North American Plugged '98 Tour
West Lafayette, IN
October 31, 1998

Updated April 29, 1999

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Tori performed in West Lafayette, IN on October 31, 1998 at the Elliot Hall Of Music at Purdue University during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Beulah Land, Ode to the Banana King and Mother solo. I was at this show to record the set list, but I would also like to thanks Michael Ostling for emailing it to me. The photo to the right of the set list comes from J'ason and shows Tori in her mask performing at this concert. Click on the photo to see it larger!

Tori In West Lafayette, Oct 31, 1998

Precious Things
Muhammad My Friend
Father Lucifer
Beulah Land (solo)
Ode to the Banana King (solo)
Mother (solo)
Little Earthquakes
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Cornflake Girl
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium

Tori's Band Introduction

As you will read below, Tori sang an acapella introduction for each band member during the show, instead of her usual spoken introduction. Details about this are in the reviews below, but Danica Knox has transcibed most of the lyrics and you can see them below. Reading the lyrics does not do justice to how fascinating and gothic Tori sounded while singing/chanting this:

"Everyone here....we say hello..yeah...everyone here...we send you our brothers dear and i come to you...sweet Caton yeah...i say brothers dear...comes over...creature...back here...creature know who you are...ahhhnahnahnah...Matt is. Go where you go....yeah...oh you go here....and say to you...Jon to my right is here. And this one [the bosey] is also here....and this one is"

Backstage Photo

The web site for radio station WGBD (95.7 The Rocket) in West Lafayette, IN includes a photo of Tori with some radio station contest winners after her show in West Lafayette, IN. Once at the web site choose the link that says Rocket Photo shots, and then the Tori photo is on the right. Here is a direct link to the photo.


The most recently added reviews follow my own.

From Mikewhy

December 14, 1998 - Tori gave a really exciting and fun concert in West Lafayette, IN on October 31 (Halloween) at the Elliot Hall Of Music at Purdue University. I am so grateful to have been at this show, because it featured the debut of Beulah Land and Ode To The Banana King! Tori and the band even dressed up for Halloween and the show also featured a really intriguing improv that Tori sung as she introduced the band.

The reviews below will describe this show better than I, but it was a special concert. We arrived early to hang out with the other Ears With Feet. The numbering system went smoothly at the meet & greet and it was orderly for the most part. Tori only stayed a few moments, but looked really cute in her coat and hat. We then had dinner at Applebees before the show. We dined with my friend Danica Knox, Dor, Monica Sanghavi and Katie (who have an excellent sense of direction I might add. They somehow guided us through the maze that is West Lafayette & Purdue!), the wonderful Charlie Poole, and Paul, one of the coolest guys in Toriville. It was decided that I, much to my horror. had the most southern accent of the group!

We returned to the venue and started to notice that many people were dressing up for the show. (It was Halloween!) The atmosphere before the show in the venue was quite different than usual. They were playing some kind of Halloween music/sounds over the speakers and there was something in the air that was hard to describe. An electric feeling, a feeling that tonight's show would be unique. That proved to be quite true.

After the opening act when Tori and the band took the stage, we noticed that they had metallic gold masks on, which looked very cool. Tori sat down on the piano bench after doing her customary bow to the audience, and took off her gold mask, revealing yet another mask underneath. This one just covered her eyes and was gold and maroon in color. She wore this mask for the remainder of the main set. Some of the band kept their gold masks on for a while longer. Caton in particular was kind of frightening in his mask, and he kept doing these head movements that were rather scary. After "secret time" when the band took the stage again, I noticed that Jon Evans was wearing a school girl/sailor outfit complete with braids. Great fun! I don't remember all the details of what the band wore, but you should find them in the reviews below.

After iieee and before Father Lucifer, Tori did a really cool thing. She sang an acapella introduction for each band member, instead of her usual spoken introduction. As one Toriphile below described it, it had a Gothic feel to it, and was a "wavering, ghoulish tune." It sent chills up my spine and I hope one day to have the words for this on my site. (Email me if you can help with this!) Tori stretched her arms to each member of the band and began that part of the song with "Here is this ... " After introducing the band she cuddled with the piano and sang something like "Here is my Bose..." A truly remarkable moment.

"Secret Time" was so surprising and powerful it made me forget that my feet were hurting. (It was another standing show and my feet are the not my healthiest body parts!) Hearing Tori debut Beulah Land and Ode To The Banana King was unforgettable. Tori has never performed these b-sides live before this show. Ode To The Banana King was really intense, with Tori doing some really expressive and powerful singing. Mother was as always beautiful.

During the encores, Tori came out on stage with a large pink boa and pink rabbit ears. There are not too many artists who can pull that off! Tori ended the show with Pandora's Aquarium, a song I loved more and more every time I hear it.

From Ashley Blaize (The guy with the Tori Signature tattoo.)

April 29, 1999 - Well guys, it was my 8th and final show. And after all the shows I'd been to, I didn't think that there would be anything unexpected. But Dear God, let me tell you I WAS WRONG!

I went to the meet and greet before hand and talked to Tori for a bit. I had talked her a couple days before in Louisville, KY (10/28) and I had given her the sheet music to 'Ode To The Banana King' I asked her to play it that night and she just kinda did I silly smile and asked me when my last show was. I told her it was the Purdue show.

Well, when I talked to her before the show, she recognized me and talked to me a bit. I asked her to play Ode to the Banana King and asked her if she still had the music. She smiled and wrote 'Banana King' on her hand. Well, that's happened to me in the past, I asked her for Flying Dutchman and she'd write it and not do it. So I had no expectations.

The venue at this show was great. I had heard all of the songs excpet Muhammed my Friend, Buelah Land and ODE TO THE BANANA KING! AHHHH!!!!! I really kick myself now for breaking down like I did. I started crying and hyperentilating. As far as I know, she's not played this on any other tour, of course my source could be bogus. So Mike, fill me in..... But anyways. I've heard a lot of people say 'Where in the hell did that song come from?!!?!?!" Well, for the record, it was me and I'd like to thank Tori, although I don't know if she'll read this ever for doing that for me. It was truly the one thing that made 1998 and seeing her 8 times a 'Pretty Good Year' Thanks again.

(By the way, I'm not boasting here, I'm just saying that I feel really honored about this and I wanted to express it in some way.)

From Dawne

November 11, 1998 - Well, I can't say anything different from anyone else about Tori's performance at Purdue! She rocked, and I am certain that I was not the only one that was surprised to hear Ode to The Banana King and Beluha Land!! I had an exceptional time at this show for so many different reasons, first, because it was a snap decision toi go to Purdue, it came to me after the Evanston show....I felt like I could not get enough of her energy. Well, I dressed up for the show, the horney devil - thanks Joel - incase you were wondering who the heck I am. Then when I was talking to Caton, and he agreed to wear my boa on stage, I thought someone needed to pinch me, I am dreaming. I had been told by other musicians, promised things before, things that never materialized, so I didn't put much faith into this promise...(sorry Caton) Then Shawnthelittlemasochist, me and other ears with feet sat inside the venue while we listened to Tori's complete sound check....amazing, but, if she played spark anymore I thought that I was gonna lose interest in it...but it was the coolest, PLEASE do not get me wrong! Then about two hours after that moment, about 7:00 I ran into Caton, and friend, again. I asked him, actually screamed, "TRICK OR TREAT" across the court yard, about getting a trick out of him (he was on a nasty thoughts there please) So he road up to me and my friends "MY PETITE LUNCH", and Steve. He spent at least an hour chatting with us about well, just anything...we got Caton's laws on the universe, and food...which BTW that evening they had mexican...and playing and being friends with Tori. We took pix with him, ad he asked me to send him a copy of them when they got developed..which led to the question "HOW?" He said that he was gonna hook up with me after the show, and would give me the information when he was gonna give me my boa back....He also said that he would look for me at the show, I had 12th row, Jon's side...he laughed and said, "oh, you know Jon"...I replied to him kndly by saying, well you are either in the front rows or you are on Caton's side or Jon's side, I doubt that you will see me." He kindly replied, that he will see me. I gave him tuns of Starbursts to stuff his pockets with ( I was also the gal who gave you your "Trick or Treat" bag... Throughout the show, I saw him nodding to me, and I would make a hand jesture to him, and he would repond back with the same jesture, so I was certain that he was paying attention to me....and yes..yes..he wore my boa on stage...what a wonderful man..this is the closest that I will ever get to sharing the stage with Tori and her band...then as you have seen, he passed the boa on along to Matt....I was so happy. During Cornflake Girl he nodded toward the stage left door, and I knew that meant to go outside so I could meet him and get my boa I did, and as he promised, he gave me the information I needed to send him the pictures.... My wonderful experience at that Tori show didn't end there though. I was the first to after greet her, and when I held her hand,. I wished her a Happy Samhain (celtic new year) and she responded to me by squeezing my hand and telling me the same..I saw the gleem in her eyes, this was the first time that I was close enough to her to really look into her eyes...what a kindred spirit!!

From Aaron Wesseler

November 8, 1998 - These comments come from Aaron Wesseler, who wrote this letter to the editor of The Purdue Exponent in response to their review of this show. (See below.) This was the second letter published in this Purdie University newspaper in response to their review (The first letter is also posted below.) Thanks to Jenni Hand for alerting me to this.

Letters to the Editor
Tori Amos review appalls reader

This paper has a history of running decent stories relevant to the student body, like RHC and PSG issues. The reviews of movies and shows haven't been too bad, except for the Nov. 1 issue.

As any of my friends can attest, I am (the paper said "an") a huge fan of Tori Amos, so I was glad to see that she received four stars for her Halloween concert. I was appalled to read the article, however. How can you rate a show that highly and yet criticize the performance? "Drool like a dog"? I'm sorry, but when people sing, let alone talk, sometimes it happens. I was in the fourth row, I had friends in the second and no one noticed anything strange from what any other performer would have done.

I do agree about one thing - she is "totally into her music." That's why she is how she is on stage. She doesn't plan - that's what actors do. Of course, I can't exactly speak for Tori, but neither can any paper, especially a school paper.

I realize that a review isn't exactly a factual statement, but it should be a correct one. I just hope that the editors at the Exponent finally get a clue as to what people, not the paper or the individuals writing supposedly objective stories, think about things. Then the paper might actually have a good image on this campus.

Aaron Wesseler
Sophomore, School of Science

From kenna mccormick

November 8, 1998 - so.. i'm actually writing a review. dig that.

i flew into indianapolis on friday night from colorado. i landed around midnight and my friend maggie was there to pick me up (thanks again. how are you, honey? heh.). and we met up with our friends mel and tom shortly after and went to our hotel. once it was apparent we weren't going to sleep that night we decided to go to the venue. we got there around six thirty saturday morning and hung out all day. it was really nice, actually. this was my first.. meet and greet experience. i thought i was having one at red rocks back in september, but m&g was cancelled so we just stayed there and waited as it was a ga show anyhow. but the crowd vibe was totally different in indiana. everybody was just really friendly and cool. which made the exhaustion and the butterflies completely worth it. lana was in charge of numbering and i wound up with number 1 because. i have really wonderful friends. so when it was finally time to meet her i had a bit of a freak out as there were some people there who didn't want to go by numbers. finally everything settled down and we walked into the barricades. and i found my corner by the wall, per lisa. hehe. and tori was off of the bus almost immediately. i was. well. paralysed. i had never met her before. she was very sweet and i managed to choke out a request for mother.. she noted it on her hand, said she would try - and was gone. after getting my bearings we decided to go back to the hotel and clean up a bit.

we got back to the hall that evening and hung around outside while unbelievable truth played. finally they finished and we went in and found our seats (um.. lack of security much? they didn't even tear our tickets. weird.), which didn't end up being very good. but we were there.

after what seemed like forever - the band came out. and played tori to the stage. precious things.. surprise! hee. i don't care, i love it. and i started crying again like a big idiot. she followed with muhammad and i flipped as that's one of my favorite pele songs and i've been wanting to hear it live. it was cool.

note: tori introduced the band in song, i couldn't really understand what she was saying until.. "to my right is jon." at any rate - that was kind of funcool.

fast forward to secret time- she started by saying that she had some things she wanted to tie together. and that this will be the first time she's ever played this: (beulah land) and i knew right away it was beulah. and i lost it again because my friend lisa had asked for it at meet and greet, as well as a guy we met there called chris. it was gorgeous.. and then she started in with the pretty good year lines.. and thought. hmm. and then banana king. kick ass dude. that was awesome... and with no pause.. mother. and i died. i totally died. i could not breathe and i was in a mess of tears. i finally calmed and just listened.. and it was the most beautiful version of mother i have ever heard in my life.. granted, i haven't heard that many versions. but you know. it was really fabulous. =)

the band came back and they continued to rock (i'm sorry but the details of the show after secret time are still a blur in my head, i don't know if it will ever be clear) jon was wearing a school girl/sailor outfit with braids. and that was making me giggle. i remember that much.

she closed with pandora and i was glad of that because my friend maggie had really been wanting to hear it and i heard somebody at meet and greet tell her it was his favorite song, so that was special. it was a nice pandora too. much better than in colorado - i'm still not that hot on the song, but much like fungus...well, you know.

after the show.. several people asked.. "well, was it worth it." and yes. totally. it was a perfect day. for me. and i thank everybody who helped to make it so. you know who you are. full heart. thanks.

From Michelle Carnes

November 8, 1998 - These comments come from Michelle Carnes, who wrote this letter to the editor of The Purdue Exponent in response to their review of this show. (See below.) I am assuming this letter was published in the paper. Thanks to Jenni Hand for alerting me to this.

Student finds concert inspiring

This letter is in response to the review in the Nov. 2 Exponent covering the Tori Amos concert.

I bought my first Tori Amos album in 1991 and have since been an enthusiastic fan of hers. Her performance on this campus was unflinchingly candid. I am glad she paid us a visit. The ease with which she expresses herself is awesome to watch.

I was in the first row at the show, and I saw what she did during her performance. A singer will often wet her mouth with wather and spit it out to keep her throat wet so she'd be able to sing well. She did not spit it like a baseball player but rather on the floor near her, discreetly.

Her expressions of sexuality tied into her music. They were not vulgar, but an extension of her expressoin, as well as a way to shock listeners with the degree of honesty she brought to that stage. Her "drooling" during "Cruel" is a symptom of her animation and emotion while performing. Amos will never claim to be a "nice girl" with flowery dresses and clean language. Her unlikely subject matter and the highly personal nature of her music both make it clear that Amos, while famous and talented, is a human being like the rest of us. Had she stopped playing, wiped her mouth and blushed, I would have questioned whether it was really her on stage.

Amos has never hesitated when it comes to being herself, which is a large part of why her music is so powerful.

In the future, I hope the Exponent sends a reporter who is familiar with the music being presented so that an accurate and informative review may follow.

Michelle Carnes
Senior, School of Liberal Arts

From Jenni Hand (raspberry swirl girl)

November 4, 1998 - Hi. I posted the Exponent's review to ToriNews -- I'm glad you added it to the site. I thought I'd just put my .02 in about the show.

There's been plenty posted about the set list and costumes, etc. etc., so I'll skip that. This was my second show, my first being the show on 8/25 at the Grand Ole Opry. The Purdue show had a much more relaxed atmosphere from the very beginning (need I mention the a**holes who crowded the front of the stage in Nashville making it almost impossible for many other EWF's who paid good money, too, to see?!). I was with a group of friends that I hadn't seen for a while and it was their first Tori show, so we were all really psyched (and dressed up -- I was Dorothy if you saw me -- those ruby red shoes made me very happy!). The songs were all wonderful (no surprise there). Let me say that the singing intro to the band was absolutely beautiful. Beulah Land was a wonderful surprise. When she began the Pretty Good Year-ish intro, I never thought I was about to hear Ode To The Banana King! That one was a complete shock. Little Earthquakes was very powerful, and one that I had been hoping to hear live. When Tori came out in the rabbit ears and the boa I could not stop laughing. It was the cutest thing!

I felt a lot more energy at this show. I felt much more connected. It's very hard to explain (and I think my friends thought I was crazy), but I really felt so much emotion and things in her music which I had only glimpsed before were there with much more clarity. Again, I, personally, was much more relaxed for this show, which I think contributed. It was a wonderful show and I hated to see it end.

What I hated even more was the unbelievably obnoxious review that was printed in the Purdue newspaper. My best friend clipped it for me and typed it out immediately so that I could read it and forward it to Tori News. Besides all of the blatant errors in the author's previous article (which I also posted to Tori News) and the endless typographical errors . . . well, I'll take those comment to the Exponent's editor. It infuriated me, but I guess some people just really don't understand. And I honestly find it hard to believe that so many people in the front were as repulsed as the author obviously was by her music.

Nevertheless, such stupidity on the part of some will not dampen my memories of this concert. My copy is forthcoming, and I can't wait! It was the best Halloween I've ever had. I'll be sad to see my last show in Indy . . . .

From The Purdue Exponent

November 4, 1998 - The following review appeared in the November 2, 1998 edition of the Purdue Exponent newspaper and was sent to ToriNews mailing list by Toriphile Jenni Hand (raspberry swirl girl).

Front Page: Picture of Tori playing piano with head back, mask on. Caption: More than 2,400 students came to see Tori Amos Saturday night at the Elliott Hall of Music, despite the fact that it was Halloween. However, Amos and her band did paint their faces and change into different costumes during the show. Amos also sang a song that she had never performed before. For related coverage, see Page 5.

Another picture of Tori at piano with ?John? (guitar player who stood to Tori's right). Caption: With her painted mask, Tori Amos performs "Precious Things" as she opens her concert on Saturday night in the Elliott Hall of Music.

Concert Review:
Tori Amos
**** (Four stars)
When: 8 p.m. Saturday
At: Elliott Hall of Music

Tori Amos creates night of surprise in concert
By Carey Briggs, Asst. Features Editor

On Halloween night, Tori Amos stepped onto the Elliott Hall of Music's stage with her mask on ready to perform...and drool like a dog.

Amos began her concert with "Precious Things" as the audience screamed with delight. But delight soon turned to disgust as Amos began singing "Cruel," for when she threw back her head and wailed out the words "I can be cruel," big drops of drool hit her piano and went flying in different directions. Several people in the audience gasped and looked as though they were going to be sick. [Note From Mikewhy: I think the reviewer was projecting her attitude on the others in the audience. I was at this show, and no one I saw looked sick!] But soon they recovered from initial shock and Amos looked out into the audience as a deviant smile slowly crept across her face. It was as if she had planned the whole thing, and perhaps she did.

Throughout the concert Amos did raunchy things such as gulp her bottled water, only to spit it across the stage like a baseball player spits his chew. On several occasions she even grabbed her crotch like Madonna.

More than 2,400 people attended the concert. Some dressed as monsters, ghouls, devils, transvestites, Hershey Kisses and even Winnie the Pooh. Amos and her band provided the finishing touches as they started the show wearing matching gold masks and ended the concert with different costumes. Background lights and smoke completed the scene to make for a spooky, fun-filled night, and Amos definitely gave a performance to remember.

Amos could hardly sit still as she sat on a bench taking turns playing the piano in front of her and the keyboard in back of her, while singing into two microphones. Her fingers, accompanied by a shiny diamond ring from her recent marriage to engineer Mark Hawley from England, pounded the keys on her piano with emotion and free spirit. Her posture was loose. Her legs were spread apart and her feet often flew off the ground as she swung around on her bench. She seemed totally into her music.

Amos swayed and waved her arms as she sung many of her popular songs such as "Spark," "Pandora's Aquarium" and "Father Lucifer." On one particular song, "Iieee," she used her hands and arms to make symbols that made her look like she was rocking an imaginary baby. Other times she used her arms to move down and around a large, pregnant belly that was absent from her body. This makes sense when one thinks about the song and the album it is included on. "From the Choirgirl Hotel" was an album made shortly after Amos had a miscarriage. The album was used to express her feelings about her personal tragedy.

Amos definitely left an impression on her audience. She received many standing ovations, and the audience demanded an encore. Amos didn't let them down as she returned to the stage wearing pink bunny ears and a fluffy pink feather boa around her neck to play "Cornflake Girl" along with many other songs. Amos ended her concert by blowing kisses and reaching out to her fans. She left them screaming for more.

Unbelievable Truth, the opening band, did a great job as far as sound goes. The band sounded awesome as it played a variety of songs, some of which are on the group's debut album, "Almost Here." However, the band had little interaction with the audience and lacked feeling within its songs, making its overall performance a bit on the dull side. In fact, it felt as though the band was in rehearsal rather than in concert.

The band only seemed to come alive on two songs, "Solved" and "Higher Than Reason," two songs that seemed to be favorites of the band. Lead vocalist Andy Yorke did a fabulous job with "Solved" as he sang with emotion. It was probably the only song during which he smiled and looked at the audience. He really seemed to be proud of this song, which definitely made a difference performance-wise.

It would have been nice to have had an introduction before Unbelievable Truth performed and to know a little about the band. Although Unbelievable Truth has a few social skills to work on, its music is great and is bound to be heard more in the future.

Send comments to

From Patrick Spaulding

November 4, 1998 - Robbie and I are both from West Lafayette. We got to the meet and greet at about 1145. Everyone was huddled infront of Elliott on blankets and just sitting and talking. Lana came up and gave us our #'s then. I was 38 and robbie was 39. Sheesh, had I known I would've gotten there much earlier. but that doesn't matter now. Our friend Nate(who's from Fort Wayne) got there around 12:30 and got #40. We met Melissa and Tom and Maggie and Kena(who got there at 630 that morning! WOW!!!) Who else?...I finally met the wonderful,fabulous,fantistic Dor who told us stories of the Storyteller Shoot("Reduced to Doingetty-Doing"). David, is an allaround nice guy too. the weather is overcast but thankfully it didn't rain. Purdue was Playing IOWA so planes trailing banners were in the sky. One said "Tori Amos Elliot 8PM" i got a picture, it's kinda neat! Our friend Mike O. showed up then.

They didn't get the barricades up till around 4:00 and we all lined up then(I think there were around 90 some people!) and we marched over to line up against the barricades which wern't big at all. maybe twenty feet across at the most. Robbie and i got in the second row(thankfully) I was in between Danica and David and Dor right behind the people who got there at 630 in the morning. Ok, so Tori's bus shows up and while the driver is parking it, out comes the Mr. Puppethead! And he waves to us. Caton gets off the bus and waves to us, then Matt, then Tam, then John. Finally Tori get's off and comes over to us(we are on the left side against the wall and she starts at the opposite end) she's wearing a blue coat with a black berret like hat. It's too cute. I can't see her now but i hear her. Someone says "Tori will you play Lovesong?" she replies "not without my harpsichord" Someone says:"tori, will you sing Bachellorette?" and she says "Not going to happen!". Ok, tori gets down to Mike Why and he gives her a paper to autograph for Michelle from Baltimore who was visitng Purdue with her sister. And I can finally see her. She then signs Nate's SATY CD. When she gets close enough I hand her my FtCH musicbook opened to Pandora's Aqaurium. She takes it and there is like silence then. and i say real quiverly like "Tori, It's my favorite song from the album!" and she says, "really? What's your name?" And I say "Patrick" and she says "Patrick..." and writes it on the top of the page she's signed. then she spoke with Danica who gave her the neatest scrabble board you've ever seen. Tori then signed Robbies cherrub diary for him. and then finally spoke to Kena(who I think requested Mother) and then left for inside. It was now 4:20.

Ok, I had gotten to speak to tori briefly in Chicago earlier but nothing compared to all that! It was just so amazing! We got our pictures taken with our autographs. Then I hear: "Patrick from RMTA!?!" And it was Aimee, Amber, and Talmalasca who are really cool people. By this time I was just all choked up and I really couldn't carry on a conversation well, and Amber says..."yeah, that happens!". I didn't realize how tired i was going to be after waiting that long so I excused myself and went home to freshen up.

We get back to the venue at about 630 and hooked up with michelle from baltimore and her sister(sorry, can't remember!) and David and they tell me that Steve Caton is around the corner on a bike. So we walk down there and sure enough there he is! I told him I was a fan and that I thought he enhanced Tori's piano playing. He signed something for me and drew a little guitar! I was so suprised at just how NICE he actually is! Kudos to Steve Caton.

BTW, Michelle if you read this email me please!

So we go inside then and wait with hundreds of people for them to open the gates and let us in. They waited till twenty till to let us go in which I though was kinda stupid. But hey, whatever floats their boat ya know?. The Unbelivable Truth was a good group, i wish they would've spoken some more though.

During intermission, a drag queen with a whip(who looked a lot like Courtney Love) and a guy in black biker spandex shorts with a red feather boa, little red horns and with X's on his nipples made from black tape came out. The music was eerie and evey once in a while you'd hear a whip crack which sounded like the speakers were blown..odd. We had 3rd row seats right next to the aisle. The lights dimmed, everyone goes for the stage. I get right up front!, just left of center. this is like the best spot because Tori looks at you when she plays the piano.

The band comes out in metallic gold masks and then Tori does too! She stops in the middle takes a bow, does a little dance and then sits down and takes her mask off to reveal another mask! This one just covers her eyes and is gold and maroon. They preform Precious things. The guys take off there masks then. Caton looks like "the Crow" with a black derby hat. they play Muhammud My Friend which sounded good, the Bells added SO MUCH to this song. IIEEE was next, she adds a little improv into this one.

Then Tori introduces everyone by singing accapella in this indian manner. At first i didn't understand what she was talking about and i thought "A new song!" but then I caught on after she pointed to Caton and then to Matt. It was Fierce and Spooky!

So then they do Father Lucifer which Robbie wanted to hear badly. and then Talula and a great version of Hotel.

then tori says that now it's our secret time and off the lad's go. I'm going to throw something together here and we'll see what happens. She then plays the first couple of chords to Cooling and then someone distracts her and she says I havn't done this one before at the shows and plays Buelah Land. I was surprised at all the low notes she was playing on this one!...It sounded awesome BTW. Then she starts playing this pretty good's a pretty good year...over and over again and then launches into "This is not a conclusion...No revolution!...Just a little Confusion...about where your Head has been. " And she grabs her crotch during the HEAD has been part...Wow!...I never expected ode to the banana king! Mother is next.

And the guys come back out. John is in a sailors outfit with a skirt on and his hair is in pig-tails. Matt has a boa on. and they do little earthquakes(it was like I was in the inside of an oven when they turned all those red lights on...really COOL!), cruel, spark , and the waitress.

during the waitress, a conversation started between the bandmembers. Caton went over and started talking to Tori and then to John. It was very distracting! I think it was about all the "ladies" in the front row against the stage. They were dressed like guys for Halloween.

They all came up to the front of the stage and had a group hug. And took off for about five minutes. Tori came back on with pink rabbit ears and a pink boa and began playing Cornflake Girl then Raspberry Swirl(which seemed to me like it had a salsa like beat to it...very different) After raspberry swirl Steve pinched John's butt(who was in that female sailors outfit) and they smiled to each other as they walked out.

Everyone came back out for one last Encore then. Tori without any mask or ears now. they play a long version of Pandora's...Ahhh! I love this song! I started crying cuz she signed that very song for me at the meet n greet earlier. It is a very dear song to me now. After that, they bowed and left! The sound guys played the slow version of Raspberry Swirl as everyone was leaving. since we met tori earlier, we didn't stick around for the after greet and left. Robbie and I will be attending the last four shows! We can't wait to see her again!

From shawn.the.little.masochist

November 4, 1998 - Hi Mike. I'll write more of a review later, but I thought I'd let you know, a bunch of Toriphiles including myself, Dawne, and Amber sat inside the box office and could perfectly hear the SOUNDCHECK. Here's what she played:

Father Lucifer
Little Earthquakes
Muhammad My Friend
Spark (spent lots of time on)

From Shaigirl (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

November 4, 1998 - Just wanted to give you my pennies on the Halloween concert at Purdue! It was pretty good! I was kinda disappointed, because the accoustics sucked hardcore! They should have done a better job in sound check, but besides that, the show rocked! I was completely blown away by it all! Wow!!! And I know a few people were talking about how bad the opening act was. Well I thought they were good. Could use a little work on their show part, but the music is good. Kinda reminds me of Toad the Wet Sprocket! Anyways, I bought the Unbelievable Truth's cd and it's pretty cool. I recommend them highly!

From Kevin Hawkins

November 1, 1998 - Happy Halloween everyone! Let me tell you, this has to have been the best Halloween that I've had in just about as long as I can remember! Tori was absolutely amazing tonight!

I finally managed to get to a show early for a change! Which was cool, because I recognized Mikewhy hanging around from a picture on his homepage, so we finally got to meet. Hi Mike! I bet you get people like me all the time. :) After we chatted for a bit, and I got to be jealous of him getting to catch the remainder of the tour, I decided to head inside and get in place for the opening band, whom I had missed at Evanston because I got lost, and was lucky to make it to the show at all! I'd have to say that I wasn't all that enthralled with The Unbelievable Truth, mostly because it really seemed a rehash of so many British bands I've already heard. You know, Ride did it years ago, that kind of thing. I guess they were all right though.

Incidentally, I wore my RAINN t-shirt to the show, and got a lot of positive feedback. A girl in my row (if you're reading this, hi Robin!) noticed and struck up a conversation with me, and it turns out we were probably both equally fanatical about Tori. I'm always so lucky to run into people like this at Tori shows, which makes the whole experience so much better! So needless to say, we were both blown away at just about every turn at this remarkable show.

Between sets, the people tearing down were generally wearing some costume or another. One guy was wearing the red horns and boa that Tori wore to the Evanston show, along with no shirt to reveal black tape X'ing his nipples, and black spandex biker shorts. Cute. :) Of course, he played a likely sidekick to another guy dressed up as a woman, with this horrible long-haired fluffy wig, short, opaque dress, and a whip! He seemed to enjoy showing off his legs, and whipping people at random. Needless to say, we egged him on. :) What a floozy. :) :)

Okay! On to the show! The band came out wearing this solid metal-like shiny masks, but of course! Jon Evans looked like he had some sort of Gene Simmons/Kiss shirt on...that's the only way I can describe it. Finally, Tori came out with a "metal" mask too, did her bow-greeting to the audience, then shed that mask, only to reveal a shiny flared mask covering her eyes! And with that, the show began.

They started with Precious Things, which is really, IMO, the best way to give people the feel for Tori with the band. Always a good introduction for what's to come. The crowd was enthusiastic, but I was kind of hoping that they'd be more energetic, dancing. I guess it's kind of hard, with seating like that. I tried my best.

Next came Muhammad My Friend, then i i e e e. They've really got these honed to perfection. By the beginning of the second song, the band had taken off their masks, Caton revealing a white-painted face with black vertical streaks around the eyes, reminding me of Brandon Lee in The Crow. Tori left her mask on, but of course hers was a lot less restrictive than the others.

Tori then did this acappella ditty introducing the band, one by one. It was kind of eerie, very Halloween-ish.

On to Father Lucifer, then this really kickin version of Talula! I was really waiting to hear this with a band, and I wasn't disappointed! She finished up the first with-band section with Hotel. I'm really amazed at how well they pull this off in concert, with all the changes and whatnot. The lights really add to the effect, too.

So the band leaves, and Tori decides it's time to trample me. She mentions that she's "never done this song before," then launches into Beulah Land. Unbelievable! Then, as if that wasn't enough, she starts this "Pretty Good Year" intro, which I thought was going to actually turn into Pretty Good Year, though I didn't see quite how, but instead became an intro to Ode to the Banana King! Where the hell that came from, I have no idea. But needless to say, I was floored! After that, when I think I might have a chance to recover, she offers this heart-rending version of Mother. Wow.

The band came back out, and they immediately went into Little Earthquakes. Let me tell you, this is one of my favorite Tori songs ever, and I always love when she does it in concert, but with the band...oh man, it just hit me like a tidal wave, and I realized at the end that my hands were balled into fists, my finger nails digging into my flesh. At that moment, the show could have been done. Or lightning could have struck me dead where I stood. And I would have been fulfilled.

Incidentally, when the band came back, Jon had taken the opportunity to braid his hair into pigtails, and don a sailor suit. I think everyone was enjoying the Halloween theme to the fullest. :) I'm just sad that I didn't get a chance to make my Brak costume and wear it to the show. Needless to say, among all of the other costumes in the audience, there were many, many faeries. :)

So then they went into Cruel, which I hadn't heard yet on this tour (this was only my second show, though, so not surprising). Very good, and the crowd was really into it, especially with Tori's sh-sh-shock me sane. :) I was very happy that they played that, as it's one of my favs on Choirgirl. Next came Spark, which was also excellent, though I found myself missing the accompanying vocals. They finished up with The Waitress, which they jammed out with at the end for like 5 minutes! Or maybe I was just imagining that. :) But they did jam with it at the end for quite a while. I really like what Tori's done with this song with the band. Caton's guitar just roars on it!

For the first encore, Tori came back on stage wearing fuzzy pink bunny ears, and a big fluffy pink feather boa! They broke into Cornflake Girl, and I think Tori was probably getting tired at that point, because she wasn't going for any of the high "you bet your life's." But it still rocked. :) Then they went into Raspberry Swirl, which was feverish as always. This is really the only song that I don't really like what they do with it in concert. I think the drum loop is a little too overbearing, and it really seems to detract from the music of the song. The lights were great, though! I don't see how this song doesn't get everyone to dance in the aisles. I did my best. :)

For the second encore, they came out and did Pandora's Aquarium, which I completely thought was going to be something else. But I wasn't disappointed. Tori and band just work so well together, and this song was no exception. Caton was on to beer at this point. :) It was really a fitting end to an absolutely spectacular show.

After the show, I ran into Mikewhy on my way out, and briefly shared some exhiliration. After promising a setlist, I made my way out to my car to try to make it home on adrenaline. On the way out, I couldn't help laughing to myself...I was just so overwhelmed by this show! I can't wait to see what the next one has to offer. :)

Okay, that's the end of my exceptionally long and winding review. If anyone ended up with a tape of this show, I'd really love to work out a way to get a copy. This show is a must have, IMO. A must have for me, at any rate. :)

From Joon Chong Yee

November 1, 1998 - what better time to see tori concert then on halloween? this bewitching singer unleashes all her tori force to her fans on halloween.... this concert is just the best, i tell you!!!

tori ran out to the stage to the polyryhtmic beats of matt chamberlain's drum... Donning a mask from the "phantom opera", tori bow down with her hands outstretch as if generating some sort of aura to her wailing fans. after bowing down and remaining still for 5 seconds, tori ran back to her huge bosendorfer and begin banging away to the opening chords of "precious things" - the most intense, powerful song from tori... it sounds like if it's magnified ten times with the addition of matt chamberlain on drums, Jon Evans (BASS) and Steve Caton (guitarist).... i was anticipating the part when tori sings "with every nine inch of nails and little fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girrrrrrrlll..." the low growling sound was streched for like 20 seconds and the audience simply exploded.

the lights was somthing else, each transition from a low to high octave, each heavy thump on the drums, each crescendo on the piano keys was accentuated by those startling bright lights. that makes the atmosphere even more powerful...

rite when we heard precious things everybody stood up in the chairs and begin swinging to the wild rhythm. i moved quicky to the center and was only a few feet from the stage, so i could get a nice clear view of tori. Every sitting posture of hers, every quirky mannerisms with her hand, and every quirky movements (she seems to be caressing her piano a lot) was a delight to watch. she was wearing this low cut black blouse and black pants. and again, the mask was giving an eerie effect that just matches with halloween. Her other band members were also donning halloween costumes.

the next song 'muhammed my friend' sounds really different with a band, matt was pounding a beat that matches nicely with tori's "plinking" on the piano notes.. good song with nice improvements on the piano. tori seems to be having a fun time demonstrating her vocal range and depth, each phrase was accentuated either by her sexy breathing sound, or by transposing the whole part to her higher octave. As she wails, coos, moans and breathes life to her mike, her hands were flying down the piano bars, unfolding an exciting musical journey.

"iieee" has such a shocking rhythm everyone went wild. tori started this song off by knealing down on the floor with one hand stretching on the keyboard. When she reached the "sa-sa- sacrifice" part, tori cradled her stomache as if it's pregnant while playing the piano with her other hand.

after "iieee" tori did the coolest thing. she introduced each band member, by singing out the words. she stretched her arms and begins each phrase with "Here is this ... " i wish i could remember the exact words. it has a sort of Gothic tune to it and she sang it without any accompaniment (kindof like Me and a Gun) but this is much cooler. i thought she was beginning a new song, until i caught the lyrics "Steve Caton" and she started to stretch her arms to each band member. and after introducing all her band members. she embarced her bose in a cuddling posture and say "Here is my bose..." and all the while she's singing it out in a wavering, ghoulish tune. it's just unbelivable that she could pull out such a thing...

in between each song, tori would reach for her water , but at the same time, tori will have her hand ready on the keyboard and start plucking a few notes. she was just so cool!!! there's also this part, where she turns to the audience after a song and started applying lip gloss!! she just seems so natural in doing that, as if every concert singer should apply lipgloss. and there's this time, when she actually DRank soup from a bowl in the middle of her concert, as she was beginning a few bars.

Tori has excellent communication with the band, she would occasionally raise up her hand to past a signal to her band members (again, this demonstrate her wonderful piano playing skills, she did the hand signal while having her hand on the keyboard!) and while singing "Cruel" i actually saw a droop of sliver dripping from her mouth!!! oh my god, i've been hearing rumours that she could actually drool while singing , and i saw it!!! it was amazing, tori was so into her songs that she couldn't control her salivation system!!!

Tori completely changed my opinion on "Hotel". when i listened to from the choirgirl hotel, i didn't really like the song. but in the live version, tori reaches the part "Give me more.... give me more...." in an energetic wail. again the lights was such a perfect compliment to her shuttering force.

After "Hotel". tori moves to her solo part - my favourite part of the whole concert. after tori had left her audience breatheless with her latest 3-band addition, she shooed her band members and begin to say few words i think she was saying "this is a song that i'm doing for the first time in a concert" again, the crowd went wild. i didn't know what song she was singing, bcos i've never heard it before, must be a rare track. i think the first one was called Belulah [Land]. the second one begins with the words "this is a pretty good year" and i thought she was moving into "pretty good year" but the melody sounds totally different and the lyrics were something else, so i guess she was singing another song. [Note From Mikewhy: It was "Ode To the Banana King"]

"Mother" was her 3rd track. This is my absolutely favourite, and i was so thrilled to hear the beginning chords!!! and the thing is she seemed to be looking straight into my eye during this whole song. tori has this talent in bridging the few feet of space between herself and her fans, with an uncanny sense of eye contact. she seems to be saying "here, i'm singing this song just for you, and no one else, so enjoy it!!!" i tell you, tears just flow straight from my eyes. there were lots of piano arrangement in this song. i liked the solo part bcos there were no more heavy bass thumping in the background. Don't get me wrong, the bass arangement was a perflect compliment to her songs, and gave a fresh direction to her old songs. but at cetain parts, it can get too heavy and that totally drowns tori's piano playing. her hands seem to be playing out some real nice tunes, but the bass and all the noice back there were too overwhelming...

after the 3 solo songs. i was still floating with glee from the aftereffects of 'mother'. the band members came back, with a different outfit. [Jon Evans] was in a sailor outfit this time. i couldn't believe that they plunge straight into "little earthquakes" oh god. this is such a thrill. the lights were illuminating a strange glow around the hall, and tori started gathering her strength to reach the climax.

"Cruel" was excellent, can't say the same for "Spark" becos the rhythm changes to a slow beat in the chorus part, and that sounded like a funny improvisation to me. 'The Waitress' was something else, it is totally different from the album, the band again has put on a new coat to this song, and make it all the more eerie. "i believe in peace, bitch!" tori kept repeating this part, as she generate waves of energy throughout the hall. the lights kept increasing it's intensity too, untill i feel like this energy from tori is too much.. and everything suddenly drops to emptiness. and the noise died down.

after "waitress" Tori ran to the front of the stage and hugged each band member.

and we begin to shout "encore, encore!!"

well, tori seems not to like to let down her fans, after five minutes she came out with a cute pink bunny outfit, she has these pink ears and a fluffy pink scarf around her neck. steve caton started the guitar opening for cornflake girl. and tori literally hopped to the piano, and begin banging the pianos again..

i have absdolutely ran out of words to describe tori. To every tori song, i was shaking my head and moving my body to the powerful rhythm, this is the highest sensation, it's as if you're connected with tori and has recieved the full tori force. i cried, and i laughed and i boogied during the whole 2 hour. now, when i listen to tori's album, i find that the songs are so mild compared to the concert experience. right now i'm thinking of going for her next concert in Madisdon, Wisconsin. One Tori concert is definitely not enough....

From Robyn

November 1, 1998 - I thought I would drop you a line concerning the show. It was wonderful and I have the full set list available. The pictures are being developed and I will send you some as soon as I get them back. I have a few from the meet and greet, but I was not able to talk to her. And she came out in bunny ears and a pink boa, for the first encore, and sang "cornflake girl," she giggled when the line "rabbit where'd you put the keys girl." I am also going to the Indianapolis show, I will keep you updated on that one as well.

From christ

November 1, 1998 - Ok folks, I just walked in tofrom the show...let me tell you it was Fucking amazing! they all came out in gold masks and played

Precious things.
not in an exact order was:

Muhhmad My friend
father Lucifer

ODE TO THE BANANA KING(with pretty good year intro)This was definately
the highlight!
Cornflake girl
Little Earthquakes
raspberry swirl
the waitress
Pandora's Aquarium(I told her this was my favorite song on the Album
at the meet and greet!)

mother was for my friend kenna who got to meet her for the first time today!. i am sooo happy for her. and i think beulah land was for lisa, i know she asked for it.

GREAT show, two debuts!

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