission
Father Lucifer
Bells For Her
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Merman (solo)
Putting The Damage On
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Cornflake Girl
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


The most recently added reviews are first.

From TimmiLynn and Tamaron Johnson

November 8, 1998 - My sister and myself took the bus to menominee(spelling?)were we meet up with our friends Scot and Ruth. We got to Menominee at about 5:20 pm. First of all let me say that this was the worst planned trip ever but luckily everything turned out alright. We didn't get there in time for the meet n greet before the show. Tammi and I didn't even have tickets. When we got to Zorn Arena there were tickets left. We bought tickets from a girl who had two extra. They were row o I think. Then we bought another pair that were row g. Some girl gave us some also. So we ended up with a lot of tickets and no one wanted to buy the extras. I don't care. Our seats were great.

The opening act was alright. They had one song that I kinda liked. When I am ready to hear Tori it is hard to sit through anyone else.

We saw our friend Whitney before Tori went on. She told me that she met Tori. I said you are the only person who has told me that and I haven't been jealous. I was happy for her. But enough of this nonsense. About the show.

Of the four shows I have seen this year, I think this was the best. My sister freaked when she heard Past The Mission. Father Lucifer was cool. I hadn't heard that live before. I am also happy for Whitney's friend since he requested it. I could not believe it when she did Bells For Her. I can really relate to that song lately. I don't know if that was high point or a low point. I love that song but it reminds me of someone I hate. Tammi and I were thrilled that she did Hey Jupiter and Putting The Damage On( I loooooooooove that song). I thought that Merman was great. I never heard it before. I want to find it. I love Crucify and I love the way she does Waitress live.

After the show Tammi and I went out back in hopes of meeting Tori. I really belived that I would never meet her. We meet some of the nicest people while we were waiting. Tammi drew some pictures of Tori that are really good. A nice girl (Dawn, I think) let Tammi stand in front of her. I think that we waited about an hour. I don't even know what to say. When she came outside I still could not believe that I was going to meet her. It's not that I think it is that hard. I just have bad luck when it comes to important things. Tammi got to talk to her before I did. She had Tori sign one picture and gave her the other one. Tori wished her luck with her art. Tammi asked Tori to sing A Case Of You for me at the show in madison. She said that she would try. Then she turned to her manager and asked him to remind her. Pretty soon she was standed right in front of me. Everyone was reaching over my head to hand her things to sign and calling her name. I have a quiet voice. I was calling her and didn't think she could hear me. So I'm like Tori, Tori, Tori. She looked at me and goes ok. I know I know. What can I say. I was extremely nervous. I didn't say anything I wanted say. She signed my set list. She asked me how to spell my name. I said it's Timmi. You just talked to my twin sister. She said TAMMI! I thought that I was experiencing deja vu. Then she said You are beautiful twins you know that. OH MY GOD!!!!!! Tori called me (us) beautiful. I asked if I could shake her hand. She said yes. When I shook her hand I said thank you Tori and I started crying which I did'nt expect( don't laugh). She is so sweet. I was so unbelievably incredibly happy. I was hugging strangers and bouncing like the fool I am. That was a night I will not forget unless I get amnesia.

From james karson

November 8, 1998 - So I was fortunate enough to experience two Tori concerts this week. We took the trek to Eau Claire on Tuesday. The concert was indeed intimate (it was in a gym). Anyway, it was nice because we were ass close. I had seen the tour before and kind of knew what to expect. Tori walked on stage as beautiful as always. It really was a great concert. Her voice sounded a bit tired but she delivered wonderfully.

Some highlights for me were Past the Mission, Bells for Her, and best of all...Merman. She said that she wrote it for a very special man in her life (Mark???) It was very simple musically and lyrically. As she played, she kept pointing offstage to someone...I don't know if it was Mark, but it was damn cute and I loved every second (I cried). It reminded me of that Tori story where she played that love song for some boy at her junior high? talent show or whatever. It was like for a second she was that little girl again....I hope that Merman is released on something soon.

After the concert we ran outside(literally)and I found a spot in front of the small crowd. There I was lucky enough to obtain a set list from one of the security guards....she appeared after about an hour or so and was so damn cute. She commented on how cold it was and told some guy that he'd better get a coat from Eddie Bauer. She then proceeded to sign autographs. A woman handed her a white ribbon from the RAINN foundation and she asked what it was.....she had a bit of trouble signing it...her body guard held it for her as she signed and sang "how do you solve a problem like this ribbon?" She finally got to me and I asked her to sign my set list (incidentally, whomever typed it up misspelled "Spark" and wrote "Spank". I asked her if her hands were cold and she said that they were, I offered her my mittens and she "No honey I think that you'd better keep them." So at that moment my life was pretty much complete. We then drove home feeling very very complete. It was a wonderful evening.

From Ange

November 8, 1998 - I've read other people's reviews and I do have to agree that the set list was amazing and the show, of course, and her voice was- wow- as well, but I do have to say I was sorely disappointed. Disappointed of Tori? No, never; I was pissed at the poor set up of the tiny Arena. I was near the back on the "main floor," if you will, and I couldn't see anything. Everyone was standing the entire time and the whole floor was at one level, so it was like uh... I can *hear* Tori. I guess being super short doesn't help, but the stage was so low, too, that the view was horrible. The next day my calves and my neck were so sore from trying to get even a glimpse of her. A lot of people in my section just gave up and sat down. The meet n greet at the end of the show was also incredibly impossible to just see her. Everyone was very loud, very pushy, very rude. Yes, it was freezing out, but I don't think people were "huddling" together because it was so cold.

Sorry, enough complaining. I did get to hear some of the soundcheck, here's a little of what that set list was:

Father Lucifer
Some of She's Your Cocaine
Some Jazz song that my friend knows the name of

The show itself: I didn't like how the band interrupted on Bells For Her, but I was really happy that she did it. Merman was by far the best. Hotel and Putting the Damage On were up there, too. She mentioned that her friend was at the concert-- someone who helped her get back onto the piano when she was in her 80's phase. Her friend told her something like, "You're not a good Madonna." Anyway, I don't know how common this, but everybody was wearing white ribbons on their arms in support of RAAIN-- I thought it was pretty cool. It was also a sad night cuz that's probably the last I'll see of Tori for a long time.

From Jim Peters

November 8, 1998 - My girlfriend and I won the Best Buy auction for this particular concert. We paid $604 for a chance to meet Tori, as well as front row tickets. This was the fourth of five concerts we would attend on the Plugged 98 tour, and our anticipation was skyrocketing as we drove into Eau Claire. We got there about 7:45, because we had heard that the opening band wasn't that great, which turned out to be pretty true. The Devlins were far superior in my opinion.

When we arrived there, we found chaos! This was the most unorganized concert (Tori or otherwise) that I'd ever attended. The entire crowd was streaming through two small doors, with the line backed up well into the street, even this late into the evening. I felt like I was at a small college local band's concert. I could see basketball hoops on the ceiling, college pennants on the walls, and half the crowd was sitting in wooden bleachers on the side.

When we got to our seats, we found a 4 foot high barrier in front of us to prevent crowding around the stage. This forced us to stand the entire show to see over this barrier, which in turn made everyone in back of us stand, so this is why people in the middle to back had trouble seeing the show.

The concert itself was incredible!! I heard a lot of songs which I hadn't heard yet on the tour. "Past the Mission" was a wonderful surprise, and my overactive imagination kept looking over to this person in the shadows who looked a lot like Trent Reznor. I would have freaked out if it had been him, but it was apparently just somebody with the tour. From reading all of the other reviews, you know what songs were played and how great they all were. "Merman" in particular was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully it will be released soon...

After the concert, we were escorted to the rear of the complex outside of Tori's dressing room. We were under the impression that the backstage passes would allow us to talk to Tori for a considerable length of time. We had so many questions we wanted to ask her!! I had brought something to get signed for my friend Erik, and I wanted to get a copy of the Jackie's Strength disk signed. My girlfriend also had a lithograph to have signed. After a couple of minutes, Tori's manager escorted us into the dressing room. My head was spinning as I shook her hand and introduced myself. It was a dream come true!!

Needless to say, she made polite conversation as she signed our things and had her picture taken with us. Sadly, we were escorted out of her dressing room about 5 minutes after we walked in. This ended up being no more that a private meet and greet, which really wasn't worth the money. However, the fact that the money was being donated to RAINN made us feel better and we were still floating after meeting her. A good time was had by all, but it could have been better at another venue. I hope Tori never goes back there again....

From Jami

November 8, 1998 - I saw a lot of people sent emails to you about this concert, but I think I have a different perspective. I'm from Eau Claire so I was so happy to hear the university was getting Tori here. I've been listening to her since 1993, but have never seen she in concert so this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up!

I think the UAC ( University Activities Committee) did a great job organizing this concert. We have just recently been getting some more well known bands here to play, such as; the Bodeans, Wallflowers Verve Pipe, Smash Mouth, & Third Eye Blind. Now this is a pretty big deal for us. I'd have to say, though, that Tori Amos has got to be one of the biggest names we've had here so far. She rocked the place!

Her show was so amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the unplugged version. I think this is the first time we've ever had such elaborate lighting at a show here. There were about 1800 people & the majority of them stayed standing for the full 90 minutes! I'd have to say all the songs rocked, but Cornflake Girl, The Waitress, and Raspberry Swirl were the best. Thumbs up to Matt Chamberlain who was amazing on the drums. I was kind of hoping she would have played Jackie's Strength, that's one song they play on the radio all the time, but we all know Tori. (one of the things Tori said was none of her favorite songs are on the albums, so don't buy it!)

I'd like to thank UAC and the people who helped organize this to get Tori Amos here for us- Hard Core Fans! It was the best concert I've been to so far! I hope she comes back!!

From Benjamin Wick

November 5, 1998 - I was at the concert, and the set list you use at the top of the page is if not totally accurate, very close. I want to say that "Hotel" was much later, after "Putting The Damage On", but I'm not sure. I'm sure about the placement of the rest of the songs, and that these are the ones that were played, and the only ones that were played.

I didn't recognize the second solo song, and assumed it was "For Mark". But I have never heard "Merman" either, so that could very well be it. I thought she was saying "he's a madman", but she could have been saying "he's a merman". Before she played it, she said "I wrote this song for a very special boy. It was supposed to be on the album. None of my favorite songs are on the albums. So don't buy them! Hahaha!"

The concert was great! I saw her in Minneapolis back in July, and this time she played 8 songs that I didn't hear back then. And she played two of my three current favorite songs (they change all the time), "Hey Jupiter" and "Putting The Damage On". Had she played "Purple People" too, I would have freaked.

From Pamela D. Liggett Olson

November 5, 1998 - The University was ill prepared to handle the Meet and Greet. There were no usable barriers. Steve expressed frustration with the situation several times. The security had to use a Budget Rental truck and bike racks to build a barricade. The font part of the barricade was press strand board painted black and propped upright on metal frames. It was more than four feet high. Kellie could hardly see over the top. They were not sturdy, and at one point Steve came out and said, "No pictures, no hugs, limited autographs." He was concerned for Tori's safety.

But you all know Tori, she walked right up to the wooden "gate" talking, giving photos, and signing everything handed to her. By the time she worked her way down to the end where Kellie and I were standing, she leaned between the black boards and the brick building and offered to give Kellie a hug and asked if we wanted a picture! Of course! What else could I say? She is amazing. She signed Kellie's hand, waved good bye to the crowd and went inside. It was a COLD outside.

The show was incredible as always. Although, I may be prejudice. Tori looked rested after a day off. Rumors have it that she was in Minneapolis the day before and may have taken an interlude at the Mall of America. I can verify the rumors, but refuse to name my sources. I was at the back of the floor seating without binoculars this time, so I can not give details about how she may have felt that night.

The music rocked this small Auditorium. This is the smallest venue that I have seen Tori in this year. She took advantage of this opportunity to talk a bit and tell a couple of stories. Like the story about her dad accusing her of writing Father Lucifer about him. Of course, it's not true. Tori told us it was the Adventures in Africa and the influence of other things that promoted an actual meeting of Tori and the Dark Prince. Guess what? She says he's not such a bad guy!

Since I could not see her very well, I concentrated on the Set List. After the first four songs, and as Kellie's enthusiasm mounted, I had to start writing them on my arm. Here it is:

Precious Things
Past the Mission
Father Lucifer
Bells for Her

Hey Jupiter (solo)
Merman (solo)*
*Thank you to Dor for this one. I have never heard this
song. I LOVED it! I do not have a recording of it, but I
WANT one if you can tell me where to get it.

Yes, Anastasia (solo - ?) [It was actually Putting The Damage On!]
The Waitress

First Encore
Cornflake Girl
Raspberry Swirl

Second Encore
Pandora's Aquarium (solo)

Ok, that is probably long enough. Cut out what ever you need to. I understand how it is being a webmaster. I have two sites done and two under construction.

Best Wishes for the remainder of the shows. I wish I could join you for some more, but this was the last one that I could possibly get to with losing my spouse.

Have fun. Keep Tori in your heart.

From Jess Ward

November 4, 1998 - so i was checking over my set list and couldn't resist saying a few things (what can i say, the woman's amazing)...

-past the mission caused the entire crowd to sway as if in a trance.

-bells for her was such a pleasant very happy we were.

-hotel kicked my ass. her voice was (is) amazing - i almost fell over.

-during hey jupiter my friends jeff and james were my support. the lighting, the words, the was overwhelming.

-merman was beautiful. just beautiful.

-damage once again brought tears. but the thing with tori-show-tears is that they're ok. you're so taken by her music and excited to be there that you cry and laugh all at the same time.

-spark......ohhhh, spark. (on the crew's set list it says spank. typo or funny??? heh heh) the lighting made that song. it too was amazing.

-i (oops) screamed when she started waitress. i promise that i was not in control of it.......i love the song, what can i say???

-cornflake had the crowd rockin.......anyone who wasn't rockin shouldn't have been there.......

-i knew swirl was next, so i was psyched. with banging on barrels and kick-ass bass, what else can one do......?

-pandora just plain made me smile. i like to take tests with pandora in my head, so i got a big old warm fuzzy feeling from it.

so there you have it. what i thought of the concert........(*sigh*).

wow. tori's nov. 3 show in eau claire was amazing.

ok - background....i saw tori in minneapolis this summer. the devlins opened and she put on an absolutely amazing show. well you know how it is when you get a taste of something so amazing: you only crave more. so - we got tix for the eau claire show. the opening band, the unbelievalbe truths, were good, but they kinda depressed me........they were like green day but in reverse - all of their songs had the same slow tempo and whatnot. so i wasn't overly depressed when they left the stage.

after a while, the lights dimmed and the crowd, including me of course, went crazy. she opened, just like we wanted and expected, with precious things. what an amazing show it already was! the extended ending of iieee was so powerful i was moved to tears. seriously, i knew from the concert this summer that the song was intense, but i didn't think it would affect me so much......the rest of the concert was no different: extremely intense. you've seen the set list.......

but i'm gonna keep this as short as possible and not go on about what i felt during the show, i am just so amazed by tori......i don't think it's possible to comprehend just how many people she affects. take crucify for example: my friend jeff said to me, "it keeps you alive," because it's such a great song to get you through issues and stress.....she's simply amazing. and she's so damn cute and little, with a voice like a bell. plus, she's all about her fans. after the concert, in the cold, she came out and chatted, took pictures, and signed autographs. when i asked her to sign 'tori ellen' she chuckled.....and she kept smooching kisses at the crowd too........aack! it was awesome. i'm TOTALLY looking forward to my next tori show, whenever it may be.

by the way: your set list is correct. i got one of the crew's copies and checked it. =)

From Ana

November 4, 1998 - i'm horrible at reviews but i thought i'd give it a go. the meet and greet had about 28-30 (i was 16 and my friend aggie was 17) people, it was ridiculously small and we all had a chance to say hi to tori, even though it was really really cold and her bodyguards wouldn't let her stay out too long (bad for the voice, says joel). i asked her to play hey jupiter or yes, anastasia (she played jupiter but i'll get there in a minute) and she said she hasn't played anastasia yet and she didn't want to be embarassed. i took a handful of beautiful black and white photos that i developed today - they turned out incredibly. um.. the arena was tiny. i mean, seriously tiny. the size of your average high school gymnasium. i was in row 16 and it was two thirds of the way back, but the view was perfect, we stood on the bleachers in front and had a crystal clear vision. tori was having a great night and the setlist was incredible - like 8 songs i've never witnessed live. father lucifer and past the mission were beautiful and surprising, especially that new verse in lucifer. she told a couple of stories too.. (im just wandering all over thep lace in my thought processes) one about how her father thought the song was about him. she played jupiter for me! that was definitely the highlight of my life so far (heh). after putting the damage on (wow) she played crucify and from there the setlist got really generic, nothing she doesn't play every night, you know? i thought it was going to continue to be suprising and stuff but it wasn't.. pandora was absolutely lovely, and i'm mad at myself for leaving halfway though to make it to the after show m&g (which was a horrible mess compared to the before show one).

From cloudboy

November 4, 1998 - The Eau Claire show was a mind-blowing experience! I arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon with my best friend Whitney and we were numbered by Dor as 23 and 24, but the numbers ended up NOT being needed!! Tori's management ended up letting the tiny crowd of about 35 of us simply stand against a barricade and talk to Tori! I guess this was REALLY rare or something! So anyway, I met Tori for the second time of my life that day. When she came by she looked right at me with those big eyes and I melted. I couldn't say any of the things I was planning to say. All that came out of me was something about how I am having problems with myself spiritually and if she could play Father Lucifer for me. While she was listening to me she proper her elbow on the barricade and rested her chin on her fist so that she was giving all her attention to me almost. It was so meaningful for me to be able to feel that she REALLY DID care about me. Tori said something like, "Yes. I will play that for you. I'm in the mood for that one. That is good. Yes." She wrote it on her hand and looked like she was making a definite promise to me. Elated, Whitney and I went away to have dinner and came back around 6:45pm. The show was amazing! She talked a lot more than I thought she would have to us. The audience wasn't as responsive as I thought they could have been, but every show if different I suppose. I told Whitney that if she plays Father Lucifer for me I will cry so hard. I still had doubts it would make it into the final list, however. So the show started and Whitney and I were just awe-struck to be there when of a sudden she started talking about how her father thought she wrote a song calling her the devil. I instantly knew it was Father Lucifer and broke down crying - inside and outside. The people around me wondered what I was flipping out about. She played it all right, and she added an entirely new section that I have never heard of. The song really grooved and during the added part the tempo changed completely. It was hard to hear the lyrics, but I feel that I was on another level with Tori, listening to her play Father Lucifer for me. It was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Afterwards I waited to tell her thank you and she said, "Oh definitely."


November 4, 1998 - Oh my god. She was amazing, the Eau clarie show rocked. Her 1st oncore of Cornflake girl and Raspberry swirl made the place go wild!!!!!! And the zorm arena is basically a big gym so half the people were sitting on bleachers. So for the whole show everyone stood. Pretty cool. I will try to put a list together, here goes, but not in any order:

Precious things
Hey Jupiter
Past the Mission
Putting the damage on

(I can't think of any more, sorry)

First oncore: Cornflake girl and Raspberry swirl
Second oncore: Black Dove & Pandora combined

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