North American Plugged '98 Tour
Las Vegas, NV
September 24, 1998

Updated October 1, 1998

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Tori performed in Las Vegas, NV on September 24, 1998 at The Joint during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Icicle, Alamo and Song For Eric solo. Many thanks to Andrea Cleaver for calling me on the phone from Vegas with this set list!

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Icicle (solo)
Alamo (solo)
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
London Girls
Pretty Good Year
Song For Eric (solo)


The most recently added reviews are first.

From TimmiLynn Johnson

October 1, 1998 - My twin sister and I went to the show to celebrate our 24th birthday. My birthday is actually on the 26th but I know Las Vegas better than california. My sister and I flew in from Minneapolis Mn, and my best friend flew in from West Virginia. This was only my second time seeing Tori. I saw her here in Mn on July 17th for the first time. What the hell was I doing all the other times(I don't Know)

Anyway when I saw her in Mn I was in the 28th row. At the show in Vegas by some sort of birthday miracle,I was in the front row. This was a very different experience than 28th row. It was great to really get to see her and see all of the passion that she puts into her performance. I will never again be satisfied with 28th row.

The whole show was great. I didn't even notice the people screaming during "Song For Eric". I was in a trance. It was just beautiful. I was sooooo thrilled when I heard the music for "Honey". It was one that I was hoping she would do. "Siren" was just awsome. Some other highlights for me were "iieee" and precious things because that is my best friends favorite Tori song and she had been saying for like the last two months," I hope she does Precious Things.

Some girls behind me got into a fight during Cornflake Girl so there was a security gaurd blocking my view for most of that song. I had almost no room to even move and no energy since I was to excited to eat. I told my sister that if I passed out she had better leave me there. That was the only show worth getting crushed for. That was the best concert I have ever been to and The most memorable birthday. If I don't meet Tori some day I think I will die.

From Erin Dolll

September 28, 1998 - This is part of Erin's review. You can read the entire thing and more reviews from her on her web page.

This was one cramped stage. the lights were house lights so they werent as dramatic, and it actually made a really big difference. As jeremy said, we got a 'lotta love' tonight. She was looking at the three of us a LOT :] It was really cool. The first half of the show made me wanna die...spark, cfg, god....what was up? I was like 'she promised this would be good!' but once we got to solo was all good. This was one obnixious crowd, they were so loud. i know she encourages it for icicle, but not for the entire song. oh well. Then she started a went something like this

'this girl asked me to do this...and i feel like shes going to pee on my head if i dont..and shes been to..' pauses and looks around 'what is it, 15 shows now...' and she may have said 'so this is for her' but i dont remember..and matt looks at me and goes 'omg its alamo' and i'm just like no, then she starts the first note and i just like let out a scream and like lay my head down. then someone asks where maynard is and she said 'last time i saw maynard he had on a shirt that said free frances bean' and went into the song. It was beautiful. I cried. first time i've really cried this tour. it was so touching, and beautiful and it meant like, so much to me. she went out of her way to do it for me - because she totally fucked up all the was just..wonderful. The rest of the show was, ofcourse, rockin. [if you read reviews for the past week, you'll see that i had been asking for alamo]

London Girls was cute. she came out and she said 'i know you thought i forgot about you, but i didnt' and she picked up a sheet of lyrics and said 'so jessen and dru this is for you, since you drove all your buds up' and she went into a totally rockin band version of london girls. it was really happy and good :] and i was happy for mah friends to get their song as well :]

Pretty good year this tour is just, really really good. thats all i gots ta say about that. Song for Eric was totally random because the sound was already off. she started it and was like, motioning to marcel to turn her mic back on and she did one of the best versions of song for eric i'd ever heard. It was bad tho cos the crowd decided to yell out song requests during the song. Oh well. it was a GREAT show. i was on cloud 9. and marcel was totally sweet and went out of his way to get me a setlist, and that was greatly appreciated.

and that was my vegas story :]

no wait - we spent the next day in vegas, and while we were walking through NYNY, going down one set of escalators, going up the other side was none other than 2034820984230498 security guards, and michael jackson. it was SO COOOL. He had on the hat and everything., and a silver jacket. that was really cool :]

From Sparkster

September 28, 1998 - It was surprising to hear some of the songs she sang, like Siren and London Girls. I was a bit disppointed that there were no songs from Boys for Pele, but the B-Sides and Siren made up for that. Precious Things was amazing, and it made me wonder how she can put so much energy into a concert every night for a year! God was just plain great, and it made this blond girl 2 rows ahead of me dance all weird... i i e e e, which I though would be the 2nd song, was a gorgeous performance. It made Tori cluch her stomach when she sang "why does there gotta be sacrifice." This made my sister cry. Siren was very, VERY cool. The lights made you feel like you were underwater. Some people danced, others listened attentively. Some people cried. Cornflake Girl made everyone sing along, since everyone knew it by heart. Spark was quite enchanting. Tori put alot of feeling into it, like most of her songs. She looked as though she was on the verge of tears. It was then Secret time. She passed around a bottle of water because she knew "someone's gonna pass out." I found out why someone would when she started playing Icicle, which she dedicated to her mother and "all you tortured Christians." Ironically, my friend Nicole (who came along with my sister and me) WAS a tortured Christian. Alamo was played because she was in Vegas, so she said. It took me awhile to identify Alamo as I had only heard it twice in my life. When Honey started, I was mesmerised(sp?). I hardly noticed that the intro was a full minute long until I looked at my watch! Cruel was my sister's favorite performance. Tori faced the audience more because she hardly played the keyboard or piano at all. Space Dog made people dance more than cry, except me. (Yeah, I'm more emotional than most people. Oh well.) EVERYONE SANG ALONG TO THE WAITRESS. I mean everyone. It was great!

She waved good-bye, but everyone kept applauding until the first encore started. Hotel and Raspberry Swirl were played. The second encore had London Girls in it. She had to play it for someone in the audience who drove the whole way here. From where, I don't know. Pretty Good Year was intense. It integrated use of the mirror ball in the middle of the venue. Song for Eric was great, I guess. I had never heard the song before, and the two snobby girls behing me were yelling, "Play Silent All These Years!" I felt like hitting them.

By the Way, I got the Raspberry Swirl Girl necklace, which was cool!

From Delirium4

September 27, 1998 - Just thought I'd add my piece about the Las Vegas experience... This was my 3rd show this tour (i saw her in LA and Santa Barbara)... and overlooking the downfalls with the attendees, I think this was the best. Tori apparently overcame the experience from 2 years ago and talked more Thursday night than before. (Just as a side note, the Joint was very intimate, and although it was nice to only have 2 people standing in front of me, I think that it was a big mistake to have it GA. I spoke with someone who has attended other concerts there, and although it apparently holds less when there are seats, there isn't a bad seat in the house.) The previous reviews pretty much hit it on the spot... I was extremely grateful to here Spacedog, Icicle, Honey, Cruel, London Girls, Alamo, and of course Song for Eric. There were a lot of blank stares from people when she wasn't playing new songs or staple old ones, but they were all a very nice treat for old fans...

Also, Tori asked for more water early in the concert, and she would 'do something with it.' Right before secret time, she said something like, "now the boys are going to leave, and we're going to have a little fun. But first I'm going to give you guys some water. So just take a sip and pass it around, or something." Tori, with her childlike faith in her fans, thought that more than one person might actually see it... She handed it to a girl RIGHT in front of me (who, if I might add...was obviously not someone who had been waiting all afternoon because she had been fight the WHOLE time to get to the front because she was so short....she started out when i notice her like 3 people behind me) When Tori handed it to her she said, "Share, ok?" and made sure the girl shook her head.. Now, I know its obvious that if that girl didn't keep it, the next person would have, or someone down the line.. because Tori touched it.. but it was still sealed, Tori didn't even drink from it or anything.. The girl was showing it off to her friend later like a trophy...

Also, I haven't yet been able to meet Tori, there was no meet and greet at Santa Barbara, and none at Las Vegas... If there was one at the Greek i missed it due to the Roseanne show and traffic... and getting there after the shows means leaving the concert at least a half hour early from what I hear... Just wondering if anyone else thinks that Tori might be more apt to do them with time allowing if it wasn't ALWAYS the SAME people. I know that there are a lot of people who are seeing numerous shows, and bless them all, but Tori KNOWS who they are she's seen them, she's mentioned them in concerts, and I don't understand why they think they still need to hog her attention. It just seems selfish. Who knows, maybe my last chance in Phoenix will be fruitful....

From Dr10279 (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

September 27, 1998 - so i've never actually posted on this list before, so i'm hoping that this makes it through alright. i just got home from the tori show @ the hard rock hotel in vegas and it was simply incredible. there was no actual meet n' greeet though, which did stink. the show itself was great though. no seats, all standing room, and the joint is a pretty small venue, so every spot in the house was a great view. the setlist was pretty standard as to all the others on this tour, except for one song, London Girls!!! She even said that they hadn't tried this on the tour yet and that the band was going to have to pull her through it. the crowd was very much into the show, dancing, singing along. the only part where i thought they were out of line was during the last song, Song For Eric (!), the fans wouldn't stop screaming "Play Silent All These Years Tori!!!" "We love you Tori!" I just thought that it was such a beautiful song and having someone scream in your ear just takes away from the experience a bit. Well, that's my humble review, hope you enjoyed it. I did!

From HRHGypsy (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

September 27, 1998 - I agree. It was amazing. (After waiting at the Hard Rock for 10 1/2 hours it had better be!) And I wanted to KILL the people who were screming during Song For Eric. And through all the other songs. The way I figure, karma'll get 'em. :)

From Aaron

September 25, 1998 - Wow wow wow. Like the other reviews, there was quite a few assholes in the crowd, and it seemed like ALOT of people felt oddly compelled to scream or yell during the songs and Tori Stories. I'm all for freaking out between the songs, but whistling/screaming/yelling while Tori is speaking or singing is completely sacrilegious. I actually had to ask several people to *please* not scream or talk while Tori was singing, and that if they did I'd buy them some beers after the show. Of course, offering beer to underage people is a great way to keep them quiet. Too bad they couldn't get into the bar :) Yes, that was evil, damn me straight to hell...

On to the event. I went downstairs at about 9:30 and didn't see anyone by the doors to the Joint in the Casino, so I went back upstairs for a few minutes and decided to check the side entrance. Sure enough, there was already a few in line. But, #19 is a *great* place to be. I was shocked that the first people in line arrived at 6pm the night before! Everyone there at the front of the line was totally cool. At about 2pm, one of the security people's came out and informed us that there would be no Meet&Greet, and was very apologetic to those of us who have been there all day but while we were disappointed to say the least, we were all there to see the show, and that was the whole point of being there. About 10 minutes before they were going to let us in, the Joint Security was doing it's last preparations and such. They propped open the doors (Oh my, the nervous anticipations was killing everyone, you could feel the energy) and one of the crew, I couldn't really see who walked thru and a security guard pushes him and starts yelling, so the crew pushed him back and then it was madness. There was lots of yelling, alot of pushing and shoving, and confusion. Then they closed the doors so we couldn't see what happened, and we were afraid it was going to put some very bad karma on the show and just wasn't cool. I don't know what happened after they closed the doors, has anyone heard? After that, it took them a while to get re-organized. So they let us in 15 or so minutes late. I get in, and make a break for the front. WHOOHOO! Second row, dead center :))))). Spending the day outside in the dessert heat was now paying off in the biggest way.

The show: I need a dictionary of superlatives, for I'm at a loss for words (that and sleep just ISN'T happening for any of us so we're a little out of it). Here's some of the highlights.

Precious Things was soooo powerful. Tori was very very into the show tonite, as was the rest of the band. Tori was groping herself even more than the usual.

On to Siren, holy shit. I was no longer in Las Vegas, in fact, everyone I spoke with was no longer there either by that point, we were all in ToriLand, a magical place that I shall never ever leave (I've entered Perpetual ToriLand). Anyways, most of the crowd had no idea what song she was playing, so they were actually not screaming or trying to prove their Tori prowress by singing along 4 octaves off key.

Icicle was incredible. There was so much emotion pouring out of Tori. Towards the end the song seemed to overcome her and her face was a portrait of every human emotion. I had chills, my whole body was one big goosebump. I'm still speechless...

Honey was spectacular. Again, the vast majority of the crowd was unfamiliar with the song so only a select few decided to pass the time by trying to outshine Tori in the volume dept. But you could feel the tension when anyone would do so, and eventually they got the hint and shut the hell up.

Space Dog, wowowowowow, TOTALLY COOL! All jazzy and swanky, perfection exemplified, and so right for Vegas.

The Waitress was awesome, at the end she kept singing "I love you all, I love you all..." in the finale.

Time for the encores. They barely left the stage before they were back out again, I'd say they were gone for a minute or two at the most.

1, 2, 3 notes, IT'S HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Powerful, elegant, the song I was hoping to hear the most. I can now die a complete and happy man :) Her voice shot thru my soul, I don't know what else I can say, it was a truly spiritual experience.

Then, Chamberlain puts on the hat w/ the lighted stars, time for RS! Despite the fact that we were packed together like sardines, we all managed to boogie our asses off. It was the best version of the song I've ever heard, the whole band was totally on fire. Even Joel was getting down over on the side of the stage and everyone had the BIGGEST smiles.

Another very short break, and their back! London Girls was very very cool. Everyone there should consider themselves some of the luckiest people on the planet to have heard it. I know I do.

And finally, Song For Eric. She sang it acapella (did I spell that right?) and it just blew me away. It was the perfect end to one of the highlights of my life. Thank you Tori.

I would also like to add that while there was some assholes in the crowd, the people I met in line are among the coolest people I've ever met. It feels like we've known each other for a long long time and we stayed together the rest of the night and just kept the experience going, none of us wanted it to end and we still don't. We refuse to leave Perpetual ToriLand. And hi Crystal, it was cool to meet someone on the list :)

On that note, I bid farewell. Torihugs for everyone.

From Andrea Cleaver

September 25, 1998 - Andrea called me on the phone to tell me about this unique show, where Tori did 3 songs for the second encore and performed "London Girls" for the first time on the Plugged '98 tour. The crowd had some really rude people in it, as is common in Vegas, but things certainly seemed to go much better than they did when Tori played Vegas in 1996 during the Dew Drop Inn tour.

During the second encore, drummer Matt Chamberlain was wearing the leopard hat that Tori wore earlier in San Jose, complete with ears.

Before Tori performed "Icicle", she said, "This place inspires me. It reminds me of my grandmother, who would burn every one of you to a fucking crisp....This is for all you tortured Christians."

From Wolverine

September 25, 1998 - I just wanted to say that the show was fucking awesome. Tori played Siren, Cornflake Girl and London Girls. The crowd was rowdy but there were a lot of drunk poeple there but that is normal for Vegas. I'm not sure but there wasn't a Meet N Greet. I got there around 3:30 so if there was one it must have been early. Tori definitly was the stage presence of a Goddess. The show was almost spiritual. My only complaint is all the fighting and then the damn security guard took my camera. I would have gotten some great shots being up front and all. The Joint is a very good place for a Tori Concert because its so small that you feel much more connected like she's looking directly at you and not just at the crowd.

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