North American Plugged '98 Tour
Evanston, IL
October 29, 1998

Updated December 14, 1998

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Tori performed in Evanston, IL (Near Chicago at Northwestern University) on October 29, 1998 at the Welsh Ryan Arena at McGaw Hall during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Graveyard, Merman, Twinkle and Frog On My Toe solo. I was at this show, but I also want to thank Mariah MacDonald for emailing the set list to me.

Precious Things
Graveyard (solo)
Past the Mission
Father Lucifer
The Doughnut Song
Merman (solo)
Twinkle (solo)
Black-Dove (January)
Tear in Your Hand
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Frog On My Toe (solo)
Northern Lad


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From Mikewhy

October 31, 1998 - Evanston was a nice trip. I always seem to enjoy the Tori concerts that I see in the Chicago area. While I am not much on huge cities, the Evanston area, and the Northwestern campus in particular, was an interesting place with a great college atmosphere. The day was cloudy and rainy, but we were happy to be seeing Tori again.

We drove from Louisville to Evanston and arrived right as Tori's bus got there for the very short meet & greet before her soundcheck. It was cloudy and cold with a light drizzle. We did not anticipate seeing Tori this time, but I did meet more Toriphiles. A group of them gave me a flower and a signed card in memory of my friend Stacey. I was really touched by this. After we got tickets for the show we ate at a nearby restaurant which had the best pizza I ever tasted. Sadly, I can not remember the name of the restaurant.

The concert was once again fantastic. I missed the opening act, spending my time in the lobby talking to various people, including Aimee Lortskell and Becky from rmta, as well as Andrea Norstad and several other EWFs. As I have mentioned before, getting to interact with all these great people turns out to be one of the main reasons I see as many shows as possible, in addition to my love of Tori's music.

I was in the second row on the floor for the concert, and extremely glad to be so close. The only negative was the fact that my feet were hurting terribly, and it was a standing show. But the concert was still enjoyable. Twinkle was the biggest surprise of the night, and worth the price of admission alone. Combined with Merman it made for one of the most poignant "secret times" I have witnessed. The fact that she dedicated Merman to Matthew Shepard made it even more special.

During the show someone threw a stuffed animal frog on the stage. As Tori emerged for the second encore, she pointed to the frog and smiled. She was also walking onstage with a HUGE tennis shoe on her foot. so big she had to drag it with her to the piano. She told us that her dressing room was in the men's locker room and that she was leaving little presents for them. The crowd was really laughing at this. Tori then sang Frog On My Toe, which is always such a sweet song.

This was the third time this year I saw Tori in the Chicago area. The first two times I was with my friend Stacey. I missed her terribly. Thanks to all the people that day who expressed their condolences. It meant alot to me. I would also like to thank Ruth Eichmiller who let us crash at her dad's house before returning to Louisville.

From Krissy

November 8, 1998 - The awe. I felt it even before we even got in the doors of the arena. I've been there before. But I know it will always be there for me: the pure magic of a Tori show.

I went with my two best friends, my boyfriend, and a sweet sweet girl who's boyfriend goes to NWestern. It was a bitch getting there because of the rain, and eventually we decided to park the car and walk the rest of the way. When we were standing outside waiting to get in, my friend was shivering it was so icky out. As her lips were turning blue this darling girl in front if us offered her coat... it was really nice. Thank you!

After being patted down by the security guy I ran inside. As soon as I saw where our seats were I started to scream. "We are soooooo damn close! So damn close!" It's a really nice place, I'd never been there before. When I sat down it really hit me. 12th row center may sound far away, but it was soooo close. Ohhh the happiness.

And the anticipation. My friends and I were people watching, when suddenly I spotted HIM. It was Tori's husband Mark, nonchalantly wandering up and down the center aisle. I'm like look! look! and no one else in the audience seemed to notice him! Or maybe they just wanted to be polite... but we HAD to say something to him! So my best friend gets up, walks over and after politely asking the security guard, she started talking to him! And he was very cool about it. He laughed and smiled while she asked him questions. He promised he would say hello to Tori for her. hee hee. He has the kickin British accent and is a very handsome man. It was exciting.

When Tori came onstage in her little devil costume I knew what the opener was. Precious Things has always rocked. I personally think it rocks pretty damn hard without the band, but how can you deny the bumpin qualities Matt, Steve and John add? And are they cute! Steve was drinking and doing little dances... he adds humor to the scene. Now hear me out on this next one: John Evans... Jesus. Just a thought. And Matt! Matt's the creature!

By far my favourite was Doughnut Song. When you hear Tori live, especially with the band, and you hear new twists on these songs, sometimes it hits new chords and you just GET IT. The words and the emotion, it was Tori complemented perfectly by the boys. The song has soul, and I'll never listen to it in the same light again.

I noticed at this show, that there was dancing... but not the kind of dancing that there had been at the Rosemont show in August. How in the heck can you listen to Raspberry Swirl (which DOES work live!) and not DANCE? Tear the walls down people, it's a concert! Waitress and the orgasmic breathing at the end were great. Then there was Twinkle. God those lights! So beautiful. Tori's voice and the piano. Strip it all away and thats what makes me love her. Frog on my Toe was great too. Tori played it at the first concert I ever went to. . . at the Rosemont Theater in '96. Slap them boys when they're naughty. And in the end, when she sang N. Lad, I poked my best friend and said, "Christine! You've met the Northern Lad!" Sigh.

Thank you Mike for you continuing efforts at the Dent, and our prayers are with you.


November 4, 1998 - We got the venue and we found our seats and they werent bad at all! they could have been better but we were happy.. there was only like 100-200 people in the venue at this time, and we were just sitting around waiting.. then caton was in the audience, like in the hallway and he was not sitting or anything, just standing there with joel looking for someone/something.. so i smacked andrea and "floundered for words" (according to andrea) and then pointed and said "its steve!" and i yelled "steve!" and andrea yelled "caton!" and he looked at us and we waved! and he waved back!! we were the only ones who noticed him.. it felt so cool... i was soo happy... so andrea and i decide to stand by the backstage area in case he came back out and we could get our ticket stubs signed.. he didnt but joel walked past us and we said "hi joel!" and then we had a short conversation with him! he complemented andreas shoes! soo cool.. so after that the opening band came out, and they kinda sucked.. but thats okay.. at one point the drummer was talking and i couldnt hear him and i yelled "speak up!" and the people around me were like "thank you!"

now for the show:

i had brought a sharpie and throught the show andrea was writing it on my arm.. :) also, caton is the coolest dancer.. it was so great

1. Precious Things - i had heard a lot about how she grabbed her crotch when she sang so i payed attention.. okay, that sounds soo gross, i payed attention to tori's crotch... oh well.. anyway, i saw it..

2. Graveyard - i had expected this, i knew she had been playing it a lot. but it was really nice..

3. Past the Mission - i was hoping for a UtP loaded show and this was the first UtP of the show.. i think this is going to become my new favorite song.

4. iieee - i noticed she held her belly for part of this and it was so sad.. :( i screamed when she sang "need a Lip Gloss Boost in your america" she then said "hello, how's it going? We love coming to Chicago. But we have to leave tomorrow... We get bored and stuff sometimes. And you know if you want... Come find me." Then she introduced the guys.. it was cool.

5. Father Lucifer - this is the song that got me into tori.. i remember it from a long time ago. i loved hearing.. and it sounded good with the band

6. Hotel -this song was only great at the end.. when she sang "kings solemons mines... exit 75.. i'm still alive.... i'm stilll alive.." i loved it.. the rest of the song was cool but it wasnt fantastic.

7. The Doughnut Song - This was one of the highlights.. it is a great song and i hardly noticed the band

"So the guys go off and leave.... A lot has happened since we last were in Chicago. I've been playing this next song a lot for that boy in Wyoming. Wherever he is, this is for him."

8. (solo) Merman - I have this on cassette and once she said "Wyoming" i knew what it was.. this was really great.. very emotional.. and not many people knew what it was.. making it cooler for me

9. Twinkle - (solo) this is my 3rd favorite song... after "she's leaving home" and "pretty good year" i really enjoyed this a lot.. i couldnt have asked for more

10. Sugar - I love the line "you're just a pussy" in this song.. this is the second time this tour i had heard it, so it was nothing too special

11. Black-Dove (January) - i like this song a lot and i was happy she played it.

12. Tear In Your Hand - this is the 3rd time i have heard this live, and it is still the best.. i love it.. black of the blackest ocean.. so nice

13. The Waitress - this was really nice.. it is so true, and the lighting was fantastic.. i hate it when techies dont get recognized enough, so i just wanted to say the lights were great the entire time! Then they all gathered at the front and hugged, bowed, and skipped off the stage.

Encore 1:

The guys come out first, and Tori dances and shimmies to the music out to her piano. it was a cute hop thing when she came on

14. She's Your Cocaine - i was up and dancing for this, and from where i was standing a lot of people were.. it was very cool. i was hopping about.. dancing to tori is great

15. Raspberry Swirl - once again i was standing up and dancing.. and i didnt stand up until the people behind me did.. because i didnt want to be rude.. but i was dancing and hopping..

They leave.

Encore 2:

Then after a few minutes, Tori comes out carrying this ENORMOUS basketball shoe. Huge. She steps into the basketball shoe, with her other shoe still on (thats what it looked like to me) and then she walks to the piano, but she had to drag the shoe. She sits down and tells us that her dressing room in in the boys' locker room, and so there's lots of stuff like that around that she's been getting into. She said this shoe was mind-boggling. And she said she was leaving little presents for the basketball players in there, but she didnt think that they would be wearing it around

16. Frog On My Toe - (solo) i always loved this song and everytime i hear it i remember walking alone in the dark at a dark time in my life, and it is so sweet.

The boys come out again

17. Northern Lad - fantastic!

i was surprised she didnt play cornflake girl.. not that i was disappointed.. this is my first tori concert where she didnt play it (this was my 4th)

From Jen

November 4, 1998 - I am truly sorry not to write to you all earlier, the escapades of Evanston were the best. I have pictures of most of the people at the meet and greet. Sometimes I wish I could go back. First of all, many thanks to Brian for doing the number process, is was very much easier, and more convienient to line up. I got some really good pictures of Tori also, but the one of me and her, turned out horrendous. I got Steve Caton's phone number, I was 2nd row, dead in front of him, the whole show. I have never felt so seduced in my whole entire life, weird huh... Graveyard was so beautiful, and I requested Doughnut Song which made the show perfect.... well, I would love to write all my reviews of the show, I do not have time, I hope to have the pictures on line soon, I still have one more roll of film to get developed.

From marty walsh

October 31, 1998 - Happy Halloween to all EWF!!! This was the my third time seeing tori in chicago this year, and while the park west show on 4/30 is my fave, this show had an unbelievable amount of energy - both from tori as well as the audience. I'd seen a few shows at n'western before, but for tori's show, they reduced the size of the stadium by putting the stage near the middle of the floor. So, really, there wasn't a bad seat. Aside from the expecetd bounciness of the sound (the arena was a basketball arena - made to amplify crowd noise, not the performers!!)

The unbelievable truth really held my attention. Tori has a knack, i think, for finding really complementary opening bands. I also noticed that both opening acts for the plugged in tour have both been from ireland. Being from ireland myself (i was the one with fiery red hair, wearin'the funky yellow shirt!!), I suppose i'm a bit biased towards irish musicians. (did anyone else notice the drummer's "unique" hair-do? heehee) If anyone EVER goes to ireland, you should try to visit delgany, co. wicklow, where tori set up shop in an old church. I was lucky to spend last summer backpackin thru ireland, so I just HAD to check out wicklow and co. cork, where she also recorded!!

okay, so anyway, back to the tori show!! (i tend to go off on tangents from time to time, so don't mind me.) She opened with the standard precious things (a deifinite get-up-off-yer-ass song!!), and after setting the mood with an absolutely mind-altering version, i couldn't sit back down. At times, i would close my eyes and all these images bombarded my brain - faeries spinning and dancing; banshees wailing; (and my friend from texas who, *sob*sob* couldn't be there with me!) All the guys seemed to be having a blast. From Caton doin his lil salsa dance during Black Dove to jon and matt throwing each other lil smirks, you could sense the playful/energetic mood of the band. During this show, i really got a feel for the way tori and caton interact. she can throw him a look or a hair toss, and he knows exactly what she's saying. With Caton donning his slick black hat, and Tori in her devil get-up, they ready to take us all on a magical journey!!

Although i was a bit surprised that tori didn't play any of the radio faves, i was glad, because she was able to allow some of the other girls to strut their stuff (and boy did they EVER strut!!) Like merman, doughnut song (a highlite of the evenin), and sugar. During this tour, she's also brought out entire different personalities of songs like waitress and horses (played it at 7/19 show but not this time). I also noticed a number of strategically-placed mikes around the stage, possibly hinting at a future live album. (In a recent issue of illinois entertainer, tori had mentioned how she may put put a live album sometime soon, so we'll see!!!!!!!!) I'm gonna try to make it to the last show in east lansing (if anyone has any xtra tix, lemme know -!!) Thanks again mike for a great site, and to all fellow EWF!! you all helped make thurdsay night a truly magical experience for me. toodles!!

From Matt Miller

October 31, 1998 - Hello! My name is Matt Miller and I am a student at the University of Iowa. I attended the October 29th show in Evanston, Ill. and it was absolutely amazing. The night started off by me running into Mike, creator of this site, at an Italian restaurant. Just in case you couldn't tell, he is a very nice person. He didn't even laugh at me for introducing myself. Anyway, this was my fourth Tori show and nothing could have prepared me for this night. When we arrived at the Ryan Arena, we went to our seats and they were not exactly what I had hoped for. In other words, they were very far away. But, for Tori, I would stand ten miles away as long as I could still hear her. After the opening act, my friend Jennifer and I went downstairs to walk around and I approached this girl taking down Unbelievable Truth posters and struck up a conversation. It turned out that this very nice, very silly girl, was leaving the show because she had a paper due and she offered us her seats in row 12!!! I about threw up I was so happy. So, we received a seat upgrade of about 45 rows. When the show started, I was so pleased to see Tori strut from the backdrop sporting red devil horns and a red feather boa. She was spunky this night, I could tell. Then she began to sing. I could tell that she was very tired from performing three nights in a row because her voice was a little thinner than usual, but as beautiful as ever. I won't go song by song, but the highlight of the night for me was Donut Song. It is a very special song to me and, interestingly enough, she has played it at all four shows that I have attended. I like to think of it as our song. Past The Mission was fabulous with the band, as was She's Your Cocaine(I especially enjoyed the band's intervention during the quiet, slow bridge). Tori also did a creative little dance walking out before the first encore. It was great. She also came out wearing a giant white sneaker and said she took it from the men's locker room. She said she left some of her things for them to try on. It was great. I was also very moved by the dedication of Merman once again to Matthew Shepard. I think that it is very important that we keep this in our minds even though it is no longer in the news. Tori is doing a great thing by keeping this awful tragedy in our hearts and minds. Overall, this was a fantastic show that I will hold as the best show that I have ever seen. Thanks to Tori, Mike and all of those involved in making this such a magical night.

From Mairie

October 31, 1998 - Whoa.

Well I can't say I was particularly pleased with the Unbelievable Truth. They were alright, but... I couldn't really pay attention to them. They didn't seem to be very excited to be there either.

After they got done, I had plenty of time to kill, and I spotted Joel down by the barriers close to the stage. I told my friend Justin, who was with me, that I thought it would be cool to get his signature on my ticket stub, since I didn't get there early enough to get to Tori. So I went down there to talk to Joel. I asked him if I could have his autograph but he declined. Evidently, he doesn't do autographs. I tried to persuade him, but to no avail. But he did strike up a conversation, which was cool. And he squeezed my hand and held onto it for a minute while we were talking. It was neat. He asked if I was from Northwestern, and I told him, no, I was from NIU, and he asked if this was my last show, and so I told him I was going to Madison also. He told me to come to Eau Claire, but I can't... I told him that the final show in East Lansing was on my birthday, and I was disappointed that I couldn't get to that one. He seemed to share my disappointment (he's so nice!) and told me that yesterday was his birthday. So I said Happy Birthday and asked him how old he was. "I'm VERY old." Haha.. So anyway, then I told him I would see him in Madison, because I wanted him to give something to Tori for me, and I didn't think it was wise to attempt a pre-show thing with all the people. His eyes got this wide >--------------------------------< and he agreed that there were hordes of people and they were getting mean. But he said he would be plenty happy to pass something on to Tori for me, and so I said I'd see him then, and to say hi to Tori from Mairie for me...

I went back to my seat, and talked to the girls in front of me, who were recording the concert, and they pointed out where Mikewhy was for me. (Awesome seats Mike, you lucky duck!) I don't know what the girl's name was, unfortunately.

Time passed, and at a little after 9, Tori came on, wearing a cute lil devil outfit. She had on black shirt and pants, with a red vest, red devil horns, and a red feather boa. It was so cute! And Caton was wearing a cool black hat in addition to his usual all black outfit.

1. Precious Things - Awesome, as always. She did the crotch grab during the extra long "giiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllll."

2. Graveyard - Played solo with piano while the guys adjusted their instruments. It was so pretty. I haven't heard it in a while. Such a sweet song.

3. Past the Mission - I've never heard this live or with a band before, and it was very strange. I liked it, but it was definitely weird. Her boa fell off during the song. And then she took the horns off too.

4. iieee - did a little dance while the guys opened the song. Rubbed/held her tummy during "sacrifice" part. You could tell they played some recorded "iieeeees." And she said "You took my little girl" during the "I know you understand" part that she always does live. Does she always say "you took my little girl"?

Then she said "hello, how's it going? We love coming to Chicago. But we have to leave tomorrow... We get bored and stuff sometimes. And you know if you want... Come find me." Then she introduced her brothers. Called Matt a creature. :]

5. Father Lucifer - Wow, I was so surprised! It was very cool. She added extra words, which I couldn't understand. Anyone know?

6. Hotel - I finally got to hear it live. It was cool. Different, but I think I liked it. Caton danced a lot.

7. The Doughnut Song - Has she played this before on the tour? It was incredibly with the band. I loved it. So alive.

"So the guys go off and leave.... A lot has happened since we last were in Chicago. I've been playing this next song a lot for that boy in Wyoming. Wherever he is, this is for him."

8. (solo) Merman - The first time I've heard it anywhere other than my computer's junkie speakers. I'm in love with this song. I cried.

9. Twinkle - Never been one of my favorite songs, but it was definitely cool when she played it. And the lights were all on her like stars. Pretty. :] Guys come back.

10. Sugar - Rockin' as usual. I like the "You're just a pussy my sweet boy" line. I can't remember if she did that in Milwaukee or the last Chicago show...

11. Black-Dove (January) - Caton danced BIG TIME. And Tori sorta humped the piano at the "the snakes they are my kin" line.

12. Tear In Your Hand - One of my favorite LE-era songs. Not a favorite with the band though.

13. The Waitress - I knew it was coming, cause she'd played so many songs, and I figured it would be the last one before the encores, and I was right. She had a bright white light aimed at her crotch during the song. Ha. And there was a part when Tori was just playing piano and Caton was playing guitar, and they were standing up and facing each other and it almost seemed like they were playing to each other or dueling or something.

Then they all gathered at the front and hugged, bowed, and skipped off the stage.

Encore 1:

The guys come out first, and Tori dances and shimmies to the music out to her piano.

14. She's Your Cocaine - Standard Crotch grab. A couple of people were still standing up and blocking the view of the people next to me. (I was in section 203, so we didn't all stand through the show like most of the people on the floor did). During the part where she sings "sh sh sh sh sh SHAKE" she added the line "get the fuck outta me."

15. Raspberry Swirl - Awesome lights, but surprisingly, not a lot of people dancing. The girl in front of me stood up, so I had to in order to have any sort of view of the stage. So I just danced. I felt like people were looking at me funny cause I was dancing by myself. Oh Well. They leave.

Encore 2:

Then after a few minutes, Tori comes out carrying this ENORMOUS basketball shoe. Huge. Then she takes one of her shoes off, and steps into the other one and tries to walk to the piano, but she had to drag the shoe. She sits down and tells us that her dressing room in in the boys' locker room, and so there's lots of stuff like that around that she's been getting into. She said this shoe was mind-boggling. And she said she was leaving little presents for the basketball players in there. :]

16. Frog On My Toe - the band hadn't come out yet. I hadn't heard this in a long time. It's such a cute song. :] The boys come out again

17. Northern Lad - this song always makes me cry when she plays it live... *sigh*

After the show, I wandered around and saw Mikewhy. It was cool to meet him. It was nice to meet ya Mike. :] I was the chick with the black and white striped tights and red hair. That's probably the only way anyone will remember me. :]

And that was it. Now I just have to wait for Madison, when I'm sure I'll cry a lot, because it will be my last show of the tour.

From Jeff Przylucki

October 31, 1998 - On the train ride in to work this morning i was think about how much fun i had last night, and thinking about what i would write in a review of the show. I've come to the conclusion: I just love seeing Tori perform. What a great show... if two years ago you told me i would one day be at a Tori show, standing the whole night, getting hot and sweaty I would have said you were mad, but last night thats just what happened, and it was a blast. This was the 3rd show i've been to on the plugged tour, and i still just LOVE hearing this band. I've said it before, and i'll say it again, Matt and John can really add some serious bottom end when they want!

well after driving in the dark and rain forever looking for a place to eat, and fighting through some AWEFUL traffic to get into the parking lot we finally got into the arena at about 7:45, so we missed some of the Unbelievable Truth's set, which, judging from what we did see, we didn't miss much. I liked the Devlins (if you haven't already, go get their CD, trust me) and i wasn't too impressed by these guys.. After what seemed like an extra-long break Tori comes on at 9:05 or so.. with a cute pair of red Devil horns, and a red boa on, it was very fun. We were sitting in the 11th row on the floor, which were good seats i think, and we stood through the whole show. 2 girls sitting right in front of us had a little stuffed animal Frog, with a note pinned to it that asked that Tori play Frog on my Toe, well I couldn't picture this frog getting up to the stage from the tenth row, but as Precious Things started the girls passed the frog the people sitting in front of them and asked them to pass it to the front. As the second song started (was Past the Mission 2nd, or iieee?) i saw the frog fly through the air and land up on the stage, now the question was, would Tori get the note, and would she play the song?? The set list was great! The only Pele song that i've seen on this tour was Horses (which i love) until last night.

Father Lucifer - I love this song, and the band makes it come alive. This may have been the song i am most happy to have heard at the show.

Doughtnut Song - that was a surprise! (I've had "You've been wasting all my time, this time" running through my head since)

Twinkle - That was an even bigger surprise!

So i got to see some Pele with the band finally. I was hoping for Lite Sneeze, or Talula, but no luck. Past the Mission was another fav for the night, as was Tear in Your Hand. I was always amazed at how well Tori could make these song come alive with just her piano, but when it comes down to it, ya know they need the band.

Sugar, now this is was the 3rd time for this song this tour for me. When i first heard it, i really didn't care for it. It was a complete 360 from what i was expecting. The last time i heard it, i felt so-so about it. It was alright, but i still wanted the softer, sweeter Sugar. But last night i was really getting into it. It's got such a hard edge to it, you just have to be ready for it i think. Tori sings this with such venom and viciousness in her voice.. I NEED to hear this again (is there a bootleg anywhere?)

The first Encore was standard She's your cocaine (which ROCKS live) and Raspberry Swirl (which doesn't work live).

The second Encore, Tori comes out with a huge basketball shoe that she's taken from the locker room.. it was hillarious.. and she proceeds to play Frog on my Toe, and the girls in front of me that passed up the stuffed frog go crazy.. it was cool to see that all happen.. I'd like to know if anybody saw the "official" set list, did she change that, or was it a amazing coincidence.. either way it was cool..

I had a blast last night, Tori and the band looked like they were having lots of fun too.. Tori was smiling, talking, dancing, playing around more than i've seen her do this year.

one other random thought.. i noticed (for the first time) that there were microphones on the top of the amps. There has been talk of a live album. I'm no sound engineer, but the only thing i can think of is that these were crowd mic's..?

From Josh *Puff* Meier

October 31, 1998 - Hey Nike and all the toriphiles ! this show was absolutely amazing. Tori seemd to be reeeally into it and was in good voice. Here's the set list:

Precious Things ~ naturally amazing, a perfect opener

Graveyard (solo) ~ This is such a neat little song, especially right before a song that's got a nice beat to it =)

Past the Mission ~ *WOW* this was the first time I've heard this song live with the band, and I really liked it. Veery cool, I love the little piano chords right at the beginning.

i i e e e ~ I always love hearing this one live, especially the break in the middle, when she sings " I know you understand..". It is so cool how she has her voice programmed into the keyboard...amazing bass (Jon Evans is sooo good)

Father Lucifer ~ *DOUBLE WOW* this is the first time I've heard this one live with the band too, and it was incredible. She changed the words (as I'm sure you all know) in the middle bridge. Great song.

Hotel ~ I think this might qualify as one of my favorite songs on Choirgirl. I absolutely love her vocals at "Give me more" they were excellent at the show, and she gets so into it. Amazing song.

Doughnut Song ~ Another first for the band with me, and I absolutely loved it. It really sounded wonderful. Another great vocal song for her.

Merman (solo) ~ She mentioned Matthew Shepard again, which I thought was wonderful, and mentioned how they've had a lot of changes ont he tour as of late and how this song has really found it's place now. Absolutely beautiful, one of my favorite new B-sides.

Twinkle (solo) ~ As I write this I might burst into tears again. I asked her to play this one for me at the meet'n'greet before hand, and literally fell to my knees and wept for the entire song. It was so beautiful...just one of the simple beautiful songs...and absolutely amazing.

Sugar ~ She played this one the first time she was in Chicago and it was really neat to hear it again. It sounds really neat with the band, and the revamped "You're just a pussy boy" is an awesome touch. Caton got really into it here, and saluted me and kept looking and smiling...we played the guitar back and forth to each other.

Black Dove (January) ~ This has never been one of my favorite songs, but it's cool nonetheless. Her vocals were very nice on "On the other side of the galaxy.."

Tear In Your Hand ~ I love this song so much live, and it sounded great. Caton got really playful and was very into it. Great choice.

The Waitress ~ Great song, now traditional closer. She threw the "Hang ten honey" in there at the end, it was a great song. A lot of fun, and her "I believe in peace" vocals were great...her upper register sounded really nice all through the show.

1st Encore:

She's Your Cocaine ~ Always a great song, a lot of fun, the whole band was very into it. Caton has some really fancy footwork and is a great person to be standing by.

Raspberry Swirl ~ The energy of the entire audience just exploded here, EVERYBODY was dancing. A whole lot of fun, great song. Matt Chamberlain is soooo awesome on the barrel thing.

2nd Encore:

Frog On My Toe (solo) ~ This song wasn't on the original set list, but it was a very nice addition. Tori came out with a basketball player's shoe and mentioned how she was hanging out in the basketball player's lounge and found all kinds of neat stuff. She put on the show over her own shoe and walked over the piano, and then mentioned how she left them some "presents" and told the girls it would be quite a sight to see them flaunting around into it. She then went into the song and those around me (along with myself) added some extra umph on "slap them boys when they're naughty" Good song.

Northern Lad ~ Not another of my personal favorites, but her vocals were still very beautiful. Good closer, and the addition if the disco balls at the end were great.

Over all it was an intoxicating show. There were a lot of high spirits and intensity, despite the power-trip of the security guards up front. It was an amazing show, a great closer of the tour for me. THe meet'n'greet was nice too, everybody was fantastic. Thanks to all and a special thanks to tori for Twinkle.

From Alicia Maria Allgood

October 31, 1998 - was really nice meeting/seeing you in evanston and louisville...i got a fairly decent taping of louisville if you're interested...and a very decent copy of evanston (minus the last three songs...raspberry swirl frog on my toe and northern lad...but someones sending me there encore to add to mine...because i guess there's isn't that good...but a nasty version of frog on my toe is better than none....

last night was so amazing...the first few songs were so great...and i thought it was going to be such an awesome show...and then she played hotel...and from there on i was totally blow was so wonderful...i love hotel live, the donut song...i've wanted to hear that live for son long...and was overjoyed when i heard the first few notes...and when she said "you told me last night y ou were the sun now..." that whole vers eee gads...merman was so touching and twinkle is just special to me for a bunch of reasons but it was so fitting last night...

--you know...when she first started that the first thought that popped into my head was that she was singing it for stacey...but that's just a feeling i got... in my hand is always faboo...the panting at the end of waitress and she's your cocaine...and of coouurse frog on my GOD, that was so special...that song is just tres near and dear to me...and to actually hear it live...*wipe tear* :) and i guess my friend said he wrote her a note in louisville and asked her to play it 'soon' so he wasn't there...i guess he was hoping soon would be west lafayette...but i was happy for him...and of course northern lad is always so touching...*sigh* :)

so you have to tell me how you just go and get good seats like second you had no tickeets and then there you are up front...hmmm ;)

what am i going to do after this tour...i'll have so much time on myhands :)

From Mariah MacDonald

October 31, 1998 - TORI AT NORTHWESTERN


Tori played a fantastic show tonight at Northwestern. She was very energetic, and the set list was incredible.

Tori came out in a cute set of devil's horns (did she wear these in Baltimore? I thought I remember hearing she did. Hmm..) and a red scarf. She was so passionate and intimate with the audience.

My friend and I were near the front and when she began to play 'Hotel', we started jumping and hopped on our chairs and were dancing before the beat even got started (all the Northwestern people were looking at us like 'Oh, it must be because they're freaky University of Chicago people'). We were so excited to see Hotel live -- what about Tori's vocal chords? She shouldn't be performing Hotel liive! Tori noticed this, though, which was great because since she performs the entire song on her keyboard (as opposed to the piano), she was facing us and she smiled at us and I blew her kisses. It was the greatest.

Compared to the other times I've seen Tori on this tour, I'd say this was the most fabulous by a landslide. Father Lucifer was incredible. Hotel, Past the Mission.. oh! I have to go bask in the afterglow...

I almost forgot to mention -- during the show, Tori said that she and the boys absolutely love coming to Chicago and that if any of us were bored after the show that we should come find her later. Before the second encore, she came out with a fucking HUGE shoe and put it on and said 'my dressing room is in the boys' locker room and LOOK at the stuff I'm finding -- girls -- look at this! This is fucking unreal!' And then she smiled and said 'So I left some of my things behind for them but I'm not sure if they can parade them around.' Everyone laughed and then she started up the song.

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