North American Plugged '98 Tour
Austin, TX
October 2, 1998

Updated October 11, 1998

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Tori performed in Austin, TX on October 2, 1998 at the Music Hall during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Hey Jupiter and Cooling solo. I sincerely thank Kris Kelly and Dink for both calling me on the phone and giving me the set list. Toriphiles Dirgni and BoyDanimal were the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Little Amsterdam
Black-Dove (January)
London Girls
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Northern Lad
Tear In Your Hand
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


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From K. Jack McCauley

October 11, 1998 - I just wanted to add my thoughts to those who have given reviews on this great concert. As everyone has gone over the setlist several times, I'll just concentrate on my feelings. I've seen Tori in concert 3 times before (once on UtP tour and twice on DDI), but for various reasons, I've never been able to meet her. I showed up at about 11am because I knew the show was General Admission and I wanted to be there for the meet and greet as well. I was very pleased to find that I was 8th(!) in line. The people waiting with me were for the most part wonderful, sharing food, getting drinks for everyone, and making sure that everyone kept their place in line. So, around 3:30, we line up for the meet and greet. I learn that I will be on the first row and that everyone will stay where they are throughout the meet and greet(!!!!). So, while I felt sorry for the people behind me, I was exstatic that I would actually get to spend the entire 20 minutes no more than an arm's length from Tori. I was really surprised when Tori came out, I didn't really know how the crowd or Tori would react, but everyone was EXTREMELY well behaved, and Tori was SO down to earth. She seemed really genuinely concerned about everyone, and when she realized that I had something I'd been wanting to tell her for years, she actually stopped, and paid complete attention to me while I spoke to her. At this time I also asked her to play a song for my girlfriend (who couldn't make it to the meet and greet), and she asked if we would be attending the Houston or Dallas shows as those venues would be more suited to that song (Tear in Your Hand). I told her that unfortunately, we wouldn't, and she said "Well, I don't know, I'll see what I can do". (which as everyone already knows, she played anyhow :~)))

So, she stayed for about twenty minutes, and told us about the new singles coming out (domestic Raspberry Swirl with the remix that you hear in concert, and Cruel), and also made a point of telling her crew that we would be needing water and to make sure that we got some throughout the concert. She also made a point of saying that she would "rock the house tonight", which she most definately did.

As an interesting side note, someone had a [special] photo of Joel....and when he saw it, he said "I should have known... Is this out on the internet yet?" and after he found out that it wasn't, he said "I'm sure it will be...". [Note From Mikewhy: Not On THIS site Joel...I do respect your private life!]

The concert itself was fantastic. We rushed in and were two people back, right in front of the Bosendorfer. The people in front of us were small, so there wasn't anything me or my girlfriend couldn't see (at least after the guy in the Beastie Boys shirt agreed to switch places with her... thank you!). I was really apprehensive about the concert, because I didn't really want to see her with the band, and I didn't want to see the concert standing and in a club type atmosphere, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the best concert I've seen yet. There was an incredible amount of energy in the air and it was amazing to see Tori work that up close and personal. It was very very hot inside, but from where I was, everyone was remarkably well behaved, and Tori kept true to her word by making sure her crew passed out water about every 2 or 3 minutes. I was totally amazed when she played "Tear in Your Hand", and while I know it's been played so many times this tour, but I asked for it, and she said she didn't think she could play it, and that just made it soooo much more special. This concert was just incredible, and from what everyone else was telling me, this was the concert to be at this year. I can't imagine it getting any better. My advice for those attending other shows, get there early and wait, you'll be thankful you did, my concert experience was made thousands of times better because I got to speak to Tori and I got to be right there up close and personal during the concert (I know not all venues are general admission, but the longer you wait in line for tix, the better your seats are). I figure the time I spent waiting cost me about $160, but I couldn't replace the experience with $1000 (the RAINN tix went for $1250).

From Nicole P.

October 11, 1998 - sorry so late but i actually had to travel to this show because i couldn't make it to the one in dallas, which is where i live, and i just got back recently so i've had some business to catch up to before hand, but at last i now have free time....

also i have read everyone else's reviews of the setlist, which pretty much coincides with my thoughts exactly, so i'm just more illustrating the atmosphere to give people an idea of what others are describing when they say the Austin Music Hall was hot!

and if anyone from the Hall reads this ---- consider buying some ceiling- suspended misters...

again due to travel and classes i couldn't leave dallas until 11:00 a.m., and i ended up traveling about 35 mph all the way through downtown dallas and as far south as waxahachie because of the horrendous storms in the area... but i managed to still make it in three and a half hours, arriving at 2:30 in austin.... unfortunately my friends weren't as motivated as me, so by the time they were all ready and we found our way to the music hall, it was about 5:30 p.m.... we ended up in line way back where the big white trucks were parked, and i cursed myself for not skipping class and getting down earlier... i wandered up to the front with one of my austin friends, who managed to find a friend of his who was at the meet and greet, and informed me, the ignorant venue victim, that it was standing room only... they started letting everyone in at about 7-7:15, and anyone with pockets was frisked, and purses were searched... which i could understand once i got into the venue and saw the size.... this really was a small venue, i was expecting something much larger... it actually seemed more like a club, so forgive me if i refer to it like that occasionally...i also saw a large number of younger teens and a few kindergoths, devised that there should be a test to get into the concerts, that you have to have the song titles memorized in order for every main release, maybe certain singles too... would strain out the die hards from everyone else... very smoky inside, was informed that it wasn't just the aroma of tobacco, but i'm not experienced in such areas... when i got in everyone was seated in a half circle in front of the stage, and i managed to get a spot about ten yards form the front middle... the heat didn't really start up until everyone got antsy before the devlins started and rushed the stage... which then put only ten people between me and center stage... the devlins came on, with a surprisingly good show... i had come expecting them to be so-so, according to the reviews i had read thus far, but i was really impressed with their guitar style..... i also caught the reference to austin being like ireland, but with more tequila... waiting was a really good song, and their acoustic sets were also nice... only complaint was the resemblance of the lead singer to gavin rossdale (there are better people to emulate), but hey the music was good and that's all that matters.... after they left we spent another 45 minutes to an hour waiting for tori, and during this period, one girl fainted and her boyfriend had to pull her through the crowd, which i was pleased to see was very accomodating to them and moved to let them pass without any complaints or delays... but then this one couple was trying to weave there way to stand in front of center, and hence stopped in front of me, my boyfriend and the other couple with us... and until then no one within five feet of me was taller than 5'8"... but this one girl, slightly stoned and with her boyfriend, had no concept of politeness, and when we complained they said they were waiting to make their wqay further to the front, but fifteen minutes later when they had made no further effort to move, everyone near me got testy... words were exchanged unfortunately, and i understood then the need for the frisking outside of the club (tempers were short and weapons would have been used by some).... eventually my BF and I were able to squirm in front of them along with some others behind us... but by then everyone was so packed in it was hard to see without jumping.... a few minutes after i made it up that far i was able to put aside my discomfort for a while and focus on the energetic little redehad up front :).... it was my first time to ever see her live, and it blew my mind... i knew what to expect in her playing, but the emotion in it still rocked me, and even my less devout boyfriend said she was one of the most powerful people he has ever seen... i so wanted precious things to be played that i had hoped it would resonate to her and she would feel the need to play it, but i didn't expect it to be first!!!..... little amsterdam was great, i was able to kinda jive in my tight personal space... of course by now i'm completely drenched in sweat, and me and my boyfriend were blowing on each other's faces to cool each other off, and i had my skirt hiked up around my knees, trying to swish a breeze around, but to no avail... god was next, and i could tell it immediately from the intro... another good song to sort of jive to... i remember black dove and i i e e e being next, but by then my calves couldn't take standing on tiptoes for so long, and they began to cramp, so we made our way to the back, got some ice, and curled up in the corner of the lowest level bar near the doors... and for this i was eternally grateful for tori's technicians... the acoustics were good enough for me to sing along anyways... i like the harder version of sugar, and i loved hearing hey jupiter and cooling as the solos... i had been really looking forward to those songs, as they had held meaning for me... raspberry swirl i expected, but still loved, and that's when i drug myself back to the main level and started dancing again... but then my most favorite part came, and i had prayed that she would end it with pandora.... and she did... thrilled me to little mint balls, and the lighting was exquisite, the whole bubbles in an aquarium effect really added to the final notes... and the lights continued for a really long time after she left the stage, kinda slowly bringing you down from the whole experience... all in all it was an excellent show in a bad venue, if there had been less people and more of a dance floor, it would have been the perfect way to experience tori, people kinda getting to circiulate between being near the front, in the middle, and at the back, so everyone shares the tori... but hey i'm crticizing what i have no right to, because i still enjoyed it, and i'll be at any other ones i can manage to get to, now or for future albums.

thanks for running such a great site, and letting me spill the emotions this concert generated... it really was powerful, what she gives to her fans is empowering, and sites like this really enable us to share it...


October 5, 1998 - At the Houston meet and greet she asked the people who went to the Austin show, "Didn't we have fun? The Devil came out!!" And boy did he ever, which was appropriate considering that the Austin Music Hall was as hot as hell. This was my first time seeing Tori live, and it will be an experience I will never forget.

I got to the theater around eight thirty. Two people, Kelly and Greg were already there. Kelly brought a CD player and was playing some very recent (and excellent) boots from the Plugged Tour, and Greg bounced a soccer ball for about five hours. Soon Dora, Matt and the Toriphile crew arrived. Dora (the number queen) yanked out the sharpie and from that point on everything was organized. I also met an annoying bee that kept trying to sting everyone. Finally, someone squished it with their shoe.

The meet and greet in Austin went really well. We all lined up according to numbers, and everyone was on their best behavior. It was very hot, but Steve kept giving us bottle water, which we shared. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO THE CREW FOR KEEPING US KEWL BEFORE AND DURING A VERY HOT SHOW.

Tori signed and talked to the EWF for about fifteen minutes. I was lucky and was in the front row. I was able to give her Project Pandora in a Bevo's Bookstore bag. It was raining...I told her a little about it, and she thanked me and handed it to Joel. She signed my Little Earthquakes CD and took a picture, as well as getting the patented ToriHug.

We were able to hear the soundcheck perfectly, until the local venue crew asked everyone to line up across the street. Overall, I must say that I was very impressed by the crowd at the Austin show. One couple even brought Kelly, Greg and I water because "they knew we were the first ones there." A very nice couple let us at the front of the line since we had been there all day.

Caton drove up on his bicycle, and talked to Kathy, Dora and Matt. I got to shake his hand and have him sign my BFP album. He took off and soon they opened the door. I immediately ran for the front. We all sat down in place, with no idea of how good a view we would have for the night.

The Devlins played for about forty-five minutes, and I thought they were very good. Especially considering that they were the opening band for a Tori show! It takes some talent to keep the crowd interested. I especially liked the title track, Waiting. When the Devlins finished up the crew immediately began setting up the stage for Tori. There was about a forty-five minute wait. I think it should be noted that both Kenny and Mr. Puppet were also present on stage. The local venue staff kept turning off and on the lights to make us think the show was starting...cruel, very cruel.

Eventually, the lights did go off and the show began. I was facing Tori dead on. It was the best view in the house!! She came on after the band played the intro music to Precious Things and did I little squat with her arms in a zombie position, head she was absorbing the energy from the crowd. She played the song with so much emotion, it was incredible.

When the song was over she asked "Mr. Joel" to bring the front row some water. It was so hot, I cannot even describe it. However, the crew took extra special care of us. They continued to bring water in dixie cups, bottles, and Tori even handed over her water bottle (which I got to take a swig out of.) Little Amsterdam was next, which sounded much better then the BFP version (which I love.)

The girls just kept coming...God sounded very good. I was really jamming to iieee until I heard her say "you took my little girl from me" and I realized just how much this song meant to Tori. I could see her singing it to her child, but yet she looked into the audience with a smile.

Before Sugar, Tori told a story of how one night she was feeling naughty and a bee sat on her shoulder...I yelled to her, "oh my God, Tori we killed it!!" (referring to the bee earlier) and she said "no you didn't, cause it was Freddie Mercury." Sugar was absolutely incredible!! This sweet, soft bside turned hardcore!! Tori had a little fun and said "wait till you find out boy you're just a pussy." Steve, Tori's bodyguard, got a kick out of that.

The crowd went wild during the "I have to get to Texas" line on Black Dove (January). I hardly even recognized London Girls. It was very cartoonish, jazzy...I loved it, and had never heard it done that way before.

Tori told the crew that it was time for us to take another water break. By this time, the front row was soaked with sweat - you would be really suprised how much heat comes out just from the lights!! She told the girls to just think of how much water weight they are losing. After the water break, it was secret time. Tori sang Hey Jupiter (by request.) It was kind of funny because during the song the speakers crackled when she sang "no one's picking up the phone." She got a little snicker out of that one. She also changed the words from "this little masochist" to "this little arsonist."

Cooling was the second song for secret time. She told everyone that this was supposed to be on the album, but it was a bside because they are always her favorites. At first everyone thought it was going to be Icicle because she told us it would make us think of ice cream, until she said it was a bside. This was the most beautiful song of the night. She almost seemed to kiss the microphone when she sang these kisses. It was very moving.

The band came back and I was so happy when started playing Northern Lad. I think it is one of the best tracks off the new album. The heat got worst. The band began to play Cruel. Tori took her Evian and dumped it over her head. She then put her knee up on the stool, her hands behind her back and her butt to the crowd. This was the highlight of the evening, just because she got so into it. I can still her with her hands in the air when the music starts up again...

Tear In Your Hand and Waitress was next. I was amazed at the concentration Tori puts into everyone song. Before "Waitress" she closed her eyes and really focused. Drawing all the hate and anger inside, mimicking tearing that bitch apart. It was wonderful.

The first song in encore numero uno was Hotel. Tori kind of gave Jon a weird look like something wasn't right with the song, and he just shrugged. I think they are still working on the song, but it sounded amazing live. I hated it on the album, but seeing it live made it one of my favorite tracks. It is amazing how quick she could change from the keyboard to the piano and recreate the sound on the album.

The second song was Raspberry Swirl, which got everyone dancing, that is except for the front row who was being crushed by that time. It still rocked. Matt really got down on the steel drum. Tori stood up and did a little dance while she played the song. I wanted to move so bad!!!

Little did I know (until Houston) that the last song of the night, Pandora's Aquarium, was for me. At the meet and greet before the show she thanked me again and said that the book was magic. What a way to remember the first show.

In the little time that I spent with Tori I really felt like I got to know her, and likewise. I quickly learned that as a part of the front row you have a responsibility to send out all the energy you can to her. She looks at you for it, and draws it into her performance. It is an incredible process. She has a great connection with her fans, and I really felt as though she put everyone thing she had into the show. I have never seen her get into a show like that before. Like she said, "the devil came out" and all hell broke loose! Thank you Tori for a memorable first show.

From Ingrid (Dirgni)

October 4, 1998 - The Devlins played from approximately 8:00-8:45 pm. They mentioned being sad that it was their forth last show on the road with Tori. I liked their songs quite a bit. Sometimes I felt a little unfulfilled by the end of their songs. For some reason I would have this extreme sense of anticipation that the vocals would kick in, somehow, either by getting louder or changing tone. But they didn't. Still, they were neat to watch.

At around 9:30 Tori came out while the rest of the band was playing. She was wearing a black tank top over a white one and black pants. She was very talkative, so I aim to paraphase as much as possible of what she said.

Before playing Little Amsterdam Tori said something about being glad to be down here and said something about taking us all back to kick some Yankee butt. After the song was over she asked Joel to bring some water to the people in the front row who were dying.

Unfortunately, during this song and the previous one a very mean girl decided to use me as a piece of furniture, grabbing my shoulders and jumping on me to have a better vantage point. After getting her hands off of me, she grabbed my arm and pushed me back behind her hard. I managed to assert myself and get back in front of her, but the whole situation was horrible. I couldn't understand why anyone would feel the need to act that violent and rude at such a wonderful show. sigh. I'm sure in part this stems from the fact that the show was very crowded and there was very little circulating air, even while the Devlins performed. I'm still disturbed by it though, and by the number of chain smoking 12-14 year olds there. Enough commentary.

Before iieee, Tori said something to the effect that they play this song every night and it kicks their asses.

Before Sugar, Tori said that she wrote this song under the gun and that she was feeling naughty. She said she usually isn't naughty; usually she's a nerd. There was a bee sitting on her shoulder, which was Freddie Mercury. He wrote this song.

Before Hey Jupiter, Tori asked Joel for another water break for the crowd and said think of all the water weight we're losing girls. Then she said something like she was thrilled about it. She sang "arsonist" instead of "masochist" during the song.

Before Cooling, she said this was her favorite song off the album, but it isn't on it, and that we knew about that.

During Cruel while the band played she stood up and raised her Ozarka bottle. I can only extrapolate that she was dancing because I couldn't see her at this point; I only watch the bottle move. When I next saw her, she was drenched.

The show was really nice aside from the previously mentioned troubles. I wish that Tori's piano could have been raised on a platform similar to the drums simply because I could have seen her a bit more. The lighting was wonderful. I was really impressed by the greens, blues and purples with white lights. For me at least, I can see the performers much better under these colors than if there are prominant reds and pinks. Ok, I think I've rambled on far too long.

From Maysa Blu

October 4, 1998 - I would just like to say that i was disapointed in the venue....very small, smokey, and crowded. Yes it is a concert and there will be many bodies in a contained area, but i think there could have been a better place for Tori to enchant us.

I showed up in time for the sound check, but missed the meet and greet. There was about 40-50 people there already, and i popped a squat to listen and to my surprise, tori was playing Sugar( i didn't hear it in Seattle or San Antonio), i just knew it was going to come out tonight. I also heard Siren.

I must say that i was a little disapointed in some of the fans...while waiting in line the people in front of us had to rudely comment contantly on the ensembles of the other fans....i thought that we were all united by the power of tori, and we were a lot more open minded to things....

Sometime after soundcheck, i spotted Caton on his bike talking to some security people...i was so happy! i have read that people have seen him riding on his bike, but i saw it with my own eyes!! i looked around to see if anyone noticed, but everyone was casually sitting down chatting, its like he was just any other person. I gave hime a smile and a wave, and he smiled and waved back, yes!!! i made contact! He quickly peddled away...soon after that i spotted Jon trying to get in the tour bus, i again looked around, but yet again no one seemed to recognize him. It looked like he was having trouble opening the door ,then he looked my way, and i gave him a wave, he smiled very sweetly, waved and mouthed the words, "hi", he too assembled his bike and rode off into downtown Austin. That was so cool for me...i just need to make contact with Tori and Matt!!!

The Devlins were cool, they told us that they were from Ireland, and that Austin was a lot like Ireland, but had more Tequila!

By the time Tori came out, we were practiclly texas sardines , which i got over, but i was particularly annoyed with the 3 teenage girls to my left, ATTEMPTING to sing along with Tori. I know that it is not unheard of to sing at a concert, but please try and keep it on the low down. Those girls also needed to refer to the Little Earthquakes lyric book.

I was very happy with the set list.....i knew that i would cry, i manage to get very emotional just listining to the songs on cd, but i was full out weeping, i couldn't control myself...this started with hearing sugar-jupiter-cooling-northern lad(wow, my 2nd time hearing it)-tear and times during secret time my vision was obstructed, ( i was about 9 row of people back, dead center) so i closed my eyes and the music just went right through me.....i don't know wheather i was crying because i couldn't see her or the sentimental worth.....

I was so sad after the concert because i knew that i wouldn't see tori live for a few years...Tori's intensity and sensuality is so very powerful on stage, and so inspiring ...thank you is not enough to say to Tori.....Tori fills voids for me......

From Alex Dillard

October 4, 1998 - The story about "Sugar" was that there was someone sitting on her shoulder who kept singing a song in her ear. The someone was Freddin Mercury, so "Sugar" was written by him.

From Sam Shamburger

October 3, 1998 - Notes about the songs played:

Raspberry Swirl was amazing and my vote for best song at this concert. The lights were amazing--bright colors spinning all around--it really set a 'club' mood. Everyone was just dancing away, including Tori :)

Cruel was also especially good, and Tori had wet her hair just before the song started (it was extremely hot inside the Music Hall with all the people jammed in the front) and she started getting very naughty--doing sultry moves, sticking her butt out into the audience, etc. :)

Soundcheck: (what i could hear anyway)
London Girls
Black Dove


"It's so good to be down here--I should take you up north and kick some Yankee butt"

--Tori referring to how great the audience was

"The day I wrote this next song, something was just going on with my libido, I don't know what...but this bee was sitting on my shoulder, and the bee was Freddie Mercury, and he sang this song to me."

--Tori before they played Sugar

Tori was in a great mood, and obviously really liked the audience. I'm amazed at the amount of energy she can gather in her soul and then project it outward into the piano and into us. The only problem at this concert was the 12 year old children (and some looked younger than that) who seemed to think this was a Hanson concert, and you were supposed to scream constantly, wave at Tori a million times, bounce madly off the tightly packed bodies and just annoy the hell out of everyone around you. Can you even comprehend a Tori Amos concert at that age? These kids seemed to be there more to just see her, rather than experience her.

Anyways, the concert was fantastic, and I again have to mention how great Raspberry Swirl was...i didn't like the song all that much on ftch, but now it's my favorite :)

From Mark Weidman

October 3, 1998 - I went to Tori's concert at Austin Music Hall last night, and now I know what the others mean when they say that it's impossible to describe through words. I'm not going to try to tell you about the setlist, because I can't remember it all. She did play a very hard rock version of Sugar, and before she played it she said that Freddie Mercury appeared to her as a bee(I think) and told her the words to it. Before she started singing Cruel, she poured water all over her head, and she looked like Jenifer Beals in Flashdance. She also danced(gyrated) a lot during this song. iieee was the third song(the first 2 were Precious Things which blew me away and I can't remember the 2nd song), and it was great since it's my favorite song of hers. Everybody cheered during the "just say yes" part, and she held her stomach during the "sacrifice" part. She sang the "chapel, little chapel" part twice. Tori was very considerate-she would pass her bottled water to the fans in the front because she said they looked very hot(The Austin Music Hall is tiny, and I think they sold more tickets than they should have because it was extremely hot). She talked about Marcel taking pictures of his penis and putting them up on the fridge. Tori said each morning she is the first one up and this picture is the first one she sees when she goes to make herself coffee or something. The audience seemed pretty cool. Some people fainted. Everybody tried to dance during Raspberry Swirl, which was awesome, but it was very crowded so it was kind of hard. There were a lot of people getting angry with really tall people who would stand in the front of short people, but what are you going to do? I did notice that this guy with shoulder length blonde hair who was very tall and standing in front of me, was not even into the concert. He and his girlfriend had to keep sitting down because their legs were bothering them I guess, and they weren't even paying attention to the songs. They should have left so that everybody behind desperatley trying to watch Tori could enjoy the concert. Of course, the concert was still awesome even with these people. The Devlins perfromed like 7 songs I think, and it seemed like they took forever. They were ok, though. I'm sure you could replace them with any up and coming modern rock group, though. Tori came out about 9:30 I think, and ended about 11:00, but I'm not positive. The light show was amazing, especially during rasperry swirl. She ended with Pandora's Aquarium. She also played a very bluesy version of London Girls which was cool(of course, I guess that already is kind of a blues song). Ok, I'll stop there, I can't think of anything else right now. The show was all kind of a blur because Tori doesn't really stop in between songs which is cool, so it seems like the show is one long song.

From Jennifer (shyrrl - Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

October 3, 1998 - Precious Things - 22 sec girrrl, great opener as usual!

Little Amsterdam - wonderful story/intro to the beginning, about the south and yankees-can't remember it all right now though

God - I'd been sooooo hoping to hear this, Im glad she came through!!

iieee - moved me almost to tears, once again I noticed during the "sacrifice" part, she grabbed her stomach, and later on added in 'my little girl' and a drawn out 'why'

Sugar - Tori mentioned being in a 'naughty mood' when she wrote it, but how she's really 'just a nerd' usually.. Wonderful with the band, seemed so sexual the expressions she used while she sang

Black Dove (january) - As with San Antonio, the crown went crazy during the "and i have to get to TEXAS" part

London Girls!!!!!!! - I think this was the one where she did this cute little butt wiggle dance, but Im not sure.. One of my all time fav b-sides, Im sooooo happy she played it! As with Sugar, she turned it really sexual (how could it not be :) )

(solo) Hey Jupiter - Tori changed "masochist" to "arsonist" .. it was a wonderfully sad, beautifully sung.. the guy who requested it, I know was happy..

(solo) Cooling - "This is my favorite b-side" I'm so glad we got to hear this tonight, since I know she replace it with Marianne on Wensday.. even better live than it is on the cd

Northern Lad - After Hey Jupiter and Cooling, I didn't expect Northern Lad.. seemed she was pulling out all the slow, sad songs, but hey, who's complaining? :) just as beautiful as wensday

Cruel - Another I had been hoping to hear

Tear in Your Hand!!!! - I had wanted to request it but didn't feel I should.. This made my night though, it's one of my favorites on LE!!

the Waitress - Tori did a little dance/meditation before this one, to get her in the mood for it I'm guessing.. hostile, well, as hostile as the song calls for :)

~~~~~~~~encore 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hotel - Tori did a cute little mamba-type dance back out to the piano. this used to be my least favorite on choirgirl, but after seeing it twice live, it's quickly movin up there on the list.. the transition to all the different 'parts' of the song was beautifully made, and she just seemed to be having fun

Raspberry Swirl - Kicked ass!!!! EVERYONE was dancin around, and tori was just having fun, as were the guys!!

before they left stage again, they all had a BIG group hug, all seeming so happy and together! I guess two days of rest in a three day period did them all good :)

~~~~~~~~encore 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pandoras Aquarium!!! - another song im glad we got to hear, VERY beautifully done and a great closing song

The Austin show was great! My friend Marian and I (Jennifer for anyone who met me :) ) got there just in time for the meet and greet, where we were only about 3 people back.. I was able to give her a thank you note for playing Marianne the other night *san antonio* for me and have her sign a cd for my friend who couldnt make it.. We found a few friends and sat by the doors after the meet and greet, and were able to hear MUHAMMED MY FRIEND!!!! (can't wait to hear how this is live when she plays it) from the sound check before they forced all of us behind a rope to stand for the next 2 or 3 hours.

We also heard Sugar, London Girls, iieee, and Siren being played during the sound check as well. We talked to Colin (pardon any mispellings), leadsinger of the Devlins, for about 10 minutes, he was VERY nice and gave us a few tips on ireland in case we ever visit :)

When they opened the doors, we rushed in, and we were able to get 2nd row EXACTLY in front of Tori!! Devlins were good once again, then Tori! By this time, the guy in front of me left so I had front row.

She and the guys were in a GREAT mood, and she was obviously feeling a little.. well.. naughty :) She told SO many stories of which my exausted mind cannot quite all recall.

Once again, half way through, she ate or drank something from a bowl.. anyone know what it is? We think it might be a honey-lemon mix for her throat but we arent completely sure.. she also talked about marcel when he came out to fix something mentioning the whole nudity thing, and how he has a picture of his penis on the internet somewhere, which really made me laugh, wondering how many people would rush to find it *G*

she was just really happy throughout - she even smiled at me a few times! Eye contact and everything, it was great!

London Girls and Tear in Your Hand were great, with Caton singing along to most of the songs.. She danced ALOT.. hopefully the houston show will be even better!!!!!

From InDiEbLoo

October 3, 1998 - this was my first tori concert, even though i've been listening to her for years....i think that it was the best concert i've seen ever!! tori was soooooo rad. I'm pretty speechless actually, so i'm going to attempt to write this review. My friend and i got there a little late, so we didn't get to do the whole meet and greet, but we still made our way up to the second row. I didn't imagine that there would be such bitchy people in the audience, but i was definitely wrong. They push and shove, which isn't too great when you're only 5'1" and you aren't very strong. I wish that we would have had seats instead, but then again, i really love to dance. Her voice was very powerful--i had the whole "full-body-chill" goin on. Since you already have the set list, i won't go into that, but i do think that she played an awesome mix of songs. I didn't think i would cry at the concert, because i heard it was going to be more upbeat and exciting (which it was) but i couldn't help it! When she started the show with Precious Things i just let out a yelp and the tears poured. Northern Lad and Raspberry Swirl made me melt to the floor almost! I met so many great people there (besides the ones who push and shove) and i hope all of you had a blast!!!! The show is something i'll never forget! i can't wait to see her again!!!!

From Jennifer

October 3, 1998 - This show was great! My friend Marian and I got there just in time for the meet and greet, where we were only about 3 people back.. I was able to give her a thank you note for playing Marianne the other night *san antonio* for me and have her sign a cd for my friend who couldnt make it.. We found a few friends and sat by the doors after the meet and greet, and were able to hear Muhammad My Friend from the sound check before they forced all of us behind a rope to stand for the next 2 or 3 hours..

We heard Sugar, London Girls, iieee, and Siren being played during the sound check as well..

When they opened the doors, we rushed in, and we were able to get 2nd row EXACTLY in front of Tori!! Devlins were good once again, then Tori! By this time, the guy in front of me left so I had front row.

She and the guys were in a GREAT mood, and she was obviously feeling a little.. well.. naughty :) She told a few stories of which my exausted mind cannot quite all recall, one about sugar and how she was feeling really naughty when she wrote it or something.. talked about marcel when he came out to fix something, just really happy throughout - she even smiled at me a few times! Eye contact and everything..

London Girls and Tear in Your Hand were great, with Caton singing along to most of the songs.. She danced ALOT, and during Hey Jupiter, I noticed she changed 'masochist' to 'arsonist'. I was really suprised, but happy to hear Pandora's Aquarium show up tonight, as well as God.

From Kris Kelly

October 3, 1998 - I was also very lucky enough to see the soundcheck...and she sang these songs during soundcheck:

London Girls
Muhammed My Friend (I am not positive about this...someone else told me this one)

So, there you go!!!

Kris also told me on the phone that Tori told a little story before "Sugar" about how Freddy Mercury helped her write the song.

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