North American Plugged '98 Tour
Memphis, TN
October 7, 1998

Updated February 28, 2001

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Tori performed in Memphis, TN on October 7, 1998 at the Orpheum Theatre during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Silent All These Years, Merman and Thank You solo. I was at this show, but Danica Knox kept track of the set list for me. You can see live concert photos from this show here.

Precious Things
Father Lucifer
Liquid Diamonds
Silent All These Years (solo)
Merman (solo)
Doughnut Song
Black-Dove (January)
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Happy Birthday
Space Dog
Thank You (solo)


The most recently added reviews are after mine.

From Mikewhy

October 11, 1998 - Memphis will always be remembered as one of my favorite concert experiences. The show was very powerful and beautiful, and was filled with little touches that made it special. While it was not as technically brilliant in my mind as the Knoxville, TN show I saw earlier in the year, it was still one of my favorite concerts. Take my word for it, this show was special.

I drove to Memphis with Danica Knox, Sanders, and Lana Helm. Having such great friends in the car made the drive seem very short. We arrived at the Orpheum around 11:30AM. They were numbering the arrivals and I was #16. The next few hours passed slowly, but I was completely enjoying myself. The social aspects of these trips mean a lot to me. I enjoyed talking to the people I knew from previous shows, and I also enjoyed meeting some new Toriphiles. By the time we were lined up behind the barricades, the gathering was a relatively small one, and very calm and respectful.

The weather started out mostly cloudy and cool, but became sunny and warm by the time Tori arrived. Previous meet and greets for me were in the summer, so it was nice to feel comfortable for a change. We passed the time sharing photos, Tori stories, looking at the various gifts people had for Tori, and checking out some of the places near the venue. The Orpheum is located on Beale Avenue, which has a bunch of interesting clubs, many of which have to do with the blues, Elvis, and B.B. King.

I was in the second row of people behind the barricade after they were set up. Steve the security guy was in a good mood, and he was telling the chef, who was cooking in a tent near the backstage entrance, that he had to fix all of us dinner! He even had us shout out to him, "Thanks Darren!" (I think that was his name, but I am not sure.) The atmosphere was really relaxed and pleasant. I marveled at how quiet and controlled the crowd was when Tori arrived. She seemed a little tired but was soon smiling and laughing with people as she made her way down the barricade. She saw me and said something like, "Hi Mike, how are you?" I simply wanted to say hello to her and tell her how excited I was that she was coming to my home town of Louisville, KY in 3 weeks. She asked me where she was playing in Louisville and I told her Louisville Gardens, and asked her to not judge the entire city on how that venue looked! (Louisville Gardens, while large and very functional, is a really plain looking venue.) I did not take up any more of her time and watched while she interacted with others. It was great to see her again! My last concert was in Nashville, TN in late August, so it had been a while.

We spent most of the time after the show with Memphis natives Nic and Chris, who were great hosts and who took us to a really nice place to eat named Heweys where we could write all over the walls and shoot tooth picks into the ceiling. Nic (Nicole Richardson) had asked Tori to play "Thank You" and we were all wondering if it would happen. (You can read Nic's account of the show below.) I did not ask Tori for a song, but I was saying to the others how much I wanted to hear Doughnut Song, Father Lucifer, Hotel, and Pandora's Aquarium. Perhaps Tori was reading my mind, because 3 of my 4 song wished were granted!

We entered the Orpheum, which was a really beautiful theater. The Devlins took the stage for their final concert on Tori's tour. We were all surprised to discover this earlier that day. Originally, New Orleans 3 days later was to be their last show, but that changed and Memphis was their last date. While I am not a huge fan, I enjoyed the Devlins and was a little sad to see them go. The final show was filled with interesting events! During one song, 2 screaming girls rushed at the lead singer from both sides of the stage and the bodyguards Joel and Steve ran out and dragged them off the stage. Of course, the whole thing was preplanned and was really funny! I even saw Joel take the girls backstage at the start of the Devlins set. They were well known Toriphiles Emi and Dor. The Devlins seemed to really get a kick out of this and thanked them later. Then during another song, two members of the crew came on stage and started dancing around the stage while the Devlins were singing. It was a very humorous and silly dance. Finally, during the last song, various members of the crew came on stage and started dismantling the equipment, even though the band was still playing! Even Tori's drummer Matt Chamberlain was there taking pieces of the drum set away while the Devlin's drummer was still performing. It was a lot of fun, and at one point we saw a hand from behind the stage appear holding the famous Kenny doll! At the end of the song, many members of the crew, along with Joel and Steve, came on stage and shook hands with the Devlins and they received a standing ovation from the audience. They really seemed to enjoy themselves on this tour, and at one point said that while they were Tori fans before they started the tour, now they were even bigger fans. I think they were also amazed at how warmly they were embraced by Tori's audience. I wish them well in the future.

Tori then took the stage. She started like she usually does by coming to the end of the stage in the center, kneeling down with her hands outstretched, as if gathering energy from the crowd. I just love that moment. Tori seems very in control and the excitement in the air is really thick. During this show, the crowd sat during all the songs except the encores.

We had heard that the Tulsa, OK show the night before was rather short and that Tori was not feeling well. We wondered how it would affect this show (though our main concern was her wellbeing, not the show!) There were a few times when her voice did not sound 100%, but Tori is brilliant at knowing how far she can go with her voice, and with making the most of what she has. She still sounded wonderful and did not appear ill to me at all. She went on to perform one of my favorite concerts. I was seated in 16th row on the left side. While I could not see Tori's face directly some of the time, I could see her hands as she played the piano, which was fascinating. I could also see her clearly whenever she turned to play the keyboard. Here is the set list with my comments. Thanks to Danica who helped me remember the set list and Tori's comments.

Precious Things - This was one of my favorite versions of this song because of the fact that I could stare at the stage during the intense parts! At those times they flash some really bright white lights that are usually too bright for my overly-sensitive eyes to take. (Most people don't have this problem, just me!) This time, since I was at an angle to the stage, the lights were not as bright and I could see. The intense lighting is appropriate for this song. This is really the perfect opener for this tour. Those opening notes are some of the most recognizable Tori sounds and they really get the crowd super-charged and ready to go!

Father Lucifer - I was dying (in a good way), and we were only 2 songs into the show! This was of course the first time I heard this song with the full band, and it was fantastic. Part of the fun during this tour was seeing how Tori would reinterpret older songs with the band. In all cases I have been pleased with the results, especially for this song.

Hotel - I must say I was extremely impressed with how Tori and band played this song. This was the last girl on the new album to make a live appearance, and with the all complexities of the song I can understand why. The tempo changes in the song were handled very well. Matt's drum work and Tori's keyboard playing were the highlights. This was yet another song I really wanted to hear. At one point toward the end of this song, the fire alarm went off for a few seconds. Tori then effortlessly altered the lyrics and sang, "this fire alarm, is driving me insane...but I still can play, I still can play, I'm still alive...I'm still alive."

God - Since I could see Tori's hands clearly as she worked her magic on the piano, I found it easier to pay attention and really hear Tori's piano work on this song and several others. Her piano playing during "God" is really marvelous. While there have been some reports of the band drowning out Tori's piano at these shows, I did not find that to be the case. I swear I could watch her jam at the piano for hours and not get bored.

Liquid Diamonds - Liquid Diamonds is my favorite song from the new album and is always welcome. This song really seems representative of the album as a whole, and it moves me every time I experience it.

Siren - This song sounds dreamy and peaceful to me.

Silent All These Years (solo) - This was the first song Tori did alone at the piano. Before singing she said she had received many letters and was going to do some requests. This was the first one.

Merman (solo) - If anyone can hear this song and not be moved to tears, they are insane. I really hope this makes out as a b-side somehow. It is so beautiful.

Doughnut Song - This was the one song I most wanted to hear tonight, and so I was thrilled. Caton's guitar solo is wonderful here, as is Tori's singing.

Black-Dove (January) - Tori has been doing this one quite frequently lately. I am not complaining!

iieee - At the beginning of this song, Tori started the keyboard part late and then laughed and said "Oh sorry, I fucked up... I was dancing. Caton and I..just dancing...keep going keep going. gotta dance baby." Damn, I love this song. It along with Cruel (which was not played tonight) are 2 of the more powerful choirgirl songs on the tour. Caton's guitar is wicked!

The Waitress - This was one of the more elaborate and intense versions of this song. Can any of us ever listen to the album version again?

First Encore:

Raspberry Swirl - Tori did one song for the first encore, and this was it. Matt Chamberlain did not have his deely boppers on, but played brilliantly as always. I really love the few seconds before this song begins, when you see Matt get into position and you know this song is going to start. Then the first few seconds of the song itself is a huge rush, with the lights and beat and Tori's dramatic keyboard playing. The live version of this song is so exciting and boogie-inducing I again ask, can any of us ever listen to the album version again? This song MUST make it onto the live album Tori may release next year.

Second Encore:

Happy Birthday - Tori came out and asked us to join her on this one, and proceeded to play Happy Birthday to their chef, who they brought on stage during the song. That was the same person we were teasing during the meet and greet earlier that afternoon!

Space Dog - A wonderful surprise tonight and great fun. Love the beat and piano work from Tori. I think this was the song when I saw Super Grover flying in the air on a cord in the back on the right side of the stage. It was not too noticable but it was really hilarious!

Thank You (solo) - I thought that Space Dog would be the last song, but then I was surprised that Tori remained on stage after the band left. She did a beautiful solo version of "Thank You" that was really enhanced by the various disco balls they had twirling during the performance. This was only the second time during this tour that Tori performed this Led Zeppelin cover. (The first was in Wolverhampton, U.K. on May 25.) I was so happy that Nic got her request. She was visibly moved by the performance, as were we all. While I have heard versions of the song that were more vocally dynamic, this version was incredibly tender. It was a perfect way to end such a beautiful show.

I normally don't do the post-show meet and greets (because I know Tori is tired), but when we left the theater we saw that there were very few people at the barricades at that time and so I went there because I really wanted to thank Tori for this show. I was able to do so, and I left Memphis a very happy Ears With Feet.

From Zyn

February 28, 2001 - I was 14 at the time when I saw Tori for the first time in Memphis, TN on Oct 7, 1998. So I went with my mom. We arrived a little before the show was set to begin, and I bought a t-shirt with Tori on it and went to sit and wait. After a while, the Devlins came on and played some of their music. I don't really remember it too well because in all truth I wasn't really paying attention to them at the time. But I remeber them saying something about how this was their last show, and Tori had gone out and bought them a shirt that says "Pussy Superstar" or something like that on it.

They went off and about 15-20 minutes later, Tori came on. She outstretched her arms to gather the audience's aura or energy and it was magnificent. She took her seat at the piano with power, and with cadence. She had on something red. I think she had on black pants. Not really sure. The band started playing "Precious Things", and I didn't recognize it until she started playing the piano. After about a minute and a half, she started singing. Since my mother is a very Christian woman, I thought she would object to the line "so you can make me cum, that doesn't make you Jesus". I flinched when Tori began that line and looked over at my mother... she was smiling. The lights began to flash and swirl all over the place, and at points, it accentuated the music and the mood. At other points it was annoying. My favorites were the red and purple lights. It was a beautiful and powerful rendition of the song, and got me really riled up and ready to hear more. I really wanted to hear stuff from "Boys For Pele".

After that, almost immediately, she began Father Lucifer. My mom liked that one too. =-) I remember the band and the little improv... her voice was very crystalline when she sang "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me From Floating"... beautiful.

Hotel was next. Being one of my fave song from "choirgirl", I loved every second of that song. The fire alarm went off, and I was pissed because it was getting to the slower part towards the end of the song, and Tori improved like the genius she is. She said something like "This fire alarm is driving me insane" and something else, butI don't remember that. The band work in this song was awesome. I was wondering how they were going to pull off the techno riffs, but it was handled nicely.

I think God was next. I knew this song would upset my mom. She was very open minded though. I loved how she played this song. There was something about it... so much passion in how she played. Wonderful. I could barely see her hands, but I could tell she was very into what she was playing.

One of the highlights of the show for me was "Siren". I didn't think she'd play it, but she did. I was so impressed with every aspect of the performance of that song. It's one of my favorites, and hearing her play it confirmed that for me.

She played "Merman" too. And the time, I had never heard that song, but I know it now. I don't remember her playing that song cuz I had never heard it, but I remembered a few of the lyrics when I got home. I wrote them down, and looked at them from time to time.

"Iieee" and "The Waitress" were next. She played her ASS off on those songs. Her voice wasn't all there, but the passion was. The beauty and arcitecture of thost two songs overwhelmed me. I was taken aback in my seat, and could only just listen and take it in. The lights swirled about the room the entire time. It was almost sacred.

"Raspberry Swirl" was defintely my fave song of the nite. I never thought it would end. I know she played for a full 7 minutes. It was never the same thing, never. I loved it. The lights in that song added SO much. The audience was great during that song, and I think we all stood up to clap. Not sure though. I loved it. My senses were overwhelmed on this song, and the band was awesome.

She only played one "Pele" song, "Doughnut Song". She sung it very tenderly and gingerly. I was so thrilled to hear a "Pele" song.

I didn't cover every song in the concert, but it was great. All of it. I remember it vividly, and can't wait to go see Tori again!

From Katie

December 1, 1998 - I would just like to add my little two cents about the Memphis show, as I was reading LilEeyore's review. I know that that was ages ago, but I was reading over all the reviews and such because it was my first concert (trying to re- live it you know). Janet seemed a bit... ah... bitter about not getting to see Tori much during the meet & greet and upset at the other people that got up front who had seen her a million times. Although I cannot say I wasn't jealous and a little irked at the people who followed her around, I must say that if I had the opportunity to be a Tori roadie (or whatever the term is for those lucky people), I would do it in a minute. So it wasn't THEM so much that I think she (and I and the other people who were shooting them evil looks) despised, just the fact that we couldn't be like that. I shouldn't speak for anyone but myself, but I'd like to apologize to those people I was thinking evil thoughts about, hehe. I think it's wonderful that you get to see Tori so much, and I'm sure she does appreciate having such devoted fans. I realize that there is no point at all in being jealous and petty about it, as that accomplishes nothing. I am satisfied with the impact she's had on my life through her music and her kind treatment to all her fans, which in a way reflects on every one of us, whether we get to see her often, sometimes, or any at all. No more bad feelings, although I'm sure that you guys weren't losing any sleep over it :)


October 19, 1998 - This was my fourth Tori show ever, and like the rest, it was incredible. I've said after every show that I'd pay any price to see her again the next night, and after hearing her here, it still rang true. I'm finally sold on the band. I saw her in Nashville in August, and was a bit disappointed that she didn't play more solo songs there, but still loved the show. Tori totally rocked in Memphis, though. I had fourth row (right side) tickets, and could see her face throughout most of the show. "Thank You," "Silent All These Years," and "Merman" were great surprises. That was the first time I'd ever heard "Merman" and it blew me away! I wish I could get a copy of that song somewhere. The bit with the fire alarm was great...she kept on playing and improvised greatly. The lights looked awesome, the sound was incredible, and Tori's voice was entrancing, as always. And, as always, I didn't want the show to end. What a great show!

From Eric Arevalo

October 16, 1998 - Eric created a really cool web page that details his concert experience in Memphis. It includes photos, meet and greet info, a review, and more. Check it out.

From Scott Kennedy

October 14, 1998 - My Tori experience was, before the show, more personal than shared, since I had never seen her show before Memphis. We drove the twelve hours from Detroit, and got our room after taking a good look at the Orpheum and the tour busses outside. I couldn't believe we were going to see her in such a small place, after having missed a show at the Palace after it sold out.

No one was in line yet, so we decided to opt for hygiene and shower before attempting the meet and greet. When we returned, there was already a line of 19 people ahead of us.

When I realized we were going to be sitting there for around 4 and a half hours, I thought we'd have a long wait in cold weather before we'd get a quick glimpse of Tori on her way in a door. Instead, I found the company was great, the sun came out, and of course Tori sticking around for something like 20 minutes talking with all of us before going in for her sound check! Jeska says she has some wonderful shots of Tori signing my photo, I can't wait to see them :-) I loved seeing the wide variety of people at the show, and I'll try to remember to bring animal crackers to my next meet n greet, just in case I can return the favor *s*

I was most amazed by her concern for her fans, all of us, hugging people (would you really hug a bunch of people you'd never seen before?), showing concern, and just being sensitive to her fans. We were sensitive back, staying quiet so others could hear, not pushing to get in front, and giving her room to breathe. We passed items back and forth in the crowd as they were signed, sometimes expensive things that in any other group might have gotten stolen were returned immediately. All around me I heard people expressing conern over Tori's health, after her last show, and I was just very impressed with the mutual love I saw between Tori and us, her fans.

Before the show we cruised around memphis, trying to cram a feel for the city into our tight schedule. By this time the anticipation was intense! The show started, and except for three problems, it was more than amazing, it put me in awe! Over the next couple of days I made plans to get tickets for the next two shows in Michigan.

The three problems were -


We were sitting up in the balcony in the center, and it seemed the lights were all aimed straight for us. I was getting a headache from the flashbulb experience, but it was much better when the lights were alternating instead of all coming on at once.


The smoke set off the alarm a few times, fortunately usually when she wasn't playing. I guess there isn't much you can do in a tiny place like that, but it kind of jarred the feeling...Tori on the other hand just took it in stride.:-)


The two girls in front of us tried their hardest to ruin a wonderful night by standing up at random moments, putting their hands in our faces, and screaming at Tori at any opportunity. Fortunately they got so drunk they left for the bathroom and came back much subdued.

The most memorable parts -


I've never seen someone play two pianos at the same time, and I couldn't believe it! I could see her fingers flying, and the music was more than beautiful. She played the majority of my favorite songs, and I don't think I could stand watching her from all the way back in a larger venue.


Beautifully timed, I especially liked the colored lights in the smoke. From our view, the whole stage would bleed away until it was Tori and nothing else.


I'd heard the songs before, I'd loved them before, but not like this time. I watched her give the concert her all, and I couldn't believe I never knew what I had missed! The band was great, the solos were great, and she totally overshadowed everything else. I forgot the spotlights in my eyes, I forgot the alarm, I forgot the screaming girls, and she completely drew me in.

In the end, even if we had just gone to the meet and greet it would have been worth the drive, but the concert was priceless.

From Heidi

October 12, 1998 - Hi EWF in toriland.....

well, what can i say...Memphis was awesome, great, damn near perfect. ok, it was perfect. its 5 days after the show and i still i have my tori-glow/tori- high going on.

i wont go into what tori did during the show cause its all ready been posted...but i want to say hi to some awesome people...hi mikewhy (yea!! you remember me and kerri!!), Jeska, Scott, Nic (i still love your tattoo), Matt, Emi, Danica, Dora, Lana ...everyone!!

ok. sometimes I wonder if Tori really know how much she does for people. She played a song for me during this show...she also played this same song for me in Knoxville. it's Its almost like I can feed off that energy for days and days and it keeps me going and puts things in all sorts of new perspectives....its most cool. i'm not doing this very well...i think its damn near impossible to translate into words the magic i felt during this show and the conversation with Tori after and before the show...its just some kind of magic where you go " I get it. now i can stop doing that and look at this and that doesnt really matter anymore." at least thats how it is for me.

i love the energy of Tori shows. theres so much...especially when you're surrounded by people share the same Tori-passion. I love true-non-cornflake- guys make the whole show experience so awesome and enhance the magic of everything......and besides, we really couldnt eat all those animal crackers if we tried.

Thanks everyone!

From Jeska (Jupiter's Angel)

October 12, 1998 - PRE-SHOW

After driving 12 hours through the night from Detroit MI, I was prepared to wait however long I had to in order to partake in this mythical preshow "meet and greet" I had heard of over the past 5 years of following Tori. I had missed her several years ago in Ann Arbor, MI by about 15 minutes and was determined not to let it happen again. My friend Scott, who made this whole trip possible by providing the tickets via a birthday present and the car for the ride down, and I arrived in Memhpis around 9:00am and checked into our hotel, cleaned up, and prepared to stand in line. Meeting several kewl people in line, chatting, and eating Kerri-provided animal crackers and drinking a soda provided by those venturing out of line to a hamburger joint up the road, I passed the time by doing the homework for the class I was missing.

Finally after several hours of anxious waiting, we lined up and wandered over to the barricades, the number system we had been presented with failing miserably. (I was 20) And we waited longer, this is where I met MikeWhy (who i had recognized from his page, but wasn't quite sure it was him -- Hey Mike, I've had your site linked from mine for almost 2 1/2 years!) and we spoke about the various "rules" set up by Tori's security. (IE: no moving, 1 item signed, etc) I was, needless to say, very very excited by this impending first meeting!


After serenading the cook on his birthday with a chorus of "thank you's," Tori arrived looking very relaxed in her overalls and sweater. I waited on the opposite side of the barrier, anxious to finally meet the voice who has brought beautiful music into my world. Then she was there, in front of me, talking to MikeWhy about the upcoming show in Louisville.

She smiled at me and took the picture I had outstreached in my hand for her to sign. "What's your name?" she asked softly. I replied, "Jeska," and she became distracted with another fan who wanted a picture, took it, and then asked me for my name again. Immediately relaxed by her calming presence, I told her again and she signed the picture for me. I mentioned we had driven 12 hours to see her and she asked where we were from, "Detroit, I had missed your show there, so here we are." She laughed. I then mentioned that we were probably leaving a few hours after her show (I had class the next evening) and she looked concerned and asked me, "If I was sure I wanted to do that."

I was touched by the genuine concern she showed for me and the rest of her toriphiles. The whole meeting couldn't have taken longer than 45 seconds, but it will be something I will remember forever. There is nothing more satisfying than finally meeting someone you intensly admire, and having them live up and exceed your expectations.


After such a wonderful pre-show experience, I was encouraged that the show was going to be amazing, and I was correct in my assumption. The only flaw was the 2 drunken fans from Alabama who insisted upon screaming to each other the entire show. (Anyone there remember the "We love you tori, we saw you in Birmingham" girls? They were directly in front of me and annoying as well... they were quite annoying) But I wasn't about to let that stop my show.

I was entranced by hearing the band behind Tori. Because I was in England when she came through Detroit, I have only been able to read about the new live sound, and the show lived up to the reviews. The song that touched me the most was the solo version of "Morman," which I had never heard before performed live. Tears rose to my eyes as I relized she was playing the song for the girls I had spent time talking to before the show.

My next confirmed show is in Grand Rapids,MI, but I am working on finding the money to be able to afford the other two Michigan shows that are coming soon.

I just wanted to thank everyone I met in line for making my 4th Tori show, and First Meet and Greet the absolute bestest birthday present ever! Especially to Tori, for just being herself.


October 12, 1998 - This was my first Tori show. I went to the meet and greet. I got there about 11:30 and was number 18. We walked down Beale Street for a while and sat and waited for 3:30 to come along. Well, the number system didn't work too well but I was still on the second row. Tori greeted the guy in front of me and then these people that were in front and beside me that have been to many of her concerts. The she talked to my friend. My friend gave her a Popple. Then I had my teddy bearin the air so she could see it and she reached to take ait but I couldn't reach that far so the people in fron of me moved a little so I could hand it to her. I was shaking so bad. I told her that I made it for her and she asked me how I did that and I said that I just had a pattern and material. I told her that its name was margarita and I handed her my UTP cover. SHe asked me for my name and I told her. So on my UTP cover it says Sara then a heart then Tori Amos. I'm going to post it on my web page. I also got some really good pictures. It was so awesome. It was the Devlins last show and they were pretty good. At the end of there last song, Kenny, the little guy from South Park, came up from under the black curtain. Then when Tori came out, she was wearing one of those purple aprons. She came out and played Precious Things with the band and it was great. I haven't heard it any better. The she played Father Lucifer, and it was loud and so awesome. During Hotel a fire alarm went off and Tori sang, "This fire alarm is driving me insane." It was so cute everyone started laughing. God with the bad was awsome. I love it as much as the album version. Liquid Diamonds sound great. The she played Siren which was awesome. I love that song and it was so great that she played it. It sound great live with the band. The she played Silent All These Years solo. I thought I was going to cry. She sang that so well. She played Merman solo, too. and it was so awesome. Doughnut Song sounded great with the band. The she played Black Dove and it was so great, my eyes were starting to water up. The she played Iieee, and oh my it was awesome. She dragged it out and all and Oh it was so great. The she played The Waitress and it sounded so great with the band. I loved it so much. The for the first encore she played Raspberry Swirl and it was great. I loved it as much as the album, its one of my favorite songs. The the second encore she played Space Dog and my friends love that song so it was great. The band did a great job and she sang it so well. Her last song was Thank You. It was so beautiful. I can't describe it. But that was the concert.


October 12, 1998 - The whole day I spent at Memphis was the greatest day of my life. The show was the bomb--absolute perfection in every way except who the hell were all these people walking around. Someone should lay some ground rules that if you get up and leave you do not get to come back in and then I take your seat. I did not let them distract me though because it was the best. The meet and greet was great. The Devlins were great and that was so much fun that everyone just went crazy for their last performance. Tori's show was a magical seance. In the days since, it has impacted me deeply emotionally, I just can't describe it in words. The ending was great, but so was everything else, especially when she goes, "The fire alarm is going off again. It's driving me insane. But I'm still alive. I'm still alive.". The venue sound and everything is great except for its overzealous security. I don't mean to sound redundant, but it was so phenomenonal.

From Kerri

October 12, 1998 - Hi guys...this is my first time doing this. I am a fairly new EWF (just since March) but I must say that I love Tori just as much as everyone else.

Okay the memphis show was my second show of Tori's EVER!!! and it was awesome. I got to meet Tori for the second time at the meet and greet before the show and I gave her a letter that I wrote. My letter was 13 pages!!!! During secret time, Tori played Silent all these years and she played for me. In my letter I told her how much that song meant to me and how it has helped me through some really tough anyway, she plays silent and then plays merman...I was there with my friend Heidi...and this one was for her.

I went to the aftershow meet and greet only to thank Tori for playing Silent for me. This is when she told me directly that she played it for me and played Merman for Heidi. It was awesome cause she said that Heidi and I were lucky to have each other as friends and to stay strong. I am not a crier, but when Tori started playing Silent, I burst into tears and spent the next few songs bawling my eyes out.

Meeting MikeWhy was a good experience too...although he probably doesn't remember me it's nice to have a face to go with a name. [Note from Mikewhy: I do indeed remember you and Heidi! It was a pleasure to meet you and I was so happy for you both!]

my next show is Oct. 20th in Columbia, SC....can't wait and then the following day I am going to Nashville.

From Nicole Richardson (Nic)

October 11, 1998 - If there ever was a moment that I got something that I never expected, it was last night...It's 8am in the morning, and I'm still floating from last night's show. Well, to begin, I don't have the set list handy...but, I have some colorful and vivid memories of the show. First of all, Tori was in my hometown (Memphis), and I was really in this wonderful, airy mood to see all of my new friends again...I was SO happy to see all of them!! Chris (my boyfriend) and I got to the meet and greet area shortly before 10am...People slowly trickled in, and we all talked about our "Tori stories", the way most EWFs do. I can't quite remember exactly what time it was, but sometime before 4pm, we were lined up and taken to the back of the Orpheum to get ready for the meet and greet. The day was beautiful, and I couldn't have gotten a better spot against the railing (I was "smack" in the middle). Tori came out, accompanied by the "world famous Joel"...She was so cute in her overalls and sweater!! But, rumor had it that she'd been feeling ill, and to tell you the truth, I was a bit concerned. I've always felt that she gives and gives and gives - possibly the most generous and dedicated person I've run across in this lifetime. As usual, she was her normal, happy, beautiful self. She signed things, took pictures - the whole thing...then she came around to me. To begin, she recognized me. I've only been to 2 shows...2 meet and greets...I was in awe. She asked me, "Now, where did I see you last?" I could barely squeeze out, "Nashville"...I handed her a children's book that I'd found about a faery child and a human child becoming the best of friends...(long explanation). I wrote her a note on the inside of the book, and included to bits of poetry I'd found that fit her quite well. After giving her the book, I told her that Chris and I had gone downtown this last Friday evening to try and meet Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (I was going to get Robert to sign a Memphis postcard for Tori),,,Anyway, we never found them...I also told her that it was a special day for Chris and I...then I leaned over, and said, "I wanted to ask you to play something, and if you can't then I'll understand". She asked me what it was, and I told her, "Thank You"...She said, "I'll try to get it". I smiled and asked for a picture, and she told me, "Sure". So, I posed, and she moved on to Chris who gave her a small flipbook, and took a picture, as well. Anyway, after the meet and greet, we all did "our thing" until the show. The show is a whole experience in itself...First of all, I had FRONT ROW seats!! I had really good seats to begin with, but won 2 front row seats on the radio (96X). OH MY GOD!!! The stage was literally at my kneecaps!!! We were sooooo close!!! When the Devlins came out and played their set, the "gang" really screwed with them!!! It was their last show with Tori, and everyone was goofing on was sooooo cute!! At the end of their set, everyone came out and applauded their final performance - it was almost emotional!! Okay...after an intermission, and a long waited restroom break, I sat back down and held on!!! Tori came her usual black body suit (with long sleeves this time), and her silver sequined "apron" thingy...She looked stunning!!! She kicked off into Precious Things as always...I thought being really close would kick butt, but DAMN!!! I tell you what, she makes so many cute little expressions and drools like a madman!!! She is SO into her performance, and plays SO passionately!!! It was wonderful!!! She played a really wonderful setlist!!!! She included songs like Father Lucifer, The Doughnut Song, Hotel...It rocked!!! During her solo time, she said that she'd read some letters from earlier that day, and wanted to play some songs for some of the people...She played Silent All These Years and Merman!!! Couldn't have been any more beautiful!!! Okay, right as she ended her set...and was leaving for the first encore, she came out to the stage and waved, and touched hands...then she walked over to me...She grabbed both sides of my head, and PULLED ME TOWARDS HER and kissed my cheek!!!! I was so engulfed with the best emotion after that experience...She ACTUALLY stared me directly in the face, and rather powerfully pulled me to her...I was so flattered by this!!! It really meant alot... When I didn't hear Thank You during her solo time, I had already thought to myself that it must have been too hard to work up, or that maybe she just didn't feel like playing it...During the last encore, we all sang Happy Birthday to the cook (Darren, I think)...and she played her normal two songs...Then, she waved goodbye to the band, and she started playing solo... Here they came...the most beautiful words I could've heard..."If the sun refused to shine...I would still be loving you...". I COULDN'T BELIEVE SHE PLAYED IT!!! SHE SAVED IT FOR THE FINALE SONG, AND IS WAS FOR ME...(I'm even a little sobby still, as I'm typing this). I felt like I'd been given a gift that no other person could match in that way...It was so beautiful, and all of the mirror balls were out and there was a solo light on her...I will never forget it. I cried and cried and cried (I think we all know how that is at a Tori show). I just knew that after the show, I had to go to the meet and greet to tell her how much it meant to me... Chris and I went outside, and she finally came out. As she got around the group of folks, I was in behind the two young ladies that Tori played her two solo time songs for (as told by Tori herself). It's so touching to see Tori react with other fans...When she saw me, she reached out her hands to me...I told her, "You couldn't have made this a more perfect day for me"...I hugged her, and as I pulled back I told her, "You are just such a precious person"...She held on to my hand and said, "And you are, are". I could tell that she knew it meant the absolute world to me, and that she touched a place in my heart like no other. Out of the 3 shows I've been to, I've had the best experiences with Tori...she has played so much more than just someone I adore and appreciate on a daily basis...She is a real person, and is so much more than the "average Joe"...Her beauty (inside and outside) exceeds so many expectations that a fan could ever have...She is amazingly a special person, and I'm dearly lucky to have ever had the opportunity to involve her and her music in my life...I'm very grateful. Thanks, Mike...dinner with the gang was "a ball"!! Nic (for those of you who may or may not know...I'm the "gal with the frog on her toe") Love you all!!!

From Meg

October 11, 1998 - Thank you so much for your set list and reviews for the Memphis show on October 7. I was there. I have a hand full of pictures from it to remember it by. Your reviews on the concert are gonna be an extra added bonus for me to remember it. I went to the Dew Drop Inn Tour concert here in Jackson, Mississippi two years ago and regret to say that I don't remember all that much from it. Now with my pics and your reviews I can remember. You better believe it's going in my fave places. I'm such a huge Tori fan. I agree with you that that show was awesome. I'll never forget it. Me and my best friend had the best time dancing to Rasberry Swirl and Space Dog! I never thought I could dance to a Tori song. I'm especially fond of Tori because of her playing piano. One day, shortly after I started listening to her, I saw the Little Earthquakes music book at Camelot Music. I wanted it soooo bad, although I couldn't play. My friend could, but she couldn't get the book. So I decided I'd get it, even though I couldn't play. I was gonna teach myself. After much aggravation at that, I decided to take lessons. Three years and 6 Tori song books later, I can play most any Tori song I want to now..I guess you could say she's part of the reason and the drive that I have to play piano. (There's nothing like the feeling of banging out Yes, Anastasia or The Waitress on piano). I'm still amazed that sooo much power can come out of the hands and voice of such a small woman. Tori is awesome. I know I've rambled, but it's very easy when you talk about something that you like so much.

From Lileeyore

October 11, 1998 - First and foremost, I want to say HELLO to all of the great people I met: Michelle, Katie, Sarah, Vivian, "Blue", Brett, John, and Jeff. This was my third show (second in Memphis), but it was a completely different experience than the previous ones.

Pre Meet-n-Greet: I got to the Orpheum around 9:20am, but I didn't see anyone. I got out of my car and walked to the front of the building, still NO ONE, so I took a picture of the sign announcing who was playing there tonight. Then I went back to my car. Then realized that I was staring right at two tour buses. The first one had the whole South Park crew (minus Kenny) pressed against the front window. I just sat there watching my surroundings, looking for other EWF. I saw a guy walk from behind the buses to the front of the building, and then back to the buses. I realized that it was MARK HAWLEY!! So I paid close attention to what he was wearing (a black t-shirt, pinkish "jam" style shorts, and high-tops) and where he was walking. Around 10:30 a car parked besides me and I saw a Tori Amos sticker so I said, "I guess we are the first ones." He said that he saw two people standing somewhat behind the tour buses and so I got my stuff together and went over there....the numbering system was started and I was number 5. I met some of my online friends and we sat down and talked....gaining new friends....around 12:30 there were around 20 people waiting. My new friends and I decided to get lunch, so we headed down famed Beale Street and stopped at Dyers (hamburgers). When we returned there were about 35 people, so once again we sat down/chatted...

Meet-n-Greet: Around 3pm, Michelle (who was walking around the building) told me that she saw some barricades on the other side, so we went to check it out...while we were trying to figure out if we had found the magic place or not, from the other side of the building we saw the crowd coming, being led by Joel and Steve. Instead of getting in the front, we had to go and get our stuff. When I got back to the barricades, it was too late...the number system did not work. I had three SEASONED Tori concert goers in front of me from California, ya know, the ones who have been to a million shows, and have talked to/hugged Tori more times than you can count? ....So my two-minutes with Tori was ruined. Unfortnately I don't have the funds to attend any more shows (I am in COLLEGE and I work FULL-TIME) unlike SOME people....but at least THEY got to HUG her again....blah blah blah. I was able to hand my ticket to Tori and she signed it, but I was unable to make my special song request. Even after MEETING Tori AGAIN these people in front of me did NOT move out of the way (which was possible). Manners and Courtesy are obviously just something SOUTHERNERS know about. [Note from Mikewhy: Tori's bodyguards tell the folks up front to NOT move out of the way after they have talked to her. So they were only doing what they were told.]

The Devlins: This was there last date of the tour and they told us this right away. They were very lose and chatted with the crowd after almost every song. The lead singer explained how Tori had gotten him a t-shirt as a "going-away" gift....he said it had cats across the front and it said, "Cosmic Pussy Power" which the crowd loved! After three songs, two female fans rushed the stage, which was set-up by Joel and Steven but it shocked the Devlins, they said, "we wish that would happen more often!" During another song, two crew members came out and danced around like faeries, and they had a sort of puppet show going on behind them, with more crew members dancing around. During their last song, more crew members came out and started taking away various parts of their set. It was really neat to see how Tori's Crew played around with the Devlins on their last night. I am proud to add that we gave them a standing ovation.

TORI AMOS: She came out around 9:30pm and was wearing all black except for the silvery sparkly apron thingy. The set list and details will be told by everyone else. I was really pleased with her "quiet time." She said that she had received several letters that afternoon and she would do her best to accomodate them. Her solo version of SATY was amazing! She sounded so beautiful and when she played MERMAN again, I was so excited, because it's my favorite song, and of course it hasn't been released. During the encores, everyone stood up and I danced and danced and danced to Raspberry Swirl and Space Dog. In Knoxville I had written a letter requesting THANK YOU and so when she waved "the boys" off and stayed seated at her piano I knew we were in for a treat! I think this is just such a beautiful song and I think it was the perfect way to end my Tori show experiences (until her next tour).

From A. .Thomas Look

October 11, 1998 - I just wanted to write and tell you that Tori's Memphis performance was awesome. It was her opening band's, The Devlins, last performance touring with her so all the roadies kept coming out on stage and dancing. It was cute and I swear I saw Tori's hair peaking up from one of the speakers and taking pictures of the whole thing. Once they finished Tori came out looking great wearing all black with a glitter jumper-thing and played Precious Things which sounded fantastic. The fire alarms had been going off a lot before the show and they went off during Hotel just before she was supposed to sing "King Solomon's mines, exit 75.." and instead she sang "these fire alarms are driving me insane, but i can't complain, i can't complain." Cute huh? Overall the show was excellent. The sound was awesome and she played a lot of the songs I had wanted her too. The only bad thing was I couldn't get close enough during the meet and greet to get her to sign my program, but hey i can't complain.

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