North American Plugged '98 Tour
Baltimore, MD
October 17, 1998

Updated December 23, 1998

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Tori performed in Baltimore, MD on October 17, 1998 at the Baltimore Arena during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Happy Phantom and Merman solo. Tori dedicated Merman to Matthew Shepard, a young gay man in Wyoming who was beaten to death in a horrible hate crime a week or so earlier. Tori said before playing, "I talked to alot of people today. We all pretty much had the same thing on our mind....this is for a boy in Wyoming..." Thanks to Andrea Cleaver for being the first to call me on the phone with the set list. More thanks to Richard Handal, Matt Page, Beth Coulter, Emi, and Kip who all gave me comments on the phone when Richard called me after the show. Tim Altman was the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
She's Your Cocaine
Cornflake Girl
Little Earthquakes
Black-Dove (January)
Happy Phantom (solo)
Merman (solo)
Muhammed My Friend
Caught A Lite Sneeze
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Past The Mission
Pandora's Aquarium


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Fred R Obrecht

October 23, 1998 - After reading many reviews of the Baltimore show I have just one question for some of the other fans. If you had front, second or third row seats and security told YOU it was okay to stand in front of the stage wouldn't you just scoot your butt up there like I did? I'm sorry that some people were unable to see..really I am... but would do it again in a heartbeat. It was pure magic for me.......

From Laura Dowling (Posted to the Purple People mailing list and placed here with permission.)

October 20, 1998 - OHMYGOD That was an INCREDIBLE show. I couldn't ask for more! Okay, M&G was pretty cool. I wanted to get there sooner, but I had to pick my friend Kristin up from her art class at 12:30 before we could go to da show. Okay, so we get there, and about a bajillion people were already in line. I was pretty bummed. But then when the mayhem broke loose and people were just trying to make it to the barracades alive, I ended up about 4 rows back, which wasn't too bad. So I was complaining to Kristin about not being able to see, when the two girls in front of me turned around and started talking to us. I soon found out that they were none other than Oksana and Keli, (who I talk to online ALL the time). Anyhoo, if you guys get this, YOU RULE! So Keli was nice enough to pass up my Hey Jupiter single, and Tori signed it. *she looked SO cute* Then me, Kristin, Oksana, and Keli went off in search of the other people in their group. We walked through and *interesting* neighborhood. After dinner, we ended up walking past THE PEABODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK Keli and i ran up the steps and gleefully touched the doors that Tori touched so many times

*yes i am a freak*

The show was *SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* It was awesome. PT was AWESOME as always, and I was SO glad that she played more older stuff at this show. Caught A Lite Sneeze and Honey were AWESOME! I loved the obscenity at the end of Caught a Lite Sneeze, and "You're just a pussy" during Sugar. I wonder, was she just a *little* angry with someone that night? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. It was so great meeting and seeing again so many wonderful purple people, and I'm glad that I got to go the the show with two of my favoritest people in the world Brooke and Kristin. During Honey, Brooke and I were holding hands and sobbing, and this woman that was sitting near us was giving us an odd look. Whatever is up with that. Past the Mission was phenominal, but all i have to say is................I would have keeled over if Trent had walked out at that song. I know it isn't a snowballs chance in hell, but............................

This was only my second Tori show,but it was SO great. Myonly complaint is that I am also "Tori tiny" and I could barely see her, but the energy was SO there. So Oksana and Keli, it was fab meeting you, and Alan, Wayan, Kip, Leslie, Candance and Stefanie, it was fab seeing you again! Well, I will talk to you wonderful purple people again later!

From Christopher Phillips

October 20, 1998 - I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but she did a little improv of "Hurt" during CALS.

From jeff beiter

October 19, 1998 - During the song "graveyard" on saturday nite, tori sang "he's gone, but we're alive" rather than "she's gone but i'm alive", meant for matthew shepard.

From Tina

October 19, 1998 - After reading the reviews to the Baltimore Arena show (which was BRILLIANT!!), I thought I would add on a few more comments:

Unlike the MCI show on Aug. 8, the crowd seemed filled with die-hard Tori fans: girls wearing fairie wings, boys wearing dresses, and hardly anyone wearing their natural haircolor (woo-hoo). I had great seats which enabled me to see the whole stage (disco balls and all), Tori, Jon, Steve, and Matt, their animated facial expressions, and their masterful playing.

Some of the highlights for me which were not mentioned in the reviews:

While playing "Merman" the song dedicated to Matthew Shepherd, Tori sang facing upwards to the sky at many points during the song, and her eyes were filled with tears. She had the most serene and respectful facial expression which gave me chills.

During "She's your Cocaine", the band rocked out and used some riffs from an Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath song (Iron Man??). Anyways, I think the band was playing on top of an Ozzy sample, because I heard the signature Ozzy, "All right now" at the end of the riff. The band members were giving each other wicked grins. HA!

Muhammed My Friend, Little Earthquakes, and Past the Mission were perfect--millions of wonderful improvisations!!!

At the point in "Hotel" where Tori sings, "I'm still alive. I'm still alive". She again looked upward to the sky and Matthew, and she had an insightful, apologetic, and serene look on her face. It was absolutely CHILLING!

Along with being beyond excellent musicians, Jon, Matt, and Steve, add in the words of Tori, "BUTT" to the show, and I hope to see them in future tours.

From Mark Manchen

October 19, 1998 - I wanted to tell you about my day at the Baltimore show on Saturday. I've had many great Tori show experiences, but I think Saturday was the best so far. My friend Jeff and I were the 4th & 5th ones to arrive. But it got crowded pretty fast. There ended up being more people there for the meet & greet than I'd ever experienced before. When they let us go to the barricades Jeff and I got right up front.

When Tori got to me I gave her a gift. It's a fairy with mistletoe. She thanked me & I told her about the mistletoe and asked for a kiss, so she obliged me and said I was clever. I also gave her a Christmas card that I made in 96 that had a picture of her & I on the front. The front says, "Wishing you peace, love..." The inside says, "...& a hard cock! (& a happy holiday too!") When she opened it she was surprised and laughed and showed it to Joel and Steve (the security guys) and they both just smiled and shook their heads. She also took another picture with me for this year's Christmas card. Then I asked her if she would play "Merman" in memory of Matthew Shepard who was killed in Wyoming and she wrote it on her hand and said she would play it.

Then it was Jeff's turn to talk to her and he asked about places he should visit in London. As she was telling him places, she asked if he knew the song "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel and proceded to sing it for us. (Soooo AMAZING!!!) Then she took out her sharpie and started writing places he should visit on his hand! It was so cool! Jeff was in shock! As always, she was so kind and wonderful!!! She received alot of letters and gifts (like Beth's package and a stuffed animal that vibrates (which Steve put in his shirt)and the K-Mart uniform complete with her own name tag. It was a great meet & greet!

After the meet & greet we went looking for a photo copier so Jeff could make copies of his hand and had dinner with about 30 other EWF's. Everyone was so nice & very excited about the show.

The show was amazing!!! She came out looking so incredible!!! "Little Earthquakes," "Hotel," "Black Dove," & "Past the Mission" were real treats for me, but the highlight of the show for me was the private time. She started off with "Happy Phantom" and said we would understand why in a minute. After that, she mentioned talking outside and did "Merman" for "the boy in Wyoming." It was so incredible the way she performed it! I get chills just thinking about it now. When she did "Graveyard" Jeff pointed out that she changed the lyrics from "I said she's gone but I'm alive" to "I said HE'S gone, but WE'RE alive." We ended up in the front row for the encores and Jeff got a copy of the set list when the show was over. It was an all-around perfect experience for both of us.

It was so great to meet so many travelling EWF's (Hi Keith, Beth, Ursula, Tina, & Carmen!)and catch up with friends we've met at past shows. I can't wait until the Bethlehem, Newark DE, & Newark NJ shows!

From andrea aka *sprite*

October 19, 1998 - hi there. i was at the balto show this past saturday and wanted to share with the tori dent my experience.

to start things off i want to say this was my first tori concert ever. i had for less-than-warranted reasons missed 4 shows of the plugged '98 tour that i could have been to (including the tour opener at the chili pepper in my hometown ft lauderdale, fl!), but this show definetely was worth it as for being my first!

having left work early that day to get to my friend and concert-partners house in bmore, and yet still getting to the show late (almost 9pm!) i was very upset. "im missing tori!" i was saying over and over almost to the point of tears. i wasnt sure if she stll had an opening band on this leg, like she had when my best friend in florida saw her in august. i hoped for the best. finally we arrived, and luckily the opening band (is it the devlins?) were still finishing their set. we got food and tshirts and went and found our seats: floor seats, about 20 rows back and on the aisle. maybe not front row seats but still great seats! i was so excited by this point. during the whole intermission i fidgetted and shook.

finally the lights went down and everyone bolted from their seats screaming and appluading and whistling. the band came out and began to play. then tori, in all her beauty and of course cuteness, came prancing out in her black catsuit and silver sequinny apron. as she bega to play away on her keyboad i realised she was playing precious things! i wasnt expecting that at all!

as tori began to sing precious things, and as i stood there feeling the powerful presence and awesome energy of this woman who ive so often idolised and whos music ive turned to and lived by, i was overcome with emotion. this is oe of those songs that brings a sweeping tide of memories back to me, and that carries a lot of personal meaning and impact for me. i tried to fight it but i began to cry. had i not been restraining a bit id have been sobbing. ive never once felt myself be so moved by a song. i have been moved to the point of tears before, especially by toris music, but no een to this extent. then the song was over and i found myself amidst the pack of screaming fans. i calmed myself and applauded. then the next song.

shes your cocaine. although it is admittedly my least favorite song on cgh, it was an awesome performance. the light show i was noticing for the first real time now. it was incredibly well done, especially how the lights all turned to blue during the "is it true that devils end up like you........" part.

next was the ever familiar intro to iieee. i immediately thought back to, just prior to cgh's release, a review i read from a girl who was at a show where tori tested out a couple of her new songs, and she commented on the amazing performance of iieee. i became very excited now. i was almost surprised to hear a recording of the little "iieee ahhh" loop of toris voice you hear in the song, but i was glad it was there. the song would have been empty without it. the performance was great. i believe this was one of the songs where she cut into it with another song. i was too excited to keep track! this performance definetely was amazing!

finally tori began to speak to the audience. shes so adorable! she started talking about being in her hometown, and how she used to watch hockey on the other end of the arena. awwwww! then she was saying something along the lines of her favorite song that didnt make it on an album. HONEY! id know that intro anywhere! cos shes "such a dingaling" as she puts it on the live single on the b-side of hey jupiter. i knew for ure i wasnt going to make it through this song dry-eyed. its another one of those songs that has a lot of personal meaning for me, and its a beautiful song besides. as she performed the song i id indeed find tears in my eyes. the performance ws perfect as far as im concerned.

so now the lights all die away, except for one spotlight on the little red faerie girl herself. she begins singing acapella. its a song i am unfamiliar with, and the rest of the audience seems to be the same. the silce in the crowd is amazing as toris voice echoes through the arena. then a familiar line with a familiar melody: "you bet your life she is". the crowd goes nuts momentarily, and then hushes again as she continues. now we al waited in anticipation knowing what the next song was going to be. the band suddenly breaks in. YAY CORNFLAKE GIRL! the audience flips out! i wached mesmorised as tori got more and more into what she was doing. she pounded so hard on that piano that se rose from hr seat, as id often seen her do in tv performances. it hit me once more that i was actually there, seeing tori. she was actually only yards in front of me, and this music was all being made at that very moment. and then i felt another thing. i began to cry a bit again. this song had a lot of memories. but its such a bouncy tune you cant be teary for long!

now the lights fade. a somber set of lights take their place. amy, my concert- partner, turns to me as the music starts and says "i LOVE this song!". thats when i realised what it was. little earthquakes! im thinking "wow, shes playing a lot of older stuff i never expected!". this performance was amazing and excelent. the parts i expected would be hard to play live were great. the band added an element to the song id never realised before. i was too awestruck by watching tori to get as emotional as i do when i hear this song on the cd. i think this was among the most powerful and well done songs she and the boys did that night.

now we got to black dove. amy and i laughed: we work together, and every day one of us has this song in our head nonstop. her performance of it was verything i had expected it to be.

now the boys were leaving, and tori explained she would play a few pieces solo. amy and i looked at each other with huge smiles. we had been hoping to get the experience of "the girl and her piano" that we had missed out on on other tours. she started the oh-so-familiar piano chords to happy phantom. this was another pleasant surprise for me. she was soooooooo cute as she sang it.

next up was her solo of merman. i had read the lyrics o this b-side but never had the chance yet to hear it. just before she began she explained that she wanted to dedicate it to the boy in wyoming. at that time amy and i hadnt yet heard of the situation (we made it a point to find out asap). the song was beautiful. i was glad that the first time i heard it was at my first tori show :)

now the band came back out and they got right to playing sugar. i had only ever heard the live version of this on the hey jupiter single, and that version did not have the band. it seemed a lot edgier with the band. i LOVED it! remembering the little story about the boy with the tea that she told on the hj single, and now hearing this seemingly defiant and spiteful music behind the beautful words, melody, and piano: it brouhgt out a wole new affect to the song for me. this was probably one of my favs for the night.

now they were playing muhammed my friend. i was very excited to hear a song from my personal fav album: boys for pele. i was kinda bothered that it was one the two *only* bfp tracks played, but that didnt make the concert any less wonderful!

next was graveyard. i had heard this song a few times. very sad. and in toris perfoamnce you could feel the emotion.

YAY! the drummer was now playing that great drum loop that i knew all too well! one of my favorite tori songs ever was being introed: caught a lite sneeze! i flipped out! i think this song was done very well, considering that normally the drum track is looped on a drum machine and theres a bit of engineering on the studio version. i was tres impressed. of course, what else did i expect from tori? ;)

now something unfailiar was being played. but as tori began to sing, with vocals reminding me of "the pool", i recongised the lyrics as being "the waitress". i couldnt help but laugh. this song has always kicked ass. and i KNEW it was gonna be great when she began the chorus. of course: it was badass. she broke another son, this one unfamiliar, into the middle, and then retruend to sing "i belive in peace bitch" at the end.

now tori ran to the front of the stage and bowed. she grabbed her boys and hugged them. then waved to the audience in her cute tori fashion and ran off stage. oh no its over! but you *know* theres gonna be encores!

of course, only a few moments passed before they were all back onstage and the crowd was spazzing. now tori was wearing a little red vest that looked like a gas station or convenience store getup. i read later it was a k-mart employee vest given to her by a toriphile at the meet-and-greet (which i missed, with MUCH pouting!).

a drum beat started that i was confused by. is this liquid diamonds? but then i heard the trademark sound of hotel and knew. i was very surpised. this seemed like it was going to be a real task to do live. but it was done amazingly well, but of course. i must admit i was disappointed that there was no snare drum like on the cd, but it was great in and of itself. the light show was the awesomest of the entire concert.

now all the lights went black. the drummer came onstage. he took a little white helmet with bouncy glow-in-the-dark antennas and placed it on his head. it was soooo cute! then he stood surrounded by what looked like special drums and went banging away on them super fast. i was trying to decipher if this was a beat i should be recognising or if he was just doing a cool solo before another song. but then the l9ght show started and tori started to pound on her piano and the band went nuts. o my god! ITS RASPBERRY SWIRL! another one of my fav tori songs ever, and another surprise considering how difficult i assumed this would be live. but it was absolutely amazing! and as i happened to look around the audience behind and around me i saw people all over dancing. it was like a night club almost. and you could tell tori and the boys were having a blast onstage.

when that was over the did their bowing and ran off again. will there be another encore? but of course!

this time tori said something along the lines of "weve never done this before so if i fuck it up o well". then they played past the mission. beautiful.

last but not least they played pandoras aquarium. they did a great job. i love this song so much and i was so happy. and it was so fitting to end the show with it as they ended cgh with it.

the lights all came on and everyone started filing out. the lip gloss version of raspberry swirl was playing on the arena sound system. amy and i stood at the top of the parking garage for a long time talking about the show. i was so wired! tori and the band managed to impress me and awe me with every song. and i had felt so many emotions. toris energy was amazing. i could only imagine what it must have been like when she played much smaller venues..... to be so much more intimate and connected. i knew it was going to be a great show and it turned out true! it blew out even my best expectations. it sucks i missed the meet-and-greets, but there will be other tori shows in my life im sure. tori kicks so much ass!

and that is the end of my first tori show story :)

From Robbiethe Red Teletubby Boy! (Posted to the Purple People mailing list and placed here with permission)

October 19, 1998 - OK... here's my summary of the Bmore show! I had the same day as Shannon, so that's what happened during the day. (I also need to send love to all the special people I met... Dave!!!, Kip, Leslie, Brooke, Jamie, Ralph, Alan, Bethey, Keith, Richard, Gwen, John, Jaymes, Patrick, Jessica, and anyone else whose name my PeaBrain forgot!!) Except for my little interlude. At that loevly occasion, known as the Meet & Greet we stood. For Many many minutes, it wasn't too bad. Until people decided, shoving was more fun than patience. Thanks to them, my right hip is a totally unsexy shade of purple and red and black and blue. Oh well, that's ok... (Tori wore my kmart vest). So, Tori finally show up... and as a relief, she looks so much better than in DC, in DC, she looked kinda tired and sick, but here, she was happy and well!!! Yay, Tori! So, I'm not too close this time, we won't go into reasons... but I'm about 3rd row, on the right edge, and I'm leaning forward with my hand out holding my gift for Tori, and The Tori Circle. For those people not in the know, The Tori Circle is a plywood circle with pictures of Tori from All These Years covering it, made by Shannon, for my graduation present! It's gorgeous!! So I'm standing there, squished on all sides, kinda fretting... okay, i was saying oh god I'm gonna dye... oh god, Tori'll never see me... And Joel leans over and says, she'll see you, don't worry. And I was shocked, it's like, I've seen him be really forceful with people, and it really touched me to have him say, don't worry! I was so happy. So, Tori gets to me finally, and i hand her my gift. My gift, is... DA DAAA my spare K-Mart Employee vest, with a nametag with Tori's name on it!! She seemed to really like it at first, then she frowned and said, "do you want me to sign this?" and I said "Oh No! It's for you!" And she starts putting it on... so I go on, "it's because i figure, i've spent so much of my money on your cd's and, uh, stuff... that you must be an honorary K-mart employee!" then she signed The Tori Circle (YAY!!!!!) and went inside (wearing my red K-Mart vest!!). And, right before she goes through the doors, she turns around and looks at every one... and smiles right at me..... *le sigh*... melt melt drool!!! (uh, sorry!) So.. i continue on with my day as mapped out by Shannon. So we're sitting at the concert... (the pplay by play will follow my tori story)and we come to The Waitress. I knew that this meant the end of the main set, and only encores were left. So my new friend Dave has been telling me all day that Tori was gonna wear the vest, and i was hoping, but i didn't believe him. So, Tori leaves for the first time. And we're all screaming and waiting. And then the band returned, and we eagerly awaited Tori. Finally, finally she came back, and what was she wearing. Yes, still the glittery apron and black bodysuit, but most imposrtantly, the Kmart vest I had given her at the M & G!!!!!!!! I started screaming and jumping up and down!!! It was soooooooo awesome! I still can't believe she wore it! And when I picture it in my head, i shake! It was so great!So... that's my story about the red K-Mart vest Tori was sproting last night! I'm so beyond elation. And as i said to Shannon,(and this definetly bares repeating): I'm gay, and I love men and being with them and everything, but no man will ever make me as happy as Tori did tonight! It was such a great show!! BTW did anyone get pictures of my vest in action?? I was kinda far back, but i got one. So, I hope somebody got some good ones!! Anyway, time for play by play:

Precious Things: Awesome as always, I truly love the lighting on this one. Tori also did some cool improv'ing on this one!!

She's Your Cocaine: Awesome, it kept everyone up and dancing. The "Rock out" part was simply cool!Tori just watched as the boys went nuts!

iieee: This is a great song! It's really been in my mind a lot, and was great to see it live in action.

Honey: I've been awakened. This is a truly beautiful song, and all it took was the band to open my eyes to that! This song had sure better be on the live album!!

Cornflake Girl: I adored the a capella intro to this!! lyrics about "walking to Japan" and whatnot!! Very beautiful!!

Little Earthquakes: This song, like Tear In Your Hand, was just one of those really old Torisongs that were just begging for the nad treatment! I'm glad to finally hear it!!

Black-Dove(January): I was surprised to hear this one! IMHO I think this'd be a better show opener than PT... but oh well! I couldn't help but think of Kippy throughout this song! "but i have to get to Texas!"

Secret time!!

HAPPY PHANTOM: This song has always been one of my favourites, but more importantly, Shannon, requested it! We were absolutely thrilled to hear it!!

Merman: This was the first time I heard Merman all the way throught, and I can totally see what all the fuss was over! Especially since Tori dedicated it to Matt Shephard, I simply cried before the song had even started!

Sugar: I was thrilled to hear it again! It kicked ass before in DC!!!

Muhammed My Friend: This song was really great with the band treatment!! I was hoping to hear Father Lucifer, but I figured we wouldn't be so lucky with Dr. Ed in the audience!

Graveyard: Tori played this. Period! she did! It had extra lyrics and everything, but it was still graveyard!! Made me wanna hear Toodles, Mr. Jim!!heehee

Caught a Lite Sneeze: This song has really took off on this tour! I loe the obscene ending! Very powerful!

The Waitress: Always good. Shannon, as usual, hit me for trying to do the hang ten bit!

Hotel: TORI HAD ON MY KMART EMPLOYEE VEST!!!!!!!! Need I say more!?

Raspberry Swirl: I love this song live. I'd never have expected to see so many dancing bodies at a Tori concert ever!!!

Past The Mission: Excellence!! I love this song and I really think Caton should sing the Trent backup vocals!!

Well, that's it cuz i left before Pandora for the M & G, (which really bit my ass after the show!!) So it was a great, beautiful day!!! And, Tori wore my red K-Mart vest. Oh, and Po had a great time as well! She really enjoys helping me bring inmy camera to concerts!! Yay Teletubbies!! So, the concert rocked, Topri wore my clothes!!! *sigh*So long as i live, I'll never forget it!!Heehee!!

From Elizabeth Weber

October 19, 1998 - What can I say? This was an absolutely amazing experience for me. We left for Baltimore around 8:00 am (very tired, I had been in the car a total of 6 hours on Friday to get tickets for the State College show) and arrived at the meet & greet around 11:30 am. I was number 34. It got crazy, I think there were over 170 people there by the end. At 3:30 we lined up at the barricades. It was so hectic. People who had only been there a short time managed to squeeze to the front. I was about 3 people back and couldn't see much. I was squished from all directions and somehow ended up on my tip toes. We stayed like that for an hour! Tori wore a beautiful blue sweater (she matched her bus!) with sparkly stripes and had tortoiseshell cat eye sun glasses on her head. She was absolutely radiant. I tried to get a few pictures (wish me luck, I get them back Turesday). When she came towards my end of the barricades I stretched my arm out with my Winter single and hoped for the best. And then I realized my hand was empty! She had taken it!!! I left my hand there so Tori could find me and when she gave it back I managed to look into her face and thank her and she smiled at me!! When she was presented with the KMart vest she put it on immediately (the guy who gave it to decided she was an honorary employee since he spent the money he earned there buying Tori stuff). After the mob cleared, we went to the Inner Harbor to get some dinner (our first and only meal of the day). We returned to the arena a little after 7 and went to take our seats. I saw Caton enter the Arena with his bike! We weren't frisked (some people were), but a woman did ask to see inside my purse. She just glanced though. I had been in total disbelief about the fabulousness of my seats until I got there. 2nd row center, amazing. I thought I was going to have a heart attack right then and there. So, we talked and waited. I was actually in the bathroom when the Unbelievable Truth came on. They weren't too bad, and they only played for 30 minutes which was shorter than the Devlins. Just a word of warning though, there are these annoying people who come JUST to see the Unbelievable Truth. Kind of scary. I think they are obsessed with Radiohead. There was a girl behind me who made a big sign to hold up (which she created with the nastiest smelling permanent marker) for them. And she took flash photography and recorded them. I'm glad she left before Tori came out. I have a feeling the Baltimore Arena messed up because there were EMPTY front row seats! Which brings me to my next point. We were asked to stand in front of the stage! Steve came out and told the security guards to let the first four rows in front of the stage. I think so Tori couldn't see the empty seats. I overheard and we started talking to the guards. It was decided only the first two or three rows would fit -- so yah for me! The security guards stood in the aisles next to the third row so no one could get past. When the lights flickered the front row stood up and we walked to the barricade in front of the stage. I was right in front of Tori!!! It was amazing! She wore dark grey (virtually black) cargo pants, an off the shoulder black shirt, square heeled black boots and a silvery sequined apron. Stunning as always. I was so immensely happy! I mean I was close enough to read the small print on her evian bottle. I could see Tori spit when she sang Precious Things! All the wonderful Tori expressions. It felt like we were the only people there. All fabulous. She had a cup and spoon behind her Bosey but never ate any of it. I could see the crew working off stage and there was a really cool tulip lamp with a Tigger sitting on it on a table. I just can't articulate my pure joy. My face hurt afterwards from having such a goofy grin most of the concert. This was the first time I heard Merman. A truly gorgeous song. It needs to be put on an album. Tori's eyes were tearing up while she sang this one (as were mine). Some cool stuff I noticed: Jon was mouthing the words to a few songs which I thought was cool since a do the same thing. Caton did his usual dancing (especially to Cornflake Girl). And Matt had a huge pile of stuff in front of the drums. I couldn't see most of it because of Tori's piano (I'm not complaining). I did see a tiny Barney head though. And Tori told us how it was so weird because she used to come to hockey games here and she sat waaaay in the back and her mom would scream "Kill him! Kill him!'' It was so adorable. I was thrilled to hear Graveyard before CALS (which I loved, but I do miss the harpsichord). When the guys came out for the start of the first encore our cheering started to lessen until Caton signaled for us to cheer really loud for Tori which was so great. I couldn't believe it when she played Past the Mission! I thought I would die! And there were four disco balls for Pandora's Aquarium which gave the arena a fabulous ethereal feel. I will never forget this day -- I still feel the music pounding through my body (which it does in the front). When Tori left the stage she tried to reach out to people in the front (no easy feat due to the gap between the stage and the barricades) and Joel and Steve IMMEDIATELY rushed over. Her face looked like a hurt kitten, almost as if she expected them to slap her hand. I heard a different version of Raspberry Swirl being played when the lights came back on. I made sure I listened for it because I had heard other people mention it. Since we didn't feel like facing a three hour drive, we stayed at the Days Inn next to the arena. I know I didn't cover everything, but you just can't put my happiness into words!

From Tim Altman

October 19, 1998 - Hey, I thought I'd drop you a line and tell ya a little bit about the show. I showed up at the M&G around 11:30, surprisingly, I didn't get lost going into Baltimore :) I only live 30 minutes away (50 mile round trip), so I made good time. I was numbered 53 1/2 by the wonderful Karen. She did a *really* good job keeping everyone in order and giving away her time to try to help out. She was actually numbered 22. She lined us up around 2:30 or so, I think, and then we scrambled to the barracades around 3:30. There were a lot of people from the back of the line trying to make it to the front so all hell broke loose. I ended up on the far left, where Tori started, pressed against one the the tour buses and about 3 rows back. Karen was right in front of me, so she got to talk to Tori. I'm really glad she got up front, she deserved to talk to Tori for all the time she put out. I got Tori's autograph on my Winter CD Maxi lyrics and I gave Tori the letter I wrote, so I'm happy :). I also got a roll and a half of film. I love being 6'4", you just have a great sight line over everyone else.. :)

There were a lot of cool people at the M&G. I ended up hanging out with the people right in front of me in line, Sean (I hope that's the right spelling) and Jenny, and the people ahead of them, Liz and Kate (Hi! :)) most of the day. I had a spare ticket because I couldn't find anyone to go with me to the show (*growl*), but it all worked out in the end. Anyway, after the M&G, I walked around Baltimore alone. I bought a homeless man dinner at McDonalds and was offered incense, gold chains, and etc etc. A girl at McDonalds allowed me to use her cellphone (Thanks :)), so there were neat people there too.

Oh yeah, I ended up with two extra tickets because I won them from WHFS. I sold those to a girl named Jess for $60 and I'm gonna make a donation to RAINN. Well, after eating some fries from McDonalds, I walked around trying to find someone I knew so they could some sit with me on the floor. I was about 10 rows back, to the far right if you are facing the stage. I walked around until the doors opened and up until about 5 minutes before Unbelieveable Truth came on. I didn't find anyone though :(.

Unbelieveable Truth was pretty good. They're your typical pop/alt. rock band. Sorta like Radiohead meets Matchbox 20. Pleasant, but not something I'd want to listen to everyday. After their set, I got an autograph from the drummer, Nigel. While I was talking to him, a guy up in the stands was handing out photocopies of drawings he had done of Tori. They were fabulous. I recognized the guy from the M&G (I think he was also on the MTV Ultrasound special. Matt, the guy that narrated most of that show was there also). He was all alone, so I gave him my extra ticket and he came down on the floor. He got attacked by people asking for his drawing and autograph. I sorta felt bad, but oh well.. I think his name is William. Well, he was really cool :) So, then Tori came on.

We had a fantastic set list. I especially loved "Caught a Lite Sneeze" with the little insert of "Hurt". Tori also played "Happy Phantom," one of my personal favs. During secret time, Tori played "Merman" and dedicated it to Matthew Shepard. I haven't heard how the funeral went, I hope it wasn't bad. Matt Chamberlain wore his glow in the dark star thingies during Raspberry Swirl. He was *really* into that song, he was just having a great time. It was really cool watching Tori look around and smile at all the band members. I guess she and the Bosey have really adjusted to sharing the stage. Tori came out for the first encore wearing a K-mart vest that someone had given to her at the M&G with a lil Tori name tag :) During the second encore, Tori played "Past the Mission" for I think the first time this tour, and it sounded great. Altogether, it was just a fantastic night :)

From Rachael in Pennsylvania

October 19, 1998 - Well, this was my 3rd Tori show this year, and it was awesome as usual. I had seen her my first time in April (26th to be exact) at the Electric Factory in Philly. What a way to start off. I was a measly 15 feet away from her, so that was just amazing. I also had the opportunity to see her at the Corestates (now First Union Center or FUC :) in Philly. I was first in line at the ticketmaster where I live and I ended up with 6th row for that show. Talk about lucky! It was so rad. Well, I left with My boyfriend Saturday (October 17th) in the morning about 11. (It was my Birthday also!!!!!!!!!!:) We arived in Baltimore about 1:45, and checked into the Omni hotel at 2. We missed Tori, so we just went to dinner, and wasted time before the show. 8pm rolled around, and I thought it would be a good time to head over to the Arena. I wasn't in too much of a rush cause I know just how long it takes Tori to set up, and also I wasn't head over heals about the opening band. Besides, the Arena was Corner to our Hotel and it ook about 2 seconds to walk there.

OK, so to the point, we entered the arena and sat down. Floor seating, Row AA, seats 5 and 6. They were shitty! I would have much rather have been in the stands. This was the furthest away so far, and It was torturous to try to see. Tori and the guys were so energetic and alive, probably the most I have ever seen. They were absolutly rad, but what was up with the crowd, I couldn't tell ya. DEAD! They were so dull. I can not tell you a moment that went by at any other shows where I wasn't cheering, and screaming, but with this crowd, it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to get into it. I am just glad that I have one more show left after this one. I mean the band was rad, but the crowd was asleep. Little Earthquakes was definilty a high point for me. I love to hear that live. I have only ever heard it live on video, and she sings it so awesome live. That was just great for me when she sang that. Well, I and my boyfriend Jesse ran out after Rasberry Swirl, and waited for about and hour and a half for Tori. it was worth it though. I Actually got to talk to her. I mean I have her autograph from the first show in Philly, because someone passed it up and handed it back to me, but security was real tight about passsing things up this time. So luckily I was in the front, (actually right behind a girl who was right up against the bars) waiting for Tori. I got Steve's autograph, and then Tori came out. I've seen her close on stage, but nothing beats her being right in front of you. Making eye contact. She is so beautiful. I just can not believe how awsome she is. Actually, I can believe it, but the feeling you get when she is right infront of you is like no other. So, she was chatting with the girl in front of me, and then I handed her my book. She began to sign the wrong side, and I politely asked her if she could sign the other side instead. She said "sure". As she signed it, I said "the show was awesome, and thank you so much". She looked at me and handed me my book and said, "well your welcome so much". OH MY GOD! Those 5 words from Tori are still playing over in my head. I no I probably sound Silly, but just let me vent this to u all. I am so happy right now. What more could I have asked for on my birthday, (except for better seats:). But, Tori will be in Bethlehem November 23rd. I live 15 minutes from stabler, and I already know what I am getting her as a gift for being so wonderful and special. I just happen to have scored front row seats, and I am pumped about that. I really would like to hear Professional Widow, and maybe Pretty good year. That would be great, but if not, the show will still be unforgetable.

Well, for everyone of you "Ears with Feet" that reads this (if any:) hehehe)..... If you are also going to the show in bethlehem, lets meet up! Id love to chat with you:) I rarely meet others. So, I will be there, early, with a box for Tori (along with 50 others right:) haahahaha........

Well, goodnight, sweet dreams, God bless:)


October 19, 1998 - The Baltimore show was absolutly great! I got to the meet and greet around 10:30 and there were already some people there. No one was doing a number system because they said no one wanted to take responsibility for it. They said if I would like to start numbering feel free. So I did. There were more people at the meet and greet than I have ever seen at any other show. I stopped numbering around 150. It was really hard to keep up with if I screwed up or anything I'm sorry...I really did my best. The number system kind of worked but then there were a few people that decided right before we went over to the barricades that they didn't like it so they ran and it got messed up. But hey it's their right since the number system is just sort of an honor system almost. Anyway....I got to talk to Tori and that was really nice.

The! I had fourth row tickets but everyone stood up and I was able to walk up to the stage and stand front row center. Tori was was such a good show....well...the set list is posted so you can see that. When she played Merman it was breath taking. I just stood there and couldn't take my eyes off her. Wow. I just really don't know what to say about the show but incredible.

Oh....her parents were there too....I got a chance to walk over and say hello to her father who I must say was very nice and polite. I felt bad bothering him but at the same time he seemed like he didn't mind...he was standing up talking with a few people at different times. I told him how much I admire Tori and he asked me my name and where I was from and all. He asked about my job (I'm a teacher) and seemed really excited about it. He really is a nice person.

I left the show early to go out to the meet and greet and got a spot right up against the barrier. I was able to talk to her again after the show for a min. and got a big hug. She is so sweet. She actually remembered me from the last show I was at in Orlando....I was really impressed...I was sure she wouldn't. So that was definately a highlight.

I also was able to talk to Jim from The Unbelievable Truth. What a nice guy! He was so friendly and told us alot about how things are different here from at home in England and talked about how much he is enjoying touring with Tori. He also was nice enough to sign something for me and my friends. I have to admit I was disappointed in the opening band for the sole reason that they were not the Devlins and I really liked the Devlins....but I really was impressed with Jim and how nice a person he was.

Overall it was a great experiance!

From Vivian Campbell

October 19, 1998 - I saw Tori at the Baltimore Arena It Was a RollER CoAster of a night! My Boyfriend and I arrived at the Arena and bought our Tori GooDies, and then went to our seats~ We are aMaZed to see we were in the first section, on the floor~ in row P! *what seemed only 10 rows away from the stage! I WaS So Excited!! so I talked to a few security gaurds, trying to get a gift( I made a Tori Paper*doll set ) for Tori Backstage, and at the side gate, a gaurd was taking gifts, so I HoPe she got mine! and then the opening act~ "The Unbeliveable Truth" came on. They were ok, better then the devlins... but they went on even LonGer then the Devilns(at the MCi center)! But The Seats were so awesome! I was SO excited to see Tori SO close, After Always getting nose*bleed seats~ I was just thrilled! ~Then Around 9:30 Tori and The guys came on, and SO MucH for my GREAT View~ With everyone on the floor standing, my 5'1" self couldnt see anything! I had to kinda stand on my chair to see that Tori *Was* there and that she looked GrEaT! ~Wearing the black shirt thing, with a AWesOme *SiLVer SparkLY Apron! but my started to hurt from how I was standing, so I down and most of the begining of the show for me was VERY dissapointing! ~even standing on my tippy toes I couldnt see anything! Finally during cornflake girl I was So upset that I left my seat, and talked to 2 security gaurds and an usher. I told them I couldnt see and they asked if it was cuz of people standing infront of me, * this was NOT a Genreal Admission Show~you know? so, they said that after the song they'd try to sit everyone down. two songs later, most of the floor had sat down~ except the first few rows (which were the problem!) but they HaD permission to stand up! Now, I HATE to rant -But- isnt having ~FronT row seats enough? There were 2 middleaged drunk guys in the 3rd row trying to get everyone else to stand up~ I was SHOCKed by the inconderatness and selfishness of other tori fans! It made me ill. I actually thought about leaving early I was so upset! but I'm glad I didnt cuz eventually things got better~ a few more people sat down, and my AweSome boyfriend kept switching seats with me, so I could see tori through gaps in peoples heads, and a really NiCe Lady behind me let me stand on my chair during Hotel!(thanks! whereever you are!) *How soon we forget the things WE CAN NOT SEE! ;-) The MuSiK and Lighting was AweSome!! Very iNteNse! Tori Played so many great songs~ and improvising almost every one! During *Caught a Lite Sneeze~ tori sang: "You Never CouLd, You Never DiD, You Shit"! she also changed one chorus to "GirLs on my Right side, Girls on my Left side But You'Re not here" She dedicated MerMan (a BeauTyFUL song, that I hadn't heard yet!) to a gay boy in wyoming who was beaten during a hate crime a few weeks ago, and recently died~ she also introduced ~Past the Mission~ to the PLuGGed Tour! "we've never done this before, so if we fuck up, dont hate us..."It was Awesome~ The Band & and Tori ReaLLY RoCked! After the show, we went around to the back and hung out with some Great Tori Fans (hugs 2 those we talked to!) and I got to see Tori's parents by getting up on my guys shoulders~ but I was told to get down (huh!) so once again, when Tori Finally did come out, I didnt see her~ and at that point I just wanted to ask if she got my gift, I didnt want an autograph~ just confirmation, you know? :-) but Oh well~ next time I wont put so much time, energy and money into a concert~ so my hopes wont be crushed as bad~ but all in all~ it was a Good show, The Musik was Kickin'~ and thats what matters~

From Alan Denniberg (Posted to the Purple People mailing list and placed here with permission.)

October 19, 1998 - well since everyone seems to be welcoming personal interpretations and commentaries of the show, i'll pitch in!! HEEEE!!!

M&G time: show up to baltimore at around 10:30, after having a minor circus of icky things causing deviation from schedule (i wanted to be there at 10!! ah well), get numbered and sit on the curb smoking cigarettes. eventually people start to show up and i get to meet shannon (who happens to be one of the super-coolest gals i've met in a while....HI!!!) and robbie, who's also super cool but not quite a gal (?). yee-ha! i think my little group started something bad by trying to migrate closer to the bus area, because as soon as we did, everybody did. sheesh! at any rate, the meet&greet, and i was happy to see that most people with low numbers were in the front (i was in the 2nd row so i was ok but i really wanted a hug), except now that i hear that shannon got sucked behind i DEMAND JUSTICE!! although when miss tori came out it was all better, the nerves on my body were kinda deadened to the mass push of people. peachy little wayan introduced me to her as "his bassist" (WAYAN - you smell) and she shook my hand. i gave her a lucky gnome necklace i'd worn for a long time and when i first offered it she said, "oh, no, i can't take that" and i said "yes you can! i want YOU to have good luck too" and she said "are you sure?" so very demurely and she finally took it. and liliana (one of the cute colombian twins i was with) and i gave her a satiny purple pouch full of dried rose petals and hershey kisses and a note requesting "baker baker" but she didn't read it apparently. eventually, i was thrilled to see purple people i knew - brooke, laura, candace, stefanie, nithya, and finally i got to meet leslie.

well, let's take a nice segue into THE SHOW......

we had nice seats in section 104, we got to look right into tori's face. i was at first miffed we didn't have floor seats but then when EVERYBODY stood up, i was happy at first that everyone wanted to have the energy but then i realized everyone isn't 6'2" like yon humble narrator. i found the unbelievable truth to be at best annoying...but then again, i spent david poe and the devlins' sets vibrating and cackling from wanting to see tori so bad! here's a play-by-play...

-PRECIOUS THINGS: always my favorite. i loved how the entire night she'd have moments of making her voice gravelly - it was a nice touch. so energetic and i couldn't stop bouncing and screaming! eek.

-SHE'S YOUR COCAINE: rocked. i love the sabbath interlude!

-IIEEE: super-smooth and bitchin' as always.

-HONEY: absolutely beautiful. did anyone else notice how the lights on the last note of the song looked just like honey? or maybe i'm a crack-fiend....

-CORNFLAKE GIRL: wonderful. i love the "you think you know so much, boys" and how the intro was a cappella this time.

-LITTLE EARTHQUAKES: AAAAAAHAHAHAHHAAAAHHH!!!! i've been waiting SO long to see this song and it was everything i'd imagined. i felt stoned. my head was heavy and i could barely move it was so intense and nice.

-BLACK-DOVE: i was very happy to hear this, i haven't since the preview tour when i had no idea what it was.

-HAPPY PHANTOM: so cool, the part where she was like "the time when he was well, in my arms" totally prepared me for...

-MERMAN: let's talk about tears. enough said.

-SUGAR: excellent. i was happy we got to hear both "sweet" songs in one show.

-MUHAMMAD MY FRIEND: congratulations wayan. eh. i didn't recognize this at first but i thought she did it exceptionally well.


-CAUGHT A LITE SNEEZE: especially haunting. i noticed the angry lyrics at the end, but i think i was"affected" to notice it was "hurt."

-THE WAITRESS: bomb-diggity.

-HOTEL: wow! i was amazed at how well they could pull this off considering the noises in it are unearthly. i was floored! i'm notorious for singing "king solomon's mines...exit 75...i'm still alive" and i was SOOO happy to hear it come into fruition!

-RASPBERRY SWIRL: even the folks in the non-floor sections got to bop.

-PAST THE MISSION: YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! i'm thrilled we got the debut! it was PERFECT. by that point my head was swimming from the endorphins, it only got better.

-PANDORA'S AQUARIUM: a sweet end to a sweet show.

so essentially um i liked the show. a hell of a lot. and i'm gonna keep going and nagging tori until i get a "baker baker"....hee glad i got to meet those of you that i did finally and see those i knew. but now i have to go write a music review for the columbia spectator (the same marvelous institution that's sending me to poughkeepsie!!!!!!). I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! chickens to all and to all a good night!

From Beth Coulter

October 18, 1998 - Bethey's Balti Review

I left my home in SE PA around 11AM, gathering my bravery to make this long drive to Baltimore. I had door to door directions, but was still nervous. I arrived around 1:30 (who says I have a lead foot???). I knew that everyone would be across from the Day's Inn, so I found parking and went off the block and a half to where everyone had gathered. The sight of over 100 people surprised me and I was a bit taken aback. But I had determined that I wasn't doing the M&G, that I'll wait to see her in Bethlehem. I walked to the front of the line and met my first Contact, Keith from Lexington. You know the one, everyone was saying he was Mikewhy on the West Coast. Well, we cleared that up in Balti. I let everyone know Keith was not Mikewhy, I was! At least in Maryland. ;) All of a sudden I found 20 different people from the various lists (hi all, I'm not inserting your names cause I can't remember all of them and I don't want to leave anyone out). The looks of recognition when they figured out I was *Bethey* or *that Beth* was amazing. I handed Keither (an EwW, Ears with Wings *his invention*) my manila envelope containing "Crossing that Bridge" and some poetry and extras. I'd written large on the front exactly what it was so Tori would know without having to open it, and on the back had written "See you in Bethlehem". Keith was number 2 and had agreed to give it to her. I visited with *sooo* many people, getting hugs and giving. Putting faces to names. It was simply wonderful. About 3:30 word came out that Steve wanted the line to start becoming orderly, so I told everyone to line up by number, I was no threat cause I had no number. I counted all the way down to 80 something and after that told the folks there was no way they'd see her or anything and they might want to find a different vantage point. Then the bus pulled in, they secured the area and all hell almost broke loose. But folks sorta calmed down and didn't really rush the barricades. It was ridiculous. Folks hanging on the barriers with no chance to see her, all that could be seen was a see of arms holding things up to be signed. Lots of screaming and "We love you Tori" 's. I stood back and watched the crowd, grateful that at least she was recieveing my gift to her. When I saw it held up in the air, my heart caught, cause I knew she now had it. I was told by Mark (the wonderful guy who requested Merman as the tribute) that she said "Fabulous" when she read what it was.

So now it was time to meet up for the Purple People gathering. A few of us went to my car (cause I had to show off "Topy: the Wonder Car") to drop things off and for me to grab my long sleeve "Tori-Net" shirt. It was a gift of a yellow T-shirt with a collage of Tori internet images and words, like the Dent logo and "EWF" on it. We met at the resturant at the Days Inn where we had the "Greenhouse" to ourselves. I will say that the food was great and need to mention another EwW, Anthony. He's that really great looking body builder guy you all have seen at concerts on the East Coast. He gets wings for lots of reasons, but this is for buying me lunch. It was wonderful to meet and talk and eat with people who all sort of knew of eachother, but not really, you know what I mean? There were probably 30 folks there and I enjoyed getting to know many of them.

We all split up around 6 to go do our seperate things, I went back to Topy: The Wonder Car with several people to do drop-offs and pick ups (great location for parking, tho' not safe at all. Go figure). I finally met up (again) with another super EwW, Richard Handal, H.G. He has been the dearest friend to me for the longest time and has pretty much supported my Tori habit this tour. He had a ticket for me. It was a birthday gift since I couldn't afford to pay for it. Sec. 2, Row M, seat 7. Dead center.

The Unbelievable Truth. They were unbelievable and that is the truth. The first two songs really rocked, but in my opinion, their 35 minute set was about 25 minutes too long. During intermission, I had the honor of meeting Dr. Amos for a few moments. He is a great old gentleman and really seemed to enjoy the teenage girls who gathered about him. He is now using a cane and seems to have trouble hearing at all, though he does hold his end of a conversation. *sidenote: I no longer have an age complex. Dr. Amos asked if I was out of school yet!*

I made the mistake of needing a cigarette and being driven with the rest of the smokers to the side of the building where we were corraled in like cattle. It got to the point no one could enter or exit and I bugged the guards to move the barricades back, I was getting claustraphobia. I spoke with a couple in their 40's who were Tori virgins but had heard some stuff like Winter. They were expecting the girl and her piano. I corrected them and let them know it was a rock concert (except for secret time), so they should just sit back and absorb the music.

Concert time. Everyone stood. I could see NOTHING!!!! Tori was a short distance away and I couldn't see past the big blond head in front of me. Once, she moved and I could see I had a perfect view, Tori was dead center in front of me. I felt depressed and frustrated during PT and Cocaine, but then determined to just pretend I was listening to the most awesome stereo and not worry about seeing her. The audience was so nuteral, not positive, not negitive, just *there*. It was difficult to get into the Tori zone, but I tried.

During Iieee I "got my groove back" and I was rockin' out with her. But no "Band on the Run" in the middle, it sounded more like Black Sabbath. She finally talked and said how great it was to be there and told how her mom had reminded her that she had come to the arena when she was little for the games and she'd sit "way over there and say *little girl voice* 'kill 'em, kill 'em!". Then she played Honey and I was gone into the Torizone. One of my favorite b-sides live.

But the entire audience wasn't there yet. The energy just wasn't massive enough to make it an amazing concert. Yeah, everyone on the floor was standing and shaking their bootie, but the folks in the bleachers were just sitting and listening. Tori started getting a little rageful in her voice with the Improv for Cornflake Girl, like she was trying to stir something up. That happened with Little Earthquakes to begin with. The whole room started energizing. She didn't have everyone, but she had most of us in her zone. The give and take was beginning. Folks backed out a little during Black Dove *which by the way she had a new line for. During one chorus of "by the woods, by the woods, by the woods" she inserted, "shoulda been a city, by the woods, by the woods, by the woods". Then Secret time began and Tori reeled everyone in with a rockin' angry Happy Phantom. I could hear a sneer in her voice at times, belaying the words. The Concert Was In The Zone!!! The energy sparkeled and crackled all over the room, dancing crazy, between the stage and the floor, from the floor to the seats and all the way back again. And at that time I moved down one seat and was able to SEE!!!! Despite this fact, when she began to play Merman, I had to sit. I rocked myself with this lullabye that was dedicated to "a sweet boy in Wyoming". Tears were in my eyes, my throat locked up. It was so beautiful and different in a little way. The ending wasn't the same. But the meaning, the hurt and longing filled me. *sigh*

Then Tori sang for someone else. I really believe she was singing about her father in the Improv for Mohammad My Friend and then again when she sang Graveyard. My impression of his frailness has certainly colored my impressions of the meaning of the songs. But my heart broke. (Now she better do Mohammad in Bethlehem!!!).

It was hysterical when she came out for the first encore wearing a K-mart smock. Only Tori could pull off the sexy little play between her and Jon wearing that horrid thing. She whipped it off and whipped into Hotel and then slid us rocking into Raspberry Swirl. I couldn't imagine what she was going to do to end this concert and had no preconceived notions. I just knew I had to be eased out of the Rockin' ToriZone. And she returned to set us all loose with first Past The Mission, which kinda calmed the energy zinging off the walls, and then ended by letting Pandora's Aquarium let us come to the surface of reality. Wow.

We sat there absorbing the final shreds of the concert feel until the guards threw us out. It was AMAZING!!! After Tori left (by the way, the crew bus has the entire "South Park" crew now, including Chef), a whole group of us went to Fells Point and ate the most marvolous Brick Oven Pizza and talked and laughed until about 3AM, when I left to return Home.

I got back to Pennsylvania safely about 5:45AM and after writing one quick note, fell fast asleep until mid afternoon. What an experience. It was glorious. It was amazing. It was more fulfilling than sex (at least from what I remember). It was a wonderful energy party with Tori as the hostess with the mostess.

Thanks for reading all of this, if you did. I hope everyone has been able to experience at least a quarter of the magic that I experienced last night. Thanks to my special EwW's who made this trip and concert possible for me. I truly would have regretted missing this experience.

From Michael Cole

October 18, 1998 - So last night was my first experience at a Tori concert. I won't post the setlist 'cause that's already been done but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts. Well, I was both amazed and a bit disapointed with the experience. Just want everyone to know that I was more than excited to go...being that this was the first time for me. Of course, my excitement only increased and chills were going down my spine when I realized how close we were to the stage! - on the floor, 7th row and right in the center! (and surprisingly these tix were rather easy to get...went to Ticketmaster in DC at 9:00 and there was only 1 other person there!). Anyway, just seeing Tori live was amazing! She's absolutely beautiful and to hear her voice! It was also great hearing some things that I'd never heard before such as Merman - her dedicating it to Matthew Shepard made all the more beautiful. I was also really excited to hear Ieeee and CALS - two of my favorite songs. The lighting was also really kewl - loved the way the spots framed her face against the rest of the band! But, there were a few things that disapointed me - only minor things but overall I still had a great time. I just thought the band was a bit overpowering sometimes though it was still interesting to hear her with the band. I enjoyed it the most when it was just Tori playing Happy Phantom and Merman...makes me wish I had the chance to see her on an earlier tour. I also wish I could've sat down - it just seems that Tori is much more theatrical...not the type of music you always dance too so I don't quite understand the need to all stand up and rush towards the stage. But, that's just a minor point and if you like be it. Well, that's about I said, overall, a great time and I'm looking forward to seeing her in Poughkeepsie. last thing..I thought the live versions of Pandora and Hotel were interesting. They're still not my favorites on the album but I'm starting to enjoy them more....

From jana

October 18, 1998 - This was my third tori show this year, and i was really looking forward to it just for a release from all my stress at school. Of course she was wonderful, she always is, and i was so excited that it would be in baltimore, her hometown! so i of course expected it to be extra wonderful, lots of talking and stuff, but... here's my only problem. i guess after seeing tori do the hard stuff 2 times before, i'm ready for a little solo piano stuff, you know what i mean? a little "pretty good year," or "silent all these years." i know she takes those whole 2 songs without the boys, but i wanted a little more. the beginnings all sounded the same, and i couldn't tell the songs until she started singing! and i really didn't think the baltimore crowd was as great as it should be! i mean, there wasn't as much support as i was expecting.

truly, "happy phantom" and "mermon" were beautiful... i just wanted a little more of that... maybe since it was the third time i'm too used to it. i don't know.

i want a little "baker baker", you know what i'm saying?

well, i have one more concert to go... maybe she'll get a little slower.

i hope i don't get too much slack for this, but those are my thoughts. i just hope because she's gone rock that doesn't mean she's not gonna go back.

but don't get me wrong. tori is always astounding. i have chills the whole time.

From shannon blue

October 18, 1998 - nothing to say except KICK ASS.

goddamn that was SUCH an emotional show.

i think this show was definitely the best one i've ever been to. a lot of things came together on saturday for me to go to this show and i wanted to share them with everyone.

i go to james madison university which is in southern virginia. saturday was homecoming and the game ended pretty early. my dad took a few of us out to dinner and i started feeling not so well. i guess i got whiney and homesick and decided to have him take me home. so we went back to northern virginia and i felt much better. just wanted to spend a night at home and get pampered by mommy. on the way, i took some medicine and my stomach felt much better. i got home late and just hung out. i had forgotten about the tori show and didn't have tickets anyway. i went downstairs to look for my phone to call my grandmother and found it while it was ringing. it was my friend heidi, who was down with some friends from nyu to see the show. we made a pact a while ago to tell each other about shows and to make every effort to see tori together. it was her on the phone in from her house, saying they had an extra ticket because one of her friend's couldn't come and the person who was supposed to take it got better seats.. so did i want to go? you bet your ass i did.

we got there and missed the unbelievable truth, which i'm a bit upset about. i haven't heard them yet and i'd like to. but that's not the point. she went on about ten minutes after we got there.

i've already told everyone about the set list and whatnot, but i'd like to get a little more specific. past the mission is astounding. i think it's like hotel and will get better as they play it more (i believe they did it twice at soundcheck). jon evans really goes to town in this song. as always, caton is very fluid and makes things stick together while matt needs a little warming up at times. muhammed my friend is about the same way. it's funkdafied -- i think that's the best way to describe it.

i just also wanted to revisit the whole "touring with a band" issue. i know it was a big thing at the beginning of the tour with people liking it or hating it. i have to say that it has really clicked for her now. the band is a new husband and i think we were in-laws skeptical of how things were going to turn out. the in-laws, i think, are overwhemlingly pleased.

From Julie Newman

October 18, 1998 - I think that bridge during She's Your Cocaine is from Black Sabboth. . a song called "Sweet Leaf" my bf was with me during the Dallas show and she did that; he's a pretty big BS fan (bleh) and he was just estatic when they played it. It was mostly just Caton jamming away for a few seconds. I thought it was really cute of her. . because she played that right before singing, "And is it true, that devils end up like you. . " So it was kind of like, "touche" hehe.

From Skip

October 18, 1998 - I saw Tori last night at the Baltimore Arena. Let me just say that she was unbelievable!!!! I saw her in DC August 8th (which was my first Tori show ever) and I didn't think she could play any better. WOW! was I wrong. The songs that I liked the best were: Little Earthquakes, Precious Things, Merman(the most beautiful Tori song I think I've ever heard), Sugar(which is 150 times better song with a band), Raspberry Swirl, Caught a Lite Sneeze, and the Waitress. Sugar was my personal favorite because it sooooooooooo incredible with a band. Other highlights were Tori saying "you're full of shit" over and over again at the end of Caught a Lite Sneeze, and before Past the Mission saying, "This is our first time playing this, so if we fuck it up, too bad." To sum it up, Tori Amos was and is incredible.....

The crowd on the other hand was not. In DC, the MCI center was nearly sold out and there was just this feeling It just felt like there was more REAL Tori Amos fans at that concert then at the one in Baltimore. Maybe it was because there were less people in the arena, but I think it was more then that. But this fact did not bother me or my friends. Tori Amos being her amazing self overwhelmed the tame crowd. She is the best thing going today...well her and Stone Gossard are the best thing going today. Peace and love Toriphiles.


October 18, 1998 - Oh man, I don't usually get all riled up at concerts, but this was so intense. I'll only talk about the amazing things.

First of all, i was FREAKING OUT when she played that next-to-last part of Honey two octaves higher than usual because when i play that song i do the same thing. I know it's silly but i was like "Yeah! Great minds think alike!"

And when she dedicated merman to matthew shepard, i was just a mess. his death has really gotten to me and that song was just some really great catharsis. And she adjusted the words of other songs to fit the situation. ex: in sugar: "For what you did to him, my sweet boy" and in graveyard: "It's John, I said. He's gone, but i'm alive" I assumed that the gender change was a reference to that. the only thing in the concert that confused me was the "You never shit" in CALS. Maybe i was missing something. anyway, HELLO to everyone i met at MCI and saw again here.


From Aaron Elkiss

October 18, 1998 - Wow. This was my second Plugged '98 show. The first one I saw was in DC, so I'll sort of compare them. The seats I had at DC were amazingly good - 4th row, a bit right of center. The seats I had at Baltimore wouldn't have sucked quite so much if everybody had sat down. Then everybody could have seen better. I agree with Chris about the sit the fuck down bit..people in the back of the first section were standing on their chairs until somebody in the row in front of me got them to sit down. I'm not quite sure -what- security was doing other than dancing. I'm not quite sure why people who weren't on the floor -weren't- standing during the encores. I thought that was a bit on the rude side. Whatever.

Anyway, the Unbelievable Truth wasn't any more original than the Devlins, but I liked Unbelievable Truth quite a bit better. I could actually even see Uneblieveable Truth ended around 8:30 and Tori finally came out a bit after 9:30.

Precious Things was pretty much what everybody's come to expect by now. She didn't draw it out as much as she did in DC, though. She's Your Cocaine had nowhere near the energy it did in DC, but that's understandable because She's Your Cocaine was the first encore in DC. For some reason, I thought iieee was going to be liquid diamonds, but it wasn't, which is fine, because I like iieee better anyway. It wasn't terifically spiffy in any case. Tori said how she hadn't played Honey for a while and for some reason talked about seeing hockey at the Baltimore Arena. It sounded pretty much like the version on Cornflake Girl, so it wasn't too exciting other than just hearing it live. At this point everybody was still on their feet and unless I jumped up and down I couldn't see much of anything except for Caton. Cornflake Girl was once again pretty standard, although I had not yet heard the a capella intro, unless I somehow missed it in DC. LE- wow. wow. wow. I really, really, really like LE, and special. Yeah. After Black Dove was 'secret time', although she didn't make a big deal out of it being Secret Time. She said she'd tell a story for Happy Phantom, but she didn't. At DC she didn't say much of anything because people were screaming way too much..=[ anyway then she talked about the killing in Wyoming, and played Merman..I don't think many people knew it (I've only heard it a couple times myself) and about this point I started to realize that the Bosey was amplified so much it was starting to sound electric...oh well. Out of secret time and into Sugar, which was pretty much like it was in DC. Muhammad My Friend was fun. Then she did Graveyard, which I hadn't heard before..It seemed to work pretty well as an intro to Caught A Lite Sneeze, which I thought had too much rhythm this time around. Near the end she started shouting profanity, and I'm not sure what that was about. I thought at the time maybe she forgot the words, but that doesn't seem very likely. Then into the last of the regular set, The Waitress. It was pretty much normal although she seemed to get really into the sonic noise bit at the end that I don't like very much.

First encore was Hotel, which was okay, and Raspberry Swirl, which again didn't seemed to have the energy it did in DC. I'm not sure why. Second encore was Past the Mission, which was pretty cool. I was thinking about Trent Reznor as well, although I wondered if maybe Caton was going to sing backup. Pandora's Aquarium was pretty calm...and that was it!

However, after she show, sooooooo many people were smoking outside I thought I was going to have a really bad asthma attack. Luckily, I had my inhaler...but people, considerate...

From Joey

October 18, 1998 - Wow, what an incredible day!!!!!!!

The meet and greet was the most hectic I have experienced so far... We got there early this time, about 11:00!!!!! And was still number 29!!!!!! By 3:30 the cute blonde had numbered all the way to 150 something! So we all lined up on the sidewalk in our numbers, nice and fashionly.. then when Steve Sanchez put up the barricades, HELL BROKE LOOSE. People cut through the bushes and the numbers went to hell.. I have a post following this once concerning numbering..

Tori came out a bit after 4:30, looking great. And the crowd got bad! I've never seen so much pushing and shoving and screaming at a M and G. It was ridiculous. I was two rows back from the front, Tori saw me in acknowledgment, and smiled, but I didn't get much more than that, which was okay, I have other shows, and I've had my time before... She was out for a while actually, probably about 15 minutes.

The show was incredible! Set list as follows:

Precious Things
She's Your Cocaine **w/ the weird new bit in the bridge, very cool!**
Improv/Cornflake Girl
Little Earthquakes **YEAH!!!**
Black Dove
Happy Phantom

Merman **both secret songs dedicated to Matthew Sheppard, Tori said something like this "so I was outside today talking to a lot of people, and the same thing seemed to be on everybody's mind. so this song goes out to that boy in Wyoming," and it was unbelievable. I always thought that song was about something else. it was definitely the tear jerker of the evening**

Improv/Muhhammed My Friend
Caught A Lite Sneeze **she changed some of the words to girls on my right
side, girls on my left side, girls in the middle..."
Raspberry Swirl
Past The Mission **first time, YEAY!"
Pandora's Aquarium **what a wonderful closer, don't' you all agree?"

Yes, the night was incredible. Tonight I realized how much I want to be at the last show in MI, it's my birthday too! So I think Nithya and a bunch of us are going to try to get there for the last night.. WHOO HOO

From Meghan (Posted to the Purple People mailing list and posted here with permission.)

October 18, 1998 - Wow! That definitely completely made up for the MCI centre show! That was amazing, who made a copy???

This was definitely the best show I have seen tori do on this tour. She had so much energy! She played a wonderful setlist. and she played PAAAAAST THE MISSION!!!! I almost died! My boyfriend and I had been wanting to hear it, but never expected it. Happy Phantom was so wonderful. Merman, Hotel, Graveyard! Honey, Sugar, Precious Things, iiiee, pandora's aquarium, she yr cocaine! raspberry swirl! Mohammed my Friend!!! What a wonderful show! I am still in awe. And i ended up but in row V, dead center. It was great. we gave this nice girl our extra floor seat and it turned out it was her 16th birthday! And Tori was so cute tonight! I loved her Mreow. anyway, i have to go to sleep! byebye!

anyway, now that i am more awake, let me say some more about the baltimore show. our original tickets were section 3, row ee. But my wonderful boyfriend, as i mentioned before, got us on the guest list. Our guest list tickets were seciton 2, row V, dead center. I was happy. I was just getting majorly good vibes from this place before the show. The crowd was small which i thought was a plus. It just seemed like there was a lot of energy in that place. The Unbelievable Truth were booooring, better than the Devlins and David Poe, but that isn't saying much. Then we went and found some nice girl to give our extra floor seat to. Turns out it was her 16th birthday, so, I guess that was a pretty nice birthday present =) I ended up giving myself a stomach ache twice last night. Once in the car when we were going to the arena, i was so excited. We saw the arena and I got all excited, then we drove in circles for 10 minutes because of all the stupid 1 way roads trying to find the stupid parking lot that had like 10 foot clearance cause were driving a full sized van. So that whole time between when we saw the arena and when we were looking for the parking lot i gave myself a tummy ache cause i was so excited. And then when we were waiting after the Unbelievable Truth, i really did it. This is how i used to feel on christmas eve waiting for my presents! it's just like that worst case of butterflies you've ever had! heehee. But then Tori came on. I could tell right away that her voice was better. Her voice was really in bad condition at the MCI centre because she had been sick. But it was so beutiful last night! I could also tell that she had globs more energy than the MCI centre just from the first song. It was amazing. Then she's you cocaine was awsome. iiiee came after that. blech, i can't remember the order of all the songs, but, let's see. Black-Dove was nice, did you all catch it when she came in early on "Have to get to Texas"? I thought it was cute =). Raspberry Swirl was incredible as usual. They had new lighting effects during this one that weren't so blinding. She did a lot of improv near the end of this song. She played Hotel wearing a little red hotel vest. It was cute and sounded great. She ended with Pandora's Aquarium. I was glad that she didn't end with horses. Pandora's aquarium was really pretty and cute. ok. She played the most wonderful, cute, energetic version of Happy Phantom during secret time. I loved it! She also played Little Earhtquakes. I've been waiting to hear Mohammed my Friend forever and it was just as wonderful as I always wished it would be. Cornflake girl was cool as always. Honey and Sugar sound so awsome with the band!!! I love them! She also played Merman during secret time for the boy in Wyoming. I thought it was sweet. Merman was beautiful. It is only the second time I have heard it and it was beautiful. She also played the Graveyard as a nice little fun interlude. But the best part of the evening for me PAST THE MISSION! So beautiful! So wonderful! I almost melted!!! =) The energy was so high tonight. Tori looked like she was so happy. It was a great evening!

From Sunya22 (Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

October 18, 1998 - I won't post the set list b/c Shannon Blue already did it, but oh my god. That was such an awesome show; it was my first Tori show. I ran into a lot of little teeny boppers and Mansonites and everything, but people there were generally very nice. Except the people behind me who felt compelled to sing to every song.

They played the Propellerheads CD before the show. I would never have known that was them, but my boyfriend told me.

The opening band was pretty good. The lead singer/guitarist said "No, we're not the Devlins" and the drummer/backup vocalist/keyboardist kept saying "Hi, we're the Unbelievable Truth," just so everyone would remember. They were a four piece band (the two afore-mentioned and a bassist/backup vocalist and a lead guitarist/keyboardist) and they played 9 songs. They were all really young and pretty cute. The drummer came out onto the floor to talk to the audience during the set change. Then they played Massive Attack between Tori and the opener.

So she comes out at about 9:30, wearing a black off the shoulder short sleeved shirt and black pants with black shoes and a long silver sequined apron thing. Really cute.

She didn't talk much until between iieee and Honey, and she said how it was funny to be back, b/c she used to go there with her mom and watch hockey games (it's also a sports arena). Then we got CFG with a long a capella introduction.

We got Happy Phantom and Merman during quiet time. She said she hadn't done HP for a long time, and of course, Merman was dedicated to the boy in Wyoming.

Waitress was really good, and there was a little Blue Skies interjection ("you can go just where she's going" a few times).

For the first encore, she came out in a K-mart vest, and we got Hotel (!!) and RS. RS was so funny, b/c Matt Chamberlain put on his glowing delly-bobbers and was banging on the drum base. It was so cool. My boyfriend and my sister loved it.

Then during second encore we got Past the Mission ("Okay, we've never done this before so if we fuck it know") and Pandora's Aquarium.

Caton kept doing these cute little dances, and somebody told me he was drinking he same wine we were before the concert!

The merchandise being sold were three short-sleeved shirts, one long sleeve one, one tank top, the neckalce, and the tour book.

From Robin Zizmont & Jennifer Rae (Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

October 18, 1998 - We just got back from the Baltimore show and it was absolutely incredible!!! First of all, before Tori took the stage we saw an elderly man with a cane walking around and a crowd kept approaching him to talk to him and get autographs. We believe this was Tori's dad. As a matter of fact, we think her mom and other family members were there also. It was funny, because people kept approaching him for about 15-20 minutes non-stop!! He seemed to really enjoy it. Does anyone know if this really was her dad?

Set list:
Precious Things
She's Your Cocaine
Honey- Tori said she hadn't played this in a while, which confused us
because we know she's played it on this tour. Does anyone know the story
here? Was it really Honey or are we mixed up? She said it was a request
from the Meet and Greet.
Cornflake Girl
Little Earthquakes
(Next 2 songs were in tribute to the college student in Wyoming who was
Happy Phantom- acoustic- absolutely awesome to hear this!!
Merman- acoustic- both were very touching.
Mohammed My Friend
Caught A Lite Sneeze
-First Encore-
Rasperry Swirl
-Second Encore-
Past The Mission- incredible!!!!!!!!! She told the crowd that they had
never played this, so if they f-cked up that's why! ;-)
Pandora's Box

From Lauren Eschwie

October 18, 1998 - All I can say is the whole experience was completely amazing to me. My friends and I arrived at the arena around 12:45 or so and got numbers 104-106 for the meet & greet. We talked to Gina (thanks for the lip gloss!) and Willie, and mingled with the other EWFs (Dawn, I hope you got your book back!). We finally paraded over to the barracades for the meet & greet. I was about 4 rows back and managed to pass Tori my Sandman comic which she did indeed sign. My friends went around the other side of the exit and got some great pictures. We left shortly after Tori and came back at around 6:15. We met up with Lisa and hung around for a while. When we finally got to go in it was around 7 or so. They actually searched bags and did body searches. I spent much money at the souvenier booth (duh) and we found our seats. We were right up against the right side of the stage, but up in the second tier. The view was pretty damn good though. Unbelievable Truth was definitely better than the Devlins. They needed to turn down the volume on the guitars though. Their bass player was really good though. After much sitting and squirming, Tori finally came out around 9:30 and opened with Precious Things again. Last time I saw her was in July at MSG in NYC and she was sick, so this was a vast improvement. She sounded so much better. It was definitely an emotion packed show. There were times where I felt like I was in a trance. And I'm sure I will never get a better workout than I did dancing my little ass off to Raspberry Swirl. She was pure magic. Caton was even getting into it. Overall, I have to say it fuckin' rocked.

From Dawn

October 18, 1998 - I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Oct. 17th Baltimore concert, and let me say i was just completely blown away. Let's start from the very beginning though, at 1:30 in the afternoon which is when i arrived at the arena. There was already over 100 people waiting, and someone was putting numbers on hands to line us all up for the meet & greet. Well i was #103, not very good. At 3:30 they walked us up to the barricades so we could wait (for another hour!) for Tori's bus to come. Finally at around 4:30 it pulled in, and Tori came to talk to people. I was about three rows back, and i could barely see Tori until she came around the corner a little ways so this boy I was standing next to could give her this K-Mart vest that had her name on the nametag. i thought that was a pretty cool idea...anyway, i didn't get anything signed :-( but i did get some pictures (hopefully). The doors to the arena were opened at 7:00 and i went down to my seat (on the floor this time), and i was surprised cause i was kinda close...anyway i was just sitting there and i happened to look around, and tori's parents were sitting right behind me! well about 3 minutes later they were bombarded by people, so i waited a little while and then asked Dr. Amos to sign my ticket stub, he's such a nice man...okay, on to the concert. The Unbelievable Truth opened for Tori, and they were okay i guess. Nothing to be excited about, but i liked this one song, i don't know what it's called. Then around 9:30, Tori comes out! it was so exciting for me to be able to see her again...she ripped into "Precious Things" and this time held the "grrrrl" for so long! Right before "Honey" she talked about how she used to watch hockey games at the arena, and she made this funny little "meow" type sound, it was hilarious to see her facial expression too! Highlights for me were definately "Little Earthquakes", which sounds unbelievable with the band, "The Waitress," (great improvs during this song!) and "Merman," which was the first time I had heard the song ever...The only bad thing was that since i was on the floor, it was kind of difficult to see cause i'm short. i had to stand on my book that i brought with me ("Dangerous Angels" by Francesca Lia Block, thanks to the girl with the writing on her jeans who recommended it to me) to see better, but that's okay. i took some pictures of tori, hopefully they'll come out. tori seemed to be in a much better mood (or health) than at the Aug. 8th show, she talked a lot more and improvised more...I hope she comes back to Maryland again!!

From Andrea Cleaver

October 18, 1998 - Andrea called me on the phone and said that this was an extremely special and wonderful show for her. She said Tori was energetic and that magic was in the air. As you can see, the set list was longer than usual (18 songs to be averages 15-16). Tori's parents were at the show, and Mr. Amos was seen talking to various fans and even signing autographs. Tori dedicated "Merman" to Matthew Shepard, a young gay man in Wyoming who was beaten to death in a horrible hate crime a week or so earlier. Tori had been talking about the tragedy to some folks at the meet and greet earlier that afternoon. Before she did her solo version of "Merman", Tori said, "I talked to alot of people today. We all pretty much had the same thing on our mind....this is for a boy in Wyoming..." This show also featured a the Plugged '98 Tour debut of "Past The Mission."

From Richard Handal and Matt Page

October 18, 1998 - Richard told me that the show began at 9:28PM and ended at 11:09PM. The main set ended at 10:46. Matt told me that Tori wore a K-mart work smock during the first encore that she got from someone in the audience! Tori prefaced Caught A Lite Sneeze with a short b-side of hers called "Graveyard." You could also hear Tori do bits of of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" during CALS.

From Alex Goldstein

October 18, 1998 - I was sitting outside after the meet & greet yesterday at Baltimore Arena, and who should walk by but Mr. & Mrs. Amos. They were walking right towards me, so of course I got up and started speaking with them. First Mrs. Amos, who is as sweet as she looks, came up and started talking to a girl sitting next to me (in leather pants). I told her how much "her daughter means to all of us" and she seemed truly delighted to hear it, as if she didn't know....

Then Mr. Amos came up and before I could extended his hand for a greeting. I repeated my complimnets and added "Congratulations for raising such a wonderful daughter!" To which he replied "You're absolutely right 'She is a wonderful daughter!"

He also then said to that girl next to me (the one in leather pants) "I used to have a girl in my church that looked very much like you...she also wore leather pants." I wonder who that is....

I later saw Mr. Amos inside in the front middle floor section, greeting people and signing autographs! It was really cute, because there actually was a line of about a dozen or so young girls waiting to talk to him, as if he is a rock star...but there his is in his lavendar ministers' shirt!

Oh yeah the show was brilliant too!

From ilya

October 18, 1998 - the m&g happened at about 4:20 pm. tori was out for about 15-20 minutes. at one point, someone gave her a red k-mart employee vest with a nametag. she wore the vest for the first envore, with "tori" on the nametag.

the opening band was unbelievable truth. same sort of vibe as the devlins, but a little heavier. the lead guitarist also played a little keyboard, as did the drummer. they did a good job of being an opening band.

during the intermission, dr. amos was spotted in the crowd talking to fans. right at the end of intermission, the security guards allowed those in the first 4 rows to stand up and move up to the barricade, so i was fortunate enough to be staring directly at tori's hands for the whole night.

the band intro'd, and tori came out wearing all black, with a silver apron.

precious things - powerful opening as always, with the extended "christian boys". she got into this towards "girl", grabbing the piano and, uh, other things.

she's your cocaine - with the heavy metal song break in the middle right before the mellotron-y "..and is it true". i couldn't place the song, i was headbanging too much :)

iieee- jon evans works out on the 5-string. as usual, with the extended "you took my little girl" that just takes the song to a new level. very emotional.

honey - very pretty and a break after the heaviness of iieee

sometime in the first 4 songs, tori said something about how when she was younger she used to go see hockey games, and she'd always be going "kill, kill" - i may have misinterpreted this completely :)

cornflake girl - by now, we've come to expect the vocal intro, and tori did not disappoint. some nice interplay with caton on the solo.

little earthquakes - a great surprise! i was really hoping to hear this one sometime, and i'm really glad she did it. this song seemed to mark the start of the concert becoming more intense.

black-dove(january) - first time i had a chance to hear this since the 9:30 club show back in april. this time i knew the song.

secret time: tori said something to the effect of "i'm gonna say something in a minute that will explain this" instead of saying anything, she went right into happy phantom. very improvised timing, with pauses on the "woo hoo" parts, and a little bebop feel.

merman - dedicated to matthew shepard. very moving song.

the band returns for...

sugar - another powerful song.

muhammed my friend - with an intro that i didn't quite recognize. this gained in intensity up to the "i know you've seen fire" part. she really captivated with this song.

caught a lite sneeze - the intensity just carried on through this.

waitress - dark and ominous beginning, with the lights dim and swirling. this was the song to get into. slow and brooding, built up and up until "hang 10 honey". the front row (well, maybe just me) were giving the hang loose sign to jon evans, and he really got off on it, giving us a big smile and a nod. this song really gives the band a chance to rock out. very very long ending, with lots of vocal stuff from tori towards the end (though i didn't hear "i believe in the devil, bitch" this time :)

encore 1: with the red k-mart vest on, tori came out and started playing what sounded like a funky clavinet patch on the kurzweil, but it turned out to be hotel! she played it much like the album version, but without all the programmed synth stuff in the background. this is one that they're probably still working out the kinks on - she didn't seem as comfortable with it as the others.

raspberry swirl - of course you know when matt puts on the deely-boppers, it's time to dance. matt goes wild on the percussion - it's great to watch. the ending was extended, with lots of "swirl, swirl, swirl".

encore 2: "we've never tried this before, so if we fuck up, you know...." past the mission - they didn't fuck up. jon improvised a little on the all-important bass line, which made the song more interesting.

pandora's aquarium - a wonderful, calm finish to a great show. like richmond, a very beautiful chorded intro in the beginning. when it ended, tori and the band went off stage very quickly, almost making it seem like there would be a 3rd encore.

From Chris Kramme, a.k.a. Dream

October 18, 1998 - I arrived at the Baltimore Arena at 1:35 with my friends Jimmy Pop & Philippa & we got #s 111-113 for the meet & greet. Sometime around 3:30 we moved up to the barricades where the number system was all but forgotten. Someone who was # 13 was back where I was, about 6 rows back. (For those of you that were there, Jimmy Pop was the guy that announced "4:20", the national time to smoke up.) When Tori came around 4:35, everyone started pushing their way to the front & we all were squished together very uncomfortably. I tried to pass up my Winter CD & the Little Earthquakes for Philippa, but it never got there. I got some good pictures though. Like I said before, this crowd was being very rude with the pushing, unlike the friendly Blacksburg crowd where everyone remained calm and people were glad to pass stuff up to the front. So after Tori went inside, most of the people left, but we stuck around & got to talk briefly to Steve Caton. He signed my Winter cd & Little Earthquakes & I got my picture with him. I asked if they were going to play "Past The Mission" & he said mabye & that they were supposed to play it two days ago. Jimmy asked why they don't play "Girl" and he said that they never learned it.

We went into the building at 6:00 & got to listen in on soundcheck. They played Past The Mission, Muhammad My Friend, Black Dove, & P.T.M. again. We went into the actual arena at 7:00 & I had to use unconventional means to get my camera in. We took our seats (5th row left by the center isle) & watched Unbelievable Truth. They were good. I liked how they mentioned the name of the band after the first 4 songs or so. Good way to get the crowd to remember the name. The people seemed to like them. "Better than the Devlins" as one guy said. They played for 40 min, the last song just with the drummer playing keyboard & Andy Yorke singing. Then during the break we found out that we had to move to the left side of the row (arrrgh, #$$^@^$&). We were now in front of the left speaker, which became a problem later. When Tori went on at about 9:30, people went up to the stage & were standing...the whole time. So we had to stand as well. Security should have done a much better job. Hey people, if you have first or second row, just sit the fuck down & enjoy the show. I can understand during Raspberry Swirl, and any general admission show, but RS wasn't played untill the first encore & this certainly was no G.A. show, although it might as well have been. The people behind us eventually sat down & asked me to, but then I couldn't see, so everyone had to stand. The vibe wasn't there for me tonight. The speaker was kicking out so much bass that it was almost unbearable, especially during Honey. (And that's nothing against Jon either, he was great.) I know others will strongly disagree, but this was my least favorite out of the shows I've seen.

Here's some tidbits about the show:

Precious Things featured the crotch grab & the improv before "so you can make me cum". This song usually has a strong impact on me & sets the tone for the night, but not this time.

She's Your Cocaine contained a sample of Black Sabbath' "Sweet Leaf". There was an improv here, something like "I have no shame"

She clutched her stomach during iieee. Nothing new.

She told a story about how she used to come here to watch hockey games with her mother, and said that someone asked her to play this & she hasn't done it in awhile, which led into Honey. Jon played the upright bass.

It was the first time I heard Little Earthquakes & Black Dove live.

Before Happy Phantom, she said there was a story behind this & she would explain after this song. She improvised a little, having to do with the kid from Wyoming. Before Merman, which was my first time hearing that song ever, she said how she talked to some people earlier and it was on everyone's mind about the Wyoming kid. She dedicated the song to him.

Sugar, Muhammad My Friend, Graveyard & CALS showed up. Normally these would have been great, but the vibe just wasn't there.

The usual improv on The Waitress.

Hotel is not one of my favorites but I kinda enjoyed it. She wore the K-Mart vest that someone gave her during the meet & greet. The nametag of course said "Tori"

Raspberry Swirl was the same that has been going around the horn, deely boppers & all.

She came out for the second encore & said that they haven't done this before, so if we fuck up... I liked Past The Mission. I was kinda hoping to see Trent Reznor(wouldn't that be great if he returned from obscurity on this song?) Pandora followed.

On the way out I saw Mark, who was wearing the "NORTHERN SCUM" t-shirt, which got a laugh out of me.

People seemed to enjoy the show & Tori & the guys were having fun, but the vibe wasn't there for me. Philippa enjoyed it, it was her first show. Jimmy did too but he was a little preoccupied for personal reasons.

Again, I really absolutely LOVED the Blacksburg show, but not this one. Props to Caton for being so nice & signing an autograph & letting me get a picture with him. Next show for me is Norfolk. Hopefully this will be as wonderful as my past two concerts in Virginia. Although I am now of the opinion that NOTHING can top Blacksburg. That show will always remain very special to me. :)

And they said Marianne killed herself and I said "not a chance".

From April

October 18, 1998 - well, you've already got the set list so i won't repeat that. just have a couple of comments on what she did differently in the songs and such.

in cornflake girl's improv she talked about someone in japan. she dedicated merman to matthew sheppard. this was a very awesome thing to do and it was also cool because i'd just read today that people were going to ask her to dedicate something to him.

in caught a lite sneeze she replaced "boys" with "girls" in some places and did a tad of hurt with the band.

the waitress had a long ending with tori saying "i'm gonna go where she goes". disco balls during pandora. that's all.

the show totally rocked. i didn't have that great of seats. they were on the floor but everyone stood up the whole time and it was very hard for me to see. i was very excited to hear graveyard. and the people behind me didn't know what "little earthquakes" is. um, yeah...

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