North American Plugged '98 Tour
Norfolk, VA
October 23, 1998

Updated October 27, 1998

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Tori performed in Norfolk, VA on October 23, 1998 at Chrysler Hall during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Graveyard, China, Here. In My Head, Merman and Landslide solo. Thanks to Richard Handal for phoning me with the set list. Mark was the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Father Lucifer
Graveyard (solo)
Past The Mission
Cornflake Girl
China (solo)
Here. In My Head (solo)
Merman (solo)
Bells For Her
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Black-Dove (January)
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Tear In Your Hand
Landslide (solo)


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From ilya

October 27, 1998 - norfolk greeted us with perfect sunny weather. before the meet & greet, i spotted jon evans walking around downtown. i thought about talking to him, but decided to wait until another time.

the meet & greet included some of the usual suspects from the east coast, and was small and very chill. the people were friendly and the vibe was very cool. unlike baltimore a week earlier, everyone was well-behaved and followed dor's numbering. tori arrived at around 4:20PM. she got a smurfette doll from one of the local ewf, and a lot of people got pictures and hugs.

the pre-show had a slightly different vibe, from my point of view. chrysler hall is a symphony/opera house, and it seemed like some of the audience came expecting... opera! full evening wear and everything. there is a new t-shirt (at least, new to me) which is black and has a graphic of tori lying down in front of lyrics on the front, and the latest tour dates on the back.

i brought some paper so i wouldn't forget everything. tori came out at about 9:23. the show:

precious things: loud and proud. from my seat somewhere about 15 rows back, her voice seemed mixed a little low in the beginning, but by "girrrrrrlll" was all there.

hotel: first time i've seen it so early in the set. pretty purple light intro and swirling green during the song, with purple flashes during "killing me". seemed a little more animated than in baltimore - tori sounded strong.

liquid diamonds: i love seeing this live, ever since the 9:30 club show. i noticed that caton plays slide guitar on his telecaster on this one.

father lucifer: she mentioned that they were leaving the south and said to come find them. she also told us that her brother was there and "he knows this is true". she talked about how her brother thought her father thought the next song was about him, when it was actually the only one not about him. she also said her grandma told her bad things about this person, so she took some drugs and decided to visit him :) this song had a heavy middle section.

graveyard: pretty solo song.

past the mission: again, since baltimore! this was great. very cool blue and purple lights. at the break, tori played mellotron on the kurz with the white lights on before the band came back in. what a moment...

cornflake girl: "been with her, not like you think..." just before the end, there was a break with a bright yellow light hit that was very cool.

secret time: "i normally don't do 3, but i'm in a good mood"

china - with a different intro and red spotlights on tori. i'm so glad i finally got to hear this live. very emotional.

here. in my head - requested at the m&g. another beautiful song. white lights on tori.

merman - dedicated to matthew shepard again. with purple lights

bells for her - wow!!! tori played the bose. jon played stand-up bass, matt played shaker and percussion with his hand, and caton did swells with the guitar. it was very mystical.

iieee - tori started this off all by herself by hitting the iieee sample on the kurz with authority. the middle part with "i know you understand" was shorter than usual, no "you took my little girl". tori's vocals took off. during the extended ending i noticed that matt hits the hi-hat with his hand(!!)

spark - red lights all over the place. they skipped the first "how many fates" piano bridge, but the song was already rockin and it flowed smoothly

the waitress - this clocked in at 10 minutes. started off slow and brooding, and we all knew what we were in for. the intro had blue lights going over the crowd, and the big white lights and smoke at the end. again a very powerful main set ending.

encore 1:

black-dove (january): another one i haven't heard since the 9:30, and i was so glad to hear it. "by the woods, by the woods, by the woods, he goes"

raspberry swirl: most people who had previously been sitting down stood up, which did not happen in richmond, another sit-down theater-type venue.

encore 2:

tear in your hand: another one i was thrilled to hear. i didn't think the encore could get any better, until...

landslide: solo, with the disco balls spinning. the chord voicings were beautiful, as was tori's singing. this was probably the emotional highlight for me.

after the show, the crowd was predictably large, but again, not as large as baltimore. tori came out fairly soon after (about 40 minutes), and stayed out for almost 10 minutes while people pushed to get up front. i did my best to encourage passing of stuff, and helped some guy behind me get his ftcgh vinyl signed.

From Alison Siegel (Alison wrote this review for The Salisbury State University Flyer)


On Friday, Oct. 23, I was lucky enough to attend the Tori Amos concert in Norfolk, VA. This concert, held at the luxurious Chrysler Hall, was part of the last leg of Amos*s *Plugged Tour.* The performance included both new and classic songs, with much of Amos*s older music remixed for the *Plugged* setting.

Amos*s background is that of a young piano prodigy. A minister*s daughter, local to Montgomery County, MD, Amos began playing piano at an unusually early age. By the time she was in high school, she was a regularly scheduled performer at several Washington D.C. bars and clubs. After playing and singing in an unsuccessful Los Angeles band in the late 1980*s, Amos returned home and later moved to England.

Since 1991, she has released four full-length solo albums, each one adding a new type of sound but always revolving around the piano. Her newest album, From the Choirgirl Hotel, contains, for the first time, a full band.

Steve Caton, a long-time Amos friend and musician, continued his performance on guitar. Matt Chamberlain, an accomplished drummer also added his talents to the album and John Evans brought his talents on the electric and upright bass to the band. All three musicians are traveling on this tour with Amos, creating a sound never before heard at one of her concerts.

This concert, as with all the performances on the Plugged tour, was both powerful and emotional. Old Amos favorites, such as the 1991*s intense Precious Things and 1994*s intriguing Past the Mission were successfully converted from the former *girl and piano* format to a full band setting. The piano, always playing a key role, was able to reach new dimensions with the help from the other instruments.

Amos*s vocals were strong and clear. Her voice, in its distinct timbre, rolled through lower pitches and soared through high ones, showing off her large vocal range. Gasping, growling and wailing, Amos poured every ounce of her heart and soul into her performance.

Highlights of the concert included a story told by Amos about her father*s reaction to Father Lucifer, a song she wrote in 1996. Following the anecdote, Amos launched into a playful and intense rendition of the song.

After the first half of the set list, Amos sent her band away, and played three solo songs, with only her and the piano. The first two songs, 1991*s China and a b-side called Here. In my Head, were almost haunting, as Amos*s emotional performance captivated the audience.

A touching moment occurred when Amos dedicated the song Merman to Matthew Shepard, the Wyoming boy who was beaten to death. Many audience members were in tears as they listened to the slow, melodic vocal and piano lines.

Amos and her band performed two encores, but, though it nearly killed me to leave, I did not stay for either of them. Rather, I went outside to wait by the gate for Amos and the other musicians to greet the audience. These *Meet and Greets* have become a tradition at Amos*s concerts, and hundreds of dedicated fans crowd around the gates to catch a glimpse of the talented performer.

I was fortunate (and aggressive) enough to stand at the front of the large crowd. After about an hour of waiting, and getting to meet other friendly fans, Amos finally came outside. I couldn*t believe that after 4 concerts, I was finally going to get the opportunity to meet this musical genius.

Amos greeted her fans, posed for pictures and signed some autographs, and when she stood in front of me, I almost couldn*t speak. I did manage to tell her that she*s been a personal inspiration to me, as a musician, and that it*s because of people like her that I*ve decided to pursue music as a career. She said, *That*s so great!* and she asked me how my studies were going. After a brief conversation, she signed my Little Earthquakes CD booklet and moved onto the next person.

Shortly after Amos came outside, Caton, Chamberlain and Evans arrived to meet the crowd and sign autographs. I spoke with and received autographs from both Chamberlain and Caton (who borrowed my pen!). Both men were friendly and outgoing, stopping to pose for pictures and spend time chatting with fans. When Caton returned my pen, he also gave me the guitar pic he used during the concert.

Though clearly, when it comes to Tori Amos, I do have a bias, I can honestly and objectively say that this was the best and most solid of all of the four Amos concerts I have attended.

The Plugged tour is winding down, but Amos and her band will be appearing at Penn State and, nearby, at the University of Delaware in November. Though I cannot financially afford to attend any more concerts this year, I highly recommend any Tori Amos fans, or anyone looking to experience quality music and an intense performance, to try to attend a show. Tickets are available through TicketMaster.

From Chris Kramme, a.k.a. Dream

October 26, 1998 - I arrived at Chrysler Hall at about 2:00 with my mother(whom I am converting to Tori more and more) & got #26 for the meet & greet. I was surprised there wasn't more people there. So we chilled untill it was time to move up to the barricades, where I was only one head back. I think Richard Handel was in front of me. He's the guy with the beard right? Yeah. Anyway, Tori finally came at about 4:20. She looks tired. Really tired. She made her way down the line & I got to talk to her!!! I gave her a Smurfette doll & a letter, which she seemed to like. I asked her to sign my Boys For Pele cd and she asked my name so she could personalize it. Tori is so nice. I was not nervous at all talking to her. She is human just like the rest of us. I wish I had more to say, but ah well, you know. I promised myself I would talk to her again at a future show.

After the M & G we had a lot of time to kill before showtime, so we just hung out at the building. We met some really wonderful people with whom we chilled with untill they opened the doors. (Special shout out to Toriphiles Kate, Liz, & Paige. I'd love to talk some more. Kate, if you lost my email its Did the picture turn out?)

The Unbelieveable Truth opened at about 8:03. I think they have a lot of talent and are getting good exposure on this tour. The good thing about opening for Tori(well besides being on tour with her of course) is the exposure, but the bad thing is that everyone is there to see Tori & they forget about the opening act once she goes on. I was hoping they would play the song with just the drummer on keyboard & the singer, (the last song from Baltimore) but they didn't. They played for a half-hour.

In the immortal words of Jim Morrison: "Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin." Tori took the stage at about 9:30.

Great opener as always.

I like how she stands & playes the piano & keyboard at the same time.

This is where the show started to take off for me. It was my first time hearing this live.

She asked how we were doing tonight and said this was their last show in the south. "We're going through December, so if you get bored come find us." She introduced the band and said that her brother Mike was there and he thought this next song was about him. She said that she had to explain to him that she was on drugs (this got a huge cheer from the crowd)with a shaman and she decided to visit this person whom Grandma said all these horrible things about, sho he must be great. Which led into...

The crowd went nuts for this one. I love this version with the band! I think there was a new part at the end. This song kicked ass!

I was expecting this given the recent tragic events and the fact that she has been playing it a lot lately. This is just my own trip(I mean that as a figure of speech, I wasn't on acid or anything) but I felt like we all left the room and Tori led us to the graves of StacEy Russell and Matthew Shepard and we paid our respects and sent them off to wherever people go. Damn that was powerful! I had the visual of this too.

I think she said "I thought HE knew what's up" I could be wrong though. Great song. I still miss Trent though.

With the great a capella intro that I can never remember all the words. Just a fun song. A few people were up and dancing. All the raisin people sharing a laugh at the expense of the cornflakes. I hope this makes it on the live album for the intro.

After CFG the guys left and she said "I don't normally do 3 but I'm in a good mood. We got a lot of letters backstage." That's not exactly what she said but it's close enough.

A beautiful song. Nice to hear.

Liz requested this earlier. (Glad you got your wish!) Great song. I need this on CD! I have to watch the Little Earthquakes video to hear it.

"We've been doing this for the boy in Wyoming and it just seems right." A good song. (Yeah, I know I'm using some creative adjectives here...heh heh)

I love the new version of this! Matt played the second drumset behind the piano and was shaking a maraca (sp?). Jon played the upright bass. This better make it on the live album because it was just so GOOD!

They were building towards more rockin' songs here. She did the part where she says "I know you understand"

This one ROCKED!!! Tori seemed to be exorcising some demons here. She was really getting into it.

(It's kinda sad at the beginning because you know the show is almost over.) The evil waitress is dead. We crucified her that night. This song really exorcised some of my demons. Some EWFs were giving the hang ten sign. I love that part, the "hang ten, hang ten honey, I'm gonna go where she goes, hang ten, hang ten honey, I'm gonna get with one." Oh yeah, at the beginning she was eating soup.

1st Encore

I was surprised to hear this during the encores. A good surprise though.

Time for the Tori techno dance party. Everyone stood, although from what I could see only a few were really dancing. Everyone else was just moving a little.

2nd Encore

I heard this was a request. This is one of my favorites, although I didn't get all emotional like I thought I would. I know it will be really sad if she plays this in Newark, DE because that will be my last show of the tour. (I don't want to wave goodbye)

The band left and Tori started playing...wait, this sounds familiar. I know his one..."I took my love and I took it down"

I was not expecting this at all and it really hit me hard. I just sat there mezmorized by the disco balls & Tori. This was very emotional and it left me a little teary eyed.

Then it was over. The lights came on and we were brought back to reality, although I couldn't hold a decent conversation for a while after Landslide. (Paige, that's why I couldn't communicate very well after the show, I was choked up over Landslide)

This was an amazing show and my last small venue show of the tour. Next up is State College PA on November 21.

From David (posted to the Purple People mailing list and placed here with permission)

October 26, 1998 - Hiya! In case you didn't notice, I'm really happy ;o) Tori was SO GREAT in Norfolk!!! I'm sure you've read enough set lists and reviews by now, but OMIGOD SHE PLAYED FATHER LUCIFER WITH THE BAND!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO charged!!! My friend Eileen got to go up and take pictures during the first two sets, 'cause of her press pass, so hopefully she'll make me copies. And Bells for Her!!! And China!!!! And Landslide!!!! And she kinda flirted at this guy in the front row... she waved at him and kinda purred hehe. I'm so happy! And omigod omigod omigod it was just the best freakin' show!!! Only reasons it doesn't beat out Baltimore is because I didn't get to meet her before or after, and she didn't wear anything like the red kmart vest -- she was, incidentally, wearing the same outfit as the MCI show *giggle* And Eileen said her shoes were gucci ;o) Oh and I got to meet Unbelievable Truth after they played. Most of them anyway; the lead singer "has the flu" (although he sang pretty well). The other 2 guys are cool though; we got autographed pics and one of 'em kept smiling at me ;-) Not the bald drummer guy (who isn't actually completely bald... he has kinda a rat tail type thing going on (ack!); the other one. I guess he plays keyboards (?). Anyway, he's kinda cute. But was drinking a helluva lotta beer! I gotta go.

From Eva Kristine Szentpetery

October 26, 1998 - Well, Norfolk was my last show of this tour. I was so excited about it because I was taking my two little sisters with me, to their first show. I took them to the meet and greet before the show, and we were #33, 34, and 35. The number system actually worked fine. I was very surprised. We all lined up and walked to the barricades, and I let my sisters in front of me because they really wanted to meet Tori. When Tori got to us, she said "Hi Girls!" and my sister got her FTCH insert signed.

The show was amazing. I literally cried the whole time, and I'm not really one to cry. From the moment that Tori walked onstage and fed off the energy of the crowd, I knew it would be a great show. I could just tell. People were going nuts.

The energy in the room just continued to get higher all night. She played Precious Things, Hotel, and Liquid Diamonds, and then she said "We're leaving the south tonight which is really sad cause we've had a wonderful time with those of you who've been with us all through the south. MWAHH! Anyway, we're going till December, if you get bored you can come find us..."

She proceeded to tell the story about Father lucifer not being about her father.... I was so happy she played this, it is wonderful! The drums are amazing!

Then she played Graveyard, as a lead into Past the Mission. I just love this song with the band... Just gorgeous.

She did a really long intro to Cornflake Girl... similar to the one in Raleigh, but even longer. It was beautiful.

She did THREE songs tonight for "secret time"... she said she doesn't usually do three but she was in a good mood! She did the most emotional version of China, then Here. In My Head, and Merman, for Matt Shepard again. Merman was longer than usual, and incredibly beautiful...

When the boys came back she did Bells For Her, iieee, Spark and Waitress.

For the first encore she did Black Dove, and then Raspberry Swirl (which my sister absolutely LOVED)...

When they came back for the second encore they did Tear In Your Hand... and during this song I had the STRONGEST feeling / wish / hope that she would play Landslide. It was just uncanny... I hadn't thought about it before at all... I was expecting Horses! And I was just FLOORED when she played it... it was gorgeous.

My last show fulfilled every wish and hope that I had... I couldn't possibly ask for anything else... I am going to miss going to these shows so much! Right after the show, we sprinted outside but didn't make it to the meet and greet in time. I was crushed. I finally had gotten up the courage to tell Tori thank you for everything. This tour has brought me an incredible amount of joy... I have been to 6 shows on this tour, now, and I have enjoyed every single moment of each one.

From Alexis (Posted to the Purple People mailing list and placed here with permission)

October 26, 1998 - Well, I've been up since yesterday's show in Norfolk, and I have been on cloud nine ever since. I met some really wonderful people, both from the list ( Jessica and Karen) and met really nice toriphiles at the early meet & greet. It was just a completely wonderful emotional day.

The bunch of us got to the M&G about 1230pm and I was number 17. It was a nice, mellow, and very friendly group of people. I met Dor, and talked with Joey, and basically socialized with everyone. Dor had the most incredible pictures of tori, they were fabulous. I must say, Dor was also very right on with the numbering and the m & g. She made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. I also met a very nice boy named Drew, who was able to give Tori a check for RAINN, from the Jackie's Strength t-shirt fundraiser.

The M & G itself was so civil. It was the complete antithesis of Baltimore. Everyone was pretty cool, a bit anxious, but very polite. The highlight of my day, heck of my year, was finally get the 'tori hug' that I have wanted for so long. I totally lost it. She looked at me and I just said ' All I want is a hug' and she put out her arms, and the people around me made room, and she hugged me for so long, I coulnd't believe it. I told her how special Richmond had been for me, and I thanked her for playing Mary. The best part was that after she hugged me, she stood back a bit and gave me a thumbs up and said " Courage, you have it." ( At least I think that's what she said, I was so dumbstruck she could have said anything :)

It was just so wonderful. I coulnd't help but have just the biggest grin on my face. My knees were so week and Joel told me to stay put, and I wanted to tell him I wasn't really moving, I was just wobbling from the experience!

Jessica, my friend nathan and I ended up going down to this funky little cafe where one of the girls at the meet & greet worked. She put on 'Under the Pink' and we had a nice little pre-concert lunch/dinner. It was very mellow, just what was needed after such an emotional experience.

The concert was just..amazing. The setlist was so intense and inspiring. It was great to finally hear 'Bells for Her' in concert.

Her improv before Cornflake Girl was great as well. The concert was definitely one of the best, if not the best show I have ever seen.

Anyways, I've rambled on long enough. It was a very emotional and intense evening for me, and not one I will soon forget. In addition to this, on the way back home, Karen, Jessica, myself and my friend Nathan stopped at a 7-11 to make a phone call. There was a large bus at the store, and I was waiting by the pay phones...and I was looking at these guys inside..and then I realized ' Hey, that's The Unbelievable Truth!' We went inside, and it was the band. I think they were trying to get booze, but it was locked up. Karen and Nathan talked with them quite a bit, and I have their bus driver guy the wrong directions ( oops) It was a seriously funny end to the our evenings!

From Richard Handal

October 26, 1998 - The Unbelievable Truth was on stage from 8:02PM to 8:34PM. Tori was on the stage from 9:24 to 11:06. Tori's main set (before the encores) ended at 10:42. Tori played Merman again for Matthew Shepard.

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