North American Plugged '98 Tour
Jacksonville, FL
October 13, 1998

Updated October 16, 1998

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Tori performed in Jacksonville, FL on October 13, 1998 at the Times Union Center (Moran Theatre) during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Hey Jupiter, Never Seen Blue, and Cooling solo. Special thanks to Erin Mcgauley and Brent Cerrato for being the first people to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Father Lucifer
Muhammed My Friend
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Never Seen Blue (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Little Earthquakes
Tear In Your Hand
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Paige

October 16, 1998 - Just wanted to add my two cents on Jax. It was a wonderful show. A friend who hadn't seen Tori this tour and I made the four-hour trek to see her. We hooked up with our friend alitesneeze, aka John, and Rain on line at the Meet and Greet.

I got my UTP songbook signed - as I had dreamt two months ago, even before I had the darn thing - and she asked me my name so she could personalize it! she also said the orange Puffkin I gave her (Mango) was cute and took a letter I gave her as well.

The letter asked her to play one of three songs "whichever felt like it wanted to come out." So "Cooling" later got me all choked up. Don't know if she ever read the card - I call her our Earthbound Angel - but I like to think she did.

The entire set was wonderful. Tori is the lone artist in the free world who could play anything and be wonderful. She's not confined to "hits" and I could never be disappointed by anything played or not played.

As everyone else so eloquently said, she was tops!

I also loved "Never Seen Blue" and the rare, but now more well-heard "Hotel." My friend adored the new version of "The Waitress" and "Father Lucifer," but really everything was wonderful.

From Daniel M. Perez (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

October 15, 1998 - Hey. I find it kinda funny that no one yet has made any reference to the fact that in this most amazing show (man, Tori was feisty!) we got an extra treat. Guess who was hanging out at the show?

Neil Gaiman.

No, I'm not on crack, or imagining things. While waiting for the show to start I saw him, and I *knew* it was him, but that "Nah, it can't be him" thing got to me and I didn't approach him. Something about the choice of songs gave us a hint, when she played Hotel (reference to The Velvets) and Tear In Your Hand (obvious one). After the show, when I left for the meet-n-greet, we saw him wandering around the area. I told my girlfriend that it was him and we both knew it. Eventually some others caught on to it and we even asked Steve if that was Neil, to which he replied, "Maybe. What do you think?" Of course, the best was when Tori came out and dragged him with her to the line! So after I spoke to Tori and thanked for an amazing show (hey, we drove from Miami and it couldn't have been better) we actually got to talk briefly to Neil Gaiman and get his autograph! Only like 4 people got it, too, so it was extra special.

Amazing. Two of my most respected and favorite artists right there on the same day. What better way to end an already wonderful tour!


October 15, 1998 - my name is tim and I got to the tori show around noon. there's was already people waiting soo i got number 26 they were doing numbers. that was really good. I know i waited around 5 hours we all lined up but it seemed to be another hour. before we got in the baracades. then the guy came out tellin us the rules. some black lady came out too saying she was number one and that she was tori! it was pretty funny. tori signed my bfp album cover and asked me how my name was spelled. i said tim!i dident get a hug ohwell!


tori did 15 songs u already know the setlist but there were 2 songs that made me cry! precious THINGS and IEEE

the whole show kicked major ass she was soo giving shold i say to her fans. i'm not very good with words but she was sooo great. this was my best tori show.

tori did 3 great songs at the end where every one was standing up.


and yes i was right there and i could see tori soo good. I had bunachulars I have bad eye site but with those tori was at the corners of my eyes.


I got too see tori i thanked her for playing pandora. SHE LOOKED SMILED AND WAVED. by this time I was in front of the baracades! she signed my tour book that someone passed up to her. this was the best night of my life!!! and theres my review I would have sent last night but I was really tired your devoted PANDOCHILD

From Susan Bailey

October 14, 1998 - We arrived in Jacksonville just as the sun started to set. The water gently swirling under the bridges in this city was almost mind altering as we made our way to the waterfront theater. My friend Laura and I enjoyed the short drive from Orlando, conjuring up images and predictions of what Tori would play and what "dress" energy would don to make herself present to Tori in the late hours of the evening. After eating a quick Chinese dish at the local food court near the Moran Theater, we ventured inside the venue to await Tori's presence. I knew we were in for a very intense evening when I stepped into the auditorium--so much smaller than the UCF arena (where I last saw Tori), and definitely constructed to allow instruments to explode across the walls of the room.

The Unbelievable Truth opened as Laura and I took our seats in Row C. We both kept looking at each other throughout their performance, pinching ourselves because we were so close to the stage; we knew we would be able to see every nuance of Tori's expressions; every soul inspired note would come resounding through our ears with a closeness and intensity we soon knew would be unforgettable. The Unbelievable Truth jammed for about 35 minutes, thanking the audience for aptly listening and being respectful.

Around 9:30, the black drape encompassing the inner depths of the stage arose slowly, giving the audience a glimpse of the ten foot Bosey and the rest of her friends. Caton, Matt and Jon walked out on stage quickly, donning their instruments, preparing themselves for a night of magic. To the opening drumbeats and hauting guitar rifts of Precious Things, Tori walked out onto stage, wearing black pants, black boots, and a black off the shoulder top. Draped over her torso was a lavender and silver looking apron. It shimmered beautifully in the white light darting off its sequins. The lights washed to black as Tori turned to center stage. She smiled at the audience, and then slowly lowered herself down towards the floor, extending her arms toward us, seemingly summoning the energy from within the building. Within seconds she rocketed to the piano, pounding the opening stanza of Precious things into her Bosey. Everyone sat still, quiet and enraptured. Precious Things, an intense opening song to begin with, exploded when she sang "With their nine inch nails and little facist panties...." and the guitar picked up the motion of the phrase on the extended "girrrrllllll," flushing out the angry intensity of this song.

After the final emotional blow from Precious Things, Iieee, Sugar and God followed. Sugar was equally intense in a quieter way, as Tori spat "When they find you...when they're just a pussy boy...." After the groovy guitar fluctuations on God, Tori announced (seemingly surprised at herself) that she'd been singing about "all her favorite boys" so far, but the "next boy" was her absolute "favorite." Though she did remind us (after that remark) that people commonly mistake the intent of this song...they believe it's about her father. She chided that it's not about her father, but about another guy who definitely gets a bad wrap because of who he is. Then she began the light trappings of Father Lucifer. This was the first time I heard this "girl," and I love the new arrangement. The tempo changes and bridge structure of the song exemplified its message, almost creating a picturesque movie in your mind, allowing you to hear a glimpse of Tori's conversation with the "darker" one.

The real treat was Muhammed My Friend: I knew after the first few notes that we were lucky, being the first audience to finally hear this girl. Wow. Tori emphasized the line "Moses I know, You've never seen fire...till you see the Pele blow." I couldn't help but imagine Maynard from Tool next to her as she sang. Nevertheless, I was impressed with the band on this song...this "girl" has found a new voice through the swell of guitar and rhythm of percussion.

The boys went away after Muhammed, and Tori began lightly (almost reverently) playing the first simple notes of Hey Jupiter under the soft glow of blue light that surrounded her, creating a mood altering few minutes. Jupiter was dreamy...meandering her way into my heart, causing silent tears to stream down my face, especially during the higher pitched "oooohhhhs" of the song. I must add that the girl alone at the piano is perhaps more intense than with the band, because of the intensity and haunting nature of Tori's lyrics. With the band it's easier to ignore the real meaning behind the song, but without it, you're forced to recognize what Tori is asking her "ears with feet" to examine.

Never Seen Blue and Cooling followed, though before both, Tori hilariously retorted (after incessant screams of requests from audience members) that "If you were betting, you'd be fuckin' broke!" The audience erupted in laughter. Then she went on by adding (while tinkering different melodies on the piano) that she's going to know after about 30 seconds which song (of two) to play (because it would come to her) and "both of the songs were supposed to be on Boys for Pele, but didn't make it", and then they "were supposed to be on Choirgirl, but didn't make it", (she sighed here) and "they're her favorites." Then she stopped in silence, the audience screamed, and then she said: "Oh....aaahhhhh....why don't I just play both!?!?" She continued, adding that she was in a unique situation here, and although she's paying thousands of dollars to reserve the theater, she has thousands to spend! She shouted backstage to Marcel (?) telling him to tell the boys to "take another couple take a piss or something if they need to." Again, the audience exploded in utter delight. I was so excited she was going to play an extra song...with just her and the piano.

Never Seen Blue was amazing, delicately handled with pauses after "In and around...and through me again." It was beautiful. Cooling, too, was astounding as the notes reverberated through the room, and before she played Cooling, the boys came back out, and she told them to sit down for a bit, because she promised us she'd play both. Tori then told them to dim the lights, so Caton could have a cigarette or something. (Of course, he was treating himself to a glass of wine too!)

Things picked up again with Little Earthquakes, Hotel and Tear in Your Hand. Hotel, new to the set list on this tour, was a testimony to Matt's brilliant work. The percussion in that song was amazing, and Tori did a fascinating and technically difficult job of manipulating between the Kurtzweil and the Bosey. Her facial expressions during "Give me more" were priceless. I sense there's deeper meaning to this song than what I can even imagine.

The set list ended with The Waitress. I loved this "new" version at UCF, and even more so this time. Sitting so close, I could actually make out most of what she was saying towards the end, and she kept belting "Hang Ten Hang Ten Honey...I'm gonna go where she goes" and then "I believe in something...I believe in something...I believe in you....I believe in peace bitch...I know you're like me....I believe in something...something....I believe you're just a (something I couldn't make out)...bitch." After approximately nine minutes of this, Tori was shaking intensely, breathing orgasmically into the mike....almost ripping it off its extension. I swore it was going to fall off, but it didn't.

Then they all left.

The first encore was She's Your Cocaine, and they started letting everyone into the orchestra pit up front. (Things got somewhat out of hand from here on out, because people started climbing over each other to see, and some people forgot that sitting on top of eachother's shoulders is disrespectful when considering that the people behind you *can't* see). Raspberry Swirl followed. Matt donned his deely-boppers, and I really loved the swirl of the neon green lights around the room. People were dancing, and enjoying themselves. I wonder if Tori is suprised by how more "mainstream" fans have taken to this song, because of it's massive appeal.

During the second encore she played Pandora's Aquarium. The mood was lost completely because everyone was crazy by this point, which didn't allow the proper reverence for this song (which I'd hoped for), but I enjoyed it nevertheless. On the very last breath of "Pandora" Tori let her voice rise an octave...her soul baring itself across the room. I was completely flooded and moved, even in the chaos of other people moving around and screaming. It was intense.

I really enjoyed the whole show. Though "enjoyment" is a poor description of how I really feel, even in the afterglow hours of this experience, I'm really amazed at how Tori's songs continue to develop and breath new life, and of course, new meaning, into focus. I feel nothing short of amazement at Tori's ability to let these songs and the experiences behind them speak to her. And in turn, I feel blessed because the songs, or the girls, continue to challenge me to examine them within my own life, and they allow me to gain a greater strength from merely listening to them...and being open to what they have to say. Tori seemed to look right into my soul last night as she piercingly met my eyes. It was an unforgettable and intense experience. Though I know we haven't ever exhanged words, I feel as if she's a kindred spirit, striving to find greater meaning in the sometimes harrowing and torential horrors life deals us. For that, I am eternally grateful.

From Brent Cerrato

October 14, 1998 - If there is a word to describe Tori's attitude at this concert.... its sassy. Tori from the second Tori came out and gathered her concert energy, I knew this one was going to be special. This was the first time I was close enough to actually see the drool.... and yes there was drool.

Tori opened with precious things, complete with the GIIRRRLLLL crotch grab, and pretty much set the stage for the rest of the night. after playing iieee (and greeting us and letting us know the next song was one of her favorites, even though it was a B-side) and sugar she started a streak of "religious songs" with God (including the "You dropped a bomb on me, Sweet Jesus" jam). After god, she let us know that she was going to be touring in the south for a while, so she had better get it out of her system. She also said her father thought this next song was about him, but in fact it was about someone that she thought had a pretty rough job, and then broke into Father Lucifer and then right into Mohammed My Friend.

After her little streak of sacrilege, she told the bad to leave and played Hey Jupiter. After that we really saw the mood Tori was in, she growled at us a couple of times (wow, i never knew a growl could sound like that.... mmmm) and then told us that the next song she hadn't quite picked yet, but it was between two that she thought should have been on Boys for pele, and should have been on choir girl, but didnt make either, but that would be coming out soon. Then something about "the reason this is a new tour is so that we don't have de javu every fucking night". When the audience started yelling the names of songs out, she told us that "if we were bidding, you'd be fucking broke!" . So she then decided to play both the songs. She said "I under stand that this is a union house and if I go over I loose like thousands, but, ya know what, I have thousands to loose." Then she yelled off stage that if the band should have another beer, or if they needed to, take a piss. She then proceeded to play Never Seen Blue. The band came back on stage after Never Seen Blue, and she told them she promised us another song, so they should just chill out. When the lights came up some, she told them to keep them down so the band could get in a cigarette during this song (which was followed by Steve rushing back off stage to grab a cigarette and light up), and she played Cooling.

After Cooling, she proceeded to play Little Earthquakes, Hotel, Tear in your Hand, and Waitress (complete with the "Im gunna go where she goes/You are the devil, bitch" jam). Tori ended Waitress with one of the most intence "Breathing Sessions" I have ever seen.

The first encore contained She's Your Cocaine (complete with tori giving the microphone mock felatio) and Raspberry swirl (complete with light up head gear for Matt, and i think Tori forgetting which section of the song she was on, because it kinda sounded like it went a little too long, Steve kinda looked at her funny,and she just kinda gave him a shrug)

The second encore was just Pandora's Aquarium, which I have been wanting to hear live since i got the albumn, and I finally did.... lets just say it was religious.

Overall, If Tori was sick recently it was impossible to tell last night. The woman belted out every note, danced in her chair to the beat of several of the songs, and was in quite a spunky mood. And believe me, you could tell. Almost every song she played had added verses and lots of little tori squaks, she was loving it.

Once again, I had to convince myself not to just get in my car and follow the tour bus to the next show, spending my college money on tori following. But lets jsut say I had to convince a little harder this time than the last......

From Erika Johnson

October 14, 1998 - Yay my first review.... :) we, my husband and i, just got back from the show (we drove from tallahassee).

it was a wonderful though very long day.

we left around 8ish and got to the theater around 10:30 got our numbers for meet and greet.

we proceeded to meet lotsa really nice ppl and have an all around good expirence. Tori came out around 4:30 and spent a good deal of time out with us. I got to ask her my two very important questions, no she hasn't read the book i gave her on her birthday, and i asked her if she was planning on coming back to florida she said it didnt look like it, because they were only going through dec 3, and they were already booked up. it sounded to me like we really shouldnt expect any more touring in january. she went back inside, someone asked for one more autograph, a vinyl YKTR, and she went to go sign but Joel pulled her away :( oh.. then we saw Caton on his bike, and we talked to him for awhile. he's really nice guy, very friendly and willing to talk to people. on to the show....

of all the plugged shows i've seen, this one is almost the best (nothing is better than the birthday show)

you already have the entire list so i'm gonna write what i thought some of the highlights were...

Precious Thinngs - very powerful and the most blatent crotch grab i have ever seen... go Tori..

iieee - the lights on this are really nifty, and the middle part when she says the thing about taking her little girl, it really got me, and the sacrafice at the very end

sugar - she did an improve before this, but i can't remember what it was :(

God - love the "you dropped the bomb on me -Jesus"

Father Lucifer and Muhammad My Friend - before Tori said she needed to get these out of her system because she was going back through the south. Both of these songs were on my little personal wish list, so i was very excited when she played them (note, we manged to spot the set list before the show so i was sooo excited with each song and the list was followed exactly except for secrect time where she played Never Seen Blue which wasn't on the list). Tori also mentioned how her dad didn't like Father Lucifer, the one song that "ISN'T about him." Muhammad My Friend was wonderful. I loved every second of it, added drums in the back was brilliant.

secret time

Hey Jupiter - not one of my favs, but it was beautiful tonite, very soft and slow. i was't really close enough to see, but it sounded like Tori was crying at the very end.

before she say the next two songs, she told us she was trying to decide between the two, and she mentioned how they were both suposed to be on the last album, but "didn't make it" and then on this album but "didn't make it again" this was also when those rude girls right behind me screamed "Happy Phantom" and Tori made the very cool Auction comment, "if you were at auction you be fucking broke!" so then she said maybe i'll just play both...

Never Seen Blue - BEAUTIFUL i had little tears and i had new insight into the songs meaning... wonderful

Cooling - another little wish list song. this was also beautiful, i really can't say how magical it was.

Little Earthquakes - love this with the band!!

Hotel - hoping to hear this as well. The group was really tight and Tori's voice was amazing during the "give me more" bit. It seemed a little slow to me though.

Tear in Your Hand - this sounds great with the band.

Waitress - tonite's performance of this song was one of the most powerful i've seen... not that i've seen a lot, but i've seen my share ;)

She's Your Cocaine - lotsa fun, everyone got up and went down front, so i got be up close and see Tori's expressions. they did the cool, loud, heavy metal thing in the middle of the "is it true..."

Raspberry Swirl - sooooo fun. matt had the little light things on. we danced, it was fun. so sang "i love to love you" during the swirls and swirls bit.

Pandora's - very purty with the glitter balls....

All and all a wonderful day and a wonderfull show... i will miss her while she's gone.

From Joshua the Panzeeman

October 14, 1998 - Here is the set list kids, and let me tell you it is amazing. I have been to six shows, two this tour and four last tour--and granted I am sure there are plenty of people with many more shows under their belt, but........take it from me: it was astounding. almost eerie. Very very entrancing.

precious things
father lucifer
mohammed my friend
hey jupiter
--never seen blue
little earthquakes!!!!!
HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ack! she done this yet?>
tear in your hand
--end of main set--
she's your cocaine
raspberry swirl
--end of second set--
pandora's aquarium.........

From Archanon Spaceboy

October 14, 1998 - I saw Tori in Jacksonville last night, and it was my first Tori show ever.  Man, can that girl put on a show!  She is a little Dinamo!  I dont know where all of her energy comes from.  Never have I seen a show this good since David Bowie in ' 97. I got a T-shirt after the show, and unfortunantly I couldn't make it to the meet and greet.  I did try though, but there were so many people pushing and shoving!  Owell!  Mabey next time! I LOVE YOU TORI!

From Erin Mcgauley

October 14, 1998 - Hello. This is the first time I have written you from this address. But the whole thing is really quick, only because I'm still sort of shaking from just having come home from the concert here in Jacksonville, Florida...Tori came on stage round 915pm...the band that opened up for her, being their first night to do that, was called the Unbelievable Truth (I think). Um, so anyhow, here's what you've been waiting for!!!...

Precious Things
Father Lucifer
Muhammed My Friend

~boys go away for quiet time~


Hey Jupiter (solo)
Never Seen Blue (solo)
Cooling (solo)

~boys come back~

Little Earthquakes (Tori was virtually in tears as she played this song the entire way through)

Tear In Your Hand
The Waitress

She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

Pandora's Aquarium

Okay, so now I've kinda sorta cooled off. The concert got over round 11pm. Every single song I loved more than anything in this world. But then again, who doesn't (who loves Tori, anyhow)?...hehehe...

On a side note, a funny lil quote I'd like to give you which she told the audience in response to their incessant chanting for requests upon the time of solo stuff, is the following:

"if we were bidding, you'd be fucking broke!"

I loved that.

From Raha

October 14, 1998 - I met Tori at the meet and greet..wonderful person who looks you right in the eye when you talk to her..we took pictures.

The concert was amazing to say the least. She really got into every song and seemed to grab you by the throat and suck you in dry and high. She ate some cereal before she the dived into sugar..decided to go overtime with two B- Sides and declared,"It's going to cost me 1000 dollars but I got 1000 to lose!" and smiled.

Near the end of the show..the last couple of songs we got to ran up to the front and Steve Caton was playing his guitar right in front of me. He winked at me a couple of times as everyone danced to Rasberry Swirl. I could tell everyone was waiting to get on their feet to let themselves go. Something about this concert that makes you want to do that even from the beginning. This was my second time seeing Tori and I must say this wasn't just about a girl and her piano. It was more about seeing what we, as the audience, could do with what she gave us.

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