North American Plugged '98 Tour
Spartanburg, SC
October 14, 1998

Updated October 16, 1998

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Tori performed in Spartanburg, SC on October 14, 1998 at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Leather and Me and a Gun solo. Thanks to Eva for being the first to email me a set list, and to Kenneth Peterson and CruelSufis for completing and clarifying the set list.

Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Leather (solo)
Me and A Gun (solo)
Purple People
Doughnut Song
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:


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October 16, 1998 - After sending you the setlist, I decided I wanted to do a review for this show because of the interesting improvs tori did in many of the songs. When I heard that Tori's dad had gone to Wofford College in Spartanburg, I figured this might be some of the energy Tori would draw on for her setlist and outlook for the show. This show IMHO seemed to be geared towards the very hardcore fans because Tori didn't sing the usual upcharged songs like Cornflake Girl, Cruel, iieee, etc. She did turn it up with the last few songs, but the show was awesome overall.

Tori opened with:

Precious Things--The song was pretty much the same as the usual versions from the plugged tour, but before she closed up the song with "let the break their hold on me" she sang "stop ruining my life, you ruined my life..."

Spark--I liked the way she sang this song. She's changed the bridge a little since I heard it last in Charlotte.

Siren--pretty much the same as she's sang it before. I really don't like the song that well because it's not the at the same pace as the album and it seems a little lacking.

Tori stopped after this one and said that her Dad was her inspiration for tonite and that he went to school here. She said he wanted to be James Dean when he came to school here and he was a really cool guy. She said her Dad found God after he left here, and she really didn't like him when he found God. But now that he's retired, she said she liked him a little better.

Liquid Diamonds---at the end of the song, tori added an improv but her mouth was right on top of the mike so it was hard to understand what she was saying. It reminded me of how Tori would end Precious Things when she sang it on the DDI tour.

Caught A Lite Sneeze--I really like this version because the piano seems so right for the song now. I still would like to hear the song with the band and the harpsichord though.

Crucify--I was surprised with this song because the band and piano intro was very different from what I expected. As soon as the song was over Tori went straight into Leather and the band left.

Me and A Gun--I was so glad that the entire audience didn't speak or even move during this whole song!! We are all so reverent while she sang to us. I kind of expected the song tonite because of the "Do you know Carolina" part. :) This is the first time I'd heard the song

Purple People--The only bad thing about this song was that when the band played you couldn't really hear Tori on the Kurzweil that well. Still a very nice version.

Doughnut Song--Tori started this song with an a capella intro. It was something like "No one knows what's she's done, No one could know who she is now, You'd never believe the man she married, Even Jesus stays away...."

Space Dog--I wanted to hear this one. Tori did a great job. I loved how well the band did on the song.

Waitress---Tori was sipping her honey/lemon with a spoon when the song started and she was waving the spoon in the air and with the blue light shining on her and it looked like she was waving a sparkler in the air. The Hang 10, Honey is awesome and then Tori went absolutely NUTS and she kept singing, "I believe YOU'RE the devil, bitch. I believe in her goodness!!" I love the Waitress more than any other tour song so far I think. It's just incredible.

1st encore

Hotel--I was pleased with how Tori brought this album to the tour. It's different, and still very recognizable. I wish she'd done the keyboard outtro though after "I'm still alive"

Raspberry Swirl--Matt put on the helmet with the glow-in the dark antennas and the audience went crazy. I love this version of the song. It's so much faster than the album one. These crazy guys were dancing around and Tori grinned at them and she made the song EXTRA long. Her voice went into this opera sound and she sang something for a long time but I couldn't make it out.

2nd encore

Horses--Personally, I'm tired of this song. I like the piano version from Boys for Pele much better, and I wish she'd move to singing Pandora more often or something else in general. The only awesome thing about this song is the Disco ball light show. Still the show as a whole was very very awesome. My second favorite all time. The first being the Atlanta Show at the Chastain on August 17.

Kenny was not on stage this time. Tori had a tour bus parked in the parking lot and all of the Southpark gang (including the big chef) were sitting up in the back of the camper. No super grover on stage either. Well, I just wanted to share the experience. If ANYONE has taped this show, PLEASE let me know. I'd love to have it. Thanks!!!

From Kirk J. Duchow

October 16, 1998 - What an awsome show last night. The meet and greet before was only a small group of people and very nice. There was a guy in a leather jacket with her and someone later told me it was Neil. How cool. Tori was so full of energy you could just feel it. She played long intros/improvs for at least half of the songs and was constantly standing up at the piano like she couldn't stand to be sitting down. I was worried after hearing people talk about her looking tired or having a cold in recent weeks, but I didn't see any of that last night. This was definately the best concert I have seen. I enjoyed the story she told about her dad, this is a heavy paraphrase, but she had told her dad that she got along better with him now that he was retired, and he responded 'but you wouldn't have had anything to write about if I hadn't been a minister. I was so happy to finally hear Crucify and Leather live. Me and a Gun was extremely emotional and you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium (which was small for this tour, very nice). At one point she looked at Steve Canton and caught his eye he walked a couple of steps toward her and they did a little improv jam in the middle of a song. Before Donut Song she did a five line acapella improv that was very cool, I've never heard it before and the band looked like they weren't expecting it. Does anyone know what it was?? What a fantastic show.

From Maria

October 16, 1998 - First I would like by congratulating you on your wonderful website.... definitely one of the top 3 Tori Amos sites out there, and being a devout EWF, I've seen them all. I wont bore you with the set list of the Spartanburg show since you already have it, but I would like to share with you that after the show, in the meet and greet session, I asked Tori if she is going to come out with an album of live performances, and she said it was in the works, that she is recording all her recent concerts, and hopes to have the album out by December of next year. This was my fourth time meeting Tori, and it was just as magical as the first; I got to ask her more questions this time while she signed a couple of pictures, without taking up too much time... (the dozen roses I gave her probably helped ). I will be going to her Columbia, SC show as well, and hope to ask her more questions. Anyway, I just wanted to share that, though, you may already know this from other sources. Keep up the wonderful work on your site.

From Hannah Knudsen

October 15, 1998 - Well, I just got home from the Spartanburg show and am so glad that I made the trip. It was a much better experience than when I saw Tori in Atlanta, mostly because this time the audience gave Tori the respect that she deserves (I couldn't believe in Atlanta that people were hollering in the middle of "Cooling"!). I got to meet her before the show and that was just a magical experience. There were only about 25 people at the meet and greet so everyone got a chance to talk to Tori, take pictures, etc. "Precious Things" was amazing; I experienced an incredible adreneline rush in the middle of it. "Spark" seemed slower than the album version and it had a melancholy feel to it, as did "Purple People". That line, "Thunder wishes she could be the snow" just grabbed me and nearly broke my heart. "Siren" threw me for a bit of a loop because she didn't do the little trilling "la"s at the beginning, but it was just beautiful. And I loved the new version of "Horses" and Iloved how her voice soars during "Liquid Diamonds". I feel so lucky that I got to go to this show and wish that I was going to be able to go the show in Columbia next week.

From Ken "Thesbian" Peterson

October 15, 1998 - Me and two of my best friends went to the concert and it really kicked some major @$$!!!! the opening band rocked. I think it sounded like the Dave Matthews band with more of an edge. One of my friends who went with me had never been to a concert before, and she had a blast!!! Anyway, on to the show...

I cant remember many details because, as usual, I was transfixed! Tori was magical today, and the band was just as amazing. Caton was just odd, stuck in a Blues Brothers faze, with his hat and turqouise guitar doing some fancy footwork. It was a very old song kinda night...only 3 songs from the new album..... The highlights of the show for me:

**Cruicfy**---GGGGGGOD this sent tingles down my spine.

**Me and A Gun**---Tori was awesome, and the audience...(A very big thank you to the Spart. Audience!!!!) No one moved when she was singing...You could hear a pin drop (if she werent singing). A little side note-I couldn't help but think that every time Tori sings MAAG, the whole event replays in head, and I was watching her sing, I could almost see the pain revisit her. Her posture was very closed up, and she began to lean on her piano for support as the song progressed. I quietly whispered a thank you to myself.... Tori has set such an example, that we as people must remain strong.

**Hotel** wowsers...this has been my fav. song from FTCGH...and to hear it live blew me away

**Rasberry Swirl** such a fun song when done live. The lights and sound and the band all having fun....Makes for a really exciting time

**Horses** I love the new version and am glad she played it.. So sinister, so dark, so fitting for BFP!!!

I am still reeling from the amazing experience.... Thanks Tori, for making my night again with a powerful performance.

From adam (Warrior Saturn)

October 15, 1998 - MAN OH MAN!! tori could not have picked a better venue than the memorial auditorium... the sound quality was SUPERB and she and the band seemed to really be into it... She played waitres and there was a HUGE ending added on to it, the best version of that song I've heard...with heaving breaths at the end and everything. Spacedog was also pretty good... and the version of rasberry swirl she played had a diff drum beat from the one in atlanta and it was GREAT.... of course her solo me and a gun and leather were breathtaking... afterwards the SAME security guy that bitched at us in atlanta at the meet and greet was there and was just as unsavory. We quietly walked to the stage and politely asked "Excuse me, but do you have a setlist up there that we could have?" and he curtly responds "DON'T ASK! No! No!" Then at the meet and greet he kept complaining at us to stand back. I didn't get to meet tori afterwards... The barracade was in an L shape kind of and despite all my encouragement ^_^ (I was the guy screaming "Tori, aren't gonna come over here and meet your eastside fans!?") apparently tori's just a westside hoe ^_^ cuz we never got anywhere near her being on the other side. The guitarist and the other band members stayed to sign autographs quite some time, though. The guitarist was wearing these odd black faerie wings ^_^. Well, that's my two cents, thanx mike~!


October 15, 1998 - what can i say..this was my second show on this tour and i STILL cannot express in words the magic and the wonder that was in the theater. Tori came out wearing a glittery apron looking top over a red shirt and black pants (beautiful as always). Precious things had sooo much energy in it this time...i was transfixed. Me and my friend turned to each other with an OH MY GOD expression on our faces when she started playing Crucify. it was wonderful sounding with the band. i am going to the raleigh show as well and am crossing my fingers that it will be as good as this show was and that the crowd there will be as good as this one was.

From Eva

October 15, 1998 - hey there! Tori was wonderful tonight, she seemed to be in really high spirits and smiled a whole lot... It was a fantastic show. She added improvs to several songs. She added a bit of an improv in the middle of Liquid Diamonds, and there was a nice improv at the beginning of Doughnut Song. She was actually eating a bucket of ice cream onstage before Waitress... She told a story before she introduced her "brothers" which was about her father, and how he went to school around here (Wofford College is literally right next door) and how this was before he went into the ministry... When he headed off to Emory he decided to go into the ministry but before that, she said he wanted to be James Dean. So she felt his spirit there. She did Leather and Me And A Gun live. The lighting for Leather was beautiful, all red and yellow... Really a gorgeous show... She did an incredible version of Raspberry Swirl, and Space Dog was also great... Fantastic audience... you could hear a pin drop during Me And A Gun... nobody breathed... Well here's as much of the setlist as I can remember- the order is most likely totally wrong. Precious Things Spark Liquid Diamonds Siren Crucify Doughnut Song Leather (solo) Me And A Gun (solo) Purple People Space Dog Waitress Hotel Raspberry Swirl Horses thanks Mike!

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