North American Plugged '98 Tour
San Antonio, TX
September 30, 1998

Updated October 11, 1998

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Tori performed in San Antonio, TX on September 30, 1998 at the Majestic Theatre during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Marianne and Leather solo. Many thanks to EWF Kris Kelly who called me on the phone after the show with the set list, and to Londie Martin who first emailed me the set list. Morgan and Lesli helped me clarify a few things as well.

Precious Things
Father Lucifer
Little Earthquakes
Marianne (solo)
Leather (solo)
Black-Dove (January)
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Northern Lad


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From Melany Shannon

October 11, 1998 - Bauhaus at the Bronco Bowl. Sarah McLachlan at Austin Music Hall. Love and Rockets at Trees. The Verve in Houston. All these acts have something in common. Compared to the performance Tori Amos delivered at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, all the aforementioned artists SUCKED. I read the newspaper review and I can only be appalled.

That was my first experience at a Tori show and I thought it was brilliant. There were times I became so absorbed in the music, I forgot I was watching a live show. I am not often one to rush to the defense of one review of an artist's performance, but I really am compelled to dispel some of the misconceptions of the San Antonio newspaper reporter who reviewed her.

First, the acoustics were great. I never felt at any time that it was too loud or that Tori's perfect pitch was in danger of being buried by the music. I think what Tori has done by weaving her voice so seamlessly with her music is an unprecedented act of courageous genius that more egocentric artists (like a certain Lilith Faire founder) would never dare attempt. As for the silence of the audience during the performance (with only a very few exceptions) I can only respond with the good old fashioned, "You just don't get it". That kind of silence is so difficult to obtain for an artist from an audience because it comes from a combination of respect (something lacking at the Dallas show during Me and a Gun ) and complete awe. Tori's performance of such songs as Little Earthquakes and Precious Things could have only be met with such beautiful silence. If you applaud during acts of greatness you may miss something. And no one wanted to miss the greatness that is a Tori Amos performance.

I could fill a a thousand pages describing the intricacies of every song, but no matter how great my efforts, the quality of such talent and genius is ultimately ineffible. As for the reporter who just doesn't get it, I feel only pity. He missed a great show that night. And he will miss the beauty of all her shows in the future.

After Northern Lad, I felt like I had emerged, not from a concert, but an experience. My faith in Tori's ability to be the supreme musical artist was confirmed- ten fold. She was beautiful. She was delicate. She was tough. She was brilliant. She was Tori.

From San Antonio Express-News

October 6, 1998 - Woj alerted me to a review of this show that appeared in the October 1, 1998 edition of the San Antonio Express-News. This review was also available at the Expressnews.Com Web Site.

Rocking Tori Amos concert should have come with a lyric sheet

By Hector Saldaña
Special to the Express-News

One of the joys and revelations of listening to any new Tori Amos album is reading along with the lyrics. Her often startling musical vision, no matter how brilliant, breathtaking or even occasionally strident, always takes a back seat to the words to her confessional, extraordinarily personal songs.

Her latest, "from the choirgirl hotel," is no exception. But for the new polyrhythmic components, it's vintage Amos.

Unfortunately, at Amos' Majestic Theater appearance Wednesday, even hardcore fans might have wavered if forced to testify to exactly what their hero was singing. The melodies were there, a snippet of a memorable line or two, but more often than not, those familiar with Amos' work likely had to rely on memory for the words.

Newcomers most certainly wouldn't have had a clue.

The lyrics were swallowed up by her loud band, but just as often obscured by Amos' sound engineer's insistence on drenching her voice in echo and reverb and electronically compressing Amos' angelic instrument until most of the dynamics had surrendered.

And Amos must also share some responsibility. In her last appearance at the Majestic in October 1996 in which she performed solo with guitarist Steve Caton, she was plagued by similar intelligibility problems, so it can't just be the obligatory rock 'n' roll noise of a full band.

Her writhing piano attack and Kate Bush-styled vocals remain the crux of her show, but the incorporation of such heavy beats seems to have squeezed out any room for many quieter numbers, including her signature "Me and a Gun," usually a concert highlight.

This night, Amos was again backed by Caton, but with new road band members Matt Chamberlain on drums and Jon Evans on bass. Whereas Caton once relegated himself to supplying the atmospherics with his electric guitar and effects pedals, Wednesday he opted for an unusually piercing strumming approach. Less would have been more.

Chamberlain pummeled his drum kit impressively. Evans kept things melodic on the low end. However, the overall effect was fatiguing. Amos' beloved Bosendorfer grand piano was forced to compete with the sonic overload and was equalized often to the point of shrillness. Amos' most delicate ivory passages were rendered impotent.

There were triumphant moments.

On "Iieee" Amos straddled her piano bench like a Shetland pony to finger both her acoustic piano and synthesizer. She emphasized her off-kilter vocal with dramatic, guttural panting.

Her seductive, sexiest vibrato cut through on "Hotel." And the stars seemed to align, at least volume-wise, on "Little Earthquakes," where the rumble of the music and the deep resonance of Amos' piano actually enhanced the lyrics.

For all of the incessant rhythm, the sold-out house was deathly still, except for applause. It was not until the second encore number, the irresistible new song "Raspberry Swirl," that a few brave female fans danced joyously. During the quiet "Northern Lad" fans finally rushed the stage.

From Marcelo De Albornoz

October 2, 1998 - I'm just so extremely excited still from experiencing my first Tori concert ever!

I flew all the way from Mexico City to be able to attend one of her shows and let me tell you, Tori's plugged show is everything & more than any Toriphile could ever expect. Tunes like Precious Things,Raspberry Swirl,Hotel,Little Earthquakes & iieee are insuperable wth a 4 piece band...and well, this show just felt so balanced because she played 3 songs from Little Eartjquakes, 3 out of Under The Pink(that's including Honey,of course)3 out of Boys from Pele, Siren and 5 out of from the choirgirl hotel....the feeling of listening to Leather(sung by most people in the audience that night) just after a beautifully dedicated Marianne was amazing and Tori herself has never been so passionate and expressive on stage(or looked so beautiful =) I noticed a lot of people knew each other(and got really excited in the "but I have to get Texas" part of Black Dove 'cos the whole theater sung that part. It was there, Leather and the "but I believe in peace,BITCH" part of The Waitress where I could really listen to people singing in the show...I also noticed most people were unaware of Siren's existance). I went to the show by myself and that really helped me to just blow some neurons shaking and singing to Tori's voice...I almost levitated. I'm just wondering...a guy came before the show and asked me to sign this paper that was asking Tori to play a little of "Mmmbop!!!!" in a further show for some girl's birthday on future know,I wasa kind of reluctant to signing it at first but this cute guy said she would be really happy it that happened and well I agreed with him,it would be hilarious to see Tori playing something as stupid as a Hanson song...just how sarcastic can you get??? I just wonder if she would agree on doing such a thing...guess I'll have to read it at the Dent....MAGNIFICENT SHOW anyway....... =)

From Kris Kelly

October 2, 1998 - Wow! Is all I can say! I had 5th row tickets to the 9/30/98 Tori Amos Concert in San Antonio! Not only that, but it was my b-day, and my FIRST time to see tori live in concert! I was so excited. When I first saw her walk on stage, I thought I was going to faint! The show was nothing short of SPECTACULAR and pure genious! The lighting was great, everything was perfect to me!

All the songs were perfect! But some special treats for me were when she performed the following: Father Lucifer, Hotel, Space Dog, Talula, and Norther Lad! During Nothern Lad, everyone from the back came up near the stage and blocked my view! But still, it was awesome! Wow!

But that wasn't the end of it! I rushed at the end of the show and ran around the back of the building near the buses. There were already some people there, but I made my way up to the VERY FRONT to the metal baracade! And I waited there (being smushed, not being able breath) for around an hour for her to come out! The band came out and boarded the bus, and that was awesome! Then finally TORI CAME! And I was about to faint, I swear! My voice was quivering. I didn't know what to say! I asked her to sign my t-shirt, and she said sure! And told me how to hold it so she could sign it. She was wearing over-alls (sp?) and her hair was wet and in a poney tail. But anyways, she signed my t- shirt that I had bought at the show that night! And then, while she was signing my t-shirt, I asked if i could have my picture taken with her (i had brought my camera) and she said "Sure, Just one thing at a time"...and I was kinda embarrased, but we gave it to a girl, and everyone was sticking things in front of the camera, and she went up and said to them, excuse me, we're trying to take a picture...and they moved and we got our picture!! Then I said I loved her and the she had put on a wonderful show and she said "Thanks hun"! Then when the tour bus left, she (or someone in the bus) was sticking a puppet out the window, making it bite peoples hands...etc..

It was an awesome night!!! The night of my dreams! And....(this is weird)...on the way back to Austin (where I live), we saw a bus that looked just like it. Then I looked at the license plate, and it said NORTH CAROLINA on it, and I knew it was tori's bus! I drove up by it and saw her in it!! even more coincidence, they were going the exact same way we needed to go to get to our house! They probally thought were stalking them. But....they turned off into a Downtown Austin hotel (name i will not reveal..hehe) and so that was that. It was awesome! !!!!! This night was so fabulous, it couldn't have been better. other toriphiles even bothered to talk with me! I said hi to someone of them, and asked their names, and they just acted like I was some sort of space alien. But, oh well! It was an awesome show, and the venue (the Majestic Theatre) was awesome (I had never been there before). And the Devlins said during their performance that out of everywhere they went, San Antonio got the "best theatre award" or something like that. It was awesome!

Well...Thanks for listening! Now I get to see one more show, and that's the AUSTIN one, tomorrow (8/02/98)!! Unfortunately its General Admission (ick), STANDING ROOM ONLY (ick), and SOLD OUT, which means there will be TONS of people crowded into a small space (ick). But maybe everyone will get tired and sit down!hehe....Well, thanks! I love you TORI!!!!

From Rudy Ramirez Jr.

October 2, 1998 - This was my 1st time to see Tori and I was in shock! It was sooo perfect....everything sounded just great and the atmosphere was unlike any I have felt at a concert before. Everyone was so excited and I felt like I knew everyone there. The whole experience has left me in a state of happiness that I never want to come out of. The Majestic Theater was so beautiful as well, it suited Tori well I think. I hope to see Tori again.....I can die a happy man now!

From Jennifer Simmons

October 2, 1998 - I have never in my life seen such a fantastic concert. The guitarrist and the bassist were just another great addition to all of the magic. Much better than 2 years ago. And that used to be my favorite concert. I almost had a Tori high or something like that. I personally think that the best song played was Raspberry Swirl. The magnificance was out of this world. Also waitress. It just kept going. It was so incredible I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. They just kept playing the chorus for such a long time, I have no idea how they didn't get tired or get off-beat, but I guess that is another great thing about Tori. She is such a great performance. I loved it because she said that she had to go to Indiana. She said she just wanted to tell us to come see her if we get bored, and not to forget the enchilladas. She was so beautiful. I would've taken pictures, but there were no cameras allowed. That really wasn't fair. I just wanted to thank you again for your information, and you are always free to put what ever you'd like on your page. I would be absolutely flattered.

From Karrie

October 2, 1998 - robyn and i arrived at the meet and greet early, as you already know. it was so bloody hot outside and joel brought us water from tori's tour bus. :) when tori stepped out of the bus, a whole other world stepped out. i didnt know how to respod to this world. when it was my turn to meet tori, i completely forgot everything that i was going to tell her. i handed her a precious book that was a gift from robyn and i ...and i said 'here.' she asked me what it was...and i told her it was a 'really good book.' all the things i wanted to tell her!!! and only muttered words came out of my mouth. but the EYE CONTACT...oh my, the eye was amazing. robyn and i left the meet and greet in tears.

while we were waiting for majestic to open, we met some nice irc friends...john, ashley...hey!!!!! mad props to you guys.

as for the show, the devlins were ok. i would have liked them better if i saw them by themselves...but the anticipation was torture, i swear. i give them thumbs up though. they said that the majestic won the award for prettiest place on the tour...whoooo!

the bells in the majestic were jingling...that meant it was time for tori to come on! i went back to my seat and waited what seemed to be 394820 hours...finally, she came out.

the journey began with precious things...i definately needed a seatbelt. the music was nice and intense...and the lights, oh the lights...the best way i can explain my experience through this song is by a scene i have in my head.... there was fire all around the majestic causing everything to be lit up...and my hair is blowing...everyone was was in awe. amazing, i tell you. this scenario still does the experience no justice, but its the best way i can describe it.

iieee was fantastic. tears. tears. tears. what amazed me most on this song was how she was playing both the piano and the keyboard at the same time. man.

father lucifer....i was talking earlier with robyn about how i hoped tori would play this. i was so excited to hear it with the band! tori was doing a little dance to the melody, it was really nice.

hotel, oh hotel. (by the way, i am constantly sighing as i write this letter..sighing in joy) hotel was god, it was great. the lights enriched the song as did each and every one of the players.

little earthquakes.. i cried on the opening notes of this song. robyn and i were clenching each others hands so incredibly hard. i severed her pinky. 'black winged roses that safely changed their color'...this had me shaking in the seat that i was confined to. simply ...not even simply...totally skjdas,hfsjk.

siren. she said before this song that this one was not from an album but some of us might recognize it. oh, and how we did. i got excited when she said that because i was hoping she would play some sort of beeside in there. she started off nice and pretty...then as the song neared its end, she got more aggressive.

marianne. this song always gets to me...i love hearing it live. yay, jennifer! good request pick. :)

leather...sounded just like always. someone took a flash picture during the song and she gave the audience a funny look. i could have sworn i heard the crowd singing along was nice.

honey!!!!! oh my my! this is absolutely one of my favorites. when i heard it coming, i nearly shat my pants. it sounded so beautiful...'cowboys know that cowgirls ride on the indian side'...boy, was i a mess.

black dove ruled. she has to get to texas, you know.

space dog. this was a surprise to me...i was in complete awe. under the pink is my favorite album and i was hoping to hear at least one song from it. phew, it was nice!

waitress.. oh boy, where to start? this song grew more and more intense as it went on. i felt entranced...i felt like i was in some meditive state. every member of the band was contributing something very was hard to tell the difference between just sounded incredible. on the 'i go where she goes part' she hit her index finger on the piano quite forcefully.

talula. she didnt start out with the tornado was something ive never heard. it was pretty. the song went on, the lights went on, and the energy was flowing like melted butter.

raspberry swirl...there were a few members of the audience dancing on this one but the majority of the crowd stayed seated. at the end of the song, after the music stopped, tori was still going. she was holding onto the microphone was intense.

northern lad... at this point, robyn and i rushed up to the stage where we were greeted by some stupid security guards. we paid them no mind and enjoyed the view from where we were. it was a lovely finish to the show.

the setlist was great...i wanted to hear all of the songs she played. i left the concert happy as can be and disillusioned to my surroundings. we'll have some more updates for you for the next two shows. :) byebye.

From Londie Martin

October 1, 1998 - Last night, at the San Antonio show, I saw the new, rockin' Tori--and it was good. It was pretty fucking amazing, actually. Before the show, I had some reservations: I thought that I might not be thrilled about the changes, that the music wouldn't be the same. I thought that Tori might have misinterpreted a cosmic message meant for someone else (the Stones? Metallica?). Most of all, I was worried that she might be... selling out.

All of these things were quickly--and with great force and joy--pushed out and sent packing when Tori and her band walked out on stage and ripped into Precious Things.

Precious Things -- I thought that Tori might work her way up to a faster pace, kind of get things going, at first, and then rock out towards the end. Instead, she chose to hit you in your seat at the start of the show with the most bitchin' version of Precious Things I've ever heard! The lights, the music, the vibe--everything was so in tune and where it should be!

iieee -- This song made a beautiful leap from the CD to the stage. It's one of my favorites from Choirgirl and I was thrilled to hear it. There are points during this song where Tori's voice is so clear and brilliant among all the noise and flash of the stage. Beautiful.

Father Lucifer -- Before this song, Tori made a few comments (and I'm paraphrasing, but it's close): "Wow, for awhile we didn't think we'd make it to Texas, swear to christ! You know those times, guys, in Germany? You know, that sausage... it's not so good. [continues to remark on the wonderfulness of Texas, woo!]" Then she told a story about Father Lucifer. About how her father thought it was about him. I think it's the same story she's been telling lately. She also talked about taking the ayuwasca (sp?) vine and how, during her journey, she met a "c-rrrr-i-chuh" [creature] who led her to her shadow side. Again, I say do not be afraid of the old songs in their new clothing; Father Lucifer was amazing and breathtaking in a whole new light!

Hotel -- I was hoping that this song would show up. I was not disappointed. For a moment, while Tori was fiddling with her keyboard buttons, she seemed like a mad scientist, intently mixing this chemical with that one and crossing this wire with that wire. Sometimes I think Tori has a "computer nerd" (and I say that with the highest respect!) lurking around insider her.

Little Earthquakes -- The whole song had a beautifully intense flow but the most striking part came when Tori sang, "give me life, give me pain, give me myself again." At that moment, I remembered all of those times that her songs have come to me and told me to look inside myself and own everything that lurked there. Tori's voice is so personal and searching that it has the power to get inside you and fill your entire body with music--this was very intense during Little Earthquakes.

Siren -- Another of the songs I was hoping to hear. Tori made the comment that this song wasn't on any of the albums but that some of us might know it. When she sings, "almost in love, vanilla"--it's truth, it's absolute beauty!

(secret time)

Marianne--Tori said that she received an amazing letter earlier that day ("it just blew me away"). Apparently, someone gave Tori a letter describing a recent death that was troubling them, maybe a close friend. Tori said that she, too, had lost her best friend and she understood her sadness. I could almost feel the release of that one person; I love Tori for that. Marianne is a very healing song for those that never quite learn how to let a loved one go, bittersweet.

Leather -- Ooooh, top form! Tori's voice was completely infused with the song and it's story; you couldn't separate the two. The lighting for this song was perfect and gave itself very well to the mood of the song. Tori seemed to have found a new power in this song.

Honey -- Always beautiful and special.

Black-Dove (January) -- "I have to get to Texas" ...was it just me or did the whole theatre beam uncontrollably when she sang this line? : ) A very haunting song, definitely a highlight of the evening.

Space Dog -- Matt's drumming took the spotlight during this one. There were moments during this song where I desperately wanted to hear just Tori, her piano, and Matt's drumming--they were threaded so tightly together! Without a doubt, Tori has a definite feel for the rhythm and Matt interprets that in every song. A really big thumbs up to Matt!

The Waitress -- I've heard this song on a few '98 bootlegs and I'm pleased to say that Tori cut the "hang ten, hang ten honey"s short. The jam-session-feel of the song is great but know when to say when...

(first encore)

Talula -- A little different without the harpsichord but the band made up for that, tenfold.

Raspberry Swirl -- Damn, why did this theatre have seats?! If ever a song called me up out of my chair to groove, this was it. Although--and correct me if I'm wrong--there seemed to be some sound missing from the left side of the stage. As if the song was missing it's lower-left corner... I can't really explain that, just seemed like something else should be filling that space. Other than that little thing, Raspberry Swirl is a very seductive and winding song, loved it.

(second encore)

Northern Lad -- A lot of people came up to the stage for this one, beautiful. They did that the last time Tori played the Majestic.

The show was magical and Tori has not lost one ounce of her integrity or her talent. She rocked out and managed to keep the personal thread (that we all love) running through the show. Matt's drumming was organic and alive; at times it seemed to replace my heartbeat. He had so much energy!

Did anyone else think that Tori looked like a racecar driver up there on the stage? I could have sworn that she was a little, brave racecar driver leading a huge fuckin engine around a slippery track--hugging each and every turn. So much intensity, so much control and so much freedom, all at once. She never fails to enthrall me.

Another thing, Tori mentioned that they were heading towards the Midwest ("fucking Indiana, right?") and that we should come out and see her with enchiladas. Perhaps the folks in the Midwest could import some classic Mexican food for her, yes? : ) To all the toriphiles: free yourself and have fun at the shows; they're amazing!

From Jennifer (shyrrl - Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

October 1, 1998 - omigod, this has to have been the best night of my life, or near close to it..

I got to the meet and greet at about 1, met alot of really nice, friendly EWF, everything went smoothly.. I got in my place, #12, and was able to give her my letter and photograph *of a faerie from last years rennaisance festival if anyones curious* I worked 3 weeks on developing for her, and got to get about a roll of film of her AND her kick-ass puppet :)

the show..omigod it was great from my 5th row.. i loved the Devlins, sort of a mellow, sad band, but pretty good.. then Tori came out.. for those interested, she had on a pair of maroonish-brownish pants, a chocolate colored long sleeved body suit, silverish sequined apron-thing, and black boots - here's the set list:

Precious Things (*20 sec grrrrrl*)
iieee (*tori grabbed at her stomach during the 'sacrifice' part..does
she do this every time?*)
-cute story about her father, when he asked if father lucifer was
about him
Father Lucifer
HOTEL!! (*I was sooo glad to hear this with the band, it was better than
I thought it would be!*)
Little Earthquakes
-introduced the band
------alone time------
MARIANNE!!!!!!! (*She played this song for me!!! In the letter i gave
her at the meet and greet, i wrote to her and told her some
personal stuff that had can guess from the song - I
had asked her to maybe play it and she did!!! I was crying
through the whole really meant alot to me*)
Leather (*the OH so sexy whispering parts, crowd went wild!*)
---------band returns---------
Black Dove (*everyone went CRAZY when she mentioned texas!!!*)
Space Dog
Waitress (*tori ate something in the middle of the song from a soup
bowl or something.. anyone know what it was?!*)
---------1st encore---------
Raspberry Swirl
---------2nd encore---------
Northern Lad

What I found amusing was that during the story about her father, before Father Lucifer came up, she kinda got this little girl voice and kept it throughout the show, even in her singing.. made me kinda giggle, dunno if she always does that or what

Yours in Tori, and COMPLETELY euphoric and exhausted.

From robyn wiley

October 1, 1998 - the san antonio show...words to explain...

my friend and i arrived at the meet n greet around noon...we met up with dora and a couple of other people there. i was number 4 in line...and we waited and waited. the barracaides were set up around 3, and toris bus pulled up around 4 pm. she did the puppet bit. and then she came out. i started crying (how embarrasing)...and when it was my turn to get my collectibles book signed, she asked what my name was and i couldnt talk. she asked "are you ok, hon?" all i could manage was a nod. she gave me a little smile. she stayed at the meet n greet for about 10 minutes and then went in for soundcheck.

the show started at 9:36 and ended at 11:05.

it was a very good show...i cant even explain. it was my first plugged performance. father lucifer...sooooo good. hotel...i had been dying to hear live and it words. just...blew me away. little was so intense. honey was so beautiful. took me a second to recognize it, but oh man! the waitress...sooo intense...the "hang ten honey"...talula was unrecognizeable at first, but when she kicked in with the "i dont want to lose her" i identified it. i was so in awe of the whole show, im surprised i knew any of the songs at all. raspberry swirl just rocked the place down. and when she came back out for northern lad, alot of people rushed to the stage. my friend and i did as well, because if we were to continue sitting, then we would not have been able to see. a security man was in front of this one girl trying to get her to sit down (ok, there were about 4329467 people up in front of her, and i have no idea why he singled her out)...she just ignored him and kept on watching tori as if there wasnt this big man in her face screaming at her. it kind of ruled.

well, all in still in a loss for words, and im sorry. this is the best review i could give. ill let you know how the austin and houston shows come out! :)

From Jeremy Torres

October 1, 1998 - Thanks for all of the wonderful things you do for us ears with feet!!!! After the San Antonio show I got the set list from the light technician, during solo time she was supposed to do "cooling" but replaced it with "Marianne". The song after secret time was definately "Honey". My seven friends and I, on the way to San Antonio, decided that the one song we would die to hear would be "Honey" and she played it!!!! "Sugar" was not a part of the show........You may hear from me soon because I am going to the rest of the Texas shows---Until then.........

From Holly Nelson

October 1, 1998 - Tori performed HONEY (right after Leather) at the San Antonio show. She and her music-meisters pumped it out in a nice rambling groove. Very smoothe, like creamy peanut-butter cups! :)

From Maysa Blu

October 1, 1998 - this was my 3rd tori show( 2nd plugged-i saw the Seattle show) Of course tori played honey, although i would have liked to have heard Sugar.

The Devlins were cool, they didn't talk alot, but they did tell us that the Majestic got the "best theatre award" from them, and that they thanked tori and the band , and that their time on the tour was up at the end of the week.

I sat 6th row stage left, awesome seats! I relished in tori's expressions.....i must say that my first show (DDI) was much more people have been agreeing with, being close though, the crowd was full of positive energy. I didn't get the full effect of the lights as i did at the Key Arena. Tori looked beautiful as always, but she did seem a bit worn out. One of the first things she said to the audience was " i never thought we'd make it " she's probably refering to the long west Texas trek from New Mexico.

The highlight of my night was to hear Northern Lad....i really wanted to hear it in Seattle because i was visiting my own NL, we were all on our feet swaying, i couldn't help but to cry.

I can't wait to see her again in Austin tommorow!

From Normand

October 1, 1998 - I was one of the auction winner for San Antonio, so my friend and I had front row seats to the concert. I must say... the night was fantastic. I have never been to a Tori concert before tonight and I'm glad this one was the first.

The only thing about the concert that I didn't like too much was the fact that Tori's management rushed us in and out of her dressing room so quickly after the show. Tori was very gracious and did not seem like she was in too much of a hurry to go anywhere, but her "people" were swarming and herding the four of us around like unruly cattle. Anyway, I gave Tori a tape of ancient Greek music and she showed me this set of rings that were from ancient Greece. I can't remember exactly what she said, but they were a gift from one of her girl friends who lent these rings out to people to help them out in times of crisis, spiritual or otherwise, and then gave them to another person who needed the help after the first person was done with them. I probably totally bastardized her story... but that was the gist of it. Hopefully she won't read this and say "He didn't listen to me! That's not what I meant at all." My only defense is that I was distracted just by being in the same room with her. It was surreal... the whole concert and meeting her... like something that should happen, that seems so natural, but blows your mind nonetheless. But... it's just the meaning of the story, I guess... friends helping friends. You know?

Anyway... it was GREAT... I'm going to the Houston show, too... so I'll try to get that set list in after the concert.

[Note From Mikewhy: Just to give all sides, I was backstage once this year and I found Tori's people to be very polite and fair. I think Tori is tired after a show and likely wants to either go get some rest or start the journey to the next town, and that is why they carefully limit the time backstage.]

From Simon Booth (Posted to various Tori mailing lists)

October 1, 1998 - I have just returned from seeing my first Tori show, at the Majestic Theatre here in San Antonio. I am still feeling the effect, and I LOVE it! :)

the 9/30/98 show-

I've emailed a few people who told me it was cool, and you weren't wrong.

The wheelchair-accessable seating was great for me (except when people stood up but that's cool, I would have too if I could :) ) and my three friends.

The Devlins were an excellent opening act, although I couldn't get one of their CDs being sold there I'll definitely track them down either locally or online.

And Tori came out....and blew me (and everyone else I bet! :) ) away! I was expecting something intense but I had no idea! Like flying a spacecraft right into a supernova, and wanting more! I mean, there's this energy that just hits you just right and you feel a high that you just don't want to come down from. Tori, the piano, and the band, all in synch. It ROCKED! I loved the way she altered the arrangement of the songs, you needed to guess a little as she and the band segued from one song to the next. That I thought was a neat touch. :)

I've just never heard any of Tori's songs done like they were performed tonight. It was just so intense, I wished I wasn't so quickly running out of words to describe the experience. I hope other SA ewf's enjoyed it as much :)

I know this isn't an 'official' Tori concert report, but I was just so taken with tonight's show, I wanted to capture that in text form, my take on seeing my first Tori show.

I was tempted to wheel down to the stage after the show and tell the security crew that the show was excellent and I just wanted to tell Tori I thought she was the coolest....then I figured the security guys would say 'yeah you and 3000 other people' so I didn't. Seeing her live was enough :)

Next time I have to leave my schedule open to make it to the meet and greet.

To anyone who has yet to see a show on the tour, you'll like it :) Just seeing 'Precious Things', 'Spacedog', and 'Raspberry Swirl' live is worth it!

Looking forward to Tori in 2000!

(hoping this feeling doesn't wear off too soon!)

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