North American Plugged '98 Tour
Louisville, KY
October 28, 1998

Updated December 14, 1998

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Tori performed in Louisville, KY on October 28, 1998 at Louisville Gardens during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour. This is my (Mikewhy's) hometown!

Set List

Tori performed Leather, Agent Orange, Hey Jupiter and Graveyard solo. Tori performed Agent Orange in honor of her budyguard Joel, who had a birthday that day! Danica Knox helped me keep track of the set list.

Precious Things
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Past The Mission
Father Lucifer
Leather (solo)
Agent Orange (solo)
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Bells For Her
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Cornflake Girl
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Graveyard (solo)
Tear In Your Hand
Pandora's Aquarium


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Mikewhy

December 14, 1998 - I am still glowing from the wonderful concert Tori did in Louisville, KY. I was front row center and had the time of my life. What an honor to have her in my hometown! Tori was in a good and funny mood and did all kinds of cute things on stage. I did not have a chance to review this show until several weeks later, so I will only give a few brief impressions.

I was worried during the tour that Tori would not make it to Louisville this time. She had played here during her three previous tours and it would have been sad had she missed us this time. So needless to say I was thrilled when I found out she was indeed coming here toward the end of the Plugged '98 tour! The venue, Louisville Gardens, was not the best looking venue she has been to (She played at The Palace in Louisville in '96, and that place is incredibly gorgeous,) but I was just glad to have her here. The crowd was quite large and I was happy to see that she is well-appreciated in my city. The first thing Tori said during the show was something like she was happy to be here and that she started one of her previous tours in Louisville. (That was the Little Earthquakes tour in 92. She played at the Phoenix Hill Tavern and that was my first Tori concert!)

Earlier that day I once again attended the meet & greet and met more wonderful Ears With Feet, some from Louisville. The weather was very nice and the day passed quickly. Today happened to be the birthday of Tori's bodyguard, Joel. When Tori and Joel arrived for the met & greet, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Joel. Tori had a huge smile on her face and was positively glowing while we did this, and she gave Joel a big hug. The meet & greet passed quickly because the barricade was quite small and we were packed in a small alley behind the venue.

I can not tell you about the Unbelievable Truth, because I spent their set sitting in the lobby talking with friends. They are a taltented bunch in some ways, but they are not my cup of tea. They seem rather monotonous to me, though they have a very gifted drummer.

As soon as Tori took the stage, I noticed a purple teletubby with a bright orange hat on it sitting close to Tori. The hat had "Agent Orange" written on it. It was likely one of the agent orange hats that were sold during the early part of the Dew Drop Inn tour in 1996 (or very similar to it!). When Tori sang the rare "Agent Orange" later during the show, she placed this hat on her head. This song was sung in honor of Joel's birthday.

Tori was in an extremely good mood during the show. She was smiling alot and was very playful. She told another variation of her Father Lucifer story about her father thinking that the song was about him. The show was high-energy and memorable. Read the reviews below for more details.

From Rodney Thompson

November 11, 1998 - october 28th...our fourth and, unfortunately, our final show of the plugged tour. my fiance, jennifer and i had decided to end what had seemed like two minutes in heaven with a bang. we began bidding on the tickets for the best buy auction roughly a month before the show date, and had received them about a week before the show. we were very excited...this was gonna be our 5-minute climax: a meet with tori after the show, to end an already extraordinary year of seeing the goddess in action on three previous occassions.

we left the house at roughly 10am en route to louisville which was still 6 tortureous hours away...and that's if we didn't get lost. the drive was long and tiring. we finally made it to louisville around 5:30, right in time for rush hour traffic. but, after a long fought battle, we finally reached the garden and saw some familiar faces, which is always pleasing. after talking to the friends we had made at past shows for a bit, we ventured in to pick up our aftershow passes. immediately, it seemed that things would not go so well: the woman at the ticket window saw that we had a camera. "they aren't going to let you in with the camera," she said.

"but," we started, "they said we could have pictures taken with tori after the show."

"well, i doubt it," this woman was just very supportive and optomistic. "you can try to take it in, but i'm sure they'll confiscate it."

"great" we thought, and decided to take our chances. well, fate was on our side, because they didn't even search us. they took our tickets and we walked right on in. camera and smiles still intact. our seats were great. this was our first time to have front row at a tori show, and needless to say, we were thrilled. it wasn't long until the lights dimmed...

we sat through the sometimes boring set of unbelievable truth, who, in my opinion, are no where near as enjoyable as the devlins, but that's just me...what do i know? either way, everyone that goes to these shows are most interested in seeing tori, so that's what i'll move on to...

after an all too long intermission, the place darkened again and out she came. everything was perfect. the show was incredible. it was refreshing to both of us that she played two songs (leather and hey jupiter) that we had not yet heard live, but had hoped to hear before the end, and it was great that at our last show, she played them both. the show lasted as long as they normally do, but as always, the end always comes too soon.

but, this time, however, we actually had more tori to look forward to! and so, we put our passes on like a war hero donning a purple heart, and went to stage left as instructed. we were led backstage where we were told we would have to wait about ten minutes because tori was saying goodbye to caton's brother who, i was surprised to learn, was also at the show. during our wait, joel came and talked with us. he was in a good mood. really cool, really nice, and just great to have around as the tension built. but, before we knew it we were in her dressing room...

as soon as we went through the door, tori gave us a smile and asked for proper introductions, meeting everyone, which was only us and two others. after the introductions, tori asked if anyone had anything they wanted her to sign. we told her that we did, so she motioned us away from the other two and we went over to a table where she signed our photo. during this time, she asked us where we were from, and when we told her "arkansas", she replied with, "my, that's quite a long haul, isn't it?" she then asked us if we were at the little rock show, and when we explained to her that we were unable to make it, but that we had went to the memphis concert two days earlier, she said, "memphis was a fun show, wasn't it?" we went on to tell her that this show was going to be our last on this tour, and tori politely and sincerely said, "oh...well, we're going to miss you guys." jennifer, still in shock, said "we'll miss you, too."

after signing our photo, we gave tori the book that we had brought her (good faeries, bad faeries). i said, "i know you've already got a ton of these, but we got it anyway."

"oh, that's ok," she said "but, you know what i'm doing with the ones that are given to me? i'm signing the copies and donating them to RAINN. because, those people have went through a terrible thing, and it helps them to have something to read. is that ok?"

(enter now the feeling of complete idiocy on the part of rodney)

"well..." i started "that is great...but we wrote you a letter on the front pages of the book. we had no idea. i'm sorry"

"oh, don't worry about it! i'll keep it. i love this book." (she is so cool)

before we left, tori took a picture with the both of us, and signed a postcard for our friend brad who we had talked to her about. on the postcard (which advertised the release of choirgirl), tori wrote "brad- xxxx (drew some kind of little face) (heart) tori amos".

we then moved back, and tori talked to the other two winners for a bit. from the pieces of conversation i heard, they talked about a restaurant (they obviously talked about the restaurant's wonderful finger foods, to which tori declared "i love my finger foods!").

well, the time was up. tori then gathered us together and told us all that she really appreciated our donation to RAINN, and that it was really a kind gesture that could and would be used to help out others. before we left,my fiance and i approached tori once more to thank her. after we got out what we wanted to say, tori expressed her appreciation and said, much to our delight, "ok, guys, i know i'm all sweaty, but i don't care...give me a hug!" which, of course, we did. i'm not sure where the other winners were at this time, we were kind of blinded by joy. but, after that, we left, fulfilled. it was wonderful. tori was extrememly polite and genuinally kind and concerned about our lives. she paid complete attention to us when we were speaking to her, especially when we were telling her about our friend, and she seemed to be really concerned about our well-being on the trip home, as well as that things work out for our friend brad. all in all, it was a great of the best of both of our lives. we can't wait until another album and tour come around so we'll have more times of complete happiness seeing tori perform again...

From Ann Ribe

November 4, 1998 - This was my third and final show of this tour. It was also my 24th birthday, which is the reason I drove from Birmingham, AL to Louisville. I was trying to make the meet and greet but during the drive I realized that Louisville was on eastern time, not central. Whoops.

Got to Louisville at 6:00 pm. Had a nice dinner with my husband, and got to the concert at 8:00pm, missing the Unbelieveable Truth. I got to meet Mikewhy, which was great! Went to find my seat and realized it was pretty bad. Third from last row, center, on floor. Hearing Tori is really the best part of the show, I told myself.

Tori started around 8:50 pm. Precious Things is incredible everytime I hear it. I wish that Tori would put this live version on an album.

Crucify was a shock. I haven't heard that before. It's one of my favorite songs. I loved it. Tori, of course, rocks it out live.

Other first time songs for me were Past the Mission, Father Lucfier, Agent Orange, Hey Jupiter, Bells For Her, and Pandora's Aquarium. My favorite was Hey Jupiter. I *love* this song. Tori sang it perfectly. It was so magical. Pandora's Aquarium was special as well.

During Leather, you can hear the audience singing along with Tori. It's kinda nice.

I didn't keep track of the set list or what Tori said. I did see that at one point she took an orange knit cap off a Tele-Tubbie and put it on her head. She also had a beautiful solo beginning to one song (don't remember which one). Tori told the Father Lucifer story, and towards the end, an audience member yelled out, "Father Lucifer".

Dancing to Cornflake Girl and Rasberry Swirl is always fun. Rasberry Swirl live is so much better to me than on the album. It absolutely rocks. Hotel is incredible live.

I didn't like the live version of The Waitress when I first heard it in Birmingham. It's become one of my favorites. Tori has just got to put out a live album. She is the best live performer I have heard in my life.

I'm sorry that this was my last show. Tori is amazing, and I'm so glad that I got to see her in this tour. It doesn't matter how far you have to drive, seeing Tori on your birthday is amazing.

From David Wells

November 4, 1998 - The Louisville concert performance by Tori Amos and her band was simply wonderful. She played with intensity and enthusiasm for the second night in a row (referring to the Dayton show). Along with her music she uses to connect with the audience, the audience themselves contribute to the overall experience. I met many EWF at the afternoon meet & greet and later at the show, and was just thrilled at their excitement, which was contagious. Again, the set list was remarkable. Tori has so many songs to pick and choose from, I wish I could hear them all played live back-to-back in a daylong marathon (wouldn't that be a choice event!) Personally, I loved Pandora's Aquarium, Cornflake Girl, Hey Jupiter, Father Lucifer and Caught a Lite Sneeze. Her music is what the fans want to hear, and she delivers right on cue. But some people just don't get it, like the Louisville Courier Journal newspaper. Scroll down a couple pages and read that review. Then read these words below reprinted from the Dayton Daily News (Carol Simmons-byline), about the show the night before: Physically unfettered and emotionally exposed, she makes contact with the inner core of the music and offers it up to the audience in a spiritual sort of communion. There were cheers of unleashed delight and even some tears of unlocked emotion as Amos made her way through a program that flowed without break. Playing surprisingly few of her so-called hits. she thrilled fans by performing a number of their personal favorites, songs that speak to private and universal conditions and concerns. And rather than taking away from the emotional intimacy of her solo performances, the band has helped Amos up the ante of musical possibilities. That's the Tori we know and the tone of the review we would each write! So there, Louisville music critic. I personally loved the show. Now that I have seen five of Tori's performances on this tour, I can say that each one has been unique in the venue, city and the ultimate experience. How can one be better than another? They are a set, a collection, from which memories are created and stored for a lifetime.

From Benjamin Brinner

November 4, 1998 - This was my first Tori Amos concert, and though I had expected it to be wonderful, it was even better than I had imagined. It was an unforgettable experience, but I don't think it's possible to articulate just how amazing it actually was. All the songs were fabulous . . . I wasn't disappointed. So here's a little bit of what went on:

Precious Things -- The band started to play, and everyone on the floor stood up to see Tori come onstage. Most of us remained standing for the whole show. Tori was wearing jeans and a silvery vest. Without hesistation, she sat at the piano and started to play. It was a great way to open the concert. There was a time during the song when Tori pointed at each member of the band one after another. I'm still not sure what that was all about. She slid her finger across the front of the piano at one point, and hit it with both fists when the song was over.

i i e e e -- Before she began to play this, she stood up and did a little dance. She crossed her arms at the wrist and twisted them around to the beat. Then she spread them apart, still twisting, so it sort of looked like she was riding an imaginary motorcyle. She started playing this song on the keyboard, but turned to the piano for much of the middle section, which included a new part that was mostly piano and drums. I'm sure these words aren't accurate, but it sounded to me like she was singing, "I know you own the store, but you took my baby." Tori would sometimes grab her stomach while she was singing. When she belted out the last "sacrifice" of the song, she got a little drool on the mike and made a bit of a hiss. It was a dark and chilling performance.

Crucify -- This band did an intro to the song, and Tori joined in shortly after. It was very similar to the album version, but much more powerful live.

Caught a Lite Sneeze -- This song was performed on the piano, and sounded absolutely perfect. Tori began by singing a few lines of "Hurt." She then went straight into the song. She added a new ending, as well, which was difficult for me to understand, but was definately nothing I had heard before.

Past the Mission -- This song sounds really good with the band. It remained very true to the album version. Tori started off on the piano, and switched to the keyboard for the middle part of the song.

Father Lucifer -- Tori talked a little bit before this song about her father. She told us she was at his house for Thanksgiving one year. She said her father was a great preacher, but when he prayed, he made sure to pray for everybody, and if you didn't think you had a problem, he'd find one for you. So he got around to Tori and told her that he was upset by what she had called him. And Tori explained that she had called him many things -- which one was he talking about? Apparently her dad thought Father Lucifer was about him. But Tori said that actually she had taken drugs with a South American shaman and had visions. "So the song's actually about the dark prince himself, and he's quite a beautiful guy." With that, she began to play. The song sounds a little different with the drums added in. It sounded to me like she included an entirely new part in place of the "Every day's my wedding day" part, unfortunately I could not discern what she was singing.

Leather -- The band left right before this song. Tori made sure to cross her legs before beginning. Everyone went wild as she kept pounding that first note. This performance was really impressive, with a few playful growls and everything. I could hear just about everyone in the audience singing along as she sang "He had a nice big fat cigar."

Agent Orange -- There was a purple Teletubbie on top of one of the speakers near the piano. It was wearing a neon orange hat with "Agent Orange" written on it. Tori thought about it for a second, and then leaned over and put the hat on herself. She then began to play a really jazzed-up version of Agent Orange. When she got to the line about palm oil, I remember that she took her right hand and flirtatiously slicked it up the side of her leg.

Hey Jupiter -- This was an incredibly moving rendition of one of my favorite songs. She drew out the end with a few extra high notes. Her voice really echoed at some parts of the song. Her singing seemed to surround the audience. It was very surreal.

Bells for Her -- I had trouble recognizing this song at first. It sounded incredibly different. It was nonetheless very powerful and very memorable.

Hotel -- Tori went back and forth from the keyboard to the piano for this song. I believe it moved more slowly than the album version, but it still sounded great. It got a few people dancing.

Spark -- Tori also used both the keyboard and the piano for this song, which was stunning.

The Waitress -- Throughout the evening, Tori would reach and to the air and seem to grab onto something. She did it several times during this song, which was wild. This song has changed quite a bit. I didn't see Tori playing the piano at first -- I think it was just the band initially. It's much longer and there are all sorts of new parts to it.

Cornflake Girl -- When Tori came back for the first encore, the band was already playing, so we all knew what it was going to be. Before she sat down, she hung off the edge of the piano and leaned back to get a look at the audience. Lots of people were dancing for this song.

Raspberry Swirl -- Tori had one hand on the keyboard and one on the piano. She reared back into the microphone and snarled "Let's go." This song was a lot of fun. It seemed to me that Tori really enjoyed the audience's reaction.

Graveyard -- This was the song I had been hoping to hear. Tori added a little to it, and changed the words around. I think she said something like "Sometimes I go into the graveyard and I feel you're still alive." And further into the song she switched the words around and said, "I'm gone, but you're alive." This song was gorgeous. I only wish it could have gone on a little longer.

Tear in Your Hand -- This song was really beautiful. Some of the notes sounded higher than usual.

Pandora's Aquarium -- I wasn't sure which song this was at first. The disco balls were sending little white swirls of light all through the arena. It was great to get to hear this song, Tori did a very good job with it. It was a good song to close the evening.

I left the concert in absolute awe. I can't wait to go see her again.

From Kelly Stitzel

October 31, 1998 - It was so great! I didn't have nearly as great of a seat as I did in Dayton, but I could still see Tori pretty well. I could see her hands tear up the Bosey and loved every minute! I agree that she was highly playful and seemed to really be hamming it up. One of the best parts of the night was definitely Agent Orange. For those who weren't there or don't know, October 28 was Joel's birthday. So, Agent Orange was for him. If you were there, but had no idea why she was wearing that cap or what it said, it said "Agent Orange" "Birthday Show '98." We all sang to him at the meet and greet and were having some good fun with him. Even though he probably won't admit it, he loved every minute of it. I was hoping we'd sing happy birthday to him during the show, but Agent Orange was enough. That was so much fun!!!

Another major highlight for me was Pandora's Aquarium. I hadn't heard that one live yet and was hoping she would play it. It was so beautiful! I was also really glad Mikewhy finally got to hear it, in his hometown nonetheless! The show was full of energy and very good. I know I should have more to say, but I don't. I should have written as soon as I got home so everything would be fresh in my mind, but I had to sleep. Louisville treated Tori well and it showed.

From The Courier-Journal Newspaper

October 31, 1998 - A review of the show that appeared in the October 29, 1998 edition of the Courier-Journal newspaper in Louisville. The review was sent to me by Wesley Yankowy, who was greatly angered by it. I am also amazed at the negativity of this review, but I am not really surprised. That newspaper has been printing clueless reviews like this for quite some time...

Tori Amos
Amos turns in mundane performance at the Gardens


In many ways, Tori Amos feels like a counterculture equivalent to Celine Dion; she is fist-waving and chest-thumping righteousness, a grand showman (or showwoman, I suppose) from the old school of theatrics. If she is your cup of tea, this exaggerated stage presence will feel powerful and mighty; if she is not, it will just feel silly.

Last night at Louisville Gardens, Amos dished up her enlightened-girl-power vitriol to a near-capacity crowd. Like her albums, it was a steady stream of piano riffery and verbal gymnastics, marked by the occasional high point.

The highest of those high points was the flawless performance of "Crucify," Amos' first hit. The song, in all of its shocking and powerful simplicity, demonstrated just how far downhill Amos has gone as a songwriter.

Once devoted to crafting interesting and unusual melodies with the higher purpose of using those melodies to form a great song, she now seems content to wallow in bombast and dissonance, as evidenced by the overwrought and unnecessarily complicated feel of her more recent output.

This much must be said in her defense: Amos is a stunning pianist. With grace and ease, she pours out oddly spaced riffs and chord frameworks which prick up the ears instantly.

She is also a great singer, her breathy and raspy tone capable of delivering volumes of emotion. How unfortunate, then, that her vocal lines and her keyboard lines are often at war with each other -- rather than sparring playfully as you can imagine they could, she instead opts to send them on wildly different routes, converging only rarely.

This has always been the case, at least to some extent, on her albums -- in concert, this problem is greatly magnified.

The main problem with Tori Amos is this: Despite her considerable talents as a singer and a keyboardist, the songs she writes are so incredibly derivative of Kate Bush that it is often difficult to take them seriously.

If there were any justice in this world, she would be writing Kate a royalty check every month or so. But while Kate was able to take complex musical ideas and make them instantly accessible while still preserving their integrity, Amos simply ties one arcane melody to the next, never caring whether her songs have any continuity or flow to them.

As a result, last night's show was filled with songs which were so close to being wonderful, songs which were crippled by Amos' crushing self-awareness as a composer.

One of the worst aspects of the evening, though, was the poorly planned and ill-conceived lighting. Dreadfully bright, badly positioned and terribly distracting, the gaudy floodlights kept the entire coliseum awash in a steady glow of sickening color.

There were, occasionally, moments where the white and purple cones of light overlapped perfectly on the center stage, giving Amos an almost beatific glow; but for the majority of the time, the lighting did the opposite of its desired effect, as it drew attention away from the performance.

From Darren Fuemmeler

October 31, 1998 - I thought this show was the better of the three show that I've seen. (the other two being the two Nashville shows) Tori was obviously in a *very* good mood, and it really came through in the performance.

Imagine my surprise the next day when I picked up a copy of The Courier-Journal (a Louisville paper) and saw this headline: "Amos turns in mundane performance at the Gardens" (by James Bickers) Among his comments were:

* On Crucify: "The song, in all of its shocking and powerful simplicity, demonstrated just how far downhill Amos had gone as a songwriter." (in comparison to Crucify)

* "Once devoted to crafting interesting and unusual melodies with the higher purpose of using those melodies to form a great song, she now seems content to wallow in bombast and dissonance, as evidenced by the overwrought and unnecessarily complicated feel of her more recent output."

* "Despite her considerable talents as a singer and keyboardist, the songs she writes are so incredibly derivative of Kate Bush that it is often difficult to take them seriously. If there were any justice in the world, she would be writing Bush a royalty check every month or so."

* "One of the worst aspects of the evening, though, was the poorly planned and ill-conceived lighting. ... the gaudy floodlights kept the entire coliseum awash in a steady glow of sickening color."

Geez... Who pissed in his cornflakes???

As far as I can tell, he doesn't think an artist should be allowed to learn, grow, and change. (in other words, to be human) And I'm having a LOT of trouble understanding the Kate Bush comment: Tori writes about her own life, and suddenly it's "derivative of Kate Bush"???

And, personally, I *liked* the lighting.

I'm not sure what James Bickers is qualified to review, but it's certainly not music.

It was a wonderful show, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Darren Fuemmeler

From Tausha Feger

October 31, 1998 - So I've had a full day to recover from my first Tori experience, but I'm still completely overwhelmed. It was everything I wanted it to be. My dear mother drove me and my two dear friends Julia and Melissa 140 miles to the concert. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the diverse group of Tori-philes. Every conceivable category of people you can think of was there, which I thought was absolutely wonderful. The love of Tori's music brings together an unlikely group of people, and for one night, it doesn't matter what you're considered to be, it matters who you are. I met a wonderful girl named Jenny, who is in Alaska at this moment (hi, Jenny!), and many others whose names I never learned.

Unbelievable Truth was the opening act, and I found them to be monotanous, although I feel bad saying that, since I met the singer later and he was a sweetheart. Plus, we all know that opening for Tori can be no easy feat.

And then...Tori! She opened with Precious Things, which I had a feeling she would, and of course it was wonderful. She had a Teletubby sitting on the speaker by her (the purple one) which I thought was adorable. Immediately I loved the live show, for the simple fact that no recording can ever completely capture the full extent of her talent.

Improvisations were frequent and wonderfully done, and the band did a beautiful job of backing her up. I have to say that the highlight of the show was Raspberry Swirl, which is ironic because the song that I used to loathe became the song I most wanted her to play. And it rocked! That definately made everyone get out of their seats. Waitress was great, as was the improv at the end, and Tear In Your Hand almost made me cry, just because I didn't expect to hear it, and because it was so beautifully done.

My friends and I left before the end of Pandora's Aquarium and high-tailed it out to the alley where all the tour buses were sitting. We stood there for a good 30 minutes when I spotted my mom, who stood with us for another hour in the hopes that Tori would come out and meet with us. To my disappointment, she greeted with people on the other side of the building and then left. That's when we met up with the singer of Unbelievable Truth, who had a wonderful British accent. He apologized for us missing her, saying "She's a very nice person."

After it was over I left feeling a bit let down, but the rest of the night made up for not meeting Tori. I got to see the most wonderful singer in the world, and meet some very nice fans that are just as devoted to her as I am. I also realize that she is only human, and she met with as many people as she could. I'm glad for the experience, and I don't think I would change one moment of it.

From Ally

October 31, 1998 - well, after getting the scare of my life when my friend didn't pick me up until 2:30- 2:45 (we were supposed to leave by 2) we hit the road from central missouri to louisville. we were a little unprepared... as in, she knew how to get to louisville but no idea how to get to the Gardens (auditorium). And i would just like to say that gas station attendants are really nice and helpful with directions! :)

after the 4 or so hour drive and driving around the town trying to find this place, we missed the first 20 mins of the opening band - and according to her friends (which we were supposed to meet before the show) we didn't miss much. ha.

so during the intermission between the two bands i am looking for Danica because i promised jenifa i'd give her a message and i was in seventh row and i'm like "oh jeez" and so uh, i was that really annoying taller girl wearing cargo pants and a grey hooded sweatshirt (my hair was pulled into a ponytail) - i am really sorry. i think i pissed the couple off that was sitting behind me, oh well. anyhow, i couldn't find danica and so ... sorry. (and i brought your tapes too to give you... hahaha, i'm so cheap! i was like "i'll save postage!")

anyhow, the set list from what i remember (i didn't write it down until after the show and i didn't tape it either because last week i sent my brother my recorder to tape a rob zombie show). (i had no idea i was going to this until tuesday.)

tori was a total dork last night - i mean that in a good way, she talked more than usual (to me anyways) and i wish i could remember more, but i dont - i got back at 3:15 am and am quick doing this before class! erf.

so the set list (sort of):

pt - mmm... i like this with the lights, but i wish she'd start with something else - just ONCE more before the tour ends

i i e e e - she was really more dramatic than i remember for her other shows during this and it gave it a different perspective than earlier in the tour

crucify - yay - i LOVE this with the band and hearing it live is so much cooler than on a tape *anyday*

cals - it hasn't changed much (to me,most of her songs evolve during her tour) def. a highlight

father lucifer - this is seriously what i wanted to hear, this and ptm - not as flighty as during ddi, but oh my :)

past the mission - HERE IT IS! yes! so i didn't get to the meet and greet, but i have been wanting to hear this since me and jenifa were thinking of different things to ask her for the norman show and it was this or voodoo :)

(jenifa requested MMBOP)


agent orange - i didn't recognize at first, i mean, woah. i never knew she has done this live before

hey jupiter

hotel - yes, i've finally heard it live and i really like it - ALOT


bells for her

waitress - if anyone taped this, it seemed to go on and on and on... how long was it?

cornflake girl

raspberry swirl - i danced. shake shake shake


tear in your hand

pandora - her voice was super strong on this one - i was expecting horses for some reason, but gladly, i got this.

so, if anyone did tape this, please email me :) i had so much fun dancing, some girls to my left were singing along the whole show, that pissed me off, but at least they knew more than just cornflake girl and spark, you know?

so after this awesome, almost sur real night, we hit a gas station, got coffee and drove back to central missouri. and now i am very very tired and i am probably forgetting something really really important, but right now i just can't think anymore.


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