North American Plugged '98 Tour
Dayton, OH
October 27, 1998

Updated December 14, 1998

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Tori performed in Dayton, OH on October 27, 1998 at Hara Arena during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Graveyard, Upside Down, Mr. Zebra, Cloud On My Tongue and Mary solo. Danica Knox & Kelly Stitizel helped me keep track of the set list.

Precious Things
Black-Dove (January)
Father Lucifer
Graveyard (solo)
Past The Mission
Upside Down (solo)
Mr. Zebra (solo)
Cloud On My Tongue (solo)
Little Earthquakes
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Bells For Her
Northern Lad
Mary (solo)


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From Mikewhy

December 14, 1998 - Dayton was a good memory for me. though I was still devasted at the recent death of my friend Stacey. The kindess of the people I met that day at the meet & greet really helped me out. I arrived at the venue early with my friend Danica Knox, and we proceeded to wait all day there. It was a general admission show (on the floor) and so we needed to get there early for a good seat. There were too many great people there for me to name them here, but I really enjoyed talking to you all and sharing Tori stories. (Special hellos to Karen Hagglund and her parner Michael, Kelly Stitzel, Stephanie Hercik and her friend Terra, Elizabeth "plinkity plink" Windau and Brad Ryan, David Wells and his friend Pamela, Ruth and Sariah, Chris Johnson, Lori Adams, Julia, Paul, Matt Page, Dor, and anyone else I talked to.) We were surprised to find out that Tori was going to do a meet & greet that afternoon, (Tori would often cancel the meet & greets if the show that night was general admission.) The meet & greet was one of the most orderly and nicest ones I had been too. I was at the front of the barricades and noticed that Tori was in a fantastic and happy mood. It was a very laid back meeting and Tori must have stayed outside and talked to us for over 30 minutes.

After that we resumed our places in line at the front of the venue to wait for the doors to open. We heard part of Tori's soundcheck, and were all excited to hear her practicing "Girl," a song she has not played for years. The song was a tricky one for her to play, and she did not actually play this song in concert for a few more weeks. When they finally let us in, I was shocked at how intense the security was. They nearly strip searched me before they let me in the arena. They were quite rude as they asked me to remove all the stuff from my pockets. I happened to leave a small amount of change in my pockets and the security guys says, "I said take ALL you stuff out of your pockets." Definitely the tightest security I have ever seen at a Tori show. Fortunately, I still managed to get in the front row on the floor!

The show was really excellent. Past The Mission was a treat, as well as Upside Down, which has always been one of my favorite Tori songs. In fact, it was the first Tori song I ever fell in love with. We were also treated to some very rare solo songs. We heard the elusive Mr. Zebra and also heard Mary solo at the end of the concert. This proved to be quite interesting, because later in the tour Tori started performing this song with the band. It was amazing to hear this song both ways. The Mary tonight was so incredibly tender.

I should have much more to say about this show, but I waited too late to review it. I think the reviews below will cover all the aspects of the show that I missed. The entire day was perfect in many ways, and the only thing that marred it was the speeding ticket I received on the way home in Cincinnati!

From Stephanie Hercik

November 8, 1998 - Hi Mike! First I want to say "hi" to all the wonderful EWF I met at the show. You all made my day that much more special. Hi guys!

My friend Terra and I arrived at Hara at 11am. We were marked #10 and 11 for the meet and greet. During the wait we talked to so many great people. It seemed like we waited forever. Then Dor started to line everyone up for the meet and greet. I was shaking, I was so nervous. We all took our place at the barricades. I was right up front. I started situating myself. I had two cameras, a faerie doll that I've had for two years that I decided to part with for Tori's sake. I also had a crystal butterfly for her and a letter where I had told her about a sick friend and I asked her to play Little Earthquakes for her because that's her fav song. I also had a FCGH booklet that belonged to my friend Megan who couldn't be there so I was going to get her an autograph. I was a afraid I was going to mess up what I was going to say to her. At the Cleveland show I thought for 4 hours of what I was going to say to her and the only thing that came out was "Hi Tori". I didn't even get an autograph at that show. Just a couple of pics that didn't come out too great. This time things were going to be different.

The blue bus pulled up around 4:20pm. First John Witherspoon, the tour manager, got off. Then Joel. Then some chick I've never seen before. Then... nothing. I was starting to wonder if she was even on the bus. TheN suddenly there she was. Like an angel. This light seems to eluminate her. Her presence is overwhelming. I started to take pictures as fast as I could. She talked to about three or four people, signed some autographs and then it was my turn. She turned to me and said "Hi! How are you?" I said "Fine. How about you?" She said "I'm good" Then I gave her my faerie doll and told her I named her Talula. She took her from me and said "Oh!! She's so cute!!" then she showed her off to Joel and Steve making her *yummy* face. Then I gave her the butterfly and the letter I had written her. She looked at the front of the box that the butterfly was in, in which I had written "To Tori... From Stephanie". She said "Thank you Stephanie" and then I asked her to sign an autograph for my friend Megan. She asked me how to spell it and I just couldn't get it out. I was trembling. I tried to spell it about 4 times. Finally my friend Terra helped me out. Then I asked Tori if she would take a picture with me. She said "sure". Then she put her arm around me and Terra took our picture. Then I thanked her and we hugged. Then she moved on. I kept taking pictures as she talked to other EWF then Joel and Steve whisked her away backstage. My angel had left.

Still shaking I walked to the front of Hara and got in line for the show. Luckily some nice folks saved our spots for us. Around 6:30 security came out and divided us into two lines of boys and girls. I was the fourth girl. Security was tight. I had throw out my pepperspray because they wouldn't let me in the building with it. I ran inside and got down to the floor. There was practically no one there. I rushed up the the front and got myself a spot right at the barricades four people right of center. I couldn't believe how close I was. FRONT ROW! I was so excited.

The lights went out and the Unbelievable Truth came out. All I could think while they played was "Get the F@#K off the stage so Tori can come on!" Then they left and we had to wait some more while they set up for Tori. I pasted the time by talking to this really nice guy (Hi Bob!)Then the lights went out and it was show time! My knees were weak. The band came out and started the intro to Precious Things. Then Tori came in out of the smoke. She was wearing a blue shirt, blue pants, a blue glittery apron and black shoes. She looked fab as usual. I couldn't believe how close I was to her.

PRECIOUS THINGS: My favorite song. Always a great intro. I love her extended GRRRRLL. The whole song is just wonderful.

GOD: I recognized it as soon as she started to play it. I love the new version. It sounds very funky. Another great song. Complete with "you dropped the bomb on me Jesus"

BLACK-DOVE (JANUARY): One that I've been waiting to hear. My fav from FCGH. Sounded a lot like the album version. Not too many adlibs or improvs. But awesome nonetheless.

FATHER LUCIFER: Before she started this she said something along the lines of "I think you all know by now this is not about my father" Incredible! Not one of my favorites but is now one of my favorites on the tour. It's simply enchanting with the band.

CRUEL: Not one of my first choices. Tori doesn't play too much during this song. Just sings. She did a lot of great moves but I like it better when she plays too. Beautiful vocalization and the band was great.

GRAVEYARD: First solo of the night. It was beautiful. I could clearly see she had tears in her eyes as she sang and she looked to the sky several times as if she was singing to someone "up there". Very elegant.

PAST THE MISSION: I was hoping for this one. It was gorgeous. She switched from the piano to the keyboard quite a few times. The band really added to the sound. ::YAY::

Secret time::

UPSIDE DOWN: Before this she asked the audience which b-side she hadn't played yet. Everyone started to shout out songs. I was really, really hoping for Flying Dutchman (it's my fav b-side). Then someone shouted "Here.In My Head!" and she said "OHH... I've played that one already" and went into Upside Down (my second fav b-side). Great as always.

MR.ZEBRA: Another great tune. Very tripy. I was surprised to hear it though. I really wasn't expecting it.

CLOUD ON MY TONGUE: AHHHH.... so beautiful. Her vocals were in top form and so was she. Secret time is simply a breath of fresh air. Sometimes the band overpowers Tori and it gets very frustrating so it's nice to have the boys leave for a bit and just have Tori and the bosey. Just like old times.

SUGAR: This is the best version of Sugar in my opinion. The intro, the drums, the "you're just a pussy" adlib. ::SIGH::

IIEEE: Also another favorite on the tour. Great piano improvisations. Tori's dancing is mesmerizing. The band is awesome. Adlib: "I know you understand the way"

LITTLE EARTHQUAKES: AHHH!!! I couldn't believe it when she started playing it. I could barely stand. I thought of my sick friend the whole time. I watched Tori's every move. It seemed like she was looking right at me the whole song, but that could have just been a coincidence. But I thank her from the bottom of my heart anyways. It was great. No improvs. Sounded a lot like the album version.

WAITRESS: I'm having a love/hate relationship with this song on the tour. On one hand it's a great song especially this version. But it also means that the show is almost over, which makes me sad. Anyhow love the Plugged version of this one. Great improvs and adlibs. The famous "Hang ten, Hang ten honey"


HOTEL: Couldn't wait to hear this one. I was really surprised she played it. I didn't even recognize it at first. Then when I figured it out I was so excited. I really thought this one would be hard to pull off live but as always Tori did a magnificent job. Hats off to the band also.

RASPBERRY SWIRL: HOLY SH*T! This version didn't sound too much like the album version. Matt Chamberlin gets up, puts on this helmet that has two glow in the dark antennas on it and starts pounding on this oil drum like his life depended on it. He was just superb. I was waiting for him to pass out from exhaustion. Tori was great. Switching from piano to keyboard. The lights ::AHH:: Steve "fancy feet" Caton was just so much fun to watch. That boy has got some moves. Everyone on the audience was dancing. Caton must have not been very impressed with our moves though because he signaled to the audience to clap and move around some more. Just a fun time.


BELLS FOR HER: Not one of my favs but sounded good with the band. I wanted to hear it because I had read that the version with the band was excellent. I'd have to agree. The lighting was great.

NORTHERN LAD: Love this song. Sounded very similar to the album version. Especially liked the "It gets so fucking cold" She really emphasized the "fucking". The band was great. I was sad though because I thought she was going to end the show with the band. I was really hoping we could end the show with just Tori. Then after NL the band left and Tori stayed! I was so happy! I couldn't believe she was going to do three song 2nd encore.

MARY: WOW! The sweetest version of Mary I've ever heard. She extended it quite a bit. Her vocals were excellent and it was just beautiful. Tori had given the best performance I had ever seen from her. She was just in high spirits the whole show. The lights came on and the magic carpet ride had come to an end.

On the way out I saw no other than Mark Hawley. Tori's husband. It was weird seeing him in person. He was cleaning up the sound both. I caught myself staring off into space a few times and had to pinch myself. It's very hard coming down to reality after a show.

It was a great day. I couldn't have planned it any better. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Akron and Columbus shows and also look forward to meeting new friends. See you there Mike!

From David Wells

November 4, 1998 - The Dayton, Ohio show was another memorable Tori concert event. I traveled to Dayton from St. Paul, Minnesota with my best friend Pamela. We had seen three shows previously (Minneapolis, Nashville, St. Louis), and Dayton was our fourth show (Louisville will be the fifth). The show was held at Hara Arena, an out-of-the-way venue for a Tori concert. I liked Toriphile Keith's description of Hara Arena as "a place reminiscent of a bowling alley from the outside, and a parking lot that reminded me more of an abandoned drive-in than an arena lot."

The meet & greet was fun and well controlled, thanks to Toriphile Dor who organized the crowd of 60 or so. Tori came in her blue bus about 4 PM and Joel escorted her to the barricades. She looked fabulous. Her glowing red hair was down and she laughed, smiled and seemed genuinely interested in each and every one of her fans. She wore a brown skirt, boots, and tan V-neck blouse (my photos sent separately). She stayed a long time meeting fans (about 25 minutes) and most everyone seemed satisfied. I loved hearing her talk to everyone. My favorite quote of the M&G was her saying, in response to forgetting about something in talking with a fan, that she "had the brain of a goldfish." Tori also mentioned that every one of her concerts is being recorded; a live 2-CD set is planned for a future release. I got a lot of good photos of her while there and an autograph, as well, which I cherish. After the meet & greet, Pamela, Keith and I went out to grab a pizza and get back for the general admission gates to open at 6 PM (for floor seats, general admission, you do what you can to be close to the stage!)

Pamela and I had spots on the arena floor dead center, about three bodies back from the barricade. We had to endure the opening act "Unbelievable Truth" simply to save our spots (we would have preferred to avoid them altogether). This band did NOT look like they were having fun. I mention this because when Tori and the boys came onstage, immediately you could detect ENTHUSIASM (Unbelievable Truth, take note!).

I will not give a detailed review of each and every song, but simply state my overall impression and some comments. The band rocked. The band was awesome. Tori was beautiful and sang wonderfully. Her screams on Precious Things and iieee are what Pamela wanted to hear again, and her request was fulfilled. I enjoyed the show tremendously, and looked at Tori straight on the whole night since I was so close to the stage. The crowd enjoyed the show, the ones I could see on the floor anyway. I counted that she played one or two more songs than usual, and somehow it felt special to be at this particular show.

I loved the set of songs Tori played. It's always great to see multiple Tori shows because she changes the set enough to make each night different. I especially loved hearing "Father Lucifer," "Past the Mission," "Upside Down," "Mr. Zebra," "Cloud On My Tongue" and "Sugar." Only this summer did I discover and find her import CDs and was introduced to many of these beautiful songs. Special treats for me to hear during the two encores were "Hotel," "Bells for Her," "Northern Lad" and "Mary." This show was fabulous and impressed upon me how much better it is to hear Tori play live. The recorded CDs will have to hold my interest between live shows. The next show was in Louisville, and I drove there with Pamela the next morning to see Tori again.

From Samantha Martin

October 31, 1998 - the show was just gorgeous as they usually are, I don't remember the correct set list, so I'm not going to even try to keep them in order.

During the soundcheck, I herd Girl, Muhammad My Friend and Father Lucifer, there might've been more, I'm not sure, but she'll probably play Girl in Louisville for a person I met, who I can't recall her name, but has been asking for Girl for a very, very long time.

Precious Things, as usual, was the opener, and I did expect it, I didn't, however, expect the effect it would have on me. I've herd it three times live including this show, and I always liked it, but somehow the circumstances were different, and I just couldn't help from bawling, and being in the second row really affected the performance.

God I really actually didn't expect, but I was happy she played it.

Black Dove, I love the beginning so much and I expected to hear this one some time during the night, all turned out as planned.

This is where I get screwed up in the order, but, Graveyard, it was so emotional and beautiful, I can't really express how it was, but sentimental and a mourning.

Father Lucifer, it was so neat how she did it with the band, I always wondered how it would be, and I really want to know what she said instead of the 'Go away world...Beenie lost the sunset' part.

I i e e e, I expected this one also, complete with the stomach cluching.

Cruel, I am SO glad she did this one, personally I think the one in Detroit was more powerful, maybe it was just louder, but that's me.

Sugar, This one I'm also Very happy about, I really wanted it too. Very powerful and I love the bass line she plays on the piano.

Past the Mission, I was very very hopeful that she would do this also and I thought she would since she's been doing it recently.

Little Earthquakes, I know my friend, Carrie, wanted this song and there it was, the improv before it was so gorgeous and beautiful, I thought it might lead into Icicle, because she was talking about a girl frozen in ice, sleeping, but the band was still there.

Waitress, also expected, since she has done it at every show. Sara finally got her song, another friend i went with.

Upside Down, I just kept thinking about the RAINN concert tape and when she did it on that.

Mr. Zebra, One thing to say: THANK YOU!!

Cloud on My Tongue, unexpected too, but beautiful none the less. I think that's all for the main set list

Raspberry Swirl, of course this was just awesome, her vocals sounded different towards the end. We all danced, and I am sore today.

Hotel, so weird to hear it live, I don't really have too much of an opinion, either way, it was pretty cool.

Bells For Her, I really didn't expect this one either, although maybe I sould have, but it was so emotional and a filling version.

Northern Lad, it was good, because I was starting to really get worn down and another very emotional one, sitting there in the second row with my binoculars, (you never can be too safe), it touched my heart to see tori's face while she was singing this, especially duing the end.

Mary, completely took me back to Little Earthquakes, it's such a strange feeling to hear this song.

What can one say other than it was just a spectacular show, and I wish I could thank tori for everything, the show, and her decision to share herself with us most of all.

From Kelly Stitzel

October 31, 1998 - Hey Mike! Long time no see (hee hee). I just wanted to send you a review while everything is still fresh in my head. This day was so perfect that I'm just so overwhelmed by it all! First off, it was great getting to meet so many wonderful people. I know I made some great friends today and am really happy about that. I also got to meet Tori, which was a highlight of my 20 years. On to the show. Here's the setlist. I know Danica has a copy of the original setlist, but, as you know, two songs aren't on there, so I'll take them directly from my arm:

Precious Things
Black-Dove (January)
Father Lucifer
Graveyard (solo)
Past the Mission
Upside Down (solo)
Mr. Zebra (solo)
Cloud On My Tongue (solo)
Little Earthquakes
The Waitress

Raspberry Swirl

Bells For Her
Northern Lad
Mary (solo)

This show was the best I've ever seen (although it's only my third). For the fashion watch, Tori was wearing an off-the-shoulder sky blue shirt, blue pants, a blue sparkly dress-thingy and black high-heeled boots. Caton had on a great blues-style hat and his fingernails were painted black (I thought that was hilarious). This was such an incredible set list. I'll just go through song by song.

Precious Things--excellent as usual

God--fabulous. I was hoping she would play this. I have it on a boot from the club tour, but I really wanted to hear it live.

Black-Dove (January)--again, incredible. Tori's voice really sounded great tonight. After this song, she said what a great time she was having in Dayton and then she mentioned spending lots of time at a local restaurant, though I don't remember the name (Coolies maybe?). She then said, "So some of you know this isn't about my father"

Father Lucifer--I was so excited to hear this! I love this song and the band just adds so much to it. Everyone on the stage just looked like they were having so much fun.

Cruel--love Tori's little dance during this one. I do believe after this song she introduced the band.

Graveyard--very beautiful and very intense. I think we all know why she's been playing it so much lately.

Past the Mission--another song I almost wet myself upon hearing. Not much different from the album version, but so incredible anyway. She did part of it on the keyboard (the setting appeared to be still on the Black-Dove setting)

Time for the boys to go away.

Secret time was great. She started out by saying that she hadn't played this b-side yet on the tour and then got us to try to guess (C'mon Matt, you've been to more shows than I have) what song. After a few wrong guesses, she launched into

Upside Down--such a beautiful song. I loved hearing this live (though, she has played it before, just not for a really long time). Next was

Mr. Zebra--this one was played for Ruth and it was really cute. Then she went into

Cloud On My Tongue--what a pleasant surprise. I was expecting to hear Flying Dutchman here somewhere because she had a couple of requests for it at the meet & greet, but this was just as wonderful to hear.

The boys some back and begin

Sugar--OH MY GOD!!! This song is so great with the band. I just couldn't believe my ears at this point. WOW! Tori was really in a great mood tonight and it definitely showed!

iieee--incredible as always. I love the "I know you understand" part. She then played a gorgeous improv, the likes of which I had never heard. I really wasn't sure what to expect at this point because I'd never heard her do this before. It was really great, although I really cannot remember what she sang.

Little Earthquakes--another song on my wishlist. Wow! This is such an emotional song. Very powerful and great placed towards the end of the set.

The Waitress--of course this was fabulous. Not as long as I thought it would be, but excellent nonehteless. Caton and Tori had some really great playful facial expressions during this one. Incredible interaction between everyone.

Encore time!

Hotel--this was becoming my dream setlist! I really liked this live, although it was kind of slow. But it was still really incredible and I absolutely loved the "Where are the velvets?" part.

Raspberry Swirl--kick-ass as always!

Second Encore is a little more subdued. Starts out with

Bells For Her--YES! I wanted to hear this too. So great with the band. I just couldn't get over how much the band really added to this song. Just incredible.

Northern Lad--really beautiful. Again, a song that is well placed as an encore. As I was standing there (front row!!!!), I was thinking: she's going to do another one. I know she's going to do another one. We all freaked when she motioned to Marcel that she was going to do another one. It was Mary! I had never heard this live and I just couldn't believe it. It was a very sweet and beautiful version. I love this song solo. The disco balls continued and really added to the atmosphere.

Well, that's it. This was one of the best days of my life and I'm so pumped about Louisville! GIRL, I hear the AGENT ORANGE is around here somewhere looking for that persistant bitch!

From Lori Adams

October 31, 1998 - Hi Mike! Here's my little review from the Tori show in Dayton, Hara Arena. First of all, how nice it was to see familiar faces!! (Hi:) You all know who you are, and in Columbus I hope to talk with you all at the meet n' greet, I can make it to that one.)

Anyways....the show! It was absolutley 100% a fantastic, intense, surreal show. Tori's passion and energy was unbelievable. She never ceases to amaze me that's for sure! I loved the setlist! Tori didn't play the typical:Cornflake Girl, Crucify, CALS, Spark. Which, I was very surprised, however, very, very pleased to hear songs that don't usually get played. I'm not going to go into detail on each song, however every single one was so wonderful! When I heard Northern Lad start up, my heart sunk to my feet, and I just closed my eyes and took every word of it in. Northern Lad is one of my faves of Tori's!!! I think everyone there last night was in awe at how great of a show Tori put on. I mean, she always puts on a great show, but there seemed to be a little something more last night. I know the incredible setlist had something to do with it.

was extremely happy, because I ended up in the front row, right in front of Caton. Boy, he sure can play! I love watching him dance and wiggle them feet! The only bad thing I have to say about this show, is the general admission standing room only. During Tori it was fine, but when Unbelievable Truth was playing, these teenage girls kept talking and talking so loud to where I couldn't even hear the opening act. Also, they were plotting against my boyfriend and I (no lie) to push their way in front of us, needless to say it didn't happen though! I'll stop complaining now. But, that part just got real annoying. Rude people are not cool!!! Tori's energy level when she is performing is so extreme. I get so taken-in, as if I am in a trance for those 2 hours, a trance Tori put me in. I close my eyes, dance a little, cry a little, laugh a little...then the lights go on and I suddenly realize I've been taken on "the ride of my life," and I am drained. For the 2 hours of Tori I am so connected to what is going on stage, and what is being played, that when it's time to go, I am ready for bed. No other concert compares to Tori's. Tori is there for her fans, she is there because it's what she loves to do, unlike many music performers today.

Well, I'm glad that last night wasn't my last show of this tour. I'll be in Columbus, and already can't wait!

From Brad Ryan

October 31, 1998 - This was only my second Tori show, but this show was definitely much better than the Cincinnati show on July 21. So many wonderful things happened, that I just don't know where to begin. My friend Elizabeth and I arrived at Hara Arena around 12:00. We were first reunited with our friend Sariah. Everyone at the meet and greet was very kind and fun (including you Mike!) and it definitely helped to pass the time. Sariah set up a numbering system so that those who came first would have the privilige of being up close at the meet and greet. I think I was situated in Row 1 and 1/2. The rows weren't exactly rows.

I had to use the restroom so bad, and I thought for sure that I would piss down my leg the second I saw Tori, but I didn't. I was actually very calm, and since it was my second meet and greet, I really didn't feel that intimidated by her. She is a very REAL person.

I only cried when my friend Elizabeth was talking to Tori. Elizabeth is a very wonderful pianoist, and Tori is her inspiration; however, Elizabeth has a health condition that make her hands go numb, and it makes playing the piano very hard for her. Anyway, Tori talked to her for quite awhile, and seemed deeply interested and concerned for her. She signed Elizabeth's copy of "Tori Amos Anthology" and wrote a very inspirational message on the side of a piano key that Elizabeth removed from her piano. Tori told her that she wanted her to keep in touch so that she could know how things turned out, and she know that things would get better, and she'll be ready to "plinkity plink" real soon. It was so sweet, and I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn't even take the picture. Thank god Sariah was able to get it for me.

I was able to get out a lot more than what I did at Cincinnati. I told her that it was hard for me to put into wprds how much her music has meant to me, but that I am extremely grateul to her, etc. I know it was somethink like that. I choked up just a little bit. and saw her get kind of teary-eyed. It meant so much to me. She signed my Under the Pink "Brad (heart) Tori Amos." She gave me a hug, and I said "I Love You!" Then she told me that she loved me too, and then I got a picture with her. I couldn't have asked for anything more, but things did get better.

I met a new friend, Danika [Note from Mikewhy: Her name is actually spelled Danica!], who has been begging Tori to play "Girl" for several months. Out of the blue, Tori started playing this during the soundcheck, and I ran around the building and said, "Aren't you the one who's been wanting to hear 'Girl'?" She said yes, and then I told her she was playing it. DAnika took off running around Hara Arena and was in near tears. She was so grateful that I got her. She must have hugged me 5 times, and it made me feel really good. I guess Tori hasn't played "Girl" at a concert for several years, but I have a feeling that's about to change soon. She also played "Iieee", "Black Dove", and "Muhammed My Friend" during the soundcheck.

I was very depressed that this show was general admission. I like the idea of having a reserved seat. Hoewever, this turned out to be better than I had imagined. We were able to save our spot in line while we went to the meet and greet, so that definitely helped out. Right before they let us in, they divided us into male/female rows for the body searches (they even had metal detectors!). I was able to be the 4th or 5th person in the guy line. The man quickly searched me, and I ran like Hell! And as luck would have it, I got a spot for Elizabeth and I in the very front row, right in the center. I was in complete shock. I always thought that I was the kind of person who would never get lucky enough to get a front row seat, but I did, and OH MY GOD DID IT KICK ASS!

Almost all of my friends were in the front two rows (Sariah, Lori, Lindsay, Carrie, Matt, Danika, Mikewhy, and more). I haven't been to many shows, but I heard no complaints, and it seemed to me that this definitely had to be one of the best shows on this tour. She was in a very good mood at the meet and greet, and I just had a feeling that we were in for quite a night.

Tori came out in a beautiful blue outfit, and she bowed right smack in frint of me. I could not believe how close I was. Here's a summary of the 19 songs that made up this PERFECT night.

"Precious Things": This is one of my personal favorites. I loved watching her facial expressions. She looked right at me several times during the show. It was incredible. She really communicates a lot with the band which is something I didn't realize from where I was sitting at Cincinnati. Her famous Girrrrrrrrrrl was enhanced with a naughty little movement she made (which I loved). After every song, she would quickly put a little Evian in her mouth and spit it out on the floor. I guess swallowing it would make her a little bloated or something. She was so spectacular. Precious Things was the perfect opener to a truly memorable night.

"God": I was so happy that we were treated to a variety of songs that weren't played at the Crown in Cincinnati. God sent shivers all through me, because the emotion was so intense. I just wanted to scream with her as she belted out "You dropped a bomb on me Jesus, you dropped a bomb on me!" And the way her face shook as she sang, "OH, YOU TRIED TO SAVE ME!," will always linger in my mind. She was perfect.

"Black Dove": This song is great because it has moments of pure beauty and raw intensity. I felt so at peace during the opening, and then came that Tori-jilt as she sang, "But I have to get to TEXAS!" This song is very original, and I find it to be very haunting. It comes across great live.

"Father Lucifer": She started this song off by telling us, "As you all know, this is not about my father." She stomped her right foot along with the beat of the music throughout the entire song, as did I. I think this is the song where she made eye contact with me for about 20 seconds. It was nifty! I love this song so much, and I think everyone was equally pleased that she played this song.

"Cruel": This song began with a groovy dance. She was so awesome. My eyes were glued to her, and I know my smile was as wide as the ocean. We didn't get to hear this girl from the choirgirl hotel in Cincy, so I glad to hear it live. This was a smart choice as the third American single (not the cheese slices).

"Graveyard": She played this song by herself, and I had no idea that this would be so satisfying. It's so short, that many people sort of ignore it, but it was actually one of the prettiest songs during the entire show as far as I'm concerned.

"Past the Mission": Like Pretty Good Year" in Cincy, this was the major surprise of the night. My friend Lindsay was hoping for this more than anything else, and she was so ecstatic. I was very excited as well. She was absolutely mesmerizing. I just can't say enough about this show!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Secret Time }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

She was talking to one of my new friends, Matt during this pre-secret time time. She was talking a lot more at this show than she has been at others I've been told. She was trying to get Matt to guess what Bee-side she was about to play. She hinted that it wasn't a song that she's played a lot during this tour. I don't know if she's even played it at all. She said that Matt should know since he's been to more shows than she has (LOL)!

The song was "Upside Down" and I can't say anything other than beautiful and wonderful. Right after this song, she made the exact same comment that she made earlier at the meet and greet about "Plinkity Plink." This was obviously a message to Elizabeth, and she was in instant tears. It was so wonderul.

"Mr. Zebra": This song is so unique, and it was fun to hear live. Everyone knew the lyrics, and I just thought that it was a great moment during the show.

"Cloud On My Tongue": It was such a treat to get three solo songs during this time. This was also a major surprise, and it was very soothing. I never expected it, but it a very intimate song.

The band returned to a round of applause and then they went right into an intense version of "Sugar." I don't know this song very well, but it was still great to hear it.

"Iieee": This is Matt's favorite song. I love it 2! Is it just me, or does this song make you feel like a snake? It's so cool.

"Little Earthquakes": This is probably one of my favorites, and it sounded better with the band than I had anticipated. I love the way song shifts from each unique verse to the next. I sang this with Tori word-for word, and I was extremely happy to hear it.

"The Waitress": The entire song was just as intense as I had remembered. My favorite part was when she sang, "I know she's a devil BITCH!" The heavy breathing at the end sort of captured the way O was feeling at this point.

{{{{{{{ENCORE 1}}}}}}}}

"Hotel": This isn't a favorite of mine, ut it sounded wonderful live.

"Raspberry Swirl": Tori was dancing like crazy. It was so sexy. I jumped up and down and swirled my hands the entire time. It was definitely a highlight for me. I had so much fun during this song.

{{{{{{{ENCORE 2}}}}}}}}}

"Bells For Her": Gorgeous and soothing! There's nothing more to say about it.

"Northern Lad": She really emphasized the "FFFFFFFFFFFucking cold" part. This was Elizabeth's top choice, and it was very emotional for her to hear. I also love this song, and I was glad to hear it.

She sent the band away, and played "Mary" all by herself. This was dedicated to a certain person in the audience. I was happy that this song got played. It reminded me a lot of myself in some aspects, and it was my first time to hear it in it's entirety.

She waved goodbye to us all and I was beyond 100% satisfied. This show enriched me in so many ways. I can't describe it, but she played so many songs, she sounded perfect, she interacted with the audience a lot, and she was having a blast. I couldn't have asked for a better show.

From Lenny Dickens

October 31, 1998 - Hey everyone, I have decided to give my own little review of the Dayton show at the Hara Arena. So me and my roomate Megan arrived at about 1:30 for the meet and greet and were number 30 and 31. I was all excited that this would be an orgaized M&G because the ones I have been to in the past on this tour have been crazy. Tori arrived a little before 5 o'clock and seemed to be in a really great mood. SHe was spending lots of time with everyone and being really funny. Megan got her Chorgirl promo post-card signed and i got one of my "polaroids" that were in the special edition Spark single from the UK signed. Tori talked with me for almost 2 minutes and since (very surprisingly) i wasn't crying, I was able to tell her everything that her and her music has done for me in the past and it was hard core cool. On to the show. after witing to go in for about an hour and a half i got in and ran to the front of the stage and was a mere three people away from the railing. I could tell it the show was going to kick ass. The set list was as follows:

Precious Things: really nice with lots of energy. A nice long "grrrrrrrrl" with a full crotch grab and everything.

God: I love this version of this song. I really enjoyed the "you dropped the bomb on me Jesus" section of the song.

Black Dove (January): Beautiful simply beautiful

Father Lucifer: befor this song Tori was talking about how much she loved Dayton (i hope this was sarcasm on her part) and then she said, "and this song is not about my father". I love this new version.

Cruel: Tori was all about dancing and hand jestures with this song. It wicked cool.

Graveyard(solo): I started crying when Tori started this because it is my favorite B-side. I wish i could remember the lyrics that she added. (Oh well, i got this show on tape so i will know them by heart soon. If anyone would like a copy e-mail me and we just might work something out)

Past the Mission: Yet again another nice reworking of an old song.

Upside down (solo): Befor this she was talking about how she hadn't done this girl yet on this tour and was quizzing the audience as to which one that was. I was happy to hear this because i love all the B-sides from the Little Earthquake days so much.

Mr. Zebra: a really nice treat to hear this song. DOn't know how i feel about it being an audience sing-a-long though.

Cloud On My Tongue: I started crying agin during this song. It was so beautiful.

Sugar: I love this song and i was happy to hear it played.

iieee: my favourited song off of Choirgirl. It kicks ass. TOri was raocking out on it.

Little Earthquakes: This was really nice to hear this. THis song always gives m goosebumps.

The Waitress: Awesome as usually. The "hang ten" part was mad cool.

First Encore

Hotel: awesome awesome awesome

Rasberry Swirl: NOw i have the rasberry swirl single. How come one of those sound as fucking amazing as the live version of this song does.

Second Encore

Bells For Her: It was odd. I was singing along to this song and i couldn't remember the name of it until almost the end. I guess i miss the deconstructed piano sound with this. But it was still really nice.

Northern Lad: My firend Makenzie was happy to hear this because it is her favourite girl. I cried on this one to. When she said "fucking" i got a little shiver in my bones.

Mary: the boys left and i was all excited. Then she played this song. What a beautiful ending to an amazing show.

After the show me and Megan didn't wait by the stage door because it is too crazy after the shows. And I respect Tori too much to be a part of the after show mob. Thanks to all the EWF's i met for meaking it a cool experience. It was nice to finally meet you Mike and to thank you for the Dent. Okay that's all. bye

From Lisa Pruitt

October 31, 1998 - There are only two words to describe the concert in Dayton: life changing. This was my first Tori concert and I don't think I could have picked a better one to begin my Tori journey. Tori has always been such and inspiration to me. She is one of those people you can sit down and have a conversation with everynight. That's what this concert was for me, an intimate conversation with Tori, she let us see her world.

I arrived in time to see Tori's bus pull in, but I was too late to get up front for the meet and greet. I saw her when she came over to apologize, " Sorry guys I can't sign it all, I love you!". Then a handicapped boy that had been unable to get to the front was offered a personal backstage meeting with Tori, she is so kind.

Waiting in line for the doors to open we could here the sound check, she did "Girl" a song I guess she hasn't done a lot lately. I think I also heard iiee, but I'm not sure. I met a lot of fun people and got to know some fellow Toriphiles. Once we were finally admitted to the arena, I went to my seat in section 24, very close to the stage, surprisingly. The arena was a lot smaller than I had imagined it. It was only half full, but Tori made up for it with her stunninf stage presence. We patiently sat through the opening band Unbelievable Truth, not my favorite I must way. Finally after playing for about 45 minutes they were done and we began the wait for Tori.

The band came on stage first and started playing the intro to "Precious Things" and we patiently waited for Tori to make her entrance. When she did come on stage, she was so gorgeous, in a blue sequence dress. She gave us fans a bow and st down to play "Precious Things". This is one of my all time favorites. Her voice was so clear and perfect, she was really in perfect form. The next was God, all the Under The Pink stuff was great, this is my favorite album.

She seemed to be in sync with the boys, she let them know when she was ready to go solo. She did "Graveyard" and "Upside Down" solo, with " Past the Mission" in between. And then "Cloud on my Tongue" last. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves, especially Caton. She did a really great version of "Sugar" with the band, I enjoyed this. "Iiiee" and "Little Earthquakes" were both wonderful. I loved the version of the "Waitress" she did, it really made you feel her anger.

Her first encore was "Hotel". I loved getting to hear this live, then she did what we all were waiting for, "Raspberry Swirl" the house got to rocking on this one! She came back for one more encore and did "Bells Fore Her" and " Northern Lad". I had been waiting for this one all night. When the disco lights lit up and Tori went into the climax of the song she left me in tears. Her haunting voice left me breathless. Her last song was done solo, "Mary". This was a perfect end to a perfect evening. I will never forget this night in my entire life, thank you so much Tori!!

From Joe C.

October 31, 1998 - DAYTON - The whole day surpassed our already high expectations :) There was something magical about this show, it was nice and small enough. The sound quality could have been better, but Tori and the band were in top form. My group of four people (Sarah, Stacy, Tori, and myself) felt like we were in a dream, especially since we were right up against the stage, and we felt that we had the most awesome spots right in front of our grrrl Tori. We got everything signed that we wanted, and I yelled a request out to Tori to perform "Flying Dutchman" and she answered something like, "I played that one" [in other shows]. Instead she did Upside Down which was brilliantly performed, i remember thinking it was amazing that it is only one person on one musical instrument making all that pretty noise. So anyhoo i felt pretty special that she actually addressed me during the show...

...they played about 5 extra songs! Raspberry Swirl rocked!! Mr. Zebra was also a highlight in my opinion. I missed not hearing She's Your Cocaine, however. Nor did she play Jackie or Spark or Cornflake, but i didn't miss those very much. Cruel was great, too! i met a lot of great people that night (including Mikewhy) and it was definitely one of the best nights of my life. All four of us are still in shock, because we knew that it would be a great time, but not THAT great!!


October 31, 1998 - Well, here is my review of the SPECTACULAR Dayton show: The day could not have been more perfect! We (Stephanie and I...Hi Steph!) arrived at Hara at 11:30 and were numbers 10 and 11....yay! It was so GREAT to meet Mikewhy and Dor and Danica and Kelly and all the other EWF whose names are so familiar from the Dent. Stephanie, Mikewhy, and I went to lunch after chatting for awhile at Hara. Then time for the M&G...I was so nervous...I got to be in the front and when Tori stepped off the bus in all her splendor, the tears started to flow...I really tried to stop crying, but I just couldn't get a grip because I had never seen her so close up before and the thought of talking to her made me kind of woozy. Luckily, Joel was standing in front of me and he's like, "Are you gonna be okay? You have to breathe." I really felt like an idiot, but he helped me calm down (a little). So, Tori gets to me and I gave her the cookies I baked for her and the guys and she noticed my Halloween fingernails with bats on them and signed my biography "Terra alias Batwoman, love Tori Amos :-)" Then, Stephanie took our picture and it was over. WOW. We lined up for the about tight security at Hara...metal detectors. Well, we got first row for the concert, too. I have never been so anxious as I was during the Unbelievable Truth's set...I just wanted Tori to come out and when she did, she really did. The highlights for me were Father Lucifer...sounded awesome with the band. Also, Cruel...I love the 'Fffariendsss" part. And Upside Down...she asked Toriphile Matt during the show which Bee-side she hadn't done on this tour yet and he guessed wrong and she said, "No, silly, I've done that one" and went into Upside Down, always one of my faves. Little Earthquakes always moves's just simply beautiful. Northern Lad is my favorite song from FTCGH and Mary was absolutely perfect...I didn't want it to end. I was in a daze after the show and even had to bum a cigarette off of some nice girl outside...and I normally don't even smoke! It was a PERFECT day and I'm so grateful for the whole experience.

From Paul C. Schrickel

October 31, 1998 - Hey Mike. I just got back to Phoenix today after seeing Tori last night at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio. Wow!! Tori was un#@!#believable!!! I had just seen Tori a month before here in Phoenix and last nights show blew that one away. The band was great. They had the night off before the show and they seemed filled with energy. Tori was just amazing. I was so happy that she played three songs during secret time and three songs for the second encore. The crowd was small, which made it seem more intimate. Tori just seemed to be giving 110% all night. I just love her smile :) The song selection, band, the audience, everything just seemed perfect. I was so glad because I had taken my mom, my girlfriend, and her sister with me and this was their first Tori concert. Thanks Tori!!!!

From vicTORIa (Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

October 31, 1998 - I went to the Dayton show tonight and it was WONDERFUL. I guess part of my excitement was that I got there early (although not as early as Adam and Meghan who camped out overnight!) and so I got to stand RIGHT against the stage during the concert! I'll never have a position like that again! I was maybe 12 feet from Tori. I saw her tongue moving when she sang :) She played a great concert but I'll wait for someone else to post about it because I'm too hyper right now...

For the most part, I thought the other Tori fans were really cool (especially the ones I went with - thanks Joe!). Still, it's kind of sad when I look down the other people who made it to the front row and I see people who have been to almost every concert this tour standing in that row. I couldn't say anything personally because I was very happy with my position, but if I was stuck in the back, I would have been very upset to see people who get to see Tori every day taking the front positions. Spread the wealth a little, hmmm? Maybe it's time to give some others a chance. Anyways, the show kicked ass :)

From Keith Shapiro

October 31, 1998 - Welcome to Dayton, Ohio. We're about 50 miles north of Cincinnati by way of I-75. The location is the Hara Arena -- a place reminiscent of a bowling alley from the outside and a parking lot that reminded me more of an abandoned drive-in than an arena lot.

Pulling into the parking lot at about 2:00pm, I saw a small line formed up along the side of the building. I trotted over to say hellos to the crew -- Matt Page, Dor, Danica, Mikewhy, Maggie, Becky, and some others. Dor all but knocked me down to inscribe the number "45" on my hand.

So I sat and schmoozed back and forth with people I knew. It was a gorgeous day, partly cloudy and almost 70, and I had made the two hour trip up with the windows down.

About 3:00 we "lined up". This consisted of Dor kicking some butt and getting everyone lined up in a (yes, folks) straight line. I had the good fortune of being right in front of Stacy, who it seems lives in East Lansing. We chatted for a while, and finally we took a walk to the corral. In contrast to other shows, everyone walked slowly and orderly and lined up in basic number order. I was on the far left side, about three people back, with a pretty decent view for my camera. Time passed. And passed. And passed. And passed some more. Steve came out and Sariah announced the rules. Time continued to pass. Finally, with a near-silent wave of excitement rippling through the 100-some-odd crowd, Tori's bus pulled up.

Tori looked GREAT after a day off. She was smiling and genuinely happy to be there. She waved hi. I got my words in to Tori because Stacy (who managed to be in front of me.. kudos to short people for taking advantage of us tall guys!) got her autograh and picture (which I got to take). And Tori moves on down the line, slowly drifting away -- her fairy ears and elfin smile visible from time to time. After she had gone half way and was no longer visible to the camera lens, I ducked out of the crowd, got a picture with Stacy and found, much to my surprise, a face that I recognized.

Of course, I'd forgotten her name, but it was (in fact) the lovely and talented Pamela who I'd met at the first Nashville show in August. Her friend David had flown down with her from Minnesota and they were staying for Dayton and Lousiville. We chatted for quite a while and decided to go get dinner (since it seemed that we'd be able to get back our places in line due to the numbers).

We drove out to a little pizza place and had the "veggie deluxe" over some a couple of beers. I must say, not bad! Dinner eaten, Pam, David and I headed back to the arena.

Everyone was lined up and security was tight! Metal detectors and pat downs. It was the worst it had been at any show I've seen on this tour. I went in, and found my seat - in the stands to the left. Not bad at all considering I picked it up for less than face value from a guy in the parking lot.

In the immortal words of "Aunty" Bethey, the Unbelievable Truth was Unbelievable and that's the Truth! I'm really not too thrilled with them. Their set was pretty standard, although different songs than the ones that were at Baltimore.

Anticipation picked up as it grew closer and closer to show time. Finally the lights dimmed and the curtain dropped and the band emerged. The familiar backing to Precious Things exploded out of the PA. Tori strode out on the stage to a roaring crowd and rocked through Precious Things. She was a girl firmly wrapped in the spirit of classic rock and she played as if she had something to prove.

Tori rocked straight on into God. I could see Matt Page's telltale orange hat down in the front row. He was grooving something fierce and it was infectious. There were three or four people around him totally lost in the music. The rest of the floor was still a bit ambiguous but getting into the flow. "You dropped a bomb on me, sweet Jesus" was vehemently roared, "come on and do it again!"

And swirling the tack of the concert Tori launched into Black-Dove. It almost seemed anti-climactic to God, but still hard edged and pounding. "By the woods, by the woods," close your eyes, "by the woods," running, "by the woods." And you could nearly feel a rocket launch as she burst into the bridge.

Tori prefaced the next song by saying, "Some of you may know this song is not about my father." I never though Father Lucifer could rock out like this until I heard it with my own ears. Absolutely beautiful and intense with a jam session in the middle.

The lights dimmed and came up on Jon Evans. The familiar bassline to Cruel hit the audience. The floor swayed back and forth, people feeling the rhythm in the music. Tori's voice was in top form. "Deep. deep, deeper than you can" pierced to the bone and a little further.

A beautiful version of Graveyard fell into the strains of Past the Mission. I'd first heard this one with the band in Baltimore and it's only gotten better.

The band left the stage, leaving the spots on Tori. (Two days later the story she told escapes me, but) She said she hadn't played this song in a long time and asked people to guess. ("Matt, you've been to a lot of shows, you probably know"). People screamed out guesses until someone got it right. Tori smiled her fairy smile, "Well aren't you the lucky one!" and played a rocking Upside Down.

A brief pause after the song led into the most rocking Mr. Zebra I have ever heard! And on into Cloud On My Tongue. Absolutely stunning. I saw people swaying with their lighters out.

The band sauntered back on the stage to the opening of Sugar. What a hard edge rocking song! It only gets better as the tour goes on. Matt Page's tell-tale orange hat was bobbing up and down in the front row. And on and on for iieee, and Little Earthquakes.

I must say that I was somewhat disappointed with The Waitress this time. It did rock out, but it was shorter than average and not nearly as deadly. Tori left the stage to crazed and frenetic cheering from the crowd.

The band reappeared moments later and played a rockin' Hotel followed by a Raspberry Swirl that I just had to get up and dance for.

The final encore was a real treat. Tori let out an amazing Bells for Her and into Northern Lad. I was in my seat thinking, "Wow, what a great way to end the show." But it wasn't over. The band left the stage, and the house lights stayed down, the spots on Tori and the disco balls. For the third encore of the night, Tori played a beautiful Mary. And, that, was an excellent end for the show.

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